FloridaGuyhave a hp media center  tv tunner card. has a FM tunner on the tv tunner..can record tv shows...whats a good tv tunner package for that setup00:13
apparleyofel: ping00:29
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Aloneaok, ran into first issue. My internal mic doesn't seem to be working. I checked alsa mixer and I turned the mic boost up, I don't see a regular mic00:33
Aloneaand my usb headset doesn't work either00:37
Aloneaok, I have internal audo analog stereo under capture devices00:41
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Guest6001Hi, I'm not sure how this is supposed to work, but I have a problem with my kubuntu desktop and was wondering if anyone hre could give me some advice ...01:23
arrrghhh!ask | Guest600101:25
ubottuGuest6001: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:25
Guest6001I somehow lost the main menu button, or whatever it is called, the little KDE icon which is similar to the windows start menu button01:26
Guest6001ok, sorry01:26
arrrghhhGuest6001: do you still have the bottom bar?01:26
arrrghhhreadd the widget01:26
Guest6001yes, I have the bottom bar, which widget is that?01:27
arrrghhhthink it'd be pretty obvious but the Application Launcher?01:28
arrrghhhlooks like a giant K with a gear behind it?01:28
jaimehi, why does the kubuntu d/l website say 32bit is recommended? any glaring problems with the 64bit edition?01:28
Guest6001but how do I get it back in the bottem left corner in the bottom bar?01:29
arrrghhhdrag it?01:29
natajaime: to aviod some people download 64bit to his 32bit computer01:30
Guest6001sorry, but how? if I click that thing, it opens a popup menu01:31
jaimenata: i am one of 'those' people ;) i thought there are technical reasons. myself am running another 64bit distro with no problems worth metioning01:31
nataGuest6001: right click panel/panels options/panel settings/then move your button to left01:31
rwwjaime: feel free to ignore that "recommendation", then.01:32
Guest6001ok, thanks, that worked01:32
jaimejaime: meh, i am nnot one of 'those' people, but sometimes i make typing errors :D thanks anyway, gnighty01:32
* rww wishes Canonical would change it to a sentence along the lines of "(if you don't know which you need, get 32-bit)"01:33
Guest6001do you have any idea what I did wrong that would make it disappear in the first place?01:33
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natajaime: haha..you is that people. but now stil have a little bit software dont have 64bit version. future will be01:33
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jaimenata: i'm assuming the 64' is a multilib system?01:34
arrrghhhGuest6001: rigth click happy?01:34
arrrghhhyou can remove the widget01:34
arrrghhhthe menubars are very customizable.01:34
Guest6001yes, I kind of stumbled upon that on, I guess01:35
nataGuest6001: lock the wigget to avoid further change of  panel01:36
Guest6001and the difference between panel and widget is unclear to me01:36
Guest6001ok, I did that, thanks01:36
arrrghhhGuest6001: panel is the bar01:36
arrrghhhwidget are things that go on the bar01:37
arrrghhhwidgets can also be free-floating01:37
natajaime: for my recommendation, your 64bit system can install more 'ia32' in kpackagekit or synaptic for better support to those 32 software01:37
arrrghhhi have a maddening issue.  i have no shutdown or restart button, how can that be?01:37
Guest6001ok, so a panel is basically blank?01:37
arrrghhhGuest6001: if you add a new one, yes.01:37
arrrghhhthe default panel comes with some things on it01:37
Guest6001off course, otherwise simple folk (like me) would not be able to use the desktop01:38
jaimenata: aka multilib. thx alot01:38
nataarrrghhh: are you using kubuntu?01:38
arrrghhhnata: yes, 10.1001:38
arrrghhhGuest6001: yes..01:39
arrrghhhnata: just tried adding the 'leave' widget, and when i hit the power button the only option i get is logout :/01:39
Guest6001thank you01:40
arrrghhhGuest6001: np.  might want to create a nickname too ;)01:40
nataarrrghhh: very trouble. i think you have problem in right for shutdown the computer01:41
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arrrghhhnata: i just do sudo shutdown -h now or -r now01:41
arrrghhhbut that's not a very good solution.01:41
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arrrghhhnata: not sure what you mean by that either.  i saw this on my liveUSB install of regular vanilla ubuntu as well.  didn't happen on ubuntu booting from the hdd tho01:42
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arrrghhhpyromax: when you find one that hasn't been taken, register it!01:42
nataarrrghhh: wait ya, I'm finding a posible solution for you01:42
arrrghhhnata: okie.01:42
pyromaxhow do I do that, as I said when I typed my first message: I have never done this before?01:43
arrrghhhpyromax: is this nick not taken?01:43
arrrghhhi think if you msg nickserv he'll tell you01:43
arrrghhhpyromax: sorry /msg nickserv help01:44
pyromaxhmm, nothing seems to happen when I type that, is that because I use Opera for this?01:45
arrrghhhif you're on IRC it should work.01:45
arrrghhhi use konversation.01:45
nataarrrghhh: check your system settings/login screen/shutdown tab. at local the should be 'everybody'. at halt there is '/sbin/halt'. at reboot there is '/sbin/reboot'. check and see01:45
arrrghhhall of those things match nata01:46
nataarrrghhh: ...01:46
arrrghhhi don't get why this isn't working out of the box.01:48
arrrghhhi had ubuntu 10.10 installed for a long time01:48
arrrghhhthen installed kubuntu-desktop01:48
arrrghhhsomething else i'm missing?01:48
arrrghhhi think gdm is still the login screen01:49
arrrghhhcould that be the problem?01:49
FloodBotK2arrrghhh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:49
arrrghhhoops.  sorry FloodBotK2 :P01:49
jaimei want to make a bootable usb-stick from the cd with unetbootin. the web docu says it must be 2GB or bigger. my stick is 1GB and i see no reason why the cd version it wouldn't fit?01:50
arrrghhhjaime: i think that's if you want some persistent storage, but i could be wrong.01:51
jaimedoes it uncompress a squashfs or something?01:51
arrrghhhIE some space to put user data on.01:51
nataarrrghhh: tell you some. before that my default kubuntu install gnome desktop, gnome also have shutdown button. that time i think is configuration problem :)01:51
elvingsotoi want to conect to the nasa satelite, to watch my house01:51
arrrghhhelvingsoto: lol01:51
arrrghhhnata: eh?01:51
jaimearrrghhh: makes sense, i won't need storage. but 300mb should suffice anyway01:51
arrrghhhshould i try GDM?01:52
pyromaxyou think your house it going to run offf?01:52
FloodBotK2arrrghhh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:52
arrrghhhdamnit, i keep using enter as punctuation.  bad internet habit :/01:52
elvingsotoalguie habla espanol01:52
arrrghhh!es | elvingsoto01:52
ubottuelvingsoto: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:52
nataarrrghhh: better use back kdm01:52
arrrghhhnata: is that in system settings?  i don't remember where that's set.01:53
pyromaxarrrghhh: you are missing the shutdown and restart option in the "leave" part of the application widget?01:53
elvingsotoohh i only can speak englis here, why01:53
nataarrrghhh: that time i'm create new user to solve this problem...01:54
arrrghhhelvingsoto: because we all speak english.  if you want to speak spanish, join #ubuntu-es01:54
arrrghhhnata: bleh.01:54
nataarrrghhh: maybe you could try more setting in system setting/user management/modify.../click admisnister for system01:56
