nlsthznhow can I recursivly delete files from directories with the same extension? As opppsed to going to each directory and deleting the files?08:46
nlsthznfind . -type f -name "*.u1conflict" -exec rm -f {} \; nvr mind, this worked :D08:51
cocooncrashnlsthzn: find . -name '*.ext' -delete08:51
nlsthzncocooncrash:  cool that is even shorter... thanks08:52
Symmetriaso, I threw a ton of tests at the new mirror server last night09:04
Symmetriaand it didnt fall over which is good 09:04
Symmetriaand I really really really pushed it09:05
Symmetriait was still idling even with it running full tilt network traffic09:05
SymmetriaI pushed it to over a million packets a second 09:06
Symmetriaand even processing that it was still only at about 30% cpu utilization09:06
* Tonberry wants one09:07
nlsthznsounds like a monster machine09:13
Symmetriaheh nlsthzn whats your email addy :P will email you something09:14
nlsthznsame as IRC handle @ gmail09:14
Symmetriahold :)09:15
Symmetria:P go look at that09:16
Symmetria:p and that09:17
Symmetriaand that :P09:17
nlsthzn4 core with HT?09:18
Symmetriaheh, 6 core with HT 09:18
nlsthznmore oO09:18
Symmetriaheh nlsthzn wait, will send u something else :)09:18
SymmetriaLOL go look at that last one09:19
Symmetriathat machine is a scary scary beast :)09:19
nlsthznthe ram 6 or 66GB ... to many digits :D09:19
Symmetria64gig :P09:20
nlsthznyikes... and so many Terabytes of data I can't even imagine :D nice09:20
nlsthzn"But can it play Crysis?"09:21
Symmetrialol Im sure if you stuck a video card in it...09:22
Symmetriaheh it has 6 x 16x PCI-E slots in it09:23
Symmetriaso lotsa room for video cards :P09:23
Symmetriahttp://pastebin.com/bkfxCM7F <=== there I paste binned it 09:23
nlsthznawesome machine to work with :)09:30
Symmetriaam gonna run some phoronix tests09:46
Symmetriato see just how much faster this thing is than the old machine09:46
nlsthznsuper by to the power of infinity :p09:48
nlsthzn*super pi09:48
drubinMaaz: cocooncrash ++ [Find fu]09:49
drubinMaaz: find delete is find . -name '*.ext' -delete09:49
Maazdrubin: One learns a new thing every day09:49
Symmetria:P go install it and benchmark your machines against those test results09:51
Symmetriawow, old machine averaged 57 seconds to complete that test09:52
Symmetrianew machine averages 2409:52
Symmetriadamn vodacom15:49
OwkkuriSymmetria: 31.1 sec here17:04
=== neil_ is now known as nlsthzn_
queerymaaz coffee on19:46
* Maaz starts grinding coffee19:46
nlsthzn_hey queery :)19:47
queeryHow you nlsthzn_  ?19:49
=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn
MaazCoffee's ready for queery!19:50
nlsthznI'm fine thanks ,and you?19:50
queerymaaz, thank you 19:52
Maazqueery: Okay :-)19:52
queeryjust a bit busy in the lab19:52
nlsthznsorry, 11.04 isn't very stable20:01
Tonberrywell its not out yet20:05
nlsthznTonberry, wasn't making it out to be bad, just apologizing for popping in and out in the middle of conversations :)20:07

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