ZaeryHow do i download a build such as https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ppa/+buildjob/212771200:42
wgrantZaery: There are usually links to files in the "Built files" section, but we delete PPA packages a week after they are superseded.00:54
wgrantSo old ones like that are no longer available.00:54
Zaeryoh well, then i'm off to testing some newer versions00:55
wgrantIt's unfortunate, but to keep them all forever would require a *lot* of disk space.00:55
Zaeryyeah, i understand00:55
jfiZaery: if you want the last build and stay uptodate, you can simply add the ppa00:56
jfiZaery, "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa" will add the repository to your system, then you can get the packages with the software center00:58
micahgI have a build faillure w/out a build record on armel, do you need the logs for this or can I just retry?02:04
wgrantmicahg: openjdk, or something less evil?02:04
micahgwgrant: xulrunner-1.9.202:05
wgrantmicahg: Do you have a link?02:05
wgrantopenjdk took out a few builders last night.02:05
wgrantmicahg: Retry it.02:06
micahgwgrant: thanks02:06
wgrantDoesn't look like it should cause another builder massacre.02:06
wgrantAnd if it does, I can hopefully resolve it.02:06
* micahg actually needs to upgrade a new version, but let's see if the rebuild works02:07
foxbuntuAny LP admins around to help me out with an issue?06:12
wgrantfoxbuntu: No admins around during the weekend.06:14
wgrantWhat's the issue?06:14
wgrantI have limited superpowers.06:14
foxbuntuwgrant, well I had some malware on a p.o.s. winbloz machine I fixed as a favor take control of one of my google accounts a break some things and DaveMorris suspended my LP account to prevent it spamming06:15
foxbuntujust wondering if I can get it unlocked now that I have the security issues resolved06:16
wgrantAh, yes, I heard about that.06:16
wgrantI can suspend accounts, but not unsuspend them. You'll need to ask back here on Monday, or email feedback@launchpad.net.06:16
foxbuntuyeah...very ugly stuff06:16
wgrantGlad to hear you got it resolved, though.06:16
foxbuntuyeah...teach me to help others with their junk PCs...06:17
foxbuntuThanks wgrant, I will get in contact with someone post weekend06:17
trijntjeHi all, is there a way to review suggestions done in launchpad offline? For example to get them commented out in a .po file?08:09
trijntjeoops, wrong channel, ill add some background08:10
trijntjeI'm a translator for Ubuntu and I would really like to be able to review suggestions done in launchpad offline, is there a way to do this?08:11
iktheya, can anyone tell me why it's importing my code and saying that a team that I'm in is the one changing the code?09:55
jmlikt: email address matching10:00
jmlikt: the email address used in the commit is the email address of that team.10:01
iktyeah I thought so10:01
iktI changed it10:01
iktto ts@ikt.id.au10:01
iktfrom ikt@ikt.id.au10:01
iktit hasn't updated :s10:02
jmlikt: I don't think it will.10:02
jmlikt: it makes the links on-import10:02
jmlikt: future commits will be different, though.10:02
iktyeah I changed the email address, then uploaded a file, imported it, and it still thinks it's the same :s10:03
iktdelete branch and try again?10:03
jmlikt: sure. why not?10:03
iktjml, nope still says it :/10:08
wgrantjml: revisionauthor :(10:15
jmlwgrant: it caches?10:15
wgrantjml: As they are imported, the revision's author field is parsed and it's linked to a RevisionAuthor. Each RevisionAuthor is linked to a Person as one with a matching email address is seen.10:17
wgrantI don't believe there's any facility to change existing ones when an address moves or is delted.10:17
iktI don't understand why it linked it in the first place10:28
iktmy name is the same on github as it is on lp, and I'm the one who setup the link and the series10:29
wgrantikt: It uses the email address that you committed with.10:34
iktgah :(10:36
wgrantHm? That's what it should do.10:37
wgrantBut it should also know to remove the cached link when you remove the email address from a team.10:38
iktwgrant, indeed, going to open a bug10:46
iktwhat does it say if the email address that it is committed with isn't on lp?10:47
wgrantikt: It displays the name, without a link.10:47
wgrantjml: Still around?11:01
jmlwgrant: yeah11:05
jmlwgrant: what's up?11:05
wgrantjml: Any chance you could time a query on staging for me?11:06
jmlwgrant: yeah sure.11:06
jmlwgrant: EXPLAIN ANALYZE?11:06
wgrantEXPLAIN ANALYZE SELECT COUNT(revisionauthor) FROM revisionauthor LEFT JOIN emailaddress ON emailaddress.email = revisionauthor.email WHERE revisionauthor.person != emailaddress.person;11:06
jmlgot it.11:06
jmlwgrant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576399/11:06
* jml makes a note to set up a pipe-driven staging db convenience thingummy11:07
wgrantjml: Thanks.11:11
wgrantThat's quick enough to run in garbo, so this is an easy fix!11:11
wgrantEvening lifeless.11:16
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aromanhow long does it take for users to get upgrades visible when changing a package in a PPA?15:47
hangfireLaunchpad slow for anyone else?15:52
DaneAUhangfire, definitely is for me16:03
