ibeardsleeoh yeah morning19:14
ojwbcold one too19:43
snailikonia: if you want to help, see #eqnz19:48
hadsBugger. Seems my chromium profile is bung.20:13
hadsSubmitting a form causes it to use 100% CPU and lockup the interface for 20 seconds.20:13
hadsClearing cache and history doesn't seem to fix it. Moving the profile out of the way does.20:16
ajmitch_that's not good20:16
ajmitch_you'd usually think that clearing the private data should kill it20:16
hadsAha, missed clearing saved form data.20:17
hadsThat fixed it20:17
hadsI guess it was doing something weird with sqlite20:18
hadsJust copying back the profile and will see if clearning only the form data fixes it.20:19
hadsYeah, clearing just the saved form data fixes it.20:28
snailhads: my money is on badly escaped '%' characters causing sqlite to do the wrong kinds of matches20:30
hadsSomething like that sounds plausable20:31

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