mhall119cprofitt: ping01:54
mhall119I added the address + logitude/latitude for your global jam event to http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/venues/11/detail/ so it'll show up on the map01:57
mhall119cjohnston: you still need to register your attendance for http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/729/detail/01:59
cjohnstoni havent had a chance to review the code02:12
cjohnstoncant keep conected to the internet long enough due to calls02:12
cprofittmhall119: pong03:19
cprofittmhall119: thanks... I appreciate that03:20
cprofittcan us 'regular' folks edit our venues to add the long/lat?03:20
cprofitt... I see we can... cool03:22
cprofittI will try to get that done over the next few weeks with my other locations03:23
cprofittnight all03:24
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Ronniecjohnston: already some news about the top-nav?18:25
Ronniemhall119: hows the admin-bug going?18:26
cjohnstonRonnie: I have a meeting tuesday18:39
cjohnstonI didnt have a chance to review it yesterday cause I couldn't keep an internet connection long enough18:40
Ronniehey nigelb ;)19:11
nigelbhello hello 19:11
* nigelb is back from a lovely party19:11
* cjohnston thinks nigelb should to some reviews19:46
JanChm, when are locoteam reports for February due?23:19
YoBoYtomorow ? ^^23:24
JanCYoBoY: in theory, but if they won't publish them tomorrow I don't have to write a report *now* (previous reports were almost always published weeks/months later ;) )23:45
JanC(well, previous ones since we started writing them)23:46
YoBoYyes, it's not like before since amber left the news team :(23:47
YoBoYshe was doing an amazing job with the uwn23:48

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