DaekdroomMemory leaks everywhere D:00:25
Daekdroomcompiz, unity-panel-service, conky00:25
apparlehey guys, you are great.... just great. Alpha 2 was not even displaying anything and alpha 3 works like magic00:29
DaekdroomWow. I've been reading complaints that Canonical doesn't hear from users in languages other than english00:31
penguin42Daekdroom: Well I believe the current bug policy is to turn non-English bug reports into questions00:32
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penguin42Daekdroom: But it looks like there is some effort to improve the situation: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntutheproject-qa-n-handling-nonenglish-bugs00:33
rwwas I understand it, LP and localization don't get along either00:33
alisalaahis 11.04 mostly stable now? was thinking of upgrading00:51
alisalaahi just wanted to "play" with it00:52
alisalaahbut i do use this comp at work also00:52
penguin42alisalaah: It dpeends, some people are still finding big problems00:52
Daekdroomalisalaah, then you might not want to try it for now00:52
aberhowanyone playing with xubuntu 11.04 specifically?00:52
alisalaahwell i dont mind doing some bug testing00:53
alisalaahis it in aplha 3 or beta now?00:53
alisalaahif its beta ill try it out, i wasnt sure where in the cycle it was00:53
penguin42alisalaah: Make sure you have a backup and make sure you have a live CD of an older version just in case it breaks it and you need to recover00:53
alisalaahi have a 10.10 cd so should be ok00:54
aberhowanyone have the issue where they click on the network manager and they can't click on any of the menu items that pull down?00:58
penguin42seems OK here00:59
aberhowpenguin42: xubuntu or ubuntu?00:59
aberhowis there a specific xubuntu bug reporting place?01:00
penguin42aberhow: Not sure, but I think it's just a case of normal bugs in lp01:01
visual1cedoes natty's side panel always stay on top?01:26
visual1cewhat if you have a small laptop screen?01:26
Daekdroomvisual1ce, you can make it autohide01:26
visual1cethx Daexdroom - some troller said you can't make it autohide...01:27
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aberhowi must say i really like the "fuzzy" clock option02:11
Daekdroomaberhow, fuzzy?02:11
aberhowinstead of "8:11", it says "ten past eight"02:12
aberhowwhich is close enough02:12
DaekdroomNo such thing here, but that is probably because I'm not using my system in EN02:12
aberhownow it says quarter past eight02:13
DaekdroomWoah. 8:25 already?02:14
aberhowno 8:1502:14
DaekdroomHm, right, mistook that for the metric system02:14
aberhowwhere are you from Daekdroom?02:14
aberhowtudo bem02:15
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Ribertyim trying to install alpha 3 on my empty parition from a usb thumdrive... it says it is missing a bootmgr press alt ctrl del02:41
bazhanghow was it installed to the usb stick02:41
Ribertyi used unetbootin02:41
Ribertyor something like that02:42
bazhangmd5 the iso and re- 'burn'02:42
Ribertymd5? im using a thumbdrive02:42
Ribertyi have no dvdrom or cdrom02:42
bazhangmd5 has nothing to do with media02:42
Ribertywhat is md502:42
bazhang!md5 > Riberty02:43
ubottuRiberty, please see my private message02:43
DaekdroomIs anyone else having their sound volume lowered to 0 when they open rhythmbox?02:49
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:58
Ribertythat post is retarded03:17
Ribertyit tells me to download the md5sum.exe and put it into my \windows\system32 foldder03:18
Ribertythen put my iso file in there and use cmd prompt03:18
Ribertyand type in "md5sum -c natty-desktop-amd64.iso"03:18
Daekdroomsudo apt-get install md5sum03:18
Ribertywhich doesnt work03:18
Ribertyim on windows03:19
Daekdroommd5sum /path/to/file03:19
vividRiberty, thats how the program works, its not a gui03:21
Ribertywell it doesnt work03:22
vividuser error03:22
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:22
Ribertythe output says "md5sum:natty-desktop-amd64.iso: no such file or directory"03:22
vividpretty clear what the issue is03:23
vividyou need to supply the path/to/natty/iso03:23
Ribertyusr error? rolf03:23
Ribertyi cd C:\Windows\System3203:23
Ribertyok i put in the path with the filename03:25
Riberty"md5sum -c C:\Windows\System32\natty-desktop-amd64.iso"03:25
Ribertystill no file or directory03:26
Ribertyand i tried03:26
Riberty"md5sum -c Windows\System32\natty-desktop-amd64.iso"03:26
