qwebirc56422I'm having an issue with my LiveTV stuttering and being choppy.  Sometimes i get the "video frame buffering failed" error.05:47
dewmanrhpot1991, your right, this firewire thing is a pile of rotten potatos.16:08
Newbuntu81-2Anyone have Mythbuntu 10.10 and an Hauppauge 2250 or 950q and actually get it to work in analog NTSC cable mode?17:07
rhpot1991Newbuntu81-2: I don't think either of them should be an issue that I know of17:12
rhpot1991hit the forums, you will have better luck there17:12
ZinnThe Mythbuntu forums are located at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=301.  If you aren't getting a timely response here, there are lots of very active individuals there that may be able to help.17:12
Newbuntu81-2yea i've been looking for months. i got the driver compiled after many edits. it works in myth in digital ATSC mode, but not in analog NTSC17:19
Newbuntu81-2from the posts i've read, it doesn't seem like anyone has it working in mythbuntu 10.10.17:19
rhpot1991Newbuntu81-2: I didn't think you had to compile the driver either, but I don't have those cards so I'm not certain17:19
Newbuntu81-2The issue appears to be more narrowed down to mythtv itself.  Several of us were able to make the driver work with analog NTSC cable in mplayer by manually setting the frequency, but not in mythtv.17:20
Newbuntu81-2That's for the 2250.  I also have a 950q and was able to replicate the same with that. Can't make either work in mythtv though.17:21
dewmanif I do 6200ch -v -GUIDNUMBER i get read failed for node one. if I try 6200ch -v -g GUIDNUMBER I get a usage screen. I guess I cant read the switch parameters correctly, I just want to get the correct vendor id and model id so I can open a ticket so thee models can get added17:21
Newbuntu81-2I've actually been posting to the ubuntuforums.org at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1567490&page=9, in hopes that someone might catch up to where i'm at with my documentation (and others), and we could work together.17:22
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] Ubuntu Forums17:22
rhpot1991dewman: 6200ch -g <GUID> <Channel>17:22
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Release Notes - 0.24 - MythTV17:23
rhpot1991see the notes in there17:23
dewmanrhpot1991, no good, error parsing GUID command line paramter17:24
rhpot1991dewman: what does your guid look like?17:24
dewman6200ch -g 0xe48399fffe4ac6e7 6517:25
dewmanI think thats the right guid, thats the guid i get from plugreport17:25
rhpot1991dewman: give me a second and I'll check mine17:25
dewmanrhpot1991, thanks. =)17:25
rhpot1991dewman: 6200ch -g 0x001cfbfffeebe883 85117:35
rhpot1991worked fine for me17:35
rhpot1991try without the -g17:35
rhpot1991and guid17:35
rhpot1991if you only have one STB then it should just work (in theory)17:35
Newbuntu81-2Looks like the 2250 is still having problems with Mythbuntu 10.10 and the 2.6.27 kernel. "I was having compiler errors with Steven Toth's analog HVR-2250 driver on my mythtv box (running ubuntu 10.10) so I just installed the latest stable kernel (2.6.37) from kernel.org as it now has the HVR-2250 analog and digital drivers included.17:37
Newbuntu81-2I can watch 2 different (cable) analog channels at the same time by running 2 mplayers.  ...Mythtv (at least 0.24) does seem to have problems using both tuners concurrently (either analog or digital). I'm still trying to diagnose exactly whats going on, but because mplayer can do it, it seems to be a mythtv issue rather than a hardware or driver issue."17:37
dewmanhmm....nope, that didnt work. however if I do 6200ch GUID it says read failed on some id that i am not sure what it is,  and then it says error reading config rom directory for node 117:38
dewmanI am not sure what the heck i am doing wrong here..17:40
dewmanrhpot1991, what firewire stack you using? the new one or the old one?17:41
dewmanor would that even matter?17:42
rhpot1991dewman: new but I used the old in the past and I don't think it should matter18:01
rhpot1991dewman: sounds like maybe it doesn't work on your stb18:01
dewmanyeah, thats prob the case, if I can figure out how to get the vendor id and the model id I would open a ticket to get it added.18:02
qbee_hello all19:39
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mrandyuck: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/03/geohot-site-unmasking20:39
Zinn[www.wired.com] Judge Lets Sony Unmask Visitors to PS3-Jailbreaking Site | Threat Level | Wired.com20:39
tgm4883mrand, why though? jailbreaking was ruled legal wasn't it?21:01
mrandtgm4883: the legal system and DMCA are involved.  Until one or both are fixed, you'll have this.21:51
Newbuntu81-2is there a way to show all tv devices by port? example: video 0=/dev/video0, video1=/dev/video123:06
Shadow__Xyou can do ls /dev/video*23:23

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