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leighmanfound a missing space on learning-more.tex line 2916:15
leighmanwhat should I do?16:15
nisshhleighman, branch it, fix it, commit it :)16:16
nisshhor i can do it if you dont know how16:16
leighmanI'll give it a try :P16:16
nisshhgo for it, let me know if you need any help16:18
nisshhleighman, ^^^16:18
leighmanhmm, do you see a missing space on page 142 of trunk?16:25
leighmanmaybe I just built it wrong or something :/16:26
leighmanat ese16:26
leighmansystems are called “paage management systems.” Debian soware paages16:26
leighmanare  files, while Red Hat soware paages are  files.16:26
leighmanman Evince copy-paste fail16:26
nisshhone sec16:27
nisshhleighman, where is the missing space exactly, im looking at line 29 and i dont see it16:28
nisshhi see a space before and after the word These on line 2916:30
nisshhin the source, anway16:30
leighmanit appears for me in the pdf16:30
leighmanbetween the "package management systems" and Debian16:30
leighmanputting a space before the above  \marginnote in source solved it but maybe, as I say, I just have something misconfigured which gives this problem16:31
nisshhlet me compile, give me a minute16:32
nisshhdamn this machine is slow16:34
nisshhstill compiling16:34
nisshhleighman, oh i see, there is actually a missing space there, would you like to fix it or shall i?16:36
leighmanthere seem to be a few around there16:44
leighmanwouldn't mind if I could give it a try16:44
nisshhno, no, go ahead :)16:44
leighmanokay, I uploaded to https://code.launchpad.net/~leighman/ubuntu-manual/fix-missing-spaces, is that right?16:58
leighmanwhat is the actual required texlive package?17:04
nisshhleighman, no, dont upload a seperate branch, commit and push the same one :)17:25
nisshhtrunk is public, anyone can make changes17:26
leighmanah, okay, thanks, pushed17:41
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