phoenix3I'm moving the Ubuntu Hour: Palo Alto that was going to be tonight to the 25th at 6pm Tandoori Oven on Ca. Ave. jtatum, crashsystems, crashsystems1, aaditya_, jledbetter, pleia2, outofjungle, Yasumoto_00:35
phoenix3(Fri night)00:36
m4gnusoh frak...i just did something goofy on my CR-4802:20
m4gnusstory time! so i setup 2-step verification on my google account...02:21
m4gnusand decided to assign my cr-48 an application password02:21
m4gnusdummy me forgot i have to keep entering it in everytime i wanna use the cr-4802:21
m4gnusbut i didnt memorize the password google gave me02:21
m4gnusso no it tells me to plug in the old password if i want to log back in since "my password changed"02:22
pleia2m4gnus: doh02:37
pleia2I'd never even looked into 2 step verification, weird02:37
m4gnusi did it blindly02:38
m4gnusthat's what i get for playing with 3 OSs at the same time02:38
pleia2heh :)02:45
pleia2so much for my fever going away, I hate being sick04:15
* pleia2 mope mope04:15
akkpleia2: You too? I've had a fever for 3 days. :(04:16
akkThe SCALE plague.04:16
pleia2yeah, my boyfriend had it tues-thurs, I got sick yesterday04:16
pleia2I don't usually run fevers, but this one got me04:17
akkSame here -- I haven't had a fever in years.04:17
akkThis one just doesn't seem to want to go away.04:17
pleia2yeah :\04:17
MarkDudeWho has plans to go to the Maker Fair in May http://makerfaire.com/bayarea/2011/callformakers/04:28
* MarkDude has a couple of extra tickets for it$25 face value for free04:30
aaditya_I wasn't aware about tonight's ubuntu hour.05:31
MarkDudeWell the point is moot05:31
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iheartubuntutime to hit the hay here , but ive totally redesigned my website. lemme know if ya'll like i (or not)t... http://iheartubuntu.com/ and any recommendations to make it better! ty11:13
iheartubuntumarkdude ping20:07
* iheartubuntu is officially hooked on @twitter20:27
pleia2iheartubuntu: not sure how I feel about the trend to have giant images at the top of websites, but otherwise I like the new design, very clean :)20:28
iheartubuntuty :) we'll see how it goes. its going to be ever changing and evolving20:40
iheartubuntusite doesnt render well in midori, might have to fix some font sizes20:41
mettai'm on empathy, not irc20:52
iheartubuntuhow u like it?20:52
iheartubuntui use pidgin for my irc since i have a bunch of other contacts in pidgin. i would do xchat but i just dont want too many programs open. no clutter20:53
iheartubuntueither that or im lazy20:53
iheartubuntumetta, whats your last name? content?20:54
mettaiheartubuntu: my lastname?  content?20:54
* iheartubuntu wonders if anyone will get it20:55
mettai gotta' use empathy.20:55
iheartubuntuwhats your meta tag20:55
iheartubuntuwhy do you have to?20:55
mettametta = loving kindness in the Pali language20:55
iheartubuntudo you like it20:55
mettabecause i <3 ubuntu20:55
mettayeah, it isn't bad20:55
iheartubuntudo you have empathy for empathy?20:55
mettait's multiprotocol20:55
mettai want to try out the voip stuff20:55
mettahaha, i have empathy for ubuntu developers20:56
iheartubuntudoes icq handle voice/video yet in empathy?20:56
mettai don't know, i don't use the icq protocol20:56
mettahaven't used it in years20:56
mettaiheartubuntu: how are you and the mrs.?20:57
mettai triaged a bunch of my own bugs.  there was stuff filed against 9.10 that never got resolved.  so if it ain't LTS or STS, then it's nothing20:57
mettai'm not going to use docky unless it becomes a default package20:59
iheartubuntushes at school and im doing dishes!21:06
iheartubuntuits such a beautiful day here in SoCal21:06
pleia2it's a bit cloudy here, but I am staying indoors anyway so it's probably for the best :)21:06
iheartubuntumy throat hurts real bad when i swallow21:07
pleia2fortunately I managed to avoid the sore throat21:07
* pleia2 knocks on wood21:07
iheartubuntui think i might head to santa barbara tomorrow. so nice there21:08
iheartubuntusan diego is nice too21:08
iheartubuntu75 degrees21:08
akkIt's nice in San Jose, though starting to cloud up now.21:09
akkI got the sore throat bigtime, but it only lasted 2 days, not as long as the fever.21:09
mettawait, so i have the flu like you guys?21:09
mettaso someone at SCaLE must've had it21:10
akkI don't think it's flu -- at least, I got a flu shot a couple weeks before SCALE.21:10
iheartubuntuakk i think i met you with my eyes :) im too shy most time to introduce myself21:10
