bigcalmiain@iain-Studio-1558:~/www_idophp$ mkdir R00:01
bigcalmiain@iain-Studio-1558:~/www_idophp$ cd R00:01
bigcalmiain@iain-Studio-1558:~/www_idophp/R$ ls00:01
bigcalmWhy o why did I just do that last command?00:01
daftykinsforce of habit00:01
daftykinslike putting your nose around a door and having a glance in, for a new room00:01
daftykinsyou're expressing your male dominance :>00:01
daftykinsassuming your gender of course00:01
hamitronkeep seeing pink bars across my screen00:03
hamitronwhen I look closer they aren't there00:03
* hamitron is cracking up00:03
daftykinsi've had that00:04
daftykinsgeneral hallucinations :>00:04
hamitroncan't stand this, 130Gb to move into 100Gb space00:05
hamitronsending me insane00:05
hamitrongotta free up the hdd for new comp parts arriving this week00:06
shaunore: hey jude .. http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kwn3lt2ksU1qzxzwwo1_500.jpg00:07
daftykinshamitron: haha, that's tiny storage ;)00:08
daftykinsand tiny data too00:08
hamitrondaftykins: there is more ;/00:08
hamitronthat is just the last stuff to move00:09
daftykinsi was going to say! modern times00:09
hamitronyeh, even I would not struggle with just that amount ;/00:09
hamitronproblem is, data collections grow to the storage00:10
hamitronand when you need to tweak storage setups, a pain00:10
daftykins*points at 75% full 5TB NTFS array on windows file server ;/*00:10
hamitronso it wouldn't help, me putting more money into it00:11
daftykinsi spent way too much when i went from the previous RAID to this one00:11
hamitronI got about 2.3tb of stuff00:11
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hamitronbut I also like to keep multiple copies, in case a drive breaks00:12
hamitronso that kinda makes it harder00:12
hamitronI could free 22Gb by uninstalling 2 games00:13
hamitronbut I have to "live" till later in the week00:13
daftykinsyeah i only copy my music to other drives really00:14
shaunoHazRPG: it mostly wasn't done with trackers in c64 era.  you literally just stuff the right values into the right registers.  the good news is they did documentation properly back then; http://archive.6502.org/datasheets/mos_6581_sid.pdf  :D00:14
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HazRPGshauno: Cool, thanks.00:15
* hamitron spanks Azelphur00:15
HazRPGwait... what did I say for you to post that?00:15
* HazRPG feels confused00:16
shaunosomething about books a while back.  just got back from watching a movie00:16
* Azelphur counter spanks hamitron00:16
HazRPGfor a second there, I though you were somehow reading the blog post I was about to do00:16
hamitronwhat is with the zz renames?00:16
hamitronhappened last night too00:17
shaunobooks on trackers would be odd.  maybe magazine articles, but anyone serious enough about it to buy a book would just be writing code00:17
mgdmhamitron: at a guess it's a mildly irritating way to indicate he's away :)00:17
hamitronmgdm: maybe, but he needs to sleep for longer00:18
daftykinsit's been proven that Azelphur never sleeps00:19
daftykinsAzelphur: did you ever rig up that lighting system to indicate when someone's at your door whilst you have headphones on?00:19
Azelphurhamitron: means I got dc'd or more likely X crashed again :P00:20
hamitronX sucks00:20
Azelphurdaftykins: I have a USB doorbell00:20
Azelphurit runs aplay doorbell.wav00:20
mgdmdaubers has a Jabber doorbell00:21
hamitronit would be more fun to run shutdown -h 12000:21
hamitronthen you could tell sales people you have to get back to something00:21
AzelphurI'd show the photo but nautilus has randomly decided it's not going to show thumbnails for most of my photos today00:22
Azelphurso it's impossible to find.00:22
daftykinsif ever in life i feel overcome by change00:23
daftykinsi'll come on here and wait for Azelphur to mention a bug he's got going on00:23
daftykinsand i'll find some solace00:23
AzelphurI've got lots atm00:23
Azelphurincluding "Lets just randomly freeze for up to 60 seconds every time you play a game"00:23
hamitronwell, you should change to an i3 cpu00:24
Azelphurand "If you move the mouse while you're freezing, heaven forbid, I'm going to make the mouse pointer flicker forever and X unresponsive until you kill it"00:24
hamitronor we could swap comps?00:24
AzelphurI have it all pegged to multi X screen bugs tbh00:25
hamitronI should point out I don't have an i3 yet...00:25
nucc1if your X hangs, and you manage to login from another machine via SSH, what command should you run to fix it?00:25
penguin42nucc1: you can try   sudo stop gdm     and then   sudo start gdm00:25
Azelphurnucc1: I tried going to ubuntu-x and here and asked that question, got nowhere :(00:25
Azelphurhaha, besides that.00:26
hamitronsudo shutdown -r 0 is more reliable00:26
Azelphuryay I found the photo of the USB doorbell http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/Photos/July%202010/2010-07-22%2017.36.43.jpg00:26
nucc1shutdown -r 0 is like reboot?00:26
daftykinsi always use that00:26
daftykinssudo shutdown -h and -r00:26
nucc1cos i notice that trying to restart X doesn't usually yield any results00:26
hamitronwith a number, or "now"00:26
daftykinsAzelphur: you sir, are a pioneer!00:27
Azelphurit's actually very simple to do, requires no hardware hacking, and can be done for about £200:27
hamitronfirefox is acting all weird00:27
daftykinsnucc1: "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart" would be the one00:27
daftykinsnucc1: though you wouldn't need to SSH from another comp, you should be able to switch to a TTY? ctrl+alt+f1 etc?00:27
AzelphurI simply bought one of those cheapo Panic / Boss mode buttons and plugged it in00:27
nucc1daftykins, not when X is frozen00:28
daftykinsah ok00:28
Azelphurit seems to send some weird key combo like ctrl+alt+shift+meta+500:28
daftykinsjust checking :D00:28
Azelphurso I just used xbindkeys to bind it to aplay doorbell.wav and we have a winner00:28
nucc1Azelphur,  clicking on the link you gave has made my xchat start acting funny00:28
nucc1i am typing blind :p00:28
AzelphurITS BUG DAY00:28
nucc1i only see square boxes, like undefined unicode points00:28
hamitronAzelphur: I see a sign on a door, not a door bell00:29
nucc1lemme reboot it.00:29
Azelphurhamitron: I suppose that's because the awesome sign is disrtracting you from the also awesome doorbell00:29
hamitronit is frightening me00:30
nucc1lol, the doorbell is not the most prominent thing int he pic00:30
hamitronI shall never ask questions again00:30
hamitronand you need a lesson on photography00:30
Azelphurnot really, that was actually a photo of the poster on the door00:30
Azelphurit just also happens to have the doorbell in it00:30
hamitronah, well, you should of told me it was bottom right00:31
hamitronit isn't in focus though :/00:31
hamitronwould be no good for me00:32
hamitronI break my comp too often00:32
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daftykinsyou're talking to Azelphur :>00:32
hamitronah, true :D00:32
Azelphuryea, people asked me what happens if your computer is turned on00:32
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Azelphurturned off*00:32
nucc1HA HA HA00:33
Azelphurbut the simple obvious answer to that is if my computer ain't on, I ain't listening to music and I can hear you outside the door.00:33
Azelphurjust say "let me in"00:33
daftykins:O the secret code word00:33
hamitrongives you time to hide the tissues at least ;)00:33
hamitronand ffs, anyone else here use libreoffice?00:34
shaunois it not fairly obvious that if your computer isn't running, you're too busy to answer the door anyway?00:34
nucc1what about libreoffice?00:34
hamitronit won't uninstall00:35
hamitronon windows though00:35
hamitronjust hanging00:36
* nucc1 hits hamitron with a laddle00:36
HazRPGshauno: hmm, I don't want my blog to sound inaccurate, have a quick skim through and see if this sounds ok: http://www.hazsoft.co.uk/2011/03/06/trackers-music-software/00:36
HazRPGif you don't mind that is :)00:36
* hamitron hides00:36
* nucc1 has deployed a scarecrow aimed at winxp users00:38
HazRPGhamitron: hmm, I haven't had trouble uninstalling LibreOffice from windows...00:38
nucc1the uninstaller is running out of HIGH_MEM00:39
daftykinsso toke some more00:39
daftykinsi do not condone the above action00:39
nucc1there are a large number of "above action"00:40
daftykinsi don't know the convo00:43
shaunoHazRPG: not sure what to tell you; appears your site makes my browser assplode00:45
hamitronbah, coffee time00:46
shaunohm, I don't have dropbox on here atm00:46
nucc1shauno, what kind of browser??00:46
shaunoan intarwebs browser!00:47
HazRPGhow? I changed that theme to a crisper/clearer theme when I started blogging again (the old one did some javascript wizardry to make the colours change slowly - was pretty cool, but lagged out on some browsers)00:47
shauno(safari  5.1 (7534.20.8) on osx 10.7.  I'm finding bugs pretty much everywhere I look :)00:47
dwatkinsHazRPG: sounds fascinating00:47
HazRPGdwatkins: my post?00:47
nucc1shauno, i have to say that browser needs to lose two letters off the end of its name.00:47
dwatkinsHazRPG: the idea of colour cycling on your blog00:48
HazRPGdwatkins: it was rather random00:48
daftykinssafa? that's not funny at all :(00:48
shaunonucc1: not many alternatives unfortunately.  I don't hate myself enough to use firefox for day-to-day browsing00:48
nucc1shauno, chrome and FF4 aren't options?00:49
HazRPGdwatkins: I think it just changed the hue of the background image, which looked like the northern lights00:49
shaunoFF is never an option.  chrome is pretty much zero-gain00:49
HazRPGdwatkins: was rather cool, but it was a 50/50 game with some machines for some reason00:49
HazRPGshauno: I thought you used chrome?00:50
daftykinsi'd rather anything than Safari00:50
shaunoI use chrome at work00:50
nucc1shauno, your choice. I don't think i need to know your reasons. FF4 has been giving me joy since i can remember.00:50
shaunoFF gives me joy.  very, very slowly.  until it pigs out all the ram it can get it's hands on, I kill it, and start receiving joy (slowly) from scratch again00:51
nucc1lol. how long on average is your uptime before it pigs out?00:51
shaunorarely more than 5 hours00:51
HazRPGfirefox wouldn't like my browsering habits :/00:52
nucc1i've got about 80 tabs here, and it's got 1.3G of Virtual memory, and 661mb of resident.00:52
shauno(because in an unrelated problem I have with it, it always crashes during my lunchbreak)00:52
nucc1lol. havent' experienced a crash in dog years00:53
HazRPGor should I say doesn't like00:53
nucc1HazRPG, how so?00:53
shaunoI haven't crashed ff since friday.  I also haven't used it since friday :/00:53
HazRPGerm, my browser never closes?00:53
HazRPGjust like my PC00:53
nucc1HazRPG, so what do you use that is so infinitely stable and resource efficient?00:54
HazRPGnucc1: chrome does my job just fine :)00:54
nucc1me, i just kill it when it gets too heavy and run it again.00:54
HazRPGnucc1: you shouldn't have to do that though00:54
nucc1i just do it when i feel like00:54
nucc1i don't really get prompted.00:55
nucc1when i start wondering what is happening to my 4G of ram, i just pick random guys to kill00:55
nucc1FF and evolution usually go first.00:55
nucc1WTF, java is currently sitting on 1.2G.00:55
nucc1darn. musta been the experiments i've been doing lately00:56
hamitronit is a nasty habbit leaving a browser open00:57
hamitronI am trying to break my habbit00:57
nucc1wow, it's crazy what programs of nowadays do to ram00:57
nucc1i've got little hotot here happily munching 512mb of VM00:57
nucc1whatever it needs that much for.00:57
nucc1off with its head00:57
hamitronday to day stuff needs more ram than high end games :/00:58
shaunoI have a web app open for 12 hours a day at work.  having to kill things because they can't behave really isn't; well, shouldn't be normal00:58
daftykinskeeping the browser open isn't mine00:58
daftykinskeeping a million tabs that i never finish with open, is :>00:58
hamitronthat is why I never close my browser00:58
nucc1yea, so many tabs i don't want to close cos i'm not sure i'm done with them00:58
hamitron"I will read them pages later"00:58
nucc1similar situation with my "Downloads" folder00:59
nucc1its so large now that it takes up to a minute to load in nautilus.00:59
hamitronI have "old_downloads1,2,3,4,etc"00:59
shauno~/Downloads is death row on my machine.  if you're still in there 7 days layer, you go straight to the bitbucket00:59
shaunoI half think browsers should start downloading things straight to the Trash, so you can just hit empty at the end of the day01:00
nucc1shauno, you got a cronjob for that?01:00
shaunoI do01:00
hamitronso lazy... I am impressed :)01:00
nucc1shauno, where is it :)01:00
nucc1won't mind to rig that kind of setu01:01
shaunothat's a good question; not on my regular OS atm01:01
* shauno goes poking01:01
hamitronwhat if you are unable to get to your comp for a week?01:01
nucc1then you download it again01:01
hamitrondue to say illness01:01
nucc1if you can't remember it, then you didn't really need it.01:01
shaunothen I'll download it again01:02
hamitronI am the opersite01:02