aromanPlease try againSorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.16:19
hangfireWell, got through eventually :)16:36
ti4mihow can I have two versions of the same package in my PPA?17:36
ti4miI would like to have a stable and a development package...17:36
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jelmerti4mi: You can't have two versions of the same package in a PPA - create two PPA's18:56
magciuswhere's the bug for slow rendering on firefox+nvidia?19:05
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arandWhat are the p-series and o-series I see in the "copy packages" for PPAs?19:45
jelmerarand: it's a bug they're showing up there19:50
arandAh, right :)19:50
jelmerarand, you can't actually copy to those series yet. The names o-series and p-series are used because the codenames for Ubuntu O and Ubuntu P haven't been decided yet19:50
jelmerwe have already created those distro releases for ubuntu so bugs can be targetted to them19:50
dotwafflesomething up with launchpad right now? (nothing in the topic, i notice)20:16
Ampelbeinlp seems a bit slow, that is all.20:22
lifelessany page in particular ?20:23
Ampelbeinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz-plugins-main for example20:24
Ampelbeinit has only 2 open bugs but takes a good 10 seconds (maybe more) to load20:24
lifelessrendered for me in 1.06 seconds20:25
lifelesschecking latency now20:25
lifeless1.4 seconds to transmit - so we've got some in-dc queueing20:25
lifeless(total of 1.4 seconds I mean)20:26
lifelessAmpelbein: this is probably the overload we're already aware of; I'm working on further config changes to handle this now20:26
Ampelbeinlifeless: ok, i just tested with wget: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576614/ 43 seconds20:27
Ampelbeinmost of the time spent at Waiting for Response20:28
lifelessAmpelbein: are you logged into launhcpad ?20:28
Ampelbeinlifeless: yes20:29
lifelessso, I see the massive latency with wget20:29
lifelessnot with chromium20:29
lifelessand its fast in wget now20:30
Ampelbeinlifeless: yes, now its 0.275 seconds ;-)20:31
lifelessadding no-cache -> slow20:31
Ampelbeinlifeless: wasn't the rendering time reported on the page when there still was edge.lp?20:32
lifelessAmpelbein: the render time is in the body of the page20:33
lifelessAmpelbein: developers that are logged in get it in the top right of the page near their username link20:33
Ampelbeinlifeless: as a non-developer I have to look at the soure: 'At least 91 queries/external actions issued in 1.73 seconds'20:35
lifelessAmpelbein: yes20:47
lifelessAmpelbein: eventually we may let non devs turn this on voluntarily, but its a bit geeky to have the in main UI for everyone20:48
lifelessAmpelbein: this is roughly what I see - http://people.ubuntu.com/~lifeless/showtime.png20:48
lifeless(thats an older font/style - but sample place)20:48
Ampelbeinlifeless: I can understand that. If I really wanted I could make a greasemonkey script to add the info.20:48
Ampelbeinbut for a non-developer it's mostly unimportant information20:49
lvhI have a problem :-(21:43
lvhPeople want me to use Github.21:43
lvhThis is most unfortunate.21:43
lvhBut I have found a potential solution, and it seems quite obvious so perhaps someone else has tried something similar already.21:43
lifelessis this for your project, or their project?21:43
lvhlifeless: Mine.21:44
lifelessits not really up to them then is it ? :)21:44
lvhFirst of all, trunk commits (lp:someproject) get mirrored to Github. People contribute code preferably on Github in the form of pull requests.21:44
lvhlifeless: Well there's two problems there.21:44
lvhlifeless: 1) I have about 6 to 12 months to live so bus numbers are nice things to have high values for.21:44
lifelesslvh: oh :(21:44
lvhlifeless: 2) A recent discussion on Convore has shown that some people really really really dislike Launchpad.21:44
lvhUp to the point that they will quite happily ignore a project that does what they want.21:45
lvhBecause it's not on Github.21:45
lifelesslvh: I'm curious what things they really dislike about LP21:45
lvhNow, of course, that's stupid, because Github doesn't have a workable issue tracker.21:45
lvhlifeless: I keep hearing the same things and I am compiling them into a blog post.21:45
lvhIt's mostly UI.21:45
lvhAnd people disliking loggerhead.21:46
lifelessI'm glad you're writing it up.21:46
lifelesswe're (obviously) working on improving things21:47
lvhSo anyway, the idea is that I use Github's API to detect pull requests, and then I create a branch on lp from trunk plus that diff21:47
lvhAnd initiate a merge proposal.21:47
lifelesssounds nice21:47
lvhI know, right!21:48
lvhthe best part is that the github users don't bother me21:48
lvhSomething on which I've also ranted21:48
lvhI'm sick and tired of people who have only ever used git their entire life telling me how much everything that isn't git sucks21:48
lifelesshmm, I've done everything I planned to do today and its only 11am :(21:48
lvh(also because most of the time I know a git a helluva lot better than them)21:49
lifelesslvh: amen21:49
lvhlifeless: Clearly you need a better issue tracker!21:49
lvhlifeless: I met pivot tracker today21:49
lvhI could see it working for small teams working consistently on a project21:49