Riberty64bit iso not compatible with sys32?03:27
vividit wont boot unless you have a 64bit chip if thats what youre asking03:27
Ribertyi have 64bit03:28
bazhangwhat cpu03:28
bazhangwhich one03:28
* rww high-fives Riberty 03:30
rww(and yes, it's 64-bit)03:30
rwwWe have the same processor.03:31
Ribertyoh ok03:31
Ribertymine is water cooled03:31
Ribertyso whens natty coming out?03:32
Ribertystupid alpha03:32
Ribertywaste of time03:32
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule03:32
Ribertythats so long from now03:32
rwwApril 28th03:32
vividmost likely user erro03:32
Ribertywant me to go through what i did exactly?03:33
Ribertyi downloaded md5sum.exe and placed it in my system32 folder03:33
Ribertythen i put my natty iso in the same folder03:34
Ribertyopened up cmd and used "cd \windows\system32\"03:34
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Ribertymd5sum -c natty-desktop-amd64.iso03:35
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vividac6b2485e0e8a9e3c5f3a51803a5af32 *FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso03:35
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coz_hey guys07:20
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nperryGot gnome-shell running, this is awesome.09:03
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micahganyone know how to get nm-applet back in xubuntu natty?10:49
coz_micahg,  I dont use xfce  however , if you right click its panel  is there an add to panel option?10:55
micahgyeah, but that won't help, it'10:55
micahgs running, just not showing up10:55
coz_micahg,  I am not sure then,,, if you hand around ,, probably someone here runs xfce10:56
jiltdilmim hardware requirement to use 11.04?11:02
jiltdilWhat is the minimum requirement that my cpu  should have to use natty 11.04 ubuntu?11:06
micahg686 is the minimum11:07
jiltdilmeans 32 bit11:07
micahgI think a P2 and higher should still work11:08
jiltdiland wt about ram and drivers?11:08
micahgI don't think the minimum requirements are increasing for natty AFAIK11:08
jiltdilbut someone here said me that graphic drivers should have openGL support to use it smoothly11:09
micahghere are the release notes from the latest alpha with the known issues listed regarding drivers: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha311:10
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brobostigongood afternoon everyone,11:59
brobostigoni think i have found a bug onmy eeepc, http://paste.ubuntu.com/576420/ i got that output from dmesg, as i waslogged into my eeepc via ssh, and could paste it out.12:00
brobostigonit causes one massive screen-wide graphical artifact, and restarting xorg didnt make any difference. only way to recover was for me to restart via ssh.12:02
brobostigonany ideas?12:03
jiltdiljust thinking12:03
yofelyeah, hung GPUs need a reboot - do you have an intel related crash file in /var/crash/ ?12:04
brobostigonlet me look, one minute.12:05
brobostigonyofel: i have 9 inthere.12:05
yofelbrobostigon: then file the last one you got I guess, GPU lockups are bugs - serious ones12:06
brobostigonyofel: how do i file it?12:07
yofelbrobostigon: you can also ask in #ubuntu-x if you need to provide any other information than what apport will attach to the bug12:07
yofelbrobostigon: ubuntu-bug /var/crash/<crashfile>12:07
brobostigonyofel: ah, thank you.12:08
brobostigonso do that on the last crash file thats in there formyesterday.12:08
yofelyes, that will open a bug filing dialog - maybe ask you some questions and then open a browser window where you can file the bug  - you need a launchpad account though (free)12:09
brobostigonyofel: yep, ihave one,thank you. ihave filed 2 other natty bugs up to now.12:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 730099 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i915gm] GPU lockup 0c40b170 (ESR: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x02000011)" [Undecided,New]12:19
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brobostigonyofel: did i file that correctly?12:41
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yofelbrobostigon: looks ok, it would be helpful to know what you were doing when the GPU hung up though12:44
brobostigonyofel: i had irssi open in gnome-terminal, and nothing else.12:45
yofelthen put at least that on the bug, better than nothing12:45
brobostigonok, will do, :)12:46
