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desrtdoes anybody know why libgtk3.0-0 was renamed to libgtk-3-0?05:01
desrtit appears to be a debian thing...05:02
micahgdesrt: to match Debian05:10
desrtmicahg: looks like some old packages need recompiles...05:38
micahgdesrt: what in particular did you run into?06:12
desrtmicahg: gtk3-engines-murrine won't install06:14
desrti went in and modified the control to change the build depends to the new package name, bumped the verison and built it.  that was enough.06:14
micahgdesrt: ok, I can take care of that and gtk-theme-engine-clearlooks, thanks for mentioning it, if you have a debdiff for gtk3-engines-murrine, I'd be happy to sponsor it for you06:17
desrtsmallest debdiff evar :)06:19
micahgdesrt: perfect, thanks06:19
micahgdesrt: I'm just modifying the changelog to be a little more explicit: Change libgtk3.0-dev build dependency to libgtk-3-dev06:23
desrti think you'll have to change the name too, no?06:24
desrtso that the upload is signed by the right person...06:24
micahgdesrt: no, I can sign with you in the changelog06:24
desrti didn't know that.  cool.06:24
micahgdesrt: and you'll see it under your uploaded packages in Launchpad06:25
micahgdesrt: well, the build record will show me as the uploader06:25
micahgs/build record/upload record06:26
micahgdesrt: ugh, actually, robert_ancell requested removal, so I'm hesitant to upload06:27
micahgbug 72352906:27
desrtoh cool06:27
desrtjust kill it then :)06:28
desrti actually only tried to build it by accident06:28
desrti thought the inability to install that package was why my theme wasn't working properly06:28
desrtturned out that i was just missing another package being installed06:28
micahgand the other package that was missing seems to have been superseded by gnome-themes-standard06:29
desrtyes.  exactly.06:30
desrtthat's the one i ended up installing06:30
desrti think the correct thing to do is nothing at all :)06:30
desrtthanks for the offer of help, though06:30
micahgdesrt: no problem06:30
micahgand the other theme is going as well, perfect06:31
desrtalpha are so much fun06:32
desrtand by the end everything is always nicely sorted06:32
micahgdesrt: well, feel free to bring up any other issues you find06:32
desrtsince you mention it, there is a graphics driver bug06:33
desrti've been talking to anholt about it06:33
desrthe has a fix06:33
desrtalthough it can be described as more of a workaround...06:33
desrti think he's planning to make the change upstream06:33
desrtit's a very simple tweak in any case06:34
micahgdesrt: that one you might want to save for raof tomorrow evening (if he's able to get online)06:34
desrtother than that, things seem pretty good06:34
desrtother than the half-dozen "X has crashed!" dialogs i get at login06:35
desrtwhere X is something that i don't care about06:35
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Ampelbeinjpds: hi, any chance that we can get ubottu/ubot2/ubot4 back in here?19:52
jpdsAmpelbein: tadaa.wav.20:03
Ampelbeinjpds: thanks ;-)20:04
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JackyAlcineHey guys, I have a problem with nVidia20:35
JackyAlcinein my X Server Display Configuration, it's saying it can't parse configuration.20:35
JackyAlcineHow do I reset my nVidia configuration?20:36
AmpelbeinJackyAlcine: try 'nvidia-settings -n'20:36
JackyAlcineGot the same error in the terminal.20:37
JackyAlcineAh, I think I found the issue; my .nvidia-settings-rc file is corrupt.20:38
AmpelbeinJackyAlcine: hm, '-n' should prevent the program from reading the config file20:39
JackyAlcineFailed to add metamode 'id=128, switchable=no, source=implicit :: :20:40
JackyAlcine         360x200 @360x200 +0+0' to screen 0 (on GPU-0).20:40
JackyAlcineAmpelbein, I'll try a reboot.20:46
JackyAlcineAmpelbein, it worked with just a log off. :D20:49
AmpelbeinJackyAlcine: that's great!20:49
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