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coz_hey guys07:20
htorque_hello everyone, i got a small invisible (desktop-blocking) window on every workspace (bottom half) - is this a known problem?08:36
htorque_unfortunately i have no idea what i did to cause it. here's its xwininfo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575909/08:36
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artfwohtorque_, it's likely bug 70946110:33
ubot5`Launchpad bug 709461 in Unity "Application windows can sometimes fail to display and will mask regions of the screen" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70946110:33
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elricLMay i know if the unity developers use any IDE? I just forked the code and is a maze to me.Is there any documentation to tell which part does wat?13:45
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wmpedersenHey, I'm looking to get involved with development, and Jono recommended this. What can I do?14:08
dnielsenwmpedersen, what is your skillset?14:18
wmpedersencoding, best with C#/C++, have to read up a bit on python14:19
OmegaCan someone confirm this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/725351 it'll take one minute tops.14:47
wmpedersenI didn't think that was a bug, kind of like MS's snapping thing14:50
OmegaIt has to be a bug, there are two sets of window controls.14:51
wmpedersenah, I was looking at the wrong thing14:52
Omegawmpedersen: Can you reproduce it?15:02
wmpedersenOmega: No, Once I maximize a window, I don't see how to pull an unfocused one on top15:03
OmegaUnity needs to be set on dodge active window15:03
wmpedersenYeah I got that. The setting in compiz?15:04
wmpedersenI'm still a little fuzzy. Even with that setting, you can only move the unity icons.15:08
wmpedersenWithout a panel it seems impossible to get an unfocused window15:08
DaekdroomOmega, I didn't get how to reproduce it15:13
wmpedersenOmega, I can confirm that bug15:14
DaekdroomOh, I noticed it15:14
DaekdroomThe more the bugs I subscribe to, the less emails I get from Launchpad bout them :(15:15
wmpedersenI can understand why it's happening at least15:16
DaekdroomGee, why won't rhythmbox export the album cover to soundmenu but banshee can do that?15:18
kklimondasounds like a bug15:18
kklimondait worked fine15:18
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DaekdroomCan anyone try to reproduce bug #729392 for me?15:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 729392 in unity (Ubuntu) "[unity] minimizing an application doesn't make it lose window focus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72939215:31
Omegawmpedersen: Change the status to confirmed please :)15:39
OmegaOr, I'll do it myself.15:40
marnuxubot5: i can't seem to reproduce, when i minimize focus changes to other window that is open and panel has menu for the focused window15:46
ubot5Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:46
Daekdroommarnux, is your unity launcher set to never hide?15:49
marnuxDaekroom: yes15:53
DaekdroomOk, I have been messing around here and noticed some stuff regarding that.15:53
marnuxoh no my bad, didn't have anything overlapping launcher so it stayed open15:55
marnuxthought i set never hide15:56
marnuxbear with me, running unity only since last late night15:57
Daekdroommarnux, I could reproduce it with 'dodge active windows' too, but it only happened until I made the launcher appear15:57
Daekdroomthen the window would lose focus15:57
marnuxi seem to have other problem with my drivers which makes it difficult to determine exact origine16:02
marnuxgoing to switch drivers again16:02
marnuxDaekroom: i can confirm the keeping focus part until the launcher is showing, my panel is buggered due to dirver i think so can't confirm that part16:32
Daekdroommarnux, ok, thanks16:33
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OmegaDaekdroom: I can confirm this, it's also part of what I described here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/72535118:20
DaekdroomOmega, thank you.18:20
kklimondabah, why doesn't Unity restart itself?18:29
nlsthznGreetings all, how can I get apps like dropbox and keepassx to use the systray?18:45
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nlsthznin 11.04 obviously :p18:47
kklimondadropbox should use application indicators area18:48
kklimondaby default only Java, Wine and Skype have access to the old systray in Unity18:49
nlsthznkklimonda: noob quesion, where is the application indicators area (the top right?)?18:53
kklimondanlsthzn: yes, it's the place where you see bluetooth icon, and the network-manager one18:53
nlsthznkklimonda: sorry, that is what I meant when I said systray... no applications except the default ones show here... no other application I have tried shows anything hrer18:54
kklimondanlsthzn: most application don't have to show up there.18:55
kklimondanlsthzn: dropbox should18:55
kklimondabut KeepassX most likely doesn't support indicators, and is not whitelisted for the old "systray"18:55
nlsthznkklimonda: well dropbox is up and running and nothing :/18:56
nlsthznvery odd...18:56
Daekdroomnlsthzn, nothing odd about that18:57
DaekdroomWhat is supported is: any app using indicators, wine, java and skype18:58
kklimondadidn't they add support for app indicators to Dropbox?18:58
DaekdroomDid they?18:59
kklimondaI do remember reading about it some time ago18:59
nlsthznSo best way to describe this is to say it is the way it is, and change the way I operate... oh well... said I would give it a good go, thanks all for your assistance and keep up the good work19:00
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