xAndromedakinda wierd but i just noticed that my rightclick menues are really slow at opening sub menues02:30
xAndromedaactually jsut dropdown menues with submenues in general02:31
xAndromedalike i have to wait 2-5 seconds for it to load then its snappy again02:31
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rainstakeTried to reinstall caine-from-deb with sudo apt-get install -f, but I am given a message that says 'caine-from-deb_0.1.6a_i386.deb', anyone know the fix?03:20
rainstakeI mean, I get the message that 'could not open 'caine-from-deb_0.1.6a_i386.deb', anyone know the fix?03:21
=== jade_aa is now known as jade_qq
* jade_qq a03:55
jade_qqhi,all,i have a problem.i can open a website begin https,but can't http,how can i do ?thanks03:56
zkriessejade_qq: Sounds like an issue with the site itself03:56
jade_qqi can open https://gmail,but can't http://google03:57
zkriesseWhat browser are you using03:58
jade_qqi usr wget,it echo no route to host,but i can ping03:58
jade_qqinlu@RD-AAA:/etc$ wget www.google.com03:59
jade_qq--2011-03-06 11:58:46--  http://www.google.com/03:59
jade_qqResolving www.google.com...
jade_qqConnecting to www.google.com||:80... failed: No route to host.03:59
jade_qqwhat happened?04:01
=== Guest56472 is now known as jade_qq
bringit645what's the best way to start coding in ubuntu?05:27
=== Hellow is now known as collinp
rainstakeany one know how to solve the following error message: "package in incosistent state"06:32
rainstakeI was trying to uninstall caine-from-deb06:32
ray_I know that Hotmail is microsoft but why doesn't hotmail usually display pictures using Firefox with Ubuntu?07:26
ray_You might say to use gmail07:26
ray_well I have a gmail account07:26
ray_it's just not with my family07:26
ray_Well, it doesn't matter07:27
ray_see ya07:27
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albert_hi need some help here. has anyone install ubuntu into acer 4738z?08:19
albert_i can't continue installation because unavailable driver08:23
albert_like "intel tco watchdog timer driver"08:23
albert_and "input driver event debug module"08:25
albert_and "broadcomsta wireless driver"08:26
albert_and "pc speaker beeper driver"08:26
bioterroralbert_, you dont get into a desktop+08:26
bioterrorit doesnt boot?08:26
albert_sorry i dont get you08:27
bioterrordo you get into "desktop" and you can click the installer08:27
bioterroror does it hang during the "boot up sequence"08:27
albert_now i am in the desktop with two icon on the left top conner08:28
albert_one of which is the install unbuntu 20.2008:28
albert_sorry 10.1008:29
albert_nothing happen when i click the icon08:36
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bioterroralbert_, can you boot and check the integrity of the disc08:38
bioterror"Check disc for defects"08:38
albert_do u mean the disc i installing from08:39
albert_i am installing from a thumbdrive08:41
albert_ok let me try frist08:41
bioterroryou could check the md5checksum of the .iso file08:41
Bipul`bioterror,  i need a help08:50
bioterrorBipul`, what's your problem08:52
Bipul`can i pm you bioterror08:53
albert_bioterror- i've just did a new boot disk using ubuntu for netbook but still the same.08:58
albert_currently i am downloading a new iso of the ubuntu desktop08:59
bioterrorcan you check the md5sum of it?08:59
bioterrorto be sure that the iso file is okay09:00
albert_sorry i do not know how to do that09:00
albert_bioterror- thanks for all the help. but things are still the same. i have to logoff now09:25
albert_again thanks09:25
albert_i will come back again later09:26
kristian-aalborghi all09:54
kristian-aalborghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1701138 <--- does my pic show?09:54
iktheya kristian-aalborg :)09:56
kristian-aalborghey ikt09:56
iktI can't see any picture :s09:57
iktyou are talking about your forum avatar?09:57