jaimearrrghhh: just to confirm, 714M used, 249M free. maybe the native usb-ifier does something different than unetbootin. or maybe it's just the common state of ubuntu docu...01:56
arrrghhhjaime: not sure TBH.  1gb flash drive?  is that from 2001?  :P01:56
arrrghhhall mine are 4gb... so it's never been a problem.  sorry!01:57
jaimearrrghhh: around there01:57
zymy sound intermittenly skips regardlesss in amarok and dragonplayer, any suggestions on how to solve this?01:57
elvingsotoi want to go to the ubuntu to kubuntu in my pc01:59
pyromaxI had that sound problem once, it turned out to be a faulty power plug, but I suppose it's not that simple this time? (wriggling it around temporarlily solved the problem)01:59
arrrghhhelvingsoto: install kubuntu-desktop01:59
nataelvingsoto: isit you click add document in '++mb' so your usb drive not enough space.01:59
elvingsotois all01:59
elvingsotoi did01:59
arrrghhhelvingsoto: it's a meta-package, so there will be many, many packages to install.02:00
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zypyromax: don't think so.. it works fine on win7.02:00
elvingsotoand full kde02:00
pyromaxzy: then I simply do not know, sorry02:01
zypyromax: and since it affects multiple programs, i think maybe it has to do with phonon or the hardware02:01
zypyromax: nvm thanks02:02
arrrghhhzy: did you see if there were any hardware drivers?02:02
pyromaxzy: if it was a hardware problem, wouldn't it also register in win7 ?02:02
arrrghhhyea, but ubuntu perhaps doesn't support his sound card correctly, or there's some proprietary drivers that cannot be included in ubuntu.02:03
PSWZ-ZhangYHi, who can help me report a bug, please? The installer crashed when I was in the configuring partition step, setting the mounting point of a ext4 partition. I was using kubuntu 10.10 installer, amd64, after the installer crashed, the computer get into the desktop, like " try kubuntu without any change"02:03
pyromaxok, then: what arrrghhh says: hardware drives?02:03
zyarrrghhh: yep it detects it correctly02:04
elvingsotoand how abou kde full?02:04
arrrghhhelvingsoto: i don't know what you mean.02:04
elvingsotofull kde02:05
arrrghhhkubuntu is "full kde"02:05
zypyromax: what i meant its problem with hardware drivers or something02:06
PSWZ-ZhangYHi, who can help me report a bug, please? The installer crashed when I was in the configuring partition step, setting the mounting point of a ext4 partition. I was using kubuntu 10.10 installer, amd64, after the installer crashed, the computer get into the desktop, like " try kubuntu without any change", Thanks!!02:06
arrrghhhPSWZ-ZhangY: can't you try to reinstall?02:08
arrrghhhdoesn't sound bug tracker worthy, no offense - unless you have extensive logs.02:09
PSWZ-ZhangYyes, I tried, but it crashed again~~02:09
pyromaxPSWZ-ZhangY: is the dvd/cd-image ok?02:09
PSWZ-ZhangYthe installer crashes "not everytime"02:10
PSWZ-ZhangYyes , the cd is ok, i ran the check media utility02:10
arrrghhhi wonder if the disk is messed up02:11
arrrghhhPSWZ-ZhangY: odd indeed.  have you tried formatting manually ?02:11
PSWZ-ZhangYformatting the partition?02:11
arrrghhhyes, what else?02:11
claydohPSWZ-ZhangY: also try burning at a slower speed, it often helps02:11
arrrghhhthe hard disk in question.02:12
claydohand !md5sum02:12
arrrghhhheh needs to start with that claydoh02:12
arrrghhh!md5sum | PSWZ-ZhangY02:12
ubottuPSWZ-ZhangY: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:12
PSWZ-ZhangYi didn't format the partition, because I have a lot of things in it ~02:12
arrrghhhPSWZ-ZhangY: wha?02:13
arrrghhhyou have to format the partition.02:13
PSWZ-ZhangYok~ I promise the cd is ok02:13
arrrghhhbackup everything02:13
claydohPSWZ-ZhangY: unless you want to try !wubi , but yes you will have to make space and create a partiton for the OS otherwise02:14
arrrghhhlol claydoh02:14
PSWZ-ZhangYbut i can mount it and go through the installer the same way(no formatting) when installing ubuntu 10.1002:14
arrrghhhi ALWAYS format.02:15
pyromaxPSWZ-ZhangY: that's like a live-cd?02:15
pyromaxthat's not really installing, is it?02:15
arrrghhhyou can install it from the livecd02:16
PSWZ-ZhangYno~ sorry for my expressing~02:16
pyromaxno problem, I guess English is not your first language ( or second)?02:17
PSWZ-ZhangYi mean the installer crashed and get to the kde desktop, like choosing "try kubuntu..." directly02:18
pyromaxok, I'm no expert here, but the important part is the message during the crash ...02:19
PSWZ-ZhangYi just wanted to say the installer doesn,t stuck there, or cause a system error, maybe the live-cd knows the installer died, and step forward to the desktop~02:20
PSWZ-ZhangYthank you pyromas~02:20
claydohPSWZ-ZhangY: yes, the cd will go directly to a desktop if the installer quits, crashes, or is cancelled02:21
claydohbut the basic steps (amd  the easiest) is to verify the md5sum, as well as trying to burn a new disk at a slower speed02:22
PSWZ-ZhangYthe installer crashes with no output or message in my Situation02:22
PSWZ-ZhangYi think the cd is ok, i verified the md5, and  run the check media option after boot using it02:24
arrrghhhPSWZ-ZhangY: since you're not formatting, i'm just going to blame it on that.02:24
arrrghhhi'm pretty sure at a minimum you have to format /02:24
arrrghhhif you have /home on a different mount point, then you don't have to format that partition.02:24
PSWZ-ZhangYarrrghhh: yes i formated root02:25
arrrghhh...you said you didn't format.02:25
PSWZ-ZhangYoh, sorry!02:25
PSWZ-ZhangYi said i didn't formatted the ext4 partition, but this partition is not the root partition02:26
PSWZ-ZhangYi wanted to mount it under /home~02:26
arrrghhhk i thought i was following you02:27
arrrghhhbut now i'm not.02:27
pyromaxcan you install while ignoring the ext4 partition? (you can always mount it later on)02:27
PSWZ-ZhangYpyromax: yes, and i mounted later on by editing the fstab02:28
PSWZ-ZhangYpyromax: yes, and i mounted it later on by editing the fstab02:28
arrrghhhso i'm confused.  it's installed?02:29
pyromaxso, what is the problem?02:29
PSWZ-ZhangYyes I have  successfully installed kubuntu02:29
PSWZ-ZhangYbut ~~~~~~ i just want to report this bug02:30
arrrghhhso... i don't see a problem.02:30
arrrghhhPSWZ-ZhangY: without logs, bug reporting is kinda useless.02:30
arrrghhhi'd say your bug is not bugtracker worthy if it's working.02:30
PSWZ-ZhangYoh, i know02:30
PSWZ-ZhangYsorry to have wasted your time~02:31
PSWZ-ZhangYthank you~02:31
pyromaxit was entertaining02:31
pyromaxup to a point ...02:31
arrrghhhi'm still pissed i don't have a shutdown or restart option.02:32
pyromaxyeah, i had that once, but that was when I started KDE from the command line02:32
arrrghhhdon't really have time to deal with it now tho.  i bumped a thread from others with the same issue, hopefully someone chimes in...02:32
arrrghhhpyromax: lol02:32
arrrghhhdefinitely not doing that :P02:32
PSWZ-ZhangYyou can change your dm to kdm02:33
pyromaxand for the life of me, I cannot remember what I did to fix it ...02:33
PSWZ-ZhangYand you will have shut down and restart02:33
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pyromaxyeah, it's something like that02:34
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kanazkyI am looking for some help02:37
pyromaxaren't we all?02:37
kanazkyguess so02:37
kanazkyno one online helping?02:37
kanazkydoes kmix use pulseaudio or alsa?02:37
pyromaxI have absolutely no idea02:39
* Todd200 has a problem 02:41
Todd200Are you knowledgeable enough to help?02:41
pyromaxi'm not02:42
Todd200Or just a random user?02:42
Todd200Ah, k02:42
pyromaxanyone else around?02:42
pyromaxand it depends a bit on your problem, does it not?02:43
