mettarunning 10.10 64bit now02:49
mettasanta monica would also be a good place for SCaLE akk04:37
akkSanta Monica would give a great place to wander around, go to lunch etc!04:37
akkParking is kind of tough, though, isn't it?04:37
* akk sings Christine Lavin's "Santa Monica Pier"04:38
mettaakk: yeah, definitely worse than pasadena, but it's close to the beach and everything.  the parking is better than LAX right now is, though.  and...the beach! \o/04:58
MarkDudemetta, that smog of being near the airport is not replaceable05:15
mettaMarkDude: haha05:15
* metta chokes and dies05:16
akkThe smog is terrible near LAX -- and worse in the interminable amount of time you have to spend in the Hilton garage (cough, cough).05:17
mettahey MarkDude are you sick by chance?  i hear people got sick after SCaLE05:20
mettaakk: i parked across the street, not in the garage.  there was plenty of free parking.05:20
akkFREE parking? I wish somebody had told me about that secret.05:21
mettawell, you have to walk about two blocks05:23
mettasome people would rather pay $40 or $20 or whatever it cost05:23
mettai saved the money and got a homeless dude a room for the night05:23
akkyeah, mom probably wouldn't have wanted to walk 2 blocks, at least on saturday (I would have)05:25
* akk wonders why spellchecker thinks "wouldn't" is misspelled ... turns out "spellchecker" is too05:26
mettawhat's going on jono?05:26
mettais there a place where i can get a list of all the wikis i've made on wiki.ubuntu.com and help.ubuntu.com/community?06:07
mettai'm looking on launchpad but i don't see anything06:07
mettaiheartubuntu: i created a wiki on that key thing.  i just deleted the key and created a new one.06:21
iheartubuntuwhich key?06:21
mettaiheartubuntu: keyring06:21
iheartubuntudid it work06:22
mettaiheartubuntu: yeah.  you should put fixes you find in the wiki.  help.ubuntu.com/community so that when someone searches it pulls up there.  or wiki.ubuntu.com06:22
mettathere are a ton of sites instead of it all being in the wiki06:22
icarus81Is anyone good with Iptables I have a question?17:44
DarkwingDuckMarkDude: It never gets old... Lucid bug reporting at it's finest. http://havethebuttonsmovedbackyet.com/22:39
MarkDudemark did make clear - it was NOT time sensitive22:52
pleia2nhaines: have an ETA on Ubucon photos and videos?23:30

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