quotemstrHow do I use bzr merge to *revert* a revision given a commit number without having to type it twice?00:54
quotemstrWhat on earth?01:02
quotemstrbzr diff -r 102621..102620 shows a diff for an unrelated revision.01:02
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lifelesswhen is the release due that has jam's patch to commit to lightweight checkouts ?19:20
jelmerlifeless: you mean to stacked branches?19:24
jelmerlet me check if it's in 2.3, if so it's already out19:24
jelmerotherwise, 2.4 will be out around August I think19:25
jelmerlifeless: it's in 2.3.0, so a fixed version has been out for roughly a month19:26
jelmer(and is present in unstable/testing)19:27
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jelmerlifeless: thanks again for the encouragement to get the normal bzr testsuite going against the foreign formats.. finding *heaps* of small bugs23:45
lifelessjelmer: :)23:46
lifelessjelmer: I'm really glad you're doing that23:46

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