atari2600aright, so, I just realized why my VM wasn't hitting the internet00:42
atari2600ait's not even getting out of my host machine00:43
atari2600ais there some sort of port forwarding I need to enable on ubuntu-desktop?00:43
jmarsdenYou need to set up the VM to bridge to a real LAN interface, I suspect, not just to an internal network for VMs.  What are you using to run VMs? kvm, or virtualbox, or something else?00:57
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jmarsdenatari2600a: ^^00:57
atari2600avirtualbox, but I already have port forwarding through NAT set up01:00
atari2600aI can access the server from the host, just not within the LAN01:00
jmarsdenNAt will do outbound only... for inbound you need to set the virtualbox VM setting to bridged and select the relevant network device, usually eth001:06
jmarsdenShut down the VM, change that setting, and restart it.01:07
jmarsdenIncidentally, this is documented at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/Networking if you read it carefully.01:10
atari2600a...but I have port forwarding01:13
atari2600aI have already established it recieves inbound01:13
atari2600aI SSH into it regularly01:13
jmarsdenEither try it my way, or read the docs, or... try some other way to make it work that you know about and I don't :)01:15
jmarsdenatari2600a: To quote the wiki page I pointed you to: "Connecting a virtual machine through NAT will allow the guest to connect to systems on the network (including the host or some website). A machine on the network will not be able to initiate a connection to the guest though."01:15
jmarsdenatari2600a: I have around 14 virtualbox VMs here, most of them are Debian or Ubuntu...01:16
atari2600aokay so now I can't even SSH into it01:20
jmarsdenIt's now in bridge mode?01:21
jmarsdenOr you still don't believe me and don't believe the help page either??01:22
atari2600ait's in bridge, you provided sufficient evidence for it01:23
atari2600abut the wiki page is out of date01:23
atari2600asays to modprobe a vbox networknig module01:24
atari2600ais that still needed?01:24
jmarsdenNo, it shoudn't be.  The VM has a static IP that is part of the LAN IP range, right?01:25
jmarsdenAs in, you edited  /etc/network/interfaces in the server running inside the VM and set it up with a static IP... correct?01:26
atari2600ano, I kinda forgot :P01:27
atari2600aI'll have to unload the host's now-unneeded static IP first I suppose01:27
atari2600abut first, let's pkill vbox so I can get it running w/ a head this time...01:27
jmarsdenWell, as long as you assign a different static IP to the VM, what IP the host is on is somewhat irrelevant.01:28
atari2600ait's the only static on the network so I prefer the end of the range01:29
atari2600aAKA *.14901:29
jmarsdenUse whatever addressing scheme makes sense to you, just don't have two machines or devices (real or virtual) with the same IP :)01:30
atari2600asee you on the other side01:30
jmarsdenatari2600a: welcome back :)01:33
rnigamjmarsden: ubuntu-vm-builder is vmbuilder now01:36
rnigamfrom 10.1001:36
rnigammost of the documentation on kvm has ubuntu-vm-builder mentioned still !01:37
jmarsdenrnigam: Well, vmbuilder is a sucessor to ubuntu-vm-builder.01:37
jmarsdenrnigam: Go ahead and update, but remember most people doing VM may use Ubuntu server, 10.04 LTS is still the norm for servers.01:38
rnigamDo you think I should go back to 10.04 LTS? I only plan to do some kvm experiments for a month or so !01:39
jmarsdenatari2600a: So, does your VM work now?01:40
jmarsdenrnigam: No, use whatever Ubuntu server you already have installed.01:40
atari2600ajmarsden, better, thanks to you01:49
jmarsdenatari2600a: Good :)01:49
atari2600aI can access it from within the LAN, but I'm having a little trouble getting past the router01:49
jmarsdenThat's port forwarding... make and model of router?01:49
atari2600aalso no more need for outragious ports (8080, 2222 :P)01:49
atari2600asome shitty linksys wireless-n01:50
atari2600aI already got port forwarding set up & disabled the firewall for shits & giggles01:50
atari2600astill can't access it through a proxy01:50
atari2600a(& yes I'm refreshing through the proxy, not the web browser :P)01:50
jmarsdenDon't leave yourself wide open!  OK... what is the IP and port you think you have port forwarded to the VM ?01:51
atari2600ahold on01:51
atari2600a& it was just the router firewall01:51
atari2600ajust tried that IP from within the network...DSL admin login01:52
