histo!coc | base300:00
ubottubase3: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .00:00
schnufflebase3: wrong place to ask, only official support00:00
ipwnagei don't know im have to go00:00
Aikarcan someone please give me a command line to reset my window manager back to metacity?00:00
jerry__> hey guys, have a really annoying bug involving ubuntu 10.10, firefox, and YouTube videos.00:00
histoAikar: metacity --replace00:00
Sevenseeker__bazhang: did you catch my pastebin?00:00
Aikarhisto: no i mean the gconf setting00:00
battlehandsjerry_, try explaining the bug.00:00
Aikari cant get into an X environemtn to even open a window00:00
Connor_Bipwnage: ok bye hope you figure it out00:01
Aikari login and get a black screen with only pidgin window00:01
histoAikar: where'd you change the setting before?00:01
OmegaAikar: Select it at the login screen.00:01
histoAikar: down below your user name and pass you should be able to select a failsafe session00:01
Aikari tried that00:01
Aikarstill black00:01
base3histo: thanks, i don't think i'm going to either sign that or adhere to it00:02
jerry_Thanks Battlehands. OK. I seem to have one very specific problem with Flash. When I try to watch videos on YouTube.com,I get a white box (no video), but I hear the sound. Then I usually get a Flash plugin error/crash. However, when I watch EMbedded YouTube videos, they play fine! Also, flash seems to work fine on other websites.Any advice...I've researched this for hours and am not having much luck.00:02
histoAikar: it's ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/session/required_components/%gconf.xml00:02
histoAikar: take a look there for the strignvalue for the window manager00:03
Niglophow can I check the form factor of my motherboard?00:03
histoNiglop: open the case00:03
Niglophisto» and then what00:03
histoNiglop: look at the power plug and size of the board. what exactly are you trying to do?00:04
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:04
Niglophisto» i'm going to buy a new case i want to make sure my mobo is the right size to fit properly00:04
svm_invi1tvsI'm having a bit of problems00:04
Aikarhisto: thank you that did the trick00:04
svm_invi1tvsTrying to get the ISO from the site onto a USB drive.00:04
histoAikar: np00:04
svm_invi1tvsI'm using dd if=fo.iso of=/dev/disk100:04
svm_invi1tvsIs there something else I should be doing?00:05
histoNiglop: well you'd have to see if you have an itx or micro or mini itx case00:05
Aikarsome guide said sudo apt-get install gnome-shell was all that was needed....00:05
Aikarfigured id try it out see what its like00:05
base3also histo, i don't feel i violated any thing on that code of conduct by politely asking the legitimate question that i asked00:05
Aikarbut got no shell at all :(00:05
Niglophisto» how can i check00:05
Niglopis there a reference i can compare to?00:05
histobase3: you're asking about pirated software00:05
edbianNiglop, a case that is too big will fit any motherboard smaller00:05
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histoNiglop: i'm sure you can find a chart online.00:05
base3histo: that code doesn't say anything about pirated software00:05
schnuffleNiglop: http://pastebin.com/eQ397Y1V for the size of the different types00:06
histoNiglop: http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=motherboard+form+factors&cp=15&qe=bW90aGVyYm9hcmQgZm9y&qesig=PwDxVKeIAZaCRAh3nREqwA&pkc=AFgZ2tlMJSXgW7K95G3ukO-2wHCEqCmbjQenAbF9SfxVxEKQFRd1dtjN7Ot2IWXi0zGmls2YOnbtxh9eraCWZsv-TG8GVc-dsw&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=0&aqi=&aql=&oq=motherboard+for&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.&fp=369c8973645261b800:06
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Niglopschnuffle» is that in mm?00:06
histobase3: it's not acceptable here I don't know how else to put it00:06
base3histo: Nobody knows everything, and nobody is expected to be perfect in the Ubuntu community. Asking questions avoids many problems down the road, and so questions are encouraged. Those who are asked questions should be responsive and helpful. [emphasis mine]00:06
OmegaAikar: That is correct, it's best if you wait for a PPA.00:07
histo!piracy | base300:07
ubottubase3: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o00:07
base3histo: "We may not always agree, but disagreement is no excuse for poor behaviour and poor manners."00:07
Aikarwhats suppose to happen when you do gnome-shell --replace, my windows seem to go hidden and thats about it lol00:07
histobase3: please see the above from ubottu00:07
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Aikarwhere do you select a shell at login?00:09
Pilif12pnobody here knows anything about gparted?00:09
battlehandsPilif12p, what are you doing?00:09
schnuffleAikar: Try Ctrl+Alt+F100:09
histoAikar: you select a session at login00:10
Aikarschnuffle: i meant desktp shell00:10
Pilif12pbattlehands: I'm trying to resize a partition. I have details somewhere up in the scrollback00:10
histoAikar: should be at the bottom of gdm00:10
edbianPilif12p, What is your question about gparted?00:10
Aikari saw "User Session"00:10
Aikarbut no list of shells00:10
histoAikar: yeah00:10
histoAikar: what do you want to do?00:10
Aikartry out unity w/o defaulting it00:11
Pilif12ped1703: it won't let me resize a partition. It's not mounted.00:11
keith27i believe my system is compromised.  on a daily basis firestarter shows mysterious connections on randoms ports.  they appear to be to and from localhost (me).  on a port such as 56616 but it is always different.  i am running wireshark but i can't see any traffic for this.  someone please help i need to know why this keeps happening.00:11
Aikargnome-shell and unity both said to select it at GDM00:11
battlehandsPilif12p, I dont see them.  Press the up arrow to scroll through previously posted texts.00:11
Aikarbut i saw no option00:11
Pilif12pbattlehands: http://pastehtml.com/view/1dicvx2.html00:11
edbianPilif12p, Does it have an orange triangle next to it?00:11
histo!unity | Aikar00:11
edbianPilif12p, Is it in an extended partition with another partition that is mounted?00:11
ubottuAikar: Unity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity00:11
naryfaanybody uses moc - music on console?00:12
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Pilif12pedbian: Nope, and nope00:12
histo!anybody | naryfa00:12
ubottunaryfa: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:12
Aikari know that, i wanna try it, how can i try it? i just installed it00:12
histoAikar: I don't use it perhaps someone else here does00:12
edbianPilif12p, What kind of partition?  Can you screenshot the app?  I assume the resize / move is greyed out00:13
battlehandsPilif12p, these errors are beyond me.  Im still getting familiar with the basics of GParted.  Sorry..00:13
Pilif12pedbian: no, it's not. I get an error (I linked to details twice in the past 2 minutes). It's ntfs, i believe00:13
battlehandsDoes anyone know how I can include my new host name when in /etc/hosts ?00:14
naryfaok, moc config file has FastDir options, I'm trying to set a folder name with a space but it doesn't seem to read it, I'm escaping the space but it doesn't see the dir,00:14
edbianPilif12p, I'm reading the errors right now.  Unfortunately they're rather vague00:14
edbianbattlehands, use the hostname command to change it immediately.  Otherwise it will be set to whatever is in the file at boot time00:14
histonaryfa: with \ ?00:14
bastidrazorbattlehands: add it to the line after localhost newhostname00:15
naryfahisto: you see???? that's why I asked if anybody uses moc00:15
kn100Why isn't windows 7 listed in the grub boot menu after a ubuntu update and how can I fix this/00:15
histobattlehands:   end of that line00:15
edbianPilif12p, Look at the very end of your post.  Have you tried booting and shutting down proper in windows?00:15
histonaryfa: I use it00:15
Dottedhow do you create a new user on ubuntu 10.10 with a blank password? all my attempts using passwd, editing /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow has "su" still asking for a password even if its blank00:15
keith27on a daily basis firestarter shows mysterious connections on randoms ports.  they appear to be to and from localhost (me).  on a port such as 56616 but it is always different.  i am running wireshark but i can't see any traffic for this.  someone please help i need to know why this keeps happening.00:16
naryfahisto: have you ever set up fastdirs in config?00:16
Pilif12phttp://ubuntuone.com/p/gHd/ is the screenshot00:16
histonaryfa: no but i'd imagine you'd escape the space with \00:16
naryfahisto: if yes, have you set up a dir with a space in its name?00:16
Pilif12pno, i haven't tried that yet... not since i chkdsk'd it, at least00:16
naryfahisto: that's what I do, it doesn't work00:16
Pilif12pi'll do that00:16
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edbianPilif12p, It says there was an unclean shutdown.  Your partition btw are a mess00:16
CrystalLinuxHi, what is the Arcg00:17
Aikarhisto: well figured out i had to select ubuntu netbook edition for unity, but it didnt work it just flashed screen all weird and didnt show anything but background and pidgin00:17
CrystalLinuxHi, what is the Archive manager?00:17
edbianCrystalLinux, It opens things like .zip and .tar.gz00:17
histoCrystalLinux: part of nautilus00:17
edbianhisto, Is it really?  I thought it was a separate app (named file-roller)00:18
keith27how come my problem which is potentially a huge security flaw in ubuntu never gets answered00:18
homewacom tablet making me dumn dumn00:18
edbiankeith27, What's the problem?00:18
homeits not detecting the damn tablet..00:18
kn100Why isn't windows 7 listed in the grub boot menu after a ubuntu update and how can I fix this/00:18
histoedbian: thought it was part of nautilus maybe not. Haven't used gnome in ages00:18
keith27on a daily basis firestarter shows mysterious connections on randoms ports.  they appear to be to and from localhost (me).  on a port such as 56616 but it is always different.  i am running wireshark but i can't see any traffic for this.  someone please help i need to know why this keeps happening.00:18
CrystalLinuxWhen I download .tar.gz's the program doesn't work.00:18
keith27this never use to happen until recently but now it happens all the time00:19
histokn100: did it maybe get pushed down. On the screen due to so many kernels?00:19
kn100histo, nah, not enough to cause the screen to scroll00:19
CrystalLinuxWhen I download .tar.gz's the program doesn't work in archive manager, any help?00:19
kn100histo, the partition is still there00:19
histokn100: yeah it maybe just lost it from the config00:19
kn100CrystalLinux, go into software center, search for 7z00:19
histo!grub2 | kn10000:19
ubottukn100: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:19
edbiankeith27, I'll research a bit.  Since it is to and from localhost it's your computer talking to itself (not a security flaw)00:19
keith27CrystalLinux: any .tar.gz or just one in particular?00:20
CrystalLinuxFirefox 4 beta 12.00:20
homeanyone here using a wacom tablet?00:20
edbiankeith27, That is a non-standard port which is a bad sing.00:21
mickster04!details | home00:21
ubottuhome: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:21
keith27edbian: before this use to happen i use to get connections on strange ports to other ip's, just recently they always show as localhost.  im worried that firestarter is showing localhost when in fact it could be something else.  maybe firestarter itself is compromised?00:21
keith27is that possible?00:21
lrsHi, Ubuntu 10.10 didnt work on my new laptop without using acpi=off. How can i fix acpi?00:22
edbiankeith27, That would be very surprising as it would be an extremely elaborate attack00:22
homemickster04,  My tablet is not installing, even though I followed all the instructions.. no error messages either00:22
edbiankeith27, Although it is possible if you've been installing and running random software00:22
daftykinslrs: is it an old IBM?00:22
edbiankeith27, Like outside of the repos00:22
keith27but if the attacker knew i constantly monitor firestarter wouldn't it make sense ?00:22
mickster04home: it's a tablet, not a rpgoram? how do you mean install?00:23
lrsdaftykins: no, a new Toshiba, 10.04 works with acpi and all00:23
CrystalLinuxWhen I download .tar.gz's, then what do I do in archive manager?00:23
edbiankeith27, Take a look at netstat -ao00:23
homemickster04,  following the instructions here  at b) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151556200:23
edbiankeith27, Umm, yeah.  It would probably take them at least months to put together such an elaborate attack.00:24
daftykinslrs: hmm, checked for any BIOS updates? if you boot a livecd/flash drive of 10.10 you could disable the splash logo to see where the kernel might 'freeze' at00:24
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keith27i've had some shady irc friends who know my ip and some personal info for over a year00:24
CrystalLinuxWhen I download .tar.bz2's, then what do I do in archive manager?00:24
lrsdaftykins: the BIOS is the latest, how can i disable the splash logo to see where it freezes?00:25
keith27CrystalLinux: i believe you should be able to right click and extract it00:25
histokeith27: I think you're being to paranoid00:25
sky_靠 有人会中文吗00:25
rww!cn | sky_00:25
ubottusky_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk00:25
daftykinslrs: usually you remove "quiet" and "splash" items from a boot parameter, by choosing a 'custom' boot option off the menu, i'm afraid i've not used 10.10 though so it might be worth a google if nobody here has an obvious answer00:26
keith27histo: of course i am but so far there is no explanation for the problem i am experiencing other than a potential elaborate attack00:26
edbiankeith27, hahaha, ok00:26
bastidrazorlrs: /etc/default/grub take out splash in#GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"00:26
edbiankeith27, can you pastebin netstat -ao for me?00:26
bastidrazorlrs: then sudo update-grub00:26
IsrafelFrom the command line, how do I change the audio outputs? I'm trying to make an alarm clock using cron.00:27
keith27edbian: its longer than the terminal shows00:27
CrystalLinuxThis comesupwhen extracting.00:27
sam__I accedentally uninstalled my synaptic package manager now my pc wont boot.00:27
CrystalLinuxtar: Record size = 8 blocks00:27
CrystalLinuxtar: firefox/firefox: Cannot open: File exists00:27
CrystalLinuxtar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors00:27
FloodBot2CrystalLinux: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:27
edbiankeith27, I think maybe there is some program that we don't understand using localhost for app - app communication (that is a thing).  That or there is a packet generator doing random nonsence00:27
Pilif12pedbian: I know, but I have no idea what most of them are fore00:27
edbiankeith27, You can set the scroll back in edit -> profile preferences00:27
lrsdafttykins: Ill try that on the machine, and see where it freezes, give me a couple of minutes00:27
edbianPilif12p, Are you talking about the partitions?00:27
Pilif12pI have windows, Ubuntu, OneKey recovery, and the rest are a mystery00:27
edbianPilif12p, :)  Well you do NOT need 2 swaps :)00:28
[segfault]keith27: You could always remove the system from the lan for a short period and see if those messages continue.00:28
lrsbastidrazor: Ill try that right now to see where it freezes, ill be back in some minutes00:28
Pilif12pedbian: I'm looking for a new hard drive, but I don't know that I *need* one00:28
edbian[segfault], keith27 It if was a malicious program why would it need to be connected the network to work?00:29
edbianPilif12p, You do not.  The one you have is mostly empty00:29
homeguess this tablet wont work on ubnuntu <.<00:29
Pilif12pyeah, it is00:29
edbianPilif12p, You should delete one of the swaps (one is bigger than the other) and the unallocated space is a waste.00:30
[segfault][segfault]: what's the point of the malware if the writer gains no data/root/etc from it?  most malware are keyloggers/zombies/spambots, so, it's just worth looking at, that's all I'm saying.00:30
dejan_do you know free web service for nyse00:30
Pilif12pedbian: What is swap for?00:31
edbian[segfault], That doesn't mean they won't run when disconnected.  It just means they won't be able to phone home.  They'd still try to.00:31
edbianPilif12p, Swap is used when RAM is filled up (simplified explanation) or for hibernation00:31
Pilif12poh, heh00:31
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Pilif12pi never use hibernate, it takes a whole 20 seconds to boot up, and i rarely use over 2 GB of ram (I have 3)00:32
edbianPilif12p, yep.  Nothing is stored on there permanently00:32
lrsdaftykins: The last line is: NET: Registered protocol family 100:32
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edbianPilif12p, I have 1Gb of ram and I never dip into swap.00:32
lrsbastidrazor: The last line is: NET: Registered protocol family 100:32
Pilif12pSo i can delete the 2 GB one safely, probably?00:32
[segfault]edbian: talking to myself again, lol.  true, but won't that show up on a netstat -- successful connections vs unsuccessful?  I'm no expert, just trying to think of ways to test.  like you mentioned, if it is app to app communication, it will continue successfully without lan connection.  malware might see failed/timeouts.00:32
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daftykinslrs: hmm sounds like just a networking related line, can you take a picture?00:33
lrsdaftykins: how?00:34
lrsdaftykins: give me a minute00:34
edbian[segfault], You'd see the attempt in netstat I believe.  Not really sure.  I guess it depends on how the app works00:34
homegoing to try to make from the git00:36
homehopefully it wil lwork then00:37
homeI am following al lthe instructions, yet it still does not work >00:37
dagniwhy is ubuntu 32bit recommended over 64bit ?00:37
dagnianyone ?00:37
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DasEidagni: former times, mainly00:38
rwwdagni: because Ubuntu 32-bit works on almost all consumer computers, and Ubuntu 64-bit does not.00:38
bastidrazori figured it was more poor wording than anything? or people not knowing what arch they had and then would complain it is borked00:39
dagnibut does 64bit lack of some software that 32bit ubuntu have ?00:39
Pilif12pdagni: You need a 64 bit processor to run 64 bit Ubuntu00:39
dagniPilif12p: i have 64bit core i300:39
Pilif12pSo use 64 bit00:39
Pilif12pWith 64 bit you can have up to.. 48 GB of ram?00:39
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dagnibut is that "32 bit recommended" pharse that made me installed 32bit..00:39
[segfault]dagni: you may exhibit issues with some 32-bit apps as well, though, unless you install 32-bit libs00:39
rwwYou know what a bit is. Congratulations, you're not the target audience for that phrase.00:40
Wiesshundfor 64 bit you need 64bit cpu and should have 4gb ram, though it will run with less.00:40
dagni[segfault]: installing 32bit libs will allow me to run 32bit apps i guess ? but how about perfomance ? will it run with same speed ?00:40
DasEidagni: in short 64 bit has more adressspace, and yes, some (rare) soft can be fuzzy on 32,.. like you can.. what are your needs ?00:40
lrsdaftykins: How do i send you the picture?00:40
dagnii want my OS to be faster, i heard that it will work faster on 64bit cpu if i install 64bit system00:41
rwwUbuntu 64-bit has the same RAM requirements as Ubuntu 32-bit.00:41
[segfault]dagni: if I was the old man from scene 24, I would go flying off the bridge right now.  "Huh? I dunno that!"00:41
rwwdagni: Not noticibly for most applications, it won't.00:41
rwwIf you're doing video rendering or something, sure.00:41
dagnigames ? :)00:41
Wiesshunddagni that depends entirely on what you do, many things you dont see any speed increase on 64 vs 3200:41
rwwdagni: nope00:41
dagnieh ;/00:41
bastidrazordagni: for compiling or video conversion.. stuff like that you'llnotice a small difference00:42
dagnihow about video and audio encoding ?00:42
daftykinslrs: use a free upload service like www.imageshack.us, tinypic.com, imgur.com00:42
rwwdagni: depends on the encoder. possibly.00:42
daftykinslrs: i'm not very likely to be skilled enough in knowing how to solve it though, so you might have better luck on the forums00:42
* rww doesn't do encoding, uses 64-bit for distributed computing00:42
Aloneaok, just tried this distro again and I so far have only one issue. my built in mic on my EEEPC nor my logitech usb headset will work00:42
Aloneait worked fine on other distros00:42
[segfault]dagni: seriously, though.  if you already have the 32-bit version installed, I wouldn't worry much about it unless you have specific need of certain 64-bit apps.00:43
Yan_Nickhey guys, i've a usb stick, but it is read-only, how can i put data on that stick?00:43
WiesshundI had both 64 and 32 bit ubuntu on this machine, i didnt see much difference except that i coulda used more ram for the 64 bit00:43
nozendosecond that seg. unless you explicitly need x64 for an application or supporting large memory installs, don't worry about it.00:43
WiesshundYan_Nick flip the write lock tab open00:44
dagni[segfault]: alright00:44
battlehandsDoes anyone know how to include the new name in the /etc/hosts file?00:44
lrsdaftykins: Here it is: http://img268.imageshack.us/i/img0843wo.jpg/00:44
zoelhello, i'm form indonesia00:45
visual1ceanybody know what the maverick repository is for google? in particular chrome00:45
visual1cehi zoel00:45
svm_invictvson the ubuntu main page where you download?00:45
nozendoWould anyone have any leads on a sleep resume hangup on a dell m101z running ubuntu 10.10?00:45
Yan_NickWiesshund: on the stick?00:45
pcpowervisual1ce: apt-get install chromium-browser00:45
nozendoIt consistently bricks the laptop when it comes out of sleep00:45
svm_invictvsWhy do you have to convert the image from iso to dmg?00:45
pcpowerAlonea: my logitech usb headset works perfectly in ubuntu 10.1000:45
DasEibattlehands: what the new hostname ? if you set your hostname, it will be found there.00:45
lrsdaftykins: dont worry if you dont know the answer, ill try the forums, and thank you very much for trying to help00:46
visual1cenot interested in chromium - i'd like google chrome stable00:46
CrystalLinuxOK, I've successfully extracted the .tar.gz in archive manager, now what??00:46
gulliblehi all00:46
DasEibattlehands: is*00:46
camoyIs there a way to configure make so that it will compile C using gcc with the necessary library flags?00:46
Yan_NickWiesshund: there isnt a write lock00:47
CrystalLinuxOK, I've successfully extracted the .tar.bz2 in archive manager, now what??00:47
pcpowervisual1ce: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/google_chrome?dist=stable00:47
WiesshundYan_Nick hmm, usb sticks dont generaly write lock themselves unless they have a lock tab00:47
daftykinslrs: my pleasure, good luck!00:48
zoelanybody know how to make iso backup of my partition? i have ubuntu installed and want to make a backup, so if something bad happen, i just restore my ubuntu from that backup. i already try it with remastersys, but remastersys only support iso less then 3GB, my ubuntu is about 30BG cause it's a lot of application00:48
WiesshundYan_Nick what makes you believe it is read only?00:48
Yan_NickWiesshund: sudo fdisk -l told me00:48
DasEibattlehands: what are you trying ?00:48
Yan_NickWiesshund: if i just take the sd card all things re workiing00:48
Yan_NickWiesshund: but if the sd card is in the camera and i connect the camera via usb to my computer it doesn't work00:49
battlehandsDasEi, I want to rename my computer00:49
mylistoHey everyone00:49
mylistoFor some reason flash just started crashing all of a sudden on firefox for me....00:49
WiesshundYan_Nick can you read the files on it, and like edit them delete them etc? i cant see any way to tag a USB stick as read only other than the little switch00:49
battlehandsDasEi, it is currently "battlehands-dkt," and I want to name it "battlehands desk"00:49
CrystalLinuxOK, I've successfully extracted the .tar.bz2 in archive manager, now what???00:49
DasEibattlehands: sudo hostname battlehands (or whatever)00:49
Yan_NickWiesshund: i can00:49
alpha_omegahello! someone can help me with Geographic Operators in SQL??00:49
WiesshundYan_Nick SD ram or USB jump drive?00:49
Yan_Nickcannot delete sth.00:49
battlehandsDasEi, can there be a space in between?00:49
Yan_NickWiesshund: the sd card is in the camera. you can connect the camera via usb00:50
battlehandsDasEi, battlehands desk?00:50
DasEibattlehands: in the hostname ?00:50
battlehandsDasEi, yes00:50
zoelbattlehands, use ubuntu tweak if you want to make it from GUI00:50
ehidlehi all00:50
battlehandszoel, I was using gedit.  That seems to be popular around here.00:50
[segfault]!language | CrystalLinux00:50
ubottuCrystalLinux: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:50
WiesshundYan_Nick are you reading the SD card directly in the PC or via the camera? and all SD ram does have a write lock tab on it, if yours doesnt it must have broken off00:50
daftykinsCrystalLinux: that is not appropriate language for here.00:50
ehidleis this a good place to ask a question about samba issues in server 10.10?00:51
CrystalLinuxI'll say it for a fourth time, see if anyone reckonises.00:51
CrystalLinuxOK, I've successfully extracted the .tar.bz2 in archive manager, now what???00:51
nozendoif anyone gets a chance - where do i start looking logfile wise to diagnose suspend / resume issues? Think its a service or usb device hanging the machine00:51
DasEi!compile | CrystalLinux00:51
ubottuCrystalLinux: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)00:51
daftykinsehidle: yes ask away in as much detail as you can provide on one line00:51
daftykinsCrystalLinux: what are you trying to install? also, hold back on that attitude00:51
FoppHi everyone, ever since Amazon recently released an update to the Kindle, my device has refused to mount properly in ubuntu. I am unable to edit/add files to the device, so I tried examining the permissions, but i am not able to edit them. Please help get around this. Thanks!00:51
* Wiesshund hands CrystalLinux a valium00:52
bastidrazorCrystalLinux: read the README or INSTALL file or follow the directions on the site you downlaoded the file from.00:52
* Alonea Wiesshund is a good person00:52
ehidledaftykins: Ok. I have a new server 10.10 install and none of the machines on my network can see it for windows browsing. I get some errors like "transport endpoint not connected" in the smbd log,.. and errors connecting in windows...00:52
battlehandsDasEi, when I run that terminal command I get a list of program options.  Which one is right for me?00:52
WiesshundYan_Nick you still there?00:52
DasEibattlehands: good question, idk, could complicate things, like \\ and such, worth a try00:52
Yan_NickWiesshund: ŷeah00:52
ehidledaftykins: fwiw, it's in a VM in ESXi, although I doubt that has anything to do with it00:52
WiesshundYan_Nick did you see last reply to you?00:52
Yan_NickWiesshund: no00:53
WiesshundYan_Nick are you reading the SD card directly in the PC or via the camera? and all SD ram does have a write lock tab on it, if yours doesnt it must have broken off00:53
Yan_NickWiesshund: ah thx00:53
CrystalLinuxI'll say it for a fifth time... :|00:53
zoelhelloo.. how to make a iso backup from my ubuntu ?00:53
CrystalLinuxOK, I've successfully extracted the .tar.bz2 in archive manager, now what???00:53
bastidrazorCrystalLinux: now you're just ignoring all the replies.00:53
visual1cethx pcpower - deb http://dl.google.com/linux/deb main stable works00:53