hamitronI keep everything "in case"01:02
shaunoI let the internet hoard stuff :)01:02
nucc1only files i create myself are "never delete"01:02
hamitronI wonder if you can get everything I still have01:02
shaunoif it's in ~/Downloads, it can be downloaded again01:03
shaunothere's some stuff in /Volumes/Vault that I don't fancy trying to dig up again.  but that's why it wasn't left to language in d/ls01:03
shaunogah, languish01:04
shaunoif that just autocorrected my spelling I'm going to go nuts01:04
nucc1autocorrect on the pc?01:04
shaunoosx 10.701:04
nucc1its the first thing i turn off on my phones.01:04
shaunoI'm rather worried about how much parts of it are starting to feel like a giant cellphone01:04
nucc1i don't mind.01:05
nucc1i just don't like autocorrect.01:05
nucc1it is dumb01:05
nucc1"last night, i got really sacred..."01:05
hamitronif it is new and different, like normal I complain :)01:05
nucc1stupid thing thinks that "sacred" is more commonly used than "scared"01:05
shaunomy only real complaint with autocorrect is that I curse like a sailor, and my phone apparently doesn't01:05
shaunoother than that, it does a better job than my thumbs01:06
hamitronI find fingers helpful01:06
nucc1it just helped you spell "language", when you meant to type a shorter word. that doesn't bother you?01:06
shaunoI'm not sure if it did.  and I'm not sure it didn't.  I can't seem to replicate it, but it strikes me as a surprisingly readable typo01:07
hamitronsometimes you can type the wrong words though01:07
nucc1very funny.01:07
hamitrondifferent to the ones you are thinking01:07
nucc1someone just tried a password guess on my ssh port01:07
* HazRPG likes autocorrect on pidgin01:07
nucc1and i noticed because i have system-monitor open, and the process jumped to the top of the list01:08
hamitronI like it to highlight bad spelling01:08
shaunoI tend to turn that off01:08
HazRPGhowever irritating this is when I try to type an equation out e.g. x = why + z01:08
nucc1i need it for getting at my files from outside the house01:08
shaunoI don't mind on my phone, because I really can't type with two thumbs01:08
nucc1i installed fail2ban though.01:08
HazRPGit changes the Y to "Why", and the only way to correct is hit backspace to tell it that you meant to type that and then continue from there01:08
shaunobut everywhere else, I preferr to have to think about what I'm typing01:09
daftykinsnucc1: non-standard port?01:09
nucc1nah, standard port01:09
nucc1i'm too lazy01:09
hamitronit takes no effort to change :/01:10
shaunothere's a guy at work that comes off as illiterate, because Lotus doesn't do spelling inline.  I'm terrified of ending up like that01:10
hamitronwhere does ubuntu log ssh logins by default?01:11
nucc1i usually do sudo tail /var/log/auth.log01:11
hamitronnot located there on this vps01:12
nucc1ls /var/log01:12
shaunothat the cheap one from buyvm?01:13
nucc1i think all auth messages are logged to that file01:13
shaunothey don't have any syslogd running (or installed) in their default build01:13
hamitronah, ty01:13
shaunopam puts everything in auth,log, but it does so via syslog01:13
shaunothey have barely anything running at all.  it's actually kinda nice01:16
shaunoI have a backup MX on their $15 plan.  I think it's all of 6 processes in 15-20Mb of ram01:16
nucc1i wish i had some booze right now :(01:17
hamitronI like it01:17
hamitronjust not using it atm01:17
* nucc1 dozes off01:18
shaunohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/576240/   this is my idea of a tidy house :)01:18
hamitronI wish the ping for buyvm was lower01:20
hamitronbut based in hong kong?01:20
shaunocron's only there because I like to logrotate01:20
shaunohk?  mine appears to be in fremont, california01:20
hamitronI thhought mine was in the US01:21
hamitronbut now if I use it was a tunnel, I get to google.com.hk01:21
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hamitronshauno: mine appears to be too01:28
hamitronapart from when I browse the web from it01:28
shaunohm, trace route puts the last hops in mine as palo-alto->fremont.  tis convincing01:30
shaunoyou're right tho01:30
shaunoHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found01:30
shaunoLocation: http://www.google.com.hk/ [following]01:30
shaunowget gets pointed to .hk01:30
hamitrontrace route does look good01:31
hamitronis hk better for dodgy dealings? ;)01:31
shaunoand this is correcting my typing.  I didn't put a space in traceroute01:31
hamitronI did01:31
hamitronit maybe explains why it is so cheap01:32
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shaunoheh, that's funky.  geoip puts it in idaho, which makes even less sense.  they don't have computers in idaho.01:33
shaunothey have potatoes.01:34
hamitronhe.net does have part of its network in hong kong01:34
daftykinsyou two are just having a far too confusing setup for me to handle01:34
shaunoI did try using it as a proxy for hulu.  hulu liked it, my latency didn't01:35
hamitronit is a vps with sshd ;/01:35
daftykinsit's in hong kong, California and Idaho01:35
shaunohe.net also have part of their network in london.  and paris.  they're not small :)01:35
hamitronyeh, looking at the map01:35
shaunodaftykins: trying to figure out where the vps are physically hosted01:36
hamitronbut basing it on the fact we get vps dirt cheap...01:36
hamitronhk springs to mind01:36
shaunoreally?  insane property prices / population density?01:36
daftykinstwo kids to a shauno / hamitron VPS bed01:36
shaunothat's not where I would put warehouse-sized hist farms01:36
hamitronwhat about in a cave just outside?01:37
shaunothere's not much 'outside'01:37
daftykinsright, gotta sleep01:38
daftykinsttfn all o/01:38
hamitronnn dafty01:38
shaunonight daffy01:38
hamitronmy main grudge is the ping01:38
hamitronI was playing with the idea of using it for interactive stuff01:38
shaunoI was curious if it's just because they pack the "cheap as dirt" plans in like sardines01:39
shaunobut never felt enticed to try any of their other plans.  not throwing good money after bad01:39
hamitronI like the service tbh01:39
hamitronjust gives me something if I need it01:40
shaunothe price is right for a failover MX01:40
shaunothe latency means that's about all I'll use it for01:40
shaunofor everything else, I'll stick with bitfolk :)01:41
hamitrongetting 150ms on mine01:42
hamitronto google in the uk01:42
hamitron25ms to google if I use their dns01:42
hamitron220ms from here01:44
shauno2-300ms for ping, but I've taken much longer than that to establish connections with them most times01:46
hamitronI may write a quick tcp server/client and log the real time01:46
hamitronnot at 2am though01:47
hamitronhave you found yours stable?01:47
shaunoyeah, but it doesn't really do much :)01:48
hamitronI've been tempted to tunnel a load of stuff through it01:49
hamitronjust so I am using it01:49
hamitronbut dunno :/01:50
shaunoI tried.  adding 3 seconds onto every http connection wasn't good for my blood pressure.01:50
hamitrongonna try it now01:50
shaunoand it's not just the time it takes to establish a connection.  hulu was unstreamable01:51
shaunoit tried.  I got the spiny wheel for a good 30 seconds.  then it played 2-3 seconds of video, and went back to spinning the wheel01:51
hamitronI may put torrents through it01:52
hamitronavoid hassle01:52
shaunothere's half a chance you're not the only one, and that's why the cheap packages are net bound :p01:52
hamitronnet bound?01:53
hamitronwell, will do anyway01:54
hamitronrather pay the monthly price of most vps, just once a year01:54
hamitronI did like their control panel too01:55
hamitronthe way you can backup the entire filesystem to a file01:55
hamitronand change dns easy01:55
shaunoI think that's it.  you're getting what you pay for01:56
shauno77 pence a month, if the only complaint is the ping is 200ms higher than you'd like, you're not doing too bad :)01:57
shaunothat said, it's never going to replace my "proper" vps01:59
hamitronthis is my only vps01:59
hamitronbut it is only a toy01:59
hamitronmy email/web hosting is elsewhere01:59
hamitrongoogle ;)01:59
shaunoI have mail, web, & voip on mine .. and irssi lives there too02:00
hamitronsuppose the voip is the big thing02:01
hamitronwell, others are if they are essential too :)02:01
shaunoit's not all that bad for cpu/ram, but it'd be very unforgiving of buyvm's latency02:02
hamitronhave you tested burst data transfers?02:03
shaunoatm it's using 45Mb with 3 users02:04
shaunomy 'worst offender' for ram is dropbox :(02:04
shaunowhich right now, is using as much as everything else combined02:04
hamitronI was using 9Mb ram without logging02:05
hamitronnow using 32mb ;/02:06
shaunothat doesn't sound right.  I'm using 12Mb with cron, postfix & syslogd02:07
hamitronreboot and see02:07
hamitronyou aren't on node22 are you?02:08
shaunodunno.  how do I see?02:08
hamitroncan't remember02:08
hamitronany signs of it in traceroute?02:08
shaunoah.  node23 is the first stop on trace route going outbound02:09
hamitron31284kb ram used on fresh boot02:10
shaunonah, just syslogd02:10
hamitronthat will be why02:10
shaunohaven't seen a good reason to replace it yet02:11
hamitronit can stay for now02:12
hamitrondunno why I went for bloat02:12
hamitronso unlike me02:12
shaunoon things I don't plan on fiddling with often, I prefer to avoid complexity02:13
shaunoif I was a little less lazy, I probably would have thrown upstart out the window by now too02:14
hamitronhow much of ubuntu can be thrown out?02:14
hamitronand keeping ubuntu I mean02:14
shaunoalmost all of it :)02:14
hamitroncan you get rid of python?02:15
* shauno tries02:15
shaunohm, it'd take ufw with it02:16
shaunootherwise, yes02:16
hamitronoh, I thought a load of stuff used it02:16
shaunowell, that's on the vas, where "a load of stuff" isn't installed02:17
shaunoer, vps02:17
hamitrononce I get my new comp, will try playing with vps02:17
hamitronatm I only have 2gb ram and I struggle02:17
hamitronvps on yahoo has taken me to canada02:24
shaunohah, nice02:31
shaunoI think it is just geoip being screwy02:32
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hamitronanyways, off to bed, nn all o/02:42
HazRPGhamitron: later dude02:45
HazRPGhow does this sound to you?02:54
HazRPGI'm beginning to think I might not be cut out for this... I like the fast drum beat, but I don't want to start the song just like that, cos it's a bit in your face type thing02:55
HazRPGGuessing no ones around lol02:57
ali1234i think you need a longer intro02:59
HazRPGknew it sounded like something was off03:00
HazRPGso its not just me :)03:00
ali1234probably 12 bars instead of 403:00
HazRPGhmm, I'm not 100% keyed up on music theory/writing03:01
ali1234"make it 3 times longer"03:01
HazRPGah, the whole 3/4 thing03:01
HazRPG(as its written in notes)03:02
ali1234time signature03:02
HazRPGalthough I have a feeling that's more to do with ...03:02
HazRPGyeah that03:02
ali1234you're using 4:403:02
ali1234but don't worry if time signature makes no sense - there is no mathematical rule to it03:02
ali1234at least none that i could discern03:02
HazRPGI know a few people who do mathematical music03:03
HazRPGand some of it can sound really random03:03
HazRPGand only math/music geeks can pick up on it03:03
HazRPGcan't remember the technical term for it03:03
HazRPGhmm, trying to work out how many pattern sheets more I need then03:04
HazRPGcurrent that section is on 1 sheet of 6403:04
ali1234just the intro?03:05
ali1234so you want 2 more?03:05
HazRPGits speeded up though03:05
ali1234hmm... why?03:05
HazRPGcos if I slow it down, it doesn't sound right03:05
ali1234well yeah but... tempo should be the same03:05
ali1234the length of the intro is exactly the same as the length of one loop of the main loop bit03:06
HazRPGno, the whole thing is set as F0503:06
ali1234wall clock length that is03:06
HazRPGI'm guessing you've used gt before, after the note letter xxF05 is what I have it set as03:07
HazRPGxx being the instrument number03:07
ali1234i was wondering what those numbers meant though03:07
HazRPGF is the command for setting tempo03:07
HazRPGthe 2 numbers after that represents the tempo03:07
ali1234so yeah03:08
HazRPGthe value can be from 03-7F for global03:08
ali1234the pattern block for the intro and the main loop... are played at same tempo?03:08
HazRPGso my guess would be its set at somewhere like 160 tempo?03:08
HazRPGyeah, I've set the tempo only once03:09
HazRPGif I was moving it around, it would sound strange03:09
HazRPGthe default tempo isn't to my liking either though, which is why I changed it03:09
HazRPGlike I said, I'm guessing 05 sets it to roughly 16003:09
HazRPGbut I could be wrong03:10
ali1234i assume tempo sticks throughout the whole song unless it sees another tempo command?03:10
HazRPGit does yes :)03:11
HazRPGthat's it at normal tempo03:11
HazRPGlike I said, it sounds odd03:12
ali1234sounds ok... depends what you;re going for03:13
ali1234what it sounds like to me (and consider that i have no talent for actually making music at all) is you want to repeat the intro 2x, and on the second time, end it one tone higher, and hold that note for another 4 bars (with some weird effects or something) and then bring in the main loop03:15