atari2600aI wonder if I can find the default user/pass for this make & model...01:53
jmarsdenYou seem to have the ssh port forwarded but not port 80, to me.01:53
atari2600awell I did use the router's built-in presets for HTTP, FTP...01:53
atari2600alet's see...01:53
jmarsdenUm... "I already got port forwarding set up" -- and now you do not know the password??01:54
jmarsdenatari2600a: What LAN IP did you point them at, is the question that now needs asking...01:54
atari2600ajmarsden, for the router, not the modem01:56
Guest5435whats the ammount of bandwith does a social networking site have01:56
Guest5435take i mnean01:56
atari2600aGuest5435, wrong network, you're looking for irc,anonops.net01:56
jmarsdenatari2600a: Your port 22 is apparently connecting to some embedded linux not Ubuntu (unless you installed dropbear sshd on the Ubuntu server VM, which seems unlikely)01:56
atari2600a& I'm sure somewhere close to the terabits01:56
atari2600ajmarsden, yeah I think the modem has busybox or something01:57
jmarsdenatari2600a: But it shouldn't leave its ssh port open to the public Internet!01:57
Guest5435can you please provide me the channel01:57
atari2600ajmarsden, it's a small ISP :P01:58
jmarsdenBTW if it is a modem it wouldn't even have an IP address, so it must be a router :)01:58
atari2600aGuest5435, if you can't even use a real IRC client you'll get either laughed out of the network, banned, or hacked to hell01:58
atari2600ajmarsden, the HTTP login says 'DSL login' :P01:59
jmarsdenOK... on the Linksys that your Ubuntu host PC is connected to, what is the WAN IP set to? , or something else?02:01
atari2600alet me check the logs02:01
jmarsdenOr just log into the Linksys :)02:01
rnigam'vmbuilder' option to create kvm guest from iso ? Anyone?02:01
atari2600a10.202.46.2 ; different from what whatismyip reports apperantly02:02
atari2600ajmarsden, which is where it's logged :P02:02
atari2600aturns out it had it's own status page, though02:03
jmarsdenOK, so you have double hop NAT through two routers... ugh02:03
jmarsdenSo you need to do port forwarding in BOTH of them.02:03
atari2600akinda figured, & I don't think my ISP allows users to dick around in the DSL modem02:04
jmarsdenOr put the upstream one into "bridge mode" if you can and if the ISP lets you.02:04
jmarsdenThen I'd say you are trying to run servers on a home DSL line and your Terms of Service prohibit that.02:04
atari2600aI'm gonna go see if I can find the default user/pass on the modem02:04
rnigamjmarsden: vmbuilder option to create kvm guests from iso?02:06
jmarsdenI don't think there is "one option" for that :)  man vmbuilder, and see the (possibly old) tutorial at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JeOSVMBuilder02:07
jmarsdenrnigam: You might want to consider using virt-install instead, by the way.02:08
Jasonndoes anyone know of an eggdrop alternative?02:13
jmarsdenJasonn: apt-cache search irc | grep bot     # should provide a few to try... :)02:18
atari2600awell, some good news & some bad news02:26
atari2600agood news is my ISP was durr enough to not change the default root password02:26
atari2600abad news is it's still not working02:26
jmarsdenatari2600a: I'm not going to help you break the AUP or TOS you agreed to... and I strongly suspect it says "no running servers" or words to that effect.02:29
atari2600awell, it KINDA does02:30
jmarsdenBesides, this is not really a #ubuntu-server issue at this point.02:30
atari2600ait says if you wanna run a shitload of up bandwidth you need a small business account, but home servers are okay02:30
atari2600athis is for a business blog really, but nothing to shit bricks over :P02:30
atari2600aanywho, the real solution is "bug father to get comcast because we're getting no more than 400KB down / 75KB up" :P02:31
atari2600athanks for all the help jmarsden02:31
atari2600aleaving now02:31
jmarsdenYou're welcome.02:31
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highvoltagekirkland: I read you're in Cape Town this weekend. having fun?03:17
dv310p3rHow do I enable SFTP?03:22
rnigamMight be a dumb question but while using virt-install do we have to first create a disk image of certain size and then specify the iso file to be used for  installation?03:35
jmarsdenrnigam: Did you man virt-install?   --disk option, has lots of options...   basically you can create the image first, or let virt-install do it for you... read the docs :)04:03