Yan_NickWiesshund: if i put the sd card directly in my card reader it works00:54
CrystalLinuxNo, I'm not.00:54
Yan_NickWiesshund: but via camera – no00:54
CrystalLinuxI haven't got any.00:54
CrystalLinuxI just need 1 simple answer.00:54
bastidrazorCrystalLinux: 3 people responded.00:54
WiesshundCrystalLinux people answered you quite a bit, if you want a hand holding session perhaps you should pay a coder to help you00:54
WiesshundYan_Nick that could be that ubuntu is not able to 100% manupulate the cameras internal functions, just read the card directly, saves battery life anyways00:55
CrystalLinuxI'm download Firefox 4 beta, extracted it in archive manager, now what?00:55
itaylor57CrystalLinux: usa a ppa methinks00:55
alpha_omegahello! someone can help me with Geographic Operators in SQL??00:55
CrystalLinuxWhat's a ppa?00:55
bastidrazorCrystalLinux: you're not going to scroll back to see the answers you were given? just going to plaster your whining response again.. nice.00:56
battlehandsDasEi, Im not sure which of these I need to change... Its giving me several options: short host names, alias names, ect.. Not sure which is the one I need.00:56
ehidleCrystalLinux: there should be an install script or something ni the extracted files.. install.sh or perhaps an INSTALL text file with instructions00:56
=== [segfault]_ is now known as [segfault]
lrsCrystalLinux: Make it an executable file, then dobleclick on it00:56
nozendohey CrystalLinux00:56
CrystalLinuxHow do I make it an executable file?00:56
daftykinsehidle: do the windows computers have a recent version of windows live essentials installed?00:57
nozendodont bother messing about with the tar distro00:57
Wiesshundomg? and he wants to compile?00:57
nozendojust head there and follow the instructions00:57
itaylor57CrystalLinux: https://launchpad.net/firefox url to firefox ppas00:57
=== Metaxa123 is now known as Metaxa
nozendothat'll get you the beta without having to muck about with this stuff00:57
ehidledaftykins: all the windows boxes have auto-updates turned on, but I don't know if that's an adequate answer to your question00:57
itaylor57nozendo: thanks00:57
lrsCrystalLinux: First check the file permissions with "ls -l"00:58
Yan_NickWiesshund: ?00:58
lrsCrystalLinux: Then make it executable with chmod00:58
nozendoitaylor57, no worries. CrystalLinux, when you want to install stuff have a look around for .deb files or PPA's to add to apt00:58
nozendoit will save you a lot of pain if they exist00:59
FoppHi everyone, ever since Amazon recently released an update to the Kindle, my device has refused to mount properly in ubuntu. I am unable to edit/add files to the device, so I tried examining the permissions, but i am not able to edit them. Please help get around this. Thanks!00:59
ehidledaftykins: it's honestly news to me that windows live essentials has anything to do with smb browsing :)00:59
keith27Fopp: try as root00:59
CrystalLinux"aptsources.distro.NoDistroTemplateException: Error: could not find a distribution template00:59
Foppwill do, keith2700:59
daftykinsehidle: yeah, it added an extra layer to provide some single sign on service (SSO) to windows which broke SMB for Ubuntu, there's a patch out though. whether it's released for 10.10 i don't know00:59
daftykinswell, broke SMB for Linux distributions in general01:00
daftykinsehidle: can you ping between hosts fine?01:00
ehidledaftykins: yeah all the network functions seem to work fine. Browsing still works fine to my 9.10 server as well, so I am installing a new VM with that right now to see if that works01:01
Yan_NickWiesshund: what's up?01:01
CrystalLinuxI'm ready to ditch ubuntu, its given me so much trouble.01:01
nozendoCrystalLinux, which command did that to you?01:01
=== noThere is now known as rodin
CrystalLinuxThe ppa one.01:01
bastidrazorCrystalLinux: you're ability to read should be giving you more trouble.01:01
daftykinsCrystalLinux: if your approach to help has been shouting at people in here, i can see why ;)01:01
nozendocrystal, try these in order, I got it to work under 10.1001:01
nozendosudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa01:01
[segfault]CrystalLinux: There can be a steep learning curve, but if you stick with it, it has many benefits.01:01
keith27CrystalLinux: ubuntu is the easiest linux :P01:02
nozendosudo apt-get update01:02
nozendosudo apt-get install firefox-4.001:02
rodinI just reinstalled GRUB2 to the MBR of a flash drive that I had full Ubuntu 10.4 installed to. However, during init it gives me a segfault in ld-2.11.1.so. ANy way to fix this?01:02
daftykinsehidle: oh wait i'm being extremely stupid. it might only break an ubuntu/Linux system browsing *to* a windows 7 system when live essentials is on, not the other way around - sorry (though i'm not sure)01:03
DasEirodin: not certain about that error, first I'd try a grub disk, to see if it's just the grub install01:03
firsttimecallerhey, can someone tell me if Lucid Lynx has disk encryption capabilities by default, or do i have to install something?01:03
ehidledaftykins: no worries... that makes a bit more sense hehe... I googled all over the place and lots of people are having a similar issue to the one I am having01:03
CrystalLinuxDidn't work - "E: Couldn't find package firefox-4.0"01:03
ehidledaftykins: I don't mind running 9.10, but I am curious as to what this thing is01:04
DasEifirsttimecaller: like what ? whole dis, files, partitons ?01:04
nozendoCrystalLinux, ok, weird. once the PPA is in the package should be open to you01:04
CrystalLinuxStrange, it isn't.01:05
IanWizardfirsttimecaller: what number was that?01:05
daftykinsehidle: i stick to LTS releases for servers running samba01:05
firsttimecalleri want to have my entire HD encrypted so if i ever lose my laptop no one can boot it up01:05
nozendoso the second time you ran the apt-add command it went ok?01:05
visual1cestrange issue: in software manager i click on more infor on adobe flash plugin 10. it says: "available from maverick-partner source" and I click on "use this source" - but it doesn't do anything...01:05
visual1cei have noticed that software center does take some time to reflect updated sources...01:06
visual1cemaybe that's what it is01:06
nozendovisual1ce: are you on x64 linux?01:06
firsttimecallerIanWizard, i'm using 10.0401:06
nozendoif theres a 32 bit package listed and you try to intsall it, it fails silently01:06
nozendomost of the adobe stuff is x32 but not correctly flagged01:06
nozendoso it will start, stop01:06
visual1cei c01:06
firsttimecallerDasEi -- i want to have my entire HD encrypted so if i ever lose my laptop no one can boot it up01:06
Fopphello again, Sadly, root did nothing to change the situation. I am still forbidden from changing the permissions on my kindle. This has been the case since the recent update.01:06
nozendoyou can get flash from the adobe site IIRC and install it01:07
IanWizardfirsttimecaller: then yes, home dir encryption is an option by default.01:07
visual1cebut im not clicking on install - all im clicking on is "use this source"...01:07
nozendoah, yeah01:07
IanWizardfirsttimecaller: full disk requires using the alternate install cd01:07
nozendothat fails too lol01:07
Gskelligfirsttimecaller you dont need your entire HD if all youre worried about is people booting it up01:07
nozendoi had the same thing.01:07
visual1ceoh i c01:07
ehidledaftykins: probably a fine move... my 9.10 VM has been flawless, and honestly if I had the $$ for the pro VMWare tools, I'd just Vmotion it over to the new hardware, but alas I'm not into spending $KKK on software for playing at home :)01:07
DasEifirsttimecaller: there is a way for the main achivement of that, given by the alternate installer..01:07
firsttimecallerso how do i go about doing home dir encryption?01:07
nozendovisual1ce, the most stable flash ive found on 10.10 x64 is the default install from the software center01:08
nozendoin the main sources01:08
nozendothe rest all crash fairly consistently01:08
IanWizardfirsttimecaller: I've only done it durring install, but it uses ecrypt and ecryptfs.  IDK how to set those up after the fact though.01:08
DasEifirsttimecaller: but there always is some data from bios (first breach, think of tcmp..)01:08
firsttimecallerall -- i mostly want to make sure no one can boot up my laptop or read sensitive files in the event the laptop is lost, is home dir encryption good enough for those objectives?01:08
daftykinsehidle: you'd have to have the $$ for a second host to move it over to first though? :>01:08
mickster04hey, is bluray movie playing been updated yet?01:08
itaylor57nozendo: I agree01:09
nozendosome of the open source flash alternatives are great for standard browsing but break on the newer things like video streaming etc.01:09
firsttimecalleri'm guessing home dir encryption will suit my needs01:09
ehidledaftykins: that's what I'm doing tonight... pieced together a new host...01:09
DasEifirsttimecaller: as in terms of self-stored data, it is, as in terms of privacy, not01:09
IanWizardfirsttimecaller: if that's where you keep all of your sensitive data.01:09
Fopphello again, Sadly, root did nothing to change the situation. I am still forbidden from changing the permissions on my kindle. This has been the case since the recent update. Keith27 thank you for the help though.01:09
daftykinsehidle: ah neat, what spec?01:10
IanWizardfirsttimecaller: also look at truecrypt (use google)01:10
visual1cethanks nozendo01:10
firsttimecallercan someone help me get started with home dir encryption?01:10
keith27Fopp: i am no expert, please provide as much info as possible for others01:10
=== Evixion` is now known as Evixion
daftykinsehidle: i've just got the college i work at signed up to vmware's education program, so we can run free ESX, though i've just got to convince the IT support fools to let us get rid of the abomination that is Hyper-V and server200801:10
ehidledaftykins: the wife gave me permission to buy some new hardware.. this one's a Gigabyte AM3 board with a 965, 16GB of RAM, 4x2TB hard disks, and a 64GB SSD for the Guest O/Ses01:10
mickster04!encryption > firsttimecaller01:11
ubottufirsttimecaller, please see my private message01:11
Wiesshundfirsttimecaller 1st rule. if you lose your laptop, regardless of encryption, if someone actualy wanted the info on it that bad, they would get it anyways. if your info is that sensitive, id recommend always saving it off to an external device01:11
ehidledaftykins: hea it moves01:11
visual1cehow do i find out version information about a package before i install it?01:11
DasEifirsttimecaller: and the most best security you are yourself, next views would be gpg and filesums01:11
Foppwell, the short story is my kindle's compatibility with linux has been utterly killed since the update. Whereas before it was totally compatible, now it cannot be written to at all.01:11
ehidledaftykins: the current host is an old MCP78 board with a 925 and 8GB... and 7x500GB drives, a 120GB SSD, and a bunch of notebook drives01:11
ubuntunoob100619I have a question about setting up a wireless card when someone has a sec.01:12
daftykins!ask | ubuntunoob10061901:12
ubottuubuntunoob100619: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:12
daftykinsehidle: what RAID controllers do you use to avoid the issues of hardware support?01:12
nozendovisual1ce, i think apt under the command line has a flag to dump version info, but don't have the time to look right now01:12
nozendolittle googling should turn it up01:12
daftykinsapt-cache showpkg <package>01:13
visual1cethx nozendo01:13
singlewhy fetion can not login in?01:13
daftykinsshows an available version #01:13
ehidledaftykins: I don't. I create a virtual disk on each hard drive, and let linux do the RAID01:13
dirty-harryhow to check the firmware version of an old dvdrom?01:13
Delta__hello. i've a little problem with tightvncserver on ubuntu  - I get with ultravncviewer a connection and can enter a password, but after that comes a error message - CAN ANYBODY HELP ME TO CHECK WHERE IS THE ERROR01:13
eic-scanneris there any way that I can make lkl log keys from the USB keyboard01:13
nozendobut if you're chasing adobe stuff, most of it doesnt work. flash is less stable than the ubuntu ppa one, and you have to hack air to be described as an x64 package for it to intsall01:13
=== nick is now known as Guest41782
singlewhy fetion can not login in?01:13
firsttimecallerDasEi, i don't understand what you mean when you say "and the most best security you are yourself, next views would be gpg and filesums"01:14
daftykinsehidle: so you're still able to merge single disks into a single datastore?01:14
[segfault]Delta__: what error(s) are you getting?01:14
WiesshundDelta__ can you type the error message or pastebin it if it is long?01:14
ubuntunoob100619so, "sudo ifup wlan0" produces: "Ignoring unkown interface wlan0=wlan0."01:14
DasEifirsttimecaller:to confuse you too much , use alternate installer, use fulldiskencryption on lvm, secure bootloader, then think about /boot.. most secure would be use no computer01:14
siabot27how can i disable the keyring ?01:14
ehidledaftykins: Yea, I create a single datastore on each disk, and a single virtual disk in each datastore..01:15
mia158what was the suggestion for disk encryption?01:15
samuel___Hi I'm just starting with IRC01:15
ehidledaftykins: it is handy that way because I can trim a GB off of each physical disk so I can make all the disks the exact same size - since I might mix brands or whatever01:15
leapy0yoI want to wildcard *.par files but not *.vol1+100.par2 similar files, how can I do that?01:15
nozendofirsttimecaller, you also need to consider the issue if you need to recover your laptop from a crash. encrypted disks can present issues. as compared to just pulling your home directory off a mounted disk01:15
Delta__Thanks for help >> CONNECTION FAILED - Error reading Protocol Version - Possible causes - You've forgotten to select a DSMPlugin and the Server uses a DSMPlugin01:15
DasEi!alternate | firsttimecaller01:15
ubottufirsttimecaller: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal01:15
aeon-ltdsamuel___: welcome01:15
ubuntunoob100619so, "sudo ifup wlan0" produces: "Ignoring unkown interface wlan0=wlan0." Does anyone know why that would be happening?01:16
nozendofirsttimecaller, i used to do some moderate security work and I used an external disk array that was bolted to the floor01:16
nozendoplug in, do work, unplug01:16
nozendoworks a charm if you're paranoid =)(01:16
DasEithx, channel :)01:17
nozendohave i mentioned lately that I love launchpad?01:17
[segfault]Delta__: I also had trouble setting up tightvnc on Ubuntu, so I ended up installing x11vnc, which works really well.  If you aren't stuck on tightvnc, you could give that a try instead.01:18
ehidledaftykins: a new 9.10 installation works perfectly01:18
WiesshundDelta ask in channel, that way more people can offer help, i am not sure about DSM plugins01:18
Delta__Thanks for help >> CONNECTION FAILED - Error reading Protocol Version - Possible causes - You've forgotten to select a DSMPlugin and the Server uses a DSMPlugin01:18
daftykinsehidle: fully updated too? i think 9.10's support ended ages ago01:18
visual1cehow can i make software center refresh after i add a new source? i just added libreoffice ppa but the packages aren't showing up01:19
ehidledaftykins: nah I haven't update it yet01:19
* Wiesshund hugs unetbootin01:20
schnufflevisual1ce: don't know with GUI, but in a terminal type sudo apt-get update01:20
Delta__the problem is - i've never installed a DSM plugin01:20
nozendovisual1ce, it should be automatic, but you might need to go Edit -> Software sources, other sources tab and make sure its enabled for searching01:20
itaylor57visual1ce: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/new-ppa-makes-installing-libreoffice-on-ubuntu-easy/ worked for me01:20
nozendodo schnuffle's step as well =)01:21
cube1hey guys, > and >>, which one is appending and which one replacing?01:21
itaylor57visual1ce: I converted01:21
daftykinscube1: why not test it01:21
schnuffle> replace01:21
ubuntunoob100619mia158: yeah, I looked through all the forums and nothing seems to be matching it.01:21
nozendoq: anyone got pointers on which logs to check when troubleshooting suspend/resume service or device hangups?01:21
samuel___aeon-ltd: Thanks, Im still figuring out how everything works.01:22
mia158firsttimecaller: IT dept @ my office is asking all laptop users to implement full disk encryption but they are only supporting symantec for windows...I use linus on all my work PCs. What did you learn from the encryptiopn discussion?01:23
visual1cethx everybody01:24
schnufflenozendo: I don't have a ubuntu machine available, but shouldn't kernel messages go to syslog?01:24
eic-scannercube > -s write, >> is append01:24
=== big_t_ is now known as big_t
visual1cedoes the side panel in natty always stay on top?01:25
visual1cewhat if you have a small laptop screen?01:25
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.01:25
NCS_Oneis it possible to call the menu of a file, the one it shows when press right mouse over file, but with the keyboard?01:26
nozendoschnuffle, thanks. I'll start there =)01:26
schnufflevisual1ce: use the une remix ( ubuntu netbook remix )01:26
nozendoi added noapic and the linux osi specifier, but it started freezing on resume lately01:26
edbianNCS_One, some menus have a menu button on the keyboard in the lower left between ctrl + alt (it works if the icon is highlighted)01:26
schnufflenozendo: what goes wrong when resuming01:26
bastidrazorNCS_One: my laptop has a key between the right alt gr and ctrl key that does just that. on a desktop keyboard i don't know01:27
nozendoit makes it out of resume, but then hangs either with a blank screen or with a mouse cursor and blank screen01:27
nozendono inputs work, hard power off clears it ;)01:27
schnufflenozendo: oops, apparently I'm too slow in reading?01:27
NCS_Oneedbian, bastidrazor: thanks01:27
schnufflenozendo:  hmm, check kernel settings and maybe udev01:27
visual1cethx schnuffle - someone in ubuntu+1 said you can make it autohide... yesterday a troller was saying it is always on top... i guess it doesn't really make sense since you can make the panels autohide too01:28
schnuffleubuntu une window manager01:28
nozendoschnuffle, ok thanks =) ill dig through it and see what happens01:29
=== [segfault]_ is now known as [segfault]
nozendogoing to post the outcomes back to the launchpad bug 'cause its been dragging on for a bit now i think01:29
leapy0yoI want to wildcard *.par files but not *.vol1+100.par2 similar files, how can I do that?01:29
leapy0yopar2 files i mean01:29
ehidledaftykins: not bad.. I'm getting about 40MB/sec rsync rate copying /home over...01:29
leapy0yoit has two . if it is a vol is there a way to disselecte that?01:29
daftykinsehidle: oh, so when you explained above, it's the VM that runs RAID, not the ESX host?01:31
ehidledaftykins: that is correct01:31
ehidledaftykins: all of the RAID functions are handled by the guest01:31
daftykinshmm, i'd worry for data loss too much01:31
ehidledaftykins: I just give it 4 big 2TB virtual disks01:31
schnufflevisual1ce: I had some problems with panes in the une edition because aplets are locked, deinstalling ubuntu-netbook-default-settings, that leads to the problem that you have to start your Session manually01:31
ehidledaftykins: it has worked well for me for well over a year now01:32
Guest48525ANYBODY THERE01:32
Pete__Hello does anyone no if there is a gui ssh client for ubuntu?01:32
edbianGuest48525, we're here please don't yell01:32
=== Guest42622 is now known as DarkDevil
edbianPete__, There is no such thing.  ssh by definition is cli01:32
=== Guest83684 is now known as LjL-Temp
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest54599
ehidlePete__: you can look to see if there is a port of Putty or something01:33
rww!info putty01:33
ubottuputty (source: putty): Telnet/SSH client for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.60+2010-02-20-1 (maverick), package size 302 kB, installed size 748 kB01:33
aeon-ltdPete__: check out 'vnc' applications though, thats sounds like what you're looking for01:33
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest63614
ehidlewell there you go01:33
bastidrazorPete__: you could use something to effect of putty which only connections you via a GUI but you're still using command line commands01:33
rwwor if you're looking for file transfer, Places > Connect to server in GNOME.01:33
leapy0yoif i mount a network disk via places > network, I do not see it in my /media directory like I would if i did mount -t cifs01:34
daftykinsPete__: PuTTY and KiTTY01:34
leapy0yowhere is it?01:34
rwwGuest48525: Stop using allcaps.01:34
pw-toxichi... my old ubuntu crashed, and i cant boot from it anymore... I have many smart errors. However i managed to mount the partition and i can access some files.  How can i save my mysql database without having to connect to the old mysql server?01:34
toko123run utube lose video sound works01:34
daftykins!caps | Guest4852501:34
ubottuGuest48525: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.01:34
Pete__Ok i think you are right vnc maybe the way to go!!! I am trying to telnet into my router or modem!01:34
leapy0yoanyone know?01:34
edbianPete__, then use telnet (not ssh or vnc)01:34
edbianwow really01:35
toko123youtube video gone sond works video completly lost01:35
WiesshundCapslock and the Enter key are not considered punctuation tools01:35
schnufflepw-toxic: backup the database files01:35
leapy0yono one here can help me huh01:35
rwwGuest48525: I recommend that you turn allcaps off before sending your next message.01:35
Pete__i try to telnet in but will not let me tel net to my dd-wrt01:35
nozendoWiesshund, all the great novels of the future will be written in 3-4 word lines of allcaps, via twitter, composed on phones01:35
WiesshundGuest48525 please take off your capslocl01:35
nozendoand you know it01:35
pw-toxicschnuffle, you mean the files i find in /var/lib/mysql ?  i have copied a folder of one of my databases.. then the database exists but no tables can be found01:35
Wiesshundnozendo good thing ill be dead and will never read them eh?01:36
toko123lucid 10.0401:36
kn100Why isn't windows 7 listed in the grub boot menu after a ubuntu update and how can I fix this?01:36
visual1cewhat do i do with this: apt:adobe-flashplugin?channel=$distro-partner01:36
Guest48525ANY UBUNTU 10.10 PROS?01:36
nozendoWiesshund, yeah, think I'll make a noose of coax before the day comes =P01:36
Pete__k thanks!!01:36
Wiesshundnozendo nah fiber mate01:36
rwwGuest48525: grab the manual for your keyboard and come back in 15 minutes when you've figured it out.01:36
nozendofiber is so modern =P01:36
toko123tow different browers actually three01:36
nozendoif you cant terminate it with a socket set, it's not networking01:36
toko123firefox and seamonkey01:37
kn100Why isn't windows 7 listed in the grub boot menu after a ubuntu update and how can I fix this?01:37
schnufflepw-toxic: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/484750/restoring-mysql-database-from-physical-files01:37
toko123what program is the default flashplayer01:37
toko123in every browser01:38
Wiesshund[Capslock] A key used to lock the numeric keys into the shift state so that they will all type as capital letters. on qwerty keyboards located on the left side verticaly between shift and tab01:38
* Wiesshund fubar'd the definition01:38
ZenGuy311kn100: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=134224101:38
edbiantoko123, there is no one installed by default01:39
Wiesshundkn100 did you try to simply run sudo update-grub2 in terminal?01:39
toko123well I have a mjor problem01:40
edbiantoko123, what is it?01:40
kn100Wiesshund, didn't detect windows01:40
toko123I run youtube and my monitor dies01:40
kn100Wiesshund, the weird thing is windows was there before and nothings changed apart from an update afaik01:40
ZenGuy311toko123: how?01:40
edbiantoko123, Your monitor dies?  Then you have a major hardware problem.01:40
Wiesshundkn100 hmm, you got 30_OS_Prober tagged as executable?01:40
Yan_NickWiesshund: andß01:40
kn100Wiesshund, sorr what? ;p01:40
toko123every app works except youtube?01:41
bastidrazoryoutube is an app?01:41
toko123and mplayer works locally01:41
Wiesshundkn100 in /etc/grub.d a file named OS Prober, it has to be chmod +x so grub can use it when you do sudo update-grub201:41
edbiantoko123, If you use proper terminology we might be able to help more01:41
nozendotoko123, can you step through what you're doing and what the monitor does?01:41
toko123I did down load Opera download helper01:42
toko123and the problem started01:42
toko123I removed the helper-program but the problem persists even removing firefox and using seamonkey01:42
kn100Wiesshund, chowned it, no change01:43
v_vhello. when i right clicked a tar.gz file in nautilus, i got a 'extract to' on the pop-up menu, but it's missing now. i want it back.  what's the package to be installed ?01:43
toko123I have a monitr which has an orange button01:43
edbianv_v, file-roller I believe is the program that offers that01:43
edbianv_v, sudo apt-get install file-roller to install it01:43
nozendotoko123, lets take it from the top. so you click on something or run a program and the monitor shuts off?01:44
Jasonntoko123: Yeah, im guessing its that01:44
toko123I play youtube and the orange button comes on01:44
kn100Wiesshund, could it be that the windows bootloader is somehow damaged?01:44
Wiesshundkn100 dont think so, grub wouldnt really care if it was or not01:44
nozendohow long is youtube playing for before it sleeps? lol01:44
toko123btw 11 years linux01:44
toko123never windowa or apple01:44
kn100Wiesshund, what else can I try/do01:44
Wiesshundkn100 you might try purging and then reinstalling grub, i had to do that once after 10.10 upgrade01:45
toko1234 seconds01:45
toko123or less01:45
kn100Wiesshund, sudo apt-get --purge remove <what>01:45
toko123took firefox and mplayert out of the mix01:46
toko123yest same result01:46
v_vedbian: thanks, i got the 'archive manager' , not the 'extract to', but, it works. thankyou01:46
schnufflev_v: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/165114-add-extract-folder-context-menu.html01:47
toko123I guess I'll need to reload software 10.1001:47
edbianv_v, awesome  :)01:47
toko123however, with 11 years experience I'm very surprised01:47
toko123this type of thing has only happened to me once before01:48
Daekdroomguys, when using dd, dcfld  or ddrescue to create an image of a USB drive, I can't copy the whole drive, but only files.01:48
toko123and it was fedora on multiple nics01:48
Wiesshundkn100 poke grub remove in google, there is 2 parts to remove but i foget the exact names offhand01:48
v_vschnuffle: ok, thankyou01:48
DaekdroomWhat are the parameters that I'd have to pass to copy the whole drive? (in any of the 3 tools)01:48
juelzeHi there, I'm hoping to get some help regarding a recent issue.  I was running 10.04 desktop on my Asus eeePC.01:49
juelzeWifi worked great out of the box, however, I'm assuming some recent update borked my wifi connection.01:49
Jasonn!enter | juelze01:50
ubottujuelze: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:50
schnuffleDaekdroom: dd if=/dev/hda  of=/somewhere/image  bs=102401:50
behel1tQuick question: is the graphics switching in macbook pros supported by ubuntu in any capacity01:50
=== zvut is now known as zvut_
nozendo curiosity: anyone here programmed in LUA much?01:50
Gskelligprobably not behel1t01:50
Daekdroomschnuffle, it says it's a directory and doesn't copy any file01:50
Gskelligi have graphics switching on my asus notebook and I was wondering the same thing01:51