Todd200I'm getting a weird screen Insted of kubuntu on boot02:43
claydohkanazky: kmix uses pulseaudio, or whatever the system uses  - if you removed pulse  and used alsa, i believe it will use that02:44
pyromaxwhat? like a grub screen?02:44
claydohkanazky: but kde's pulseaudio integration is still new, I suggest trying out pavucontrol to adjust things02:45
Todd200Like lines of static02:45
pyromaxTodd200: so your display driver is f**ked?02:47
Todd200But I get a mouse that can move02:47
Todd200And windows 7 works fine02:48
Todd200Mouse on top of lines of static, it happened once to me in virtual box too02:48
pyromaxyeah, well, windows 7 uses different driver than (k)ununtu, right?02:48
Todd200Probably, but then it shouldn't have issues in virtualbox02:50
Todd200ATI graphics card, 1gb video memory02:50
pyromaxwell, i'm not sure about that, since I have never used virtualbox02:50
pyromaxthe questions that spring to mind are: how does virtualbox handle graphics for different os-s02:51
pyromaxand more importantly (i forgot): did it work in the first place?02:52
claydohvirtualbox uses a virtual video card, if that make sense02:52
Todd200claydoh: yeah, it emulates everything02:53
pyromaxso, then the question remains: which update from kubuntu f***ed up your graphics, am I right?02:54
Todd200After wubi, I couldn't ever boot into it02:54
kanazky_how do I force 5.1 playback in Kubuntu 10.10 using HDMI output ???02:54
pyromaxoh, i'm sorry: I have absolutely no experience with wubi02:55
pyromaxwith wubi you start with windows and then try a real OS, right?02:56
Todd200Yep, it downloads the files and adds to windows boot menu02:56
Todd200No grub02:56
Daskreechpyromax: it installs inside of Windows as if it was an application02:56
Todd200Then you boot into it from the boot menu to finish the install02:56
claydohwubi installs *buntu to a file system inside of windows, and modified the nt bootloader to boot to it02:56
DaskreechThen runs as a command that asks Windows to kill itself and hand over to linux02:57
claydohnever used it myself, havent used windows in a bout a decade at home02:57
kanazky_anyway to force 5.1 playback when outputing to hdmi?02:57
DaskreechWorks nicely if you can deal with the fact that the entire filesystem is a single blob file inside a NTFS formatted filesystem02:57
kanazky_or heh is Kubuntu use pulseaudio or alsa by default?02:58
pyromaxsounds like a terrible solution02:58
claydohkanazky_: pulseaudio02:58
kanazky_I dont have the Daemon.conf02:58
kanazky_file tho02:58
Todd200I'd do it the "real" way with partitions, but hp is stupid and the computer comes with 4 already02:58
kanazky_or default.pa02:58
pyromaxI agree: hp is stupid02:58
kanazky_Where do I find my Default.pa file for pulse audio?03:00
Todd200Their hardware is good though,03:00
* Todd200 loves his DV7 with intel i703:00
pyromaxyeah, well, their people management skills are (far) below par03:01
Todd200I agree, but they are better than Dell03:01
veluxeshi i have a terratec aureon universe 7.1 and i am using the envy24 driver for it, i used to have several outputdevices in phonon but now i only got stereo output.does anybody know how i can get my devices back?03:02
Todd200It might be the 64bit OS03:03
pyromaxI have no experience with Dell, so I cannot be a judge to that, but let's stop this pointless discussion, it's not going to help anyone03:03
Todd200A 32 bit OS will still run on a 64bit system right?03:04
pyromaxthat depends on the OS, doesn't it?03:05
Todd200Join #Linux03:07
pyromaxwhat? right now? I'll have to eat some beans first...03:07
Todd200Lol. Forgot my /03:08
rwwTodd200: yes, 32-bit Kubuntu will run on an x86_64 system.03:09
Todd200Thanks rww, any way to make wubi download the 32 bit one instead of 64?03:13
zkriesseIt should ask you wish version03:14
rwwTodd200: "Yes, either pre-download the appropriate 32 bit ISO manually and place it in the same folder as Wubi.exe or start Wubi with the "--32bit" argument." -- wubi's FAQ03:15
rwwzkriesse: it asks which flavor to download, doesn't ask which architecture.03:15
Todd200Kubuntu's UI kind of reminds me of OSX03:16
Todd200rww: thanks!03:16
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somekoolsome people think Kubuntu should have a different name03:54
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Daskreechsomekool: edit the issue file04:05
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gabriel__I got a weird problem I can't seem to fix..07:30
christopher__whats the problem?07:31
gabriel__When I first load Kubuntu, the screen before the splash screen that usually says Kubuntu with the four flashing dots is completely messed up07:33
gabriel__It says Kubuntu but not in the nice looking font it used to and the dots are ugly looking squares07:33
gabriel__and there's a bunch of text randomly scattered around the screen07:34
gabriel__then loads kubuntu perfectly fine as usual.07:35
gabriel__What can I do?07:35
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gabriel__Does anyone know how to fix the Kubuntu loading screen before the splash screen?07:39
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sri13hi , where can i find libclucene-core package ?08:13
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XamDMhow can i make a wlan-connection start bevor a user is loged on ???08:45
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bajk-tragbarhey, so is there finally a way of forcing the network manager plasmoid to do what I want?10:03
valoriewhat do you want it to do?10:22
valorieit doesn't cook my dinner.....10:22
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zywhy does rekonq recognise my side mouse button but vanilla konq does not? is there a way to map it in konq?11:41
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CngZHello, I search a fingerprint recognition software, do you know another one than fprint ?11:59
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computerilliterahi everyone12:34
shadeslayercomputerillitera: hi12:36
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BluesKajHi all12:59
principal10who talk spanish13:35
angelo__ciao a tutti13:35
principal10all have kubuntu13:36
principal10wh know how mount domain13:37
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evdveldehi all, who is able to burn CDRW disks now with Maverick? which tool are you using? I tried wodim, cdrskin and all kind of frontends without success (all SCSI failures in the middle of burning process)13:42
evdveldehi principal10 :)13:48
principal10this is ur so13:49
principal10or machine virtual13:49
evdveldenothing virtual about it13:49
principal10i having problems13:49
evdveldewhat is your problem?13:51
principal10i dont know how mount a domain in jubuntu13:51
principal10u know?13:54
evdveldeprincipal10: what kind of domain?14:02
principal10for administry usuary14:05
principal10and give access to domain14:05
evdveldedont know sry14:06
principal10im working in a virtual14:09
amichairis the ubuntu keyserver down?14:18
BluesKajamichair, do you mean the launchpad repos?14:19
principal10u too isntall kubuntu14:20
principal10for cant ubntu14:20
FloodBotK2principal10: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:20
shadeslayerprincipal10: could you please ask your question in one single line ? :)14:21
amichairBluesKaj: keyserver.ubuntu.com ... keyserver timed out14:22
BluesKaj!es | principal1014:22
ubottuprincipal10: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:22
BluesKajamichair, where did you get that ppa , in relation to which app oe apps?14:23
amichairBluesKaj: wiki.ubuntu.com/LibreOffice14:24
amichairbeen getting the error for a few hours now (several attempts)14:24
