kais58is there any further support planned for the mobility HD5470 in the near future?02:39
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stefanlsdtrying to install natty alpha 3 and overwrite partitions, partman says refusing to create as its mounted, umount says cant umount: invalid argument. this a known bug?11:35
mrintegrityhow do you remove a ppa when ppa-purge doesn't work?12:06
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aromanhow long does it take for users to get upgrades visible when changing a package in a PPA?15:50
Ampelbeinaroman: usually as soon as the binary packages are published16:12
aromanAmpelbein: I actually figured out why it wasn't showing; i published it to Lucid and I'm on maverick :/16:12
aromanis there any better way of adding that to maverick too other than repacking/uploading?16:12
Ampelbeinaroman: you can use the copy packages feature in the ppa16:13
aromanoh wow16:13
aromanyeah that's exactly what I want, thanks :P16:13
belakI've been trying to change a few things in ubiquity and I was wondering how I can change the text of the english language for the install? I'm helping with an ubuntu derivitive and we'd like it to say Thank you for installing X in stead of Ubuntu at the end of the install in the box that asks you to reboot. I found the file in source, debian/ubiquity.templates. but how would I go about replacing the default?16:29
ScottKThat's not really on topic here since this channel is about development of Ubuntu.  You might have more luck, in any case, in #ubuntu-installer.16:30
belakThanks, didn't know about that channel16:31
belakJust figured this would be better than #ubuntu16:31
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heereHi, this question may not be appropriate for the development team, but I am not getting much support from the help channel.17:45
heereI am trying to boot an old install of 10.4, but it is segfaulting on init in ld-2.11.1.so17:45
heerehow can i modify the init to use the latest version of this .so17:45
XiXcan someone explain why the fuck zeitgeist is automatically installed and enabled on ubuntu karmic + ?17:48
XiXits an invasion of privacy17:48
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.17:48
seiflotfy_XiX, how is it an invasion of privacy17:49
seiflotfy_ur info is not being sent anywhere17:49
XiXim offended that a desktop activity logging program would be automatically installed17:49
seiflotfy_it is used by other applications to provde you with better experience17:49
XiXand active17:49
seiflotfy_then deinstall it17:49
seiflotfy_u do want better search results dont you17:49
XiXi did, but im pretty sure most typical ubuntu users dont even know it exists17:49
seiflotfy_how is it invading privacy17:50
seiflotfy_i mean firefox logs your history17:50
seiflotfy_and pidgin stores your password in a plain text file17:50
seiflotfy_zeitgeist logs activities to make menus more adaptive17:50
seiflotfy_and this info is not sent out anywhere17:50
XiX*Rejection of Zeitgeist by GNOME. from Wikipedia: “Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users’s activities and events, anywhere from files opened to websites visited and conversations[.17:50
XiXhow is it NOT an invasion of privacy?17:50
seiflotfy_because its not sending it anywhere17:51
seiflotfy_its for your own usage17:51
seiflotfy_nobody knows about your zeitgeist logging17:51
seiflotfy_its for oyur computer only17:51
seiflotfy_just like firefox history17:51
XiXfirefox atleast gives you the option to delete history17:51
seiflotfy_so does zeitgeist17:51
XiXlets just open up bash17:52
XiXand shred activity.sqlite17:52
seiflotfy_or use GNOME Activity Journal17:52
m4n1shXiX: rm ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite17:52
seiflotfy_and delete stuff you dont want other to see17:52
m4n1shXiX: even stock gnome logs your recently opened files17:52
XiXi am aware manish, and you should know rm doesnt delete data effectively17:53
m4n1shin recently_used.xbel I think17:53
m4n1shand windows also17:53
m4n1shand bash also17:53
m4n1shin .bash_history17:53
seiflotfy_XiX zeitgeist basically gets most of its info at the moment form gtk.recentlyused17:53