thesheff17_rnigam: virt install reads vmbuilder.partition from the local disk.  Here is an example of mine http://pastebin.com/X0CRvqWm04:11
dv310p3rhow is it that I can SSH into my server but I can't SFTP into it?04:15
EvilPhoenixdv310p3r:  are you using SFTP right?04:17
EvilPhoenixbecause sftp corresponds to your SSH login04:17
EvilPhoenixand the ssh port too04:17
dv310p3rsftp root@ipaddress04:17
EvilPhoenixokay, lemme ask this a different way...04:18
dv310p3rEvilPhoenix, sftp root@ipaddress04:18
EvilPhoenixassuming i KNOW the command04:18
EvilPhoenixdid you configure a non-standard port for SSH into the box?04:18
EvilPhoenixor did you leave it at 2204:18
dv310p3rEvilPhoenix, I haven't changed it, so it should be 22.04:18
dv310p3rEvilPhoenix, where can i check that04:18
EvilPhoenixdv310p3r:  in your sshd_config file on your server box04:19
EvilPhoenixdv310p3r:  if you didnt mess with the configs yourself, then you could assume its 2204:19
EvilPhoenixin which case sftp SHOULD be defaulting to 22...04:19
dv310p3rEvilPhoenix, I assume its 22 as I haven't changed it,04:19
dv310p3rEvilPhoenix, where can i find the sshd_config file04:20
EvilPhoenixokay, lets try this command: sftp -oPort=22 root@ipaddress04:20
EvilPhoenixthat should tell it to use port 22 (in case your sftp isnt already trying that port)04:20
EvilPhoenixlets try this intead04:21
EvilPhoenixsftp -vv root@ipaddress04:21
EvilPhoenixit'll spit out detailed issues04:21
dv310p3rI'm sorry for not being more detailed myself. It's a password issue.04:21
dv310p3rPermission Denied.04:21
dv310p3rHowever using root I can ssh into the box just fine.04:22
EvilPhoenixthen your password might have been entered wrong04:22
EvilPhoenixgo into your box as root04:22
EvilPhoenixand run: passwd04:22
EvilPhoenixmake sure you got the right password in the system04:22
EvilPhoenixi've had those issues with sftp but not ssh once or twice04:22
EvilPhoenixand i just redid passwd and it seems to have worked04:22
EvilPhoenixso you are saying its denying your password?04:23
EvilPhoenixeven if thats the case do the sftp -vv04:23
EvilPhoenixbecause that'll confirm if its your passcode04:23
EvilPhoenixif its the pw, it'll say the password was rejected04:25
dv310p3rIt's crazy, still no dice04:25
EvilPhoenixso, its still rejecting the passcode even thoug hyou changed it04:25
dv310p3r-vv tells me a bunch of stuff, but near the bottom before it asks me for the password it says.04:25
dv310p3rdebug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password04:26
dv310p3rdebug1: Next authentication method: publickey04:26
dv310p3rdebug1: Offering public key: /home/andre/.ssh/id_rsa04:26
dv310p3rdebug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply04:26
dv310p3rdebug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password04:26
dv310p3rdebug1: Trying private key: /home/andre/.ssh/id_dsa04:26
dv310p3rdebug2: we did not send a packet, disable method04:26
dv310p3rdebug1: Next authentication method: password04:26
dv310p3rroot@'s password:04:26
dv310p3rdebug2: we sent a password packet, wait for reply04:26
dv310p3rdebug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password04:27
dv310p3rPermission denied, please try again.04:27
dv310p3rroot@ipaddress's password:04:27
dv310p3rsorry for so much info. I tried to change some of it, but fuck it.04:27
dv310p3rAnyhow if you look at the Offering public key, why's it trying to use my home dir public key04:27
EvilPhoenixbecause that's the pubkey its supposed to be using04:29
EvilPhoenixbecause it tries to defaultly get your user's pubkey from your computer (and it isnt in authorized_keys on the server or this error wouldnt exist)04:29
EvilPhoenixhaving said this04:29
EvilPhoenixeither the passkey data is messed up04:29
EvilPhoenixor sftp on your system is messed04:29
EvilPhoenixif its passkey04:30
EvilPhoenixthat's fixable04:30
EvilPhoenixif sftp is messed, that's tricky04:30
dv310p3rI have no understanding of all that passkey and rsa stuff.04:30
EvilPhoenixon the box after you ssh into root04:31
EvilPhoenixrun that04:31
EvilPhoenixput the password in04:31
EvilPhoenixit should then work correctly04:31
EvilPhoenixotherwise, i can walk you through putting your public ssh key up to authorized_hosts (like i configure all my servers), so that it doesnt always require the password04:32
dv310p3rOk, so that didn't work.04:33