MrChrisDruifkristian-aalborg: if you're talking about your avatar....it doesn't show ;)09:57
kristian-aalborgah, nm... I got it10:05
* kristian-aalborg is beautiful10:07
* MrChrisDruif thinks no-one should brag <_<"10:08
kristian-aalborgI take that as a "yes, he is" :P10:08
MrChrisDruifI would take it as "Meh, could be worse"10:09
MrChrisDruif9×16 Medieval <= I like this one (not through the complete list)10:11
MrChrisDruift is also nice10:13
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alexMocanuhi everybody14:15
alexMocanusimple question about how memory is allocated when running your program...14:16
alexMocanuso suppose you have a local variable int i; somewhere in your source code. when you compile it, will there by allocated memory for it even though you may not use that variable at all in your program?14:16
tsimpsonalexMocanu: usually, yes14:30
alexMocanutsimpson well what are the exceptions then?14:31
tsimpsonwell, the compiler _may_ detect that it's never used and get rid of it, but it may not14:31
tsimpsonyou could use -Wunused or -Wunused-variable when compiling to get warning about that kind of thing14:32
alexMocanuok, cheers tsimpson!14:57
xyclohaha i like that14:57
xyclois that an non-helpful duanedesign??14:57
xycloQuestion, evilduanedesign: About fglrx, if you remember our chat the other day, would these Gentoo instrucitions work with Ubuntu14:59
bioterrorsudo apt-get install fglrx15:17
bioterrorsudo Xorg -configure15:17
bioterrorsudo mv xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:17
bioterrorsudo reboot15:17
bioterrorubuntu has that driver thingie in the menu15:20
bioterrorI dunno what that's called as I'm not running vanilla 'buntu15:20
JoeMaverickSett(on the panel) System > Administration > Additional Drivers15:21
xyclothanks bioterror15:26
xycloit is not that I don't know how to do it15:26
xycloit does not work15:27
xyclowe had a long back and forth with duanedesign the other day15:27
xyclowe tried lots of things, and ended looking at bug reports...15:28
bioterrorwhich ati card you have?15:28
bioterrorI have 4350 and no problems with radeonhd and catalyst15:29
xyclomobility radeon hd340015:29
xyclolenovo t40015:29
xyclolet's see the catalyst...15:29
bioterrorwhat's wrong with the radeonhd?15:29
xycloIt is installed15:29
xyclobut I cannot activate it15:29
xycloit conflicts with the kernel15:30
xycloCatalyst? How do I check? I think I installed 11.215:30
xycloIt might have worked this time...15:31
xycloI'll be back after restart15:31
xycloHi again15:44
xyclois working15:44
xycloBad thing is that it works with the generic kernel, but not the rt one15:44
xycloI need the rt one for low latency + no xruns  with my FW audio interface...15:45
xycloI guess I can use video intensive apps with generic and audio with rt, when I need them...15:46
holsteinxyclo: try -lowlatency15:48
holsteini assume you are in lucid?15:49
xyclohi. holstein15:53
xycloI just switched (back) to Maverick15:53
xycloYou know why?15:54
xyclothe torrent link to 10.04 64bit is broken...15:54
xycloSo I got lazy...15:54
xyclo I'll give the lowlatency a try15:55
holsteinwhat -rt kernel are you using then?15:55
xycloIt did not seem to work nearly as well as rt.15:55
xycloAs I said, I just switched back15:55
holsteinyou want https://launchpad.net/~abogani/+archive/ppa15:55
xycloI have not even installed rt15:55
holsteinwhy do you need it?15:55
holsteinrealtime synths?15:55
xycloxruns go down dramatically15:55
xycloyoshimi, remember?15:56
holsteinnow i do15:56
xyclobut I'll see15:56
xycloI have more ram now15:56
xycloand 64bit15:56
xycloalthough same sound card15:56
xyclofirewire ESI-PRO Quatafire15:56
xycloworks great15:56
holsteini found in natty15:56
xyclobut lots of xruns...15:56
holstein-lowlatency performed as well as -realtime15:56
holsteinwith my presonus firepod15:57