juelzeIt sees the wifi network and connects but it's extremely slow.  I couldn't figure it out, so instead of messing with it I installed 10.10 netbook edition and wifi is working.  My question is this.  How can I lock down the wifi driver so future updates don't mess with it?01:51
schnuffleDaekdroom: you have to adaüt the /dev/hda to the partition you want to backup01:51
Daekdroomschnuffle, I did01:51
Blue1juelze: were you using 10.04 wth an atheros card?01:51
DaekdroomIt says it's a directory, and creates an empty image01:51
Jasonnjuelze: shouldnt be that any updates mess it up, but you can also do: /msg ubottu !backup to back up your system01:52
juelzeBlue1, yes.  And it worked fine up until a week ago.01:52
DaekdroomIf I try to run that against a file, it runs alright.01:52
DaekdroomBut I have to image the whole partition01:52
kn100Wiesshund, erm, uninstalled grub-common01:52
kn100Wiesshund, reinstalling it as we speak01:52
Blue1juelze: this is how I solved it, but it you have installed 10.10 should fix it:  http://pkill-9.com/?p=15201:53
behel1tGskellig ty01:53
kn100Wiesshund, IT WORKED! <3 <3 <3 <301:53
kn100Wiesshund, SO MUCH LOVE <301:53
brandinwhy does putting cookies back up in those cheap plastic containers with the packaging have to be such a pita?01:53
schnuffleDaekdroom: So what is the comannd you tried?01:53
ehidleDaekdroom: dd if=/dev/?da of=/somewhere/image bs=1024 should work, but you need to know if you are SATA or PATA... if you are PATA, ? is an h, if you're SATA, ? is an s01:53
Daekdroomehidle, I'm trying to image a USB drive01:54
nozendobrandin, its punishing you for snacking =P01:54
elrosHello, channel. I just installed Maverick on my first laptop computer and the wifi is working but with an extremely performance. I'm not used at wifi so I don't know where to look at. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!01:54
Daekdroomehidle, schnuffle, I ran dd if=/media/ECDE-01A8 of=~/image bs=102401:54
juelzeAh, thanks Blue1!  Jason, I type that whole line in terminal?01:54
elrosHello, channel. I just installed Maverick on my first laptop computer and the wifi is working but with an extremely *poor* performance. I'm not used at wifi so I don't know where to look at. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!01:54
ehidleDaekdroom: USB drives come up as /dev/sd? on my box01:54
schnuffleDaekdroom: you have to use the device, not the mount point,01:54
=== cyberpunk is now known as Guest2727
schnuffleDaekdroom: just type sudo mount to see which device it is01:55
ehidleDaekdroom: if you type "mount" you will see the device name of the USB drive... and you should then use that device name as the source (note - the device name, not the partition name)01:55
ehidleschnuffle: you type faster than I :p01:55
Daekdroomehidle, schnuffle thanks :D01:55
kn100elros, do a speed test at http://speedtest.net/ and compare it with when you're on ethernet01:56
ehidleugh... speedtest... I just moved from Philly to rural South Carolina, and went from 35/35 to 6/1...01:56
meto2does anyone know the disconnect irc command?01:57
schnuffleelros: one reason for WIFI being slow is when there are to many networks using the same channels. When you scan for networks, are there many?01:57
ehidlenot just co-channel networks, but adjacent-channel and near-channel networks as well01:57
ehidle1, 6, and 11 are the three channels that don't overlap each other :)01:58
elroskn100: I'm goingo to do it right now01:58
ehidlemost APs default to 6, so if you change to 1 or 11, you can avoid them01:58
schnufflein europe there's channel 11-13 as well01:58
elrosschnuffle, about 10 or 15. Is that much? I have my router set to autoselect the channel...01:59
ehidlein the US, if you have a HAM ticket, you can use uber high power on the lower channels that overlap the HAM band01:59
schnuffleelros: that's a lot, I have about 6 in my area and had to fiddle a while to get good connections01:59
xiamxIs there a way to use skype in empathy?02:00
ehidleStatutuory limit is 36dBm EIRP point-to-multipoint and 48dBm EIRP point-to-point02:00
schnuffleelros: better set it manually and choose the channel where you have the least networks02:00
ehidle64 or so dBm if you're a ham hehe02:00
prey2god3_Hello, I just installed Liferea on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit and it crashes as it tries to open.  Can someone tell me how to start troubleshooting it.02:00
ehidledefine crash02:01
ehidledoes it exit with an error, or does it coredump?02:01
elrosschnuffle, what can I do about it?02:01
prey2god3_i see a window for a split second then its gone02:01
aeon-ltdprey2god3_: run in terminal, what errors does it produce?02:01
elroskn100, I'm having too much trouble loading the speedtest website O.O02:01
ehidleelros: what kind of AP do you have?02:02
keith27edbian: is a god, you all should bow to him02:02
schnuffleelros: talk to your neighbours or switch to 5GHz, it'S apitty but that are your only choices02:02
meto2google for another...speedtest.net is unreliable02:02
edbianhahaha  thanks02:02
prey2god3_steve@stevedesk:~$ liferea02:02
prey2god3_set zoom: 1.0002:02
prey2god3_Liferea did receive signal 11 (Segmentation fault).02:02
* edbian blushes02:02
ehidleelros: be sure to turn off any kind of "turbo" or other special, non-standard enhancements02:02
Wes_Is anybody here familiar with DSO versioning and how solibs with ABI changes roll into distros?02:03
nozendoanyone know why convert *.jpg outfile.pdf would put all the jpegs in the pdf upside down02:03
edbianWes_, Is anybody in the world familiar with that? :P02:03
Wes_edbian: somebody must be! :)02:04
Tom-BNo idea but batch rotate your images prior to input?02:04
Wes_edbian: I'm trying to figure out the best way to package versioned DSOs to maximize ease of repackaging for vendors (ubuntu, in particular)02:05
Wes_Was hoping to snag chris coulson, but it appears that, unlike me, he works on this stuff on a more normal schedule :)02:05
soreaunozendo: Could be a bug in convert or what ever method it uses to convert.02:05
ehidledoes convert have a switch to rotate things?02:06
nozendoyeah, just digging through the help now02:06
edbianWes_, I have no idea :)02:06
nozendowas hoping someone would go "just use -notupsidedown_please_thankyou"02:06
leapy0yoRSA is better than DSA right?02:06
edbianWes_, We appear to be in the presence of guru ;)02:06
Jasonn I need an IRC bot for ubuntu02:07
JasonnNOT EGGDROP02:07
Wes_edbian: Who? :)02:07
soreaunozendo: Try convert -rotate 180 blah blah02:07
Jasonnany ideas?02:07
soreaunozendo: If it uses the graphics driver and you're using the proprietary nvidia driver, this could be why possibly02:07
soreauJasonn: That do you mean 'for ubuntu'?02:08
WiesshundHmm strange roblem installing netbook ubuntu, says it needs to unmount /cdrom and just sits there, wont continue nor go back. any ideas? comp isnt locked up02:08
soreauJasonn: You mean a bot that runs on ubuntu and connects to irc?02:08
mickster04Wes_: press return02:08
Jasonnsoreau: Yes02:08
mickster04Wiesshund: press return02:08
mickster04Wes_: ignore that02:09
Wiesshundmickster04 er yea but its not continuing nor will it go back, niether with return nor mouse click02:09
Jasonnsoreau: any ideas?02:09
soreauJasonn: You could use any preexisting bot code and/or write your own02:09
speedyHow to save Cursor Theme upon reboot keeps going back to default running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS02:09
Wes_mickster04: Was wondering WTF you were up to. ;)02:09
Wes_mickster04: Reminds of a BBS I logged on to in ... 1990?  It said, "Press ALT-H for IQ Test"02:09
Jasonnsoreau: i mean one that runs as a standalone program02:09
nozendosoreau, has a rotate flag, thanks. the graphics driver thing is wild, that really effects it?02:09
Wes_mickster04: I pressed ALT-H, and failed02:09
edbianleapy0yo, AES is old and weak, RSA and DSA are equally strong iirc02:09
mickster04Wes_: awesome :D02:10
soreauspeedy: Could be a permissions problem. Have you ran anything as root?02:10
Wes_mickster04: You see, it was the keyboard shortcut for "hang up" on Telix, the most popular terminal emulator for PCs at the time ...02:10
JasonnAny wggdrop alternatives02:10
soreaunozendo: If the convert program uses the driver for it's conversion but that's merely a hunch02:10
kenapaYo ho ho and a bottle of rum02:10
speedyno just have to set it each time after system boots back to desktop02:10
kenapaFifteen men on a dead man's chest02:10
kenapaYo ho ho and a bottle of rum02:11
kenapaDrink and devil is done with the rest02:11
edbiankenapa, please stop02:11
kenapaYo ho ho and a bottle of rum02:11
Wes_Yeah, that song is really dated02:11
Jasonnidoru: thank you :)02:11
nozendois there a server command that can ram people into ubuntu-offtopic?02:11
Wes_hos don't drink rum any more, they snort coke02:11
bilalcan anyboy tell me how to enable visual effects02:11
soreau! ot | Wes_02:11
ubottuWes_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:11
edbiannozendo, I believe you have to be an operator to do something like that02:11
edbianbilal, System -> preferences -> appearances -> effects -> normal02:12
soreaunozendo: no02:12
mickster04nozendo: nope, call an op by name i think would be a decent enough threat02:12
bilalbut i cannot work02:12
edbianbilal, compiz --replace&  what does it say?02:12
soreaunozendo: Only freenode staff has that kind of power02:12
bilaledbain, i have dell optiplex gx260 with intel 82845 vga card02:13
edbianbilal, compiz --replace&   what does it say?02:13
soreaubilal: Run 'compiz --replace & disown' from your terminal and pastebin the output to ubuntu.pastebin.com02:13
Jasonn!es | oscar02:13
ubottuoscar: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:13
bilalBlacklisted PCI ID 8086:2562 detected02:13
speedyis there a tool or app to set X11 Cursor Themes and save to file for global usage? accross entire desktop02:14
edbianouch, card blacklisted   :)02:14
soreaubilal: There's nothing you can do because the driver is too poor for that chipset to run compiz02:14
edbianspeedy, there is something like that in ccsm02:14
edbianspeedy, It's a gui to set things in compiz02:14
bilalbut it didnot work for me02:14
soreaubilal: If you want to try anyway, you can build compiz yourself to bypass the checks02:14
rwwoh for crap's sake. kenapa came back again?02:15
bilali want to know how to unblacklist my driver02:15
leapy0yofor nautilus how do you see all filse including . files?02:15
edbianrww, hahahaha02:15
soreaubilal: They hard coded the check into the compiz binary so you have to build compiz yourself02:15
ZykoticK9leapy0yo, CTRL+H02:15
bilali've google it and found that compiz works on 8284502:15
bilalthen how to build it??02:15
edbianleapy0yo, view -> show hidden files02:15
edbianleapy0yo, yep02:16
aeon-ltdbilal: why do you need to build it?02:17
soreaubilal: Run this: sudo apt-get install git-core && git clone git://anongit.compiz.org/users/soreau/scripts && cd scripts && ./build_compiz++02:17
Blue1bilal: why can't you do a sudo apt-get install compiz02:17
edbianaeon-ltd, His card is blacklisted in the binary02:17
soreauaeon-ltd: Because he has a blacklisted gpu and the ubuntu team hard coded the checks into the compiz binary with no way around it02:17
aeon-ltdoh ok02:17
edbianBlue1, he needs to build compiz himself because his card is blacklisted02:17
soreauBlue1: He already has compiz installed02:17
Blue1ah so desu ka02:18
soreaubilal: After that command completes, it will prompt you to run ccsm and which plugins you have to enable and how to start compiz++02:18
dagnihow i can change default ubuntu splash loading picture and the animation ?02:18
dagniis there some manager ?02:18
dagnii read about splashy02:19
dagnibut i dont know maybe there is some better tool ?02:19
bilalit almost finish02:19
pw-toxicwhy shouldnt you start a vncserver as root?02:19
itaylor57god grant me the serenity to accept my graphics and move on the real applications ...02:19
sharbourvnc is a very insecure protocol02:20
soreaupw-toxic: You shouldn't run any user program as root.02:20
edbianpw-toxic, other people could log into your machine remotely using vncserver and then they're root on your machine02:20
schnufflepw-toxic: because it's nsure02:20
edbianschnuffle, insecure*02:20
soreaupw-toxic: Not only is it a security issue but it can mess up file permissions and cause configuration problems later02:20
elrosschnuffle, my connection went down... what can I do about the crowded wifi space?02:20
schnufflethat the word I was searching for :)02:20
pw-toxicschnuffle, but if i need to start gparted for example, i need root access, which i cant get if i log in with a normal account02:20
dagniso, how i can change default ubuntu splash ?02:20
pw-toxicsoreau, but i cannot connect to vnc via internet, so where is there a security issue?02:21
edbianpw-toxic, then you use gksudo in the vnc-session02:21
Gskelligbest linux music player?02:21
edbianpw-toxic, Then it's just a security issue for other people on the lan logging in.  But it still messes up permissions and such02:21
mickster04!best | Gskellig02:21
ubottuGskellig: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:21
schnuffleelros: not much,  you can try to move your router and find a place where it works better02:21
edbian!best Gskellig02:21
soreau! splash | dagni02:21
ubottudagni: To change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.02:21
Gskelliglooking for opinions02:21
edbianGskellig, I like banshee02:21
brandinGskellig: i'm currently using Audacious.02:22
dagniubottu: but i don't have gnome-splashscreen-manager, where i can get it ?02:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:22
itaylor57Gskellig: your mind and your whistle02:22
edbianbrandin, Not really a good music player.  Audacious is for music editing02:22
mickster04Gskellig: ot02:22
=== zaphod is now known as Guest67830
pw-toxicedbian, i have my own lan because i use my server as a NAT between my lan and the public lan.    Can you tell me more about the permissions issue? what can happen and how?02:22
brandindoesn't look like an editor to me.02:23
ndxtgwhat command to set the system time to XXXX where XXXX is linux timestamps? thanks in advance02:23
dagnisoreau: but i don't have gnome-splashscreen-manager02:23
dagniwhere i can get it02:23
schnufflepw-toxic: of of course there a programms that need root level to do there job, of example apache starts as root to open port 80, but it drops the prviliges right after opening the port02:23
Wiesshundhmm this is wierd. when i get the partitions setup to install ubuntu (netbook edition) a screen pops up saying it needs to unmount /cdrom to commit changes and says continue or go back, but clicking either choice does nothing. anyone have any ideas or seen that before?02:23
brandinjust a simple player02:23
soreaudagni: Oh well, that was my only idea. Maybe try google02:23
elrosschnuffle, is there some way I can be sure that is the problem? Because I've got a gut feeling that this might have to do with a sucky driver or some bad configuration than my router or the signal noise...02:23
pw-toxicschnuffle, the most basic example im fighting with is for example "gedit /etc/apache2/sites-available/default"02:23
pw-toxicschnuffle, how am i supposed to do this with vnc not as root?02:24
edbianpw-toxic, when settings files are written as root they later can only be read as root (when they should be able to be read by your user)02:24
schnuffleelros:  take the opportunity to vissit a friend with wifi to check :)02:24
=== zaphod_ is now known as syrinx_
schnufflepw-toxic: use sudo vi ......02:25
elrosschnuffle, hmm, well thought02:25
elrosschnuffle, will do; thanks, byye02:25
pw-toxicschnuffle, i dont like working with vi, vim or nano02:25
edbianpw-toxic, sign in normally.  Do this: gksudo gedit /etc/apache2...02:25
schnufflepw-toxic: then use sudo gedit .......02:25
edbianschnuffle, not sudo gedit, gksudo gedit02:26
pw-toxicschnuffle, this makes vnc crash!02:26
schnuffleedbian: okay, I'm just  to used to do it all in a terminal02:26
KatronixSerfHi all, I know this is more of a Grub q, I'm in there as well. My Q is: I just added a second drive to my system which has Windows 7 on it, how do I tell grub to see it and show it on the boot menu?02:26
ubundo i need openjdk... what is it for?02:26
Gskelligjava development02:27
edbianKatronixSerf, sudo update-grub2   (looks for operating systems on all partitions and makes menu entries for them)02:27
ubunso if i dont know what it is then i dont need it?02:27
edbianubun, openjdk in for developing java.  You need it if you want to write / compile java programs02:27
KatronixSerfedbian, thanks!02:27
edbianKatronixSerf, no problem02:27
ubunedbian: ok then i dont need it02:27
schnufflepw-toxic: what makes vnc crash?02:27
edbianubun, There might be some package that depends on it.  (I doubt it)02:28
pw-toxicedbian, in this case i get an error dialog box with the following message: "Failed to run gedit "/etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf" as user root.      Unable to copy the users' Xauthroization file.02:28
=== pauljw_vm is now known as pauljw
ubunyeah... bittorent client..02:28
pw-toxicschnuffle, i dont know.. the vnc window just disappears and i cant reconnect02:28
edbianpw-toxic, gksudo gedit /etc/....     Use gksudo!!  I'm not saying it again02:28
HiPotOkI am looking for an FTP server that will allow me to assign a single directory as the home directory to ANY user that logs in?02:29
pw-toxicedbian, as I said i executed the command you told me: "gksudo gedit /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf"   the errormessage i told you is the one i get on this command02:29
ubunwhat is python for?02:29
KatronixSerfubun its another programming language02:29
pw-toxicubun python is for eating mice!02:29
Logan_!!python | ubun02:29
ubottuubun: python is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python02:29
ubunkatronixserf: i use bluefish to code html, does it need python02:30
KatronixSerfubun don't know02:30
speedyI only see tool in ccsm Show Mouse not change it and Cursor theme global unless I am missing something02:30
kais58so I'm having a little trouble with switchable graphics, I've tried used roberto martinez's script but that has only managed to switch on the discrete card and wont let me use it, it's a hd5470 btw02:30
pw-toxicedbian, you h ave any idea why this happens?02:30
schnufflepw-toxic: are you working locally or through ssh?02:30
Wes_ubun: you don't need python to write HTML, but who knows what bluefish needs. What do the docs say?02:30
pw-toxicschnuffle, i have a windows7 connecting via vncviewer to my server in the network02:31
edbianpw-toxic, why what happens?02:31
ubunwes: your asking a noob so ill leave it02:31
edbianpw-toxic, the crashes?  I have no idea02:31
pw-toxicedbian, the errormessage when i use gksudo02:31
schnufflepw-toxic: so when you run khsudo ...... you do it in the vnc session?02:32
pw-toxicedbian, in the console there is the following: "Error copying '/var/run/gdm/auth-for-pw-toxic-C3dsmt/database' to '/tmp/libgksu-MZsj7Y'02:32
pw-toxicschnuffle, yes02:32
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pw-toxicschnuffle, i open my vnc client and connect to ubuntu.. then i open a terminal and type in gksudo gedit ...02:32
schnufflepw-toxic: with vncserver executed as root?02:32
ryugunsI have just installed ubuntu :)02:33
pw-toxicschnuffle, with vncserver executed as pw-toxic02:33
ubunim trying to free up space... i cant watch youtube videos. ( i watch one and then to watch another i have to clear history in browser)02:33
pw-toxicschnuffle, when i run vncserver as root everything works perfectly02:33
ubundont know what else to do02:33
Wes_pw-toxic: ls -ld /tmp ?02:33
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edbianpw-toxic, chmod 777 /tmp02:33
ryugunsI must say I like it more than all the other linux operating systems I've tried.02:33
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Wes_edbian: I would think 1777 would be a lot smarter02:33
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edbianpw-toxic, chmod -R 777 /tmp   (I think the permissions of the tmp folder are messed up since you have been running vnc as root02:34
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schnuffle+1 177702:34
pw-toxicWes_, drwxrwxrwxt 24 root root 4096 2011-03-06 03:2702:34
edbianWes_, sure that,  177702:34
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pw-toxicedbian, no its still 77702:34
Wes_wierd, that *is* 177702:34
Ribertywhy cant i install 11.04 alpha 3?02:34
Wes_pw-toxic: does that file already exist?02:34
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Wiesshundubun clear history or cache?02:34
ubunwiesshund: well i do both... (on the browser options)02:35
pw-toxicWes_, can i do a rm -r /tmp ?02:35
Wes_pw-toxic: it might be worth trying to figure out *why* it's failing. Let's see, linux, something like this should work:02:35
Wes_pw-toxic: NO02:35
Wes_pw-toxic:   strace COMMAND 2>&1 | grep /tmp/02:35
Wiesshundubun is your drive really that close to full? if so turn down the cache size02:35
Wes_pw-toxic: look for the system call that's failing, and why  (e.g. EPERM)02:35
Seperand1Riberty  why cant you?02:35
edbianWiesshund, who said the drive was full?02:35
ubunwiesshund: idk ill check...02:36
Wiesshundedbian im asking02:36
Ribertyi think there is a bootmgr missing02:36
Ribertyim trying to install it from a usb thumbdrive02:36
Wiesshundhe said he was trying to clear space02:36
edbianWiesshund, oh, maybe I missed that :)02:37
ubunwiesshund: i even got bleachbit but no luck with that02:37
pw-toxicWes_, eh.. do you want me to paste the command "strace COMMAND 2>&1 | grep /tmp/" into the terminal?02:37
lightahoi does someone know how can I do a recursive merge ?02:37
edbianlighta, What do you mean 'merge' ?02:37
Seperand1Riberty are you booting from the usb?02:38
schnufflepw-toxic: strace gksu gedit ..... 2>&1 | grep /tmp02:38
schnufflepw-toxic: pasted into the terminal02:38
lightamerge file1 file2 file3, wanted to do merge dir1 dir2 dir3, wonder if their a way execpt writing a loop ?02:38
pw-toxicwhat are the .... for?!02:38
sharbourthe rest of your commend02:39
Gskelligubuntu hangs on booting newest kernel =\02:39
schnufflepw-toxic: strace - trace system calls and signals02:39
ubunhow do i find my disk usage02:39
lightawith du ?02:39
schnufflepw-toxic:  ...= rest of the command you typed in when it crashes02:39
pw-toxichmm i have deleted the files from /tmp that could not be written ... something like orbit...  but it didnt help02:39
Ribertywtf is alpha 3 only mean for virtual box or something?02:39
edbianlighta, copy all the files in all those folders and subfolders into one folder?  Is that right?02:39
Seperand1ubun               df -h02:40
bazhangRiberty, watch the language02:40
bazhangRiberty, natty in #ubuntu+102:40
Seperand1in terminal02:40
Wes_pw-toxic: substituting COMMAND for whatever it is you're trying to do, yes - "strace" will tell you *everything* that's giong on inside your process.  The grep command filters out anything unrelated to the tmp dir.02:40
lightayeah kind a edbian want to diff dir1 with dir2 and make a merge with all file in dir3, i'll clean them after02:40
Wiesshundubun admin > disk utility02:40
Wes_pw-toxic: be careful deleting from /tmp. You can accidentally cause yourself a lot of grief.02:41
ubunFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1             144G   14G  124G  10% / none                  495M  244K  495M   1% /dev none                  501M  440K  500M   1% /dev/shm none                  501M  388K  500M   1% /var/run none                  501M     0  501M   0% /var/lock none                  144G   14G  124G  10% /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs\02:41
ubottuubun: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:41
pw-toxicWes_, hm ok then i should really stop it ;)02:41
ubundo i need more ram if my flash crashes all the time?02:41
pw-toxicWes_, i thought those files are only related to this command02:42
schnuffleubun: the reason is surely something else02:42
aeon-ltdubun: is it because of ram bing maxed out?02:42
Wes_pw-toxic: No. The tmp directory is a dumping ground for all kinds of things that need to jot something down for a minute.02:42
Wiesshundubun how much ram you have?02:42
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schnufflepw-toxic: a lot of programms use /tmp02:43
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lightado you see what I mean edbian ?02:43
Todd200I need help and no one could help me in #kubuntu02:43
ubunschnuffle: ive read that it is this version of flash, but i dont know of anyone else having same problem02:43
Wiesshund!ask | Todd20002:43
ubottuTodd200: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:43
ubunweishund; not alot of ram i think like 2 or 302:43
edbianlighta, I think so.  I don't think it can be done without a loop02:43
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edbianTodd200, What is the problem?02:43
pw-toxicschnuffle, Wes_ hm i think i shouldnt have deleted this /tmp/orbit... folder ;)02:43
Wiesshundubun um 2 or 3 gigs of ram is lots, your not short on ram unless you got 6 blenders open or something02:44
schnuffleubun: I'm just sitting in front of 512MB PC no probs02:44
lightaok thx, now lt's think how to do those loop again :(02:44
Wes_pw-toxic: No, you shouldn't have... but it should come back next time you reboot or whatever02:44
pw-toxicWes_, and i cant reboot my server because im just resyncing 3 raid arrays ;L)02:44
ubunweisshund: blenders?02:44
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pw-toxicWes_, who else uses this folder?02:44
edbianlighta, I could write a python app that does it for you if you don't mind waiting a few minutes02:44
Wiesshundubun 3d modeling and animation app02:44
aeon-ltdubun: blender is a 3d renderer02:44
schnufflepw-toxic: so now you learn things not to do while doing other critical stuff on a productive server02:44
Wes_pw-toxic: any program using the tmpdir, tmpnam, and tmpname interfaces in your C library02:45
ChogyDanubun: what browser is flash crashing?  chrom?02:45
Seperand1wish i could write a python app in miniute02:45
Wes_pw-toxic: plus all kinds of scripts, etc ad nauseum02:45
Todd200Ok, im trying to install kubuntu on my 64 bit laptop, apon boot I get a mouse with static lines for a background, what is going on?02:45
Seperand1and learn to spell02:45
lightaoh yeah i'll be glad to edbian =), it be wonderfull since I want to learn python too02:45
pw-toxicWes_,  ;(02:45
ubunchogydan: every broweser.. chrome and firefox02:45
ubunright now im on chrome02:45
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Wes_pw-toxic: no more random deleting, okay? :)02:45
pw-toxicWes_, can i reboot while a raid is resynced?02:45
Wes_pw-toxic: NO02:45
ChogyDanubun: does it work at all?02:45
=== It is now known as Logan_
pw-toxicWes_, damnit this takes about 2-3 days ;)02:46
ubunwell isnt this chat room flash02:46
pw-toxicWes_, i have 12 hard drives connected ;(02:46
Wes_pw-toxic: what the hell kind of raid takes 2-3 days to sync up?02:46
ubunchogydan: yeah it works only when i want to wacth a video or worse watch one full video02:46
ChogyDanubun: fwiw, no, this is IRC.02:46
Wes_please God don't say RAID 502:46
smwubun, this chatroom is irc. There may be a flash client02:46
pw-toxicWes_, 6 * 1TB :)  well i think its a bit faster.. ill check how far it is02:46
jrb2971hi, anyone around to maybe answer a simple lxde question?02:46
pw-toxicWes_, i even dont know why the raid is resyncing...02:47
jrb2971i'm trying to get the default session in ubuntu to change from gdm to lxde02:47
jrb2971I found the default-display-manager file but cannot find what to change it to02:47
Todd200I asked my question.... :(02:47