ali1234also i kind of like the slow version03:16
HazRPGif you want, when I'm done, I'll give you a slow version :)03:16
HazRPGif I'm getting this right, you mean have one whole sheet of 64 with one note held through it?03:18
ali1234well not *just* that but yeah basically03:18
HazRPGI'll see what happens03:19
ali1234but again it really depends what you're going for03:19
ali1234slow version is more kind of a hip hop tempo03:19
ali1234fast version is more like house tempo, which is more where i was coming from03:19
HazRPGyeah, see I like both those types of music, but it was more the house type I was going for03:20
HazRPGthose are some of the songs that I like, that I want sort of similar sort of effect03:29
HazRPGooo wait I missed one03:29
HazRPGmainly cadaver2.sid and spektral_i.sid03:30
HazRPGand you'll notice where I'm sort of coming from03:30
ali1234they all sound completely different to me :)03:31
HazRPGits mainly the effects I like from most of them03:31
HazRPGI'm not like most people that only listen to one type of music, I like all sorts03:32
ali1234lol you stole the hook from cadaver203:32
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ali1234a lot of this sid stuff is really weird and complex03:35
ali1234it's almost like prog rock in how much it changes through out the song03:36
ali1234which is ok, but not very catchy03:36
HazRPGyou mean the one's I've put up?03:37
HazRPGor in general?03:37
ali1234well, cavader2 in particular03:37
ali1234but i've noticed it in a lot of sid music03:37
ali1234i think it's cos they are trying to not get repetitive when you listen to it on a loop in a game03:38
HazRPGI think its more to do with the time constraint it takes to make just one song03:38
HazRPGthat could also explain it too03:38
ali1234my favourite sid tune is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1stW0J7Myew03:38
HazRPGbut those sid's I've put up, some are made in 2009-2011 though03:39
ali1234and notice that it's the loading music, it plays once and then it's over03:39
HazRPGahhh good ol' arkanoid :)03:40
shaunoheh, that's funny, I've noticed a lot of my favourite chiptune is taito's newer stuff03:40
shaunothey've still 'got it'03:40
ali1234there's a hardsid version of that one on youtube somewhere, can't find it now03:41
HazRPGshauno: really, taito is still making chiptunes?03:42
shaunoI think it's all just synth, but trying to keep to the style .. ish03:43
HazRPGhmm, probably an outrageous question, but do newer sound cards not function in the same way as they use to? Is it not possible to force it to make music similar to how SID's worked03:45
ali1234no :)03:45
shaunothe closest left is midi.  otherwise, no03:45
ali1234synthesis type is totally different03:46
shaunoDAC is superior in pretty much every way03:46
shaunochiptune just plays to our nostalgia :)03:46
HazRPGisn't DAC used in synths?03:47
ali1234but in a different way03:47
HazRPGshauno: you would be correct on that one :)03:47
ali1234i mean any computer sound chip is by definition a DAC...03:47
ali1234and so is a video card03:47
ali1234unless it's hdmi03:47
ali1234or dvi-d03:48
HazRPGhmm, yeah I guess03:48
ali1234of course you can have a totally analogue synth too03:48
ali1234anyway, sid uses something called direct digital synthesis03:49
ali1234which basically means it works in fixed point and changes the pitch by changing the sample rate03:49
ali1234then it has a bunch of analogue filters03:50
HazRPGI could be wrong, but it's the resistors that cause it to change the sample rate correct?03:50
ali1234sample rate is controled in digital logic03:50
ali1234it works with a 24 bit register03:51
ali1234that's the phase accumulator03:51
ali1234then you have the pitch control register03:51
ali1234at a fixed interval the pitch register gets added to the phase accumulator03:52
ali1234then it takes the top few bits of that result and that indexes into the wave table03:52
ali1234you can program this in software very easily actually03:52
ali1234then write the result into a wave file or the sound card03:53
ali1234that's what resid does, along with the filter simulation (which is much harder for obvious reasons)03:53
HazRPGyeah I'm trying to avoid using the filter table in GoatTracker, because a few of the raw sng files I downloaded were direct copies from the c64 and some didn't play right (compared to the mp3 they had on download)03:55
HazRPGthere's some documentation lying around that mention that using the filter should be tested on a c64 first, otherwise you'll get different results on the PC03:56
HazRPGsomething along the lines that the way the SID worked, you could input values and it'd do some really cool effects that shouldn't technically come out03:58
HazRPGtried a few of those values and it just crashes goattracker03:58
HazRPGor at least the audio part of goattracker, have to open/close it to get sound back03:58
HazRPGI should really get back into my hardware tbh04:02
HazRPGali1234: the only reason I said resistors is because about 4 years ago I bought a few chips, wires and bits n bobs from my local tech/hardware shop04:03
ali1234you can make a whole midi synth on an avr these days04:03
HazRPGand I was producing sound using a 555 timing chip, a speaker and some resistors04:04
ali1234that's even more basic than DDS04:04
ali1234that's basically entirely analogue04:04
HazRPGI was mucking about :P04:04
HazRPGyeah I figured it was04:04
ali1234that's the kind of circuit they use in those toy keyboards they sell in the pound shops04:05
ali1234it's *really* innaccurate... if you ever played one, you'll notice it sounds like it's detuned04:05
HazRPGDDS - as in direct digital synthesizer?04:05
shaunothere's a pretty good block diagram showing what makes it tick on that pdf I found earlier.  http://archive.6502.org/datasheets/mos_6581_sid.pdf  on page204:06
shaunofantastic thing about 80s stuff, is when you find the actual docs, they tend to be goldmines that make modern documentation seem like it was written by a 4yo04:07
ali1234i wish computers still had proper docs04:07
ali1234even when you can get a TRM or something it's usually rubbish04:07
HazRPGshauno: oh yeah, that was the doc you sent me earlier :)04:08
HazRPGI still have that open :)04:08
shaunoI dunno I'd want to see docs like that for my laptop :/04:08
shaunoI have block diagrams & schematics of my amiga, and both the third-party cards in it04:09
shaunocan you imagine how messy that'd be for a modern machine?04:09
HazRPGyou know it took me hours of sprawling the internet for find some documentation on the 555 timer when I was mucking about with it - ended up finding the solution in a physics good04:09
shaunothere's not really much to know about 555/6, which is why you'll struggle with that04:09
HazRPGshauno: I can imagine having the schematics of just an intel/amd chip by itself would be a massssssssive document04:10
shaunostick juice in this end, and a resistor between these two pins.  if you don't like the results, pick a different resistor04:10
HazRPGshauno: indeed04:11
ali1234yup. basic rc oscillator. highly unstable :)04:11
shaunoolder stuff is totally worth googling datasheets for tho04:12
HazRPGthe information was in the physics book I found at a bookshop, came in handy for figuring out different resistors by colour, etc04:12
shaunoheh.  15 years ago I would have been able to do that without thinking04:12
shaunonow ... well, there's an app for that (tm)04:12
HazRPGI wanted to do electronics at school, but when my mum decided to move to saudi - that threw that dream out the window :(04:13
HazRPGthey didn't have electronics as a subject in saudi sadly04:13
shaunoaltho for the most part I don't think you learn to 'read the bands' so much04:13
HazRPGdon't get me wrong, physics does go into it - buts it's a lot more varied04:13
ali1234they don't teach you much in secondary school electronics courses04:13
shaunoas just recognise certain combinations off-hand04:13
ali1234they didn't in the one i did anyway04:14
ali1234it was basically physics lite04:14
shaunosince they're all multiples of a few base values.  1.2, 3.3, 4.7, etc.   you eventually learn to just pick out the first number, and the x10 multiplier, and jobs' done04:14
shaunowhen I did electronics in 95-96ish, it was almost entirely digital logic04:15
HazRPGali1234: hmm, wasn't the case at the school I was looking at before we moved away, even taught how to make your own PCB's etc04:15
shaunothe gcse stuff seemed to value making a 'product' out of it over actually knowing .. anything04:16
ali1234actually the sum total of what i learned about electronics before university is: V=IR, P=IV, and you need a circuit for current to flow04:16
HazRPGshauno: gotta remember, most of primary/secondary school science is a lie anyway04:16
ali1234so basically enough to light up a lightbulb04:16
HazRPGali1234: wow seriously?04:17
shaunoeg, if you stuck a switch, a latch, and a buzzer together, but dressed it up as a burglar alarm, that's perfectly valid gcse coursework04:17
HazRPGthat sucks04:17
ali1234shauno: i know right? i did exactly that04:17
ali1234i dressed it up as "computer theft alarm" though04:18
HazRPGali1234, shauno: I did that in primary school >_<04:18
ali1234actually, *everyone* in the whole class did some kind of alarm system04:18
shaunoI think one of my friends did a 'automatic headlight dimmer' as his final04:18
HazRPGhigh tech :P04:18
shaunowhich is basically an ldr & a transistor.  with enough incoming light to trip the transistor, you've got a B04:19
HazRPGin primary school we also jigged together a traffic light system04:19
shaunoI made a superhet because that's what I was into at the time, and got totally marked down on it because it was a pcb & a huge varicap nailed to a bit of wood04:19
ali1234my cheesy 3 component circuit got a me B04:21
shauno(huge, air spaced cap with a geared drive.  I thought that was the best thing ever for several years)04:21
HazRPGshauno: surely a superhet is more complex than a burglar alarm though (sort of)04:21
shaunosure.  but it fails pretty much every tickbox04:21
HazRPGthat's harsh04:22
HazRPGam I right in thinking most if not all TV's and Radio's use to use superhets?04:22
* HazRPG does a quick google to confirm 04:22
shaunoI have no idea what they use now that everything's chip-based04:22
shaunobut yeah, it was a shortwave radio04:22
shaunowhich is pretty much why it fails.  there's very little original design in the circuit itself.  the hard part was trying to get it all on a board without the 455 from the IF just bleeding all over everything04:23
shaunoit didn't have a "this is the problem, this is how I want to solve it, and here's the marketable 'product'04:24
shaunoso the written component of the coursework was a complete wash04:24
ali1234i think we must have done exactly the same course04:24
HazRPGholy cow!04:24
shaunobasically, it was me getting the school to pay for stuff I wanted to build but didn't have parts for at home04:24
HazRPGmy box of chips actually has a SID in it!04:25
HazRPGI wondered what that chip was for04:25
HazRPGmight have to crack open the old chip hardware boxes :D04:25
HazRPGwow, this is an original 6581 too!04:26
HazRPGit was a cadbury all-sorts chip buy I got off ebay that had these chips04:27
HazRPGhad bits of everything for £504:27
shaunoI wonder if you can still buy a catweasel04:27
ali1234the sid alone is prolly worth more than the rest :)04:28
HazRPGsome are too tiny for a breadboard so I never bothered with them04:28
HazRPGI've got a stack of 556's in here too04:28
shaunoah.  you can, but they're 90 quid.  nevermind that then04:29
ali1234make your own with an avr04:29
ali1234should be pretty easy with an arduino or somethng04:29
HazRPGali1234: see I didn't even know what a 6581 was at the time, because I was just going off what the electronics/physics book had in it04:29
shaunoyeah, they have a design for a sid-shield for arduino on their site04:30
ali1234is it midi?04:30
ali1234sid chips selling for £40 buy it now on ebay...04:30
shaunonot midi, the stuff on arduino.cc is hardware only04:31
ali1234or 4 for £10004:31
shaunohow you decide to shove numbers down it's throat is up to the reader04:31
shaunocatweasel's fpga-based, which is why it's so damned expensive.  always wanted one, never got there04:31
ali1234well, is there a usb-midi firmware for arduino?04:31
shaunohaven't seen it done over usb04:32
ali1234i've got one for ez-usb04:33
shaunohttp://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Midi   there's one to drive a midi jack04:33
shaunobut don't think it'd drive the usb that's on the arduino, because it's an ftdi, so rs232 in sheep's clothing.  you'd need a seperate usb stack in your code, and munge them together yourself04:34
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shaunothere's gotta be 1001 ways to drive it tho.  it doesn't take much more than a dead budgie to impersonate a 30yo cpu04:35
* HazRPG starts googling the chips he has in this pile04:35
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HazRPGwell apparently I have a MBA540 Tesla Oscillator04:40
HazRPGapparently used it PAL TV's04:40
