hakimsheriffHi all01:42
* MichealH waves15:56
MuscovyHello AndrewMC, CensoredBiscuit, Crisco, Dykam, hakimsheriff, laknath_, MadnessRed, MichealH, Omega.15:59
MichealHShall we decide on a chair?16:00
* MichealH gets out the Tourbot :P16:00
MichealH@random MichealH Muscovy16:00
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MuscovyMind if I just do it?16:01
MichealHYeah sure16:02
MuscovyOk, everyone.16:02
MichealHI thought i confged the bot right :P16:02
MuscovySo here's out general topic list: http://openetherpad.org/ZAhT8DafQ316:02
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MichealHMuscovy, #startmeeting?16:02
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Muscovy#link http://openetherpad.org/ZAhT8DafQ316:02
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MuscovyOk, I'll skip down to the website first, just to gave everyone a moment to see the ping.16:03
MuscovyFirstly, sorry about the ups and downs.16:03
MuscovyMy webhost switched yet again, and it seems the new company isn't any good.16:03
MuscovyI believe philw mentioned he could give free hosting to nonprofits.16:04
MichealHThis means the site is potentially delayed, sorry guys!16:04
MichealHI ca get it pushed out soon thoguh16:04
hakimsheriffPhilw does hosting for the Ubuntu Youth team16:05
OmegaGood day.16:05
MuscovyI'll tlak to him when he comes on, then.16:06
MichealHhakimsheriff, He sure does alot :)16:06
MichealHI can see If I can 'lure' him here16:06
MuscovyOk, so back to the top, naming and menu conventions.16:07
MuscovyThe names of applications seem to be getting a little confusing.16:07
MichealHMuscovy, ^^16:07
MuscovyThe main issue as I see it is default applications are called after what they are, and non-defaults are called by name.16:08
MuscovyOh, hello phillw.16:08
MichealHMuscovy, Im good at 'luring' people here :P16:08
phillwhere as requested, but not yet awake.16:08
MuscovyWe were wondering if we could host the tour's site with you, as a nonprofit.16:08
phillwno problems at all with that.16:09
MuscovyOk, so what do we do?16:09
phillwMichealH: has the keys to my server area.16:09
MichealHMuscovy, If you dropbox me some files I can get the uploaded :)16:09
MichealHMuscovy, Or you could just email them16:10
MuscovyI'll just send you a tarball.16:10
MuscovyTo make it easier, what's the document root they'll be going in?16:10
MichealHI can then uncompress it onto the server16:10
Muscovy(relevant for the php)16:10
OmegaMuscovy: We should discuss all our options.16:10
MichealHMuscovy, I beleive it will be ubuntu-tour.org16:10
Muscovyubuntu-tour.org is taken though.16:11
MichealHIt should still work fine, i guess16:11
MichealHMuscovy, The dir would be ~/ubuntu-tour.org/ on the sever16:11
MuscovyAnd the username?16:11
MuscovyPhp doesn't understand ~.16:12
phillwMichealH: you just need to create the folder under public_html and have masked redirect send it there from the DNS16:12
MuscovyOmega, what did you mean by other options?16:12
MichealHphillw, Care to PM me how to do that?16:13
OmegaWell, I could host it too. (rather a friend of mine that also hosts my website)16:13
MichealHI have seen phillw hosting to be really reliable and fast :)16:13
phillwOmega: is that on a home server, or a commercial one?16:14
MuscovyI figured it would be easier to use phill's hosting since then we don't have to share a control panel and so on.16:14
OmegaIt is a VPS.16:14
OmegaNo control panel16:14
MuscovyWho needs a control panel when you have a full server? :D16:15
MichealHMuscovy, Phillw has a control panel, but only if he trusts you with his login.16:15
phillwOmega: I use iWeb,they have a 99,95% uptime. and are dead cool with my having sub areas, lubuntu isos, forums for teams etc on it.16:15