brobostigonhowever it has happened about a dozen times over the lastfew days, so icant remember what iwas doing,every singleone of those times.12:47
yofelnp, you can update the bug if it should happen again12:49
yofelI know how it feels when GPU lockups happen randomly, nouveau did that for me :S12:50
brobostigonyofel: its not good, will there be a pattern, of when it happens?12:52
yofelI don't know about that, stay around in #ubuntu-x if they can help you, I'm not a graphics driver expert12:53
brobostigoni m there, and have toldthem about this. :)12:53
BluesKajHi all13:00
* BluesKaj wonders why kdm won't autostart, I have to run the recovery kernel each boot then, fix broken packages to get to the tty login and then start kdm. It's a rather convoluted method to boot into the desktop, any ideas ?13:36
yofelusually means upstart doesn't get far enough to start it, probably some dependency failed13:38
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carbonateHi I have a problem installing14:52
carbonateI am trying to install 11.04 from a USB stick but it freezes and hangs and is very unstable in the gui live boot environment. Can someone help me out?14:53
carbonateCPU: AMD Phenom II X6 3.0GHz, RAM: Ripjaws 4GB, HDD: Western Digital 500GB SATA drive MOBO: M4A88T-V Evo/USB314:53
ikoniacarbonate: sounds like hardware problems, you said you had the same issues with other distros14:54
carbonateI dont know ikonia14:54
carbonateI think it could also be a BIOS setting14:54
ikoniayou said you had the same problems with other distros, so I'm suggesting it's more likley a hardware problem14:54
ikoniacarbonate: I doubt it's a bios issue14:54
carbonateI have heard problems from AHCI and ACPI14:55
penguin42carbonate: Have you run a memtest on it?14:55
carbonateYes actually several times.14:55
penguin42has anyone figured out under Unity how to change the number and layout of virtual desktops ?14:55
carbonateI have never seen an error of any kind, I built it yesterday and it posted right away14:55
penguin42carbonate: Hmm OK; so have you had any distro work on it?14:56
carbonateNot using the USB method no, though its the only one I tried, I didn't buy a DVD drive14:56
carbonateWell I have now, but it isnt here yet14:56
ikoniacarbonate: if it's the only one you tried, why did you say you had this problem with other distros14:56
penguin42carbonate: When you say you've run memtest, have you run memtest86 and let it run for a few hours?14:57
carbonateikonia: Only method I have tried. I have tried 10.x, Mint 9, Fedora 14 all through USB Live14:57
ikoniacarbonate: and did they work ?14:57
carbonateI ran the memtest that my MOBO has14:57
carbonateikonia: no14:58
ikoniacarbonate: ok, so think abou tit14:58
penguin42carbonate: Forget the MOBO memtest, run memtest86 off Ubuntu or any other distros live cd and leave it for a few hours14:58
ikoniacarbonate: all different distros, all having the same problem14:58
ikoniacarbonate: it's likley it is a hardware issue14:58
carbonateClearly its the USB drive but as it is BRAND NEW I was also thinking maybe it was a BIOS setting or something.14:58
ikoniacarbonate: memtest needs to be run from a livecd/boot image, and it will take approx 18 hours to run enough tests to get confidence14:58
penguin42carbonate: No, not clearly the USB drive14:58
carbonateikonia: memtest tests the RAM?14:59
ikoniathe usb drive is most likley not the problem14:59
ikoniacarbonate: it does test the ram, yes14:59
carbonateikonia: what do you think it is?14:59
carbonatepenguin42: what about you then if not USB14:59
penguin42carbonate: Could be anything, bad ram, bad power supply are most likely - make sure the bios settings are the 'safest' rather than fastest14:59
carbonatepenguin42: I have set them to default and it still failed15:00
ikoniacarbonate: run the tests, see if it gives a clue15:00
penguin42carbonate: See if memtest86 survives for a few hours - it's a very good test15:00
carbonatepenguin42: memtest86? Is this okay if I have a amd64 ?15:00
ikoniacarbonate: it's fine15:01
carbonateubuntu@ubuntu:~$ memtest86 memtest86: command not found15:01
ikoniacarbonate: are you listening to what's been said ?15:02
ikoniacarbonate: you boot from it, you don't run it from within ubuntu15:02
carbonateikonia: I'm trying yes15:02
ikoniacarbonate: when you boot the ubuntu CD (or in your case usb) you get options, one of them is "memtest" - use that option15:02