seiflotfy_we just store them in a more convinient way17:53
XiXi think typical users would be OK with those histories17:53
XiXbut given the option17:53
XiXhow many users would accept17:53
m4n1shthere is a fine line between privacy and usability, confusion is bound to happen17:53
XiXzeitgeist logging activities, events, files opened, websites viewed, and conversations17:54
m4n1shif there is no logging or history remembering then it makes your experience of desktop even worse17:54
m4n1shwebsites opened logging is not enabled by defauly17:54
seiflotfy_XiX look at how many ppl like using docky + zeitgeist17:54
m4n1shXiX: that browser plugin is not even in ubuntu till Maverick17:54
seiflotfy_XiX, you need to allow firefox to send info to zeitgeist17:55
m4n1shconversations are also not logged17:55
m4n1shtill now17:55
m4n1shyou need plugins which need to be installed explicitly17:55
XiXand thats getting better how?17:55
m4n1shXiX: what getting better how? context?17:55
XiX<m4n1sh> XiX: that browser plugin is not even in ubuntu till Maverick17:55
m4n1shit is not packaged in ubuntu till maverick17:55
m4n1shit is there in natty and onwards17:56
m4n1shso there is no chance that it can be enabled by defaulty17:56
seiflotfy_u need to install the plugin urself for the logging to happen17:56
seiflotfy_and it is not enabled by default17:56
m4n1shout of box logging is very minimal17:56
seiflotfy_the only thing enabled by default is logging ur "gtk.recentlyused"17:56
m4n1shonly those which are already logged by gtk.recentlyused17:56
seiflotfy_which is done by gtk anyhow17:56
m4n1shsame thing seiflotfy_ :)17:56
seiflotfy_we just avoid overwriting info17:57
XiXso i am in activity.sqlite17:57
XiXwhy does it reference http://zeitgeist-project.com/ontologies/2010/01/27/zg#UserActivity often17:57
m4n1shthe default out of box logging only gets events from gtk.recentlyused17:57
seiflotfy_XiX its called ontology17:57
m4n1shand anything extra which needs to be logged requires plugin17:57
seiflotfy_to define if the event was a user activity or a notification17:58
seiflotfy_user activity is then defined by  http://zeitgeist-project.com/ontologies/2010/01/27/zg#UserActivity17:58
seiflotfy_its not a link17:58
seiflotfy_its just a definition17:58
m4n1shit is a URI if i am not wrong17:58
seiflotfy_m4n1sh, its an ontology definition17:58
m4n1shbut it is not a link17:59
m4n1shsimply a URI17:59
m4n1shI = identifier17:59
XiXthere should be an option at least17:59
XiXfor opting in using zeitgeist18:00
m4n1shjust purge the packages18:00
XiXdoes a typical ubuntu user know about zeitgeist, much less how to purge packages?18:01
XiXsure, we do18:01
XiXbut how about we wait18:01
XiXfor the next guy to come in18:01
XiXto #ubuntu18:01
m4n1shXiX: so what is your solution?18:01
heereremove the package18:02
heerefrom the instaler18:02
m4n1shheere: cant happen18:02
m4n1shunity depends on zeitgeist18:02
XiXin the ubuntu installation, opt in unity and zeitgeist18:03
heerewell there you go, its just like the firefox awesomebar18:03
heereits fine18:03
XiXyou could even poll users18:04
m4n1shheere: people will cry a lot, but later settle18:04
heereunity is canonical's new WM18:04
m4n1shheere: factual mistake18:04
m4n1sh" unity is canonical's new WM" <-- factual mistake18:04
m4n1shwhen awesome bar came people, cried and later got used to it18:04
heereeehhh fork of gnome?18:04
m4n1shheere: even more stupid answer18:04
m4n1shhow on earth can it be a fork?18:04
m4n1shunless you are a sensational journalist18:05
XiX<XiX> joseph__, do you know anything about zeitgeist18:05
XiX<joseph__> No XiX I do not18:05
m4n1shXiX: not possible to poll users18:05
heeredescribe unity as a piece of software in one sentence18:05
m4n1shwe dont even have a list18:05
m4n1shheere: it is a shell18:05
m4n1shthat it is18:05
m4n1shimplemented as a plugin of compiz (which is the WM)18:05
m4n1shXiX: good. end-users dont care18:06
m4n1shthey just need to get their work done18:06
XiXi believe they do18:06
m4n1shmostly they done care18:06
XiXi am an end-user18:06
heereXiX do you use firefox?18:06
m4n1shgood, then I will put that claim to be  "95% of the end-userd dont care"18:06