shaunoit's a shame http://www.creative.net.au/projects-sidavr.shtml has absolutely no documentation04:42
shaunosince those avr are cheap as owt04:42
shaunohere's a fun note from one project04:44
shaunoWarning to all people building stuff with the SID chip: the SID´s output is very delicate. I managed to zap 3 SID chips during development by simply inserting the cable from the MonoVoice into my amp´s jack - the extremely short short circuit duting insertion can do that. So use an opamp buffer to save your SID !04:45
shaunothink it's time for one last blast thru my feedreader, then off to bed04:47
HazRPGcan't find anywhere what this TDA3611 chip is04:48
HazRPGits by philips04:48
HazRPGalso has the numbers 33976 on a different line, and HSH9405 1 Y on another04:49
HazRPGooo, one of these is a Dual D-type flip-flop :)04:50
shaunolooking for chips always bugs me now04:51
shaunoalmost every site claiming to have datasheets is a lying sack of .. err04:51
HazRPGyour telling me :/, was partly the reason I gave up on a lot of these a while back04:52
ali1234i suspect that is a stepper motor controller from a old floppy drive or similar04:53
HazRPGthe philips?04:54
HazRPGfrom what I could dig up, it seems it could be from a hi-fi of some sort04:54
ali1234tape or record motor maybe04:55
shaunoblah.  feedreader was a washout04:56
shaunoI can't wait until charlie sheen has had his 15 minutes and removes himself from my internets.04:56
ali1234it's for cassette tape motor control04:56
shaunoHazRPG: if you can find any more than have 4 digits 65xx, get excited.  if not, get yourself to google and figure out how to best use that sid :)04:59
ali1234i have a small box of 6502, 6508, 6551, 655204:59
ali1234not very interestng without an eeprom burner though04:59
shaunogoat claims to be compatible with hardsid and catweasel.  if you can find a cheap way to impersonate either of those, could have some real fun :D05:00
HazRPGali1234: nice find05:00
HazRPGshauno: hmm...05:00
shauno(pretty convinced catweasel could be £5-10 instead of £90 if it didn't need the fpga for floppy emulation)05:01
HazRPGshauno: hmm, how do you mean?05:01
shaunowell using either of those two, you'd have goat sending the commands down the wire to the sid, instead of synthesising a sid internally05:02
shaunoI think hardsid is usb, and catweasel is pci05:03
HazRPGshauno: you mean construct something I can plug into the computer and get myself a pure (hard) SID?05:03
shaunoyou could drive it with a £2 microcontroller, but if you can emulate something that's already supported by goat, you've got the software side already sat infront of you05:04
MartijnVdSif you want to read floppies :)05:05
shaunoheh, he's trying to drive a sid chip :)05:05
ali1234i bet my ez-usb synth could drive it easily05:06
shaunoI only mention the catweasel because I know it has an unpopulated socket on the board to carry a sid, and is old enough that it's surprisingly widely supported05:06
HazRPGI already have several floppy drives :P05:06
HazRPGah wait that's interesting05:08
HazRPGsold out though apparently05:08
shaunoI keep meaning to pick up some of those TI launchpad boards 'n start futzing with microcontrollers again05:08
shauno(purely because £2.50 for a dev board is insane, so I'm nosey)05:09
HazRPGthat just looks like gibberish to me lol05:10
HazRPGcare to explain for the non-informed such as myself please :)05:11
shaunotexas instruments; have a bunch of cheap-as-dirt microcontroller kits05:11
shauno$4.30 usd05:11
shaunoso round about there, yeah05:11
ali1234is it a proper USB solution?05:12
shaunoI actually have no idea :)05:12
ali1234looks like it has sme crazy silicon on the board05:13
shaunoit's almost entirely unrelated to trying to drive a sid, just something I keep meaning to pick up05:13
ali12342kB Flash, 128B RAM, 10 GPIO, 1x 16-bit timer, WDT, BOR, 1x USI (I2C/SPI), 8ch 10-bit ADC05:13
ali1234lol that sucks05:13
ali1234get an avr instead05:13
shaunoit's also £2.50 :)05:13
ali1234same price range as AVRs05:14
ali1234except AVR has tinyusb05:14
ali1234and usb reprogramming05:14
ali1234in circuit :)05:14
ali1234here's the real link: http://www.harbaum.org/till/i2c_tiny_usb/index.shtml05:16
HazRPGwhy are SID's so expensive?05:17
ali1234because everyone loves them05:17
HazRPGso it's the nostalgia price tag not the actual cost to make them?05:18
ali1234they don't make them any more05:18
HazRPGali1234: one company must be...05:19
ali1234they buy up old c64 and rip them out05:19
ali1234the cost of the hardsid is the sid chips05:19
ali1234and the software and design05:19
ali1234it's probably just an AVR inside05:20
* HazRPG grumbles05:21
shaunoan open clone of the hardsid05:21
HazRPGaccording to that site the drivers are for XP/Vista/Win705:21
HazRPGthe hardsid site I mean05:22
ali1234components for that circuit should not run more than about £505:22
ali1234they use a yucky ftdi chip too05:23
shaunohttp://www.forskningsavd.se/wiki/index.php/File:Sidblasterpsmt.jpg   that'd be pretty hot.  it'd make the whole thing about the size of a slightly overweight usb key05:23
HazRPGali1234: the SIDblaster? Does that mean its not a good alternative?05:24
shauno(for size reference, the sid sits in the rows nearest the edge, so those are 0.1" pitch)05:24
ali1234well it doesn't include an op amp to protect the sid05:24
ali1234but it's just interface glue05:25
ali1234there's no reason it should cost more than a few quid if you build it yourself05:25
HazRPGah crud, I knew it couldn't have been that much of a bargain for a proper SID chip: http://kevtris.org/Projects/sid/remarked_sids.html05:31
HazRPGthe one I've got is similar to the pictured 4 on the top of the page05:31
ali1234still a sid apparently though05:32
ali1234not just some random IC with same dimensions05:32
HazRPGI'm checking the MP3's05:35
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HazRPGwow, it really does make a difference05:36
HazRPGyouch! one sounds terrible!05:38
HazRPGreally does make a difference whether it can filter them or not05:39
HazRPGthink it would be possible to make a SID from scratch, exactly like how the originals were made05:42
ali1234of course05:42
HazRPGI should really read that SIDblaster page properly05:42
ali1234you could run the digital part inside any microcontroller05:43
HazRPGali1234: if you just used breadboard parts, etc, would it be considerably big?05:43
ali1234then you just have to replicate the analogue stuff05:43
ali1234nah, wouldn't be that big05:43
HazRPGI feel thick right now, too much info about one thing too fast, so does a SID actually have both analogue and digital parts (or at least manage both)?05:44
* HazRPG realises this is a stupid question05:44
HazRPGoh, so I'm not 100% stupid then xD05:45
ali1234the filters which are blown in those fake sid are analogue05:45
ali1234it sounds different though, it's not intended to be an exact copy05:45
HazRPGis that just because the schematics about the chip are just replicated, and still only available in the companies hard drives?05:46
HazRPG(the original I mean)05:47
HazRPGor why would they not produce the same 'sound'05:47
ali1234yeah, nobody really knows exactly what is inside a sid05:47
HazRPGif I'm just annoying you please do tell :)05:47
HazRPGyou'd think that they'd publish it by now right?05:48
ali1234"they" don't exist any more05:48
HazRPGsure, but someone must still have a copy of the schematics somewhere05:49
HazRPGalthough I guess it might just have been binned05:49
ali1234yeah someone still has it somewhere probably05:50
HazRPGguess the whole SID scene is just too niche a market though05:50
ali1234the swinsid isn't trying to be faithful anyway05:52
HazRPGyeah I'm just reading it now05:52
HazRPGits designed to be better, sort of05:53
ali1234it's just pin compatible05:53
HazRPGthey apparently made a almost fully compatible version :)06:02
HazRPGcalled the SwanSID88 or Micro SwanSID06:02
HazRPGit was linked in from the swansid site you sent earlier06:03
HazRPGalthough its aimed towards the 858006:03
HazRPGali1234, shauno: if either of you are interested, apparently this mp3 basically compares the SwanSID88 with a 8510 SID http://c64.ch/swin/lightforce.mp306:16
HazRPGleft channel is the SwinSID and right is 8510 SID06:17
HazRPGI just realised I've been playing the Swin a Swan...06:17
* HazRPG plugs in headphones06:17
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MooDoohello all08:57
HazRPGMooDoo: how's it going?09:02
MooDooHazRPG: not bad seeing as i'm at work09:05
MooDooHazRPG: what about your self?09:05
HazRPGMooDoo: yeah not bad... have a sudden obsession with the c6409:06
MooDooHazRPG: blast from the past09:06
HazRPGbeen trying to hunt down some SID 6581 chips for hours now09:07
HazRPGpreferably under £2009:07
HazRPGbut no such luck - or fakes09:07
HazRPGMooDoo: indeed09:07
HazRPGI wouldn't mind even finding a cheap c64 as-in and just finding a SID clone for a sound-card-pc-programming-type project09:08
HazRPGbut most c64 for sale have the SID chip stripped out09:08
HazRPGwhich is pointless09:08
HazRPGif I did get hold of a c64, I'd keep it in-tact thought - too much of a waste to pull out one chip from it09:09
MartijnVdSyou'd just write the sid files on the c64 :)09:11
HazRPGMartijnVdS: exactly :)09:11
HazRPGbut at ~$300 and possibility of a single most important chip taken out - is that much money worth nostalgia and music making as a hobby?09:12
HazRPGsee what I mean: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=16054699990009:14
HazRPGthat's just had ALL the chips stripped out09:14
HazRPGI currently have a spare PS3 that's had the YLOD that my friend gave me, and I've still not done anything with that09:16
HazRPGthe Blu-ray drive appears to use an IDE ribbon cable, with 2-4 extra cables (so custom IDE ribbon) apparently for the eject and power buttons ... keep meaning to work on it to see if I can get it to work on a PC09:17
HazRPGI'll shush now xD09:17
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=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest592
HazRPGholy cow! I just found one on ebay which ends in 16mins10:01
HazRPG2 of them! both working!10:01
MartijnVdSHazRPG: Sniper! Sniper! :P10:01
HazRPG£20 p&p10:01
HazRPG£16 current bid price!10:01
MartijnVdSthose ridiculous p&ps are a violation of Ebay ToS10:02
HazRPGI doubt that's ridiculous10:02
MartijnVdS(ebay takes a percentage of each sale, excluding p&p)10:02
HazRPGit is 2 c64's and floppy drive, power brick, 6 games, etc10:02
HazRPGthat would be heavy to send10:02
MartijnVdShm, agreed10:02
HazRPGanyone want one?10:03
HazRPGlooks like I'll be winning it :D10:03
HazRPGI must be insane >_<10:05
HazRPGme being insane?10:05
MartijnVdSmaybe :)10:06
HazRPGI lost it years ago xD10:06
HazRPGwell seems someone had a bid on for about ~£17, so I'm sat at £18.0510:06
HazRPGdefinitely nuts xD10:07
MartijnVdS*reload* *reload*10:07
popeyMorning all10:07
HazRPG10mins left10:07
MartijnVdSpopeyman, g'morning10:07
HazRPGpopey: morning, haz being insane *waves*10:07
AlanBellmorning all10:07
HazRPGmorning AlanBell10:07
MooDoomorning AlanBell10:08
MooDoomorning popey10:08
MartijnVdSAh, it's Alan Hour? :P10:08
popeyis that like Ubuntu Hour?10:08
HazRPGseems that way10:08
AlanBellit is always Alan O'clock in here10:08
MartijnVdSpopey: except with Alans10:08
HazRPGwould be odd if ali1234 suddenly came on too10:08
MartijnVdSpopey: some people might say it's more like happy hour 8-)10:09
popeyI wonder how many Alans there will be at the beerex10:09
AlanBellali1234 is an Alastair10:09
HazRPGa few? *he says reloading again*10:09
HazRPGAlanBell: oh...10:09
HazRPGdon't know why I thought he was called Alan too :/10:10
AlanBellthere is an Alan Cocks who is on the mailing list and comes to various events10:10
HazRPG7m left, shaking like a leaf here!10:10
MartijnVdSHazRPG: dude. calm down :)10:10
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I'll try...10:11
MartijnVdSHazRPG: deep breaths during reloads :)10:11
* HazRPG takes one deep breath10:11
* HazRPG breathes out10:12
MooDookeep it to yourself HazRPG :)10:13
HazRPGMooDoo: heh, I was just finishing it, since otherwise it'd look like I just held my breath and didn't breathe out again10:13
MartijnVdSHazRPG: wow, with original tape thingy10:14
HazRPGMartijnVdS: guessing you see what I'm looking at?10:15
MartijnVdSHazRPG: isn't hard to find tbh :)10:15
MartijnVdSHazRPG: I won't overbid you, don't worry10:15
HazRPGconsidering it's the only one amongst games and other extras...10:15
MartijnVdSHazRPG: also, "sort by time ending (soonest first)10:15
HazRPGalso, someone outbid me >_<10:16
MartijnVdSHazRPG: outbid them!10:16
MartijnVdSyay snipers10:16
popey30 seconds!10:17
MartijnVdSyou just outbid yourself...10:17
popeyis that a konix speed king?10:17
KrimZonI almost bid myself10:17
MartijnVdSHazRPG: A Winrar is You!\10:17
KrimZoncan't restist the lure of computers from the 80s10:18
HazRPGindeed :D10:18
HazRPGwow, its been ages since I used ebay... where's the pay button :S!?10:18
popeyin the email :)10:18
HazRPGMartijnVdS: \o/10:18
MartijnVdSHazRPG: you wait for the seller to contact you, usually10:19
