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chibihogoshinonumbers ?04:40
* cyberanger is beat04:41
chibihogoshinobeat ?04:42
cyberangerworn out04:44
vychunedropped my keyboard04:44
vychunewhy r u tired04:45
cyberangervychune: I'd presume lack of sleep, todays work, the fact it's shy of midnight, or just finally unable to stay up non-stop04:56
cyberangerI dunno what the reason is, bit the fact remains :-/04:57
vychunethose will do it04:57
cyberangerawesome, too much time on the clock, forced one and a half hour break05:00
cyberangerand it'll be longer than that (gotta grab more cat5 cable, we're short)05:01
cyberangernext time I do a job on this scale, I'm bringing an extra 5ft, and a "How to kill somebody with network cord for Dummies" book05:01
cyberangerI knew this was at least a two man job (luckily a 2nd person stepped up this morning) but nobody came out to really check measurements and what not05:03
cyberangerthis might have been a three person bit, due to snaking cable between drywall and routing around some think firewall material05:04
cyberangeronly in some ways it's a bummer05:04
cyberangerbut the upside isn't here yet05:04
cyberangerwhen this job is done, I'll have met a few more presidents05:04
vychunehmm ok05:06
cyberangervychune: in case you didn't catch that, pull out your wallet, and look for anything green05:08
vychuneoh those presidents05:08
cyberangeryes, a much sought after paycheck05:09
vychunecare to share lol05:09
cyberangeroh, yes, with my coworker on this project, cell phone provider, ISP, hosting provider05:13
cyberangerand If I'm luckly, myself05:13
cyberangerwell, actually I care not to, wish not to, but don't really want to be flogged either05:14
vychunewell i had my laugh.05:14
vychunegoing to bed05:14
vychuneand so should u05:14
cyberanger(and my coworker will probally flog me with the suv, somehow)05:14
cyberangervychune: oh, I will be05:14
cyberangeronce the cat 5 is here, we'll see how far we are05:14
cyberangerwe might finish now, and be done, or sleep and spend another half day here05:15
cyberangersee you later vychune05:15
vychunehope everything turns into green05:15
cyberangerif it doesn't, I'll settle for red (but it will05:15
cyberangerI wouldn't put myself through this if I didn't think the ends are 100% my favor)05:16
chibihogoshinowhat to do ..13:56
chibihogoshinoi removed my kernel13:56
cyberanger chibihogoshino your entire kernel14:00
cyberangerno version remains14:00
cyberangerand yet your still online14:00
chibihogoshinothe boot dir was empty14:00
cyberangeroh crap14:00
chibihogoshinoi put it back with apt-get14:00
cyberangerare you livedisking it then14:00
chibihogoshinono.. it never went off line14:01
cyberangerok, but boot is still toast14:01
chibihogoshinoi repopulated the boot dir14:01
chibihogoshinoran update_grub and it seams ok for now14:01
chibihogoshinoill find out when i reboot sometime14:02
cyberangerthen you seem to be ok14:02
chibihogoshinoi was shur it was going to crash with no kernel files14:02
cyberangerit should be impossible to remove your kernel14:02
cyberangerwell, via a package manager14:02
chibihogoshinoyeah thats what i thought14:03
cyberangerbut you could have nuked the bootloaded14:03
cyberangerless of a problem, equally frustrating14:03
chibihogoshinoi hope not14:03
chibihogoshinoi dont have a live disk right now14:03
cyberangerchibihogoshino: what's your version?14:04
chibihogoshinoer 2.6.32-3014:05
cyberanger10.04, 10.10 (lucid or maverick)14:05
cyberangersorry for that confusion14:05
cyberangerwell, grab a blank disc14:06
cyberangereject && read && eject -t && wget http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/lucid/ubuntu-10.04.2-desktop-i386.iso && wodim speed=0 ubuntu-10.04.2-desktop-i386.iso14:06
cyberangerthat'll cover you14:07
chibihogoshinooh .. heh i didnt even think of using a cd14:07
cyberangerwell, it's working atm14:07
cyberangeryour short a disc, that'll fix that14:07
cyberangeror perhaps a usb drive14:08
chibihogoshinoi have a 10.04 and 10.10 iso14:08
cyberangerwget http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/lucid/ubuntu-10.04.2-desktop-i386.iso && usb-creator14:08
chibihogoshinoi have 10.04 on a memory card just no reader right now14:08
cyberangerah, then nothing is stopping you from making a boot card/disc now14:08
cyberangerbefore a reboot14:09
chibihogoshinoyep.  other than me being lazy and not wanting to move off the couch14:09
cyberangersudo make $USER/asandwhich14:11
cyberangerI get being lazy14:11
chibihogoshinowhen i am really sleep deprived i have had thoughts like that14:11
* cyberanger thanks sudo for the speedy service, but I don't recall having any turkey or swiss in the fridge14:12
chibihogoshinoi wish i could apt-get my self a pizza14:13
cyberangerisn't delivery easy enough14:13
cyberangerwell, a sunday at 9AM perhaps not, but yeah14:13
chibihogoshinopizza-get lt sauce 1/2 mush-cheese 1/2 cheese14:14
chibihogoshinowell its about time.. adding support for the mic in the sound options14:16
chibihogoshinoeveryone opens at 11 :-(14:19
cyberangerwe've got a few sooner14:20
cyberanger40 minutes14:20
chibihogoshinoi miss this place http://www.campusfood.com/restaurant.asp?campusid=76&mlid=25778114:23
cyberangerchibihogoshino: don't think we have one of them here14:28
chibihogoshinotwo pieces would fill you14:38
Xpistoshi guys23:34

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