dv310p3rbut the other day I was with a friend who did something like what you described because we were setting up git04:33
dv310p3rHe said if we did that public ssh thing we wouldn't have to put in the password.04:34
dv310p3rnow whenever I connect via ssh I don't have to put in the pass04:34
EvilPhoenixdv310p3r:  it should be working then, because sftp also looks at that too04:34
EvilPhoenixyes, "setting up git"04:34
EvilPhoenixwere you setting up a git server?04:34
EvilPhoenixthat explains a lot04:34
EvilPhoenixits a pita to configure04:34
EvilPhoenixand you can definitely fubar other things :P04:35
EvilPhoenixi gave up on setting up gitosis, just am sticking with an upgraded git account with private repositories04:36
EvilPhoenixwhich works surprisingly well04:36
EvilPhoenixbut that might have interfered in your ability to sftp04:36
EvilPhoenixno clue how to fix it, though...04:36
dv310p3rnp thanks anyways04:37
rnigamwhy do we get "open /dev/kvm: Permission denied" error while installing a kvm guest in ubuntu server 10.10 ? I did add the user to the kvm group.04:46
jmarsdenrnigam: Did you log out and back in again as that user after adding him to the group?04:46
rnigamyes i did04:47
jmarsdenOK, does    id -rn -G USERNAME      show the user to be in the kvm group?04:49
rnigamok I logged out and logged in... and used the following command tocreate a kvm machine:     sudo virt-install --connect qemu:///system -n ubuntu-vm1 -r 204                                                                             8 --vcpus=4 -f /root/vmimages/kvm1.qcow2 -s 12 --cpuset=4,5,6,7 -c /root/vmimage04:49
rnigams/ubuntu-10.10-server-amd64.iso --os-type linux --network bridge=virbr0 --accele                                                                             rate --virt-type kvm --hvm --vnc --noautoconsole04:49
thesheff17_rnigam: do you have the CPU virtualization enable in the BIOS? do kvm-ok04:50
rnigamNow I get this error: ERROR    operation failed: failed to retrieve chardev info in qemu with 'info chardev'04:50
rnigamrnigam@ubuntu:~$ kvm-ok04:50
rnigamINFO: Your CPU supports KVM extensions04:50
rnigamINFO: /dev/kvm exists04:50
rnigamKVM acceleration can be used04:50
thesheff17_rnigam: looks good04:51
rnigamthesheff17: Any idea about the error? operation failed: failed to retrieve chardev info in qemu with 'info chardev'04:52
thesheff17_rnigam: that /dev/kvm error is weird.. make sure you have all these packages apt-get install kvm libvirt-bin python-virtinst virt-manager virt-viewer kvm libvirt-bin ubuntu-vm-builder qemu bridge-utils04:54
rnigamthe /dev/kvm error no longer shows... I had to restart the server04:55
thesheff17_ah ok04:55
rnigamthesheff17: But this is the error I am getting now:  failed to retrieve chardev info in qemu with 'info chardev'04:55
thesheff17_rnigam: I'm not sure...looked a little on google there was one bug where the server was too old to support virtualization...though your kvm-ok looks fine.  I also haven't used 10.10 for this.  10.04 seems fine for me right now.05:00
thesheff17_rnigam: can you try virt-manager05:01
thesheff17_wonder if it is a bug directly related to virt-install05:01
thesheff17_rnigam: I would also check your BIOS and make sure all virtualization is enabled.05:02
rnigamthesheff17: Server is the latest from Dell and has 6100 amd opterons on it. BIOS has the virtualization enabled05:04
thesheff17_rnigam: try running it as root and not use sudo05:04
thesheff17_rnigam: I see some people complaining about permission suff.05:04
thesheff17_bug #702741 sounds just like your problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/70274105:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 702741 in nova "failed to retrieve chardev info with 'info chardev'" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70274105:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 702741 in nova "failed to retrieve chardev info with 'info chardev'" [Critical,Fix released]05:05
rnigamthesheff17: Did that but the same error05:06
rnigamuvirtbot: what is the fix?05:06
uvirtbotrnigam: Error: "what" is not a valid command.05:06
thesheff17_rnigam: I'm not sure..user uvirtbot is just a computer that will explain the bug..not actually a human.05:08
rnigami am sorry I am new to IRC's05:09
rnigamthanks for pointing that out.05:09
rnigamso the bot says that fix is released, thesheff17 do you know how to find that fix?05:10
rnigamI am going nowhere trying to look it on the launchpad05:10