MuscovyMichealH, do you think we'll end up needing ssh for anything?16:15
MichealHMuscovy, I suppose not.16:15
Muscovyphillw, does that mean only one or two people can manage the site?16:16
phillwMuscovy: only those with root login access, currently running at about 6!16:16
MuscovyHmm ok.16:17
MichealHMuscovy, Its cool, I have root accesss so I can upload anytime16:17
MichealHJust send me the files16:17
phillwas does CensoredBiscuit16:17
MuscovyI guess I'll have to put up with no more live edits. :P16:18
MichealHMuscovy, :P16:18
MuscovyYeah yeah, bad practice, I know.16:18
OmegaI could just let him create a user.16:18
OmegaSo we can ftp in16:18
phillwbioterror from the lubuntu area also has root login, along with jmarsden.16:18
* UndiFineD has no time, but just wanted to point Omega to contact mattgriffin16:19
UndiFineDOmega: you know why ? :)16:19
OmegaI don't know who that is.16:19
UndiFineDremember ?16:19
OmegaAlright, thanks for letting me know.16:20
* UndiFineD is back to cooking16:20
MuscovyI'd kind of rather have our own section though, because then we'd be able to have a few webmasters, plus we can do weird things like apache/Python if we want.16:20
MuscovyShall we vote on the matter?16:20
phillwMuscovy: it has that already :)16:20
OmegaAnd his uptime is great aswell.16:20
MuscovyOr should we hold a vote later by email?16:20
MadnessRedwhat are the options?16:20
Omegaweb hosting by phillw, or vps by me16:21
MuscovyOmega's VPS or hosting with phillw.16:21
hakimsheriffwe could vote now16:21
phillwit's up to you boys what you wish to do, the offer is there. It makes no difference to me, as it is not my project :)16:21
MuscovyThanks for the offer, phillw. :D16:21
OmegaYeah, thanks :)16:21
meetingologyPlease vote on:16:21
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)16:21
MichealHBut As I am in the long run tending to the website... :P16:22
meetingologyNo vote in progress16:22
MichealH Shall It be +1 for Phillw and -1 for Omega16:22
MuscovyMichealH, how do we steer this bot? :P16:22
hakimsheriffUse #vote to start and #endvote to finnish16:22
MichealH#vote +1 for Phillw's hosting, -1 for Omegas hosting, +0 for 'Do not care/Dont Know'16:23
Muscovy#vote +1 for Phillw's hosting, -1 for Omegas hosting, +0 for 'Do not care/Dont Know'16:23
meetingologyPlease vote on: +1 for Phillw's hosting, -1 for Omegas hosting, +0 for 'Do not care/Dont Know'16:23
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)16:23
meetingology+1 received from MichealH16:23
meetingology-1 received from Omega16:23
meetingology-1 received from Muscovy16:23
meetingology0 received from phillw16:23
MuscovyAnyone else?16:24
meetingology-1 received from UndiFineD16:24
Omegaphillw: I'll have to ask him though, so we might contact you if something goes wrong, is that alright?16:24
UndiFineDlooking at future16:24
hakimsheriffit didnt register my vote!16:24
hakimsheriffshould I try again16:24
MadnessRedtry without the +16:24
MuscovyI wouldn't worry about an unregistered +0. XD16:24
MichealHhakimsheriff, -016:24
meetingology0 received from hakimsheriff16:24
meetingology0 received from MadnessRed16:24
hakimsheriffthere it works thanks16:25
OmegaAlright, I think that is all of us.16:25
phillwOmega: no worries, the offer is there, you qualify for hosting.16:25
MuscovyThanks. :D We'll call if we have any issues.16:25
MichealHMoving on... :P16:26
MuscovyOk, so jumping to item 1.16:26
MuscovyThe names in the tour seem a little confusing.16:26
MuscovyWhat is "Music"? What is "Banshee"?16:26
phillwMuscovy: you may want to #endvote :P16:26
meetingologyVoting ended on: +1 for Phillw's hosting, -1 for Omegas hosting, +0 for 'Do not care/Dont Know'16:26
meetingologyVotes for:1 Votes against:3 Abstentions:316:26
meetingologyMotion denied16:26
