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mlpugArdour and Rosegarden solve somewhat same problem, right? Is there some straightforward criteria for what I should use Rosegarden and when Ardour?09:52
virtugood morning12:31
holsteinmlpug: for now17:07
holsteinardour doesnt have MIDI17:07
holsteinAFAIK rosegarden will record audio17:07
holsteinbut most prefer the features in ardour for recording audio17:08
holsteinand, ardour 3 will have MIDI :)17:08
holsteinquite soon17:08
mlpugholstein, tnx. I also found "Rosegarden versus ardour" discussion thread in linuxmucisians.com17:47
alberto_Does anybody know anything about VST plug-ins with dssi-vst?17:53
annacould someone tell me a good program to convert files from .flv to .mkv?17:57
mlpugOne more to the queue of unanswered questions: I have Rosegarden, zynaddsubfx and fluidsynth running and I can playback Rosegarden tracks. What the easiest way for me to extract one track (or all) from Rosegarden to a file e.g. wav or mp3?18:33
mlpugI dont see "export as wav" or anything like that18:33
mlpugand the next one: when I first time launched zynaddsubfx I selected "beginner". Now I realise that all the cool stuff is on the "advanced" mode. How can I switch to advanced mode?19:13
mlpugFYI: i guess that I found answers to my questions: zynaddsubfx UI can be changes by altering value of user_interface_mode in .zynaddsubfxXML.cfg19:22
mlpugand that more advanced UI seems to have record button so it probably solves my other problem19:23
alberto_I said hello21:03
alberto_Ok, you're all very kind.21:06
bugrahello everybody22:34
bugrai made a mistake by installing ubuntustudio with a dvd or i should have upgraded. how can i uninstall it?22:35
virtuhttp://www.youtube.com/vkgoeswild#p/u/12/Be-loLSUWT0 holly nice22:43
bugracan anyone help me?????22:48
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