xycloI am so anxious waiting for Natty15:57
holsteinxyclo: what chipset do you have?15:57
xyclolet's see15:57
holsteinrun lspci15:57
holsteinif you *dont* have a texas instruments chipset15:57
holsteinyou can stop beating your head against the wall15:57
holsteinand just get something with TI chip15:57
xycloIntel Corp Mobile 4?15:58
xycloDoes that make sense?15:59
xycloholstein, something with TI chip?15:59
holsteinfirewire TI chipset16:00
holsteinthats what you want16:00
holsteinfor example16:00
holsteinwhen i run modest JACK settings16:00
holsteinwith -generic kernel16:00
holsteinsay, something in the 20+ms range16:00
holsteini dont get xruns16:00
holsteinunless im opening and closing big apps16:00
holsteinlike ardou16:00
holsteinbut not idle xruns16:00
holsteinwith a funky chipset16:01
holsteinyou'll just get them16:01
holsteinnothing you can do about it really16:01
xycloI see...16:01
xycloWell, for my next interface purchase I'll remember that!16:01
xycloHey, what system do you run?16:02
xycloI mean Ubuntu, Arch...16:02
xycloubuntu-beginners... duh?16:02
holsteinubuntu on most everything16:02
xyclohey, holstein, the low latency I get from abogani as well? for Maverick??16:20
holsteinyou can add that PPA anyways16:20
xycloyes, I have it16:20
holsteini just DL'd the .debs16:20
xyclobut for Maverick?16:20
webjadminWow, I missed xChat. :D16:20
holsteinxyclo: thats the way i did it16:21
xycloyou also run 10.10?16:21
holsteinand i was told you can just add the lucid or natty one16:21
=== webjadmin is now known as JackyAlcine
xycloI thought I ran into some trouble originally, to instell rt maybe, and that's why I switched to 10.0416:21
xyclowe'll see...16:22
holsteini assure you its your chipset though16:22
holsteinask Strayfolk16:22
holsteinnext time you see 'em in #ubuntustudio16:22
holsteinhad a ricoh chip set16:23
holsteinwas trying all kinds of things16:23
holsteinyou name it16:23
holsteinTI chip set is what did it :)16:23
xycloActually with rt I get 0(0) xruns throughout16:24
xyclousing 48kHz, ~10ms16:24
xyclo4ins, 8outs16:24
xycloso, not bad16:25
JackyAlcineHey, is Snort good for security?16:25
JackyAlcineOr is there a better one?16:25
holsteinxyclo: 10ms is find16:25
xyclobut rt has quite a few limitations I see16:25
xyclofine, yes16:25
xyclono complaints16:25
holsteinif you need lower latency16:25
xyclojust rt...16:25
holsteinmove closer to your speakers ;)16:25
holsteini can get 1.2 stable16:26
holsteinbut i hardly ever do that16:26
xyclowell, firepod...16:26
xyclodon't have the money right now. In between jobs.16:26
xycloLong between too...16:26
holstein^^ might be relavant to you16:27
xycloit seems so16:29
Eriami need a lot of help from a patient person :)16:31
Eriamcan i find such a person here ?16:31
xycloplenty, Eriam16:31
Eriamgood :D16:31
Eriamthank god16:31
Eriamso guys... my problem goes like this16:31
xyclothank the admins better :)16:32
Eriamwindows user here .. so ...16:32
Eriami want to install LAMP ... on a ubuntu 10.10 desktop ... not server cause im used to GUI + i dont have experience with the linux command lines at all16:33
Eriamall the sites i found that say how to install apache and the rest .. tell me that i just have to use sudo apt-get install apache2 for example16:33
oCeanEriam: as i tried to point out, there is an easy way: use the 'tasksel' command16:34
Eriambut when execute the command ... it says it cannot find the thing ...16:34
oCeanEriam: tasksel is a tool that installs multiple related packages as a co-ordinated "task" onto your system16:34
JoeMaverickSettEriam: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9030439/InstallingALAMPServer.pdf that pdf shows you how :)16:34
Eriamis tasksel a basic application in a desktop version of ubuntu or do i use synaptic to bring it ?16:35
oCeanEriam: first, you have to install it: "sudo apt-get install tasksel"16:35
