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Newbuntu81-2Hi All.  Quick question.  How would you find out if the NTSC cable coming into your house is analog or digital?  I saw that some said they didn't need the NTSC analog part of the driver to work because most of Comcast is digital.00:51
Newbuntu81-2Ok let me rephrase that...is all coax cable NTSC analog?00:52
tgm4883Newbuntu81-2, no01:25
tgm4883that doesn't even make sense01:25
Newbuntu81-2<[R]> if you have an analog tv that can pick up channels without a box01:35
Newbuntu81-2<[R]> then its analog01:35
Newbuntu81-2Did anyone ever get the analog NTSC working with mythbuntu 10.10? I could only get ATSC working.02:44
tgm4883Newbuntu81-2, again, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense03:45
tgm4883yea, people have NTSC working in 10.1003:45
tgm4883it would make more sense if you said what tuner you are using03:46
Newbuntu81-2oh i think i did awhile back, i have an hvr 2250, 950q, and 850. can't get anything working in analog ntsc. researching.03:48
rhpot1991Newbuntu81-2: if your cable still provides anlog then you can capture that, otherwise you will need to do clear QAM05:28
rhpot1991have an old non HD tv?05:28
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Nedehi chat14:21
Nedecommon interface ci+ for mythbuntu?14:22
judgethi can someone tell me what the password is set to fore the mythtv user during installation16:36
rhpot1991judget: there is no mythtv user, just the user you pick which is in the mythtv group16:59
ripperdaHi, I have a mythbuntu system running w/ 3 hard drives containing my OTA recordings (main drive + 2 extras). Paths to these 3 drives are all listed in my 'Default' storage group. I'd like to replace the 2 extra drives with a single, larger drive.17:04
ripperdaHow can I do that, without losing the metadata of recordings on those 2 drives? If I just copy the files to the new drive and update the paths in the Default storage group, will mythtv be smart enough to identify the recordings?17:05
rhpot1991ripperda: copy the files to the new drive and make sure its in the storage group, easy enough17:05
ripperdaok, I wasn't sure if that would work, but I'll give it a try17:05
judgetrhpot1991 I am trying to run a .pl script to add thumbnails for my own video clips and it says i have to run it as the mythtv user17:06
rhpot1991run it as your user and it should be fine17:06
judgetno it says you must run this script as the mythtv user17:09
judgetand i am in the mythtv group17:09
rhpot1991sounds like a very old script then17:09
rhpot1991you could make a mythtv user I suppose, but thats pretty silly17:09
rhpot1991better off just finding the part in code that checks for that and bypass it17:09
judgetok does anyone have any suggestiosn then how to add thumbnails for video clips that I made myself?17:10
Patrickdkedit metadata17:17
judgetok how do I do that please?17:20
judgetsorry if it sounds like a dumb question17:25
petethepirateI'm trying to install drivers for my tuner card, and I can't get past this error.  media_build/v4l/fmdrv_common.c:41: fatal error: linux/ti_wilink_st.h: No such file or directory  What would fix this?19:03
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qwebirc84049hi all - some help would be appriciated if anyone is available19:52
qwebirc84049im struggling with listings19:52
qwebirc84049im in the uk, using maverick meerkat, (DVB)19:54
qwebirc84049Im situated between 2 transponders (Crystal Palace and Hannington)19:54
Newbuntu81-2Whoohoo, 2.6.37 kernel with onboard support for hvr 2250!19:54
qwebirc84049hi Newbuntu81-219:55
qwebirc84049can you help with my listings issues please?19:56
qwebirc84049my EIT from doesnt work very well (the transponder I dont want has listings, and some channels on the transponder i do want, dont..)19:57
qwebirc84049if that make s sense19:57
qwebirc84049i tried to stup xmltv source, but the radio times option doesnt appear...19:58
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qwebirc84049anyone know why i cannot select "uk radio times" in myth-setup->video source->listings grabber ??? (the only options available are EIT or schedules direct)20:10
qwebirc84049any manual work arounds?20:10
rhpot1991qwebirc84049: try asking in #mythtv-users20:11
qwebirc84049ok, will do, thanks20:11
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