BluesKajamichair, ok , some repos , especially specialty types have had a few probs online the last few days , if it doesn't clearup soon you can get help at  #documentfoundation14:28
x_puma_xhey. is there a way to get the netbook-plasma when booting kubuntu inside a virtualbox?14:30
x_puma_x...from a live-cd14:30
amichairBluesKaj: ok, thanks14:32
piquadratHi! Are there any packages for KDE PIM 4.6 floating around?14:32
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c2tarunhow can I change the default address used by pastebinit?14:43
BluesKaj piquadrat http://sourceforge.net/projects/kdepimpi/14:44
fabio_ciao a tutti14:45
fabio_ma avete tutti linux14:46
c2tarunhow can I change the default address used by pastebinit?14:50
yofelc2tarun: you can't, it's hardcoded. Best you make yourself a bash alias for pastebinig -b <url>14:54
yofelc2tarun: well, you can, by editing /usr/bin/pastebinit - it's python14:56
c2tarunyofel: I'll go for alias :) its easy14:57
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fabio_chat italian15:09
kyodaihow to add pon dsl-provider in autostart ?15:14
kyodaiwith some script or something?15:14
Peace-kyodai: kppp?15:18
kyodaineed dsl connection15:20
kyodaiif can happen how to make one?15:21
Peace-kyodai: dsl ?15:23
kyodaidsl connection15:23
Peace-kyodai: you have a router?15:24
Peace-or what?15:25
Peace-kyodai: i dunno man here i have the network manager15:25
Peace-and it do it15:25
kyodaiwell i dont have it15:26
kyodaihow to download it15:26
Peace-kyodai:  lsb_release -a15:26
Peace-into konsole15:26
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kyodaiDistributor ID: Ubuntu15:27
kyodaiDescription:    Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS15:27
kyodaiRelease:        10.0415:27
kyodaihad gnome15:27
Peace-kyodai: here is for kde15:27
kyodainow i have jde15:28
kyodaikde *15:28
Peace-so kde has the network manager...15:28
kyodaii cant find it15:28
Peace-kyodai: you are blind http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/06/plasma-desktopbE1458.jpg15:29
BluesKajkyodai, how is your compuetr connected to the internet?15:30
kyodai<kyodai> need dsl connection15:30
BluesKajyes kyodai, we know what dsl connection is ,the question is , are you using a modem or a router with your dsl connection ?15:33
BluesKajok is it wired /ethernet or wifi/wlan0, kyodai ?15:35
kyodaii didnt had knetworkmanager15:35
kyodaii will try to install it now15:35
BluesKajkyodai, ok now you should have knetwork manager installed , if you have no active internet connection then you'll have to use the live-cd to install the knetworkmanager15:40
kyodaiproblem is15:40
kyodaithat i havw ubuntu15:40
kyodailive cs15:40
kyodainot kubuntu15:41
kyodaii upgraded to kubuntu15:41
kyodainow i dont have the knetwork15:41
kyodaiand i cant find it how to install it15:41
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Peace-BluesKaj: :S15:43
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Peace-kyodai: if you have a router with ethernet15:44
Peace-kyodai: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart15:44
Peace-should do the work15:44
Peace-without interface15:44
FloodBotK2Peace-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:44
BluesKajgnome network manager will work , kyodai , or run,  sudo dhclient,  in the terminal15:45
* BluesKaj wonders if he managed to connect16:00
Peace-BluesKaj: i can't understand why people that switched to kde can't do the same things they did in gnome16:04
BluesKajPeace-, they can, they just don't think they can and besides gnome is having it's own problems right now that aren't related to applications , mostly graphical and unity desktop stuff16:07
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Peace-BluesKaj: have you tried unity ?16:08
BluesKajPeace-, i think the biggest problem lately with some ppl is the language barrier , making non native english speakers understand me16:09
Peace-BluesKaj: mm maybe :D16:09
BluesKajyes, unity is ok , not my cup of tea so to speak , buggy tho , and unreliable16:09
BluesKajok = nice graphics etc16:10
Peace-you don't think is something like activities on kde?16:10
Peace-it is16:10
Peace-or the search and lauch plasma ?16:11
BluesKajunity takes up the whole desktop , too many layers16:11
BluesKajI prefer the plasma approach16:12
Peace-i hvae to test kde-mobile16:12
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com16:15
BluesKajhmm, it doesn't tell how to pastebinit lines of text16:21
apparleBluesKaj: it tells how to do it16:22
timo__Good day, can anyone help me finding out why i have no sound after upgrade to maverick?16:22
apparletimo__: start from the basic things like whether mute is set to complicated things like alsa driver is loaded16:23
Thinkerer68timo__: See item #6 <http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3099811.0>16:24
apparlewhy does microblogging save only 25 messages. I set the timeline size to 100 msgs16:24
Thinkerer68timo__: and let me know if you have success?16:24
timo__thanks for the hint i'll check it out.16:25
Thinkerer68I lost sound after my upgrade too  :P16:25
BluesKajapparle, I tried the command with text : " a line of text pasted from a textfile" and I got a "can't read past the first word message16:25
timo__okay, the soundcard drivers are loaded (aplay -l shows me stuff)16:27
BluesKajI think pastebinit is only a link that neds a filepath and a pastebinit url , apparle16:27
timo__and the channels seem not to be muted in kmix or pavucontrol, as far as i can see.16:27
apparletimo__: see if they are in alsamixer16:28
BluesKajpastebinit won't really paste anything it just creates a link , IMO16:28
apparletimo__: or if some wrong channel is muted16:28
apparleBluesKaj: I'm trying it16:28
apparleBluesKaj: here it worked well16:29
timo__the bars are full, how can i check if it's muted (there would be an M or something, right?)16:29
Thinkerer68timo__: You got farther than me. My device is not shown by "aplay -l" even after I use "modprobe"  :(16:29
BluesKajThinkerer68, do you have pulseaudio installed ? if so you may need to configure it16:29
BluesKajapparle, show me16:30
Thinkerer68BluesKaj: I have no idea actually.16:30
apparleBluesKaj: echo "loads of data" | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com gave me this link http://paste.ubuntu.com/576519/16:30
BluesKajgive me the command you used , apparle16:30
apparleI just gave you16:30
apparleecho "loads of data" | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com16:31
apparleBluesKaj: ^16:31
timo__Thinkerer68 Yeah, it just worked out of the box, except i hear nothing ;-)16:31
BluesKajno apparle that's not what I mean ...try to pastebinit a line of text by itself , not a filepath or alink16:32
Thinkerer68I have too many things going on to troubleshoot my problem now. :(16:32
apparleBluesKaj: I don't get what you are saying. What command are you using16:33
BluesKajwhere did you get the instruction toi use the echo command, I didn't see it anywhere in the manual, apparle16:34
BluesKajthis is what I mean by poorly written manuals ...they won't sight an example16:35
apparleBluesKaj: pastebinit will paste whatever data is passed via the pipe. I just used echo so that it will echo the same data16:35
apparleBluesKaj: you know the usage of | in terminal?16:35
BluesKajI tried tha previously and it kept erroring out16:36
* BluesKaj checks to see if pastebinit is even installed anymore16:36
apparleBluesKaj: so if you want to pastebinit a file then use "cat <filename> | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com"16:37
