tarek_hi i have freshly installed xubuntu 10.10 and have a low crackling noise in my speaker01:34
tarek_is there something that i could do?01:34
bazhangcheck alsamixer, reduce pcm01:41
tarek_bazhang: where do i find that?01:43
bazhangtarek_, terminal---> type --> alsamixer01:43
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palhmbshey - what's the deal with the menu editor?07:12
palhmbshow come when I create a new menu item it goes into Other?07:17
inknoirhi, is this the right channel for questions about xubuntu 11.04 alpha 2 ?09:45
bazhang#ubuntu+1 inknoir09:46
inknoirthanks bazhang09:46
kbmaniacis it possible to get thumbnail previews of documents on the desktop ? instead of for example JPG, I know you can in thunar10:06
Khajjahi guys, brand new to linux and just installed xubuntu 10.10. could somebody answer probably the easiest question ever for me?15:57
Khajjaduring installation, it gave the option to add the GUI and i didn't click it by accident. so now i'm fully installed but only with terminal, what command to get the GUI overlay?15:58
TheSheepKhajja: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktpo16:00
TheSheepKhajja: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop16:00
Khajjathanks sheep16:00
Khajjacommand line is way too intimidating for me16:00
TheSheepin the end it's the fastest way to do things16:02
TheSheep(except for drawings)16:02
Khajjahaha, i'd like to learn it, but baby steps16:02
TheSheepsure, take your time16:02
Khajjano unix experience whatsoever, just setting up first non-windows on old pc to play with16:02
Khajjai'm sure this is a biased room, but decided i'd try out xubuntu over mint, good choice?16:03
TheSheepnever tried mint, so can't really tell. I think mint has more things installed and working out of the box, but that might have changed16:04
TheSheepthings like video and audio codecs and flash16:04
Khajjai'll bumble my way through it on xubuntu, appreciate your assistance16:05
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sergio_barbanegrI need help to play videos in my firefox23:35
sergio_barbanegrI NEED SUPPORT PLS23:41

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