mhall119MTecknology: you're working on the drupal theme, right?01:04
mhall119stas: and you the wordpress?01:05
mhall119I'm wondering how much you guys pull in from light-base-theme, if what we can do to make that easier for you01:05
MTecknologymhall119: I don't pull in much from that actually. It was great as a base to work from01:54
stasmhall119: yep02:07
stasi rewrote the css, cause02:08
stasbody                                {color: #000;} /*sucked*/02:08
stassorry, but it is true02:08
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mhall119MTecknology: then I'd like to re-work the light-base-theme branch to let you guys use it more14:32
mhall119MTecknology: when you get a chance, can you look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/576479/14:53
mhall119I'm writing up the web-development pages for developer.ubuntu.com14:53
mhall119is there anything drupal-related in the Ubuntu repos that you think should be featured?14:54
mhall119or javascript libraries, or community resources I've left out14:54
mhall119newz2000: ^^14:55
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