XiXand i didnt even know about this until yesterday18:06
XiXi think they dont care because they dont know18:06
m4n1shend-users just want to get their work done18:07
m4n1shthat's all18:07
m4n1shlike I am an end-user for LibreOffice, i don't care how the whole thing works18:07
m4n1sheven though I can hack on it, but still I have other things to do18:07
XiXim sure end-users care about privacy18:07
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XiXand logs18:07
m4n1shXiX: okay for last time, it isnt a privacy issue18:08
XiXif i rootkitted your machine, and you didnt know about it, and the information was going nowhere, would you still feel ok about it?18:08
m4n1shXiX: have you attended Ubuntu developer week's Zeitgeist session18:08
seiflotfy_XiX, same thing with pidgin, Firefox, Chrome, and more18:08
seiflotfy_ur point is invalid18:08
m4n1shXiX: you use a phone? does it show you a list of recently recieved calls? missed calls? dialled numbers18:08
XiXno i have not, as i stated i have only found out about this yesterday18:09
seiflotfy_get rid of the other log files first18:09
m4n1shthen your phone also has secrutiy issues18:09
m4n1shprivacy issues18:09
XiXand those programs, seiflotfy_, only log minimal activity, within themselves18:09
m4n1shXiX: zeitgeist doesnt log your chat content18:09
m4n1shonly when you logged in18:09
m4n1shlogged out18:09
m4n1shmiminal info18:09
XiXi would count that as logging18:09
m4n1shno text stored18:09
m4n1shit is minimal18:09
m4n1shlesser than what your apps do18:09
XiXfor one, how do you disable zeitgeist logging certain things18:10
AmpelbeinXiX: there is the ksyslogd daemon that logs your login/logouts on every linux system.18:10
XiXfrom a factory installation18:10
m4n1shfirefox logs your web browsing history, zeitgeist logs your desktop browsing history18:10
seiflotfy_m4n1sh, deinstall the loggers18:10
seiflotfy_in this case datahub18:10
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XiXi can disable firefox logs18:11
seiflotfy_datahub is the one that relogs from gtk.recentlyused18:11
m4n1shXiX: you can even disable zeitgeist18:11
seiflotfy_firefox has its own plugin18:11
XiXexplain please18:11
m4n1shjust purge the package18:11
seiflotfy_that is not installed by default18:11
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XiXm4n1sh, this is not intuitive18:11
seiflotfy_we dont log fiefox logs18:11
XiXand not 'disabling'18:11
seiflotfy_if firefox is set to incognito we respect that18:11
m4n1shXiX: you still want something to be logged?18:11
seiflotfy_since the firefox plugin resides in firefox18:11
seiflotfy_zeitgeist itself doesnt d othe logging18:11
seiflotfy_but a set of plugins for apps send the info to zeitgeist18:12
m4n1shit relies on other applications to tell it18:12
seiflotfy_m4n1sh, ok i am letting oyu take over18:12
m4n1shseiflotfy_: where you going?18:12
kklimondaseiflotfy_: are you working on chromium integration?18:12
m4n1shkklimonda: AFAIK chrome plugin exists18:13
m4n1shis the extension API same?18:13
m4n1shfor chromium18:13
kklimondaI don't see why would they change it18:13
m4n1shXiX: you can uninstall zeitgeist-datahub package18:13
XiXok, so im typical ubuntu user on a typical factory installation. i just heard about zeitgeist and i want to disable certain functionality after hearing about it, but i think its ok to work with unity. you tell me to purge the package. what does that mean to me ?18:13
heerewhere can I download a copy of a binary ld-2.11.1.so?18:13
m4n1shheere: that should be part of the default install if I am not wrong18:13
heeremine is corrupted i think18:13
kklimondaheere: you can get it from libc deb package18:14
heereits segfaulting my init18:14
m4n1shXiX: apt-get remove zeitgeist-datahub18:14
kklimondaheere: and you can download deb package from http://packages.ubuntu.com/ or directly from Launchpad18:14
XiX<m4n1sh> XiX: apt-get remove zeitgeist-datahub18:14
m4n1shkklimonda: yeah. AFAIK npapi is the extension api followed18:14
XiXthis is,again,not disabling certain functionality, and not intuitive18:14
XiXyou are never informed about zeitgeist18:15