oCeanafter that, "sudo tasksel install lamp-server" will do it all for you16:35
Eriamwell ... im gonna try that after the update module applies all the modifications ...16:36
EriamI must sound like a real moron to u guys :))16:36
JoeMaverickSettEriam: that pdf was from a ubuntu-classroom session.16:36
JoeMaverickSettEriam: no, you don't sound like one. :)16:37
oCeanEriam: but, as ikonia told you in #ubuntu, on https://help.ubuntu.com you'll find a guide that introduces you to the basics of Linux.16:37
holsteinEriam: check out http://www.turnkeylinux.org/lamp16:38
holsteini used to run some of these appliances in virtual box :)16:38
Eriamim gonna look into that too ... it's a lot of info at once16:38
oCeanEriam: yes, a lot of info. I really would recommend installing LAMP using tasksel, (more info https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel)16:40
Eriamwill try that in a moment... installing pidgin on it now ...  then im gonna reset the system so as the updates take effect then im gonna try installing LAMP through that16:40
Eriamso ... theoreticaly after i use tasksel and manage to install LAMP , webHTB ... the network shaping tool... it should work ... i guess16:44
oCeanEriam: I'm not sure what your goal is, but if you're a beginner at linux, don't expect everything to work automagically. You really should learn the basics16:48
Eriamyeah i know that ... but im kinda forced to do it ...16:50
Eriamso i got lamp to install16:50
Eriamfinaly somtheing works ^^16:50
xycloholstein, I cannot even see abogani's ppa in maverick...17:01
xycloavailable series: Lucid & Natty17:02
xycloI'll have to wait a month to make pc music (till Natty)... Back to guitar I guess17:03
holsteinxyclo: just DL the debs17:03
holsteinxyclo: ^^ that worked for me in maverick17:04
holsteini got the idea from http://jackschnippes.freeunix.net/index.php/2010/11/04/lowlatency-kernel-and-realtime-kernel-for-ubuntu-10-10-maverick17:05
holsteinxyclo: you added the PPA ?17:06
holsteinand ran sudo apt-get update?17:06
Eriamso ... i installed the LAMP ... now how can i start the processes ?17:08
oCeanEriam: most likely they are running. And setup to run after you boot17:09
Eriamhow do i start mysql ^^ ?17:09
holsteinmaybe read ^^17:09
xycloholstein, yep17:11
holsteinxyclo: what about sudo apt-cache search linux-lowlatency ?17:11
holsteinno good?17:11
xycloreturns nothing17:11
holsteinhow did you add the PPA ?17:11
xyclosynaptic. Repos. Other Software17:12
holsteintry - sudo apt-add-repository ppa:abogani/ppa17:12
xycloI can see it in that list, but not under "Origin" in main Synaptic page17:13
* xyclo is doing as instructed...17:13
oCeanEriam: probably running. Type ps axuww | grep sql to check17:13
xycloholstein, "Error reading https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~abogani/+archive/ppa: HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway17:14
holsteinxyclo: go and get rid of that PPA17:15
holsteinif its still in your sources17:15
holsteinfrom before..17:15
Eriamthis is rly getting on my nerves17:15
holsteinEriam: check out http://www.turnkeylinux.org/lamp17:16
holsteinsetting up mysql is not trivial17:16
holsteini did it once, to say that i could :)17:16
holsteinxyclo: OK17:17
holsteinthis is the PPA you should try17:17
holsteinsudo apt-add repository ppa:kxstudio-team/kernel17:17
holsteinyou can try that linux-realtime-31 kernel17:17
trinikrono Eriam is it just a test server?17:19
Eriamso i got lamp up ..17:21
Eriamand i wanna use a software that helps me to do some network shaping17:21
Eriamfrom here https://www.webhtb.ro/how-to/details/?q=317:21
holsteinEriam: i would suggest trying what you got17:22
holsteinand using those tools as-needed17:22
Eriamyeah but... what tool does ubuntu desktop have for network shaping ?17:23
holsteinwondershaper came up17:24