MuscovyDefault apps use the name of what they are, whereas nondefault apps use their name.16:27
MadnessRedbut non default apps should be hidden by default unless they are installed16:28
MadnessRedlike with the browsers16:28
MuscovyIf I use Chromium, for example, I'm probably going to click "browser" if I don't know what I'm doing.16:28
MuscovyI agree with that, MaddnesdRed.16:28
MadnessRedwhere you will see "Other browsers detected"16:28
OmegaMhm, maybe we should name them by their function but in the tour familiarize the user with the program's name?16:28
MuscovyThough at current they just hide, do they not?16:28
MadnessRedthe user very rarely sees some of the names though16:28
MadnessRedwhen I first started, I didn't know that file manager was nautilus, music was rythmbox16:29
MadnessRedit's best to refer to them as the user would be use to16:29
MuscovyAlso, we should probably have a Category2: something field in the tour.info files, because then we can have a "show all" mode that takes uninstalled apps out of hidden.16:29
MuscovyIn some cases it makes perfect sense.16:29
Muscovy"File manager" is the main name, makes loads of sense, and how many people use non-default file managers and are beginners?16:30
MadnessRedthe thing is though, is the tour just instructions on lots of different apps16:30
MadnessRedit seems to be basically a list of applications with instructions on how to use them at the moment16:31
MadnessRedwhereas I think the idea initially was a list of tasks and how to do them16:31
MuscovyAren't the two pretty similar, though?16:31
MadnessRedkind of, but the tour just feels a bit intimidating now,16:32
MadnessRedI don't want to read about openoffice, I want to know how to write a document16:32
MadnessRedand don't want to know about how the desktop works, I just want to change my wallpaper16:32
MadnessRedthat kind of thing16:32
MuscovyWell openoffice would make more sense if it was Document Editor or something, I suppose.16:33
MuscovyAnd perhaps it's just me. but http://i.imgur.com/8T2o6.png is a pretty informative wallpaper changing guide.16:33
phillwor just use abiword?16:33
MadnessRedno, I mean it should just say something like "How do I write a word document"16:34
MuscovyOpenOffice, or rather LibreOffice is default though.16:34
MadnessRedif you are in terminal in the ubuntu-tour directory:16:34
MadnessRedcat mock-ups/gui\ mockup16:34
MuscovyWell, I think an application-based list should definitely exist,16:34
phillwI'll /part and leave you guys discussing,as I'm lubuntu, we have a different set of apps :D16:35
MuscovyThough it would be very neat if we had a "question" search thing for specific tasks/16:35
TourBotTitle: ~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/maverick : contents of mock-ups/gui mockup at revision 458 (at bazaar.launchpad.net)16:35
MuscovyLike "how can I check mail".16:35
MadnessRedlook at the link above, that's sort of what i thought we were aiming at16:35
MuscovyOther than naming and sorting, the menu seems alike.16:36
MuscovyI like the naming, not sure on the sorting.16:36
MuscovyActually, that Wine into is pretty good too.16:37
MuscovyWho did this?16:37
OmegaI agree with MadnessRed.16:37
MuscovyGood job.16:37
MadnessRedit's been there for a while16:37
OmegaYes, I like his text mockups :)16:37
MadnessRedbut I think the tours should be more answering a common question16:38
MadnessRedrather than just giving instruction on a particular answer16:38
MadnessRedparticular application#16:38
MuscovyIn case I'm thinking about it wrong,16:38
hakimsheriff2It could do.both?16:38
Muscovyunder your idea, how would I learn about using the internet?16:38
MadnessRedwell "how do I browse the internet" would be a question16:39
MadnessRedthen it would probably be very similar to the current firefox tour16:39
