KurlonSo, if all goes well I'll be attempting to fire up Ubuntu-ARM on a Nook Color.  Is there a soft-keyboard in the stock arm images?02:50
KurlonI don't have BT or USB, so my only interaction initially is going to be via touchscreen02:50
KurlonFirst try, flashing 'A N D R O I D _' prompt, kernel fired up, no userland04:11
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noah1989anyone knows where to get the kernel sources used for natty alpha-2? (omap3)08:16
noah1989i am trying to figure out if the dds driver accepts anything else than "tv:ntsc" or "tv:pal" for tv out08:17
noah1989(because both of these modes result in an image larger than the screen)08:17
ogranoah1989, apt-get source linux09:39
dmajnem2I have the image from the OMAPMaverickInstall page09:42
dmajnem2I was wondering how do I get it to display on the UART by default on my beagleboard09:43
ograthere is a section at the bottom linking to a page how to edit boot.scr09:43
ogranote though that you will need the monitor for the initial setup tool09:44
dmajnem2ogra: thanks, I see the file but it does not seem like it should be modified up front09:46
ograwe will have a headless developer image in natty that will default to serial output09:46
dmajnem2ah, cool09:47
ogra(not yet there)09:47
dmajnem2ah, was just about to say09:47
dmajnem2how do I modify the scr file? just edit it?09:47
noah1989dmajnem2: no. remove the first 72 bytes, save it to boot.cmd and then use mkimage to add the header again09:48
noah1989it contains a checksum, so just editing the file will fail09:48
dmajnem2noah1989: that is what I figured, thanks09:48
dmajnem2do I need to remove the omapfb.mode stuff?09:54
bambeehi, anyone has a toshiba ac100 here ?09:59
dmajnem2the last that I see from it is "Enabling additional executable binary formats binfmt-support"10:02
dmajnem2no more output :(10:02
dmajnem2could this be because I did not disable the other option?10:03
ogradmajnem2, thats the whole boot process, if you want to see more, remove the quiet from the cmdline10:06
dmajnem2ogra: that does not seem to be the case10:07
dmajnem2it is booted now as I can see stuff on the HDMI10:07
dmajnem2yet, login does not show up on the tty10:07
dmajnem2I added "console=ttyS2,115200n8 serialtty=ttyS2" to my boot.scr10:09
ograno, thats off by default10:11
ograyou need to create an upstart config for serial login10:11
dmajnem2ok, how do I do that?10:12
dmajnem2ogra: don't I want ttyS2.conf?10:15
dmajnem2or is it ttySO2.conf ?10:20
dmajnem2huh, I got a lot more output disabling quite10:22
dmajnem2but it still is "stuck" in the same place10:23
dmajnem2yeah, no beans with ttyO2.conf10:24
dmajnem2ah, perhaps it should be S2 instead10:30
dmajnem2ah, got it working10:48
dmajnem2thanks guyts10:48
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pipposantaCROSanyone with glsl knowledge here?10:52
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SchamusHi, can someone help me?21:06
SchamusI've installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my Beagleboard (A3) three times. Each time it works for the set up, boots up nicely. When i go to turn it off, i wait for the display to say "no signal" and turn off the beagleboard. Unfortunately, on reboot21:07
Schamusthe board reaches the "Uncompressing Linux. Booting the kernel..." and then restarts to the beginning Uboot messages21:07
Schamusand loops like this indefinitely21:08
SchamusAm i supposed to turn off the beagleboard differently?21:10
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Schamusno one? =\21:32
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nacho_hi guys..maybe my question is crazy and maybe I am wrong and this is not the right channel but maybe u can help me22:43
nacho_I own a pocket loox 420 with an arm proccesr v5..is there any possibility to install linux on it22:43
SchamusSo I'm thinking I might have a problem in that i'm using a microusb for power, instead of the 5v22:46
Schamusthis may be the reason it won't boot past certain stages.22:46
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