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I use to think sellers find that annoying, I use to just pay straight off the bat10:19
HazRPGI actually found that from here: http://www.chipretro.com10:19
MartijnVdSHazRPG: sometimes shipping might be slightly more/less than indicated10:19
HazRPGnot from ebay, I searched ebay for hours with no luck until I found that site10:20
HazRPGMartijnVdS: good point10:20
MartijnVdS("Oh you live next door.. I could drop it off" -> 0 shipping \o/)10:20
HazRPGshame this wasn't 2 weeks ago, I could have just picked it up whilst I was there10:22
HazRPGI almost bought this originally: http://preview.tinyurl.com/5syvye410:23
MartijnVdSyou bought tinyurl? :P10:23
MartijnVdSI need to revive my dad's old Superbrain10:24
HazRPGbut realised it was a c64c - I'd rather have the original SID then the SID found in the 12810:24
MartijnVdSHazRPG: ^ check out that link :)10:24
HazRPGMartijnVdS: haha, aces!10:25
HazRPGalmost on par to the MZ-700 I have (except with built-in screen)10:25
HazRPGMartijnVdS: what could you do with it?10:34
MartijnVdSHazRPG: not a lot :)10:34
MartijnVdSHazRPG: it runs 8080 ASM, MS-Basic and MS-Cobol10:35
MartijnVdSHazRPG: so you could write programs on it10:35
MartijnVdSit comes with "sort" written in 8080 asm in the manual :)10:36
HazRPGsprings to mind10:38
MartijnVdSthat's basic10:38
MartijnVdSnot asm10:39
HazRPGyou said MS-Basic above though10:39
MartijnVdSyes, but basic programs are interpreted (= slower, less mem available)10:39
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HazRPGoh yeah, I know :)10:39
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest28933
HazRPG0100 mov ax, <some numbers for character here?>10:41
HazRPGsomething like that10:41
AlanBellwas it the C64 that had games on read only cartridges?10:41
HazRPGAlanBell: c64 had both10:41
HazRPGAlanBell: had a floppy drive too10:41
MartijnVdStapes, floppies, cartridges10:41
HazRPGand tapes...10:41
HazRPGMartijnVdS: well spotted10:41
AlanBellI had some friends with C64 and they just used them like a console, never did anything computerish with them at all10:42
HazRPGAlanBell: commercial cartridges were read-only10:42
HazRPGAlanBell: I plan to use mine fully :)10:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: all 64k of it?10:45
HazRPGmight still try and make my own SID too, ali1234 mentioned you could make them for ~£5 based on the schematics shauno found10:45
HazRPGMartijnVdS: ooooohh yeah!10:46
HazRPGI missed out on the demoscene, soooo... might give it a shot, how hard could it be right?10:46
HazRPGmight have been back then, the internet is a wonderful tool for learning though ;)10:47
HazRPGI made my first C++ program thanks to the internet, and later refined it with books + uni10:47
daubersdaftykins: Apple go through phases of having servers and not having servers10:54
HazRPGthey do10:54
daubersdaftykins: and IT not having anything to do with Macs is standard in 99% of the institutions we've been into10:54
MartijnVdSespecially Apple servers10:59
* HazRPG nods11:02
daubersJust shows that most IT departments are stuffed with people who don't really care that much really. It's not "What do people need to do their job" it's "What can we give people so we don't have to think"11:03
daubersThere are exceptions of course11:03
jonsainthi all. can anyone tell me how to extract a rar file?11:13
HazRPGaww, just realised this hasn't got the good ol' floppy with it :(11:14
HazRPGstill a bargain :)11:14
daubersjonsaint: unrar11:14
HazRPGMartijnVdS: you reckon I should just wait for the seller to contact me with shipping stuff?11:14
jonsaintis that a programme?11:14
andylockranFatal error: Cannot redeclare class HordeActiveSyncBaseTables in /usr/share/php/data/Horde_ActiveSync/migration/1_horde_activesync_base_tables.php on line 6311:15
MartijnVdSHazRPG: you could send a message asking him about it11:15
HazRPGjonsaint: in ubuntu? it's a module for the built-in Archive Roller (extraction) application11:15
andylockranthat was an accident11:15
jonsaintcheers il try that. thanks all11:16
HazRPGMartijnVdS: sorry, I confused myself there... for shipping? Or for floppy drive?11:16
HazRPGandylockran: howdy dude11:16
andylockranHazRPG: all good?11:17
HazRPGandylockran: indeed, yourself?11:17
MartijnVdSHazRPG: yes11:18
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I have a feeling he might pump the price up (if that's even possible)11:19
jonsainthi all (again). got the free rar extractor programme but i can see the programme but i cant seem to 'extract' it. any ideas?11:21
andylockranHazRPG: in pain :)11:22
andylockranMade a stonking tackle playing rugby yesterday11:23
KrisWillisjonsaint: unrar x /path/to/file.rar11:23
KrisWillisjonsaint: Or right-click -> extract11:23
andylockranand unfortunately ended up with a successful tackle (put the bloke in touch) - but also knocked myself out.11:23
andylockranwhich wasn't too clever.. so this morning I'm pretty sore.11:23
HazRPGandylockran: ouch dude11:23
jonsainttried to extract but when i check the folder its extracted to, nothing is there11:24
cbx333hey all11:26
andylockranHazRPG: I enjoyed it at least: p11:26
HazRPGandylockran: that's the main thing :D11:27
HazRPGjonsaint: hmm, what happens when you double-click on it? Could be possibly password protected11:27
HazRPGor could possibly be a corrupt file11:27
jonsaintdunno, il try it11:27
jonsaintwhen i righ click and 'extract' the bar goes across and it tells me its done then i got a choice of open, view file or close but when i click view file, nothing is there. ive tried it on a few rar files and all the same11:28
cbx333jonsaint, does doing it on the command line yield anything?11:29
HazRPGjonsaint: which package did you download?11:29
cbx333HazRPG, do you think it makes sense to keep the after hours sections mid flow with the rest of the book?  to try to get people to read it....or I did also consider putting them all at the end11:29
jonsaintits a game for my sons ds11:30
cbx333so people don't have to wade throug ha few pages to get to the next chapter11:30
jonsaintcbx333, i dont know how to use comm line, im fairly new to ubuntu11:30
HazRPGcbx333: hmm..11:30
cbx333jonsaint, ahh ok11:30
HazRPGcbx333: depends how long your planning on writing the after hours section11:30
cbx333well the first one is 1800 words :)11:31
cbx333but i suspect the others to be shorter11:31
HazRPGif they're merely short paragraphs and an exercise, you could put them mid flow, but if they're long(ish), might be best saying "see after hours section x, y" or something and just have them at the end11:32
jonsainti really dont fancy going back to that other o/s because i cant get rar to work. i just got used to this o/s and its one i like. :-(11:32
HazRPGjonsaint: I have 7zip installed (in Ubuntu Software Centre), and that handles the rar files11:33
HazRPGjonsaint: might be worth uninstalling RAR and installing 7zip11:33
jonsainti got 7zip but i cant seem to find it lol11:33
HazRPGif you search for 7zip, you'll see both listed (it'll save the extra typing and clicking ;))11:33
HazRPGjonsaint: ok, do this... place the rar onto the destkop, open up terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal)11:34
jonsaintok 1 sec haz11:35
jonsaintok. got terminal11:35
HazRPGjonsaint: type in: unrar x ~/Desktop/filename.rar11:35
HazRPGchange only filename.rar11:35
HazRPGto whatever its called11:36
jonsaintit says i need unrar11:36
HazRPGI'm guessing you installed rar11:37
jonsainti have now installed unrar11:37
HazRPGjust now?11:37
jonsaintyes. let me try again11:38
HazRPGjonsaint: any joy?11:38
jonsainthazrpg, what does it mean by 'x' ~/??11:38
HazRPGx = extract command11:38
HazRPG~/ means "your home directory"11:39
cbx333HazRPG, they were goign to be at the end of the "week" anyway11:39
jonsaintunrar: invalid archive 'x': Bad address11:39
cbx333but i was thinking baout putting them all at the end of the book11:39
HazRPGbasically ~/ is the same as typing /home/<your-username>11:39
cbx333what does file ~/Desktop/filename.rar show11:39
cbx333what does "file ~/Desktop/filename.rar" show11:40
cbx333don't put the quotes obviously :)11:40
=== Guest28933 is now known as LjL-Temp
jonsaintno such file or directory11:40
HazRPGbtw, when you do unrar you don't type in sudo11:40
cbx333where filename.rar is the name of the file on your desktop11:40
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HazRPGjonsaint: did you move the file to the desktop?11:40
HazRPGjonsaint: actually wait a sec11:41
HazRPGleave terminal open11:41
HazRPGyou said you installed unrar11:41
jonsaintyes i did. i did a click drag11:41
cbx333sorry - hopped in half way :)11:41
HazRPGtry the right-click11:41
HazRPGsince you've now got unrar, it should just work :)11:41
jonsainti tried right clicking it hazrpg and clicked extract. i choose the folder and clicked extract. i saw the bar go up and it said it was done but when i went to the folder, it was empty11:42
HazRPGjonsaint: sorry, my bad11:42
HazRPGjonsaint: erm, okay11:42
HazRPGUbuntu Software Manager -> search for "Archive Manager"11:43
HazRPGbut without quotes11:43
jonsaintit says its already installed11:43
HazRPGclick more info11:43
HazRPGyou'll see a list of add-ons11:43
HazRPGmight have to scroll down to see that list11:43
HazRPGhave a look and see if "Non-free rar module for p7zip (p7zip-rar)" is ticked - if not tick it and apply11:44
jonsainti cant see nothing about add ons, all it tells me about is what it does11:44
HazRPGmight also be worth grabbing "ACE" and "Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version)" as well since these are most common files on the internet too11:45
HazRPGjonsaint: what version of ubuntu you rolling with?11:45
jonsaintthe latest one11:45
HazRPGhmm, should show a list of addons11:46
HazRPGthat's strange11:46
HazRPGalright, back to terminal (was trying to get the easier way first)11:46
jonsainti got archive manager on the top which is ticked, when i click 'info' it tells me about the product and thats all it says11:46
andylockranjust cleared out 250GB of error logs from our development server ;)11:46
HazRPGtype in: sudo apt-get install p7zip-rar unrar unace lzma11:47
HazRPGjonsaint: yeah it should show a list of addons under that, but try that command above11:48
HazRPGand see if the right-click will let you extract it11:48
jonsaintok. did that. a boat load of stuff came up11:48
HazRPGjonsaint: yeah, its because its installing 4 addons (for common internet archive files)11:49
jonsaintit worked!11:50
HazRPGjonsaint: sorted ;)11:50
HazRPGjonsaint: ok one last thing I want ya to check11:50
jonsainti just clicked extract and its finally gone into the folder!11:50
HazRPGjonsaint: because it should have shown a list of addons11:50
HazRPGunless your not fussed about it11:50
jonsaintok, what do i need to do11:50
HazRPGSystem -> Administrator -> Update Manager11:51
HazRPGthen click settings11:52
HazRPGwill ask for password11:52
HazRPGand then click on Ubuntu Software tab11:52
HazRPGwhat have you got ticked there?11:52
jonsaintjust the 2 top ones and check for updates daily11:53
HazRPGjonsaint: wrong tab11:53
HazRPGclick the "Ubuntu Software" tab11:53
jonsaintall ticked apart from 'source code'11:54
HazRPGOther software tab?11:54
HazRPGshould have Canonical Partners and Canonical Partners (Source Code) ticked11:55
=== cbx333 is now known as cbx33
HazRPGand if you want the Independent and Independent (source code) <== these are optional, but does add a few more apps in your list11:55
jonsaintso i tick those with the http:// ??11:56
HazRPGhow many have you got in there?11:56
HazRPGyou'll only need "Canonical Partners", "Canonical Partners (Source Code)", "Independent", "Independent (Source Code)"11:57
jonsaint5 in total. cd with ubuntu 9.10, unsupported updates, unsupported updates (source code) and those iother 2 with the http:// bit11:58
HazRPGhang on11:59
brobostigonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/576420/ ound another bug in natty, as it causes graphics to freeze on my eeepc and a massive screen wide graphical artifact.11:59
HazRPGbrobostigon: do you ever use the Ubuntu Software Centre?12:00
brobostigonHazRPG: no,12:00
HazRPGjonsaint: do the ones with http say something like "http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu maverick partner"12:01
HazRPGbrobostigon: ah never mind, its just jon doesn't seem to have the "addons" section under each software info for some reason12:02
brobostigonHazRPG: no idea, sorry, oh, ok.12:02
jonsainthazrpg, it is simlar, but mine says ubuntu karmic12:03
HazRPGjonsaint: ah did you do an upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10?12:03
jonsainthow do i find out what version im on now12:04
HazRPGsystem -> about ubuntu (might take a while to load)12:04
jonsaintmine says im using 10.0412:04
HazRPGthat's the easiest way without terminal12:04
brobostigonlsb_realease -a12:04
brobostigonlsb_release -a12:04
HazRPGbrobostigon: its lsb_release -a12:05
HazRPGyou already corrected12:05
HazRPGjonsaint: hmm, the addons might not be in 10.04 then12:06
HazRPGwhich kinda sucks12:06
* brobostigon goes to chatwith the guys over in #ubuntu+1 for some bug fixin,12:06
