micahgshould we remove sources for packages that don't build any binaries on arches we support?02:13
MTecknology"What about the rdepends?"02:19
MTecknologyHow can I answer this?02:19
micahgMTecknology: what's the question?02:19
MTecknologyHow do I know if a new package affects rdepends?02:20
micahgMTecknology: apt-rdepends -r BINARYPKGNAME02:21
micahgMTecknology: and reverse-build-depends BINARYPKGNAME02:21
MTecknologyapt-utils supplies those commands?02:21
micahgMTecknology: no02:22
MTecknologyoh.. ubuntu-dev-tools02:23
MTecknologyrdepends are packages that depend on this package, right?02:31
micahgMTecknology: yep02:31
MTecknologythanks :)02:32
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ScottKmicahg: No.  Just ignore sources that don't build for our archs.  Removing them bloats the sync blacklist to no purpose (they don't hurt anything).05:39
micahgScottK: right, thanks06:13
ubottugit is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)06:29
ubottusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/06:36
micahg!msgthebot > c2tarun06:36
ubottuc2tarun, please see my private message06:36
c2tarunmicahg: sorry, I was not knowing this is also a way :( sorry06:37
micahgc2tarun: no problem, now you can query the bot all you want :)06:37
c2tarunmicahg: yup :)06:37
c2tarunmicahg: its still getting displayed here.06:38
jmarsdenc2tarun: Yes, but noone except you can see it now :)06:39
c2tarunjmarsden: oh.... :) got it.06:39
artfwohow can I tell quilt, that I want to rename a file in a patch?06:40
artfwoI am not sure, that "quilt add oldname newname && mv oldname newname" is the right way to do it06:40
c2tarunartfwo: add that new filename to patch and then rename old one. then refresh06:41
micahgartfwo: there's a quilt rename command as well06:41
c2tarunmicahg: thats for reaming patch I guess not for renaming files.06:42
micahgah, right06:42
artfwoyes, rename is for patches06:42
c2tarunartfwo: try how I told, and tell me if it works.06:43
artfwoc2tarun, it works, but I thought there may be a smarter solution :)06:44
c2tarunartfwo: ya there may be :) please tell me if you find one.06:44
c2tarunwhat is trunk?07:11
jmarsdenc2tarun: In the context of animals, it is the nose of an elephant :)  In the context of version control systems, it is the main stream of code from which other secondary streams of development can branch off.07:17
c2tarunjmarsden: ok, so it means that git get branch of from trunk?07:18
jmarsdenI do not know what context you are seeing the word "trunk" in, so I can't answer that :)07:18
hyperaira trunk is a suitcase.07:19
* hyperair hides07:19
jmarsdenc2tarun: You should probably read more about version control systems and bzr and git to get a good understanding of this stuff07:19
* micahg finds hyperair hiding behind a trunk07:19
jmarsdenc2tarun: You should probably ignore hyperair :)07:19
c2tarunjmarsden: I was looking on project neon, there I am getting these words very frequently like svn/git trunk. :/07:20
jmarsdenc2tarun: OK, so read up on distributed version control systems a little and then come back to what you are doing.07:20
c2tarunjmarsden: is there any wiki page for this?07:22
jmarsdenProbably... I'll see what I can find...07:23
jmarsdenTry http://learn.github.com/p/intro.html for a tutorial about git07:24
jmarsdenc2tarun: And maybe http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/aix/library/au-dist_ver_control/ for a more general into to distributed version control.07:25
c2tarunjmarsden: these links are awesome :) thanks07:26
jmarsdenc2tarun: You're welcome.07:26
c2tarunone more help please, earlier when I was using ubuntu lucid when buffering of any video ends then I can copy that video from /tmp folder, but since I switched to kubuntu maverick there are no such videos in that tmp folder. why?07:28
jmarsdenThat's not a MOTU-ish packaging-related question... I don't generally watch videos on Ubuntu... sounds like the software you are using to watch videos has been fixed to tidy up after itself and delete the temp files it uses -- but that is just a guess.07:30
hyperairc2tarun: are you talking about Flash videos?07:41
hyperairthe current version of Flash seems to create a /tmp/FlashXXXXXX file, keep the file descriptor open, and then delete it.07:43
hyperairmeaning that if you do lsof -n | grep Flash, you'll see which file descriptor points at this deleted file. then you can go to /proc/$pid/fd/$fd (specifically, cat /proc/$pid/fd/$fd > /path/to/newfile07:44
hyperairi frequently also just run mplayer on the partially-buffered file the same way =p07:45
c2tarunhyperair: ping08:15
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hyperairc2tarun: pong08:37