ubunim at a loss for what to do about this flash problem... its how i learn how to code html and tinker with linux and all that02:47
smwjrb2971, you either need a new login manager or to change the defaut desktop env on login02:48
schnufflejrb2971: so you have installed lxde, normally you should be able to choose you session when loggin in, somewhre on the bottom02:48
pw-toxicWes_, ok i think the resync is done by tommorrow.. its already on 24% and it started at 2 hours 48 minutes ago02:48
ubunit also buggs me that it is one thing that i cannot figure out02:48
pw-toxicWes_, why shouldnt i restart while resyncing?02:48
WiesshundLOL freaky, i just booted ubuntu from my ChiPod02:48
[segfault]Todd200: Did it boot ok off the live CD?02:48
vanderjuiceubun: which flash plugin are you using?02:48
jrb2971i can pick the session when i login, but i don't want gdm to be the default - i'm connecting remotely via vnc02:48
ubunVanderjuice adobe newest version02:48
ubuni gues02:49
Wes_pw-toxic: 1) it's bad luck  2) I don't know the specifics of your RAID system, so I don't know what the side-effects will be.  Likely just make you start all over again, but I'm not taking that chance. :)02:49
smwjrb2971, gdm is not a desktop env. It is a display manager02:49
Todd200[segfault]: I don't have a livecd, all my cds are 3mb too small, so I'm running wubi.exe02:49
jrb2971yes gdm and lxdm are synonymous right?02:49
Daekdroomjrb2971, no02:49
Anonymous0I am using dwm could someone msg me and help me with setting xchat to start up in my irc tag i'm new to this02:49
vanderjuiceubun: try checking it in /usr/lib/mozilla or /usr/lib/chromium-browser02:50
jrb2971lxde doesn't replace gnome?02:50
pw-toxicWes_, 2*2TB raid1; 6*1TB raid5; 2*500GB raid1; 320GB system drive; 500GB system drive (crashed hard drive)02:50
schnufflejrb2971: no xdm,gdm and kdm have the same job02:50
smwjrb2971, correct, it is a replacement02:50
ubunvanderjuice: checking it in?:02:50
smwjrb2971, I am looking up the cmd now02:50
jrb2971so i want lxde's manager , i think lxdm to load as the default vs. gdm :)02:51
vanderjuicecheck the plugin in /usr/lib/mozilla02:51
jrb2971ok thanks02:51
iCyrusHow do I update how much space is on a drive? (In this case, my PSP), I've deleted about 10 GBs of music/games on it but it still says there's 800 mb left, it's very annoying02:51
vanderjuiceto see which one it is02:51
=== administrator is now known as Guest69807
vanderjuicethere are multiple versions out there02:51
Seperand1todd so  did it boot off the usb02:51
smwjrb2971, sudo dpkg-reconfigure lxdm02:51
pw-toxicWes_, well lets just hope i didnt make any severe damage by deleteing the /tmp/orbit... folder02:51
[segfault]Todd200: ok.  Well, it sounds like a graphics driver issue.  When you boot up, try holding the shift key or hitting esc right after you see the grub text.  you may be able to boot to a terminal and fix it02:51
bazhangjrb2971, you want the lubuntu splash screen?02:51
pw-toxicWes_, i just thought that tmp folders are not important at all ;)02:51
Wes_pw-toxic: just be glad you didn't erase the hidden files in there :P02:51
jrb2971lubuntu splash screen, umm if that's what it takes..  ya I wish I installed lubuntu02:51
Anonymous0I am using dwm could someone msg me and help me with setting xchat to start up in my irc tag i'm new to this02:52
bazhangjrb2971, then install lubuntu-desktop package02:52
Todd200I ran wubi, I can't even boot into xubuntu to finish installing02:52
smwjrb2971, did you run that cmd?02:52
pw-toxicWes_, the only hidden files there are .X0-lock and .esd-100002:52
jrb2971running it now02:52
Todd200And a mouse appears, and it works fine02:52
jrb2971i installed lxde from the apt-get02:52
bazhangjrb2971, when logging in you can choose lxde/openbox. gnome/openbox or the like02:52
mettaTodd200: if you can't get it to work, install fresh?02:52
bubbajonesany ideas how to get a wireless card to install ? dell inspiron 154502:52
Wes_pw-toxic: the first one is probably a lock semaphore for you windowing system; I don't recognized the other one02:52
smwbazhang, he appears to want lxdm instead of gdm02:53
ubunvanderjuice: it says flashplayeralternative so02:53
jrb2971Package `lxdm' is not installed and no info is available.02:53
bazhangsmw, yep02:53
mettaTodd200: unless you can try downloading the wubi source to see what might be going wrong02:53
Wes_pw-toxic: A lock semaphore is..... like the conch, in Lord of the Flies02:53
pw-toxicWes_, will everything is still running so it looks liek i didnt do a severe damage ;)02:53
[segfault]Todd200: sry, I have never used wubi, so I didn't know how it booted...02:53
jrb2971weird, i have lxde installed via apt-get and can choose it in the session manager when i log in02:53
Todd200It has happened in virtualbox as well,02:53
bazhangjrb2971, then install lubuntu-desktop02:53
iCyrusHow do I update how much space is on a drive? (In this case, my PSP), I've deleted about 10 GBs of music/games on it but it still says there's 800 mb left, it's very annoying02:53
jrb2971but when i use vnc it defaults to gdm02:53
Wes_iCyrus: df -H02:53
itaylor57semaphore came from the railroads, flag02:54
schnufflejrb2971: it defaults to gnome not gdm02:54
iCyrusWes_: What's that do?02:54
Todd200[segfault]: wubi just downloads the files, then the native installer installs it after a reboot02:54
mettaiCyrus: try #linux02:54
jrb2971isn't gdm the gnome desktop manager?02:54
Wes_iCyrus: It tells you how much space is left on the filesystems02:54
vanderjuiceubun : try installing flashplugin-nonfree02:54
bazhangjrb2971, no02:54
smwjrb2971, install lubuntu-desktop02:54
iCyrusWes_: it says 002:54
iCyrusThe PSP itself says 002:54
smwjrb2971, or, install lxdm02:54
jrb2971ok thansk, trying that now02:54
iCyrusBut there's nothing on it that takes up that much02:54
pw-toxicWes_, however you really discourage me not to use vncserver as root? i have done this the last 6 months02:54
bazhang!find lxdm02:55
mettajrb2971: ask ubotto in a pm with a !gdm02:55
ubottuFound: lxdm02:55
Todd200The xubuntu loading screen appears, with the 4 flashing dots02:55
Wes_iCyrus: Then, likely, either 1) you didn't really delete (recycle bin?) or 2) the files are still open by some program02:55
iCyrusI deleted just about everything, there's nothing on the PSP in Music or Videos, yet the things I deleted seem to still be taking up space02:55
Wes_pw-toxic: I have no opinion on the matter02:55
schnufflejrb2971:  edit ~/.vnc/xstartup and start lxde instead of gnome02:55
iCyrusDidn't know you had to remove from recycle bin for them to stop being on the disk02:55
mettathe commands /msg and /query do not work in empathy02:55
bazhangiCyrus, how does this relate to ubuntu02:55
mettahow to fix?02:55
mettametta: download the source code and fix it yourself02:55
jrb2971thanks schnuffle - i think that's what I was looking for02:55
rwwmetta: get a good IRC client.02:55
iCyrusbazhang: I'm on Ubuntu, didn't know if it was a problem with Ubuntu or not02:55
Wes_iCyrus: the recycle bin is not magic, it needs space to store files too02:55
mettarww: take it up with motu02:55
rwwmetta: no02:56
mettarww: yes02:56
bazhangmetta, lets move on02:56
iCyrusWes_: Yes, I assumed they stored it in the computer on the harddrive02:56
mettabazhang: yes02:56
iCyrusNot in the same exact spot I deleted it from02:56
jrb2971wierd xstartup already has that02:56
[segfault]Todd200: ...but at that point the graphics get all crazy?02:56
rwwmetta: 1) I don't use Ubuntu, and thus don't care what the default IRC client is. 2) I already took it up with the relevant people. 3) The relevant people are not MOTU, because MOTU deals with universe and multiverse, and Ubuntu's default programs are neither of these by definition.02:56
mettaTodd200: does a livecd work?02:56
mettarww: let's move on shall we?02:56
ubunvanderjuice: ok i installed it let me tryin firefox02:57
[segfault]metta: he was using wubi and has no live cd02:57
iCyrusOk now it's not letting me even empty the recycle bin02:57
schnufflejrb2971:  has what? normally it has x-window-manager &02:57
iCyrusIt just gives me a "File not found" when I click empty trash for everything02:57
jrb2971ah, apt-get install lxdm is change the default02:57
* Todd200 can't run a live cd as all CDs are 3mb too small according to poweriso02:57
speedyshould ccsm run as root to configure or as per user settings02:58
vanderjuiceubun: good luck02:58
* Wiesshund thinks todd should overburn02:58
schnufflejrb2971:  when you login through vnc lxdm,gdm or whatever is not involved02:58
mettaTodd200: how big are the cds you have?02:58
ubunvanderjuice, i didnt do anything i can watch one video then if i try to watch another one it will crash, and i have to clear cache or history or whatever to watch another02:58
soreauspeedy: Absolutely not. You should never run any user application as root02:58
Seperand1speedy    per user02:58
speedyi did not think so i never do02:58
vanderjuiceubun: did you remove the flashplayeralternative from the plugins folder?02:59
Todd200metta: 595mb I think02:59
speedybut still cannot set X11 Cursor Themes Global is this a bug cause it will not save upon reboot02:59
Todd200Kubuntu iso is 597.902:59
mettaTodd200: not the iso, the blank cd's max capacity.03:00
soreauspeedy: How are you trying to save the cursor theme?03:00
Seperand1Todd200 use a dvd03:00
iCyrusHow can I completely empty the trash can regardless of what's in it?03:00
ohzieHey guys. If I have a 9.04 server, what's the recommended way of upgrading? dist-upgrade?03:00
mettaTodd200: this isn't #kubuntu03:00
pw-toxicWes_, ok i try it the other way round.. what do you think is the most easy file editor for a terminal?03:00
rww!eol | ohzie03:00
ubottuohzie: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:00
Wes_pw-toxic: emacs03:00
edbianpw-toxic, nano03:00
edbianWes_, Shame on you!03:00
Wes_pw-toxic: Okay, maybe not emacs03:00
Wes_pw-toxic: But I'll help you learn if you'd like!03:01
mettanano ftw03:01
edbianpw-toxic, They're being sarcastic.  vi and emacs are notorious for having a learning curve.  nano is easy to learn03:01
Todd200metta: #kubuntu has no one around to help me03:01
Wes_edbian's answer is probably the right one03:01
soreauohzie: Install cleanly if possible.. for whatever version you want to upgrade to03:01
iCyrusHow can I completely empty the trash can regardless of what's in it? and please no one say Empty Trash because that's not working03:01
edbianWes_, :)03:01
mettanano is installed by default03:01
schnuffleWes_:  :)03:01
Wiesshundsoreau know something goofy? the embedded linux systems (instant on OS's go by various names) run everything as root. great for getting klined on irc ;(03:01
Wes_I just can't help it, long-time emacs user here. LONG time.03:01
Zelozelosanyone here using a S3 Trio 32/64 graphic card?03:01
dv310p3rHow do I install the glib?03:01
edbianWes_, It's great.  It's not great for beginners :)03:01
pw-toxicedbian, is there something like copy and paste on nano?03:01
edbiandv310p3r, sudo apt-get install glib03:02
bazhangdv310p3r, why would you need to03:02
soreauWiesshund: Hmm, that's probably not good..03:02
mettaZelozelos: doubtful.  maybe someone in #linux is03:02
Wes_edbian: It's really not so bad if you have somebody to help with the basics. And I *did* volunteer to do that. :)03:02
edbianpw-toxic, I think so.  Read the commands at the bottom of the nano screen03:02
Zelozelosmetta heh...idt so its soooo old03:02
dv310p3redbian: that doesn't work03:02
soreauhi flash_dude03:02
speedyok well when i boot i have to use system settings and all is fine but on reboot it keeps changing back to default and not what i selected03:02
ohziesoreau: It's not at the moment. I'm just messing around with an old box before I put Lucid on it.03:02
flash_dudeI have a question:03:02
mettaZelozelos: i haven't used a s3 anything in a long time03:02
dv310p3rbazhang: because when trying to install the latest xchat in says I need glib03:02
Todd200!ask | flash_dude03:02
ubottuflash_dude: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:02
bazhangdv310p3r, latest from where03:03
flash_dudeim writing.03:03
Wiesshundsoreau know how alot of motherboards come with a little linux on flash instant OS? yea they do everything as root. no idea who decided that was a good idea03:03
mettaflash_dude: just burn it03:03
* Zelozelos is thinking to tell the owner of that old pos to get a new graphic card or forgetabouttit!! rofl03:03
dv310p3rbazhang: from the website03:03
soreauWiesshund: Is that the technology that uses assembly to do processor specific instructions to achieve such loading times?03:03
bazhangdv310p3r, that is not a good idea. stick with package management03:03
dv310p3rbazhang: apparently theres a bug in the version that I have that when I add channels to my favorites they don't stay03:03
soreauor lack thereof..03:03
Zelozelosmetta any ideas on getting 10.10 to successfully detect/setup the correct rez ?03:04
speedysystems settings which is a KDE app for setting mouse cursor (theme)03:04
bazhangdv310p3r, sure they do. how are you adding them03:04
flash_dudethere are 3 packages related with flash: flashplugin-nonfree, flashplugin-installer and adobe-flashplugin. What the hell should I use?03:04
[segfault]Todd200: so can you reboot and at least get into a terminal without trouble, or not at all?03:04
mettaZelozelos: none.  you might try a different distro for older hardware like that.03:04
pw-toxicWes_, shouldnt strg + x close the editor? ;((( nothing happens03:04
dv310p3rbazhang: i right click on them and add to favorites03:04
mettaZelozelos: i have a blog that might be useful03:04
bazhangdv310p3r, thats not how to do it03:04
Zelozelosmetta ill give it a shot03:05
Wes_pw-toxic: which editor?03:05
edbianflash_dude, flashplugin-installer simply runs flash-plugin-nonfree03:05
speedyjust by using cursor selection from systerm>preferences does not change cursor unless I use the KDE app03:05
pw-toxicWes_, nano03:05
Zelozelositll be the LAST shot03:05
dv310p3rbazhang: ok, how should I do it.03:05
Wes_pw-toxic: control-X03:05
Wiesshundsoreau im not sure, i kind of doubt it since ive written a few modified apps for one of them (express gate) just a very small customized kernel and a compressed file system squashfs03:05
bazhangdv310p3r, edit the server and add there, separated by a comma03:05
pw-toxicWes_, yes thats "strg-x" in german ;)03:05
edbianflash_dude, I've had positive experience with flashplugin-nonfree03:05
flash_dudeedbian: without flashplugin-installer I cannot install flash from firefox?03:05
pw-toxicWes_, nothing happens ;(03:05
soreauspeedy: Sounds like permissions issue or kde bug. The latter might be more probable but you can check the former after running this command, change the theme and set it back again:  (Run as your normal user!) sudo chown -R $USER $HOME03:05
dv310p3rbazhang: also, is there an easier way to respond directly to you, other than having to retype your name each time.03:05
pw-toxicWes_, im gonna kill putty now ;(03:05
mettaZelozelos: http://kmandla.wordpress.com/ you could also try #linux  how much ram does the system have?03:05
edbianflash_dude, I'm not sure what you're asking03:05
Wes_pw-toxic: oh. And wierd.03:05
schnuffle!flash | flash_dude03:05
Wes_pw-toxic: maybe the de localization for nano changes the commands?03:05
ubottuflash_dude: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash03:05
speedyjust annoying that i have to do this on each boot03:06
bazhangdv310p3r, tab complete, set to last spoken and not alpahbetical baz <tab> will do it03:06
soreauWiesshund: Yea I can't wait to get my hands on some machines capable of doing this :)03:06
Todd200[segfault]: the xbuntu loading screen appears with the dot animation, but then it changes to static, kubuntu hasn't even installed yet03:06
soreauWiesshund: (and an SSD)03:06
schnuffleWes_: no they stay the same, as far as I have used it03:06
bazhangerr alphabetical03:06
dv310p3rbazhang, like that.03:06
* Todd200 ment kubuntu03:06
pw-toxicWes_, no its just strange...  after restarting putty control-x works03:06
flash_dudeedbian: synaptic shows that I only have flashplugin-installer installed not flashplugin-nonfree03:06
bazhangdv310p3r, yes03:06
Zelozelosmetta its a dell inspiron 4000 2.2ghz -out of the box state..im trying to get kde for someones kids03:06
flash_dudeedbian: why is that?03:06
dv310p3rbazhang, thanks a million03:06
Zelozelosmetta err not ked but kubuntu03:06
bazhangdv310p3r, welcome03:06
mettaflash_dude: flashplugin-installer should be sufficient03:06
Wes_pw-toxic: wierd. I've logged probably in excess of 5,000 hours in putty and never had that happen03:07
mettaZelozelos: kde is probably even less light weight03:07
edbianflash_dude, I have no idea.  The packages are a dark void of mystery.  What do they descriptions say about them?03:07
pw-toxicWes_, im special!03:07
Wes_pw-toxic: apparently so, lol!03:07
Zelozelosmetta meh..nvm i give up...ill tell her to go to the mart n get a new card then MAYBE ill try again03:07
flash_dudeso should I use flashplugin-nonfree or adobe-flashplugin?03:08
Zelozelosty though03:08
mettaZelozelos: just make sure to recycle the old card somehow03:08
pw-toxicWes_, but still nano totally sucks in comparison with gedit ;(  i think i will install vmware on my desktop and run ubuntu on it and then i do ssh -X my-server     what do you think about this solution?03:08
Wiesshundsoreau just pick up any cheap asus motherboard with expressgate, a cheap cpu, 1 cheap stick of ram and a crap vid card03:08
ehidlethis is odd03:09
edbianpw-toxic, nano is great compared to vi  :)03:09
Wes_pw-toxic: what problem are you trying to solve?03:09
bazhangehidle, what is03:09
soreauWiesshund: I have no budget for another machine atm03:09
pw-toxicedbian, i know.. i have tried vi and vim ;)03:09
mettavi is fine, nano fine03:09
mkquist__iCyrus: get the files deleted?03:09
flash_dude3 packages for the same thing is just stupid03:09
mettanano wins because it's included w/ ubuntu03:09
Zelozelosmetta blog seem interesting...ill read on ;)03:09
pw-toxicWes_, copy and paste with a mouse for example ;)   syntax highligthing03:09
schnuffleedbian: do you want to start a religion war? :)03:09
[segfault]Todd200: so no grub then.. :(  Yeah, I would be inclined to just burn a live CD and install from there.  almost all newer CDs can hold 700MB regardless of what your iso burner is telling you.  I would try another iso burner and see if you can get it to work.03:09
mettaZelozelos: enjoy \o/03:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:10
pw-toxicWes_, nice search highlithning03:10
ehidlebazhang: I built a new ESXi whitebox today... installed a Win7 VM and it can't get out on the network...03:10
pw-toxicWes_, copy and paste trhough different files03:10
Wes_pw-toxic: so, you want an editor for your ubuntu box to display on a windows box, and you want the editor to not-suck?03:10
pw-toxicWes_, copare two different file versions03:10
xuser73How can I configure a specific internet device to be restricted to only one ip address and port?03:10
soreauehidle: Did you check all VM settings ?03:10
pw-toxicWes_, something like this yes ;)03:10
ehidlesoreau: of course :)03:10
soreauehidle: shouldwork then03:10
Wes_pw-toxic: install the mingw x server on windows. Run your favourite editor on ubuntu, redirect the display to the windows box03:11
ehidlesoreau: that's why I said it was odd :p03:11
Wes_pw-toxic: run the mingw x server in no-root-window mode, it's better03:11
pw-toxicWes_, so i think i will install ubuntu on VMWare and then i do "ssh -X my-file-server" and then do "sudo su" and "gedit /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf"03:11
xuser73Is it possible to restrict access of an IP to only one IP:port?03:11
soreauxuser73: You can set a static ip but not sure how to restrict the port. Try ##networking03:11
bazhangxuser73, why would you want to03:11
Wes_pw-toxic: that would work, but my solution is better, faster and easier :D\03:11
bastidrazorpw-toxic: putty from windows to login via ssh then into screen and then use any cli editor. that is an awesome way to have it not suck for windows.03:11
HiPotOkBeen reading 'vsftp' man files looking for an option to make a single directory everyones home directory... so far no success, anyone know if this is possible?03:11
ehidlesoreau: I'm using a community-provided driver for the RTL8111 NIC on the board, whic is of course unsupported in ESXi, and I suspect it could be related to that03:11
pw-toxicWes_, how can anything be faster than VMWare? i can switch instantly to ubuntu in <1 second03:12
pw-toxicWes_, and i have a full GUI03:12
xuser73bazhang: security03:12
pw-toxicWes_, just for you to know: i got 8GB ram and 200GB of a SSD hard drive ;)03:12
bazhangxuser73, is this related to ubuntu somehow03:12
schnufflepw-toxic: I second the install of a X-Server but prefer CygwinX03:12
Wes_pw-toxic: how can a discrete ubuntu box NOT be faster than one running under emulation?03:12
iCyrusmkquist__: What?03:12
soreauehidle: You mean the connection isn't working in the host either?03:12
Wes_schnuffle: CygwinX is fine, but I prefer the mingw installer. Approximately the same product, though. Very happy with it, done it many many many times03:13
Wes_both products03:13
ehidlesoreau: connection works fine for the host... I have a 9.10 server running at the moment, copying 3TB of data to it heh...03:13
mkquist__iCyrus: thought you were trying to empty the trash03:13
pw-toxicWes_, everything <1 is out of the meassurement range and drops to 0 seconds ;)03:13
ehidlesoreau: Management net works fine, too03:13
Wes_pw-toxic: *shrug* - I have plenty of usability experience that says two boxes is better than one box emulating two03:13
soreauehidle: Maybe check with the VM devs, or try a different VM03:14
ehidlesoreau: I can assign the Win VM a static IP and ping other hosts, but I can't do any application-layer stuff03:14
pw-toxicschnuffle, i have done the cygwin thing too, but then the editor looks like a bastard editor from hell - i like nice colors and a clean antialising of the font ;)03:14
Wes_but, different strokes for different folks and all that :)03:14
Wes_pw-toxic: not cygwin, cygwin X, use the X server03:14
soreauehidle: Ah then it's probably just a nameserver issue, yea?03:14
pw-toxicWes_, to be honest, im not sure if i have really understood your solution03:14
soreauehidle: Does 'ping google.com' work from the host?03:14
ehidlesoreau: one might think, but it also can't get an IP from the DHCP server03:14
schnufflepw-toxic: I see, cosmetic is important to you03:14
pw-toxicWes_, i know how to use cygwin X .. i then can run native linux programs using cygwin as an x-server03:14
Wes_pw-toxic: you install an X server on windows.   Then you run your program on your ubuntu box. Instead of displaying on the ubuntu box, you tell it to display on the windows box03:15
ehidlesoreau: DNS requires applciation layer functionality that appears to be b0rked at the moment :)03:15
pw-toxicschnuffle, well if you would know how my computer looks like you would accept it that im such a person ;) wanna see a pic of my computer?03:15
soreauehidle: Well if it's a bug, you should check with the VM devs to see if they know anything03:15
schnufflepw-toxic: yes paste somewhere, I'm curious now03:15
pw-toxicWes_, yeah ok then i understand it, but i dont think that the gedit then looks native like if i would run it on ubuntu right?03:15
ehidlesoreau: yeah I will... just have to collect some useful info for them03:15
Wes_pw-toxic: it should look exactly the same, within the confines of your window manager03:15
pw-toxicschnuffle, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1147499/pc-gruen3.jpg03:16
soreauehidle: *nod*03:16
Wes_It's pretty, but does it work? :)03:16
Wiesshundhehe the netbook interface takes a little getting used to03:16
acerimmerpw-toxic: sweet mercy!  That thing looks evil - in a good way!03:16
schnufflepw-toxic: okay, I see, but as Wes_ told you it should look the same, I don't know about antialiasing03:17
Wes_pw-toxic: This is what a real workspace looks like IMO - http://www.page.ca/~wes/desk.jpg :)03:17
Wiesshundi kind of feel like a retard in it03:17
edbianWes_, ewww, mac03:17
pw-toxicacerimmer, well be happy that you dont know how my old computer looked like when i was 16 years old..  this new computer is much more "adult" ;)03:17
Wes_edbian: It's a darn fine version of unix03:17
Wes_edbian: gui needs work, though03:17
SenjaiHey guys I'm trying to boot my Ubuntu partition from within windows using virtual box according to this tutorial: http://bit.ly/gjfEnt but the first step on creating a bootable grub ISO I can't do, the files don't exist.03:17
Wes_when I was 16, I had a 40 MB harddrive stickout the top of my tower03:18
dv310p3rHow do I enable SFTP on my ubuntu server. SSH works but when I try to connect to it via SFTP it says Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer03:18
visual1cewhat media player do you recommed for 10.10? i used to use vlc in windows... i see it is in software center03:18
pw-toxicWes_, oh.. i have 4 monitors myself .. one desktop over 4 monitors: 19" 22" 22"(eizo) and 37" for TV and full hd blu-ray movies ;)))03:18
schnuffleWes_: I had a Oric103:18
ehidlesoreau: this is interesting: Mar  5 22:17:03 digix-ipcop dhcpd: 5 bad udp checksums in 9 packets03:18
Senjaidv310p3r, sftp uses ftp not ssh03:18
Wes_schnuffle: what's that?03:18
Senjai!sftp | dv310p3r03:18
ubottudv310p3r: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)03:18
Wes_pw-toxic: I had to change down to only one display recently. Neck problems. :( :( :( :(03:18
leapy0yoif you turn off password authentication for ssh, you still have to enter the passcode for your private local dsa key file,r ight?03:19
soreauehidle: Ouch, sounds like it might be a deep bug03:19
pw-toxicWes_, BUT the difference is: my computer makes 0dB noise, because everything is watercooled... but now we should stop this here if i dont want to get kicked out of here for off topic ;)03:19
schnuffleWes_: that was a home pc  with a Zilog CPU03:19
dv310p3rDAMN YOU ubottu!03:19
Senjaidv310p3r, you'll have to download an sftp server for your box03:19
ehidlesoreau: yeah.... I'll move the VM to another host NIC (I have a dual-port Intel nic in the machine as well)03:19
dv310p3rSenjai, any recommendations03:19
edbianleapy0yo, No, it looks in the proper folder (.ssh) for the keys03:19
Wes_schnuffle: Nice! I had a Timex-Sinclair 1000 at one point  (ZX81 with an extra K of RAM)03:19
ehidlesoerau: if it clears up, it'll implicate the 8111 community driver03:19
Woody_whats the topic/03:19
Grim76Senjai, are you confusing sftp with ftps?03:19
Senjaidv310p3r, I use filezilla03:20
ruanubuntu support is the topic.03:20
ruanthere is ubuntu-offtopic for others03:20
dv310p3rSenjai, filezilla is an FTP client, not server is it?03:20
pw-toxicWes_, thats one of the key points why i changed to windows7 for my desktop because it is hard to use 4 monitors from two different graphic card vendors (nvidia and AMD) in ubuntu while windows runs this out of the box03:20
Senjaidv310p3r, has both, there is a server version as well, if I understand correctly03:20
visual1cei guess ill just go with vlc03:20
pw-toxicWes_, do you know if this is possible with ubuntu?03:20
dv310p3rSenjai, gotcha, thank you.03:20
ehidlesoreau: the other possibility is that it has something to do with the ~700Mbit of info I'm throwing at it at the moment heh03:20
Senjaidv310p3r, its kinda windows-like, not many linux/unix users use it, they use something else similar to openssh, but you'd have to ask around03:21
visual1cealso is there a ppa for proprietary codecs - a ppa with just codecs not a bunch of additional software03:21
schnufflepw-toxic: some time ago there was somebody having problems with too dofferent cards03:21