MuscovyWhat if I used Opera or Chrome or something?16:40
MuscovyWOuld it redirect?16:40
MadnessRedthen the tour has detected that and offers a different variation of the tour16:40
MadnessRedas it does at the moment16:40
MuscovyI'd make it detect what you have installed and what your default is though, instead of just the static list.16:40
MuscovyI wanted to make it do that, but I had no idea how to integrate java/os. :P16:41
MadnessRedok, could do that16:41
hakimsheriff2That works! :)16:41
MuscovyMaking an appview mode wouldn't be hard, for more experienced users.16:41
MuscovyMadnessRed, is there anything that should change about the writing style?16:42
MadnessRedI don't think so16:42
MuscovyPerhaps over the next few days we'll have an list or etherpad going to work it out?16:43
OmegaThe Question-Answer style would make it more approachable16:43
OmegaBecuase, users in the end care about how to do something, not about the tools they are using16:43
MuscovyI agree.16:43
MuscovyAnyone have any issues with shifting to QA-style presentation?16:44
MadnessRedapparently not16:44
MuscovyThanks for bringing that up.16:45
MuscovyNext, Unity.16:45
MuscovyNow, Unity is really unstable/changing at the moment.16:45
MuscovyHowever, we could start editing the into to use Unity instead of Gnome.16:46
hakimsheriff2I think we should wait before unity16:46
MuscovyI think we should get to work on it the month before, since then we'll have far fewer corrections to make.16:46
MadnessRedwe also need to update, possibly, for firefox 416:46
MuscovyIt's only one chapter, and there are a lot of us.16:46
MuscovyThough that'll mainly be images.16:47
MuscovyA link is still a link and so on.16:47
MuscovyHopefully. XD16:47
MuscovyI'll bring in new apps since we're on Unity.16:47
MuscovyBanshee and Libreoffice are new.16:48
MuscovyNo real rush, but those need to be done.16:48
MuscovyI think we should keep the old app tours, since a good number of people will still use them.16:48
MadnessRedagain, should we have rythmbox hidden by default like chrome16:48
OmegaLibreOffice won't need much change from OO.O16:49
MuscovyWe should remove OO and redirect it to LO, thouhg, since they're really similar.16:49
MuscovyAnother easy tour.16:49
hakimsheriff2Jm on my phone16:49
MuscovyDoes anyone have anything else on Unity and new applications?16:50
hakimsheriffthere is a problem so I ccant participate much sorry16:50
MuscovyI hope everything's all right?16:51
OmegaOur arrows, where will they point?16:51
MadnessRedI think LibreOffice is one of the ones which needs to be written as a QA one, since we need to have sepparate tours on how to write documents, manage powerpoints etc16:51
hakimsheriffno, just problem with my phone and i am busy doing something else at the same time16:51
MuscovyThe OO tour needs reramping.16:51
hakimsheriffMadnessRed, I agree16:51
MuscovyIt was written as a "this is what it does, go Google some docs".16:52
MadnessRedi think there is an arrow in one of the tours, can't remember which though16:52
OmegaIt might be a good idea to include links for further reading at the end of each tour.16:52
MuscovyApplications and Places menu pages both use them, I think.16:52
MadnessRedyh, File Manager, just found it16:53
MadnessRedis the arrow simple enough to implement?16:53
MuscovyVery, though only for the desktop, as far as I know.16:53
MuscovyNo idea how to point to things in apps.16:53
MadnessRed<a href="#" onclick="alert('$arrow.Arrow(137,10,None,\'#FF0000\',-45, 100, 1)');" onmouseover="Tip('Show me')" onmouseout="UnTip()">Places menu</a>16:53
MadnessRedit is actually probably a bit to complicated16:54
MuscovyOther than the -45, 100, 1, I see what everything is.16:54