apparlewhy does microblogging save only 25 messages. I set the timeline size to 100 msgs16:38
BluesKajapparle, maybe there's limit to each message size16:40
timo__cool, i could get my sound back by removing pulseaudio16:41
timo__i thought that was the default in 10.10, how come it works if i remove it?16:41
apparletimo__: but pulseaudio will always be default, so why don't you locate the problem or file a bug etc16:42
BluesKajtimo__, sound will work with pulseaudio, but the pulseaudio app itself needs to be configured to work properly , in most cases it's apita to deal with so it's just easier to remove it16:43
timo__apparle: i'll investigate further for sure, but i dont really know whats going on with pulseaudio, it should work together with alsa right?16:43
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apparletimo__: it should, but as you can see it is not that simple, so lets bear it and fix it16:43
BluesKajpulseaudio is useless to me , useful to some depending on their soundcards16:44
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apparlealthough if someone here could shed some light on why there is pulse audio at all16:44
BluesKajapparle, I think it's useful for dedicted pci soundcards ..to me it's just another later of useless processing that causes distortion16:45
apparleI found this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pulseaudio-diagram.svg16:45
timo__when i "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" it wont install pulseaudio, is that a dependency missing maybe? or isnt kubuntu-desktop the main package?16:46
apparletimo__: just install it directly16:49
timo__apparle: yep i did. sound is gone again. can you tell me how i can configure pulseadio? using pavucontrol?16:51
apparletimo__: seriously, no idea. here it works out of box16:51
BluesKajtimo__, if pulseaudio doesn't help your audio setup work , then you're probly better off without it.16:55
timo__I made it work now, i had to select the right device in pavucontrol (did not work before i reinstalled it)16:56
markithi, updated 10.10 to kde 4.6.1, now with effects enabled if I put the cursor on the upper left of the screen I see all the windows of open programs (nice, like before), but can't select any, nor return to previous situation, I have to reboot17:30
markitis it a known regression easy to fix?17:30
Aloneaok, i just installed dropbox and I got an error that says it wants me to manually set user_xattr in /etc/fstab. What do I put in that file? I don't understand.17:31
DarthFrogAlonea: What is the exact errror it gives you?17:32
markitAlonea: is a flag, google for it, you have to add in the line related to the partition contains your data17:32
Aloneamarkit: I googled a minute ago and got nothing17:32
AloneaDarthFrog: "Unable to set user_attr in /etc/fstab. Please do so manually."17:33
Aloneamarkit: I typed in Unable to set user_attr in /etc/fstab and got nothing relevant I saw17:33
markitok, google for "fstab user_xattr" (Xattr, not attr)17:34
AloneaDarthFrog: sorry that user_xattr17:34
markityou have to manually edit fstab17:34
Aloneamarkit: yeah, I got it open, but didn't know what to put, let me regoogle17:35
markitcreate a copy before you do, and be prepared to boot from a live cd to restore the copy if you do something wrong17:35
markitAlonea: pastebin me the content, I can suggest you where put it17:35
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markitbtw, no one with my problem in 4.6.1?17:37
markitI mean, does it work for you?17:38
Aloneamarkit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576541/17:38
markitUUID=6a7caf6e-1786-4981-9c34-b20332e456b0 /home           ext4    defaults,user_xattr        0       217:39
Aloneamarkit: thanks! do I need to restart a service now or is it ok?17:41
markityou should remount the fs, or better reboot17:42
markitAlonea: should be ok, but in case you be prepared to boot from a live cd and return to previous config17:42
Aloneamarkit: okies. not too worried. will reboot and see if all is well17:43
DarthFrogNo need to reboot, just issue the "sudo mount -a" command.17:43
markitDarthFrog: I've heard reboot is safer17:43
DarthFrogGo ahead. :-)17:44
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markitanother chapter in "IT myths" saga17:44
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markitDarthFrog: do you have kde 4.6.1 by chance with effects enabled?17:45
DarthFrogor "sudo mount -n -o remount,user_xattr <device name> <mount point>"17:45
DarthFrogI believe so.17:45
markitif you put the cursor in the upper left you have the "OS-X like" effect of all the open windows miniaturized and you can choose with one?17:46
bajk-tragbaris there a way of hiding those crash messages? My Kwin crashes like every 2 minutes and I DONT CARE about it, it just restarts and everythings fine. So, the error dialog is more annoying than the crash itself17:46
markitto me makes impossible to choose one and I have to reboot17:46
bajk-tragbarah, got it17:46
Aloneamarkit: all good17:46
DarthFrogI get my desktop with windows representing each open app.  I click in that window and it switches to the app.17:47
markit:) happy to have do no damage today ;P17:47
markitDarthFrog: mmm it worked this way until I updated17:47
markitnow it's sort of "frozen", wondered if was a regression17:47
markitDarthFrog: do you have kubuntu 10.10?17:48
DarthFrogmarkit:  All I can say is, it works for me.17:48
markitDarthFrog: thanks a lot17:48
Aloneamarkit: ok, one more question. it says in this guide I might have to do a symlink to the Autostart folder. Do I link my Dropbox folder or do I link the daemon? daemon makes more sense to me but guide seems to say dropbox folder...17:52
gmargoIn Maverick, why is the qt-sdk package only available in the i386 distribution?  Why was it removed from amd64?  This is somehow related to bug 618075 I think.18:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 618075 in qt-sdk (Ubuntu) "Please remove arch any binaries" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61807518:00
Aloneaok, I think I got symlinking backwards...I am trying to get a daemon to autostart. so ln /home/alonea/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd /home/alonea/.kde/Autostart/dropboxd?? or is it switched?18:04
yofelAlonea: it's 'ln -s ...' for symlinking, just ln will create a hard link18:05
yofelthe order is right though I think18:05
Aloneayofel: ok. will try adding -s this time. just don't want to mess up the daemon itself18:05
yofelAlonea: an alternative would be:18:07
yofelcd /home/alonea/.kde/Autostart/18:07
yofelln -s /home/alonea/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd18:07
yofelthat will do the right thing in any case18:07
Aloneayofel: there we go! now it works. bah. just havent made a symlink in...3? 4? years so I got confused. thanks18:07
FloodBotK2yofel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:07
* Alonea tells the FloodBotK2 to stick it18:07
yofelgmargo: something went foobar there - it's fixed in natty18:11
gmargoyofel: thanks.  any expectation that it will be fixed for maverick?18:13
markitAlonea: sorry, was on the phone... I've no idea, folder makes more sense to me18:14
markitAlonea: daemons have their own run machanism, nothing to symlink probably18:14
yofelfor dropbox it makes sense to  symlink the daemon, as it simply needs to be run18:15
Aloneamarkit: I think its the daemon. it wont start on startup. need to reboot again to check, but symlinking the folder didn't work18:15
Aloneamarkit: the symlink I made does work, I just need to see if it autostarts now18:15
markitAlonea: ok :) probably is something you did not got from kubuntu repositories18:15