SenjaiHey guys I'm trying to boot my Ubuntu partition from within windows using virtual box according to this tutorial: http://bit.ly/gjfEnt but the first step on creating a bootable grub ISO I can't do, the files don't exist.03:21
Wes_pw-toxic: No clue.  Probably, if you work hard enough, almost anything is possible. :)  ... But I generally prefer a mixed environment, anyhow - pick the best tool for the job at hand, leave the politics at the door.03:21
pw-toxicschnuffle, did he solve it?03:21
soreauehidle: It shouldn't but I'd guess it'd be a driver issue if it did03:21
dv310p3rSenjai, thanks03:21
schnufflepw-toxic: not in my knowledge03:21
Woody_does anyone know anything bout  loadsharing with ubuntu ?03:21
Wes_schnuffle: was he trying to run multiple X servers are XINERAMA?03:21
soreauehidle: using rsync or any way to pause the transfer and test?03:21
ehidlesoreau: I thought of a buffer overflow, but then the other VM would be complaining too, and it's not03:21
pw-toxicWes_, well as i just told you.. i LOVE nice enviroment.... and in this case ubuntu is totally kickass ... i LOVE the 3D cube with multi desktop ;)))03:22
ehidlesoreau: sure... you can just quit and rsync and start it over and it'll pick up where it left off03:22
soreauehidle: I mean for you over there, is there any way to test if the transfer is affecting it03:22
soreaubecause I'd kinda be curious to know ;)03:22
schnuffleWes_: not sure but I think he dropped the word Xinerama03:22
ehidlesoreau: I know.. I was just echoing your thoughts for the benefit of the crowd :p03:23
Woody_looking to put together a bunch of old desktops and set up ubuntu server with load sharing sounds possible?03:23
Wes_schnuffle: I can see that being a problem, I don't think you can do Xinerama across multiple X servers, and I'm not sure you can support two different card types with a single x.org X server03:23
schnuffleso you mean load balacing?03:23
edbianWoody_, Definitely, the load sharing will be the hardest part to configure03:23
pw-toxicWes_, i'm totally missing the multi desktop environment of gnome/KDE on windows... i couldnt find any windows addon which makes me use serveral work benches at a time in windows7 which works fluently within < 150ms to switch between them03:23
Wes_I could be wrong on the latter point, though - it's been a very long time03:23
linxehpw-toxic: microsoft provide one03:23
gaelfxis there any OS X emulator, similar to Wine? (btw, I think mace would be a great name for the project if there isn't already one)03:24
Wiesshundpw-toxic there is one that is kind of like compiz03:24
pw-toxiclinxeh, its horror slow!03:24
Wes_pw-toxic: really? 'cause XPSP2 has one03:24
Woody_any tools you might point out ? Havent done it before03:24
linxehpw-toxic: well, not tried in 7, but its ok in xp03:24
pw-toxicWes_, i have TONS of active windows... the more windows you have the more it takes03:24
linxehthey provide it as a powertoy03:24
Wiesshundgaelfx no, there isnt a wine type compat layer for osx03:24
pw-toxiclinxeh, as soon as I start photoshop cs4 it gets super slow because photoshop has a strange window manager03:24
Wes_linxeh: And, the kill MS multi-monitor features:  1)  control-tap "target",   2) easy to adjust relative (pixel-wise) monitor positions03:25
gaelfxvery well, anyone wanna start a mace project with me? :P03:25
pw-toxiclinxeh, can you tell me or link me something of this? i have tried several tools that emuulate several desktops but none could fulfill my requirements03:25
linxehpw-toxic: I dont run photosohp, so heh :)03:25
leapy0yohow do i change screens when i am in a screen inside a screen?03:25
ehidlesoreau: moving it to another NIC in the host cleared it up instantly03:25
Wes_gaelfx: Not me, but maybe the open darwin (?) guys would03:25
linxehpw-toxic: on windows xp - http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx03:25
pw-toxiclinxeh, im dependant form photoshop ;( need for work03:25
schnuffleWoody_:  what services do you want to load balace?03:25
soreauehidle: Is that really new hardware? (the nic with the problem)03:26
SenjaiDoes anyone know how to boot a hard partition in virtual box/03:26
linxehpw-toxic: tried this one? http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/cc81788103:26
leapy0yohow do i use screen commands when I am inside screen? That is, I have screen process running inside another screen process03:27
bazhangSenjai, #vbox for that03:27
ehidlesoreau: yeah the motherboard is new... the onboard NIC works fine for the one VM... it's weird.. I need to do some more testing once my data is finished moving... but I'm wondering if it's a driver issue03:27
[segfault]Senjai: I think you can get that stage2_eltorito file from the iso here - http://www.supergrubdisk.org/ You will have to unpack it and extract the file you need, of course, since the disk is used for another purpose.03:27
Woody_just a little home server I want to use a load balance cause most of the smaller pcs doesnt have suffiecient processing power...heard of load sharing so I figured it splits the load of say rendering or mass dls or whatever03:27
ehidlesoreau: rephrase... I'm almost certain is a driver issue on the host03:28
soreauehidle: sounds about right03:28
edbianWoody_, Pick the fastest one, set it up as a single server, see how it fares.  I don't know how much traffic you think you're generating but I'm willing to bet they're fast enough for personal use03:28
ehidlesoreau: it would have been nice to have the three NICs, but a PCI-e Intel nic is $30, and is on the HCL :)03:29
ehidlesoreau: so I'll just buy another one hehe03:29
pw-toxiclinxeh, 1) it doesnt support cool hotkeys like "alt+q" and "alt+e" for super easy desktop switch  and 2) it is slow and looks like crap (screen gets black for a very short time) 3) windows aero does only work on desktop #103:29
Senjaibazhang, [segfault] thank you03:29
pw-toxiclinxeh, and TV gets stuck for 1-2 seconds when i return to screen1 (where TV is)03:29
linxehI dont use win7 enough :)03:29
linxehpw-toxic: virtualwin ?03:30
ehidlesoreau: I believe the developer for this driver is a regular over at the vm-help forums, so I'll bring it up there03:30
soreauehidle: You should at least file a bug somewhere so it gets fixed for everyone else03:30
soreauehidle: Perfect. :)03:30
pw-toxiclinxeh, i'd like if i could use ubuntu.. im really missing the cool desktop environment of ubuntu03:30
pw-toxiclinxeh, what is this?03:30
linxehpw-toxic: I run XP at work (Forced, sadly), and OSX/Ubuntu at home03:30
linxehpw-toxic: http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net/03:30
soreaupw-toxic: Why can't you use ubuntu?03:30
linxehpw-toxic: recommended by a friend, but I dont know if does what you want03:30
Woody_I have a amd 64x2 but it already carries most of the load was wondering if he loadsharing could make it run smoother and not "DIm the screen" when I try and run a hundred things at once ! :-)03:31
linxehpw-toxic: I'd use ubuntu at work if I could, but I can't :P03:31
linxehpw-toxic: despite being freelance, the companies I consult at tend to all use windows because they think they can lock it down more easily03:31
soreauWoody_: You mean when applications become unresponsive?03:31
pw-toxiclinxeh, well there is a big list that forces my desktop to be windows 7: 1) i have a creative x-fi which is incompatible with linux 2) i want to view real blu-rays.. there is no official blu-ray player for linux 3) i want to use 4 screens with 2 different graphic cards  4) i need to use Photoshop CS4  while only CS2 works on WINE 5) i want to play sc2 and i think bnet doesnt support sc2 on wine (wow worked for me)03:31
linxehwhen really all they can do is stop me right clicking more easily :/03:32
lightais there a way to ping a local machine trougt internet ? (e.g I'm in localgroup A, want to ping someone from localgroup B wich is in another country)03:32
pw-toxicsoreau, look at the message i have written linxeh03:32
ruanlighta: ping <ip-address>03:32
hyperzapHI GUYS: with a UBUNTU vps, is the SSH part of the actualy OS or part of the hosting companies systems?????03:32
soulmastereh IDLE03:32
soulmaster1399 users03:32
Ginger__Would anybody know how to fix a Win system that isnt booting up through running linux off of a flash drive? Im assuming this is entirely the wrong place to ask03:32
lightaruan, this won't require exemple03:32
rwwhyperzap: openssh-server, part of the OS.03:33
skypcehow can i know if my customized kernel have the 200 lines patch?03:33
schnufflelighta: use wippien and create a P"P VPN than you can ping03:33
rwwhyperzap: some VPS providers (I'm thinking of Linode) also offer an emergency console you can ssh into; that's from the provider.03:33
lightaah yeah thx =)03:33
Ben65pw-toxic: 1) probably has a driver somewhere, seems crazy it wouldn't. 2) blu ray is playable 3) ... 4) cs1-5 work 5) sc2 works fine03:33
linxehI think 1) and 2) are solvable relatively easily (buy a new gfx card, and get a bluray player, or rip them via wine/vm). 3) should be possible with linux, 4) can be solved in a vm, albeit with a bit of a perf hit (but mainly IO which is mitigated with a decent SSD). However, in your position I'd stick with separate machines :)03:33
hyperzaprww, and it will be default SSH directory /etc/ssh so I can load fail2ban out of the box??????????????03:33
gaelfxskypce: what 200 lines patch?03:34
soreauGinger__: What do you mean 'through running linux off of a flash drive'?03:34
=== Guest92378 is now known as DarkDevil
Woody_ Ginger >U can mount UBCD on a flash drive with ubuntu and boot it in the windows mashine ...03:34
rwwhyperzap: That's Ubuntu's ssh directory. If they didn't change it, then sure.03:34
Senjaihyperzap, SSh is a protocol, the company can use whatever ssh server software they like, the default on Ubuntu is openssh-server03:34
skypcegaelfx the auto group scheduller?03:34
[segfault]Senjai: to save you the effort of trying each, the file is in the CDROM iso of the super grub disk 1, not the newer grub2 disk.03:34
acerimmerGinger__: http://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2010/01/12/windows-7-wont-boot-ubuntu-to-the-rescue/03:34
soreauGinger__: You mean 'boot from first hard disk'?03:34
Ginger__soreau, like, I installed unbuntu onto a flash drive and booted in on the laptop that has Windows on it that I am trying to fix03:34
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest52
Ginger__THANK YOU SO MUCH acerimmer. ilu03:34
skypcegaelfx i have problems with jack : Cannot create thread 1 Operation not permitted03:34
=== Guest68630 is now known as LjL-Temp
hyperzapok thanks everyone.03:34
gaelfxskypce: if your kernel is customized, then the only way you can know if it has that is to ask whoever customized it03:35
Senjai[segfault], It seems this disc can be used to boot Ubuntu right? Can't I just use this disk in whole mount it as a virtual machine and boot into Ubuntu from there03:35
soreauI want to install ubuntu to a usb stick but I only have one that is 500MB. Can it be done?03:35
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest49231
acerimmersoreau: try ubuntu minimal install03:35
gaelfxskypce: if you are running 2.6.38, it should be in there03:35
Senjaisoreau, doubt it, there might be a stripped down command line version of ubuntu that'd fit..03:35
pw-toxicBen65, there is a native driver from creative which made it possible to use at least 5.1 sound, but im missing all the configuration i can do by software to the sound which i really need, because im a very music and sound addicted person - i have a very good sound system here and i can not allow any quality issues to my sound03:35
skypcei am with 2.6.3603:36
bilalthe command has completed03:36
[segfault]Senjai: You may indeed, but like I said, I haven't really used it myself, but it seems like it should work.03:36
skypcethe latest liquorix from git03:36
Nisstyresoreau, try something like Crux or Arch Linux03:36
Senjai[segfault], Have to boot back into windows, brb03:36
pw-toxicBen65, how about 3)? can you solve this?  this is the one keeping me the most from using ubuntu03:36
Ginger__acerimmer, thats just a link to what I have already done. I was wondering if there was some sort of link i could follow that would go a step further and repair the 'hosed' os. i have already gone in and backed up my user library03:36
soreauacerimmer: Where can i find ubuntu minimal? You mean mini.iso? IIRC, that doesn't even include a bash shell03:37
Ben65pw-toxic: depends what cards, i don't see why it wouldn't work though03:37
pw-toxicBen65, actually can you tell me if i can use 4 screens with ONE AMD card which works with compiz? i could afford buying a new graphics card03:37
pw-toxicBen65, at the moment i have one AMD and one NVidia ... its hard for ubuntu to have two different graphic drivers work out of the box03:37
rnigamhow do we create a disk image of 8GB in ubuntu?03:37
soreauIs there a image that can fit on 500MB and netboot the pc from a remote server? Or is that possible03:38
blindmy computer is running kinda laggy and slow, so i used 'top' to see what was using my cpu usage.. xorg is close to 50% steadily.. how can i fix that?03:38
Ben65pw-toxic: sorry, i'm not the best at amd/ati cards03:38
bazhangrnigam, why do you need to03:38
Jordan_USenjai: You can use Super GRUB2 Disk itself to boot Ubuntu from within Virtualbox. Select the "Detect any GRUB2 config (grub.cfg)" option.03:38
acerimmerGinger__: if it's a master boot record issue, super grub has some nice tools and I THINK they work with win703:38
soreauIs there a image that can fit on 500MB usb stick and netboot the pc from a remote server? Or is that possible03:38
Ben65someone else here might be able to figure it out for you03:38
alisalaahAnyone know if the Touchscreen for the Asus ET2400IT would work in Maverick?03:38
alisalaahor how I could find out for sure, before buying03:38
Ginger__thank you acerimmer, i will look into it03:38
rnigambazhang: I am trying to create a kvm guest using virt-install03:38
ruanalisalaah: http://www.bytetips.com/touchscreen-support-ubuntu/03:38
alisalaahI notice the Dell's AIO with touchscreen is Ubuntu certified so maybe03:38
alisalaahty ruan03:38
BenSlaterErr, can someone help me?03:39
pw-toxicBen65, still 1) kills my idea of switching to ubuntu.. i nee full access to all creative options for my x-fi03:39
acerimmersoreau: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:39
soreaupw-toxic: Yes, you want one of the Radeon cards with eyefinity technology. It has 6 crtc's on one card03:39
soreauacerimmer: I want to put this on usb though03:39
Ben65pw-toxic: what options are on it that you need?03:39
BenSlaterIm on a laptop, and Im dualbooting Ubuntu with Win7..03:39
BenSlater..and I cant use sudo commands03:39
pw-toxicsoreau, yeah i know - thats why im asking if ubuntu or the native AMD drivers support 4 screen displays with compiz support03:39
BenSlater..or connect to wireless.03:39
bazhangBenSlater, ask a question then03:39
BenSlaterCan you help03:39
FloodBot2BenSlater: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:39
acerimmersoreau: usb creator should work for that.03:39
bazhangBenSlater, on a single line.03:40
=== Gskellig is now known as CharlieSheen
bilalsoreau, it didnot work for me03:40
ruanalisalaah: if it doesn't work out of the box, then you can install those drivers03:40
rnigambazhang: I am trying to create a kvm guest using virt-install03:40
soreaupw-toxic: It's the radeon driver and AFAIK it does have support with latest kernel and userspace. Find out more specifics in #radeon03:40
soreaubilal: What happened?03:40
blindxorg is using like 50% cpu usage and it's lagging the video im trying to watch, what can i do?03:40
pw-toxicBen65, toggle X-Fi Crystalizer; configure X-FI CMSS-3D; bass settings and advanced settings for each of my 6 sound channels (loudness)03:40
bilalsoreau, the command has completed03:40
soreaubilal: Oh you're the one with intel blacklisted gpu?03:40
=== CharlieSheen is now known as Gskellig
Ben65pw-toxic: hm, you could try yelling at creative to make a better driver?03:41
bilalsoreau, i have change settings in ccsm but nothing is happen03:41
pw-toxicBen65, LOL ...03:41
bazhangrnigam, using virtinst package?03:41
soreaublind: Try changing the video method for your player. ie. mplayer -vo xv /path/to/video.ext03:41
soreaubilal: You have to actually start compiz by running /opt/compiz++/bin/compiz++03:41
pw-toxicBen65, i was running ubuntu with my onboard card for about a year .. after 2 years of watinig creative released an official linux driver which actually worked with the card but there were zero options... no chance to get creative make linux support... stupid bastards...03:42
Woody_Benslater >did u check if the user is set up as administrator ?03:42
soreaubilal: Make sure window decoration and move window are enabled along with composite and opengl plugins, then try to start compiz and see what happens03:42
blindsoreau: it's a flash video :\03:42
rnigambazhang: yes using virtinst and I have an iso image that I want to install03:42
soreaublind: and?03:42
pw-toxicBen65, x-fi is super proprietary so nobody else can write drivers for it... many people tried but no one succeeded03:42
bazhanghttp://linux.die.net/man/1/virt-install rnigam this seems to be quite similar03:42
blindsoreau: how am i supposed to change the video output for flashplayer?03:42
soreaublind: Oh you mean you're playing a flash video in your browser?03:42
Ben65pw-toxic: well i tend to avoid companies that don't play nice : /03:43
bilalyes i did it, my windows border disappeared03:43
pw-toxicBen65, well but still creative had the best quality at that time03:43
soreaublind: flash sucks. It's better to download the flv and play it in a player from your hard drive03:43
bilaland cannot move windows anymore03:43
soreaubilal: With Alt+Drag?03:43
pw-toxicBen65, i guess asus released a good sound card with linux support but im not sure03:43
soreaubilal: Run 'metacity --replace' to get the default wm back03:43
Ben65i just use onboard sound03:43
BenSlaterWoody_ I thought it auto set me as an admin? Im the only user.03:44
bilalyes, default wm is back03:44
blindsoreau: i know. but it's convenient.. I frequently run videos from this site no problem, I don't think it's 100% flash's fault it's so laggy right now. maybe an underlying issue..?03:44
skypcea gift , http://code.google.com/p/realtimenetbookkernel/downloads/list03:44
soreaumillertimek1a2m3: What's with the adjusted/new nick?03:44
bazhangskypce, dont paste here03:44
millertimek1a2m3soreau, AdamMan03:45
millertimek1a2m3soreau, if I don't use millertimek1a2m303:45
soreaubilal: If you have window decoration enabled and starting compiz leaves you without borders, it likely means that it failed to start. Do you get any output from your terminal? If so, pastebin it to ubuntu.pastebin.com03:45
ruanno, paste.ubuntu.com03:46
ruanor just pastebin.com03:46
soreauruan: Does it make a difference?03:46
blindubuntu.pastebin.com will work03:46
soreau! paste | ruan03:46
ubotturuan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:46
rnigambazhang: So it is ok to not to create a .img or .qcow2 file from before hand and just use -s option in virt-install?03:46
Woody_benslater :System-administration-users and Groups-Account type ... check if its set up ...if it doesnt say administrator change it to administrator03:46
ruandid pastebin create a ubuntu section?03:46
blindno, you can create your own subdomain03:46
bilali want to roll back the command bcoz it covers a  lot of disk space03:46
blindtry ruan.pastebin.com03:47
soreauruan: Possibly, they're making all kinds of changes03:47
ruannope, ruan.pastebin.com redirects me to pastebin.com03:47
blindoh. it looks like they've stopped that. :| they've changed it semi-recently03:47
ruanand so does ubuntu.pastebin.com03:47
bazhangrnigam, no idea there sorry, that man page is the extent of my knowledge03:47
bilal<soreau> i want to rollback the executed command and install ccsm03:48
soreauruan: as does paste.ubuntu.com03:48
soreaubilal: The default compiz 0.8 should still work just as before03:48
ruansoreau: paste.ubuntu.com doesn't redirect me anywhere03:48
soreaubilal: 'compiz --replace' should get you compiz 0.8 and ccsm should be ccsm 0.8 (just close ccsm 0.9 first)03:48
bilalok, is there is other way to unblacklist intel 8284503:49
Jordan_Uruan: paste.ubuntu.com is not affiliated with pastebin.com. It is run by Canonical.03:49
pw-toxicBen65, actually im getting interested into reinstalling ubuntu and to by an eyefininty AMD card ;)03:49
BenSlaterWhere do I find that Woody_ ?03:49
BenSlaterIm a Ubuntu noobie03:49
soreauruan: oh weird, i thought it just did here03:49
carbone47#join /sherbrooke03:49
soreaucarbone47: Switch the # and the /03:49
speedyfor creating usb and cd images use Startup Disk Creator form applications > system tools or use UNetbootin03:50
ruanBenSlater: look at the application/places/system bar03:50
Woody_ benslater :In the gnome panel at the top ... System-administration-users and Groups-Account type ... check if its set up ...if it doesnt say administrator change it to administrator03:50
soreauBenSlater: What do you mean you 'cant' use sudo?03:50
richardcavellI'd just like to say I think that the Ubuntu font and its display rocks.  It's much nicer than my OS X or Windows displays.  Web pages look nice and smooth but crisp at the same time.  Who agrees with me?03:51
bilalsoreau: is there other way to unblacklist intel 84503:51
Jordan_U!ot | richardcavell03:51
ubotturichardcavell: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:51
BenSlaterIt asks for my pass, then it wont accept my user pass soreau :/03:51
soreaubilal: As I explained before, your gpu is blacklisted for the reason that the intel driver no longer supports this card well enough to run compiz03:53
Woody_Benslater>it doesnt display your password when typing but it does type it ...did you type your whole password did you check the caps lock ?03:53
soreaubilal: If you would like, you can try booting with 'i915.modeset=0' as a kernel parameter to use the older intel driver03:53
nsd_Anyone know how I can get line out to play over my speakers?03:53
BenSlaterIt doesnt display it.. thats why03:54
speedyRoll ur own Distro flavor with all ur favorite apps and tools with UCK works!03:54
BenSlaterI thought it wasnt typing03:54
Woody_Benslater>did you check if your set up as administrator ?03:54
bilalok thanx03:54
magpiie_i am having trouble downloading programs, any program, it keeps telling me source file could not be read. any ideas?03:54
soreaunsd_: line out? Usually line out is assumed to be amplified..03:54
misc--hi. I'm connected to wireless. If I connect to another wireless, then scripts in /etc/network/if-up.d are supposed to run but they don't. Any ideas why? I thought these scripts are all supposed to run when network comes up.03:54
BenSlater..I cant without rebooting03:54
Woody_did it work ?03:54
BenSlaterBecause my wireless wont work:(03:54
nsd_soreau: Line in, I mean, sorry03:55
soreaumisc--: What makes you think these scripts are supposed to run?03:55
BenSlater..and I dont know where to get the driver..03:55
Woody_just type the full password ..it wont show it03:55
soreaunsd_: Oh, just go to 'alsamixer' and enable tracks with 'm', navigate with arrow keys03:55
ehidlesheesh, 375G down, about 2500G to go... gonna take a while03:55
misc--soreau: just from what I'v read... run-parts is supposed to handle it I think. It was working half an hour ago.. then I did another test just now and all of a sudden, they're not being ran03:55
BenSlaterWoody_ where do I get the wireless driver?03:55
soreauBenSlater: Yea, it doesn't show your password on terminal.. it's a security feature03:55
soreauBenSlater: Which wifi chipset do you have?03:56
speedyit is not supposed to show pasword03:56
speedysecurity feature03:56
nsd_soreau: That worked great, thanks! I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out how to do the same in gnome-volume-control, but to no avai03:56
BenSlaterWifi chipset?03:56
BenSlaterHow do I check? >.<03:56
soreaunsd_: Cool :)03:56
edbianBenSlater, lspci -k03:57
soreauBenSlater: If it's on the pci bus, 'lspci'03:57
misc--if I run run-parts /etc/network/if-up.d then they are all run. So, for some reason, run-parts doesn't run when I reconnect to wireless. I can only assume that the interface isn't actually being shut down03:57
BenSlaterI cant run Ubuntu commands atm03:57
anonbootsYes hello. I am just curious if anyone else has experienced Firefox sucking epically since the last update?03:57
BenSlaterIm on Win7 atm, because I cant speak on here whilst on Ubuntu, because wireless wont work..03:58
edbiananonboots, Just grab firefox4  it's great :)03:58
soreauBenSlater: You'll have to boot ubuntu and get the output but it would be much easier if you can plug directly to hard wire internet for the time being so we can more effectively diagnose the issue03:58
ruananonboots: how so? mine runs smoothly, havent crashed once03:58
anonbootsedbian Do I only need to install from the get repository?03:58
BenSlaterI cant03:58
BenSlaterMy ethernet cable is in the loft somewhere:/03:59
rnigambazhang: Can you tell me how do I create a disk image of size 10GB (kvm1.img)? I am new to Linux in general?03:59
edbiananonboots, (it's git) no, just go to the website, they have a compiled version for linux.03:59
visual1cehow can i check if java is installed?03:59
Woody_benslater :did u try a booting with a hard line03:59
soreauBenSlater: Well it's going to take a lot more work then03:59
=== Unrelandom is now known as Senix
[thor]BenSlater: does the LiveCD work with your wireles?03:59
rnigamCan anyone tell me how do I create a disk image of size 10GB (kvm1.img)? I am new to Linux in general?03:59
anonbootsedbian Because mostly streaming and whatnot seems to be giving me trouble. Youtube has been failing.03:59
BenSlaterErr, I'll come back tomorrow:/03:59
BenSlaterIts 3:5903:59
KoongAre there any drivers for GMA3150?03:59
magpiie_anonboots< are you getting scrambled text at the bottom of the screen when firefox is changing page?03:59
visual1ceso i went to a java plugin test page in firefox and doesn't seem to be working03:59
anonbootsVideos wont play04:00
edbiananonboots, try firefox4 it's lighter and crashes less (it is beta 12 though!)04:00
BenSlaterIm tired, so it'll be even harder.. I'll pop in tomorrow.. bye.04:00
Woody_benslater laterz !04:00
=== vivi is now known as honey_butter
KoongAre there any drivers for intel gma3150??04:00
ruanvisual1ce: do you have the icetea plugin?04:00
visual1celemme see04:00
soreauvisual1ce: By default, an open java implementation is installed called icedtea04:00
soreau! java | visual1ce04:00
ubottuvisual1ce: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.04:00
ruani had the same prob before i installed icedtea04:01
[thor]Koong: http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html04:01
visual1cei have them both installed04:01
Woody_So is there a easy go to link on load sharing ..04:01
visual1ceruntime and web start04:01
overcluckerrnigam: dd if=/dev/zero of=kvm1.img bs=1M count=1000004:02
Woody_Soreau> So is there a easy go to link on load sharing .. ?04:03
rnigamoverclucker: Thanks.04:04
Koong[thor], I tried adding this https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates after I read the forums04:04
soreauWoody_: I have no idea, never really had a need to look into it04:04
soreauWoody_: maybe try googling or ##linux04:04
KoongThey say that this ppa can help solve the problem of driversfor GMA315004:04
=== vivi is now known as honey_butter
overcluckerrnigam: that's really just a large empty file, you'll probably need to do more to it04:05
Woody_Soreua :Sweet i'll prob be checking it out after the seven windows responds .... aagh DL'S  !! Laterz peeps !04:05
