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BUGabundokenvandine: ping14:18
ftachrisccoulson, hi, are the daily tb/tb33 ok now? (ie, is my bot doing what you expected?)14:20
chrisccoulsonhi fta. yes, they are working fine, thanks :)14:20
ftach10 expected in a few days14:23
ftatoo soon for breakpad i guess14:24
BUGabundofta: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHkucr1jJpQ&feature=related19:02
BUGabundowith html5 enabled19:02
BUGabundoworks for you ?19:02
chrisccoulsonjcastro, been clicking on random links? ;)19:05
chrisccoulsonheh :-)19:05
ftaBUGabundo, hm, no. weird. it's broken19:43
ftanot only youtube, everything with html5 videos19:43
sparkybluefoxCan anybody suggest how I fix my flash problem?22:08
sparkybluefoxI guess not.22:09

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