m4n1shthe point being which certain functionality?18:15
XiXworking with unity18:15
m4n1shXiX: then you want a huge gigantic popup telling "Hey, I am zeitgeist here"18:15
XiXin fact18:15
m4n1shthe aim is to get out of the way18:15
m4n1shand help the end-users18:15
m4n1shin making his experience better18:15
XiXmaybe im OK with it working with unity18:15
XiXkeeping a history?18:15
kklimondaXiX: you are not informed about Firefox logging your history, or empathy logging your discussions either.18:16
XiXfirefox makes it intuitive18:16
m4n1shwait.. you want it to work with unity but not keeping history?18:16
XiXto remove logs18:16
m4n1shwhat about empathy?18:17
m4n1shit doesnt18:17
m4n1shi cant find18:17
m4n1shnor pidgin18:17
m4n1shand openoffice also saves last used documents18:17
m4n1shso does gedit18:17
XiXhere is the difference18:17
m4n1shso does bash (in .bash_history )18:17
XiXyou PERMIT those applications by using them18:17
XiXwhenever did you permit zeitgeist to log all this sht18:17
heereok i just replaced my ld.so with the i386 binary, even though its an x64 install18:17
heerei hope it works....18:18
m4n1shsame here too18:18
kklimondaheere: doesn't make much sense18:18
m4n1shyou permit ubuntu by using it18:18
XiXyour right18:18
m4n1shthe work of balancing of "Asking user if you want to enabled this feature" v/s making it easy18:18
XiXherein lies the flaw18:18
XiXim using ubuntu18:18
m4n1shXiX: by installing ubuntu you permitted it18:18
m4n1shhe he18:19
XiXgreat, time to get another OS then. one that doesnt log everything I do18:19
m4n1shyou can use gentoo18:19
m4n1shcompile everything18:19
m4n1shselect everything you want to install :)18:19
kklimondaI hardly see how the list of recently accessed documents and applications is a privacy breach.18:19
m4n1shnothing bad in it.. people use it and love it18:19
Ampelbeinkklimonda: it is, if you want to troll the channel.18:19
XiXhold on a minute18:19
m4n1shXiX: every OS does18:19
m4n1shkklimonda: it isnt18:20
m4n1sheven bash does18:20
m4n1shlots of apps do it18:20
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XiXi like how every time someone has a genuine problem with ubuntu, it is dismissed as a 'troll' Ampelbein18:20
m4n1shsingling out zeitgeist is what i find weird18:20
m4n1shXiX: get other OS, I am sure they also have logging18:20
m4n1shthe oens you wont even kow18:20
m4n1shXiX: you are not a troll18:21
XiXive tried many OS's m4n1sh18:21
m4n1shyou are discussing it via points18:21
m4n1shtrolls just run around in circles18:21
m4n1shwe are using valid points to debate18:21
m4n1shall of them log18:21
AmpelbeinXiX: Every linux logs user activity such as date and time of logins, issueing commands, accessing filesystems18:21
XiXof course18:21
XiXbut logging activities, events, files opened, websites viewed, and login to chat sessions18:22
m4n1shXiX: check your /var/log18:22
m4n1shand you will understand18:22
m4n1shnot much difference18:22
XiXm4n1sh, im not new to linux :|18:22
m4n1shwhen I logged in18:22
m4n1shwhen i connected to interney18:22
m4n1shwhen i put in my pen drive18:22
m4n1sheverything is logged18:22
m4n1shi cant find much difference18:22
AmpelbeinXiX: what information does zeitgeist log that isn't logged by other programs?18:22
XiXi just stated it18:23
kklimondaXiX: do you mean that zeiteist logs websites and chats, even after you disable logging in firefox and empathy?18:23
XiXactivities, events, files opened, login to chat sessions, and it is sometimes extended to websites viewed and conversations18:23
m4n1shkklimonda: out of box instal of ubuntu doesnt log firefox and empathy events18:23
XiXyou know what that sounds like?18:23
m4n1shnot websites18:23
XiXa rootkit to me18:23
m4n1shkklimonda: only file opening and closing18:24
m4n1shthats; it18:24
m4n1shactually only opening18:24
m4n1shout of box install of ubuntu with zeitgeist installed only supports this much18:24
m4n1shnothing else18:24
m4n1shand you install plugins explicitly18:24
XiXhow about on Natty?18:24
m4n1shto log firefox18:24
m4n1shanother for chrome18:24
m4n1shother for empathy18:24
m4n1shXiX: same as of now18:24