ubuntuuk-planet[Stuart Langridge] Game of no thrones - http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2011/03/06/game-of-no-thrones12:07
HazRPGjonsaint: yeah, seems the addon section isn't in yet - sorry I wasted your time :(12:08
HazRPGfor 10.04 I mean12:08
jonsaintits ok hazrpg12:08
jonsaintby the way, how the hell do you get the chat up in red?12:08
HazRPGjonsaint: but, glad we got the unrar working :)12:08
HazRPGoh, you mean when we type your name?12:09
HazRPGyou have to make sure you type the name exactly the same was as they've spelled it (with caps and lower)12:09
HazRPGbest way is to start typing their name, and hit tab12:09
HazRPGit should auto complete their name12:09
jonsaintHazRPG,  like this12:09
HazRPGif there are several people with similar characters as what you typed, add another letter in and try tab again :)12:10
jonsaintdid that work then?12:10
HazRPGjonsaint: its great for grabbing attention of the person you want to talk to, specially when your helping someone (lets them know you've replied)12:10
HazRPGjonsaint: it did :)12:10
jonsaintthanks hazrpg. slowly but surely im getting used to ubuntu :-)12:11
HazRPGdid you try the tab method?12:11
jonsaintyes. thats how i got your name up. a brilliant idea!12:11
HazRPGit is, isn't it :D12:11
HazRPGand no problem, ubuntu's easy when you know what your doing (much like anything really)12:11
jonsaintthis 10.04, is that the latest one i got then12:11
HazRPG10.04 is the latest Long Term Support version12:12
HazRPGor LTS for short12:12
HazRPGit'll be the one that gets service packs for the next 4 years I think it is12:12
HazRPGalthough ubuntu calls them just regular updates (or partial upgrades)12:13
jonsaintah ok. just curious thats all because normally i see something in the updates about when a new one comes out and wasnt sure if i had the latest one12:13
HazRPGjonsaint: 10.10 is the latest version12:13
HazRPGI don't think 10.04 will let you know about 10.10 though12:13
HazRPGunless you tell it to12:13
jonsaintis that the stable one?12:13
HazRPGboth 10.10 and 10.04 are stable12:14
HazRPG10.04 will just get supported longer)12:14
jonsaintso where do i find this 10.10? and will it just update or do i need fresh install?12:14
HazRPGpeople with 10.10 will soon have to update to 11.04 when it comes out in april12:14
HazRPGjonsaint: have you just recently installed it?12:15
jonsaintinstalled which?12:15
HazRPGubuntu I mean, have you just recently installed ubuntu?12:15
jonsaintHazRPG, a few months now, i got 9 on cd so i installed that and then updated to 10.0412:16
HazRPGjonsaint: oh, and to answer you question, you'll have to set it to grab the "normal releases" as an update option12:17
HazRPGinstead of "Long term support releases only"12:17
jonsaintjust trying that now12:18
jonsaintyes i can see it now12:18
HazRPGif you prefer having the latest and greatest, then I'll show you how you can set it to update and go through that with you, but if you don't mind it the way it is, then that's fine - your call12:18
jonsaintyeah! if its suitable for novices like me, il take anything lol12:19
brobostigonhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/730099    natty bug number 3 filed.12:19
lubotu3`Ubuntu bug 730099 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i915gm] GPU lockup 0c40b170 (ESR: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x02000011)" [Undecided,New]12:19
HazRPGobviously like any upgrade you do fall risk to data loss (or stuff not working) - this isn't to scare you, its just what can happen (even on windows)12:19
brobostigonbackup, and test first from a live media.12:19
jonsaintwilling to take the risk hazrpg if it keeps the system up to date12:19
HazRPGbut since you've upgrade from 9 to 10.04 just fine, it should be ok12:20
brobostigonjonsaint: i would recommed a thourough upgrade,before you do,12:20
HazRPGjonsaint: as brobostigon mentioned, you could test from a LiveCD of 10.10 to see if it'll work first - also backup if needs be12:20
HazRPGagain, its not to scare you... its just these things can happen12:21
jonsaintso its recommended i download 10.10 and burn to cd rather than upgrade?12:21
brobostigonalways do a backup, if there is even a small risk of loosing something importent.12:21
HazRPGjonsaint: no, you can upgrade from the CD too though12:22
brobostigonjonsaint: because then you cantest to see if it works properly onyour hw or not.12:22
jonsaintil do the upgrade now, all my important stuff is backed on a second drive12:22
brobostigonHazRPG: you can only do that with the alternate cd, as that contains proper .deb files.12:22
HazRPGbrobostigon: ah, see I keep forgetting I only ever download the alt cd12:23
brobostigonHazRPG: iprefer the alternate cd aswell.myself.12:23
jonsaintright, im outta here. going to try the update. if im not back in a few hours, send the search party lol12:23
HazRPGjonsaint: sure no problem :)12:23
jonsaintsee ya12:23
HazRPGhope ya do come back :)12:24
jonsaintso do i!12:24
HazRPGjonsaint: good luck, and enjoy :)12:24
jonsaintthanks. bye.12:24
HazRPGalso, send you lad's game to his device first before ya do ;)12:24
jonsainti will do12:24
HazRPGbrobostigon: seems he already had his mind set on grabbing it ^^12:25
brobostigonHazRPG: maybe, yes.12:25
brobostigonok,brb,need some lunch and coffee12:26
HazRPGbrobostigon: I always make sure to warn people though, since I fell for the problem of upgrading and losing data once before12:26
brobostigonHazRPG: same here, and many other assorted errors, and problems.12:26
HazRPGbrobostigon: I thought at the time "its linux, it'll be perfectly fine! Bound to be better than windows"12:26
brobostigonHazRPG: still need toplaysafe though,12:26
HazRPGback in the old 6.06 days12:26
HazRPGbrobostigon: this is true12:27
HazRPGbacking up, etc always a good idea in general12:27
brobostigonok,brb, lunchings and coffee.12:27
HazRPGno problem, enjoy12:27
=== Guest5945 is now known as LjL-Temp
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest3945
scoundrel50I have a bit of a problem, it was I had a load of stuff appear in the terminal when updating, so I posted to the e-mail group, and was advised to delete /var/lub/status/ which i did. I was then told to run sudo apt-get update and it would be fixed. Rab that, then went to look in the Update Manager to find that it has about 140 updates. Tried to run it and got this error. nstallArchives() failed: warning, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' ne12:57
scoundrel50ar line 46354 package 'virtualbox-3.0':12:57
scoundrel50error in Version string '3.0.14-58977_Ubuntu_karmic': invalid character in revision number12:57
scoundrel50warning, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 48216 package 'virtualbox-2.2':12:57
scoundrel50 error in Version string '2.2.4-47978_Ubuntu_jaunty': invalid character in revision number12:57
scoundrel50ho do I get rid of the error, so i can update again. As it is I cant update anymore.12:57
scoundrel50/var/lib/dpkg/status, sorry12:58
scoundrel50can somebody please help?12:58
* AlanBell reads the emails13:06
bigcalmWhat a beautiful sunny day :)13:17
bigcalmHoray for seasons13:17
brobostigonkinda cloudy here,but partially sunny.13:17
HazRPGsunny here13:18
bigcalmOh it's be overcast if not for the small gaps.13:18
* brobostigon thinks he might give the pub visit, and sit in the sun.13:19
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* AlanBell points out an informal quiz that is happening in #ubuntu-trivia14:09
issyl0AlanBell: oh :-)14:10
AlanBelltake on the trivia powers of popey and Pendulum14:11
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* MartijnVdS just finished his first 20km run15:35
* AlanBell has past brobostigon in #ubuntu-trivia15:35
AlanBellwelcome back czajkowski15:35
* MooDoo hugs czajkowski i missed you :)15:40
MooDooczajkowski: no need to laugh, was being nice for a change....POKE!!15:41
HazRPGczajkowski: welcome back :)15:41
* HazRPG waves to czajkowski15:41
MartijnVdS\o cz<tab>15:42
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bigcalmThat was fun, if distracting16:12
AlanBellI *will* get into that top 1016:13
MartijnVdS A challenge! :)16:15
bigcalmExporting a wordpress.com site into a client hosted wordpress.org instance is proving tricky16:16
bigcalmIt would seem that images can be resized on the fly with ?w=300 for instance. But not sure how to replicate this in the new site16:16
bigcalmhttp://wordpress.org/support/topic/on-the-fly-image-resize-based-on-addressquerystring # this problem, but still no closer to an answer16:19
AlanBellbigcalm: I would think there is a plugin somewhere to do that16:20
AlanBellbut yeah, I had noticed that wordpress.com has some interesting features I hadn't seen before16:20
Azelphurhaha, has anyone noticed youtube has nudity on the front page atm?16:30
AzelphurAt least it does for me :p16:30
penguin42Azelphur: It doesn't for me at the moment, but I suspect I know the one you mean - one of the right hand box ads made me double take yesterday16:33
Azelphurhaha yea probably16:33
AzelphurNSFW screenshot, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/March%202010/2011-03-06-163349_1908x1167_scrot.png16:34
AzelphurWonder why they are allowing that16:35
speedxco1eHi all, I got this problem, with verbosity and fsck at boot time. My system is either checking a large (very quite) sata disk, or it's frozen.16:37
HazRPGman I can't wait for my c64's to arrive xD!16:37
speedxco1eI need to find out what fsck is doing at boot time.16:37
HazRPGfound out one of my friends owns a c64 and I never knew!16:37
mgdmHazRPG: you've got real ones on the way?16:37
HazRPGmgdm: yup :D16:38
HazRPGmgdm: sniped from ebay :)16:38
mgdmI have 3 at home16:38
mgdmI should dig one or more out16:38
HazRPGmgdm: no way!16:38
HazRPGmgdm: what accessories do you have for it?16:38
=== supercos1onaut is now known as przem
mgdm1541, datasettes, some joysticks16:39
HazRPGnice :)16:39
HazRPGit uses the old game port doesn't it?16:39
=== przem is now known as help
* HazRPG should have some extra joysticks at home that he had for his atari somewhere16:40
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HazRPGmgdm: managed to get 2 c64's for £40 :)16:41
popeyHazRPG: the old 9 pin joystick connector, yeah16:41
HazRPGpopey: :)16:41
popeyi used to have a konix speed king thats in the auction you won16:41
HazRPGsee I had some regular atari ones, but when one of them broke I bought a fair of flight-sim styled ones16:41
HazRPGwith rubber suctions at the bottom16:42
mgdmHazRPG: nice - and aye, 9-pin D-subs, Megadrive controllers work on it16:42
HazRPGpopey: the konix does look shiny though16:42
HazRPGmgdm: :D16:42
HazRPGmgdm: I was looking at these last night/this morning, looks interesting ( http://home.ica.net/~leifb/commodore/ethernet.html )16:43
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HazRPGnot sure what good it would do now, but I also found out an old, but popular, BBS is still active16:44
penguin42HazRPG: Doesn't a commy have a serial interface you could run ppp or ka9q over?16:45
mgdmI did look at getting a MIDI attachment for the C64 once, but I never did in the end16:45
HazRPGpenguin42: I think it does16:45
HazRPGpenguin42: I think that's how the original c64 modems connected in to them16:46
mgdmI doubt it ever used PPP16:46
mgdmor IP in general, actually16:46
mgdmBBSes would be just using a straight serial channel (whatever the correct term for it is)16:47
penguin42mgdm: I'd be surprised if some people hadn't run IP over them for the hell of it16:47
MartijnVdSpenguin42: SLIP more likely, in ye olde days16:47
mgdmpenguin42: well, yeah; but they'd be the exception rather than the rule ;)16:47
MartijnVdSpenguin42: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SLIP16:47
penguin42MartijnVdS: Ah yeh, haven't come across that for a LONG time16:48
bigcalmTime for hockey!16:51
HazRPGwow, you can run the c64 as a real-time streaming audio server xD16:55
HazRPGusing the various different ethernet adapters peopled made16:55
HazRPGaudio is sampled at 2000 Hz though16:55
popeygreat joystick /9816:58
HazRPG /98?16:58
AlanBellthe dragon 32 had analog joysticks16:59
penguin42BBC B also had analog joystick port16:59
AlanBellfriend of mine had one of them and we took it apart, it just reported a number from -64 to 64 based on the resistance of a slider on some metal17:00
AlanBellso we ended up plugging in all sorts of things we could wire up in such a way that they presented a resistance17:00
mgdmThe C64 could tolerate an analogue joystick on port 117:01
mgdmport 2 (the most commonly used one) is just digital, though17:02
mgdmand even if you *can* get an analogue joystick on there, it'd just be treated digitally anyway in 99.9% of games, so...17:02
* HazRPG currently trying to access a web page served on a c6417:05
HazRPGits taking its time, but is to be expected :P17:05
Synth_samDoes someone have to press play on tape?17:05
HazRPGSynth_sam: its already loaded in memory17:05
Synth_samHazRPG: Are you managing the c64 server yourself?17:06
ubuntuuk-planet[Andrew] HowTo: Gtk.IconView with One Row - http://whyareyoureadingthisurl.wordpress.com/2011/03/06/howto-gtk-iconview-with-one-row/17:07