yeikwow its quiet for a moment04:06
linxeh :)04:07
yeikanybody know a good alternative to ubuntu one, or if its possible to do something like ubuntu one on your own box?04:08
[thor]Koong: i'm not familiar with that repo04:08
magpiie_whenever i try downloading a program, i get a varience of this message (/tmp/HVjn+1PZ.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.) anyone help?04:09
jribleapy0yo: see "C-a a" in the manual or set a different escape key04:09
magpiie_i am trying to instal tor04:09
[segfault]yeik: dropbox maybe?04:10
=== elric is now known as elricL
yeiklol, dropbox. im trying to do it on my own, teamdrive is closer to what i want, but it isn't open source and is limited to 10gb04:14
yeikis there a netsplit going on?04:14
* Guest56472 s04:15
=== Guest56472 is now known as jade_qq
jade_qqhi,all,i have a problem.i can open a website begin https,but can't http,foe example i can open https://www.gmail.com,but i can't open http://www.google.com.how can i do ?thanks04:15
jade_qqi can ping,and resolve the domain,but i can't use wget,it tell me no route to host04:16
EvilPhoenixjade_qq:  why do you want to wget google?04:16
Jordan_Ujade_qq: Are you beind a firewall that might be blocking port 80?04:16
jade_qqhao can i see the firewall04:17
dv310p3rhow is it that I can SSH into my server but I can't SFTP into it04:17
jade_qqi only test the network is well04:17
edbiandv310p3r, Perhaps it does not have sftp installed / running.  (They are separate apps after all)04:18
jade_qqi use route ,default         UG    0      0        0 eth004:18
juxtawhat's a reasonable size for a root filesystem running 10.04 LTS? is 10-20gb likely to be exhuasted?04:18
edbianjuxta, I think 10 Gb is enough.  My root is ~3.5 Gb04:18
edbianMost people do not exceed 10Gb but they might come close04:18
juxtathanks edbian04:19
jade_qqhelp~~~,what can i do04:19
tensorpuddingi've got 31gb used04:19
juxtatensorpudding, on / alone? or is that include /home, /srv etc?04:19
[thor]juxta: i use the about the same as tensorpudding04:19
jribtensorpudding: with separate /home?04:19
edbiantensorpudding, You have everything installed04:19
juxtaincluding* even04:19
[thor]juxta: not including /home/04:19
tensorpuddingthat's including home, but not any of my multimedia files04:19
jribjuxta: I'm at 9.7gb (with almost everything under the sun installed)04:20
juxtathanks all :)04:20
juxtaI might go 15GB in that case04:20
iflemajuxta: go with 20 if ya got it and plan on using ya os04:20
tensorpuddingi'll have to go figure out how much /home uses04:20
gordonzoanyone use cherokee around these parts?04:20
jribjuxta: yeah unless space is really a big issue, I'd just go with 2004:21
yeikif you got the space, go bigger, its safer. if you never use it, then luckily all you have to do is shrink it.04:21
jade_qqhow can i change route table04:21
juxtaresizing would be tricky as / will be on a software raid04:21
juxtaI'll go 20 to be safe though04:22
win189hi is there a ipconfig menu for ubuntu server04:22
tensorpuddingwin189: ifconfig?04:22
bazhangwin189, ifconfig04:22
jribwin189: ifconfig I guess?  you should say what you want to do04:22
tensorpuddingwin189: it's not a menu though04:22
yeikshould be easy to backup and restore to a smaller partition though.04:22
win189i want to remove the predefined settings that i have for my server to auto or to another set but i am useto ipconfigmenu04:23
ruanhow do i figure out which usb serial port Bus 002 Device 003 is?04:23
jade_qqhow can i change route table?thanks~04:23
ruani've tried /dev/ttyS3 but that didn't work04:24
=== Semitones is now known as semitones
tensorpuddingwin189: which predefined settings do you refer04:24
win189cause once the server is on the net its easy for me04:25
win189my ipsettings04:25
chasrruan: try sudu lsusb04:25
win189i want to zero it out and make it auto for now04:25
tensorpuddingauto meaning getting addresses through dhcp?04:25
ruanchasr: i did, but how do i get the /dev/id?04:25
nOStahlhey guys, is it possible to use one wifi adapter to connect to a network and share it with another wifi adapter04:26
kaolbrecHey guys, is it just me or are the 10.04.1 torrents (on ubuntu.com) not there any more?04:26
evilsushianyone have a video tutorial for making packages/04:26
kaolbrecAll the links to the 10.10 files work, but the 10.04.1 torrents return file-not-found04:27
tensorpuddingwin189: you can edit /etc/network/interfaces to configure interfaces04:27
win189using pico right04:27
chasrruan: i think they'rre in /dev/bus/usb04:27
rwwkaolbrec: they got removed when 10.04.2 came out04:28
kaolbrecrww: ugh. And they couldn't be bothered to change one measly character?04:28
rwwkaolbrec: where?04:28
tensorpuddingethernet adapters are labelled eth0, eth1, etc.04:28
kaolbrecAll the LTS releases say 10.04.1, and go nowhere04:29
kaolbrecChange the .1 to .2 in the url, get the working torrent. Lazy.04:29
tensorpuddingso you want a line such as auto eth0, then iface eth0 inet dhcp04:29
rwwkaolbrec: thanks, I'll go find/file a bug about it.04:29
ruanchasr: i tried both devices and it doesn't work :/04:29
tensorpuddingthen you can /etc/init.d/networking restart04:29
nOStahlis there a way to bridge wifi adapter shared to wifi adapter04:29
kaolbrecrww: already writing an email ;)04:29
flash_dudefashget alternatives for linux?04:30
rwwkaolbrec: file a bug against https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content instead.04:30
kaolbrecAlrighty then04:30
yeikanybody know a good alternative to ubuntu one, or if its possible to do something like ubuntu one on your own box?04:30
blindsoreau: i tried that mplayer -vo xv trick and videos do play much much better, even with the cpu % high, thanks04:30
chasrruan: what are trying to do?04:30
rwwyeik: dropbox, and no, not currently.04:30
ruanchasr: i'm trying to setup upsilon, for my ups04:31
rwwyeik: the Ubuntu One server code is not open source.04:31
yeikrww: i was thinking something not in the cloud, i know of dropbox04:31
flash_dudeLol fail04:31
soreaublind: np04:31
abd1there is aproblem04:31
rwwkaolbrec: ah, someone filed one already. bug 71030204:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 710302 in ubuntu-website-content "Invalid torrent-link to 10.04.1 Netbook Edition" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71030204:31
flash_dudefirst thing to do after install ubuntu sudo apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-one04:31
yeikrww: too bad one server isn't open source.04:31
abd1related to ubuntu 10.0404:31
kaolbrecrww: excellent. How long ago was that?04:31
win189tensorpudding thanks a lot04:32
rwwkaolbrec: the comment about 10.04.2 was 2011-02-18. *facepalm*04:32
* rww has negative opinions of Canonical's speediness04:32
yeikrww: do you know if there is plans on making ubuntu one open source?04:32
kaolbrecrww: I agree. It's a 10 second job for ctrl+h in the text editor of your choice.04:33
rwwyeik: Canonical does not plan to do this as far as I'm aware. It should be possible to write an open source server replacement, but I don't know of anyone completing something like that.04:33
abd1my laptop gets stuck when i use more than two aplications04:33
abd1there is 1004:33
abd1there is 10.0404:33
josefigWhat app is good for managing the battery in a laptop? I'm using ubuntu 10.10 + the macbunutu theme04:33
yeikrww: thanks, i'll work on teamdrive, or something like ifolder, or create some scripts to do the same thing04:34
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xpticalHi all.  Anyone else using a fingerprint scanner for login?04:35
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest55198
win189tensorpudding one more thing according to apt-get i have openssh-server installed but i still cant seem to connect to it04:35
=== Guest49231 is now known as LjL-Temp
tensorpuddingwin189: is it running04:35
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest77772
win189i found out why lol04:36
chasrruan: i never tried that. My experience is that if something doesn't work when you connect it usb it's because you need a missing driver04:36
speedya good app for manageing iPod 32 gb04:36
ruanchasr: i installed the drivers for it04:36
ruanchasr: i just need to get the right port number04:36
pwnstarwhat is the recommended environment for a production server? 32 or 64 bit?04:36
clu3how do i start nm-applet?04:37
soreauclu3: Alt+F2 and type nm-applet --sm-disable04:37
rww!pm | abd104:37
ubottuabd1: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:37
soreauclu3: You might want to kill any running instance first with 'killall nm-appet'04:38
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clu3where are these applets generally ?04:39
gordonzodoes anyone have a quick way to test if crontab is working? I am not seeing it update the status report in my drupal installation.04:39
soreauclu3: You mean on the screen? It should display in gnome-panel's notification area04:39
soreaugordonzo: How often do you have it firing?04:40
clu3im following that to setup my laptop as wifi hotspot04:40
clu3but can't do step 104:40
clu31# Left click on the NetworkManager icon in the panel.04:40
gordonzoevery hour, unfortunately its showing a day or so without an update04:40
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win189what is the name of the multi screen command for ssh is it call screen04:41
win189(cant spell worth crap today_04:41
ruanwin189: i think it's called screen..04:41
clu3soreau, is nm-applet supposed to show up a GUI ?04:41
ChogyDansoreau: what is sm-disable?04:42
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soreauChogyDan: Disables session management04:43
soreauclu3: Yes, in the gnome-panel 'tray'04:43
abd1I am going to install karmic koala on a sony vaio from usb but after first screen got stuck04:44
ruanabd1: why not maverick?04:45
abd1ruan: as there are a lot of problem there04:46
magpiie_i installed tor via synaptic package manager and it is pointing to the wrong file when i start vidalia. where can i find the proper tor executable on my hd?04:46
ruanmagpiie_: you could try reinstalling it, but it could be in usr/lib04:48
magpiie_i have reinstalled it 4 times now, in the /usr/lib all that is listed is torsocks04:49
win189ruan are u farmilular with setting up hdds from command line04:49
hylianwhere is the temporary folder for epiphany? it is not in /tmp04:49
ruanwin189: not completely, but i have experience with finding names and mounting04:51
ruanwin189: also gparted04:51
win189k then ill rely on webmin for this then04:52
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ruanwin189: what exactly do you want to do though?04:52
win189i added 2 new hard drives04:52
win189but ill see if i can get it to work on my own04:53
ruanwin189: you added 2 new hard drives, yeah, but what do you want to do?04:53
DaGeek247is it possibl to use the pc speaker instead of normal ones for audio?04:53
win189mount them04:54
ruanwin189: get the names with sudo fdisk -l04:54
win189but i seem to be able to do it with webmin so nvm04:54
hylianDaGeek247, unless you are referring to using them via a programming language, no.04:54
magpiie_do i need to defragment my hd with ubuntu?04:54
DaGeek247no programs tht allow it at all?04:55
hylianwhere is the temporary folder for epiphany? it is not in /tmp04:55
DaGeek247magpiie no04:55
magpiie_ok thanks04:55
ubottuThe default Ubuntu filesystem (ext4) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.04:55
ruanmagpiie_: see above04:55
magpiie_<hylian> have you tried in the program settings?04:56
hylianDaGeek247, yes, you can use them, but they only make simple noises, they are for problem solving. you can make them play tones, but you can't use them to, for say, play music.04:56
hylianmagpiie_, tried what?04:56
magpiie_in epiphany settings, look for where the temp folder is04:57
hylianmagpiie_, yes, but to no avail. i have googled it for the last half our as well.04:57
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magpiie_ahh, sorry then, i am not familiar with the program, i assumed it might have been somewhere in the settings04:58
Random832gah that diagram annoys me04:58
DaGeek247hylian why do you need this info?04:58
Random832the "filesystem" shown relys on byte color to store information [boundary between filenames and location addresses]04:58
RealEyesHow do I install java on 10.10?04:59
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.04:59
bc81hi.  when i'm watching any (flash) youtube video and click fullscreen, it goes fullscreen but the video pauses.  then when i click fullscreen again it goes back to normal and the video starts playing again.  what gives?  ubuntu 10.10 fully updated04:59
hylianDaGeek247, it is infenitely usefull. for example, looked ata picture, and now don't know where you saw it? no problem, it will most likely be in the temp folder. saw a youtube video, and don't want to download it again to watch it, again, in the temp folder.04:59
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash05:00
DaGeek247he doesnt nrd to insral, flash05:00
DaGeek247he is running into the same problem all ubnu users have05:01
shadghostDaGeek247: it still has troubleshooting at botom, and explains that05:01
shadghostor it use to05:01
hylianwhere is the temporary folder for epiphany? it is not in /tmp05:01
j_dalmondguys, does anyone know how to disable system messages like "ur flash drive is mounted" in cairo-dock?05:01
j_dalmondany ideas?05:03
soreauj_dalmond: It's probably somewhere in cairo settings. Check their website or ask in #cairo-dock05:04
mettacairo-dock, is that in a default install of ubuntu?05:05
mettanever heard of it05:05
digirakmetta: i think it comes with the awn05:05
hylianj_dalmond, sorry, trying to solve my own problem, let me take a look05:05
mettaoh yeah, supposedly chrome is in the software center, according to the 64bit 10.10 installer, but i checked and it's not there05:05
Rob235_ahh my app is halfway done05:05
soreaumetta: It's a highly configurable, functional, themeable dock that can mimic such styles as OSX dock and so on05:05
Rob235_at least05:05
j_dalmondsoreau, thx for reply, already tried settings, but it's impossible to disable gnome integration and dbus disabling doesn't gove a result05:06
mettasoreau: will it be included in natty?05:06
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j_dalmondhylian, oh, nothing to sorry for, thk you ))05:06
soreaumetta: Sure, it's been in the repos for a couple years at least05:06
soreau!info cairo-dock | metta05:06
ubottumetta: cairo-dock (source: cairo-dock): A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0~4-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 8 kB, installed size 36 kB05:06
j_dalmondmetta, cairo-dock is not default, but is in repos05:06
soreaumetta: You can see how it works and what it can do on youtube or their site05:07
RealEyesI just put a HDD in from my friend's win7 computer that had a RAID set-up. I have win7x64 installed on it (sdb). I have my original HDD with ubuntu 10.10 & win7x86 (sda). How do I delete the win7x86 partition and allow Ubuntu the extra space on (sda)?05:07
mettasoreau: i don't watch commercials05:07
hylianj_dalmond, no, sorry... but there is a cairo-dock only channel right here at freenode, #cairo-dock05:08
ruanRealEyes: you can use gparted05:08
soreaumetta: try it yourself then :)05:08
SirCaneRealEyes gparted05:08
mettasoreau: too busy05:08
RealEyesI have gparted, but I don't know what to click :P05:08
j_dalmondhylian, already there, thx :-)05:08
leapy0yowhat replaced the /boot/grub/menu.lst ?05:08
mettaif it's that good, i'm sure i'll use it in a future version05:08
RealEyesI want to know if I need to re-install grub if I delete the win7 partition on sda.05:08
j_dalmondRealEyes, just use gparted in ubuntu and then sudo update-grub ;-)05:08
RealEyesbecause I don't think os-prober can see my sdb05:08
ruanRealEyes: just don't partition the drive while it is mounted05:09
RealEyesSo, I should boot from live CD to do it?05:09
hyliananyone here know where epiphany stores temporary data like flv files? it is not in /tmp05:09
soreaumetta: They actually have an implementation of the icon animation on their website glx-dock.org05:09
ruanRealEyes: yeah05:09
RealEyesBecause Im on that drive now.05:09
ruanRealEyes: livecd has gparted05:09
RealEyesalright cool05:09
RealEyesthanks :D05:09
mettasoreau: are you a developer for it?05:10
ruanRealEyes: so, boot off the livecd, remove sdb, resize ubuntu, and update-grub205:11
RealEyesremove sdb?05:11
RealEyesyou mean, yeah, hah!05:12
ChogyDanruan: you may need to chroot to update grub05:12
shadghostbc81: also, you can enable html5 player for chrome (and ff i think too) for youtube instead of flash05:12
shadghostit works better05:12
shadghost<--- was trying to figure out why he did nto have the problum then i realised why05:13
RealEyessomething must be wrong with twitter tonight <.<;05:13
ChogyDanruan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115624005:14
hyliananyone know where epiphany stores it's temp data? it is not /tmp, this i know.05:16
ruanRealEyes: so yeah, use chroot05:16
hiexpohola all05:17
j_dalmondhylian, probaby, home folder, then .local or .epiphany05:17
RealEyesuse chroot now?05:17
ruanRealEyes: chroot before updating grub05:17
hylianj_dalmond, my thoughts too, and while there are some files there, like plugins, none of the pictures or flv files or html files are there, so it's not the proper directory. i'll try local though, didnt think of that05:18
RealEyesidk how2 do dat05:18
bc81thanks shadghost, i'll try chromium05:18
RealEyesresize ubuntu and -then- chroot? :P05:18
j_dalmondhylian, one more variant in /usr/share/epiphany - but that's unlikely05:18
ruanRealEyes: yes05:19
RealEyes5. Do what you have to do and then exit chroot05:19
RealEyesidk what that is05:19
RealEyesidk what exactly I '05:19
ruanRealEyes: update-grub205:19
RealEyeshave to do05:19
RealEyesdoes not compute :|05:20
ruanRealEyes: after deleting sda and resizing, sudo update-grub205:20
RealEyesthats it?05:20
ruanRealEyes: yep05:20
RealEyesYou already told me to do that.05:20
RealEyesWhat's all this chroot biz?05:20
hylianj_dalmond, i actually checked that out too. epiphany has several places where it saves data, but not the main cache. it's not that big of a deal, i just like to look through the cache for pics and what not that i was interested in but decided not to save...05:21
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot05:21
* RealEyes @_@05:22
ChogyDanRealEyes: do you know how to run commands in general?05:22
j_dalmondhylian, well, u could just visit source site again if u remember. i'm sure it's address is in history05:22
RealEyesBut, I need like a step-by-step to do all this.05:23
RealEyesI've struggled with grub2 and my HDDs forever.05:23
RealEyesSomething always goes wonky.05:23
ChogyDanRealEyes: if you just run update-grub, it will try to do it against the livecd filesystem, but you want it against your hdd05:23
christhecoolboyhey all :)05:23
RealEyesAh, I see.05:23
christhecoolboyI got a tech problem...05:23
hylianj_dalmond, yeah. it's not that big of a deal. i just hate it when there is no easy documentation for this stuff. this is a rather commonly asked question when it comes to web browsers, and i can tell you where firefox has it's tmp folder right off the spot.05:23
christhecoolboyI need to be able to record PC audio05:23
christhecoolboyI did have  a stereo mix card05:23
christhecoolboyHow do I make it work on ubuntu?05:24
christhecoolboyI cant see it under sounds05:24
bc81christhecoolboy: if you mean you want to record what you hear, this tutorial worked for me: http://stream-recorder.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15384&postcount=205:24
ChogyDanRealEyes: you need to replace /mount/point with the folder to which you mount your hdd partition when you are on the livecd.  Then run steps 1-4 of the chroot, update-grub, exit05:24
RealEyesI think someone is using a rootkit on my PC.05:24
ruanRealEyes: lol, why?05:25
j_dalmondhylian, agree. well, u might want to try midori if u need i lightweight browser. works pretty f***ing good :-)05:25
Wiesshunda rootkit on linux?05:25
RealEyesthings work when they want to05:25
christhecoolboybc81, I'll try that, I need to record my voice and what I hear at the same time05:25
RealEyesinet is slow05:25
RealEyestwitter is slow05:25
RealEyesalways fails05:25
J697Whats the deal with not being able to cd into a directory with spaces in it? <from terminal> Is there a way too?05:25
RealEyeschromuim is acting up05:25
WiesshundRealEyes it's kind of hard to rootkit linux05:25
ruanJ697: you can cd into a dir with spaces in it05:26
J697It won't let me05:26
hylianj_dalmond, i just sudo apt-get removed midori, i didnt like it, a little too buggy. epiphany is running better by far. and firefox, well, it's such a hog i have actually gotten the greyed out screen of bogged down-ism.05:26
bc81christhecoolboy: i think audacity has this option, Edit > Preferences > Recording > Overdub (Play other tracks while recording new one)05:26
ruanJ697: type cd, first few letters, then tab05:26
MohammadAGescape\ the\ spaces05:26
christhecoolboyits not on audacity... bc8105:26
christhecoolboyon a Screen recorder05:26
MohammadAGlike i did there ^05:26
bc81christhecoolboy: oh, i see05:26
RealEyesit doesnt say sda or sdb anywhere in this tut.05:26
RealEyesNot very clear on what I have to do, still.05:27
J697ruan, oh, cool thanks05:27
ruanRealEyes: basically the root of your drive05:27
hylianRealEyes, your not running fedora are you? LOL.05:27
WiesshundJ697 cd "directory name with spaces"05:28
ChogyDanRealEyes: you have to figure that out after you gpart05:28
RealEyesyeah, think I'll just forget it :P05:28
qinchuanqingwhat the topic now05:28
j_dalmondhylian, agree about firefox, but after a few recent updates it works good even with _many_ multiple tabs, though some time ago it was _unbearably_ f***ing slow. well, but chromium is also _very_ good05:28
hylianRealEyes, one thing that could be a decent diagnostic aid for you would be to boot from a live cd of some kind, and see if there is a dramatic internet speed difference.05:29
ruanfirefox never runs slowly for me.05:29
BlackDragonTechyI've used FF since 0.8 but I ended up switching to Chrome.05:30
hylianj_dalmond, good to know. for now i am still going to stick with epiphany. i can't complain, it's not a need to know where the cache is.05:30
RealEyesI wonder a lot about security and VPNs and stupid crap like that.05:30
RealEyesTruth is, I haven't a clue as to what I'm doin.05:30
j_dalmondhylian, well, good then -)05:31
hylianj_dalmond, ahh, i see you are a cyclops05:32
j_dalmondhylian, cyclops? what do u mean?05:32
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speedrunnerG55im haveing troubbe waching youtube videos05:33
hylianj_dalmond, your smiley was a  - ) (one eye) : )05:34
TheyainFor some reason if I am plugged into my netbook's AC adapter and I have any external speakers hooked up through my headphone port, I get an annoying buzz/hum.  Its a 60hz buzz (the same kind an amp with no guitar makes).  This does not and did not (As I haven't used Windows in about 10 months) happen in windows.  It doesn't matter what outlet I'm plugged into (my house, school, etc).  This is speaker independent as well.05:34
speedrunnerG55im using google chromium05:34
j_dalmondhylian, :-D ok. sometimes i am05:34
WiesshundTheyain this only happen in the headphones?05:34
Guest73368Do you have any addons in chromium05:34
TheyainWiesshund: No only on external and only on linux05:35
Guest73368what do u see on the page with the youtube video05:35
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speedrunnerG55it even play05:35
speedrunnerG55but i dont see it05:35
FloodBot2speedrunnerG55: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
speedrunnerG55i hear it and i can interact with it05:35
j_dalmondhylian, well, actually, it's kind of wide closed eyes with smile05:35
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Guest73368you cant see it though>05:36
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TheyainAnyone got a clue? :o05:36
dragonkeeperhow do i create a virtual device that streams the sound played through my default sound card so it can be used as a mic ?05:36
Guest73368i dont think thats possible05:36
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speedrunnerG55ni i cant see it, i can hear it and i can controol it05:36
Guest73368not you that other guy05:36
* hylian understands05:37
Guest73368but for you, does it work in firefox or any other web browser05:37
speedrunnerG55didnt check05:37
Guest73368because chromium is pretty new05:37
ruaneverything works in firefox for me.05:37
dragonkeepermust be possible.   windows does the same , but its called stereo mix05:37
iTannerOkay, I need sine hoarded help... Im not sure how to realize this partition, im on a live cd and I right click, resize, but I cant resize it. I have 25 gb of unallocated soda though05:38
ruanjava, flash, embedded mp3s05:38
ActionParsnipGuest73368: relese first in Jan 2009, 2 years is new?05:38
ruanunallocated soda.. lol'd05:38
iTannerSpace, not soda05:38
iTannerIm on my iPod, autocorrect etc05:38
ActionParsnipdragonkeeper: i can reel of a list of stuff ubuntu does that windows can't. Its a different OS so has different abilities05:39
speedrunnerG55yes it works there05:39
Guest73368well, what version of ubuntu are you using?05:39
xpticalprinter working05:39
xpticalscanner working05:39
xpticalfingerprint reader working05:39
Wiesshunddid he say unallocated soda?05:40
Guest73368chromium is new for ubuntu, its probably just a bug05:40
xpticalhmm.  maybe I should do a backup next05:40
Aikarok... so earlier i was messing with window manager setting in gconf and got my self screwed up, and someone told me the .xml file to edit to get it reset back to metacity... well, i just noticed my Ubuntu Tweak is missing a ton of its options.. any idea why, did me editing the .xml file raw screw it up?05:40
speedrunnerG55ok bye. of to bed05:40
iTannerIf anyone has an idea, i'd prefer a pm, keeping up with pings is a nightmare on a tiny screen05:40
dragonkeeperActionParsnip  i know. but curious if its possible. i see pulse audio can monitor the sound in pavucontrol  but i cant see how it can be used as a mic05:40
hiexposup ActionParsnip05:41
ActionParsnipspeedrunnerG55: could try the daily build ppa05:41
ActionParsniphiexpo: howdy y'all05:41
iTannerAnd by hoarded I meant towered05:41
iTannerG p a r t e d05:41
ActionParsnipspeedrunnerG55: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install chromium-browser05:41
ruanchromium installs here without another repositry05:42
Wiesshunddragonkeeper you tried using alsamixer?05:42
ActionParsnipruan: its the daily build :)05:42
ruanActionParsnip: ah05:42
j_dalmondhylian, first google result /home/username/.gnome2/epiphany - then cache or favicon_cache05:43
ActionParsnipruan: my version is: 11.0.692.0 (77027) Ubuntu 11.0405:43
CheBuzz_HomeI have an Asus computer with HDMI out connected to a Samsung TV.  I have connected the cable, and enabled the display (that was auto-detected) in the nVidia control panel, but the TV is telling me that the source is not connected.  Any chance anybody has encountered a similar situation, and found a solution?05:43
ruanActionParsnip: 10.10 here05:43
Blackout77CheBuzz, try changing the input on the TV05:43
ActionParsnipruan: in maverick it's at 7535705:44
dragonkeeperWiesshund  im trying do it with pulseaudio "pavucontrol"05:44
Wiesshunddragonkeeper you might try looking in alsamixer05:45
ActionParsnipCheBuzz_Home: tried changing res or refresh rate?05:45
RealEyeshow does one optimize internetz on ubuntu?05:45
dragonkeeperill look05:45