MadnessRed(137,10,None,\'#FF0000\',-45, 100, 1) = (xpos, ypos, no idea, colour, angle at which it points, size, again no idea)16:55
OmegaThe complexity shouldn't be a top priority, those don't need to be done much.16:55
MuscovyScale is the 1 maybe?16:55
MuscovyI agree with Omega, copy-pasta and editing for fine.16:55
MadnessRed(x, y, parent=None, colour='#FF0000', angle=45, size=200, lifetime=5)16:56
MuscovySo, the homepage.16:56
MadnessRedlifetime is how long is stays around for in seconds16:56
MuscovyI made a simple function pair to load specific apps, and try to load the defaults.16:56
Muscovy<a href="exec://tour.load_page(tour.children[tour.tree_catagories[GetTourWithName('Browser')[0]]][GetTourWithName('Browser')[1]], 0)"><img src="../../../images/web.png" /></a>16:56
MuscovyIt's more than a little ugly.16:57
Muscovy...wait, someone removed the GetDefaultApp()16:57
MadnessRedit's in a comment at the bottom, the tour wasn't working16:58
MuscovyWhat was going on, errors with the gconf value?16:58
MadnessRednot sure, was just trying to get it working in time for the start of the meeting16:59
MadnessRedthe comment at the bottom is how it was before so we can revert to that16:59
MuscovyI'll take a look at the function later.16:59
MuscovyAnyways, the homepage in general.16:59
MuscovyI though perhaps a general list of things to do, like browse the web, listen to music, etc, and some sort of search bar.17:00
MadnessReda search bar would be good17:00
=== omega__ is now known as |Omega
|OmegaDon't mine me, my bnc was acting up.17:01
MuscovyAnyone have anything to say on the homepage?17:01
MuscovyOk, next, translations.17:02
Omega|Omega is me :)17:02
MuscovyI've heard a number of complaints about en/en_GB splits.17:02
MuscovyHowever, I believe MadnessRed has made that unnecessary.17:02
OmegaCan we get back to the tours?17:03
OmegaThe homepage makes the other pages seem out of place17:03
OmegaShouldn't we make the other pages homepage-esque?17:03
MuscovyHow so? Theme-wise?17:03
MadnessRedI think each catagory should have a17:03
MadnessRedsort of homepage17:04
OmegaYou click on a Category you get the questions in the same way the homepage is17:04
MuscovyThat sounds good, since we could remove the sidebar.17:04
MadnessRedthe sidebar allows for users to install their own tours / sets of tours though17:05
MuscovyIt's not like clicking the home button or going FIle->Home is too slow, considering people won't jump around a lot.17:05
MuscovyWe could integrate new things into the homepages though.17:05
MuscovyMake each page build itself from applicable tours.17:06
MuscovyWe'd just need to specify an icon in each tour.info or something.17:06
|OmegaWe could let the homepage have pages, with the second page is where the third party tours go17:06
MadnessRedor just have a file icon.png in the same directory17:06
MuscovyI like that, Omega.17:06
MuscovyOr that, yeah.17:07
hakimsheriffI am new to the team, where can I download Ubuntu Tour?17:07
MuscovyBzr or installable?17:07
hakimsheriffdoesn't make a difference17:07
|Omegabzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour17:07
MuscovyInstall bzr, then run that in a terminal.17:08
TourBotTitle: Project Branch | Ubuntu Tour (at ubuntutour.org)17:08
|Omegathere;s a guide there17:08
MuscovyTo make the tour run, go to that directory and run ./ubuntu-tour.py17:08
hakimsheriffthe website doesnt seem to work17:08
MuscovyOh my goodness it was up just 30 seconds ago. :P17:09
Muscovy^Why we need OmegaHost.17:09
MuscovyMadnessRed, anything about translations that needs explaining?17:10
MadnessRedurm, don't bother with writing in other dialects any more17:10
MadnessRedjust write in the en folder the de folder, the nl folder etc17:10
MadnessReddialects will be done automatically17:11
