micahgchrisccoulson: is there any reason you mentioned 3.1.8 specifically in the postinst file for thunderbird?10:52
micahgfta: if you get a chance, can you look at debian 611725 to see if we need any of those patches?11:01
* micahg guesses the bot is still gone11:01
chrisccoulsonmicahg - are you referring to the folder->symlink migration?11:50
micahgchrisccoulson: yes11:50
chrisccoulsonmicahg - it was only needed for 3.1.811:51
chrisccoulsonyou can get rid of it now11:51
micahgchrisccoulson: right, but people upgrading from maverick, won't they need it as well?11:51
chrisccoulsonmicahg - no, because the install location changes, so the workaround isn't needed11:52
micahgchrisccoulson: ah, ok, right, makes sense, if I do the 3.1.9 upload, I'll drop it then11:52
chrisccoulsondid you try the 3.3 dailies yet?11:52
micahgchrisccoulson: not yet, still have testing to do for 3.6.1511:53
chrisccoulson(i put the alpha 2 build in to the thunderbird-next PPA too)11:53
micahgchrisccoulson: cool, I'm on natty now BTW11:53
micahgbut running xubuntu :)11:53
chrisccoulsonusing unity? ;)11:53
micahgI'll probably test unity at some point11:54
chrisccoulsonyeah, we should all be testing it really ;)11:54
* micahg doesn't like that xubuntu-desktop has to be removed to install ubuntu-desktop11:55
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i dropped the firefox-next bzr branch btw. i'm just going to take all of the firefox-next and thunderbird-next builds from trunk11:55
chrisccoulsonit's easier than having 2 branches ;)11:56
micahgchrisccoulson: that won't work with m-c branching11:56
chrisccoulsonthat's ok, because branching only happens for release now11:56
micahgright, but what are we going to do for the mozilla-2.0 branch11:56
chrisccoulsonnothing ;)11:57
chrisccoulsonthe RC is bascially what will end up being the release (assuming no show-stoppers), so the next upload will be to the firefox-stable PPA11:57
chrisccoulsonand the next upload to firefox-next will come from mozilla-central still (ff5~a1,or whatever)11:57
micahgright, so firefox-4.0.head become the firefox in teh dailes?11:58
chrisccoulsonyeah, we should do that once firefox 4 is released11:58
micahgrc1 was tagged on mozilla-2.0 BTW11:58
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm just testing it now11:58
chrisccoulsonthe builds aren't don yet though (there's nothing on ftp.mozilla.org yet anyway)11:59
chrisccoulsoni guess we could have a firefox-next branch temporarily just to do RC builds for firefox-next now that mozilla-2.0 has branched12:01
chrisccoulsonbut for most uploads, it's easier just to have a single branch12:01
micahgchrisccoulson: if it's the same as you're uploading to natty, you can just use the firefox-4.0 branch I guess12:01
chrisccoulsonyeah, the issue is that the source package name is different12:02
micahgah, right12:02
chrisccoulsonbut the firefox-4.0 branch is what i'll use for firefox-stable12:02
chrisccoulsoni guess we don't want firefox-stable to be parallel installable do we?12:02
micahgwell, that's not how we had it before12:02
micahgI would think for stable people want the drop in replacement12:03
chrisccoulsonyeah, that's what i was planning to do12:03
chrisccoulsonthat also means we get official branding, and one less reason for people to use ubuntuzilla12:03
micahgchrisccoulson: BTW, upstream is planning to force libxul and IPC in configure, are we ok with those changes?12:04
chrisccoulsoni saw that12:04
chrisccoulsondoesn't work for all of our architectures though12:04
chrisccoulsonand i guess, other distro's that support more architectures are going to have more problems than us12:05
micahgright, so should we ask upstream not to force that?12:05
chrisccoulsonwe should probably fix powerpc tbh12:05
chrisccoulsonwe could raise it as an issue though12:05
chrisccoulsonwe currently turn off IPC on powerpc12:05
micahgchrisccoulson: maybe chat with glandium as Debian has to support it as well12:05
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'll talk to him in the week12:05
chrisccoulsoni'm going to try and keep on top of firefox-stable once 4.0 is released. i really don't want users downloading the ubuntuzilla packages12:06
micahgwell, idk what the problem with 3.6.x was, we upload same or next day to -security the updates12:07
chrisccoulsoni guess i need to test the upgrade paths this week from each release to the current natty branch12:07