holsteinfor me in google17:24
holsteinpersonally, ive never felt like i needed it17:25
holsteinEriam: are you having complaints?17:25
holsteinabout the traffic to your server?17:25
Eriamim trying to get the server up so as to limit the trafic on a network ... i was told that that tool is newb friendly17:26
holsteinwell, i would say im not really a noob anymore17:27
holsteinand nothing you have asked about so far is something i would consider newb-friendly17:27
Eriamso i figured...17:27
holsteinbut, why do you need it?17:27
Eriamstill ... im gonna continue trying ..17:27
Eriamto limit download/upload speed of usesers on the network im in17:28
holsteinEriam: i use ddwrt on my routers17:28
holsteini think there are som advanced tools like thta in there17:28
holsteinEriam: im not clear on why you need mysql17:31
holsteinfor packet shaping17:31
Eriamit's a requierment for the application17:32
holsteinseems like you can just install wondershaper17:32
holsteinper machine17:33
Eriamit's easyer this way than to distribute that on every machine... those use windows17:33
Eriamim gonna have a great headache tonight if i manage 2 to this17:35
Eriamcan you suggest a pdf or something like a tutorial on how to use ubuntu ? with commands and thing like that ? like a manual ... not a help file ?17:35
holsteinthe wikis are helpful17:37
holsteinif you know what you are looking for17:37
trinikronoEriam: did you ever see the server guide17:38
holsteinEriam: hey, http://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/general/20101116/appliance-mastershaper-network-traffic-shaper17:38
xycloholstein, question: If i install thr rt kernel, and fglrx does not work with it, it should still work when I run on my current generic kernel, right?17:39
holsteinxyclo: should17:40
holsteinlike dual booting17:40
holsteinin a way17:40
holsteini do that on a laptop17:40
holsteinthe wifi doesnt work with -realtime17:40
xycloexactly, it's what I thought17:40
holsteini dont use 3d on my production machine anyways17:41
xycloreally? wifi worked with abogani's rt kernel17:41
xyclobut well...17:41
holsteineh, i dont use networking either17:41
holsteinusually *17:41
xyclohaha, what DO you do then...17:41
xycloBass, right?17:41
holsteinmake music :)17:41
holsteinwell thats my day-job17:42
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JackyAlcineHow do you auto-identify in xChat?18:14
holsteinthis might be a script for you JackyAlcine18:16
Cheri703JackyAlcine: on the "network list" you choose your network, choose edit, and just put in the password...18:16
Cheri703at least initially, if it's for later, then yeah, try what holstein suggested: )18:16
Cheri703* :)18:16
JackyAlcineCheri703, thanks. :D18:17
* Cheri703 uses xchat :)18:18
Eriamcan someone tell me how can i install a program that is already downloaded ?18:45
Eriamafter it's extracted18:45
holsteinEriam: there should be a readme18:46
holsteinit really depends on the program18:46
holsteinwhat its dependancies are and what-not18:46
evilduanedesignEriam: is the program not available in the repositories?18:46
Eriamno ... so guys ... i came early.er with the problem.. i managed to install all it's dependencies18:47
holsteinyeah ^^ apps in the repos are always the best/easiest way to go18:47
Eriamand modified the rc.local file18:47
Eriammeh ... now it tels me that i have 2 go to /var/www18:47
Eriamwent there18:48
Eriamand executed the wget command to download the file from the given link18:48
Eriamand it says that the link is not good18:48
Eriambut still i managed 2 download the file with firefox18:48
Eriamproblem now is that i cant copy it's contents in var/www from home/username/downloads ....18:49
holsteinyou have to sudo copy thing into var18:50
holsteinprobably have to sudo wget thing into var18:50
holsteinmaybe, cd /var/www18:50
holsteinsudo wget whatever18:51