c2tarunhyperair: this channel is not for discussing Flash problem :( can I PM you?08:38
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c2tarunIf a package has newer version in debian and no watch file, how can I get it from debian?12:20
micahgc2tarun: pull-debian-source in ubuntu-dev-tools12:28
c2tarunthere is package tracked by ftbfs tracker, its newer version in debian claims in its changelog that it fixed the ftbfs problem, but package still fails to build on natty, what can I do? I know how to fix, but how can I close same debian bug in two changelog entries?12:47
Bachstelzec2tarun: a lot of things can cause FTBFS, if it is fixed in debian doesn't mean it is in Ubuntu, you should probably file a new ftbfs bug12:49
Bachstelzec2tarun: what's the package?12:50
c2tarunBachstelze: bfm12:50
c2tarunBachstelze: some errors mentioned in debian's bug error log are same12:50
c2taruni'll brb12:50
c2tarunBachstelze: yup I am back :) you looked at the package?12:51
Bachstelzelooking at it now12:52
Bachstelzeyou can't do these things in 30 seconds ;)12:52
c2tarunBachstelze: sorry :)12:53
Bachstelzec2tarun: what's the debian bug number?13:05
c2tarunBachstelze: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=55395913:05
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Bachstelzedebian bug 55395913:06
ubottuDebian bug 553959 in src:bfm "FTBFS with binutils-gold" [Important,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/55395913:06
Bachstelzec2tarun: that's the prefered way ;)13:07
c2tarunoh ... :) sorry13:07
c2tarunBachstelze: found something?13:11
Bachstelzec2tarun: the new versions adds -lX11, but all the -l flags are still in the wrong place13:13
Bachstelzethey should be after the .c files, not before13:13
Bachstelzeon the command line13:14
c2tarunBachstelze: so what should I do, file a new bug into debian?13:14
Bachstelzeit's related, so report in the same bug13:15
Bachstelzeand see what the maintainer says13:15
Bachstelzebut wait a bit, I'll see if that's really the problem13:15
micahgDebian might not have all the default flags that we do on13:16
* Bachstelze nods13:18
Bachstelze--as-needed is probably the culprit here13:18
c2tarunBachstelze: what should I do13:25
c2tarunI have problem with one more package, there is a package named btnx in that ftbfs bug tracker, its ubuntu1 version failed to build, should this error be reported to debian?13:32
Bachstelzewhat's ubuntu1 for?13:35
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c2tarunI mean  btnx_0.4.11-3ubuntu1 version failed, as this incorporated the changes for ubuntu so I asked.13:36
BachstelzeI meant what changes does ubuntu1 bring opver the version in Debian?13:38
* c2tarun looking13:38
c2tarunBachstelze: something related to source code. must be necessary13:39
c2tarunBachstelze: so what should I do? report it to debian?13:40
Bachstelzeso report it to both, we need an Ubuntu-specific patch anyway since we have already diverted13:40
Bachstelzethere is no newer revision in Debian13:40
c2tarunBachstelze: no there is no newer revision in debian + there is no patch as well. package doesn't follow any patch system13:40
Bachstelzec2tarun: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576463/13:43
Bachstelzebfm builds fine with this13:43
Bachstelzesee how the LIBS must be after the SRCS13:43
Bachstelzelast part13:44
Bachstelzeor after the OBJS, depending on what you're doing13:45
Bachstelzebut always at the end of the command line13:45
c2tarunI would have also done same thing but not in that proffesional way :( why you remove line 7 from comment?13:46
BachstelzeI only did the last part13:46
Bachstelzeline 7 is already in 0.6.4-413:47
c2tarunBachstelze: not getting what do you mean by last part? if its in last part how come its in debdiff?13:48
Bachstelzeit's not a debdiff13:48
c2taruni mean diff13:48
Bachstelzeit's part of the .diff.gz for my fixed package13:48
c2tarunBachstelze: ohh..... got it :)13:49
Bachstelzeyou normally don't submit debdiffs to debian, only patches13:49
c2tarunBachstelze: so submittodebian submits patch like this?13:49
Bachstelzeno idea, I have never used it13:50
c2tarunBachstelze: so submittodebian submits creates patch like this?13:50
c2tarunBachstelze: then how do you submit to debian?13:50
Bachstelzethe old way, by email13:52
c2tarunBachstelze: oh... :)13:52
koenigive got question ive a deb package and i want to add this to the official ubuntu repostorys how can i do this15:22
koenigcan sombody helpme pls ????15:22
kklimonda!revu | koenig15:23
ubottukoenig: REVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU15:23