Aloneamarkit: there isn't a kde version of dropbox. if you do the official you gotta use Nautilus18:16
markitI see... personally I try to avoid the "cloud stuff" as much as I can, don't trust anyone except FOSS people18:16
Aloneamarkit: but there is another closed source dropbox client that works very well in kde and will use dolphin18:16
markitproprietary programs = non sense, I use GNU/Linux for freedom, if you install just one program you are doomed18:17
Aloneamarkit: its wonderful for sharing files with family and friends. so much easier than trying to email bunches of files and worry about email attachment limits18:17
markit(who can tell what is doing on your system? no one)18:17
yofelgmargo: that will need an SRU - and since nobody bothered to file a bug that needs to be done first18:18
markitAlonea: I don't trade my freedom for some "nice stuff", hope FOSS will provide something similar in the future18:18
yofelwell, there's ubuntuone too, which integrates as bad as dropbox in kubuntu18:18
yofelAlonea: voted on https://www.dropbox.com/votebox/175/dolphin-kde4-qt4-gui-client ?18:18
gmargoyofel: I was thinking of doing just that, but wanted to ask here first.18:18
Aloneamarkit: and it works on my android phone so very happy with it. and I have to disagree with you, but to each their own. Dropbox makes me happy, is easy to use, and is easy for my family to use18:19
yofelgmargo: if you file one I'll look at it18:19
BluesKajstrange , kfilebox is the new dropbox file server18:20
markitAlonea: if you don't value freedom, it's fine, it's your problem :)18:20
BluesKajfor kde18:20
BluesKajmarkit, we're not here to debate aplications , default or not , we're here to support kubuntu users18:21
Aloneamarkit: respect my opinion. I disagree with yours, but I am not saying you are wrong to have it. Don't tell me mine is.18:21
markitAlonea: I respect your opinion, I expressed mine, what's wrong?18:21
markitBluesKaj: is dropbox a kde app?18:21
BluesKajmarkit, kfilebox is the new dropbox for kde18:22
* yofel tries to build kfilebox on 4.618:22
BluesKajdropbox is a multiplatform app18:23
yofeleeek, qmake18:23
Aloneamarkit: you are saying its "my problem" that I supposedly don't value freedom. That isn't remotely respectful. dropping this now.18:23
markitBluesKaj: ok, I'm not against kfilebox, just peopole have to be aware about the madness of having their data in computers they don't control, can't trust, and usually are using without carefully read usage conditions18:23
BluesKajkfilebox is a frontend app \18:24
markitAlonea: ok, you value your freedom and use dropbox. I see contraddiction here, you don't. simple18:24
yofelmarkit: aknowledged, that should still not prevent them from using the service. That you don't put your bank account data there should be obvious18:25
BluesKajmarkit, I don't use dropbox for sensitive personal data , I just use it to share bfiles with my family members.18:25
rtdosis there any bbs software available for linux? i'd like to start a bbs on my kubuntu machine using either telnet AND/OR ssh.18:25
BluesKajebfiles = files18:25
BluesKajrtdos, bbs ?18:26
markitBluesKaj: the important point is awareness, and put things in right value/position18:26
yofelbulletin bord service I guess18:26
rtdosyea, blueskaj - a bbs :)18:26
rtdosdon't tell me i'm dating myself LOL18:26
BluesKajmarkit, plsss not that silly raise awareness argument again ...18:27
Aloneaya know, I don't feel welcome here anymore. think I will come back later...much later.18:27
BluesKajgood luck Alonea ...sorry we couldn't hold your hand any longer18:27
* yofel pats Alonea on the shoulder - come back soon :)18:27
AloneaBluesKaj: things are working pretty good. just internal mic doesn't work18:28
esirihi ,first need   say to accept my apologize for bad english, i am use kubuntu 10.10 and i did install vdr and i use with xineliboutput-sxfe ts working but have a issue , i am cant  display full-screen, i did change 4:3 16:9 and anarompich mod but allways in display have black bar left  and right or top and down,, how to i can correct that.18:29
Peace-esiri: what's your country ?18:44
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esiriPeace Turkei18:45
Peace-!turk | esiri18:45
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Peace-!turkey | esiri18:45
ubottuesiri: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.18:45
esiriPeace yes i am from turkei18:45
esiriPeace thanks :) i will ask there but i feeling u shut down me here :)18:46
Peace-esiri: nope you can ask here too but i thought you  would ask better on your language18:47
esiriPeace  i am understood you  no worries thanks i will ask to there :)18:49
vanguardhow can I setup Konversation so that it automatically tells nickserv my password?18:57
Peace-vanguard: easy18:58
esirigood night18:59
Peace-vanguard: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/06/plasma-desktopoY1458.jpg18:59
vanguardPeace-: thx, I entered irc.freenode.net in there19:00
Peace-vanguard: edit edit :)19:00
vanguardPeace-: I'll try it out in a couple minutes19:00
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veovis_muaddibMy trash has "reached its maximum size" although it only contains empty directories.  I cannot add anything new, nor can I delete any directories in the trash.  There are no non-latin characters in the filenames. (I've had problems like that before...)  When I try to delete the top level directory, Dolphin says could not delete file [long path], but if i delete the bottom level directories, I get "Access denies to trash:[long path]19:08
veovis_muaddib*Access denied, of course19:09
vanguardpress F4 to open the console in that folder19:09
veovis_muaddibvanguard: When I do that my path is ~19:09
vanguardtype sudo rm -rfi *19:09
veovis_muaddibNo thanks, see above :P19:10
vanguardgimme a sec19:10
vanguardwell, with the -i option it will ask before deleting anything19:10
vanguardhmm, I have no idea where that trash: folder is :-/19:12
veovis_muaddibvanguard: Yeah, I was looking for .Trashes, but I remembered that that is on OS X...19:12
vanguardsudo rm -rfi ~/.local/share/Trash/files/*19:13
veovis_muaddibAh, thank you, let me see19:13
veovis_muaddibvanguard: Thank you, I was looking all over for that....19:14
veovis_muaddibIt's cleared out19:15
vanguardveovis_muaddib: google(kde trash folder) lead me to the right folder :)19:15
veovis_muaddibYeah, I was opening the browser just as you responded :P19:15
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hutchHi I'm  having trouble with desktop/folder view in kde 4.61. It leaves a copy of files on the physical desktop and any apps I place on the desktop don't show up in the folder view20:09
daveHi everyone20:11
=== dave is now known as Guest45458
Guest45458I was wondering if someone could help me, i'm trying to create a bootable cd which opens up a certain application (like the ophcrack live cd, it's similar)20:12
Guest45458or like these game cd's20:13
apparleGuest45458: you mean you want only that application to start or a whole desktop and that application started in that desktop20:14
Guest45458you know what i mean? :-)20:14
DarthFrogGuest45458:  You can autorun apps on boot by launching them from /etc/rc.local.20:14
Guest45458yeah that's what I mean, I don't mind the desktop being loaded, but it would be faster if the application ran by itself20:14
Guest45458but i can't find any documentation20:15
Guest45458ooh really? thanks!! but how to i put that program in a live-cd? (of kubuntu)20:15
DarthFrogGuest45458:  You'd have to build your own live cd.20:18
