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gbear14275any performance tweakers out there... I'm trying to get dvd playback on a 1999 tecra 8000 (PII 366Mhz, 256Mb RAM)...01:37
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MrChrisDruifI'll ask here: Lubuntu 10.04 LTS? Where can I find it? Looks like this page is referring to the wrong iso (10.10) http://lubuntu.net/blog/lubuntu-1004-now-available-download09:38
MrChrisDruifThanks bioterror :)09:40
MrChrisDruifI want to try it on my brothers laptop...XP doesn't run at all anymore afaik....and I don't want to help him update to the newer Lubuntu every 6 months :P09:42
MrChrisDruifAlright....in just 3 hours I'm good to go :P09:43
jarnosleszek, hi09:49
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mark76There's something weird going on with my sound21:32

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