PsynoKhi0ochosi: http://img577.imageshack.us/f/panelit3bigmenubutton13.png/ :D19:43
Sysii was thinking.. if we want wider icon, how about mouse and ~ubuntu-logo next to each other on blue background?19:45
PsynoKhi0hmm I think having them next to each other would amke users think they're 2 separate things19:54
PsynoKhi0though yes I do think combining the xfce mouse and the ubuntu logo in some way would be even better than only the mouse19:55
Sysisame background, different from panel19:57
Sysiit still could look weird20:00
PsynoKhi0or a smaller mouse with the ubuntu logo to the left20:12
PsynoKhi0would look like the mouse is saying "Ubuntu? Let me the hell outta here!" :D20:13
Sysimouse chasing ubuntu? :P20:17
PsynoKhi0could make the ubuntu logo look  like cheese20:18
PsynoKhi0not sure I have a complete picture of the mouse though20:20
PsynoKhi0guess I could hack together something from xfce's homepage20:22
ochosiPsynoKhi0: tbh i think i have to try/see your menu icons in action to be able to really judge them21:09
ochosiPsynoKhi0: and: i'm not sure as to how wide the button should really be, seems like 1:2 in your mockup21:09
PsynoKhi0ochosi: indeed, was wondering if xfce allowed non square buttons/icons22:17
PsynoKhi0though I stand by my conviction that the menu button shoul be the largest one on a clean panel :D22:18

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