chrisccoulsonso people using firefox-next get a nice upgrade path12:07
micahgthat would be nice :)12:07
* micahg has to start working on the webkit upgrade this week12:08
chrisccoulsonhas anyone seen gnomefreak recently?12:20
micahgchrisccoulson: Feb 2412:27
chrisccoulsonhmmm, quite a long time ago12:27
chrisccoulsoni guess I'll need to talk to IS then :/12:27
micahgI hope everything is ok12:27
micahghave you tried e-mailing?12:28
chrisccoulsonnot yet12:28
ftamicahg, could you please build the current chromium 10 beta on arm? it should be promoted to stable on Tuesday. it has the arm ftbfs fix and the changelog fix too12:54
ftaalso, there's a problem with the html5 video tag. it's broken, i can't figure out why12:55
ftaoh, and the ch10 update is also a security update12:56
micahgfta: I'll upload to the u-m-s PPA in the mean time since my last arm build was OOM and took way too long12:57
micahgfta: the version will be higher on the promoted one, right?12:57
micahgfta: also, does it matter which release?12:58
micahgchrisccoulson: is the crash reporter working for thunderbird yet in natty?13:01
chrisccoulsonmicahg, yeah, it should be13:01
micahghmm, it didn't actually crash, it was just hidden, good13:01
ftamicahg, i just need a test build. it will not be the exact same version/tarball.13:03
micahgfta: ok, do you care which release?13:04
ftathe arm flags are lucid vs post lucid13:04
micahgI'm tempted to do natty since it'll have all the deps13:05
ftanatty is fine13:05
ftayou can dget this one: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/beta/+files/chromium-browser_10.0.648.127~r76697-0ubuntu1~ucd~beta2.dsc13:05
micahgI'm just copying from the PPA13:05
micahg\o/ no timeout13:06
micahgfta: hopefully we'll know in about 20 hours13:07
ftachrisccoulson, uhuh, seems my blog post about unity is popular13:23
chrisccoulsonfta - "I never switched to Compiz (no benefits for my use case) and I would still be using Metacity if Unity was usable with it" - did you try unity-2d?13:27
chrisccoulsonthat runs with metacity13:27
chrisccoulson(but it also pulls in qt)13:27
ftachrisccoulson, the thing in Maverick UNE?13:28
chrisccoulsonfta - no, unity-2d is new for natty (it's in the archive now)13:28
chrisccoulsonup until last week, unity-2d was more feature complete than unity proper ;)13:29
ftai will13:29
ftai already have qt because of calibre and googleearth iirc13:29
chrisccoulsonit's still a bit crashy tbh (just like unity), but it's pretty impressive considering it's not using compiz13:30
micahgoh, maybe I'll try unity w/out ubuntu-desktop13:30
ftachrisccoulson, how do I switch?13:32
chrisccoulsonfta - you need to select the 2D session option from GDM13:33
ftagrrr; it brings appmenu-gtk back13:33
micahgcompiz is using boost, yuck13:34
ftachrisccoulson, what's the w-m of unity 2d? metacity, mutter?13:35
chrisccoulsonfta - it's using metacity13:35
ftachrisccoulson, hm, no indicator at all13:44
ftamicahg, about the debian arm bug, it's about armv4t, we target v713:58
ftachrisccoulson, how do I add the indicators & nautilus back in unity-2d?13:59
fta (<unknown>:13800): libindicator-WARNING **: File '/usr/lib/indicators/4/libapplication.so' does not exist.14:24
fta$ dpkg -S libapplication.so14:24
ftaindicator-application: /usr/lib/indicators/5/libapplication.so14:24
fta #6  0x065c65ad in fastGetOwnPropertySlot (this=0xbfa3cda8, exec=0xb3fff048, propertyName=..., slot=...) at ../3rdparty/javascriptcore/JavaScriptCore/runtime/JSObject.h:38214:38
ftaoh my, Qt has its own JS JIT engine14:38
ftaand it's crashing14:38
ftamicahg, remainder, ch 10 needs libvpx 0.9.5+15:03
chrisccoulsonfta - sorry, i went away for lunch15:11
chrisccoulsonfta - i wonder if nautilus is set to not draw the desktop in unity-2d? it used to be that way in the old unity15:11
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure about the indicators though -they should just work15:11
ftanope https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/72471715:12
ftaevo looks different in unity-2d15:23
ftano more preview15:23
ftabut tabs instead15:23
ftagasp, evo is totally broken15:24
BUGabundofta: Femme de ménage sexy Paris Lyon Lille Montpellier http://t.co/AAUgITv with ubuntu logo17:53
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micahgfta: that's why I wanted to build natty and thanks for checking the Debian bug20:16
