andrejzHello! anyone already using 11.04?13:14
trijntjeandrejz, just installed it in vbox, not yet on my main system13:32
andrejzi am running it on my netbook for some time and i noticed some non-latin characters were not displayed properly in terminal13:33
andrejzand i was wondering if someone can confim this for their language13:33
trijntjeim on a Dutch (nl) system, so I dont think I have non-latin characters13:34
andrejzok thanks. i will ask dpm on monday if he has any more info about this13:36
artnay_will you guys keep unity's launcher as "Launcher" or will there be a translation in your language?13:51
andrejzwe will translate it13:51
artnay_we had a translation but seems like didrocks has changed already made translations into English form (Launcher)13:51
artnay_Keep In Launcher  Pidä Launcherissa   Translated by Didier Roche on 2010-06-1713:52
artnay_it seems an earlier translation has overwritten a newer one...13:53
andrejzi think that is not supposed to happen13:54

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