MuscovyOk. :D17:11
MadnessRedplease try and spell colour with a u though, just because html spells it without, so colour -> color is easy, but color->colour could potentially cause problems17:11
|OmegaWhat do you guys think about the homepage pages17:12
MadnessRedoh and centre too, sorry17:12
MuscovyI really like your idea of the main page and subpages.17:12
MuscovyIt would look really nice, take up less space, and be very noticeable.17:13
MuscovyPeople might not scroll down the sidebar, for example.17:13
|OmegaIndeed, we might need breadcrumbs at the top though, so you can go up a level easily17:14
MadnessRedI have extracted the breadcrumbs from the software centre17:14
MadnessRedas that was written in pygtk17:14
|OmegaGreat :)17:14
MadnessRedim guessing it would be fine to use them?17:14
|OmegaWith the pages I was thinking we could have those little dots art the bottom17:14
|Omegalike in USC17:14
|OmegaMadnessRed: Yep :)17:15
|OmegaThis is the beauty of free software17:15
MadnessRedthe dot's shouldn't be too hard to do17:16
|OmegaAlthough, we might have to implement it in HTML/JS17:16
|OmegaSo if we do the online version, it'd be easier17:16
MuscovyMakes sense.17:16
MuscovyPresumably we could generate the subpages upon loading them.17:17
MadnessRedshould be able to17:17
MuscovyLoop through the category, and link an image of ./tour/dir/icon.png to the tour.17:17
MadnessRedit think the time object may know how many tours there are anyway17:18
MadnessRedtour object#17:18
MuscovyOk, so the "main thing" as I see it is making the script to build subpags.17:19
MuscovyThe rest like linking from the front page and removing the sidebar when we're ready should be simple.17:20
MuscovyLet's finish this meeting up.17:21
MuscovyOk, the todo list needs an update.17:21
MuscovyI think it should be a lot less specific, just list tours and general progress (done, not started, needs work, etc).17:21
MadnessRedespecially after today17:21
MuscovyI can do that later.17:21
|OmegaSome visual feedback on which tour you are selecting would also be good17:22
|OmegaLike it lights up17:22
MuscovyFeedback system: I was the toying with the idea of having a simple web form under the File menu or something.17:22
MuscovyBasically was it easy, was it missing things you wanted, how's the UI, etc.17:23
MuscovyIs it a good idea?17:23
Muscovymaking it should be dead easy.17:23
MadnessRedyh i think so17:23
|OmegaGood idea :)17:23
MadnessRedat least until we get a major release, then put it in the about section17:23
MuscovyOk, I'll set that up later.17:23
MuscovySecond-to-last, screenshots form other languages.17:24
MadnessRedok, translations in launchpad?17:24
Muscovy(I know nothing of translations)17:24
MadnessRedwe seemed to have missed that17:24
MadnessRedit was on etherpad17:24
MuscovyRight, sorry.17:24
MuscovyIvo put it there, it seems.17:25
MadnessReddoes anyone know how they work?17:25
MuscovyNo idea myself.17:25
|OmegaI don't, but they it is used widespread17:25
|OmegaMaybe we should postpone this one17:25
MuscovyI think so.17:26
MuscovyMaybe having it over mail.17:26
Muscovyhave it*17:26
MuscovyOk, so screenshots in other languages.17:26
MuscovyI'm not sure who put that up.17:26
MuscovyI've not been packaging up other language's screenshots, just because most of them don't have a lot done.17:27
MuscovyOh, I see, another from Ivo.17:27
hakimsheriffCould you guys help, I am having problems17:27
MuscovyProbably something else for later.17:27
MuscovyWhat's the issue?17:27
hakimsheriffhakimsheriff@hakim-ubuntu:~$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour17:28
hakimsheriffThe authenticity of host 'bazaar.launchpad.net (' can't be established.17:28
hakimsheriffRSA key fingerprint is 9d:38:3a:63:b1:d5:6f:c4:44:67:53:49:2e:ee:fc:89.17:28
hakimsheriffAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes17:28
hakimsheriffWarning: Permanently added 'bazaar.launchpad.net,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.17:28
hakimsheriffPermission denied (publickey).17:28
hakimsheriffbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.17:28
MuscovyIt seems your ssh key isn't being accepted.17:28
MuscovyDo you have it on Launchpad?17:28
hakimsheriffjust added it17:28
MuscovyOk, did you run bzr launchpad-login yourlpname ?17:29
MuscovyI'm not sure, then.17:29
hakimsheriffbut the RCA I put in launchpad seems different17:29
hakimsheriffi think it is longer17:29
MuscovyFor some reason, bzr lets you pull anonymously, but freaks out if you're sort-of logged in. XD17:30
MuscovyOh, that could be it.17:30
hakimsheriffbut I followed all the intructions on http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://ubuntutour.org/contribute/branch/17:30
TourBotTitle: Project Branch | Ubuntu Tour (at webcache.googleusercontent.com)17:30
hakimsheriffshould I change it to the one I see in terminal?17:30
MuscovyI think so.17:31
MuscovyWhat's different, the names?17:31
hakimsheriffthe key itself is different and longer17:31
MuscovyYou uploaded ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub, right?17:32
MadnessRedUnfortunately I am going to have to leave you, college dinner ends in a bit, ttyl17:32
MuscovySo long.17:32
MuscovyThanks for coming.17:32
MadnessRedno problem17:32
MadnessRed\nick Anthony|Away17:32
hakimsheriffIt was in the hoem folder17:32
=== MadnessRed is now known as Anthony|Away
hakimsheriffand I had named it key 1 when it asked for a name17:33
|Omegahakimsheriff: Can you give us a minute to wrap up the meeting?17:33
hakimsheriffokay sure17:33
|OmegaLast topid: Rumors of me stepping down.17:33
|OmegaThey are not true, and if I were to step down, you'd hear it from me.17:34
|OmegaAnd I would do so considerably, as I have agreed to in the Code of Conduct.17:34
|OmegaThe interests of the individual(s) that spread this rumor do not concern me.17:35
|OmegaI think that's all I have to say about the matter.17:35
MuscovyAlright, any closing comments from anyone?17:36
MuscovyMeeting adjourned, thanks for coming, everyone!17:36
|OmegaMuscovy: ^17:38
hakimsheriffSo what do I do now?17:45
hakimsheriffMuscovy, ?17:46
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MuscovyWhat's the status?17:50
hakimsheriffnoting changed17:50
hakimsheriffshould I restart the SSH process?17:51
MuscovyI don't think that'll help.17:51
MuscovyWhat does bzr launchpad-login print out?17:51
hakimsheriffI forget, should I try it again?17:51
MuscovyJust try running bzr launchpad-login.17:52
MuscovyIt'll print the status of your login.17:52
hakimsheriffi am sort-of new at this17:52
krnekheleshhello everyone, I just newly joined your launchpad team17:53
krnekheleshand got the mail regarding the meeting today but got a bit delayed17:53
krnekheleshI do have questions though17:53
MuscovyAsk away.17:53
krnekheleshThe website was down for a long time (2 days back)17:54
krnekheleshor was it just me17:54
MuscovyThe website is up and down lots at the moment.17:54
MuscovyIt'll be fixed soon.17:54
krnekheleshoh ok17:55
MuscovyI suggest getting cached pages from Google.17:55
krnekheleshalrite, actually that what I did to get the instruction to download the branch using bzr17:55
krnekheleshnow regarding contributing, I like to create screenshots and upload17:55
krnekheleshso I just need to add them to the correct folder and then commit to launchpad using bazaar17:56
krnekheleshis that it?17:56
MuscovyCommitting is 3 steps: bzr add, bzr commit, and bzr push lp:ubuntu-tour17:56
hakimsheriffMuscovy, It just says hakimsheriff17:57
