palhmbshey guys - is there anything on linux that will make a simple picture morphing animation?00:34
palhmbsI saw something called XMRM, but it's sooo old and not available anymore.....00:35
highvoltageI did an apt-cache search and there's xmorph, not sure how good it is though00:44
palhmbshighvoltage, sounds promising, I'll try anything - I'm trying to use Gimp morphing feature, but I've got warnings in the dev gimp edition - so I'll have to try the plain vanilla to see if it does what I want.00:46
palhmbsI could just build an gif animation with one layer fading-in00:46
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mi-keyhey everyone, i need some help as beginer in artwork06:15
coz_hey guys07:20
coz_hey all07:33
coz_so guys,, anything new?? :)08:48
vishcoz_: hey.. i guess just us boring folks in here ;)08:58
coz_well... at least at this point.. if i contribute any graphics I think I should go with debian ,, since there is no corporate influence or control on that side of things and eventually ,,,if not branded specifically "debian"  it might make it into ubuntu since they really dont want to stray too far from  "daddy" although,, in all honesty,, this is my "daily" thought :)09:23
vishcoz_: good choice :)09:34
coz_vish,  unless you have a better idea ,, it seems i have been banging my head against the canonical "brick wall" since 2005..and much of that time was because of my own ignorance about  ubuntu / contributing  ,,,09:37
thorwilcoz_: hmm, how can i tell you without seeming caustic ... there was not much banging to see10:29
coz_thorwil,  doesnt sound caustic from this end... as I said it was mainly my ingorance10:30
thorwilvish: did anything interesting happen on the list, lately?10:30
vishthorwil: nah, nothing.. just that one rAX seemed interested in doing pictograms10:32
thorwilcoz_: sounds like me like complaining about the futility of things you didn't actually do, anyway. so why worry? what you will do now and in future, that's what to think about10:32
* vish trying to find the new widget factory!!!10:32
vishwhere the hell did it go :s10:32
vishzniavre: hi.. where is the new widget factory you download from?10:35
vishcoz_: just find something you are interested in doing.. dont bother if it amounts to anything, that way you dont get disappointed ;)10:36
coz_vish,  yes you are wise  AND evil :)10:36
vishphew! yay! found it!!10:37
vishgah! not it!10:38
vishphew! *now* i found it ;p10:45
vish <thorwil> vish: did anything interesting happen on the list, lately? !!!10:49
vishthorwil: hehe! what did you expect would happen, once you left everything will magically be all productive ;p10:49
thorwilvish: heh, i asked for *interesting*, not *positive* or even *productive*10:50
thorwilgnah, kickstarter.com is limited to the USA, for project starters10:51
thorwilanyone here got experience with pledgie.com?10:58
coz_thorwil,  I know nothing about it11:07
vishthorwil: doctormo was recently looking into these kickstarter and similar sites.. try poking11:39
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