carbonateOh gotcha15:03
carbonateAright, it will give me some time to play Battlefield.15:03
cabonatepenguin42: Yeah so No15:09
cabonatepenguin42: It cant do memtest because it needs a legacy image or archive image or something15:09
penguin42odd, never seen that - maybe try and get the image from www.memtest86.com ?15:10
cabonatepenguin42: I remember the last time I installed linux it was not this complicated. I was able to do it from the command line and it involved things like make and install. Why cant I just install a OS to this sata from in a live environment15:12
cabonatepenguin42: Surely thats prossible15:12
penguin42cabonate: Because by the sounds of it you have broken hardware15:13
cabonateI have been reading about others with the same problem, solving it by switching USB sticks. So I really think it's just the stick I'm using. Trying to install from the Live Env couldnt hurt15:14
penguin42I've never had that issue with USB sticks, but you may just be unlucky15:14
yofelthe disk did have a self check function which should work on usb sticks too15:14
cabonateyofel: I'm sorry?15:15
yofelI did have a failing usb stick in the past, but that wouldn't even boot15:15
cabonateyofel: I dont think it's failing I think its a setting or certain way that a subset of USB sticks are made15:15
cabonatePerhaps with incompatable features15:16
yofelcabonate: the live disk has a self check to make sure you didn't get a bad burn. If you put it on usb that option should still be there I think15:16
cabonateI have read other problems similar to mine that involve Patriot memory, the makers of this stick15:16
DaekdroomAnyone else having their system volume reduced to 0 when they open banshee or rhythmbox?15:16
cabonateyofel: How can I use it? I have dont md5 on the iso if thats what you mean15:17
yofelwell, could be - but without any kernel log that's hard to say15:17
cabonateI'm in the Live Env now, is there anything you want me to get you?15:17
yofelno, the boot menu of the image (which is hidden by default these days) had a self check option15:17
cabonate:( on a sad note this computer looks SO FUCKING COOOL on my desk but it dont work right15:18
oCeancabonate: drop that kind of language please15:19
cabonateWhat does sodding mean btw15:20
jpdscabonate: → #ubuntu-offtopic15:21
cabonatejpds: nah I'm just trying to be active so hopefully someone notices my question15:21
cabonateIs there a way to run the live disk from ram ?15:23
cabonateI think that could solve all my problems15:24
DaekdroomAnyone here noticed that soundmenu doesn't display album cover if you're using rhythmbox?15:24
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BluesKajI'm still having trouble with kdm starting at boot on my other linux desktop pc , it has to be booted from the tty evertime which also prevents Lan access for some reason , including smb and ssh15:43
penguin42BluesKaj: Can you just explain the symptoms a bit more?15:45
BluesKajpenguin42, the default boot kernel just gets past the plymouth image then stops , I have to use the recovery kernel and fix broken packages to get a tty then I have to startx , tryiing service kdm start does nothing now , when that command was working previosly15:48
penguin42when you say fix broken packages what do you mean?15:48
BluesKajthe dialog options that open after booting the recovery kernel , penguin4215:49
penguin42ah I can't remember what that has to say15:50
penguin42BluesKaj: So I'd boot into the failed boot, then boot into the recovery and see if you can see anything in the logs from the failed boot15:51
penguin42BluesKaj: Does your machine have an sshd or the like on it?15:51
BluesKajthere 6 options I believe , normal boot , low grphics mode , fix broken packages etc15:52
BluesKajno penguin42 aamof the desktop is 6yrs old now ...I'm worried that it's age becoming a problem15:52
penguin42BluesKaj: If you had an sshd installed on it, then you might be able to ssh in and see if it's really dead or it's just X that failed to start15:53
penguin42does it ping?15:53
DaekdroomAnyone here can try reproducing bug #729392 ?15:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729392 in unity (Ubuntu) "[unity] minimizing an application doesn't make it lose window focus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72939215:55