aromanwhy did my package that builds perfectly on lucid, fail to build when I changed it to maverick in debian/control? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/65759906/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-i386.elementary-wallpapers_0.2.1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz21:49
lvhOpen source typically has more contributors and more randomness in contribution patterns though21:49
lifelesslvh: interesting21:49
lifelessaroman: Found files in /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages (must be in dist-packages for python2.6).21:50
lifelessaroman: from that log21:50
aromanlifeless: what exactly does that mean?21:50
lvhlifeless: http://b.lvh.cc/why-do-people-hate-launchpad-so-much21:51
lifelessaroman: just what it says21:51
lvhlifeless: If you want I'll ping you when I finish the followup article.21:51
lifelesslvh: I'd love that21:51
aromanlifeless: :/ what should I do to rectify the situation?21:51
lifelessaroman: change your package to install into the dist-packages dir not site-packages21:52
lifelessaroman: how you do that will depend on how you're doing the packaging21:52
aromanhmm okay21:52
lvhlifeless: Unfortunately not all feedback is useful21:52
aromanlifeless: why would that change lucid>maverick, do you think?21:52
lvhlifeless: It's mostly like RAAAARRR THEIR UI IS FREAKIN' TERRIBLE21:52
lifelessaroman: python 2.5 -> 2.621:53
lvhwithout any mention of what it does poorly in particular21:53
lifelesslvh: http://b.lvh.cc/designing-a-continuous-deployment-system-caut is interesting, nicely put21:57
lvhlifeless: I'm talking about it at Pycon.21:57
lvhlifeless: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/349175/21:57
lvhlifeless: chatham house rule applies etc21:58
lifelesslvh: we have safeguards that don't transition a server if it doesn't come up properly - so we may wedge during the deploy, but we don't generally end up totally down21:58
lvhlifeless: Interesting21:58
lvhlifeless: I've seen many tricks to implement those21:59
lvhThey're mostly app-speciifc and I'm hoping to come up with useful generalizations for them21:59
lvhlifeless: In that paste the first two paragraphs are useful but the last one doesn't add anything21:59
lvhIt's just "I had a really bad experience with LP" but no details what where when etc so no ide awhat actually happened and how we could fix it22:00
lifelesslvh: thats a great paste; I'd like to show this stuff to our product team22:00
aromanlifeless: fascinatingly, the maverick version of the package that one that failed to build was based off of (ubuntu-wallpapers) has absolutely no changes that might change what you described in it's debian folder22:00
aromanso i really dont know what else could be different22:01
lifelessaroman: different dependencies / setup.py invocation ?22:01
lvhlifeless: Sure, go ahead22:01
lvhlifeless: I made it clear chatham house rule applied to anything sent to me in this context22:01
aromanlifeless: nope, absolutely no difference that would cause a change22:02
lifelesslvh: cool, thanks22:02
lvhlifeless: Also a very common complaint: Nobody can figure out how to (easily) access code. "View branch content" ought to be called "View code", or something.22:15
lvhApparently it's only active lp users that have figured it out once that figure *that* out22:16
lvhpeople prefer Github's approach of shoving code in your face22:16
lvh(also people don't particularly like loggerhead so perhaps the the two things could be put together)22:16
lifelesswe need to make loggerhead more deeply integrated22:18
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lvhI'm starting with features that sound like easy fixes22:22
lvhLike "remove this button it is pointless" or "move this box to this page"22:22
lvhfixing loggerhead is obviously a requirement since github's browser is more than a bit nicer but that's many orders of magntiude more of an investment than moving a box22:23
lifelessyou've read about our new team structure?22:29
lvhI haven't22:30
lifelesshttp://blog.launchpad.net/general/changing-how-we-track-launchpads-bugs-questions-and-blueprints and http://blog.launchpad.net/general/announcing-launchpad-squads22:31
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lvhlifeless: Oh, a point on loggerhead that I actually completely agree with22:36
lvhApart from the fact that I don't use Loggerhead so I don't care22:37
lvhThe date format is hard to parse. Github and Bitbucket use relative, human-readable timedeltas, except for dates sufficiently far away (where they use a plain date). You could still make the real date accessable on mouseover if people wnat that feature.22:37
lifelessthat should be fairly easy to do - just file a bug22:37
lvhRight, there's some bugs people linked me to too22:38
lvhlifeless: Your interest made me get off my lazy bum backside and do things23:34
lvhlifeless: http://b.lvh.cc/a-compiled-list-of-launchpads-perceived-flaws23:34
lifelesslvh: we're going to fold bugs and blueprints together23:49
lifelesslvh: a more capable bugtracker and no separate spec tracker - https://dev.launchpad.net/IssueTracker23:49

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