techMilesoh btw guys. is anyone allowed at the meetings?00:11
cyberangertechMiles: our meetings?00:13
cyberangerlike last nights?00:13
techMileslike the meetups00:14
cyberangeroh, physical meetups, anyone in good spirit, yeah00:14
cyberangerthat's the idea, draw more into ubuntu00:14
techMilesokay I might pull a professor of mine along if he can make it00:14
cyberangerit's people in bad spirit, bad image on the gathering (doubt your professer would be on that list)00:15
techMilesHe loooves linux.00:16
techMilesbut he keeps badgering me to join more computer-related groups towards my interests and is riding me about going to either work full-time at a company where they'll encourage (read: make and/or help pay) me to get further education, or going to a 4-year college00:17
cyberangerwell, does this qualify ;-)00:18
techMileslol yeah.00:19
cyberangerand your a member of the lug?00:23
cyberangerout in your area?00:24
techMileswhat = member?00:24
cyberangerGolem I think00:25
cyberanger(you are memphis area, right, or is nashville closer)00:25
cyberangerGOLEM is the lug there, are you a member of GOLEM00:26
techMilesuh. no.00:27
techMilesnever heard of GOLEM00:27
cyberangeranyone here remember galant14b?01:17
cyberangerwrst: ^01:17
linuxman410anyone here03:22
wrstcyberanger: I do!04:43
cyberangerI found out why he hadn't been around for a good while04:46
cyberangerhe had moved to MI, and is now in IL04:49
cyberangerand a few other places over the months04:49
cyberangerwrst: so it makes sense04:50
wrstyes cyberanger didn't know you didn't know that I'm friends with him on facebook and had caught that13:22
cyberangerwrst: lol19:12
cyberangermaybe I did19:13
cyberangerhe's been up there awhile, just the second move is news19:14
cyberangerbut, I don't recall if I knew before or not19:15
* cyberanger fooliahly attempts to beat the quiet our of this channel with a hockey stick19:17
wrstouch cyberanger19:34
techMilesohello everybody. :)19:46
wrsthey techMiles!19:50
techMileswhat's up?19:50
wrstvery little just fixing my moms laptop19:52
techMilesrelaxing here.19:54
techMilesspring break! w00t!19:54
wrstahh used to be one of my favorite times of the year :)19:55
techMilesthis one is going to be full of messy homework. :D19:55
techMilesso I will be at least 1ch ahead in eevery class19:56
wrstnot so cool19:56
techMilesnoo o it's great!19:56
wrstoh well that is cool :)19:56
techMilesI start work the monday we get back19:56
techMilesat the college.19:57
techMilesso I will have some downtime (paid) for homework then, too.19:57
wrstwell techMiles my mom's laptop is fixed, updates downloading she will be back in ubuntu bliss shortly so i'm going to go and see where the wife wants to eat at19:57
techMilesbut will be a lab assistant there.19:57
wrstawesome techMiles!19:57
wrstnothing like paid down time :)19:57
wrstsee you later19:57
techMileswrst, hehe. good job. :D *loves me some ubuntu*19:57
wrstoh well techMiles i'm back20:31
techMileswrst, oh? not wanting to eat nywhere? lol20:31
wrstbut easy fix evidently the disk was writing and she pulled the power or the battery ran down or something20:32
techMilesroh no20:32
wrstno wife wanting to eat at a place that doesn't open til 4 so i must wait 1.5 hours!20:32
wrstso reeses cups are now going in my mouth20:47
wrstt- 30 minutes... :)21:24
cyberangerwrst: till diabites22:58
wrstha no until ribs!22:58
wrstand they were good!22:58
cyberangerreeses cups and ribs, I'll rephrase s/diabeties/heart\ attack/22:59
wrstdying happy !23:00
cyberangerwhile I value that, I'd prefer living23:00
* cyberanger loves a bumper sticker "when I die, I want to die like my grandfather, in my sleep, not like is passengers, kicking and screaming")23:02
cyberangerdark humour, but it sells two points, people want to die happy, nobody said anything about dying today23:05
wrstha ha cyberanger23:06
cyberangerso live happy, and with luck, both those wishes will be true23:07
wrstwell i'm out for the afternoon see you later cyberanger23:08
cyberangerand in the mean time, eat some ribs23:09
cyberangerwrst: afternoons over, but ok23:09

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