thesheff17_rnigam: yea I would try using virt-manager and see if that just installs a vm through an iso..if that works there may be a bug or something wrong with what you are passing to virt-install05:11
cavoo1101i hope someone can help me. for the last few days, i cannot access internet on my ec2 instance. i can ping but wget, apt-get etc. time out. it was working perfectly fine last week. and i haven't made any changes in the last week.05:12
rnigamthesheff17: I thought virt-manager is not for the server version ! Meaning doesnt it need a GUI?05:13
thesheff17_rnigam: um yea virt-manager is a GUI app it can connect to a remote ubuntu server running libvirt & qemu05:14
thesheff17_try a simple command like this: virt-install -n web_devel -r 256 -f web_devel.img -s 4 -c jeos.iso --accelerate --vnc --noautoconsole also try it withoutASDF05:15
thesheff17_cavoo1101: sounds like a firewall security group issue.05:16
cavoo1101thesheff17: how can i make sure? i haven't made any changes since the last time it worked.05:17
thesheff17_cavoo1101: so you have ssh access?  Try running this script...it turns off all iptables rules: http://pastebin.com/MSaAsaaC05:20
cavoo1101thesheff17: that didn't work.05:26
thesheff17_cavoo1101: so wget http://www.google.com doesn't work but you can ping it?05:27
rnigamthesheff17: Will try that out thanks.05:27
thesheff17_cavoo1101: that is very strange.... does wget work? that is just google.com ip.05:29
cavoo1101thesheff17: no05:29
cavoo1101thesheff17: so far, only ping works.05:29
thesheff17_cavoo1101: well ping is a different protocol than http....still sounds like something wrong with a local firewall.05:30
cavoo1101thesheff17: i have already disabled the firewall05:31
quentusrexAnyone familiar with ubuntu snmpd? I seem to be unable to query for an extend command. I'm trying "snmpwalk -c public -v 1 test1" with this line in the snmpd.conf file "extend    test1   /bin/echo  Hello, world!"05:31
thesheff17_cavoo1101: I would check the security groups through the AWS management console.05:31
cavoo1101thesheff17: here's the output from ec2-describe-group: http://pastebin.com/FjuUMfka05:33
thesheff17_cavoo1101: yea that looks fine..it is very strange that http doesn't work & ssh/ping works.05:34
cavoo1101thesheff17: the web server on the instance works fine too05:35
thesheff17_cavoo1101: pastebin sudo iptables -L05:36
cavoo1101thesheff17: http://pastebin.com/46eMHPys05:38
thesheff17_cavoo1101: looks fine05:39
thesheff17_cavoo1101: not sure why you couldn't use apt-get or wget.05:39
cavoo1101thesheff17: it's driving me nuts05:39
thesheff17_cavoo1101: yea I have never seen that before ever on EC2....maybe open a support ticket with amazon.05:40
thesheff17_cavoo1101: try emailing the ec2 ubuntu group may also have some other suggestions.05:40
cavoo1101thesheff17: yeah okay. i'll do that. thanks for your help.05:41
thesheff17_cavoo1101: np...I would also do a full backup and try rebooting if you are using an EBS volume instance05:41
cavoo1101thesheff17: yeah i'll do that if all else fails05:42
DigitalFluxAnybody knows of a way to "include" files from within /etc/networki/interfaces ?07:42
thesheff17_DigitalFlux: I'm pretty sure I just used include before.  I can't find any docs on how I did it but I would do it for an iptables script I had.08:11
andolthesheff17_: Sure the iptables script was an include, and not something like a pre-up script?08:47
UhuHello I have an issue with Postfix and Submission. I enabled Submission-Port, but I can send only through port 25 - submission ends with Client host rejected. http://pastebin.com/pnd8U04t - Short Logs and Extract from config. Anyone an idea? (I know I should ask #postfix but they are quite for hours)08:52
mpathyHi there.. I forgot the upgrade on one server (shame on me) and now it is 9.04 there09:28
mpathyWhat problems I could discover when upgrading now to the LTS Release?09:28
mpathyIf I understand it right, I have to do two upgrades, first on 9.10 and then on the LTS09:29
greppympathy: that's going to depend on what packages you have installed, there should be info on the website as far as changes between releases.09:29
mpathyYou mean I could update directly to the LTS09:30
mpathyand another question, will it work properly when I use screen while upgrading? Because I have no local access to the machine only SSH09:31
greppyI'm not sure if you can go directly to LTS09:31
greppyI generally only run LTS releases.09:31