HazRPGa packet will arrive at the c64's ethernet port, parsed out (which obviously uses memory and cpu cycles) and sents the data back... but well too many people accessing it at once, and the RAM fills up quick17:07
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HazRPGSynth_sam: no, it's the original creator of "The Final Ethernet Cartridge" that hackers made17:08
HazRPGguessing the c64 still gets web traffic, cos it timed out17:09
Synth_samHazRPG: I was going to say,  it's a long time since I've seen a c64, but surely it didn't have ethernet17:09
HazRPGheh, it had a modem though ;)17:09
HazRPG16kbps if I recall from the website I saw last night17:10
HazRPGsorry 14.4k17:10
HazRPGI think this thing still gets WAY too much traffic, still timing out17:11
HazRPGeither that, or its not actually turned on17:11
HazRPGhowever it does look like its thinking a fair bit before it times out17:11
HazRPGhmm, if anyone gets any joy from connected to this: http://tfe.c64.org/17:12
HazRPGtake a screenshot please (I will be :))17:13
HazRPGif it ever gets through17:13
HazRPGI hope they've got a robots.txt17:13
Synth_samSending request...17:13
Synth_samdoesn't respond to ping17:15
MyrttiI can haz a new webcam and it's pink ♥17:15
MartijnVdSMyrtti: specs! :)17:15
MyrttiLogitech HD C27017:16
MartijnVdSdoes it work with Linux? :)17:17
MyrttiI'm not sure if the microphone does17:18
Myrttibut I didn't buy it for the microphone anyway, so I don't care17:18
MartijnVdSit should, you have to enable it in the audio settings17:18
Myrttiit sure beats my old webcam17:18
Synth_samHazRPG: I think that the c64 must not be up, it was put online in 2002, and it doesn't respond to ping, nmap reveals no open ports17:21
HazRPGSynth_sam: I doubt it'll respond to most of that anyway, since it is just a hacked up job17:22
HazRPGgotta remember the ram is somewhat limited17:22
HazRPGif the site plain just didn't exist, it'd just time out almost instantly - or one would assume anyways17:23
Synth_samthe NMAP scan I just performed might be considered DoS considering the size of the RAM on the c6417:23
Synth_samThe last "news" from that website is from September 200317:24
Synth_samright, gotta dash, time to watch "Unknown"17:25
cbx33howz it going peeps17:36
HazRPGcbx33: not bad, how's you?17:42
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cbx33yeh good good17:46
=== Guest62329 is now known as LjL-Temp
* DJones wonders at the mailing list and the last few days postings18:45
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest33131
* HazRPG really likes this internet radio station I found a week ago :)19:07
HazRPGSLAY Radio its called :)19:07
cbx33and I'm back :)19:11
AlanBellscoundrel50: hello19:11
HazRPGhaha c64 anyone: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/COMMODORE-C64-CONSOLE-/280636808011?pt=UK_VintageComputing_RL&hash=item415741db4b#ht_500wt_115619:13
HazRPGgot 6mins19:13
HazRPGno bidders so far19:13
HazRPGcould be because the desc. is so vague19:13
HazRPGalso, pickup only19:13
HazRPGI was only looking for a cable19:14
* DJones considers it, but only if HazRPG can port ubuntu to it before the bidding closes19:14
HazRPGnow I find hundreds of these things after I couldn't find a single one19:14
DJonesIt may need to be a minimal install though19:14
HazRPGDJones: haha that would be a hefty task!19:14
HazRPGLNG not good enough?19:15
AlanBellscoundrel50: so you have installed virtualbox from virtualbox.org or sun or oracle, and you have been upgrading that machine since Karmic right?19:15
scoundrel50AlanBell: Hi, to my knowledge, I have never installed Virtualbox, but I have been upgrading since Karmic yes......19:19
AlanBellok, lets see if you have virtualbox installed19:19
AlanBellin a terminal window type "Vir" then press tab19:19
scoundrel50If I go into Synaptic nothing is ticked there to say I have it installed19:20
AlanBellif it autocompletes VirtualBox then you have it19:20
scoundrel50ok, done that19:20
scoundrel50thank you19:20
AlanBellscoundrel50: so it is installed?19:20
scoundrel50oh, that is strange, it autocompleted19:21
scoundrel50yet in Synaptic it doesnt show anything19:21
AlanBellI think you have installed it not from the repositories19:21
AlanBellthere is a version of it in the Ubuntu repositories and you can get a slightly different version from virtualbox.org19:22
AlanBellwhich was then bought by sun19:22
AlanBellwhich was then bought by Oracle19:22
scoundrel50Oh ok, I dont remember doing that though. Can I uninstal it?19:22
scoundrel50How do I uninstal it?19:23
AlanBelljust checking something19:23
scoundrel50ok, thank you.19:23
AlanBellif you do "dpkg --status virtualbox" it should tell you a page of stuff about what version is installed19:24
AlanBellor it might give some kind of error19:25
AlanBellcan you pastebin the output of it please (if it looks like lots of stuff)19:25
scoundrel50ok, one sec, will do that now19:25
scoundrel50ok, about 10 lines of errors, will open pastebin and post now19:26
scoundrel50that is odd, says its not installed19:28
AlanBelltry dpkg --status virtualbox-3.019:28
AlanBellI have the version from the repos, which is virtualbox-ose, here is my output http://paste.ubuntu.com/576580/19:28
* AlanBell goes to put kids to bed, back in a bit19:29
scoundrel50ok, now I'm getting those errors I first e-mailed about this mornign, back again.19:30
scoundrel50http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/576582/ these error messages were what starting the e-mails this morning.19:32
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AlanBellscoundrel50: perfect, you have virtualbox-3.0 installed, and it does have that odd version number19:35
AlanBellanyone else here got the non-free virtualbox installed to compare?19:35
scoundrel50can it be uninstalled? I dont use it.19:36
DJonesAlanBell: I haven't got any virtualbox installed, so if you let me know which one you want installing, I'll do that & let you know19:37
AlanBellok, lets try dpkg -r virtualbox-3.019:37
AlanBellwhich should attempt to remove it19:37
AlanBellwhether that cleans up the file with the dodgy version number in it I am less sure19:37
AlanBellcan you also try dpkg --status virtualbox-2.219:38
scoundrel50I think its going to have a problem uninstalling it, it gave all those errors agains, and now has stalled in the uninstall process19:39
scoundrel50its got jaunty and karmic errors19:39
shaunoI gather it's complaining about using ~ in the version number?19:39
AlanBellsudo dpkg -r virtualbox-3.019:39
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scoundrel50I added the sudo already19:39
AlanBellfor removing a package you will need sudo, just getting status doesn't19:39
AlanBellI see no ~ shauno19:40
AlanBellscoundrel50: lets see the errors you are getting then19:40
scoundrel50something is happening, my processor is wroking overtime, the yellow light is flashing19:40
scoundrel50ok, will just pastebin them now19:41
scoundrel50something is happening because its using up my cpuy, and Google Chrome is having problems opening a tab, one sec, still waiting19:42
shaunoAlanBell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576589/   they appear to be using ~ in the version number, which isn't being reflected in his status.  I'm curious if that's what's throwing dpkg off19:43
gr33npeacescoundrel50: what do you see with the following command?19:43
gr33npeacescoundrel50:   grep -i virtualbox /var/lib/dpkg/status19:43
scoundrel50ok, more stuff happened, have to do another pastebin, finished the uninstall, but I dont think it worked, one sec19:43
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gr33npeacescoundrel50: sorry mate, think I missed some of the conversation there19:44
shaunogr33npeace: easily missed, the first half of it is on the ubuntu-uk mailing list, so there's lots of context missing wherever you look :)19:45
AlanBellI was going to suggest as the next interesting thing: grep -n virtualbox /var/lib/dpkg/status19:45
=== Guest33131 is now known as LjL-Temp
scoundrel50there is the new pastebin http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/576594/ finished the process but not sure it uninstlled vb19:45
gr33npeaceshauno: ah!! ok  :) ... where are we now?  is it easy enough to uninstall the oracle version from the system?19:45
scoundrel50sorry it took so long19:46
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest44006
AlanBellgr33npeace: last paste was dpkg -r virtualbox-3.019:46
scoundrel50do you want me to try the other command you just posted?19:46
scoundrel50the grep command19:47
gr33npeacethat will just search in the file for the text19:47
gr33npeaceso it won't hurt!19:47
scoundrel50oh, ok, did that remove command work? It said something about rebooting, should I try a reboot?19:47
AlanBellI think it worked (as in uninstalled it)19:48
AlanBellhowever I don't think that fixed the actual problem (possibly bad version numbers in /var/lib/dpkg/status)19:48
AlanBellcan you try: sudo apt-get install pastebinit19:48
scoundrel50just entered the grep command, will post pastebin now19:48
gr33npeacescoundrel50: don't think you need to reboot... but to confirm uninstallation you can start typing "Virt"  and then hit tab to see if it autocompletes (as before)19:49
scoundrel50http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/576595/ that is the grep command19:49
scoundrel50results sorry19:50
scoundrel50just tried the Virt and tab, and it didnt autocomplete19:50
scoundrel50just trying the install sudo apt-get install pastebinit and I get all the errors still19:51
=== Azelphur is now known as zz_Azelphur
AlanBellscoundrel50: I think it will still work, they are just warnings rather than actual errors19:52
gr33npeaceAlanBell: do you think it's worth removing the offending entries in the status or file... or leaving it well alone?19:53
scoundrel50http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/576596/ from the install sudo apt-get install pastebinit19:54
scoundrel50all those errors I'm gettingt19:54
AlanBellyeah, they are warnings, it did install19:55
gr33npeacelooks ok...19:55
AlanBella warning is something saying "this looks odd, but I am going to carry on anyway"19:55
scoundrel50so I dont really need to worry about the errors then?19:55
AlanBellan error is "this is bad, I am stopping now"19:55
scoundrel50I really appreciate the help.19:56
scoundrel50What was the pastebinit install?19:56
AlanBelland yeah, it is warning about an error on a line which does sound daft19:56
AlanBellpastebinit allows you to easily put the output of a command on pastebin19:56
AlanBellone sec and I will give you another command to try19:56
scoundrel50oh, so what do I do with it now? I have no idea, sorry, not heard of it before, just use the ubuntu pastebin19:57
AlanBellsed -n '43200,43400p' /var/lib/dpkg/status|pastebinit19:58
AlanBellthat will show us the interesting portion of the status file19:58
AlanBellit will give you a pastebin URL to put in here19:58
popeyAlanBell: is there not merit in just yanking the offending lines?19:58
AlanBellpopey: yes, I just want to see what I am yanking19:59
scoundrel50that was fast19:59
AlanBellok, so in that paste, lines 55 to 78 are the details about virtualbox-3.020:02
speedxco1eExt3 or Ext4 for a 80gb ssd raid1? Trying to figure out the best conf.20:02
gr33npeaceAlanBell: looks like it's the underscore in the Version line that it doesn't like... mine just has hyphens20:02
AlanBelland lines 62 and 63 correspond to 43261 and 4326220:02
popeylooks like debian bug 7508820:03
lubotu3Debian bug 75088 in dpkg "dpkg: parse error in file /var/lib/dpkg/status" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/7508820:03
AlanBellnot sure whether it is best to remove the whole block, or just tinker with the version numbers20:04
popeyer, wrong bug20:04
popeyAlanBell: you can happily remove entire package stanzas20:04
popeyI have fiddled in this way before20:04
AlanBellok, is there a nice way of doing it or just with nano?20:04
popeyjust a text editor20:05
popeyhuman search/cut20:05
popeyits not hard, even for a novice20:05
popeyor you could get the person to post the entire file, you edit it, paste it back20:05
AlanBellok, scoundrel50 can you type sudo nano /var/lib/dpkg/status20:05
AlanBellthen ctrl+w (which finds where stuff is)20:06
AlanBelland type virtualbox-3.020:06
AlanBellwhich should jump you down to that bit of the file20:06
scoundrel50sorry, accidently logged off somehow20:07
popey(do we have a backup of that file)?20:07
scoundrel50I dont have a back up no20:07
AlanBellscoundrel50: ok, no problem20:07
=== zz_Azelphur is now known as Azelphur
AlanBellcp /var/lib/dpkg/status ~/statusbackup20:08
Azelphuryay, my pc is being fun \o/20:08
Azelphurit's increased it's "Lets randomly freeze intensity to once every minute or two :p"20:08
scoundrel50ok, just checking to see if it backed up, one sec20:09
Azelphurwish I could figure out how to debug this X problem and get a bug report up, it just spikes to 100% and freezes20:09
Azelphurand I have to wait until it decides to carry on \o/20:09
scoundrel50ok, it has status and old status in there, should that be right?20:10