koenigthanks for quick reply15:25
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c2tarunBachstelze: ping16:38
Bachstelzec2tarun: pong16:42
c2tarunBachstelze: you remember that bfm package we discussed?16:42
c2tarunBachstelze: dont you think bfm package is in condition for merge ( debian has a newer version which needs some change for building on ubuntu)16:43
Bachstelzec2tarun: we haven't diverted, so it would not be a merge, just a sync16:47
Bachstelzeand we can apply the fix for --as-needed to the new debian revision16:48
c2tarundiverted means?16:48
Bachstelzeit means that the apckage is different in Ubuntu and in Debian, denoted by ubuntuX appended to the version number16:49
c2tarunBachstelze: so change for --as-needed can not be considered as a change enough for merge?16:51
Bachstelzethe change is not commited to ubuntu yet, right ?16:51
ScottKIf the package currently fails to build on Ubuntu due to --as-needed then we want that fixed in Ubuntu.16:53
Bachstelzecan't we sync the new debian revision at the same time ?16:53
AmpelbeinBachstelze: that is called a merge.16:54
Bachstelzeonly if we have diverted16:54
Bachstelzewe have not, or not yet at least16:54
ScottKBachstelze: We still call it a merge if the package is different when uploaded even if it wasn't before.16:54
AmpelbeinBachstelze: it's still a merge if we introduce a change only now.16:54
ScottKThe key point about a merge is we have to manually upload to Ubuntu.16:54
c2tarunok, so I will file a bug for merge than16:58
ari-tczewc2tarun: FYI, output messages on lucas merges are outdated, you have to copy log from http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20110125-natty.html18:28
c2tarunari-tczew: what log?18:35
ari-tczewc2tarun: when you create a bug on launchpad, you copy FTBFS log to description, right?18:35
c2tarunari-tczew: that was not from lucas log, that was the actual error I got18:36
ari-tczewc2tarun: odd, in some cases I got another error than you18:36
c2tarunari-tczew: what case?18:37
c2tarunI mean which casse18:37
ari-tczewwgrant: could you give me a link to latest rebuild of archive?18:37
ari-tczewc2tarun: bug 72911818:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729118 in dma (Ubuntu) "Package dma_0.0.2010.06.17-6 failed to build from source" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72911818:38
ari-tczewc2tarun: I got undefined reference to HMAC or something18:38
ari-tczewc2tarun: and please add18:39
ari-tczewDebian bug to this one18:39
ari-tczewon launchpad18:39
c2tarunari-tczew: how to add debian bug?18:41
ari-tczewc2tarun: Also affects distribution18:42
c2tarunari-tczew:  can you please check, is it fine now?18:44
ari-tczewc2tarun: yes, it's fine. when you receive message from bug tracker about fixed bug in Debian, it's sign to check whether we can drop changes in package.18:47
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m4n1shis watch file mandatory while packaging?19:59
Bachstelzem4n1sh: no20:00
m4n1shBachstelze: thanks20:00
Bachstelzesays it's recommended, though20:00
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: but it's considered good practice to include one and many reviewers will complain if its not there.20:01
m4n1shAmpelbein: the problem is that I am taking an upstream codebase20:03
m4n1shwhich does not have autotools support20:03
m4n1shso I took the codebase, added build support20:03
m4n1shand hosting it myself20:03
m4n1shand working side by side :(20:03
Bachstelzehow is upstream supposed to be built thenN20:03
m4n1shit is a Visual Studio solution20:04
m4n1shhosted at json.codeplex.com20:04
m4n1shit is a .NET library20:04
m4n1shworks on mono also20:04
m4n1shbut does not have any linux build system support20:04
m4n1shit is a great library, since mono as of now doesnt have good json support20:04
Bachstelzenot sure how to handle such cases, I think you should list yourself as upstream, since the source tarball is modified20:05
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: and you need a get-orig-source target if you modify the source tarball20:06
m4n1shAmpelbein: in which file20:06
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: debian/rules20:06
m4n1shBachstelze: I just added the build system but no codebase changes20:06
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: are you repacking the orig.tar.gz?20:08
m4n1shAmpelbein: the upstream is a zip file with source and binaries and blobs20:08
m4n1shi mean upstream release20:08
m4n1shstripping out everything20:08
m4n1shand adding build support20:09
m4n1shis what I am doing in my case20:09
m4n1shand finally I am done20:09
m4n1shand now trying to package it20:09