ruanRealEyes: lol, you can use BleachBit, its like an ubuntu equivalent of ccleaner05:45
Blackout77RealEyes: What internet browser u use?05:45
WiesshundRealEyes could you give a bit more detail?05:45
ActionParsnipRealEyes: I can give you some nice sysctl.conf lines to add05:45
Blackout77Listen to ruan05:46
RealEyesActionParsnip. You've helped me before! What do those lines do, eh? O.o;05:46
ActionParsnipRealEyes: give more buffers to network stuffs, makes things nice05:46
RealEyesSounds nice.05:47
CheBuzz_HomeActionParsnip: Yes.  The TV is fully capable of 1080p, but I have also tried 720.05:47
RealEyescan haz?05:47
ActionParsnipRealEyes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576315/05:47
ActionParsnipRealEyes: add those to /etc/sysctl.conf     then save the new file and run:  sudo sysctl -p     I assume you have more than 1Gb RAM05:47
ruanyep, he has more than 1g ram05:48
ActionParsnipCheBuzz_Home: thats all I got. HDMI can be a real pain05:48
ActionParsnipruan: safe not to assume05:48
ruanrunning windows7 without more than 1gb of ram isn't such a good idea05:48
ActionParsnipRealEyes: if you use firefox there are tweaks in about:config you can do05:49
ruanyep, pipelining05:49
Blackout77yea, and where the hell do u get a computer with less than 2gb of ram anyways?05:49
ActionParsnipruan: still possible, its made to run lighter than vista. there are youtube vids of people running it on some real old systems05:49
ActionParsnipBlackout77: my fileserver has 128Mb05:50
ruanActionParsnip: yeah but he's running 64bit05:50
Blackout77damn, i stand corrected05:50
Blackout77well still05:50
ActionParsnipBlackout77: all it does is run samba and cron to backup :)05:50
Blackout77XD. Nice05:50
ActionParsnipruan: doesn't matter, you can run 64bit OS on 1Gb ram and it will work05:51
RealEyeshow do i open /etc/sys... as root?05:51
area51pilotI try to install a local printer and the option is no longer available ... the only two options available are other and network05:51
ActionParsnipRealEyes: gksudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf05:51
ruanActionParsnip: yeah but there isn't much of a point to that05:51
erik_I need help installing nvidia drivers05:51
ActionParsnipRealEyes: I'm assuming gnome05:51
ruanActionParsnip: most apps run on 32bit05:51
ActionParsnipruan: if you run a small SQL server, it can help05:51
area51pilotis there a way to reinstall or fix CUPS in order to allow a local printer to be added05:52
WiesshundBlackout Bestbuy05:52
ruanActionParsnip: sure, but this isn't a sql server afaik05:52
ActionParsnipruan: its an example.....05:52
ActionParsnip!nvidia | erik_05:52
ubottuerik_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:52
Blackout77Wiesshund: True05:53
WiesshundBlackout most small inexpensive netbooks etc05:53
RealEyesError 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): Unknown error.05:53
RealEyesis what i get most times with chrome. maybe i have too much open?05:53
Blackout77yea, i know, im just tired is all XD05:53
ActionParsnipRealEyes: if you install dnsmasq then set your primary dns to then set your ISP's DNS then you will cache the name resolutions and they will take 0ms instead of 35ms05:53
ActionParsnipRealEyes: how much ram do you have?05:54
RealEyes1333 @ 7-8-7-2405:54
erik_ActionParsnip: I have lookd at that and many other online resources05:54
ActionParsniperik_: which nvidia chip do you have?05:55
ActionParsnipRealEyes: only needed the amount05:55
techbreakhow do I install libreoffice in maverick ?05:55
ActionParsnipRealEyes: should be fine then05:55
erik_ActionParsnip: GeForce GT 425M05:55
stojabreakhi techbreak05:55
RealEyesActionParsnip: I want to do that. 0ms > 35ms ... You think I should install BleachBit?05:55
techbreakstojabreak, hi :) hehe05:55
ActionParsniptechbreak: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/new-ppa-makes-installing-libreoffice-on-ubuntu-easy/05:55
techbreakActionParsnip, awesome.. thanks ;)05:56
ActionParsnipRealEyes: bleachbit clears caches of applications to save space05:56
stojabreakouu so fast ActionParsnip :=)05:56
RealEyesAP: I think those lines I added helped.05:56
area51pilot...any suggestions on fixing a CUPS issue05:56
ActionParsnipstojabreak: favourites in a folder called 'support' :)05:56
erik_ActionParsnip: the 425M card is supported, however trying to install using the additional drivers utility results in a black screen on boot.05:58
ActionParsnipRealEyes: http://blog.sandeep.co.in/2008/01/09/dnsmasq-browse-the-web-faster/       install and edit the file as given, then ignore the rest and edit your connection in network manager and set the interface as DHCP address only then set your first dns server to and then use your ISPs or google DNS as secondary05:58
RealEyeswhat else could I do to my system to make it BLAZING fast?05:58
ActionParsniperik_: edit the boot and remove:   quiet splash    and add nomodeset05:58
ActionParsnipRealEyes: install a webcaching service like polipo and you won't even use your connection if the data is already local05:59
RealEyesdata is local? who uses the web for local data?05:59
RealEyesI'm always on twitter and chat sites05:59
erik_ActionParsnip: So what would I have to do exactly from a clean install? Is this the grub.conf file?05:59
ActionParsniperik_: hold shift at boot and you can change the boot options there. You edit /etc/defaul/grub   to change boot options, remember to run:  sudo update-grub   after06:00
erik_ActionParsnip: Ok, so I boot, hold shift and remove/add those lines? So what will that allow me to do?06:03
iTannerOk, I get a warning on g p a r t e d saying that moving a partition will probably cause issues. I'm just moving it into unallocated space. Will that cause damage?06:03
=== administrator is now known as Guest68285
ActionParsniperik_: if you have the desktop now then you can do it there, you wont need the shift thing06:03
=== recon is now known as Guest14411
=== root is now known as Guest7062
ActionParsniperik_: just edit /etc/default/grub    and change:  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"  to: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="nomodeset"06:04
Guest7062need help06:04
ActionParsnipGuest7062: running an irc client as root isn't very wise06:04
erik_ActionParsnip: Ok, so a change those lines, install the Nvidia driver and I should be set?06:04
ActionParsniperik_: should be ok06:05
erik_ActionParsnip: Ok, I'll give it a shot! Thanks :)06:05
iTannerI guess I'm “moving /dev/sda8 to the left and grow it from 6.17 gb to 32.17 gb”06:05
iTannerWill that cause damage, do you think06:06
Guest30918wrong chat lmao06:06
iTannerTo the left is just unallocated, I think.06:07
=== darkguile is now known as Tr0x
=== jay is now known as Guest10146
RealEyessee ya guys!06:09
RealEyesThanks for the help ruan + ActionParsnip06:09
ActionParsnipits fun to tweak for speed :)06:10
=== Guest10146 is now known as jay_k
kingropehow i set up free vpn on ubuntu ?06:14
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN06:14
area51pilotI cant get a USB printer to load on the local host ... any ideas?06:15
ruanarea51pilot: is it detected via 'lsusb'?06:15
EvilPhoenixwhats the latest kernel available in the 10.04 repos?06:18
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!06:19
OriginalPratsteryou're a nigger06:19
area51pilotruan: not familiar w/ that06:19
ActionParsnip!info linux-image lucid | EvilPhoenix06:19
EvilPhoenixActionParsnip:  was that supposed to do something?06:19
EvilPhoenixbecause it didnt :/06:19
ActionParsniparea51pilot: what make / model ?06:20
OriginalPratsteryou NIGGER06:20
ubottuEvilPhoenix: linux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)06:20
EvilPhoenixwow lag06:20
ActionParsnipEvilPhoenix: yes,make ubottu pipe up, be patient...06:20
area51pilotAction: 10.10 adding an HP F2200 to the localhost06:20
ActionParsniparea51pilot: grab the latest hplip and install it06:20
ActionParsnipEvilPhoenix: next time, leave the attitude out06:21
area51pilotIt was added before...would not print after an update...removed and cant add now06:21
phoniclynxI have installed ubuntu 10.10 a few weeks ago.. and all of a sudden ever time I to go Places and try to open say the Home folder or another folder... it opens Rythm Box.. how do I make it open the file manager?06:21
EvilPhoenixActionParsnip:  sorry06:21
ActionParsnipEvilPhoenix: its cool06:21
ruanwhat's the difference between dolphin and konqueror?06:23
edbianruan, konqueror can also view html06:24
ruanedbian: ah ok06:24
mettawhy should someone care about the difference between dolphin and konquereor?06:24
mettaah, they have eye candy.06:24
ruanmetta: because i get two options when i right click a folder06:24
phoniclynxany one know why opening a folder only opens up Rhthm box?06:25
ruanmetta: and they both look the same to me06:25
mettaruan: kubuntu?06:25
ruanmetta: nope, i installed kde on ubuntu06:25
area51pilotcan cups be removed without any issues?06:25
ruanphoniclynx: right click > open with06:25
mettaruan: why?06:25
ruanarea51pilot: yes, i removed it06:25
mettathe big deal is, it's not such a big deal06:25
ruanmetta: i just wanted to try it out06:25
phoniclynxruan: Wish it was that simple06:25
mettaphoniclynx: karma vipaka?06:26
phoniclynxthis is selecting a folder from the menu.. ie Places06:26
ruanphoniclynx: oh06:26
mettai never had that problem, phoniclynx06:26
ruanphoniclynx: go to computer, right click hard drive06:26
phoniclynxno its somewhat unusual06:26
mettaso you go to places > Music and it opens Rhythmbox?06:27
phoniclynxbut Cario-Dock is also doing it06:27
ruanphoniclynx:right click hard drive, properties, open with, select open folder06:27
mettaphoniclynx: are you talking to me?  use tab complete06:27
metta!tab | phoniclynx06:27
ubottuphoniclynx: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:27
PrinlerIm attempting to run the update manager. when it opens it find some packages that need updating. When i click install updates is comes up with "Requiers installation of untrausted packages" not authorized sources? How can i fix this?06:27
ruanrequires installation of untrusted packages? don't install it if you don't trust it?06:28
mettalife is so stupid viruses06:28
Prinlerhow can i not trust smba?06:28
phoniclynxi'm not sure what u guys mean?06:28
WuLiphoniclynx... make a folder on the desktop, open with, select, etc06:28
phoniclynxnot used IRC in years06:28
ruanPrinler: then you can install the untrusted packages06:28
ActionParsnipPrinler: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade    Thanks06:29
phoniclynxWell done WulI.. that solved it :D06:29
Prinlerruan, thanks for your permission, how does one tell the computer to authorize my packages with out giving me greif?06:29
PrinlerActionParsnip, ok gimme 1 min06:29
mettathat made no sense06:29
leapy0yois there a way to change all the extension of muiltple files in a directory to some other extension?06:29
WuLiwelcome phoniclynx06:29
ruanPrinler: well,  it's simply a warning06:30
ActionParsnipleapy0yo: http://lab.artlung.com/unix-batch-file-rename/06:30
mettaleapy0yo: certainly.  i don't know how though.  i'll ask in #bash06:31
mettaafter i do a google search06:31
ruannow there's pastebin.ubuntu.com?06:32
ActionParsnipPrinler^Lin: you didnt run the command I gave06:32
Prinlerruan, yes warning me its stopping me... no farther action can be proformed.06:33
ActionParsnipPrinler^Lin: if you COPY it, you won't make mistakes, thats why I give the exact command06:33
PrinlerActionParsnip, After doing these commands the update manager is working06:33
leapy0yocan for input muiltiple different files like  for i in *rm *.htm   ; do ...  ?06:33
ActionParsnipPrinler: cool but when someone gives you a comand to run, just copy it so you dont screw the command and potentially damage your OS06:34
PrinlerActionParsnip,  you gave me 2 commands seperated by a ;06:34
b0ng01anyone up that use codeblocks with ubuntu?06:35
ActionParsnipPrinler: read your 2nd command, and then read what I told you to run.  You should copy them as ONE command, the interpretter will know to run the commands one after another06:35
=== Guest22619 is now known as DarkDevil
ruanGPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net maverick Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY D6B6DB186A68F63706:36
PrinlerActionParsnip, i see my error. typo. Copy and paste dont work in RL :) 2 different computers :)06:36
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest39151
b0ng01With how ubuntu's security is setup ie... sudo everything do you have to setup a script to sudo the privelege to work with certain files?06:36
=== Axilla is now known as axilla|sleep
=== Guest91019 is now known as LjL-Temp
ruanb0ng01: you can run the script as sudo06:37
rainstakeAnyone know how to solve the error code: "package in inconsistent state"  I was trying to reinstall caine-from-deb.06:37
area51pilotanyway to troubleshoot printing adding a printer to LOCALHOST?06:37
PrinlerJust so i understand, i have to run an apt-get update every time i get this error?06:37
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest22279
ruanb0ng01: depending on which files you're working with06:37
ActionParsniparea51pilot: did you get the latest HPLIP?06:37
area51pilotI uninstalled and reinstalled from synaptic06:37
_klk_1hi all06:38
ActionParsniparea51pilot: no, go to the HPLIP site and get the latest HPLIP06:38
_klk_1where can i learn how to set up a software RAID for ubuntu desktop 10.10?06:38
area51pilotaction: OK06:38
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:39
rainstakeI need help with the error message, "package in inconsistent state" when using Distribution Upgrade.06:39
c|onemanhow can I determine which version of linux I'm using via console, and how do I install apt-get if yum install apt fails06:40
vitociao a tutti06:40
hiexporainstake, caine from deb will make a mess so just download the caine iso and use it live seems to work better than the caine from deb06:40
=== vito is now known as Guest54252
rainstakebut how to get my system clean of it, now?06:40
ActionParsnipc|oneman: lsb_release -d06:41
hiexporainstake, yes i had the same problem could get rid of it ended up reinstalling ubuntu after that mess06:41
rainstakeWell, I still didn't make an image, but I guess that's what I have to do.06:42
rainstakeThanks for your advice.  Any other advice before i reinstall and leave this irc?06:42
hiexpono just do the reinstall like i said will work better coulddo a rm -f but better to do a fresh install now06:43
Fudgehow d oyou chagne keyboard layout in cli06:45
jifliis there an image viewer for linux that does a low-res rough decode then a high-quality one like picasa does?06:45
area51pilotdownloaded current hplip but it wont execute from term06:48
rainstakeNeed advice for installing warzone2100 via command line?06:49
area51pilotsays it cant open06:49
Fudgetrying to find command line alternative to keyboard layout, changing from UK to australia or USA. can anyone help06:52
mutilatorhey all, installing 10.10 livecd to a usb stick06:53
mutilatorand i get Can not mount /dev/loop006:53
hiexposhould be like /dev/sdb or something like that06:54
ruansudo fdisk -l06:55
sparky44if i wanted to add a super small windows 7 partition to my ubuntu labtop where would i get a coppie06:55
rainstakehiexpo, thanks for the info on caine.  What a pain is cain.06:55
bastidrazorsparky44: microsoft.com06:55
hiexpoprobally from microsoft06:55
sparky44or if i had a coppie legaly do i jut put the disk in and make partition like you do with ubuntu06:56
hiexporainstake, yes06:56
hiexpoit was who ever made the deb messed it up06:56
wolterhow do I set up a tag based search in ubuntu?06:57
wolterfor example, I want to tag several pictures with "wallpapers" and then I want to list all these, how?06:58
ruani would put them in a wallpapers folder06:58
ActionParsnipwolter: photomanagers like shotwell and picasa can have tags in photos06:58
wolterActionParsnip, well that was just an example, take it that I want to tag documents no matter their file type06:59
soreauGuys I have a strange problem with a usb stick. I've been using dd to put images on it but now it's stuck in this state where, when I plug it in, it mounts two locations for the stick - CDROM and Firmware. When I click the eject icon to unmount it for either of them, the other one unmouts at the same time. The weird part is that sdc1 and sdc2 disappear as well from /dev and I can't use disk utility or dd, they just say "cannot open /dev/sdc: No medium06:59
soreau found"06:59
ActionParsnipwolter: theyonly do images, i'm not sure of all docs but thats what file odering with folders and subfolders is good for07:00
ruanyep, i use folders to categorise and tag my files07:00
hiexposoreau, i have seen that problem before also so i use cp  command07:00
wolterActionParsnip, well it would be good enough for me but my nautilus search is weird, it will only search through the files I used in the last 6 months as a maximum, old search is gone07:01
soreauhiexpo: To do what?07:02
wolterSometimes folders won't do the trick though, Imagine you want to put 5 tags on one file.. you'd have to put the file inside 5 folders07:02
ruanwolter: or make 4 links07:02
wolterruan, well wouldn't tags be so much easier07:02
wolterAnyway, if somebody could help me with the nautilus search, I would also appreciate07:03
ruanwell you could copy and paste the link to the 4 folders07:03
ActionParsnipwolter: tags would  be more raceful, i'll see what I can find07:03
hiexposoreau, to copy the iso to the usb07:03
shadghostyou can add metadata tags07:04
ActionParsnipwolter: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/9560/  exactly as you described :)07:04
wolterActionParsnip, I know tracker has some tagging feature, but the last time I saw tracker was like 3 releases ago and was curious about if a better application was available07:04
mutilatoranyone else familiar with the livecd issue?07:05
mutilatorgetting "Can not mount /dev/loop0...."07:05
ActionParsnipmutilator: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?07:06
linuxerhi there07:06
ActionParsnipmutilator: and what media is the ISO on which you are trying to boot from?07:07
ruanmutilator: which filesystem?07:07
ruanmutilator: is the usb07:07
mutilatordepends on what makes the livecd07:08
linuxerwhere can i find Fat Inverted Segment tree???????????????????????????????07:08
mutilatorthe lil tools for windows make it a fat32 drive normally07:08
ruanlinuxer: where was that mentioned?07:08
ActionParsnipmutilator: ok, have you tested you RAM?07:09
mutilatortried the stick on multiple systems07:09
linuxeri want to FIS-three Algorithms07:09
ruanmutilator: have you tried multiple usb sticks?07:09
wolterActionParsnip, thanks, there are some useful links there!07:09
mutilatorruan unfortunatly no07:10
ActionParsnipwolter: :)07:10
mutilatorno others avail07:10
ruanmutilator: are any cds available?07:10
ActionParsnipmutilator: did you test the USB consistency (its like the CD self-check)07:10
windswa zhezenmeliaotiana ?07:11
ruan^what language is that..?07:11
lithiumchas anyone had luck waking a system using the dinovo mini07:11
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk07:11
g-moneyi can has07:12
_Ray_Hey, not sure if this is the correct place to ask. Just installed 10.10, on an IBM ThinkPad. However, when I cat /sys/devices/platform/smapi/BAT0/state, it says "none". /installed says 1. The tp_smapi, hdaps, and thinkpad_ec modules are loaded. How can I further diagnose the battery issue? (Basically, it's "not working," and I wanted to find out more.)07:12
ruan!cn | winds07:12
ubottuwinds: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk07:12
bc81i'm looking for some way to control VLC with my bluetooth headphones (play/pause, fast forward etc).  the headphones can control rhythmbox without problems, but not VLC07:13
ActionParsniplithiumc: what issue do you have?07:14
ActionParsnipbc81: go into the hotkeys section in vlc and click the item to change, then press the botton on the headset07:15
happyaronWhat are the differences between "cp -l" and "ln" ?07:16
Random832happyaron: can ln do recursion?07:17
Strykerln is the natural log07:17
Random832like, copy an entire directory tree, with each file being a hardlink to the one in the old directory tree07:17
happyaronRandom832: ah, thanks.07:17
bc81ActionParsnip: i tried that, but the buttons are not recognized by VLC07:17
ActionParsniphappyaron: interesting question07:17
ActionParsnipbc81: are they set in the shortcuts section under prefs?07:18
ActionParsnipRandom832: i think you'd need a script if not07:18
happyaronRandom832: but how recursion be useful? any difference if you just link the directory?07:18
ActionParsniphappyaron: make some dummy data files and investigate :)07:18
Random832ActionParsnip: my point is i'm pretty sure that's what cp -l does07:18
Random832happyaron: you can't hardlink directories07:18
ActionParsnipRandom832: make some dummy data using touch, then test07:19
richardcavellI'm on 10.10.  I've selected 'Move to trash' for a couple of items.  But I don't see a trash icon anywhere.  Where is the 'trash'?07:19
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash07:19
Random832ActionParsnip: ln does not have a documented flag which implies recursion; what am I testing?07:19
ruanrichardcavell: you can add a trash icon to panel07:19
ruanrichardcavell: right click panel > add to panel > trash07:20
Bipul`TRash mean recyclebin and it is right downward corner07:20
ActionParsnipRandom832: cp can be recursive, see if the link files are the same or similar to the ones made by ln07:20
=== zero is now known as Guest36519
ruanrichardcavell: that is, if it's not already there07:20
lithiumcActionParsnip: I can not wake up the machine using the dinovo mini07:20
bc81ActionParsnip: if you mean in system > preferences > keyboard shortcuts, then yes they are recognized in there (XF86AudioPlay etc)07:20
ActionParsniplithiumc: do you mean after a suspend?07:20
ActionParsnipbc81: thats cool07:21
lithiumcActionParsnip: yes, normal keyboard works, and so does wol07:21
ActionParsnipbc81: what version vlc do you have?07:21
richardcavellok thanks07:21
bc81ActionParsnip: 1.1.407:21
ActionParsnipbc81: gimme a sec07:21
ActionParsnipbc81: which release are you using?07:22
bc81ActionParsnip: 10.1007:22
ActionParsnipbc81: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade     will give you 1.1.707:22
ActionParsniplithiumc: i'm no good at suspend stuff, it can be a pain to get nice07:23
ActionParsniplithiumc: others may be ableto pitch in07:23
bc81ActionParsnip: ok, i'll try it out and get back to you in a while (slow internet speed).  thanks for your help thus far :)07:23
lithiumcActionParsnip: that ok, thanks though. Yeah it took me awhile to get it to the point its at now07:23
lithiumcActionParsnip: suspend works well, and waking with different usb devices works too, just not the dinovo mini07:24
ActionParsnipbc81: its released by videolan and is pretty cool07:24
ActionParsniplithiumc: well, it is logitech and they hate linux07:25
bc81ActionParsnip: yea i've always like VLC, been using it for years&years.  never had a hiccup until now07:25
djdbut vlc does have a lot of bugs07:25
ActionParsnipbc81: mplayer has been aroundthe block a few more years, its the daddy :)07:25
djdbut something to learn to bear for all the other awesome features it provides07:25
lithiumcActionParsnip: yeah I am getting that kind of feeling, don't know why linux runs on everything, and now everyone has a linux machine07:26
ActionParsniplithiumc: it runs because its light and the devs care (mostly)07:26
rigvedlithiumc: not only does it run on everything, it can be booted in many different ways too!07:27
Rolandi need help!07:28
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.07:28
bullgard!ask | Roland07:28
ubottuRoland: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:28
shadghostRoland: answer!07:29
Rolandi've problem with 3G modem07:29
lithiumcActionParsnip: well thank you again, i guess i'll give up on the dinovo07:29
Rolandmodel E173 huawei07:29
shadghostthey have problemes too07:29
shadghostRoland: ALL ONE LINE plez07:29
Rolandi've problem with 3G modem model E173 huawei ubuntu does not detect the modem07:31
shadghostRoland: ^^07:32
snimavatHow do i create a local domain entry07:32
snimavatlike i used to do in win etc hosts07:32
snimavati just want to map domain name to a ip07:32
Ben65snimavat: /etc/hosts07:32
ActionParsnipsnimavat: gksudo gedit /etc/hosts07:32
djda silly question, but have not been able to figure this one. how to access other drives in ubuntu for example like d: in windows07:32
shadghostsnimavat: just about any thing that you need to edit is in /etc/ so look there first most of the time07:33
zcatzwhere do i find the linux-source ?07:33
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:33
snimavatgr8, thnx07:33
shadghost!mount | djd07:33
ubottudjd: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:33
ActionParsnipzcatz: in the repos07:33
ruandjd: first get the drive name, eg. sdb1.07:33
ruandjd: run "sudo fdisk -l" in the terminal07:34
shadghostruan: that is all in the link there07:34
ruanyeah, but this is expaining the basics07:34
Bruce_Waynedjd: If you want to automount them on start up... then try automount07:34
ruandoes automount add them to fstab?07:34
Bruce_Wayneruan: yes07:34
djdwow thans a lot07:35
djdthat was one problem bugging me from a while07:35
ruanhow can i remove windows from the MBR of my other drive?07:35
Bruce_WayneI always use automount to edit fstab whenever I install fresh new ubuntu.. and then uninstall it as soon as I successfully mount all my drives on start up07:35
soreauhiexpo: FWIW, I fixed it by using umount from the CLI, then the node didn't disappear and ran mkfs.vfat then pluggen it back in, looked like brand new07:35
djdBruce_Wayne:why uninstall?07:36
=== Guest39151 is now known as DarkDevil
bc81ActionParsnip: no go; bluetooth headset controls are recognized and set in system's keyboard prefs, but still go unrecognized in VLC07:36
DatzHi, I was wondering if anyone knew what the -preempt kernel version is?07:36
bc81ActionParsnip: oops, wait07:37
shadghostwhy even use automount... why not just edit the fstab it is not that hard to do07:37
ActionParsnipbc81: did you get the 1.1.7 from that repo though?07:37
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest4950
bc81ActionParsnip: vlc still says 1.1.4...let me look and see what happened07:37
Bruce_Waynebecause once I edit my fstab via automount.. Ubuntu will always automount all partitions on start up.. and then I won't need automount anymore07:37
=== Guest22279 is now known as LjL-Temp
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest27489
djdjust a unwanted program later on. thanks07:38
ActionParsnipbc81: sorry: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/vlc       http://www.multimediaboom.com/install-vlc-1-1-7-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-ppa/07:38
=== reuben is now known as greuben
bc81ActionParsnip: no worries, i'll try that one, back in 5-1007:39
coz_Datz,   not sure exactly sure but you may want to google    ubuntu    lowlatency or preempt  kernels07:39
Datzcoz_: thanks. I'll do that07:39
coz_Datz,   or in generals   "linux  preenpt or low latency kernels07:39
Datzcoz_: found something, reading now. thanks07:40
shadghostDatz: 10.04 or 10.1007:40
=== ruan_ is now known as ruan
coz_probably  rt kernel has replaced the preemt  but not exactly sure07:41
Datzshadghost: well I'm on 10.04, but not using that kernel07:41
shadghostbecause if i recall 10.04 is simple to get lowlatancy, 10.10 is complex07:41
Datzshadghost: ah07:41
coz_preempt rather07:41
shadghostDatz: ya, took me about 5 hours to get 10.10 working07:41
shadghostshadghost@weardass:~$ uname -a07:42