mpathygreppy: I also only, in future.. *sigh* :)09:33
mpathyAnd the second question? Will it be a problem when I am using screen, and be in a screen while "do-release-upgrade"?09:34
greppympathy: I've done upgrades from within screen before without problems.09:35
greppynot saying you won't, but I haven't :)09:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #730041 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.2 failed to install/upgrade: sub-processo script post-installation instalado retornou estado de saĆ­da de erro 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73004109:36
mpathygreppy: Okay because I want to continue work if lost connection and so I would use screen but I do not know what happens with update of screen then09:37
pehdensimple question what is needed for proftp conf to restrict users to home but allow certian user to not be restricted11:03
pehdeni know its like 6 lines or less11:04
=== viezerd- is now known as viezerd
pehdensimple question what is needed for proftp conf to restrict users to home but allow certian user to not be restricted11:08
pehdeni know its like 6 lines or less11:09
UhuWhats the best option to implement IPSec on my Ubuntu-Server? Or should I stick with OpenVPN?11:09
UhuIPSec as server11:09
pehdenopenvpn may be easier to set up11:09
greppyUhu: unless you have a need that is met with ipsec that isn't with openvpn I would stick with openvpn.11:09
Uhugreppy Security and OpenVPN is quite slowfrom what Ive experienced.11:10
greppyI haven't seen openvpn be slow at all.11:11
pehdeni never got ovpn to work completly myself11:12
greppyi've been using it for a while, 10.04 LTS server with debian, ubuntu and windows clients.11:12
pehdenthats what i was trying to set it up on11:13
pehdenthe clients would nevr connect11:13
pehdenor at least stay connected11:14
UhuOkay I will try to set up my OpenVPN again. I just want people to use the Servers-IP-Adress to connect to the internet.11:15
pehdengreppy: do you know how I can fix my issue11:16
pehdenwow am i hidden?11:19
leniosno you're not11:20
pehdenjust wondering cause i didnt get any responces at all to my question11:20
pehdensimple question what is needed for proftp conf to restrict users to home but allow certian user to not be restricted11:31
leniospehden, you're looking for chroot11:37
lenioslike, http://www.techrepublic.com/article/tech-tip-chroot-users-to-a-specific-directory-with-proftpd/528748011:38
leniosto chroot only group of users, http://forums.proftpd.org/smf/index.php?topic=3872.011:40
pehdenlenios perfect11:40
pehdenlenios I think thats exactly what I found before11:44
pehdenlenios i want to do the chroot to 2 groups11:45
lenioshow many groups do you have?11:46
pehdenlenios but let a third not be under this11:46
pehden2 different ones 1 for virtual users another for real users and then mine11:47
pehdenlenios what would i need for 2 different groups12:10
pehdenlenios # Use this to jail all users in their homes12:10
pehden DefaultRoot~proftpddb12:10
pehdenlenois is the order in reverse for which one takes place12:12
pehdenlenios  thanks alot after reading the ubuntu forum page about 20 times I got it juat how i wanted it12:28
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UhuCan somebody help me choose the right e-mail filter hardware? Is a dualcore AMD with 2 GB enough to run Spamassasin and Clamav for 77.000 messages (1.000 Real) / day13:24
leniosUhu, i'd say yes13:29
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UhuHow do I add IPset module to kernel? (Ubuntu 10.04 LTs) =/14:16
dthackerI'm looking for a 32 bit Natty iso to test a bug on,  seems like I'm only finding UEC images.   Could I get a URL, please?15:11
dthackerfound beta3, thanks15:13
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PeterJankuHi all, I have small special "problem". I have ubuntu server on my old notebook for testing and developing. And i need small feature, wicht can turn off comupter, when battery level goes down. Something like apcupsd but for internal battery. Some ide?17:02
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rnigamwhat is the best tool to create kvm-guests on ubuntu server 10.1018:19
rnigamlaen: I don't understand you. I already have kvm and libvirt up and running... I already experimented around with virt-install and failed18:21
* Altimizer Is suing ISP for clinically dispossing minds across The United States of America.18:21