apparleGuest45458: see ubuntu minimal, take that customize it to run only your app. you will have to take care of lot of things and read a lot of stuff20:18
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:18
apparleGuys, I want to do some benchmarking of graphics. are there any tools20:19
Guest45458Yes I know, but the documentation I found regarding live-cd creation doesn't really solve my problem, It's all about "Easy to install (for when you want to install that cd a lot) and custom settings" but I only want a live cd with the program running :(20:19
DarthFrogGuest45458: You have some research work ahead of you. :-)20:20
Guest45458I'm checking your link now20:20
Guest45458yes i know :)20:20
Guest45458I love the support though!20:20
apparleGuest45458: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization20:21
Guest45458thanks!! checking it out now20:22
apparleanyone can help me with benchmarking?20:22
Guest45458thanks apparle!! you helped me out a lot!!!!20:22
Guest45458that's the sort of thing i was looking for! , one question though, can i create a live cd with the kubuntu OS i already have or do i really need to install a clean version? (it's for personal use only)20:23
Guest45458apparle I found a video which may help you out, I don't know if you find it useful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ukhHtgq5hE20:27
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apparle_Guest45458: glxgears is not exactly benchmarking it is very old20:30
hutchHi was my question about the desktop and folder view problem I'm having with kde 4.61 clear. Or should I try to explain it differently?20:31
Guest45458I'm sorry :(20:31
apparle_anyone here who is experienced with phoronix test suite and could tell me how to use it20:31
Guest45458apparle, i think this is very helpful: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=pts_20_details&num=120:33
hutchI've googled and searched kde support w/o any luck yet20:33
Guest45458hutch, could you explain your problem more clearly?20:34
apparle_hutch: I missed your question, tell it again20:35
Guest45458apparle, did you like the new site i gave you?20:37
hutchGuest45458 I'll try. I wanted to place some of the applications such as Amarok in the folder view. so I added it to the desktop but the folder view said it was empty even though it was set to show desktop20:37
Guest45458that's weird, make sure there are no dots "." in front of the name (which makes the file invisible), are you using launchers btw?20:39
Guest45458@hutch ?20:40
hutchI also saved a OOo short doc in documents folder and made a copy for the desktop folder with foderview set to show home folder. When I opened the desktop folder in folder view this time the copied file was in the folder but a 2nd copy was on the actual desktop20:40
Guest45458I think you lost me :s20:41
hutchyes these were launchers Guest4545820:41
hutchSorry Guest45458 If I put a launcher in the folderview a 2nd version went on the desktop. I thought anything on the desktop went into the folder view when set to desktop20:44
hutchBut maybe not launchers?20:45
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nealon2005__Whats up guys?21:38
nealon2005__I was wondering about Kubuntu Mobile21:38
nealon2005__On a tablet21:38
shadeslayernealon2005__: it's possible21:42
shadeslayernealon2005__: infact apachelogger recently booted it on his Arch OS tablet21:42
nealon2005__does the touchscreen work21:44
nealon2005__in DLing the iso, but I thought I would stop in this IRC to see if you guys had some ideas21:45
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shadeslayernealon2005__: yes21:48
shadeslayerbut he had to meddle with the kernel21:48
shadeslayerand what not21:48
Anuthalakis this the official kubuntu channel?21:48
shadeslayerAnuthalak: yes21:48
AnuthalakIs kubuntu implementing the kde plasma desktop?21:48
shadeslayerAnuthalak: you mean ship the plasma desktop, yes21:49
shadeslayerPlasma Desktop is developed by Upstream KDE21:50
AnuthalakI mean if kubuntu use plasma desktop21:50
Anuthalaksome kde distros dont21:50
shadeslayerKubuntu Ships both Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook21:50
shadeslayerAnuthalak: can you point me to some of them?21:50
Anuthalakehm I dont know21:50
shadeslayerbecause nearly everyone ships plasma desktop now21:50
AnuthalakI think not all distros use it21:50
AnuthalakI want a kde distro21:51
AnuthalakI've tried opensuse but its too hard for new users21:51
shadeslayerAnuthalak: Kubuntu is one of them21:51
AnuthalakSo i'm between kubuntu and mandriva21:51
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AnuthalakIs kubuntu available in the same languages as ubuntu?21:52
nealon2005__Jolicloud was working ok, and ubuntu netbook ed didnt really work that well21:53
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_gunni_got a problem. Akonadi does not start, and so kmail does not work properly. I had a similar problem some time ago, but dont find how to fix it. Error message is as follow http://paste.ubuntu.com/576597/22:00
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shadeslayerAnuthalak: yes22:03
shadeslayerbut we have our own lang packs22:03
shadeslayerthose follow upstream KDE22:04
nealon2005__Looks like I have to go with Meego22:04
nealon2005__I will try kubuntu mobile though22:04
shadeslayernealon2005__: i'm pretty sure you'll have to compile kernels with meego too22:06
yofel_gunni_: the only times I saw that error was when apparmor was messing with mysql, but the paths look right for you. Could you run 'sudo apparmor stop' and see akonadictl start works then?22:06
yofel_gunni_: also: what release?22:06
_gunni_Just upgraded to natty22:06
arrrghhh_gunni_: that's not stable, kubuntu+122:06
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.22:07
yofelyeah, let's move there (#ubuntu+1 acutally)22:07
arrrghhhsorry :P22:07
yofelarrrghhh: np, kubuntu+1 redirects there22:07
arrrghhhnice, thx.22:07
_gunni_I had the same problem on stable some time ago so i thought id ask here first22:08
_gunni_I found a solution back then, but did not bookmark it :(22:08
arrrghhhi'd like to know how to get a shutdown and restart option from the 'leave' tab on the app launcher...22:08
yofelwell, there was a change in natty to the mysql handling for akonadi in apparmor, so might be an effect of that22:08
_gunni_Ill ask in #ubuntu+1 then22:09
arrrghhhit seems if i install regular ubuntu, then install kubuntu-desktop it breaks this - as I did that on two machines, and both only have sleep and hiberate.22:09
VoraGineshi guys22:09
VoraGinesI am new to kubuntu. I have installed 10.10 and i am having a hard time installing firefox plugins. Could you recomend a web for instructions on installing adobe reader and java?22:11
VoraGinesthank you22:11
yofelVoraGines: I think installing kubuntu-restricted-extras (or was it ubuntu-... ?) should take care of that for you22:12
arrrghhhVoraGines: adobe reader isn't necessary, unless you're filling out forms.  java can be installed thru kubuntu-restricted-extras22:12
VoraGinessometimes i need to read papers which are on pdf22:13
jackspikeis it possible to have a camera attached to my pc that is controled by a software that auto starts on boot and starts recording the video of my employes on the harddisk and i can also see that video "live" by giving a user name and password. ?22:13
VoraGinesit is nice to read the paper directly...22:13
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arrrghhhVoraGines: yes, kubuntu comes with a pdf viewer22:13
yofelVoraGines: kubuntu has okular for PDFs22:13
VoraGinesok, guys22:13
VoraGinesthank for the info22:13