Eriamwhat does wget do more precisely ?18:51
holsteinit gets things18:51
holsteinfrom www18:51
Eriamand what is the copy comand from a folder to another ? is it something like sudo copy "home/user/ etc/file.x" to "var/www" ?18:52
holsteinprobably need -R18:53
holsteincp -R18:53
aveilleuxEriam: You'll have to also chown www-data:www-data file.x18:53
evilduanedesignxyclo: you got flgrx working?18:55
bioterrorevilduanedesign, ofcourse, I was around :D18:56
bioterrorbut I dunno what he did :--)18:58
evilduanedesignbioterror: we could not get it to work with the RT kernel for nothing18:58
bioterrormystical realtime18:59
holsteinyeah, it wont19:01
holsteintheres a patch for the nvidia proprietary drivers19:02
holstein-lowlatency should work fine though19:03
holsteinin both ways19:03
holsteindecent latency19:03
holsteinand 3d :)19:03
holsteintesting in natty looks good with the -realtime kernel19:04
holsteinhopefully, we generally wont need a -realtime kernel anymore19:05
evilduanedesignholstein: i think the last bug we were at was bug 57374819:08
evilduanedesignLaunchpad bug 573748 in fglrx-installer "[MASTER] fglrx does not build on 2.6.33 kernel and higher" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57374819:09
holsteinevilduanedesign: thats not RT specific then right?19:09
holstein*in a couple minutes when that page loads, i'll read for myself ;)19:10
evilduanedesignholstein: actually i think this is it :P19:12
evilduanedesignLaunchpad bug 159941 in fglrx-installer "fglrx driver does not work in RT kernel" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15994119:13
holsteinsounds about right19:13
holsteinno one is maintaining that kernel anyways19:13
evilduanedesigni have too many bugs in my history19:13
holsteinin testing, we are going to go with the -lowlatency19:13
holsteinwith ubuntustudio19:13
holsteinin natty19:13
holsteineither via PPA or in the repos19:14
holsteinnot sure if anyone will maintain a realtime one19:14
holsteinhopefully, the -generic one will be suitable by 12.04 or so19:15
holsteinthat will be awesome :)19:15
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xycloHey evilduanedesign19:20
xycloI see you guys had a whole discussion on the issue already19:21
xycloMy take is that it won't work with the rt kernel19:21
xycloAnd now, apparently I cannot come back from standby...19:22
holsteinxyclo: with the RT kernel?19:32
holsteinyeah, that not really what that kernel is about19:32
holsteinIF you need to do both, -lowlatency is the way to go19:33
MrChrisDruifBoth? Vid and rt?19:33
MrChrisDruifThan -lowlatency I'd guess19:34
holsteinMrChrisDruif: both have your cake, and eat it to ;)19:34
MrChrisDruifYammy, cake...I could eat that....even now :P19:35
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ubuntu42321what is ext4 used for?19:48
pleia2it's the default filesystem for ubuntu since 9.1019:49
=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn
ubuntu42321im trying to resize my ubuntu partition and I have an extended and I have ext419:50
ubuntu42321which part is ubuntu on?19:50
ubuntu42321ok, now, I'm on a livecd and when I run sudo update-grub2 I get an error.19:51
ubuntu42321Do I need to chroot in order to run OS-Prober?19:51
ubuntu42321and update-grub2?19:52
pleia2what is the error?19:52
pleia2you can chroot, but it usually finds it19:52
ubuntu42321ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo update-grub219:53
ubuntu42321/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).19:53
ubuntu42321mhm :P19:53
ubuntu42321I have two drives and I'm resizing Ubuntu to run on SDA. I have win7 on SDB so I need to let grub2 know this after the partition is done resizing.19:54
ubuntu42321Do you know how to do that?19:57
xycloholstein, I have not tried with the kxstudio rt kernel yet20:17
xycloI am installing a bunch of other stuff now20:17