ftamicahg, did you see about libvpx?20:17
micahgfta: yep, that was the first half of my comment ;)20:17
ftaalso, the <video> tag regressed, but i have no idea why, i checked, nada20:18
ftawould be nice to bisect and find out when it happened20:19
micahg:(, do you have a good test for that I can add to QRT?20:19
* micahg thinks youtube regressed20:19
ftanonix4, everything using <video>20:20
ftanonix4, n-m20:20
ftai meant "no, ..."20:20
ftadamn xchat20:20
ftamicahg, also http://diveintohtml5.org/detect.html#video  (under the pictures)20:21
ftait says "does not support HTML video"20:22
ftawhile it used to work20:22
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micahgfta: was H.264 removed already?20:23
ftamicahg, nope, i don't think so. and vorbis is broken too20:24
micahgfta: how soon do you think they'll release to stable?  this doesn't sound good20:24
ftaTuesday morning, PST20:25
micahgok, I guess after I finish testing and release Firefox I can try to narrow this down20:26
ftaHTML5 video is not part of my own test, so i missed it, but i assume it's broken in v9 too20:26
ftamaybe another side effect of the codecs merge20:26
micahgwell, we have tests for webm20:26
BUGabundoI was the one sounding the alarms :P20:26
ftaBUGabundo, yep, thanks :)20:26
BUGabundoI always use youtube in html520:27
ftaas i said in my blog post about unity, my productivity declined significantly because of compiz/unity20:27
BUGabundoyeah, I miss having a stable compiz20:29
BUGabundometacity its toooooo basic for me20:29
BUGabundobut compiz its to crashy20:30
ftai don't see what compiz has that metacity can't do (beside useless graphical effects)20:30
micahghmm, trunk seems ok20:30
ftamicahg, ?20:31
ftafor youtube, you must opt-in to the html5 beta20:31
x_linkI have some small problems getting Firefox 3.6 running on my laptop with Hardy.20:31
ftamicahg, http://www.youtube.com/html520:31
BUGabundomicahg: trunk here. not ok20:32
BUGabundo11.0.693.0 (77055) Ubuntu 11.0420:32
x_linkI downloaded a tar.gz-file which I extracted and made a shortcut to the startup-file. This works with 3.5 but not with 3.620:32
micahghmm, everything's still using flash20:33
BUGabundomicahg: YOUAREDONGITWRONG :P20:33
micahgx_link: we don't support the .tar.gzs20:33
micahgx_link: what do you need a package for?20:34
chrisccoulsonx_link, why aren't you just using the package we provide?20:35
x_linkHmm is there a "special" file for 3.6 in hardy?20:35
chrisccoulsonwhat do you mean?20:36
x_linkchrisccoulson: Which one is the package that you provide?20:36
chrisccoulson3.6 is the default browser in hardy20:36
micahgx_link: 3.6.14 is the default in hardy20:36
x_linkchrisccoulson: My english isn't that very good.20:36
chrisccoulsonjust install and make sure you apply all the security updates, and you have 3.6 ;)20:37
x_linkHmmm....it's 3.5 for me. When I upgrade it to 3.6 it won't load/start.20:37
x_linkchrisccoulson: I tried that, it won't load/start then.20:37
chrisccoulsonnot sure where you got 3.5 from20:37
chrisccoulsonit's never had 3.520:37
x_linkI installed firefox-3.0, then it upgraded to 3.5, after that 3.620:37
x_linkSo I should just run "sudo aptitude install firefox" ?20:38
x_linkPretty strange that it doesn't work for me.20:38
BUGabundofta: more serious then no webM, for me, is it crashes on a certain site!20:39
BUGabundoreported weeks ago, zero feedback20:39
chrisccoulsonx_link - you should just ensure you have all security updates20:39
ftaBUGabundo, where?20:39
x_linkchrisccoulson: How do I do that?20:40
BUGabundofta: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=7391320:40
BUGabundoevery SINGLE time20:40
chrisccoulsonx_link, you probably need to be in #ubuntu20:40
BUGabundoI'm going mad20:40
BUGabundousing FF now20:40
chrisccoulsonthis isn't really a support channel20:40
x_linkchrisccoulson: Mozilla Firefox 3.6.16pre Seems like I have that one now.20:43
chrisccoulsonx_link, if you're asking how to apply security updates, you really shouldn't be using our daily builds20:44
ftaBUGabundo, even in --temp-profile mode?20:44
chrisccoulson3.6.16pre is a daily buil20:44
BUGabundofta: testing20:44
BUGabundofta: question: where the heck is chromium on a brand NEW profile get my passwords from???20:45
ftaBUGabundo, i really wish we had breakpad so those go directly upstream20:45
BUGabundono login at all20:45
ftaBUGabundo, it's not supposed to20:45
