tiemonsteranyone lingering tonight?00:34
* mhall119 lingers00:58
tiemonstermhall119: are the BSD and MIT licenses similar/compatible?00:58
mhall119Compatible at least, I'm not sure how similar00:59
tiemonsterI'm not an expert in licensing00:59
mhall119me either01:00
tiemonsterMIT seems like a good purpose "do whatever the heck you want with it" license, but a lot of Node.js stuff is BSD01:00
mhall119those are called lawyers01:00
tiemonstervery specialized lawyers01:00
mhall119BSD is pretty much "do whatever the heck you want with it, just make sure you let everybody know where you got it from"01:00
RoAkSoAxmhall119: ping02:30
mhall119RoAkSoAx needs an always-on client14:33
katylAnyone go to the Melbourne Lug?14:41
mhall119itnet7 probably 14:43
katylMoving down there sometime soon, wondering if I should go.14:45
katylNever been a lug type'o guy.14:45

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