BluesKajpenguin42, yes ping is fine , ssh just refuses to connect when I have to use the recovery kernel . Yesterday I managed to reboot with default kernal and ssh and smb worked fine15:56
penguin42Daekdroom: Just tried it with firefox and the focus changed to this pidgin on minimising the firefox15:58
Daekdroompenguin42, is your launcher set to never hide?15:58
penguin42Daekdroom: No, it's set to autohide and is very very confused15:59
Daekdroompenguin42, hm, try having your launcher hidden and then reproducing it15:59
DaekdroomIf it happens the same way it does here, the minimized window should have focus until you make the launcher appear again15:59
penguin42Daekdroom: My problem is that my launcher doesn't reliably appear16:00
DaekdroomIs the daily working? There are so many bugs I haven't heard other people talking about I feel like reinstalling >.<16:03
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enliMy menus(those are in the top panel) are not sorted alphabetically. I believe this happened after I upgraded from 10.10. Is there any way to sort them out automatically? I would hate to do it manually.16:31
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Lunar_LampIs it a known bug that bash tab-completion does not escape spaces in natty?17:37
penguin42Lunar_Lamp: Is doing here17:40
* penguin42 just created a file called hello fred and tab completed cat hel17:41
Lunar_LampHmm, it definitely does not here:17:43
Lunar_Lamped@Vostron:~$ touch "bar foo"17:43
Lunar_Lamped@Vostron:~$ rm bar foo17:43
Lunar_Lamp(I typed bar[tab] to get that)17:43
penguin42just tried it again, fine here17:43
penguin42exactly like that17:43
Lunar_LampOK, clearly there is some difference, because it's very repeatable here across all file types.17:44
Lunar_Lampecho $SHELL ?17:44
Lunar_LampI get /bin/bash17:44
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Lunar_Lamppenguin42: echo $TERM (i get xterm)17:45
* Lunar_Lamp glares17:45
Lunar_LampYou're not making this easy! :-p17:45
penguin42sorry :-)17:45
penguin42the completion stuff isn't simple; it can probably depend on everything else in your path and loads of other stuff17:46
penguin42Lunar_Lamp: yep, and konsole17:46
Lunar_LampDoesn't matter - just tried it on tty1 and it happened there too.17:46
penguin42echo $LANG ?17:46
penguin42I;ve got en_GB.UTF-8 in konsole and en_US.UTF-8 in my other machine with gnome-terminal17:47
penguin42hmph that needs fixing17:47
Lunar_LampI'll see if it's user-specifci17:48
Lunar_LampNope - happens as another random uesr.17:48
Lunar_LampI'll see if it happens with a *new* user.17:48
Lunar_LampNope, new user created and same behaviour - so it's a system-wide thing.17:49
Lunar_Lamp1:1.3-1ubuntu1 <== that's the version of bash-completion I have17:50
penguin42and 4.2-0ubuntu2 for bash17:51
Lunar_Lamp$ shopt | grep no_empty_cmd_completion17:52
Lunar_LampSame for me17:52
penguin42I seem to remember there is some debug you can enable in the completion17:52
whiz_hey all. I just go the 3D unity going. one question about window size adjustment. since there is no windows bar at the top of applications, how do I resize. I saw something in the upper task bar once or 2 times but it doesnot always come17:57
arandDO you have no window decorations whatsoever?17:58
arandI don't think that's supposed to happen17:59
arandThere should be a rezising handle in the bottom right I think..17:59
avisanyway to keep compiz from crashing ?18:00
whiz_arand: my window size somehow is slightly bigger than screen size and so that resize dots are outside my screen area18:02
whiz_arand: and yeah no window decorations18:02
* BluesKaj thinks the default kernel is not recognizing the HW , it takes the recovery kernel to actually load the xorg files and graphics driver . The input devices are flashing their lights like there no HW recognition at all.18:13
whiz_another issue which is a bit of show stopper. the window decoration thing can wait since I can still work. Network Manager problem. I had this on GNOME as well where Network Manager disconnects very often for a specific router with WPA2 authentication. I use wicd whenever I need to conne18:17
whiz_connect to that router. same with unity. I disable wireless on NetworkManager and use wicd. but lot of problems think that there is no internet. like Evolution, 'Empathy', Ubuntu One. ..18:18
whiz_to name a few. thankfully chrome connects alright.18:19
