belakI've been trying to change a few things in ubiquity and I was wondering how I can change the text of the english language for the install? I'm helping with an ubuntu derivitive and we'd like it to say Thank you for installing X in stead of Ubuntu at the end of the install in the box that asks you to reboot. I found the file in source, debian/ubiquity.templates. but how would I go about replacing the default?16:31
ubuntu-installerDoes anyone know how to install Ubunto-Server image from local NFS server?20:21
ubuntu-installerI try to mount exported directory from NFS as local /CDROM for ubuntu-server installation. But, failed.20:23
ubuntu-davidMy Ubuntu-Server LiveCD is hosted on one of Ubuntu machine and export as directory by NFS. I am using Pxelinux to boot mini from local Server as well. But, I cannot mount exported directory from Local NFS Server directory as /CDROM. My Installation is stopped at try to load package from /CDROM. Is this possible? If yes, pleaes tell me how to do this.21:34

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