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fsatelerI'm having a problem with ubuntu bug 719206, that I've tracked down to the -as-needed flag21:06
fsatelerhowever, this same bug does not appear on debian, even though the package is exactly the same21:06
fsateler(ie, the -as-needed flag is passed in debian too)21:06
dokono, --as-needed is not passed in debian21:07
fsatelerbut my build system does21:07
fsatelerexplicitly, that is21:07
dokodpkg -S CsoundAC.py ?21:08
dokois this csound?21:08
fsatelerit is missing the link to libCsoundAC.so.5.221:09
dokox86_64-linux-gnu-g++ -o _CsoundAC.so -Wl,-as-needed -Wl,-Bdynamic -Wl,-rpath-link,interfaces -shared frontends/CsoundAC/CsoundAC_wrap.os -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/lib -L/usr/lib/python2.7/config -L. -L. -L/usr/local/lib -L. -L. -L. -lCsoundAC -lcsnd -lfltk_images -lpython2.7 -lcsnd -lstdc++ -lutil libcsound64.so.5.2 -lsndfile -lsndfile -lpthread -lpthread -lgomp -lm -lasound -llo -lsndfile -ldl -lm -lpthread21:13
dokowhat does happen if you move libcsound64.so.5.2 before -lCsoundAC ?21:14
fsatelerdoesn't work21:15
fsateler(I'm doing this in a natty chroot, btw)21:16
doko_ZTIN6csound4NodeE is defined in -lCsoundAC ?21:19
fsatelerit is a type defined there21:19
dokosupposed to be export from which lib?21:22
fsatelerbuilt by the same source package21:23
dokono, it's not exported21:24
doko$ objdump -T /usr/lib/libcsnd.so.5.2|fgrep _ZTIN6csound4NodeE21:25
doko$ objdump -T /usr/lib/libcsound64.so.5.2|fgrep _ZTIN6csound4NodeE21:25
dokothat seems to be the cause, now you would have to find out why it's missing21:25
fsatelerobjdump -T libCsoundAC.so.5.2 | fgrep _ZTIN6csound4NodeE21:26
fsatelerindeed, the Ubuntu version is not exporting it, but the debian version is21:26
dokoplease try to rebuild with gcc defaulting to gcc-4.5 in debian unstable21:42
fsatelerthat means installing gcc/g++ from experimental?21:44
fsatelerI mean, would doing that take care of it?21:44
dokono, unstable21:50
dokojust would like to know if this is seen with g++-4.5 in unstable too21:51
fsatelerok, I'm rebuilding now21:52
fsatelergcc 4.5 from sid seems to work OK22:00
dokoso you see the symbol?22:01
fsateler% objdump -T libCsoundAC.so.5.2 | fgrep _ZTIN6csound4NodeE22:01
fsateler00000000002d10a0  w   DO .data.rel.ro0000000000000010  Base        _ZTIN6csound4NodeE22:01
dokoand just to make sure, that g++ --version is 4.5.2? 22:03
fsatelerI set CC and CXX to g{cc,++}-4.5, both at 4.5.222:04
dokoahh, ok22:04
fsateleris there another flag enabled by default in ubuntu that may cause this problem?22:05
fsatelermaybe -fvisibility=hidden?22:06
fsatelerbecause the only symbols that are showing up seem to be ones that have the visibility attribute set22:06
doko--no-add-needed is in unstable too22:06
dokomaybe check with unstable's binutils installed in natty, but I doubt it22:07
fsatelernope, doesn't help22:11
dokosorry, then I currently don't know22:15
dokowe'll drop --as-needed for the natty release, and re-enable it for the o-series. not sure if it would help, because you already use --as-needed explicitly22:16
fsatelerthe problem seems to be a nearly devoid of useful content libCsoundAC22:18
fsateler@natty:csound-5.13.0~dfsg% objdump -T libCsoundAC.so | wc -l22:19
fsateler@debian:csound% objdump -T libCsoundAC.so | wc -l22:20
fsatelerhmm, it seems it is not a problem with the toolchain: on Ubuntu, for some reason CsoundAC is built with -fvisibility=hidden but in debian its not22:28
fsatelerthanks for your help22:29
dokohmm, please drop a note here if you find out why22:31
fsatelerfyi, it seems it is a problem with scons. Installing the debian version of scons fixed the issue23:02

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