bryceh_new wayland snapshot pushed to universe00:16
bryceh_(might need a ffe, I don't remember if we need that for stuff in uni)00:17
kklimondabryceh_: we do00:18
bryceh_[ubuntu/natty] wayland 0.1~git20110214.e4762a6a-0ubuntu1 (Accepted)00:25
bryceh_looks like it got in anyway00:25
kklimondaFFe is not enforced00:26
kklimondayou are just supposed to ask for it before uploading :)00:26
bryceh_alright, well I don't think it matters at all in this case00:27
kklimondaneither do I, it makes sense to update wayland for as long as possible00:28
bryceh_actually what I uploaded is the last snapshot we can do anyway00:29
bryceh_next revision in git requires updating mesa to a git snapshot00:29
bryceh_newer wayland will have to hang out in edgers00:30
kklimondadoes wayland really have a chance to replace X in the foreseable future? Is Nvidia going to support it at some point? I know they did say that they have no plans, but is it even something they can do without using KMS, GEM and other three-letter-long technologies?00:31
bryceh_yep, all good questions00:35
bryceh_well, even if we ignore NVIDIA or imagine -nouveau becoming a totally good replacement, there still is lots of work needed in compiz and gtk to be able to run on wayland00:38
bryceh_so I don't think we're anywhere near close to switching00:39
bryceh_I'm not even sure we're very close to wayland being a useful alternative 00:39
kklimondawell, by foreseable future I meant 3 to 5 years00:39
kklimondaor do you also mean that? :)00:39
bryceh_ah, I assumed you meant 1-2 ubuntu releases00:39
kklimondawell, 1-2 LTS releases :)00:40
bryceh_yeah given 3-5 years I could see it happening00:40
bryceh_but like I said it requires a whole heap of userspace work 00:40
bryceh_and actually I suspect we'll see something like wayland used for the login screen, and then that launches into X for regular user stuff00:41
bryceh_*that* we might see within a year or so00:41
kklimondais wayland even something that all involved parties has agreed upon?00:41
bryceh_define all involved parties ;-)00:41
bryceh_for us, it's what Mark wants, so...00:41
kklimondawell, if we talk userspace then I meant Gtk+ and Qt developers mostly00:42
bryceh_I've no idea00:42
bryceh_it's another good question00:42
kklimondaI know some work is being done, but so far it's mostly side projects.00:43
* bryceh_ nods00:47
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bjsniderSarvatt, ath9k appears to be pretty good in the latest .38 kernel rc. they might have finally got it right.19:18
bjsniderath5k is good too19:18

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