karnibeuno: and we have download throttling of all commands :) http://ubuntuone.com/p/g9H/ (GetContent example)00:54
karniwhat's good duanedesign :)01:46
karnithrottling working both ways \o/ and now I'll get some sleep :) night guys!01:55
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duanedesignmorning all11:23
kklimondao/ duanedesign11:25
duanedesignhow are you my friend11:28
kklimondaa little tired, haven't slept much at night but otherwise fine.11:30
duanedesignkklimonda: been working hard?11:32
kklimondayeah, but I could go sleep earlier, only I've installed Qt Creator and started playing  with Qt - before I knew it was already 2am11:33
karnikklimonda: tell me more. I was improving throttling in the Android app.. before I knew it was after 4AM. And since I got up before 10, didn't have much sleep either :<11:58
karniI'll have a cup of tea.11:59
duanedesignkklimonda: oh cool12:40
duanedesignkklimonda: some of the demos at UDS-N were neat12:40
duanedesignkklimonda: using QML and QT12:40
kklimondait's incredible how easy it is to create interfaces in QML, and extend them from C++12:45
kklimondaseriously, nothing in Gtk+ world comes even close to that :/12:46
duanedesignthere was a project i was working on. We were making a QT version and a GTK version. The GTK version never got to where it needed to be. Then Ubuntu announced it was including QT in ubuntu so we decided the GTK version was no longer necessary12:51

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