holsteinxyclo: firewire will probably still require lowlatency or realtime20:18
holstein-generic still has issues in natty with firewire20:19
holsteingetting RT privs*20:19
xyclodo you know another ppa for a lowlatency kernel (in Maverick)20:20
xycloprivileges, right?20:20
holsteinyeah, whatever you want to call it20:20
xyclodon't know20:21
holsteinxyclo: you really shouldnt have to mess with that anymore either20:21
xycloyeah, I heard the podcast...20:21
holsteinxyclo: 20:22
holsteinthats what is loosely proposed20:22
holsteinhopefully for natty20:22
holsteinwe dropped the nice tweak from there20:23
xyclonice (pun intended)20:24
holsteinpaultag and ailo are working on it :)20:24
xyclochapeau to them then20:27
Screwhi all20:51
MrChrisDruifHai Screw :)20:51
Screwhow's things here?20:53
ubuntu42321oh, things are fine. Just resizing my partition20:56
ubuntu42321I need help chrooting into it though and updating grub220:56
MrChrisDruifScrew: Things are well....bit tired20:58
ScrewI experienced an interesting thing. I turn off X11 'cause I thought my laptop would be better battery time. However it became warmer. The  proprietary ATI driver didn't work on console and didn't put on powersaving mode my graphics card.20:59
MrChrisDruifThat's indeed interesting20:59
Screw<ubuntu42321> Did you run out of space?21:00
ubuntu42321Nope. I got another HDD.21:00
ubuntu42321I dual-boot 10.10/win7x6421:01
ubuntu42321I want sda to have ALL ubuntu and sdb to have ALL windows.21:01
ubuntu42321before, sda was split in half21:01
ubuntu42321Its about to be done resizing in two minutes.21:01
MrChrisDruifWhat is the current set up then ubuntu42321?21:01
ubuntu42321Now, I need to know how to chroot in and update grub2.21:01
ubuntu42321Current setup?21:02
MrChrisDruifWith partitions and such...21:02
ubuntu42321SDA will be done resizing in twenty seconds.21:02
ubuntu42321SDB has win7x64 on it. SDA will have 10.10x64 on it.21:03
ubuntu42321It's checking for errors now.21:03
ubuntu42321SDA1+2 -used to- have win7x86 on it, while sda 3+5 had 10.10x64 on it.21:04
ubuntu42321I deleted sda1+2 and resized sda3 and then sda5 to the rest of the drive.21:04
ubuntu42321using gparted21:04
ubuntu42321now, I have sda3 and sda5 as my ubuntu21:05
ubuntu42321sdb is my win721:06
MrChrisDruifroot and home?21:06
ubuntu42321Right now, I need to update grub 2.21:06
ubuntu42321MrChrisDruif, i dont know if it's seperated into root and home.21:06
MrChrisDruifWhat are sda3 & 5? Is one swap?21:07
ubuntu42321one is extended and one is ext421:07
ubuntu42321how do i check if one is swap or not? I dont think I made a swap space...21:07
ubuntu42321I can provide screenshots or whatever you need me to do. I just want to get this fixed :P21:08
MrChrisDruifExtended is a partition to put multiple partitions on it...21:09
MrChrisDruif*IF* I'm not mistaken21:09
ubuntu42321Ok. So, do I need to change that?21:09
ubuntu42321How do I make ubuntu primary on sda?21:09
ubuntu42321I'm going to just try and reboot.21:11
ubuntu42321idk what grub is doing or if it changed at all but here we go!21:11
ScrewDoes ubuntu4321 have ubuntu live cd or we can see him tomorrow? :)21:20
RealEyesScrew, I am him.21:20
RealEyesI have livecd21:20
RealEyesThe resize worked and I'm able to get into linux no problems.21:20
RealEyesBut, look at this pastebin: http://pastebin.com/cwMQaJGK21:21
MrChrisDruifGreat to *see* you RealEyes :)21:21
RealEyesos-prober and update-grub2 dont *see* my sdb w/ win7 on it21:21
MrChrisDruifMeh :P21:23
RealEyeshaha! So, how do I get all these to play nice together?21:24
MrChrisDruifOw...*I might know*....<_<"21:25
RealEyesI might try the way you know.21:26
MrChrisDruifYou probably need to fix Windows21:26
RealEyesfix it how?21:26
MrChrisDruifJust grab a Windows installer cd and boot to it...say you want to recover windows...21:26