AmpelbeinXiX: only the accessed documents is logged at standard install. and even that is something that other programs do for a long time already.18:24
m4n1shAmpelbein: zeitgeist is like a central logger instead of all apps having their own loggers with recently used files18:25
m4n1shthey can remove their lastest file functionality and use zeitgeist18:25
m4n1shif they want18:25
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: I know.18:25
XiXyou guys are right, maybe im just concerned about how much ubuntu logs its users18:26
m4n1shXiX: out of box only opening files18:26
m4n1shwhich you already find in Places>Recent Documents18:26
m4n1shwant more logging? install plugins18:26
AmpelbeinXiX: it isn't ubuntu, it's every gnome installation in the whole world that logs the same information.18:26
XiXmaybe thats the problem18:26
m4n1shXiX: so what is your solution?18:27
m4n1shI think even KDE logs information18:27
m4n1shlatest opened files18:27
AmpelbeinXiX: then you should talk to the gnome developers to remove the "recent document"-functions, talk to the syslogd developers to stop logging logins/logouts, talk to the firefox developers to stop logging visited websites. why come to ubuntu?18:27
XiXidk, i dont have all of the answers18:28
m4n1shright now zeitgeist only extracts out file logs from gtk.recentlyused18:28
m4n1shsort of duplicating right now18:28
seiflotfy_XiX, your out of luck since Zeitgeist is being integrated with the next KDE per default18:28
seiflotfy_there are very good uses to it18:29
m4n1shXiX: the good uses outnumber the bad uses18:29
seiflotfy_and GNOME and KDE wouldn't have been cooperative if they did not see the benfits form it18:29
XiXthis reminds me of how windows integrets shit and nobody has a voice in it18:29
m4n1shevery technology can be misused18:29
m4n1sh"and GNOME and KDE wouldn't have been cooperative if they did not see the benfits form it" THIS ----> +10018:29
m4n1shXiX: I don't think any OS is spared in that18:30
m4n1shexcept in linux you can uninstall it18:30
XiXtoday, how can someone run a powerful OS that does not infringe on your privacy18:30
m4n1shi dont think it is possible18:30
m4n1shunless I package shit myself18:31
m4n1shmeans take source.. strip out things i dnt need18:31
m4n1shand compile18:31
XiXvery well :\18:31
m4n1shpossible but time consuming18:31
m4n1shand there are only 24 hours in a day :)18:31
XiXill just write a script to shred all of these logs18:31
XiXand run it in cron18:32
m4n1shXiX: actually you can set blacklists too18:32
m4n1shbut right now the functionality is not so good18:32
m4n1shto do it18:32
XiXi dont like how this is all going, thats all18:32
XiXidk, ur right about the usability thing18:33
m4n1shXiX: yeah18:33
m4n1shif we ask the user in the installer "You want zeitgeist to be installed"18:33
XiXits hard to make an OS thats easy for the end users yet adaptive for the adept18:33
m4n1shmost users wont understand that question18:33
seiflotfy_XiX, i love your points btw and i would be happy if you could join us on #zeitgeist18:33
m4n1shXiX: people who know can customize18:34
seiflotfy_u know poinit out any security and privacy concerns18:34
seiflotfy_and help us have an easy way to deal with it18:34
m4n1shXiX: the dilemma of default-settings and customization18:34
seiflotfy_to ensure maximum usability with minimum exposure of information18:34
m4n1shXiX: I am working on the blacklist plugin in the next zeitgeist release18:35
* kklimonda wonders if it's time to create some sort of "no services written in anything but C and C++" policy.. I've got 12 python binaries running, and the suck memory like crazy..19:55
kklimondaeven unity is launched using python..19:55
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aromanwhy did my package that builds perfectly on lucid, fail to build when I changed it to maverick in debian/control? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/65759906/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-i386.elementary-wallpapers_0.2.1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz22:04
ampelbein_aroman: it could be that in the lucid environment pkgbinarymangler isn't being run.22:06
ampelbein_aroman: did you upload both packages to your ppa?22:07