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DaGeek247what do you guys think of the rekiability of 11.04?19:50
penguin42still rather touchy for me - mostly graphics drivers19:51
DaGeek247i heaed about ubuntu not using gnome anynore, is it true?19:52
kklimondano, yes, define what you mean by gnome19:57
arandDaGeek247: Only for window management.19:57
DaGeek247whats it use insted of gnome?19:57
arandDaGeek247: Unity19:57
kklimondabut really, unity is used instead of metacity, and gnome-panel19:58
kklimondaand gnome is so much more19:58
DaGeek247do the themes work?19:58
DaekdroomFor unity, partially.19:58
Daekdroomfor the GTK apps, fully19:59
DaekdroomYeah, the launcher doesn't support themeing (for now, I believe)19:59
Daekdroomthe panel supports19:59
DaGeek247in 10.04 it doesnt. :/19:59
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WiesshundIn #ubuntu they said i have to come to this channel for any questions related to ubuntu netbook edititon 10.04, is that correct?20:04
abbHello, all.  Hoping for some advice. Planning to Natt-ify a Dell Latitude E6510 (Intel Core i5). When it boots, I am given an option during POST to use Legacy boot (BIOS) or EFI.  Now, I know very little about EFI other than what wikipedia knows; can anyone advise as to which route (BIOS vs EFI) one should go w/ a Natty install?20:05
guntbertWiesshund: they probably misread - this is for 11.0420:05
Wiesshundi told them that, and this guy Starminn just kept bombarding me with the bots redirect to this channel :(20:06
abbI realize that EFI is newer, and the "future", and so with a new system I would generally opt for whatever is newest (to avoid being stuck with legacy stuff in the future) but I'm still not clear on how well EFI is supported in Ubuntu, despite searching the forums.20:06
WiesshundI dont suppose any of you guys know how to quickly add a custom entry to the little unity launcher bar?20:06
abbguntbert, I think he is looking for #ubuntu+1,-6,+520:06
guntbertWiesshund: sorry, no20:08
abbWould my question (above, RE: EFI) be more appropriate for #ubuntu, you think?  I know it's somewhat general, but I'm planning to install the latest daily natty image so...20:08
abbWiesshund, sorry, when I get natty installed on the system I'm asking about, I will research this.  :)20:08
Wiesshundguntbert do you know if perhaps there is an unlisted chnnel specific to the netbook edition?20:08
guntbertWiesshund: sorry, no, but if I remember correctly it was always supported in #ubuntu20:09
abbI will go ask my question in #ubuntu; maybe more EFI-minded-eyes will be around there.  Cheers.20:10
Wiesshundwell thanks anyways guntbert, least you were polite and tried to help :)20:11
DaekdroomGoddamn, it annoys me so badly that everytime I open rhythmbox, the sound volume goes to 0.20:12
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.20:12
DaekdroomI'm sorry, I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to say "Goddamn"20:13
guntbertDaekdroom: running an alpha OS should make you less vulnerable to anger :-)20:19
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StarminnIs it possible to add custom launchers to the UNity launcher?20:23
StarminnAnybody there? I wish to make a custom launcher in the Unity Launcher menu? For example, just set it as, "/path/to/file/to/launch" -- is this possible?20:31
trismStarminn: http://askubuntu.com/questions/13758/how-can-i-edit-create-new-launcher-items-in-unity , complicated method, can't say if it still works20:33
StarminnThanks, trism. It's for somebody else and I haven't heard back how successful they've been. If I hear back I'll let you know, though.20:46
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BUGabundothe new Menu is out20:49
BUGabundotill it fixes this darn bugs20:49
BUGabundoI can't use it!20:49
kklimondanew menu?20:49
BUGabundothe integrated one20:50
BUGabundoon gnome panel20:50
kklimondahmm.. worked fine today20:52
kklimondaand then I've switched to Unity20:52
kklimondato see how it fares20:52
BUGabundomany apps it stops showing20:52
BUGabundoothers don't update20:53
BUGabundoon pidgin refreshes widdley20:53
mrsunhmm, how the heck do you reach stuff like settings etc with unity ? :)21:15
BUGabundono idea21:16
BUGabundocouldn't figure out how to open a shell21:16
mrsunough, tried to open sound settings21:16
mrsuntotaly killed th eunity stuff :P21:16
nperryGet gnome shell..21:18