MrChrisDruifThen back in ubuntu do sudo update-grub(2?) again21:26
MrChrisDruifWhat? :-/21:27
RealEyesuh, yeah, I dont' have a windows CD.21:27
RealEyesI have win7 on a usb stick21:27
Reaper50435can anyone help me setup a brother MFC-490CW printer/scanner21:27
RealEyesMrChrisDruif, you think I should do that?21:28
RealEyesMaybe it's something wrong with the HDD in /sdb21:28
RealEyesit was set up for raid before and I haven't messed with it since. I dont have raid on my pc21:29
MrChrisDruifRealEyes: I'm not really sure, but I think the resizing had borked Windows up a bit.....boot to an installer (CD or USB ;)) of Windows should be able to fix the problem21:30
RealEyesI will try and I shall return with news!21:30
Screwgood night21:44
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fredhamiHow do you set the Internet Content setting in Ubuntu? In Windows you go to Internet option from the control panel and select the Content tab.21:54
pleia2I'm not sure what "Internet Content" is21:56
pleia2can you explain?21:57
fredhamiI try one sec21:57
MrChrisDruifInternet Content.....like filter?21:58
fredhamiIT lets you prevent you children accessing inapporiate material over the Internet21:58
fredhamidoes ubuntu have something like that21:58
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pleia2not by default21:59
pleia2Dan's Guardian is probably the most popular21:59
fredhamiyou can download Dan Guardian from SOftware Center?21:59
MrChrisDruiffredhami: Set up OpenDNS, that way you can filter that content...and get a great speedboost to boot (can be relative that speed boost)22:00
pleia2fredhami: yes, it's in the software center22:00
pleia2it takes some configuration though22:00
fredhamiWHat is OpenDNS?22:01
MrChrisDruifAn alternative to your ISP's DNS servers :)22:01
fredhamiIs this available on the SOftware CEnter too?22:01
fredhamiand can it filter the content that accessible on the internet22:02
MrChrisDruifAnd you set it to filter that content....and for all PC's at once :)22:02
fredhamiwhere do I setup it up from?22:03
MrChrisDruifIt's all explained on the website :)22:03
MrChrisDruifYeah, but without the question mark :)22:05
fredhamiSo I have two options here I can set up Dan Guadian from the SOftware CEnter or set OpenDNS from it website www.opendns.com22:05
MrChrisDruifI think there are more options, but those two are probably tour best shot :)22:06
fredhamithankyou Ill check it out22:06
fredhamii am planning to buy a netbook and install Ubuntu on it and sometimes my kids cans use it and I dont know how to block content on Ubuntu22:08
MrChrisDruifWell, Firefox "might" have some content filtering options, not sure....no need for me.....single with no kids <_<"22:13
MrChrisDruifI could suggest Lubuntu, if you think Ubuntu is to slow for the netbook :)22:16
einoensioHello everyone. I would like to have soundcard with 5.1 sound in AGP slot and i was just wondering what card work in ubuntu 10.1022:21
MrChrisDruifI don't know einoensio, but I think most will work....just select the right output :)22:23
kristian-aalborgtrying to figure out if I should remove/ disable AppArmor for speed... any suggestions?23:37
MrChrisDruifWhat does AppArmor do?23:39
fredhamihay I tried to setup the internet content blocker with OpenDNS but there is some configuration involve.  WHat is the other application available in the SOftware Center called somthing Guardian and is it easier to install and use?23:47
MrChrisDruifDan Guardian pleia2 suggested, but I don't know if it's easier23:48
fredhamithanks I check it out again23:49
MrChrisDruifYour welcome fredhami23:49
fredhamiI doing a search for Dan Guardian in the software center search box and its not finding it.23:51
fredhamimaybe its under some other catorgory23:52
fredhamiMrCHrisDrif could you help me on this23:54

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