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: the point is, 'wget <upstreamsource>, tar xfz <debian-diff>' must result in the source that can be built. if it is not, you need a get-orig-source target.20:10
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: so if you repack the .zip to .tar.gz, you need to make a rule for that.20:11
m4n1shAmpelbein: okay. I have hosted my packagign in gitorious20:11
m4n1shwill release it20:11
m4n1shand add that in watch20:11
m4n1shstill I need a rule?20:11
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: since debian only allows gz, bz2 and xz, yes, you need a rule to repack the tarball.20:12
m4n1shAmpelbein: the tarball I am releasing is tar.gz20:13
m4n1shwhich I work  upon after taking the source from upstream20:13
Bachstelzem4n1sh: the point is that someone can take the package and use it with any new source release20:14
Bachstelzeso that people can take over if you can't maintain the package antmore20:14
m4n1shyes, but right now I am acting in the middle between the package and the upstream newtonsoft-json author20:15
m4n1shsince he does not support the build systems20:15
m4n1shthe upstream release files are a zip file20:15
m4n1shwith no LICENSE20:15
m4n1shor README20:15
Bachstelzethat's what get-orig-source is for20:16
m4n1sh get-orig-source should point to upstream one?20:17
Bachstelzeyou should make it fetch thz zip, do the changes and repack it as .tar.Gz20:17
m4n1shThis target fetches the most recent version of the original source package from a canonical archive site (via FTP or WWW, for example), does any necessary rearrangement to turn it into the original source tar file format described below, and leaves it in the current directory.20:18
m4n1shactually writing a script to do this is tough20:18
m4n1shit has to be done manually20:18
m4n1shtested and then can be released20:18
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: if there is no LICENSE, you might have other problems to consider first.20:18
m4n1shAmpelbein: the LICENSE is not shipped with the tarball20:18
m4n1shbut when downloading it shows properly20:19
Bachstelzeit should be20:19
m4n1shI am checking agai20:19
m4n1shwhen I click Download it says "Do you agree to this license"20:19
Bachstelzedoesn't matter20:19
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: the license must be included in the debian package20:20
Bachstelzethe license must accompany the code20:20
m4n1shI checked the upstream zip file20:20
m4n1shit contains a readme.txt file20:21
m4n1shupper part is readme20:21
m4n1shbelow part contains license20:21
m4n1shand the debian package has that license20:21
Ampelbeinm4n1sh: good. be sure to mention that in debian/copyright20:22
m4n1shchecked again20:22
m4n1shI have updated it20:22
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micahggilir: you know xulrunner-1.9.2 is going away in natty, right?23:28
gilirmicahg, there are still some packages depending on it, you plan to do the migration so late in the cycle ?23:33
micahggilir: whatever is left at teh end of the cycle, we're going to drop23:33
micahgwe can't support multiple xulrunners23:34
micahggilir: is gecko-mediaplayer an npapi plugin?23:35
gilirso why not removing it right now ? it's still in the archive23:35
micahggilir: to give people a chance to port and still have the app useable :)23:35
micahgbut I'll bring up dropping it for beta23:36
gilirmicahg, I don't know, it installs a .so in the same place than flash and java23:37
micahggilir: is upstream not active?23:37
gilirmicahg, it is, only the ususal ubuntu/debian maintainer is not23:38
micahggilir: is it just a matter of packaging the new upstream?23:39
kklimonda1micahg: why the hell are upstream devs depending on mozjs if it doesn't provide a stable API?23:40
kklimonda1micahg: is it the same with v8?23:40
gilirmicahg, no, according to upstream, it's already compatible with 2.023:40
micahgkklimonda1: idk about v8, but mozjs should be stable soon23:40
micahggilir: ok, I'll try to have a look this week23:40
kklimonda1micahg: stable as in they will provide stable API for years?23:41
RAOFmicahg: Oh, really?  Mozilla will commit to an ABI in the near future?  Sweet.23:41
micahgkklimonda1: which upstream are you frustrated with now23:41
kklimonda1micahg: mongodb ;)23:41
micahgRAOF: they're thinking about trying at least :)23:41
micahgkklimonda1: yep, are you trying to port to xul-2.0?23:41
kklimonda1micahg: I know nothing of xul 2.0 API changes, nor about mongodb internals. I may take a look at it this week, but I wouldn't hold my breath :)23:42
gilirmicahg, thanks :)23:50

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