nperryBeen using it for a day21:18
nperry'tis hawt!21:18
mrsunahh thats more like it, "Ubuntu Classic Desktop" :P21:20
Daekdroomnperry, where did you get it from?21:21
DaekdroomIt crashes so much in here that I had to give up on it.21:21
DaekdroomI try clicking an indicator and it crashes.21:21
DaekdroomDespite that and the lack of themeability, it's awesome.21:22
nperryI used jhbuild21:22
nperrySo it creates a sandboz21:22
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yofel_gunni_: what akonadi-server version do you have?22:10
_gunni_gunni@server:~$ akonadiserver --version22:11
_gunni_Akonadi 1.5.022:11
yofelthe package version I mean. (apt-cache policy akonadi-server)22:11
_gunni_But maybe i found something stopping apparmor now i seem to can start akonadi ... i did the aa-complain command i found before, but that did not work for me22:12
yofelhm, yeah, does your /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld-akonadi look like this? http://paste.kde.org/663922:13
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_gunni_yes exactly like this22:15
_gunni_So after running "sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor teardown"22:17
_gunni_akonadi can be started, after starting apparmor again, it does not work22:17
yofelodd... esp. since it works fine here22:18
_gunni_Was an upgrade from maverick with kde 4.6 installed from ppa22:19
yofel_gunni_: do you have any error message at the end of /var/log/syslog when you try to start akonadi?22:19
yofelsomething from apparmor at least22:19
_gunni_Some messages like this one:22:20
_gunni_Mar  6 23:20:18 server kernel: [35080.197802] type=1400 audit(1299450018.125:858): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mknod" parent=18873 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld-akonadi///usr/sbin/mysqld" name="/ssdhome/gunni/.local/share/akonadi/db_data/server.lower-test" pid=18875 comm="mysqld" requested_mask="c" denied_mask="c" fsuid=1000 ouid=100022:20
yofel/ssdhome/gunni/ is not your home folder22:21
yofelat least not from a system point of view22:21
yofelonly /home/ is accepted in the apparmor profile22:21
_gunni_home/gunni links to /ssdhome/gunni22:22
yofel_gunni_: what does 'echo $HOME' say?22:22
_gunni_gunni@server:~$ echo $HOME22:23
yofelhm, then I wonder why it errors there... since it does have write permissions to @{HOME}/.local/share/akonadi/** rwk22:24
_gunni_gunni@server:/home$ ls -l /home |grep ssd22:24
_gunni_lrwxrwxrwx  1 root  root     15 2011-01-28 00:47 gunni -> /ssdhome/gunni/22:24
_gunni_gunni@server:/home$ ls -l /ssdhome |grep gunni22:25
_gunni_drwxrwxrwx 83 gunni gunni 4096 2011-03-06 23:15 gunni22:25
_gunni_I had it working 2 days ago with exactly that folder setup under maverick22:26
_gunni_I had the problem back some time, but fixed it somehow, but cant remember how22:26
yofelyep, the apparmor profile was changed in natty, but not in a way that should cause this...22:27
yofelwell for now try to add22:27
yofel/ssdhome/gunni/.local/share/akonadi/** rwk,22:27
yofel@{HOME}/.local/share/akonadi/** rwk22:27
yofelin the profile22:27
yofelmaybe it helps22:27
_gunni_Ill try22:28
yofelif it does, file a bug22:28
_gunni_Yes that seems to help22:29
yofelgreat... file a bug then, I don't know what misbehaves here, but someone will look at it if you use ubuntu-bug akonadi-server22:30
_gunni_In bugs.kde or in launchpad?22:30
yofellaunchpad - apparmor is ubuntu stuff22:32
_gunni_yofel: thx fopr your help. I filed a bug, dont know if it is helpfull like this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor/+bug/73032322:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 730323 in apparmor (Ubuntu) "akonadi does not start if home dir is linked somewhere" [Undecided,New]22:44
yofelhm, I would have filed that against akonadi, but since I don't know what breaks here it doesn't matter much I guess22:45
yofel_gunni_: can you add the package versions of apparmor and akonadi-server to the description please?22:47
_gunni_Oh, thanks ... forgot it22:47
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shaneocan someone help me with changing the taskbar in natty wharwal i do not like the mac look but cant figure out how to change it23:21
DaekdroomIn the login screen, pick Classic GNOME session instead of Ubuntu Desktop Edition23:21
shaneothank you23:22

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