mhall119who's doing UWN these days?00:16
Ronniemhall119: uwn?00:18
mhall119ubuntu weekly news00:18
cjohnstonmhall119: at what frequency, or does it need to repeat, should update-openids be run?01:23
mhall119it shouldn't be repeated01:28
mhall119it's more of a "clean up when we know something needs cleaning up" command01:28
mhall119now that lpupdate is setting openids on the users it automatically creates, we shouldn't see any more ${username}2 instances01:29
cjohnstonso we shouldnt get any more XX2's?01:29
mhall119or, at least once lpupdate is working again01:29
cjohnstonI'm trying to test tonight01:30
cjohnstondont know if ill get to it :-x01:30
mhall119we're waiting for translations before we release anyway, right?01:30
mhall119neither fix has any translatable string changes, so we can merge that in still01:30
cjohnstonehh... since its a critical bug, i was just thinking push01:31
cjohnstonan email was sent out yesterday requesting translations be done01:31
mhall119we can do that too01:31
pleia2mhall119: UWN has no leader at the moment, nhandler and I have pitched in some since we're on the news team (fridge too) but neither of us have time to really own it01:38
pleia2we're having a meeting this week to talk about the status of things01:39
pleia2as it is it takes like 16 hours a week for the head editor, and that's too much work for one person (akgraner and johnc did it, but they were exceptional)01:40
mhall119pleia2: when is the meeting?01:42
pleia2Thursday, March  10, 2011 @ 2300UTC01:43
mhall119ok, I'll see if I can make it01:43
pleia2I think what we need most is a way to automate some of the sections, formatting is really tedious01:43
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YoBoYgood morning09:50
effie_ja1xishtar: mira tu todav10:31
YoBoYmy sunday stupid question about the LoCo Directory : Why we use on this site "LoCo Team Directory" the Team is not redundant with the Community in LoCo and just a trace of the launchap source/concept ?11:00
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trinikronoYoBoY: you think there should update the topic?16:43
YoBoYtrinikrono: no the topic is fine ^^ it's just this is not easy to translate "local community teams" and on ubuntu.com you can find the locos under "Community" not "teams" ;)16:49
trinikronolol YoBoY so what is local community teams in french?17:11
YoBoYwell we choose to just translate "communaut├ęs locales" we can't put teams around that to make correct french ^^17:13
mhall119YoBoY: that's fine17:14
mhall119in English, the "teams" distinguishes individual units of "community" from the greater whole17:14
trinikronoon the note of the topic though, why dont we have a link to the loco directory in it?17:17
YoBoYjust to be sure for me "local community teams" and "local communities" have different meaning or this is identical ?17:20
mhall119YoBoY: subtly, but yes17:23
mhall119"local communities" is a single entity, implied to consist of sub-entities17:24
mhall119"local community teams" are a collection of entities, implied to compose a super-entity17:24
mhall119by including 'teams', we emphasise the individual teams more17:28
YoBoYok i start to understand a bit more17:33
YoBoYthanks mhall119 :)17:34
mhall119English is a funny language :)17:38
YoBoYfrench too sometimes, lot of words to say the same thing17:42
mhall119cjohnston, Ronnie, daker: can you look over http://paste.ubuntu.com/576479/ and let me know if I'm missing anything20:22
mhall119I'm doing a write-up for developer.ubuntu.com for web development20:22
Ronniemhall119: on what websites are the java-frameworks used?20:24
mhall119Ronnie: I don't know, but the idea is to highlight what is available to developers who use Ubuntu, not just what is used by Ubuntu20:25
mhall119Ronnie: you're in ubuntu-nl aren't you?20:26
Ronniemhall119: yes ubuntu-nl20:26
Ronnieyou forgot moinmoin20:26
mhall119Ronnie: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ see the 2 events taking place off the coast of Nigeria?20:26
mhall119oh, wikis, right20:26
mhall119Ronnie: those 2 events are both for your team, their venues don't have long/lat20:28
mhall119I believe both venues are, in fact, IRC channels20:28
mhall119so maybe those should be Meetings rather than Events?20:28
Ronniehmm, o guess that venues with no lat/lng appear on coordinate 0,020:29
Ronniebut i thought i checked that already, need to ercheck20:29
mhall119the webservice returns them as nulls, not 0s20:30
mhall119but maybe Google's API treats nulls as zeros20:30
YoBoYmhall119: we use nginx for our sites, not the classic lamp :p20:31
mhall119YoBoY: thanks, I'll add that too20:32
YoBoYand if you want to add webapps, we use also dotclear and dokuwiki20:32
mhall119what is dotclear?20:32
YoBoYour french planet20:32
mhall119and are those developer tools, or end-user tools?20:33
YoBoYhum... end user I think20:33
mhall119I want to highlight "things that developers use to develop"20:33
YoBoYwhy wordpress and drupal ?20:33
mhall119because lots of web developers use those as the frameworks for their sites/apps20:34
mhall119bbl, going to see some friends for dinner20:34
YoBoYhum, ok20:35
YoBoYyou should also put some IDE perhaps20:35
daker_mhall119, add symfony(PHP Web Framework) => http://www.symfony-project.org/20:37
Ronniemhall119: nulls should be filtered by .filter(lng__isnull=False)20:38
Ronniemhall119: eclipse as IDE for Java, en django, python20:39
Ronniegedit :D20:39
Ronniebazaar, svn, git20:39
daker_mhall119, also add mootools a javascript framework20:41
daker_and you can ask kim0 for the cloud-init stuff20:42
Ronnieground-control (for graphically managing bzr branches on LP)20:50
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czajkowskiAloha 21:33
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Ronnieah, the code is pushed to production i see22:22
Ronnienice work22:22
YoBoYI can edit my team details now :D22:25
YoBoYthanks everyone :)22:25
YoBoYhum... the "team admins" can't be a team anymore ? it always display the subteam members ? :]22:29
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cjohnstonYoBoY: thats odd.. the code hasnt been pushed live yet23:55
cjohnstonYoBoY: we dont want it to be a team23:55

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