BUGabundofta: all my chromium installs on several machines do that20:46
BUGabundoboth new profiles and private20:46
ftabreakpad to submit the crashes upstream automatically20:46
BUGabundoscare the hell out of me20:46
* chrisccoulson will look at that this week now we have alpha 3 out of the way20:46
BUGabundonew profile is NOT chrashing20:46
BUGabundohunting down the add on20:47
BUGabundothat can be causing it20:47
BUGabundogonna take a while20:47
x_linkchrisccoulson: Well okey then, thanks for your help.20:47
BUGabundodoes the trace tell you anything?20:47
ftaBUGabundo, i see sun java in your crash20:50
ftabut your particular crash seems related to the DNS20:50
BUGabundothat's even stranger20:51
ftacrashes while resolving something20:51
ftalooks similar to the old http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=2582320:54
BUGabundoill disabel addons and test20:55
BUGabundogive me a few (many) minutes20:55
BUGabundojust after 6 addons21:01
BUGabundoGOT IT21:01
BUGabundofta: mind testing this a bit? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nffehaffffkpgiloohpklpanbfhnkocb21:02
BUGabundofta: bug updated , dev contacted21:11
ftai'm busy fixing my netbook. failed badly in the middle of a maverick->natty upgrade21:11
ftaBUGabundo, are you sure it's this addon?21:12
BUGabundowith it disable , crash doesn't happen21:12
ftai mean, does it crash if you have just this one?21:12
BUGabundolet me reenable all again21:13
BUGabundoand test21:13
ftanonix4, disable everything expect this one21:13
BUGabundono crash21:13
ftanick completion suffix: ","21:14
ftaBUGabundo, do you remember when the HTML5 video started to fail?21:20
BUGabundoone day before I told u21:22
fta2 days ago?21:25
BUGabundowas it ?21:25
BUGabundofeels like more21:25
ftacould you check?21:26
BUGabundolet me grep the logs21:26
BUGabundo2011-03-05.162324+0000WET.txt:(2011-03-05 19:02:14) freenode: with html5 enabled21:27
BUGabundoman, I must leave home21:28
BUGabundoI'm going crazy here21:28
BUGabundotime does NOT pass :S21:28
ftaso it's recent21:29
ftado you still have the previous build?21:29
BUGabundoI keep21:30
BUGabundoand install daily21:30
BUGabundolet me revert a few days21:30
BUGabundo-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   16M 2011-03-01 08:15 chromium-browser_11.0.687.0~svn20110301r76345-0ubuntu1~ucd1_amd64.deb21:30
BUGabundoits the oldest I have21:31
ftarevert the codecs too21:32
ftause the same version21:32
ftamicahg, fyi, i will promote one new lang in ch10. Uyghur, they jumped from 17% translated yesterday to 91.3% tomorrow21:38
ftathat's even 94.5% in the current beta21:40
ftawoo, and 99.4% in stable21:42
micahgfta: that should be fine21:42
ftait's automatic anyway. part of the tarball creation21:43
ftawell, no. whitelisting new langs is not automatic, landing new strings is21:43
ftaBUGabundo, so?21:50
BUGabundosorry, busy21:51
BUGabundo$ sudo dpkg -i chromium-browser_11.0.687.0~svn20110301r76345-0ubuntu1~ucd1_amd64.deb chromium-browser-dbg_11.0.687.0~svn20110301r76345-0ubuntu1~ucd1_amd64.deb chromium-browser-inspector_11.0.687.0~svn20110301r76345-0ubuntu1~ucd1_all.deb chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra_11.0.687.0~svn20110301r76345-0ubuntu1~ucd1_amd64.deb chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-nonfree_11.0.687.0~svn20110301r76345-0ubuntu1~ucd1_all.deb21:53
BUGabundoYour profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of Chromium.22:04
BUGabundoSome features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of Chromium.22:04
BUGabundofta: ^^^^^^^^^^22:04
ftai mean the downgrade22:04
BUGabundostill happens22:05
BUGabundocan't play22:05
ftait's not an old one22:05
ftabut video still NOK22:05
BUGabundoso its older then 2011-03-01 r7634522:05
ftaI merged the codecs in 67422:08
ftadamn, lp no longer has it22:08
BUGabundoLP aint made for dailies22:09
BUGabundoback to chromium-browser (11.0.693.0~svn20110305r77055-0ubuntu1~ucd1) ...22:11
ftapff, i need to rebuild those22:13
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ftamicahg, BUGabundo: good news, ch9 stable and ch10 beta are fine. only ch11 (dev & trunk) are broken22:57
ftaso it's not my codecs merge after all22:57
ftadev is at 686, so it's older than that, and beta at 64822:59
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micahgfta: ah, good news, thanks23:18

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