arrrghhhVoraGines: np.  be warned, if you do need to fill out forms, go to the adobe site to get the official adobe reader installed.  that's the only reason you'd need the official adobe app tho ;)22:14
VoraGinesok arrrghhh22:14
arrrghhhugh, my system is so borked now.  what is the recommended method to installing kubuntu?  i usually install ubuntu first, then install kubuntu-desktop metapackage... is this wrong?22:15
yofelthat *should* work, and I did that in the past too - what's the problem?22:16
yofelthe only tested way is installing from a kubuntu disk though22:16
arrrghhhwell, for one the no shutdown/restart buttons22:16
arrrghhhand now on my htpc, it doesn't let me install the kubuntu-desktop package.22:16
yofelarrrghhh: ubuntu version and kde version?22:17
arrrghhhi had it installed, and decided to mess with the backport of 4.6, and i think i didn't blast all of it out...22:17
arrrghhhubuntu is 10.10, and kde... shouldn't be installed at all anymore, but i'm thinking i missed something.22:17
arrrghhhi just want to go back to kubuntu-desktop 'stable' at this point.22:17
shadeslayeri know22:18
shadeslayerarrrghhh: is the login manager GDM?22:18
shadeslayeror KDM22:18
arrrghhhit's GDM now22:18
shadeslayerarrrghhh: that's the issue22:19
arrrghhhKDM should be gone (from the htpc)22:19
arrrghhhfor no shutdown/restart buttons?22:19
shadeslayerGDM and KDE are incompatible if you want shutdown/restart buttons22:19
arrrghhhi was thinking about trying that.22:19
arrrghhhso that fixes that issue, thanks shadeslayer22:19
arrrghhhwhat about trying to get kubuntu-desktop back on my htpc?22:19
shadeslayeridk why GDM and KDM don't use a common protocol22:19
shadeslayerand iirc they're working on it22:19
arrrghhhit won't let me install the kubuntu-desktop package22:19
shadeslayerarrrghhh: what's the output?22:20
SupeR_NovAOverwrite existing file?'/tmp/kde-nebula///air.tar.gz'22:20
arrrghhhSupeR_NovA: need some context22:20
arrrghhhshadeslayer: lots of broken packages... let me pastebin.22:21
shadeslayerplease do22:21
arrrghhhshadeslayer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/57666622:22
arrrghhhi tried installing those packages manually, and got an even greater list of crap that's not installed or going to be installed...22:23
shadeslayerarrrghhh: apt-cache policy kubuntu-desktop and apt-cache policy kdelibs522:24
arrrghhhah crap.22:25
arrrghhhsays they're both installed?22:25
arrrghhhlet me autoremove, 1 sec.22:26
shadeslayerofcourse they're installed, but what's the version :)22:26
arrrghhhthey shouldn't be installed!  let me do some cleaning ;)22:27
arrrghhhthat might be the fix, let me try to install kubuntu-desktop again.22:27
arrrghhhcrap.  same error, but now kdelibs5 and kubuntu-desktop are not installed...22:28
arrrghhhshadeslayer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/57666822:29
shadeslayerarrrghhh: did you add the PPA?22:30
arrrghhhi had a ppa added for 4.6.1 or whatever.22:30
arrrghhhbut i've since removed it22:30
shadeslayertry adding it back and check then22:31
arrrghhhshadeslayer: it used to show 4.6.122:37
arrrghhhi don't want 4.6.1, it blew up kde.  i wanted to play with it, but like i said it blew up... so i'll just stick to 4.5.1 for now, i just want it to work...22:38
shadeslayerarrrghhh: how did you purge KDE ?22:38
shadeslayer4.6.1 i mean22:38
arrrghhhshadeslayer: well i tried a simple apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop22:39
arrrghhhofc that doesn't work as it should...22:39
arrrghhhi keep forgetting to use aptitude, especially since it's gone basically.22:39
shadeslayeryou need sudo ppa-purge22:40
arrrghhhso i used that psycocats site to go back to "pure gnome"22:40
shadeslayeroh my oh my22:40
shadeslayerthat command is outdated i think22:40
arrrghhhbad idea?  no, it's valid for 10.10 (site says)22:40
arrrghhhmight not apply to 4.6.1 tho :/22:40
shadeslayerthere were some library transitios22:40
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arrrghhhshadeslayer: so can i fix this mess...?22:49
arrrghhhi figured purging everything would fix it so i could go back to regular kubuntu-desktop22:50
shadeslayerarrrghhh: yes, but you will need to add the 4.6.1 PPA22:50
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shadeslayerwell obviously something is stuck :P22:50
arrrghhhoh so add the ppa and do that ppa-purge command?22:50
shadeslayerno, add the ppa and install kubuntu-desktop22:50
shadeslayerarrrghhh: yeah ...22:52
arrrghhhshadeslayer: i guess i'm concerned about what version it's installing, but it seems to be working22:55
arrrghhh~300mb to download and install...22:55
FloridaGuyhow do i get wintv to work under linux22:55
arrrghhhFloridaGuy: the card?22:55
shadeslayerarrrghhh: yeah ... i'd suggest : rm -rf ~/.kde so that you can start fresh22:55
shadeslayerin case you don't have any important settings in there22:56
arrrghhhshadeslayer: after it's done installing?22:56
shadeslayerit deletes all your KDE settings22:56
arrrghhhindeed.  thanks.22:56
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FloridaGuyarrrghhh: Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-15022:57
arrrghhhFloridaGuy: and?  you want it to work with mythtv or what?22:58
FloridaGuytvtime or something...to use as bed room tv22:59
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arrrghhhlooks like the card has linux support based on this site: http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge23:00
arrrghhhFloridaGuy: as i don't have the card, what's the issue?23:00
rorkshadeslayer, arrrghhh: that command besides deleting all your KDE settings might also remove personal data like contacts or email23:00
arrrghhhrork: no worries.23:00
arrrghhhi don't store any of that on kde, thanks ;)23:01
FloridaGuyjust cant get it working under linux23:01
shadeslayerrork: not exactly .. some of the stuff is stored in .cache/ as well23:01
arrrghhhFloridaGuy: that's vague.  what have you tried?23:01
FloridaGuyill check out that site23:01
arrrghhhFloridaGuy: don't bother, that's just showing there is linux support.23:01
arrrghhhFloridaGuy: see this how-to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163444523:02
arrrghhhfyi, i just googled the name of your card comma ubuntu.23:02
brambleclawhi i'm new to kubuntu and i know very little about what i'm doing. i have 10.10 and i wanted to know if i could get java for it23:04
arrrghhhbrambleclaw: install kubuntu-restricted-extras23:04
arrrghhhit'll come with all sorts of goodies that can't be included in the base install for various reasons.23:05
shadeslayer!packages | brambleclaw23:05
ubottubrambleclaw: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!23:05
brambleclawok how do i do that23:05
brambleclawok :) thanks23:05
shadeslayerbrambleclaw: software is available as packages, you don't go to sites and install stuff :D23:05
shadeslayerthat way if a upgrade is available, it updates your whole system23:06
shadeslayerand you don't have to go to the site to fetch updates23:06
shadeslayerbrambleclaw: use kpackagekit to install packages23:06
shadeslayerlike : kubuntu-restricted-extras that arrrghhh mentioned23:07
brambleclawok how do i do that?23:07
shadeslayerbrambleclaw: press Alt+F223:07
shadeslayerand type kpackagekit23:07
brambleclawok done23:08
shadeslayerbrambleclaw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu23:08
shadeslayera *very* good help page23:09
brambleclawok thanks :)23:09
arrrghhhbrambleclaw: you can also launch it from the "K" menu.  i've added it as a favorite, it's under applications -> system -> software management.23:09
shadeslayerngiht all23:10
brambleclawthanks for all the help23:10
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