* Altimizer rnigam uses the letter tab feature.18:23
laenrnigam: eh, run kvm or qemu-kvm or whatever it's called with some parameters on a -hda or -drive img?18:26
AltimizerAnyone know of a good networking-troubleshooting channel?18:42
rnigamanyone with kvm installation experience here?19:27
Doonzright now i have one putty client running and it is connect through ssh to my home server. i have a tunnel created through that on port **. how can i open up another putty client and have it connect through that existing tunnel19:53
DrNick_anyone else notice there seems to be a ridiculous amount of kernel updates lately?20:04
fluvvellcan I translate the setup for ppp0 that works well in NetworkManager into the required scripts for pppd ? I have a working mobile broadband (WAP) in NM but last time I sucessfully used pppd was with dial-up20:15
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thesheff17rnigam: still having problems?21:00
chrislabeardHow can i take a picture with my webcam?21:03
chrislabeardusing terminal21:03
DrNick_ASCII art image from a webcam, that'd be interesting21:09
chrislabeardyeah it would be sweet21:09
lenios"HasciiCam makes it possible to have live ascii video on the web. It captures video from a tv card and renders it into ascii letters, formatting the output into an html page with a refresh tag, or in a live ascii window, or in a simple text file."21:12
DrNick_neat, kinna pointless tho lol21:14
chrislabeardwhat is video4linux21:17
leniosvideo interface21:20
leniosyou can get webcam signal from video4linux21:20
chrislabeardI just want to try and record some video from it and then save it somewhere.21:24
chrislabeardAll the programs I've tried have failed21:25
panfistis it possible to add locations to index with locate/updatedb?21:42
fluvvellchrislabeard, record some video is a little vague, the mythtv project has heaps of recording stuff - if its analogue video in, you may need a capture card ...21:42
chrislabeardfluvvell: the streamer program seems to work pretty good21:43
fluvvellchrislabeard: yes - good cmdline option. Of course most ppl looking for video have a gui to check it out, but if its straight record to file thats a good option.21:45
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chrislabeardhow can I create a filename and append the date on it22:05
chrislabearddo I have to run a script22:05
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NicholasRogeHow do I get the php error to display on the page it's occuring at rather than having to go into the apache log to see it?22:28
air^NicholasRoge: http://php.net/manual/en/function.error-reporting.php22:29
air^NicholasRoge: just set error reporting to E_ALL in the script you are debugging.22:29
NicholasRogeOkay, thanks.  :322:30
NicholasRogeIt just keeps throwing a server error when the php has a problem22:32
RoyKiirc display errors = yes in php.ini will do a lot22:34
NicholasRogeI'll check that out22:34
air^should be about the same thing, but doing it in php.ini will be a global setting.22:34
thesheff17NicholasRoge: also make sure to restart apache when you change your php.ini22:35
talcitehey guys, I'm running into a dpkg issue on my lucid install. Whenever I try to upgrade or install a new package, I get a dpkg post-install error, with return code 10.22:39
talciteI've traced the post install script, and I can get it running if I turn off the non-interactive mode (-e), but I'm not sure why that is. Plus it's not a good workaround since I'd need to do it for every package I install/upgrade22:40
NicholasRogeNope, that still didn't work.22:40
NicholasRogeStill throwing a 500 error whenever I try to view the file.22:40
talciteI've also traced it with the -x option, and it always seems to break right around when dpkg executes ucf (update configuration files)22:41
talciteah. I figured it out. The /var/lib/dpkg/info directory had a corrupted ucf template. I just backed up the directory and then deleted everything. It's all working now.22:51
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uvirtbot`New bug: #730336 in samba (main) "[NOT A BUG] Include a dependency in SAMBA package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73033623:16
uvirtbot`New bug: #730337 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.7.0-1 failed to install/upgrade: " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73033723:21
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