pleia2elky: when you get a chance, can you update https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/ubuntutheproject-community-n-ubuntu-women-project-goals WRT contests? Will we end up doing one this cycle? If not, can it be marked as deferred?20:00
elkypleia2, mark it as deferred, life has rather got in the way this release unfortunately22:06
elkyIf someone else wants to do the legwork then sure, but I can't unfortunately :(22:06
pleia2elky: ok, I'll mark it as deferred for now and bring it up at our meeting on thursday :)22:16
elkyI did22:16
elkyer, marked it that is22:17
elkyI think, unless it failed to stick22:17
pleia2oh you did! thanks22:17
pleia2lp has been loading badly for me all day, had to refresh22:17
AlanBellpleia2: looks like the wiki theme didn't quite get made available either22:18
pleia2AlanBell: nope, my last email in RT had some suggestions but they haven't been put into place yet22:19
elkyThis was weeks ago, yeah?22:19
pleia2so just one week ago :)22:20
pleia2they've been pretty quick to reply lately, this portion is taking a bit longer22:20
elkyHmm, can't say I've ever had rt respond within a week...22:21
pleia2yeah, it was shocking - both a -women and an xubuntu ticket I submitted were replied to just a few days22:21
pleia2still waiting on final xubuntu thing too, but progress++22:21
AlanBellyeah there was a conversation going on then it kind of stalled22:21

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