krnekheleshok thnx17:57
krnekheleshAlso, I noticed that the text are written in html format...why is that?17:57
MuscovyThat's the easiest way to customize the way text shows up.17:57
MuscovyPlus, it makes doing a web edition really easy.17:57
krnekheleshok let's say an application that i think should be included but is not present currently17:58
hakimsheriffhakimsheriff@hakim-ubuntu:~$ bzr launchpad-login17:58
krnekheleshcan I just create a folder for that application and then later add the screenshots and complete it17:58
Muscovykrnekhelesh, what's the application?17:59
krnekheleshI am just asking in general17:59
Muscovyhakimsheriff, bzr thinks you're logged in fine. What's the error exactly, again?17:59
Muscovykrnekhelesh, it's just that it may not be a priority application.17:59
hakimsheriffscroll up the irc channel :P18:00
krnekheleshfor instance I think that vlc should be included since it is perfect for viewing all kinds of videos and that it would be nic eif it is included18:00
MuscovyAt the moment we're just sorting out how we'll show non-default applications in the tour.18:01
MuscovyOk, so if you want to make a vlc chapter, it needs a folder in tours.18:01
MuscovyIn there, make a folder called en.18:02
krnekheleshok I understand..18:02
MuscovyIn there, make tour.info. The file should have 3 lines:18:02
Muscovyname is lowercase18:02
krnekheleshparent and then position18:03
MuscovyThis tells the tour what it is and where to put it.18:03
MuscovyFor the actual tour part, each page should be #_arbitraryname.html18:04
MuscovyLike 0_into.html.18:04
krnekheleshnext few days I'll start with the basics that is just looking over the format and maybe check for grammatical mistakes18:05
MuscovyAnd you only need to use html for simple formatting like <br />, don't worry about <head> and so on, that's do automatically.18:05
krnekheleshand then do some more contributions18:05
krnekheleshok thanx a lot for answering my questions..it helped a lot in understanding the structure of the program18:06
MuscovyNo problem.18:06
krnekheleshI do have a basic background in python programming, so I'll look into it a bit later18:06
krnekheleshbut cheers...18:06
hakimsheriffMuscovy, now it syas:18:07
hakimsheriff* laknath_ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)18:07
hakimsheriff<Muscovy> parent:Multimedia18:07
hakimsheriff<krnekhelesh> parent and then position18:07
hakimsheriff<Muscovy> position:1018:07
hakimsheriff<Muscovy> Yep.18:07
hakimsheriff<krnekhelesh> ok18:07
hakimsheriff<Muscovy> This tells the tour what it is and where to put it.18:07
hakimsheriff<Muscovy> For the actual tour part, each page should be #_arbitraryname.html18:07
hakimsheriff<Muscovy> Like 0_into.html.18:07
hakimsheriff<krnekhelesh> ah18:07
hakimsheriff<krnekhelesh> next few days I'll start with the basics that is just looking over the format and maybe check for grammatical mistakes18:07
hakimsheriff<Muscovy> And you only need to use html for simple formatting like <br />, don't worry about <head> and so on, that's do automatically.18:07
hakimsheriff<krnekhelesh> and then do some more contrib18:07
hakimsheriffwait that was the chat sorry18:07
hakimsheriffhakimsheriff@hakim-ubuntu:~$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour18:07
hakimsheriffPermission denied (publickey).18:07
hakimsheriffbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.18:07
MuscovyMaybe ask the bzr channel about this.18:08
hakimsheriffokay thanks a lot18:08
MuscovyI'm not sure what it's doing, because your settup appears to be ok.18:09
hakimsheriffthanks a lot18:09
=== |Omega is now known as |Omega|
OmegaThe website is up, we just need to wait for Muscovy to make the DNS change23:58

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