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hajnihello, I've just reported my first kernel-related bug, and I am not sure whether I have provided all the necessary info17:47
hajniwould someone please have a look at it?17:48
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kklimondahey, anyone can tell (or point to an explanation) me why did you release kernel that so mane CVEs, some of them from 2009?21:52
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genuxI am getting a error when trying to compile the 11.04 kernel alpha 322:10
genux/usr/src/linux-2.6.38/arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S: Assembler messages:22:10
genux/usr/src/linux-2.6.38/arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S:1544: Error: .size expression does not evaluate to a constant22:10
genuxis the error22:10
genuxany ideas22:10
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