iheartubuntui pretty much deduced who you were with your name tag21:10
akkiheartubuntu: Yeah, I wondered if we'd crossed paths.21:10
mettahow can i put this lightly.  i may have made a strain of hpv that is air born.21:11
mettaand spread it at scale.21:11
mettawitch doctors21:11
iheartubuntuso you are a carrier21:11
akkAll this sharing and openness really shouldn't extend as far as viruses, IMO. There are limits.21:12
* iheartubuntu is overdosing on Vit. C21:13
iheartubuntujust posted a bunch of nice pics on my house blog21:13
metta50% of women are21:13
mettaaccording to wikipedia this is estimated to reach 80%21:13
mettanot sure when though it says "by age 50"21:13
mettawhich makes no sense21:14
iheartubuntumarkdude should like the cabbage photo21:14
iheartubuntumetta, temp name change?21:14
iheartubuntumarkdude i sent you some contact info in an IM not sure if you got it21:14
mettawhy wouldn't we want to share information about something as important as our physical well being?21:14
mettamy fingers feel weird21:15
mettait's all fun and games until someone gets hurt21:15
akkSharing information about it is all very well, it's sharing the actual viruses I object to.21:15
mettaiheartubuntu: yeah, sure21:15
* iheartubuntu wishes he had a better digital camera21:15
mettaakk: agreed.  if i shared a virus it was unintentional.  i am actually quite clean.  but the virus may have stayed in my throat.  i'm not sure.21:15
mettacan viruses ever be good?21:16
mettananotechnological entities...creative destruction.21:16
mettago outside21:16
mettait's good for you21:16
mettai have been going outside regularly21:16
mettaand sitting in lotus under a tree21:16
mettaand practicing breath experiencing as described here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/575363/21:17
mettaMarkDude: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575363/21:17
iheartubuntubaseball season just around the corner. used to be a Reds fan21:22
iheartubuntuswitched to soccer :)21:22
iheartubuntuanyone think this would make a good wallpaper? http://tinyurl.com/4m8hvjf21:23
iheartubuntui [picked up a suse disc at scale and cant find it.... must have tossed it!21:25
mettahmmm maybe an Angels fan21:28
mettaiheartubuntu: yeah sure on the wallpaper21:28
mettathat's a cool name for a soccer team21:29
iheartubuntubecause of all the "stars" in hollyweird21:29
iheartubuntuit will be a good game21:32
mettai want to play mario galaxy21:32
iheartubuntusoccer goes good with a beer21:32
mettadoes csula have a premed program?21:32
iheartubuntuis it avail on linux?21:32
iheartubuntuno idea21:33
mettai don't drink beer.  beer is bad.21:33
mettai have to drink lemon juice21:33
mettabecause i am diseased21:33
iheartubuntuinstalled mint fluxbox at work. no desktop icons :\21:34
iheartubuntuofftopic! can anyone recommend a good wood cleaner/shine for a really old hardwood floor?21:36
iheartubuntu3 busted laptops... anyone good at troubleshooting them? two of them have nothing coming up on the screen (think motherboard is shot on one) and last one has the center pin for the power plug busted :(21:40
mettacan anyone else access the amd64 torrents here:  http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04.2/21:59
mettaiheartubuntu: the ground pin?21:59
iheartubuntudesktop version?22:00
iheartubuntualt version?22:00
mettaiheartubuntu: desktop and server22:00
mettai want to torrent 64bit.22:00
iheartubuntuyah works fine22:00
iheartubuntuit will be done in 10 min22:00
mettarestarting firefox fixed it22:02
* iheartubuntu opens a 500ml Baltika #3 - life is good22:03
mettai should try making a 64 bit 10.10 live usb22:03
mettaiheartubuntu: pour some on the curb for me22:03
mettacontext.  hmmm22:03
* iheartubuntu is struggling to find anything good to eat. resorting to hillshire farm lil smokies, olives and candy corn22:10
mettai wonder if my usb drive is on its last circuit22:12
mettaworms eat poop22:13
mettadoes anyone know shuttleworth's email?  i don't see it on his wiki or his launchpad page22:54
mettagreat, now i have to formulate an email which he might remotely be interested in reading or clicking on22:57
mettathanks pleia222:58
mettai am still literally wearing a fire chief party hat22:58
iheartubuntui think you can do that metta22:59
* iheartubuntu wife is renewed in uni honor roll society. opposites do attract :)23:01
* metta laughs and cries23:12

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