aromanampelbein_: yeah lucid has always worked22:08
tumbleweedaroman: as the error says, it's dist-packages in python2.6, not site-packages22:08
aromanthis package is just based on ubuntu-wallpapers22:08
aromantumbleweed: i dont know what that means I'm afraid22:09
aromani thought i'd see how ubuntu-wallpapers from the maverick series does it22:09
tumbleweedaroman: you are installing python modules into the wrong location22:09
aromanand its identical22:09
aromantumbleweed:  I dont see how I can change that22:09
aromanBuild-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), cdbs, python, python-central22:10
aromanBuild-Depends-Indep: python-distutils-extra, xsltproc22:10
ampelbein_aroman: it works on lucid because pkgbinarymangler is disabled there22:10
aromanampelbein_: okay, so what should I do t rectify the situation?22:10
ampelbein_aroman: i'll have a look22:11
aromanampelbein_: great, thanks22:11
ampelbein_aroman: ugh, 60MB22:11
aromanampelbein_: :/ it's just wallpapers22:11
aromanif you have a really slow connection, i can strip them out and upload the tar.gz somewhere22:12
ampelbein_aroman: nah, it's ok22:12
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tumbleweedaroman: hmm, can't see any mistake you've made22:14
aromantumbleweed: yeah i can't imagine whats gone wrong either22:14
aromanespecially since the actual ubuntu-wallpapers package from maverick, that obviously works, does nothing different22:15
aromanis it remotely possible this is a launchpad bug?22:15
genuxI am getting a error when trying to compile the 11.04 kernel alpha 322:19
ampelbein_aroman: no, if you manually build you will see files end up in site-packages22:19
genux/usr/src/linux-2.6.38/arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S:1544: Error: .size expression does not evaluate to a constant22:19
genuxjust wondering if there is any ideas ?22:19
aromanampelbein_: okay, how do I tell it to put them in the proper place then?22:19
ampelbein_normally with 'python setup.py install --root=$(CURDIR) --install-layout=deb'22:20
ampelbein_cdbs should include the correct calls22:20
aromanwell, how can I _launchpad_ to do that?22:20
tumbleweedaroman: not a launchpad bug, cdbs. ampelbein_ yeah, cdbs seems to be forcing site-packages (/me digs)22:21
ampelbein_unfortunately I don't know cdbs too good. I like debhelper far more ;-)22:22
tumbleweedyeah I also avoid cdbs. aroman: easy answer. You really don't need that .egg-info file that's being installed. (This isn't a python module, just a theme using python's distutils to install it)22:25
aromanwhat .egg-info file?22:28
tumbleweedduh, s/ubuntu-wallpapers/elementary-wallpapers/ in your rules22:29
tumbleweedaroman: the one that's causing the error. It's deleted in the binary-post-install bit22:29
tumbleweedbut that wasn't being called due because it was waiting for the wrong package22:29
ampelbein_oh, lol.22:30
aromanas much of a novice as I am to packaging, that just makes me feel bad22:30
aromani inherited this elementary-wallpapers package anyway :/22:31
aromanand this didn't break on lucid because as ampelbein_ pointed out, pkgbinarymangler is disabled?22:31
tumbleweedprobably, yes22:31
StevenKIt didn't break on Lucid since the policy changed for Maverick?22:32
tumbleweedpkgbinarymangler does sanity checks (amongst other things)22:32
tumbleweedthis could have also been a new check22:32
StevenKFor Maverick, I suspect it was.22:32
ampelbein_nah, the transition was in karmic.22:33
ampelbein_but for lucid, pkgbinarymangler is disabled, see the succesful build log22:33
=== ampelbein_ is now known as Ampelbein
aromanAmpelbein: tumbleweed: thanks to your help, launchpad just informed me that elementary-wallpapers finished building :D22:48
TheMusopsusi: Just ask, and I'll respond when I'm around. Whats up?23:44
psusiTheMuso, hey, was wondering if you could help me understand 02_disable_dmreg.patch in dmraid23:46
psusiwait, that's not the one you wrote...23:47
* psusi looks for which patch he was thinking about23:48
psusiTheMuso, ahh, was dmraid.patch in parted23:51

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