AzelphurI might expect this behaviour if I was on a 486 or something, but I'm on a i7 950 :x20:10
AlanBellscoundrel50: what has? your home directory?20:10
gr33npeacescoundrel50: depends on what you've been up to!!  "status" could be an old file  :)20:11
scoundrel50cp /var/lib/dpkg/status ~/statusbackup I entered that, and looked in the directory and that is all I have in there,20:11
* brobostigon returns20:11
gr33npeacescoundrel50: can you type  "pwd" so  we can see where you are?20:11
popey ~/ is your home directory20:11
popey~/statusbackup is a file in your home directory20:12
scoundrel50I'm in the home directory20:12
scoundrel50should I cd to the dpkg directory?20:12
popeyjust look for ~/statusbackup in your home directory20:12
popeynot in /var/lib/dpkg20:12
popeybecause the command you typed copies it to home20:12
AlanBell~ is a shortcut for /home/scoundrel50  (or whatever your username is)20:13
scoundrel50found the backup file in home directory, just did ls and it showed it to me20:13
AlanBellok, so if you have a nice comfortable backup then lets edit the real file20:13
AlanBellsudo nano /var/lib/dpkg/status20:14
AlanBellthen ctrl+w virtualbox-3.020:14
AlanBellthat should take you to the bit that is line 55 of http://pastebin.com/e4m0fK3x20:14
Azelphurdunno what I'm gonna do about this freeze bug20:14
Azelphurprobably have to try some different distros or something :/20:14
Azelphurmy computer is completely unusable now20:15
AlanBellAzelphur: tried in -kernel?20:15
Azelphur-kernel for an X bug?20:15
scoundrel50ooh, that is interesting20:15
scoundrel50I think I have that now20:15
scoundrel50what next20:16
AlanBellscoundrel50: great20:16
AlanBellscoundrel50: ctrl+k removes a line20:16
scoundrel50I can see Virtual Box in the terminal20:16
scoundrel50which lines to remove20:16
AlanBellyou need to nuke everything from "Package: virtualbox-3.0" to "Python-Version: >= 2.4" (just before the next blank line)20:17
AlanBellso the equivalent to lines 55 to 78 on the pastebin20:17
scoundrel50ok, but I dont have line numbners in the Terminal20:17
scoundrel50so how to nuke them, do you have to highlight, or what?20:17
AlanBellctrl+c will tell you what line you are on20:18
AlanBellgo down to Version: 3.0.14-58977_Ubuntu_karmic and press ctrl+c20:18
popeyjust press ctrl+k anywhere on a line will nuke that one line20:18
AlanBellthat should be the line that corresponds to the warning message20:18
AlanBellscoundrel50: have a look round first, you should see that each package has a block of text, the one after virtualbox is Package: xserver-xorg-input-mouse20:19
scoundrel50ok, not sure about this, is there anyway I can take a picture of what I am seeing in the terminal to show you?20:19
AlanBellscoundrel50: at the top, does it say   GNU nano 2.2.4          File: /var/lib/dpkg/status20:20
AlanBellso that is a text editor, and you are looking at part of a very very long file of text20:21
AlanBellyou can scroll up and down20:21
scoundrel50The curser is on Package: virtualbox3.020:21
scoundrel50I just tested that scrolling now20:21
AlanBellpress ctrl+c to see what line you are on which will say something like([ line 5825/61691 (9%), col 10/24 (41%), char 262479/2806869 (9%) ]) at the bottom of the screen (only different numbers)20:22
AlanBellpressing ctrl+k will remove a line20:22
AlanBellyou need to start on Package: virtualbox3.0 and remove 23 lines or so20:22
scoundrel50oh yes, I see that about the xserver-xorg-input-mouse20:22
AlanBelljust stop before you hit xserver-xorg-input-mouse because the poor little mouse did you no harm at all20:23
scoundrel50ah, ok, will give it a try now3, I found where you are talking about20:23
popeymy mum once killed a mouse with a hammer20:23
AlanBellI caught a rat that was living under the chicken house20:24
AlanBellbut I was nice and released it a few miles away in a wood20:24
scoundrel50ok, just nuked all those lines, how do I save and exit20:25
AlanBellyou are not done yet20:25
gordand thus starts the animated adventures of mr rattys quest to get home to the chicken house from the forest far far away20:25
AlanBellctrl+w then search for virtualbox-2.220:25
scoundrel50ok, what next?20:25
AlanBellthat is doing the second set of errors around line 44977 (which will now be 23 lines lower of course)20:26
scoundrel50ok, found virtualbox2.220:26
AlanBellgreat, scroll about and you should see it looks much the same as the other one did20:27
AlanBellnuke at will20:27
scoundrel50ok, nuked those lines20:27
popeynuke from orbit20:27
AlanBellthen ctrl+x to save and quit20:27
popeyit's the only way to be sure20:27
scoundrel50I nuked till here libgnustep-base1.1920:27
AlanBellctrl+x and it will ask if you are sure before saving20:28
AlanBellthen sudo apt-get install cowsay20:28
scoundrel50saved, what do I do now, do I need to look for something?20:28
AlanBellwhich should install with no warnings20:28
scoundrel50awesome, no errors20:29
AlanBellnow: cowsay "yay, I fixed my Ubuntu"20:29
scoundrel50thank you so much, that is amazing20:30
scoundrel50sweating a bit though20:30
scoundrel50what is cowsay?20:30
popeyon four legs20:30
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AzelphurIs it easy to try nouveau, and does it support the GTX 570?20:30
AzelphurI think my freeze issues are the nvidia driver20:30
scoundrel50hehe, you have no idea how happy that has made me, its cleaning up my Ubuntu.20:31
AzelphurI'm noticing graphical artifacts now as well as the 30-60 second lockups20:31
scoundrel50Tjhank you again20:31
AlanBellcowsay is a small and harmless package with no dependencies worth mentioning20:31
webpigeon_laptopAlanBell: it depends on... ascii \o/? :P20:31
AlanBellIRC is great for solving problems more interactively than email question and answers20:31
scoundrel50That was just amazing, I had no idea youi could do that, scary though20:32
* cbx33 much prefers IRC to any other support medium20:32
popeyAzelphur: sounds like a duff video card20:33
Azelphurpopey, any way I can confirm that?20:33
popeyyeah, try nouveau, that will eilminate the driver20:34
Azelphurcool, how do I try nouveau?20:34
popeythere is experimental 3d support20:34
lubotu3nouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default in 10.04. Currently 3D rendering is unsupported. More information can be found in http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ - See also !nvidia20:34
Azelphurand gtx 570 is pretty new, will it support it?20:34
scoundrel50I can go get a coffee now, thanks again, I do really appreciate it. :)20:34
popeyno ida20:34
popeyi have an old card20:34
* AlanBell discovers: cowsay -f cock "this is a chicken"20:34
popeyyou need to remove nvidia to try nouveau20:35
popeyand there's a libgl1-mesa-experimental driver20:35
webpigeon_laptopAlanBell: cowsay -l20:35
popeywhich does 3d compositing20:35
AzelphurI see, I'll give it a whirl20:35
popeyI have used it on my desktop when the nvidia driver was broken20:35
AlanBellscoundrel50: do mail the list and let people know that it got solved20:35
scoundrel50ok, will do. :)20:35
popeymy ant attack map is coming along http://popey.com/minecraft/gmap/?lat=0.527486&lng=0.425832&zoom=720:36
Azelphurlol X crashed, migration/5 kondemand/1 and migration/1 hit the top of the cpu munchers list and ssh stopped responding for ~10 seconds20:36
popeyAzelphur: dont set your expectations too high for nouveau20:37
popeyits very early days in development20:37
Azelphuryea I know20:37
AzelphurI won't be able to use it for my day to day computing but I can use it to see if I still get freezes20:37
Azelphurwhat packages do I need to remove to uninstall the nvidia driver?20:38
scoundrel50have posted a thank you to the list :)20:40
Azelphurpopey, ^20:40
AlanBellnearly time for Brian Cox on the telly20:44
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xapelI need some simple software for generating and keeping track of invoices and payments. Any suggestions?20:47
AlanBellxapel: gnucash is simple, possibly too simple20:48
AlanBellopenerp is probably not simple enough20:48
AzelphurI got my machine back to life \o/20:49
Azelphurgot off nvidia-270 and back on 260. It hasn't frozen in the past 2 minutes so its probably fixed lol20:49
AlanBellRMS in London tomorrw20:56
Azelphureveryone hide20:57
Baikonura root mean square?20:57
brobostigon!info rms20:58
lubotu3Package rms does not exist in maverick20:58
gr33npeaceNo manual entry for rms20:58
* brobostigon puts bbc2 on20:59
AlanBell!info vrms21:01
lubotu3vrms (source: vrms): virtual Richard M. Stallman. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.15 (maverick), package size 12 kB, installed size 100 kB21:01
AlanBellbrobostigon: ^^21:01
brobostigonhmm, ohwell.21:01
cbx33any latex gurus around?21:19
Baikonuri'm a latent guru21:20
czajkowskicbx33: just ask your question and if someone can help they will21:20
cbx33I have this file21:21
cbx33the first one works fine.  But if I try to use the second one it complains about an ending not being in place21:21
cbx33however, if I copy the Verbatim begin and end directly into code, as in chap2.tex, it runs fine21:22
cbx33any ideas why?21:22
gr33npeaceyou're missing a { at the end21:22
gr33npeaceor you might have one too many... eyes not working...  :)21:22
cbx33yeh...see I went through it and it seemed fine21:25
gr33npeacewill admit I don't know latex... the syntax seems very strange though21:26
mgdmgr33npeace: it was designed originally in the 70s, so yeah, it's a bit old-school :)21:29
gr33npeacehahaha, good fact21:29
gr33npeacemight sound daft... but should you use lower case "v" in Verbatim?21:36
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cbx33there are two Verbatims21:47
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cbx33verbatim is the normal one21:47
cbx33Verbatim is fany21:47
gr33npeacehehehehe, ok21:51
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nperryHmm, that was a lot of ping outs!21:58
brobostigonagreed, yes.21:58
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* HazRPG pokes brobostigon22:31
HazRPGhi! :)22:31
HazRPGDid you get change to see my blog post?22:31
ChrisB_can someone help me download vmware server using wget please. I can't make it download the tar.gz archive, it keeps getting a part of the url only.22:33
ChrisB_url is: https://www.vmware.com/tryvmware/p/activate.php?p=server20&lp=1&a=DOWNLOAD_FILE&baseurl=http://download2.vmware.com/software/server/&filename=VMware-server-2.0.2-203138.x86_64.tar.gz22:34
bigcalmChrisB_: enclose the URL in double quotes22:36
popeyChrisB_: put quotes round it22:36
czajkowskipopey: *hugs*22:37
bigcalmpopey: any good with mod_rewrite rules?22:37
popeymake them up as I go along22:37
czajkowskipopey: I give you a hug and you hmm.. charming :(22:37
AlanBellczajkowski: *hugs*22:38
* czajkowski think popey is becoming a MooDoo 22:38
* popey shudders22:38
czajkowskiAlanBell: Hello :) *hugs*22:38
popeyhe uses that icky fedora thing22:38
AlanBellcan't trust those RPM types22:38
czajkowskiI have learnt Gatwick is an awesome airport to fly in and out of except past 11pm on return, lack of trains home22:39
czajkowskipopey: tell me about it22:39
* czajkowski looks at the red fedora on the table in front of her 22:39
bigcalmPaint it green22:40
AlanBellis that the one I gimped to aubergine?22:40
bigcalmCover it with tinfoil22:40
czajkowskiAlanBell: nope this is Jons22:41
AlanBellbigcalm: as luck would have it I have a tin of green spray paint22:41
czajkowskihe did come and collect me at 1:15am this morning :D22:41
czajkowskiwe got the train then back to Victoria22:42
bigcalmAnybody down wit da mod_rewrite rulz, how does this look? RewriteRule \.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif)\?(w|h)=\d /my_resize_script.php?$122:44
* AlanBell likes what bigcalm is doing22:45
AlanBelldunno if it is right, but I know what you are doing22:45
bigcalmWorth a try22:45
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AlanBellsilly fun is happening in #ubuntu-trivia if anyone wants to pop in22:47
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hamitronsomeone stop me looking at spending money on toys plz :/23:07
AlanBellhamitron: join #ubuntu-trivia, it is a great waste of time23:08
hamitronI am too dumb23:08
HazRPGhamitron: as am I ;) - I'm still there :P23:14
hamitronI hate joining loads of rooms23:14
hamitronreason i hate having a seperate room for minecraft23:15
hamitronputs me in a bad mood monitoring so many23:15
hamitronso I get lazy and don't bother with IRC at all23:16
hamitron(please avoid telling me that would be a good thing ;/ )23:16
AlanBellhamitron: well trivia is one you don't have to monitor really23:31
hamitronI find more than 4 tabs, and IRC is pain23:31
hamitronI got the tabs at the top, and it means scrolling23:32
* AlanBell has 78 windows open in irssi23:32
* hamitron using pidgin23:32
hamitronI was going to change to irssi, but the lag on my vps is too bad23:33
hamitronIRC is the one thing, that I would benefit from having a widescreen monitor23:34
hamitronjust dump it at the side, then have web browser alongside23:34
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hamitronbrb, XP just roggered itself23:44

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