shadghostLinux weardass 2.6.36-1-lowlatency #7~ppa2-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Tue Oct 26 13:39:35 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:42
shadghostthat was totaly worth it07:42
Datzah, interesting07:42
DatzI wonder what the changes are..07:42
shadghostthat form thread will help07:43
shadghostya, i did that for getting a media stream to work proper yay internet djing07:43
DatzI see07:44
shadghostI need food07:44
shadghostmore like stress for the last day07:44
bc81ActionParsnip: bah, still no go (1.1.7) i'll keep poking around in the VLC settings though07:45
shadghostthat was my day just about07:49
coz_sushemsu,   http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword    maybe07:49
bc81ActionParsnip: i also just noticed VLC doesn't recognize any global hotkeys such as the [fn]+F9 (Play/Pause) on this laptop07:50
shadghostsushemsu: was the password for mysql or something (i am guessing seing you said server, you are running lamp)07:50
ActionParsnipbc81: interesting, is there a vlc channel?07:50
sagaciTry simple f907:50
shadghosto nm07:50
bc81ActionParsnip: hmm.. will check :)07:50
sushemsuno its ubuntu server edition07:50
shadghostsushemsu: in a command prompt can you sudo something with the password?07:51
sushemsubasically anything that I use inside of Xinit that requires a password, says the password is wrong...07:51
sushemsuor x11 or w/e you wanna call it07:51
sushemsuthat too : p07:52
coz_sushemsu,  this is probably the first thing you tested,, but ,, your caps lock isnt set is it?07:52
sushemsuit is not07:52
sushemsu: D07:52
shadghostsushemsu: is taht the screen?07:52
coz_sushemsu,  ok :)07:53
sushemsustuff like that yeah07:53
sushemsubut it keeps saying its the wrong password07:53
shadghostand you tryed sudo in a comand line and it worked?07:53
xiambaxyou can reset password via single user mode no?07:53
shadghosttry it now07:53
ActionParsnipsushemsu: if you are getting that then you are using the desktop. The server doesn't have GUI and is text only07:53
sushemsuI apt-get the gnome : p07:54
shadghosttry sudo nano /etc/fstab and add a newline and put a # at start07:54
xiambaxwhy run gui on server07:54
ActionParsnipsushemsu: if you wanted a desktop OS,why not just install the desktop?07:54
shadghostbecause i know installing sever edition and then apt-get install desktop works perfect for me07:54
xiambaxBAD BAD BAD07:54
xiambaxif anything use fluxbox07:54
FloodBot2xiambax: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:54
ActionParsnipxiambax: exactly07:54
sushemsucause haha07:54
* ActionParsnip sighs07:54
shadghostor if you want to use a gnome based one07:54
shadghostdo gnome-core07:55
xiambaxi c07:55
trickhey how do i upgrade/install google chrome?07:55
xiambaxcan you explain to me why unity sucks so much?07:55
shadghostbut i can link you to 200+ nsa breefs on how to secure servers and they say no gui07:55
djdtrick: how did u install it?07:55
ruantrick: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser07:55
coz_xiambax,   :)07:55
sushemsuI kinda wanted to have all the server apps default install without having to search and recompile them so I got server ed, and also wanted a gui, althouhg IM prob just gonna end up sshing into it the whole time07:56
shadghosttrick: google-chrome or chrominum07:56
xiambaxtrick, via app store for ubuntu07:56
ruantrick: it will autoupdate with the update manager07:56
xiambaxits in there07:56
sushemsubrb ty07:56
ruantrick: software center works too07:56
trickshadghost: which is advised, google-chrome or chromium?07:56
shadghosthttp://www.google.com/chrome?platform=linux   for google crhome07:56
trickdjd: i installed via the google chrome website .deb07:56
xiambaxGoogle Chrome07:56
ruanchromium is open source, chrome isn't07:56
xiambaxChromium is an old linux game07:56
Sleepwalkersynaptic also07:56
xiambaxI though Chromium was the beta builds07:57
shadghosttrick: one is the chrome raper, the other is the backend behidn it but still is a full browser07:57
trickshadghost: if i just install the .deb from there, will it properly overwrite/update my current version?07:57
shadghosto update07:57
ruanchromium is an open source chrome isn't it?07:57
ruan!info chromium-browser07:57
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.0.597.107~r75357-0ubuntu0.10.10.1 (maverick), package size 14610 kB, installed size 50444 kB07:57
ActionParsnipruan: yes, the bugs logged in chromium get used to build chrome07:58
shadghost!info chromium07:58
ubottuPackage chromium does not exist in maverick07:58
ruanwhich is why i used chromium-browser.07:58
shadghostwhe you do the .deb it _SHOULD_ ask you to add repos07:58
ActionParsnipruan: I just like the bleeding edge smell07:58
trickshadghost: can i just reinstall from that google web link you sent before, wil it properly update my current verison or what?07:58
shadghost<-- has both google-chrome and chromium-browser installed07:59
shadghosttrick: if you run the .deb and it is a newer version it will update, if not it will do nothing07:59
* ruan has chromium installed but doesn't use it.07:59
* xiambax prefers chrome!07:59
trickshadghost: thanks one of these days ill replay you. If i have hot daughters you can play with her once she turns 1807:59
* ActionParsnip only uses chromium daily builds08:00
shadghosttrick: i do this for fun08:00
* ruan loves firefox.08:00
sagaciFirefox is slow08:00
shadghosttrick: i also read 200 page nsa how-to-secure-linux for fun too08:00
ActionParsnipvery slow08:00
ruannot for me08:00
trickshadghost: do you program too?08:00
shadghosttrick: yes08:00
ruanfor me it takes 1 second to open a webpage08:01
ruanat most08:01
shadghostand that site shows diffrent between the two08:01
trickshadghost: cool in what langauges?08:01
=== zkriesse_ is now known as zkriesse
shadghostc++ hackshell, python, x86_64 asm08:01
=== chris_ is now known as Guest95689
shadghosttrick: what is cool, google ccdc08:02
shadghostCollegiate Cyber Defense Competition08:03
caseyi got a newbie question08:03
shadghostcasey: ask it dont say you have one or we wont asnwer08:03
caseysorry, basically alot of this ubuntu stuff goes right over my head. sudo this, app-get that. Is there a pre-written tutorial or database to come more acquainted with ubuntu08:04
v1ratiI'm using 11.04. Is there a way to replace Banshee with Rhythmbox in the volume menu?08:04
caseysagaci was that aimed at me?08:05
caseywell can someone tell me where a newbie guide to ubuntu would be?08:05
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com08:06
ActionParsnip!maual | casey08:06
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:06
shadghostcasey: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/newtoubuntu/C/index.html08:06
sagaciJust use the ubuntu software centre to install stuff08:06
ActionParsnipcasey: as you use the OS you will learn, just like you did with other OSes08:06
shadghosti am not sure learning is the proper tearm for getting use to windows08:06
shadghosti think that is called torcher08:07
NinjaKemuriHey, I'm having issues getting my sound to work. Ubuntu detects the speakers (They're Bose Companion 5's), but nothing comes out.08:07
ActionParsnipshadghost: every day is a school day for all OSes (and its tourture ;))08:07
ruanNinjaKemuri: have you looked at the sound settings?08:07
caseythanks for the help guys. But i've visted the install center, very easy to use. And I have used that site shagdhost but i am looking for more in depth tutorials.08:07
NinjaKemuriYeah, I did.08:07
shadghostwell i can link to 200 page nsa docs on linux08:08
shadghostif you want indepth08:08
NinjaKemuriI just updated alsa drivers to see if that'd help, but it didn't seem too.08:08
caseylol well maybe not that.08:09
sagaciLearn what you want to learn08:09
shadghosthttp://www.nsa.gov/ia/_files/os/redhat/rhel5-guide-i731.pdf     //200 pages to securing redhad linux, 95% works in ubuntu if you replace yum with apt-get08:09
caseyI guss i am such a newbie i don't know how to phrase my question. Where is the intermediate info listed at?08:09
ActionParsnipNinjaKemuri: run:  alsamixer   in terminal. are all levels cranked and unmuted?08:09
NinjaKemuriYeah, just cranked 'em.08:09
sagacicasey: man08:09
ruancasey: did you check the !manual link?08:09
shadghostNinjaKemuri: sudo alsa force-reload08:10
caseyknow i clicked and nothing hapened08:10
ruancasey: copy and paste?08:10
caseyin terminal?08:10
ruancasey: no, the link for manual08:10
NinjaKemuriwhole lot of errors08:10
shadghostcasey: http://www.pixelbeat.org/cmdline.html08:10
ruancasey: into browser08:10
caseyoh i didn't see it08:10
shadghostNinjaKemuri: that is normal08:10
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:10
NinjaKemuriOkay lol08:10
shadghostcasey: if you ever want to know what a command does type man <command>08:11
caseySweet thats a good start.08:11
sagacicasey: learn basic bash shell commands like ls cd man apt-get08:11
NinjaKemurishadghost: Okay, now what? Computer believes I have no devices.08:11
caseyAny other advice on where i should look to learn more about what i'm doing? (Other than the basic stuff). Sorry for being vague and thanks for all the help.08:11
=== lance_ is now known as Guest12870
shadghostNinjaKemuri: did it think you had devices before?08:12
overcluckerfor i in /bin/*; do man $i; sleep 5; done08:12
shadghostwell fuck08:12
shadghostreload should not remove devices08:12
bazhangshadghost, no cursing08:12
sagaciLearn to edit files with nano or vi08:12
caseyAny other pointers for things i may run into? (Since i'm migrating from vista)?08:13
ActionParsnipsagaci: why there are perfectly good X based editors08:13
ActionParsnipNinjaKemuri: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh08:14
NinjaKemurishadghost: alsamixer also doesn't run now.08:14
sagaciHe said he had a handle of the basic stuff and wanted the intermediate treatment08:14
shadghostbazhang: sorry08:14
caseysure did08:14
ActionParsnipsagaci: cli text editting is hardly intermediate...08:14
caseyHey no need to argue.08:14
caseyI just want to feel like I can handle myself on ubuntu like I did on vista.08:15
ActionParsnipcasey: just use the OS and overcome obstacles as you hit them08:15
caseyi just feel overwhelmed08:15
shadghostcasey: if you want to have fun sudo apt-get install vim08:15
caseyi just thought there might be a nice article on migration and such08:15
ActionParsnipcasey: its a new environment so you will08:15
shadghostand then vimtutor08:15
NinjaKemuriActionParsnip: It says; "bash: ./alsa-info.sh: No such file or directory"08:15
shadghostthat should keep you going for a day or two08:15
SYS0P^ ntsh on ubuntu.. sneek peek http://magizian.freeshell.org/ntsh.jpg08:15
ActionParsnipNinjaKemuri: did the file download?08:16
caseywhat is vim?08:16
shadghostvim is a command line text editor08:16
NinjaKemuriOh, I got it to work; but it says no sound cards are found.08:16
SYS0P^vim is an editor like pico or joe08:16
caseygotcha. So how do i have fun with vim?08:16
shadghostmy advice if you want to learn ubuntu, command line is the reasion to keep with a linux over a window distro08:16
shadghostso learn the command line, and vim is the most powerfull cli editor out there08:17
_jesse_casey: run through vimtutor to get acquainted08:17
NinjaKemuriActionParsnip: It downloaded, it's uploaded my alsa information.08:17
Sleepwalkeri think nano is easier for noobs08:17
ActionParsnipNinjaKemuri: ok what url was made?08:17
caseyI gotcha shadghost, thanks for all the help guys :). I'll keep all that in mind.08:17
caseySee ya08:17
shadghostseeing that then you will start to learn how to edit files in /etc/ and knowing a cli editor will help08:17
SYS0P^Magizian BBS ONLINE! telnet to magizian.dyndns.org on port 2002308:17
rwwSYS0P^: Don't advertise in here.08:18
SYS0P^free ubuntu shell accounts.08:18
ruanSYS0P^: lol08:18
shadghosti sould telenet from my honeypot08:18
shadghostSYS0P^: do you think you can hack people who read things like this : http://www.nsa.gov/ia/_files/os/redhat/rhel5-guide-i731.pdf08:18
NinjaKemuriActionParsnip: Earlier, I had soundcards.08:19
shadghostbecause it is clear you are trolling for people to hack08:19
shadghostNinjaKemuri: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure08:20
SYS0P^ trolling for people to hack? no. offering great free services.08:20
bc81ActionParsnip: in case you're still interested, i found a thread with the exact same issue here - http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=86524&p=29187508:20
alyxwhat is ubuntu going to do08:20
alyxin 202208:20
alyxwhen we run out of letters08:20
rwwalyx: start again from A08:20
_jesse_rww: is that for real? Or are you just making that up08:21
NinjaKemurishadghost: Thanks, I'll give it a try now.08:21
ActionParsnipbc81: nice to not be alone08:21
shadghostalyx: it may start earler then that, as i heard ubuntu may stop the 6month thing and start rolling releces08:22
bc81ActionParsnip: heh,  yes it is08:22
rwwshadghost: you heard wrong08:22
shcherbakalyx: first, x will be trouble08:22
alyxwhy's that?08:22
ruanlol x08:22
alyxnot enough x words?08:22
SirCanecan always make words up08:23
rwwor skip a letter08:23
alyxXenophilic Xerus?08:23
rwwnot like it matters anyway, they're just development codenames.08:23
alyx(Xerus is an Africa squirrel <3)08:24
sagaciThey matter08:24
alyxrww: they matter to the community08:24
SirCanethey matter for a few people here, it matters08:24
alyxwho likes saying "ZOMG! I'M USING BLAH BLAH NOW! NOT THE OLD BLAH BLAH!"08:24
rwwonly because some of the community fails at branding :\08:24
dimmortalis there any way to change the default setting for "cpu scaling"?? upon reboot it seems to always default back to "on demand"08:25
shcherbakalyx: nice, will make note (maybe someone takes bets on future Ubuntu names)08:25
alyxshcherbak: \o/08:25
ActionParsnipshcherbak: you can suggest names08:25
shadghostxenophilic xenopus08:25
shadghostxenophobic xantus08:26
shadghostxanthochroic xiphias08:26
rwwofftopic octopus08:26
shadghostbesides, i think they started with W08:26
ActionParsnipshcherbak: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames08:26
shadghostw h then b08:26
shadghostskip c08:26
alyxthat's weird.08:26
ActionParsnipshcherbak: you can add your own suggestion on that link08:27
rwwThe first few releases didn't do alphabetical naming.08:27
shadghosti started at 6.0608:27
ActionParsnipshcherbak: all the way up to 20.0408:27
shadghostand in the last 48 hours i have used a 7.04, 9.04 ,8.04 9.10, 8.0408:27
shadghostand a 10.08:27
shadghost10.10 + 10.0408:28
* shadghost is getting distracted easily08:28
=== Guest12870 is now known as lance-home
KB1JWQvishnu: ?08:28
* ActionParsnip just calls them by release number08:29
mohithey i m just facing problem in this ubuntu is that it sometime hangs08:29
shadghostcrap... i cant rember it, but there is a diffrent calander then cal in comand line08:30
shadghostah ya, ddate08:31
ActionParsnipmohit: is there any pattern?08:32
* ruan lols at some of the suggestions08:32
mohitpattern what08:32
shadghostmohit: apt-get install htop08:32
shadghostand look there and see if you have a resourc hog08:32
mohiti m not getting it ... apt get08:32
ruanmohit: why aren't you apt getting it?08:33
ruanmohit: oh08:33
mohitk .. u r saying to install htop applicatiom?08:33
shadghostyes, htop is a nice way to visulise some system rescources08:34
mohitkk .. i got it08:35
ActionParsnipmohit: is it particular apps making it crash (or combinations)08:35
ActionParsnipmohit: is it after the same amount of time08:35
ActionParsnipmohit: patterns08:35
shadghostmohit: htop in a comand prompty08:35
shadghostand what are the resources like08:35
ActionParsnipmohit: and can you restart x server when it does hang?08:35
shadghost<--- is at 100% cpu on both cores!!! onoes08:36
bc81what's the proper channel for audio-related questions?08:36
bc81i mean multimedia audio (home recording etc)08:36
shadghostbc81: what you trying to do with it08:37
* ruan 's cpu is chilling out at 10%.08:37
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shadghostload avrage is 2.98 for me08:37
bc81shadghost: well, i'm stuck at the fluidsynth vs timidity conundrum08:37
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest38710
=== share is now known as Guest2641
mutilatorwatch cat /proc/mdstat08:38
=== Guest27489 is now known as LjL-Temp
Dr_Willis'watch' is one of those handy commands that are often overlooked. :)08:38
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest53929
shadghostbc81: not sure if it will help but i think that his more ubuntu-studio area08:39
mutilatoryea :P08:39
Dr_Williswatch -n 100  df -h    <--- :) handy08:39
ruanwhy do they rename every 2 hours?08:40
bc81shadghost: bah, i was trying to join that but was typing ubuntustudio!!08:40
* bc81 smaks forehead08:40
shadghostbc81: i tried ubuntu_studio first here08:41
javahorni installed Win7(just by installation CD, ie no prior partition) and now installing Ubuntu , it says something about unmount /dev/sda ... How i can partition NOW either from Win7 or Ubuntu?08:41
coz_Dr_Willis,   df -l  also handy08:41
ruani looked up, and every 2 hours ljl and dark rename08:41
marzcan't I install ubuntu 10.10 without an internet connection?08:43
Dr_Willisruan:  i would guess some sort of nick recovery script in their irc client. thats failing to identify.08:43
Dr_Willismarz:  you can install without an internet connection.08:43
marzi won't install08:43
Dr_Willisbut its much handier if you do.08:43
marzit would get stuck on Preparing Installation08:43
ruanso they're leaving their pcs and their irc client on 24/7?08:43
Dr_Willismarz:  ive done it befor with no networking..   You sure its not doing somthing else in thebackground like setting up the disks or so forth. or just crashing.08:43
Dr_Willisruan:  i would say so.08:43
marzDr_Willis: The HDD i'm installing it on is brand new08:44
marzi tried canceling the installation08:44
Dr_Willismarz:  you could partition it beforhand, and format it via gparted to save some time.08:44
trickanyone else find that some internet vids stream much better in firefox than crome?08:44
Dr_Willismarz:  you CAN install without internet connection.  that shouldent be your issue.08:44
marzDr_Willis: when I tried canceling the installation it redirected me to the ubuntu OS desktop with the icon Instal ubuntu 10.1008:45
shadghosttrick: for youtube go to youtube.com/html508:45
marzso i'm guessing it did not install completely08:45
ruanmarz: have you tried opening that?08:45
marzruan: yes opening the Install ubuntu 10,10 icon would redirect me back to the installation page but would still get stuck on Preparing Installation08:45
Dr_Willismarz:  you cancled the installer  so it went to the desktop.08:46
marzDr_Willis how do i partition the disk beforehand?08:46
marzI didn't know i could partition disk without having any OS yet08:46
Dr_Willismarz:  via 'gparted' is now i normally do it.  'sudo apt-get install gparted'  then 'gksudo gparted'08:46
ruanmarz: gparted is on the livecd08:46
trickshadghost: thanks, one of these days you'll be my girlfriend.08:46
Dr_Willismarz:  you have an OS.. youi are running it from  cd. :)08:46
marzI am tring to install the OS via flash drive08:47
Dr_WillisIs gparted included now? i never really noticed. :)08:47
marzI can't even install the drivers of my motherboard without internet connect can I?08:47
Dr_Willismarz:  its possivle the iso image you put on flash was currupted..08:47
shadghosttrick: so i am a girl now... news to me08:47
ruanmarz: most drivers are on ubuntu08:47
Dr_Willismarz:  drivers and so forth.. will proberly need a network connection.08:47
HeavylobsterHi people, i've got an extremely annoying issue running ubuntu 10.10 (though it happened on ubuntu 10.04 as well) on my desktop. Basically, programs keep stopping responding without warning for some time and then suddenly start responding again. Also upgrading the system is ridiculously slow, i haven't tested much to see if there's other stuff working slowly as well. Windows 7 runs flawlessly on the computer as does ubuntu under08:47
Dr_Willismarz:  but only a few drivers are ever needed for my systems08:47
marzDr_Willis that's what i thought08:47
ruanmarz: the only drivers you need to install should be the display drivers08:48
trickshadghost: that explains the menstruation.08:48
shadghostHeavylobster: is your system all the way updated?08:48
Dr_Willisvideo card drivers are the only thing ive seen.08:48
marzDr_Willis i won't even detect a flash drive when I tried connecting one08:48
marzruan: I don't have any internet connection in my room08:48
javahornDr_Willis: i installed Win7(just by installation CD, ie no prior partition) and now installing Ubuntu , it says something about unmount /dev/sda ... How i can partition NOW either from Win7 or Ubuntu?08:48
marzruan: that's why i'm having really a hard time08:48
Dr_Willismarz:  try mounting it by hand.   You did check the md5sum of the iso befor you put it on flash drive?08:48
Heavylobstershadghost: it is08:48
ruanmarz: you dont need them to run ubuntu, just to play 3d games etc08:48
marzDr_Willis i just followed the instruction on Ubuntu.com08:49
Dr_Willisjavahorn:   You have a single hard drive? you are installing  ubuntu also onto that single hard drive?08:49
marzDownloaded the .iso image08:49
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:49
marzuse the usb software so i could boot it up using a flash drive08:49
Dr_Willismarz:  you did verify the iso image was downloaded properly?08:49
marzDr_Willis yup08:49
shadghostthe only drivers you dont need is video card... my tv tuner card needed some too08:49
Dr_Willismarz:  could be some quirk with your system and the installer. You can run the installer from  a terminal and monitor error messages.08:49
shadghostit wanted the loving too!08:49
ActionParsnipHeavylobster: is the system a branded pc or a laptop?08:50
Dr_Willisjavahorn:  if you are going to repartition a windows 7 install. i tend to do that from windows.  Windows i find can resize a NTFS MUCH faster then linux can.08:50
HeavylobsterActionParsnip: desktop i built myself08:50
ActionParsnipHeavylobster: ok what motherboard please?08:51
javahornDr_Willis: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/gparted.html -- i do see "Second Disk" option , during install from flash USB, after having installed Win7 in primary one.08:51
ActionParsnipHeavylobster: and what video chip are you using?08:51
marzzzand i was very excited using the ubuntu software08:51
marzzzthink i have to let it go for now08:51
shadghostHeavylobster: i had the slow problum before with xserver taking a lot of cpu and lagging whenever my cpu started to overheat08:51
javahornDr_Willis:  so what i should do? first go to Win7 ?08:51
HeavylobsterActionParsnip: asus m4a98gtd pro, gpu is radeon 5770 with fglrx08:51
ActionParsnipmarzzz: why are you telling us?08:51
shadghostHeavylobster: cleaning out my computer fans of dust fixed it08:51
marzzzby the way how do i partition my HDD again without any os installed into it yet?08:51
javahornDr_Willis:  how to create space for Ubuntu from there?08:52
ruanmarzzz: use gparted on the livecd08:52
HeavylobsterI know my cpu isn't overheating, it handles stress tests just fine08:52
marzzzActionParsnip: oh sorry about that i was talking to dr_willis08:52
ActionParsnipHeavylobster: ok did you install the proprietary ati driver?08:52
Heavylobsterand i'm not seeing high cpu usage either08:52
HeavylobsterActionParsnip: yes, it's installed08:52
shadghostHeavylobster: not saying that is your problum, but still good to vacume out the computer every once in a while too08:52
ActionParsnipHeavylobster: ubuntu is light08:52
marzzzit seems the best way to install the software is installing it with an internet connection right?08:53
ActionParsnipHeavylobster: got the latest bios?08:53
Dr_Willismarzzz:  I tend to use the 'gparted live cd' :) that a must have tool for any pc toolbox.08:53
simon_morning :)08:53
Dr_Willismarzzz:  it can downlioad updates and other things as it installs.. so yes.08:53
HeavylobsterActionParsnip: I don't think it's the latest one, no08:53
ActionParsnipHeavylobster: there may be some fixes there08:53
Heavylobsterright, i'll take a look08:54
javahornDr_Willis: how to do partition for ubuntu from Win7 ? i installed Win7, as it asked me to do.08:54
marzzzDr_Willis gparted live cd?  does live cd means booting the Ubuntu using the medium itself without installing it to the HDD right?08:54
Sleepwalker<Dr_Willis> i think parted magic is better]08:54
ruanmarzzz: gparted is on the ubuntu livecd.08:54
simon_anyone who can help me getting the new nvidiadrivers and fixing my native resolution?08:54
ActionParsnipjavahorn: win7 can resize its own partitions and leave free space, you can then install to that. If you'd planned your partitions rather than using 100% space you wouldn't have this issue08:55
Dr_Willismarzzz:  thats how live cd  and live-cd-flash drives work.08:55
ActionParsnipsimon_: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current08:55
Dr_Willismarzzz:  i have had systems with no hd's befor. just used the cd drive + live cd disks.08:55
simon_ok gonna try :)08:55
marzzzDr_Willis and ruan: ok thanks think I will have to wait for a while to install ubuntu, since i currently have no internet connecdtion at home08:56
marzzz:D thanks anyways08:56
javahornActionParsnip: Win7 ungraciously grabs all it has, now if it is 100%, what is the best way to go, so that i have ubuntu too, without any impact on either?08:56
ActionParsnipjavahorn: only if you click next like most windows users do and don't read the screen08:56
jiltdilmarzz: System-->Administartion-->gparted08:56
Dr_WillisI always have a collection of various live cds in my pc toolbox. :) latest ubuntu/lubuntu/32/64bits - parted live disks,. system rescue live cd. and a few others. :) i also make a Multi-boot Flash drive that can boot them all.08:56
ActionParsnipjavahorn: boot to windows and resize the ntfs and you can install to the free space08:57
javahornActionParsnip: donot know how to resize from there. :(08:57
ActionParsnipjavahorn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utUvkgKAtKU08:57
Dr_Willisjavahorn:   ask in #windows  - its not too hard.. :)08:57
javahornActionParsnip: Dr_Willis  Thanks, let me try.08:58
Dr_Williswin7 ive seen likes to make a Lot of primary partitions.. this can cause some issues.08:58
ActionParsnipjavahorn: jump to 55 seconds to save listening to him prattle on08:58
jiltdiljavahorn: go in disk management08:58
javahornActionParsnip: his handmovements are good . :)08:59
javahornjiltdil: and further on?08:59
koenig_hi evry body ineed help with free radius installation can some body help me?????08:59
ActionParsnipjavahorn: its far easier to plan partitions but you have to use the tool now08:59
simon_ActionParsnip, you know how to customize vertical, horizontal frequenz and the pixelclock in a resolution?09:00
ActionParsnipsimon_: in nvidia gpus you can set it in nvidia-settings09:00
javahornActionParsnip: you mean external to what the video suggests?09:00
ActionParsnipjavahorn: yes, plan partitions and make them and install your OSes to where you decide. The video will help you for the now09:01
Dr_Willisjavahorn:  how big is your hard drive?09:02
javahornDr_Willis: 320gb09:02
Dr_Willisjavahorn:  so what are you wantign to do in ubuntu? how big do you think you want to make your ubuntu install..09:02
javahornDr_Willis: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/gparted.html - i thought it will do the job09:02
javahornDr_Willis: perhaps 80gb is required min?09:02
Dr_Willisgparted lets you manage/resize partitions..09:03
shadghosti have ubuntu on a 4 gig hdd!09:03
Dr_Willisjavahorn:  ubuntu can work on much less.. but it depends on your needs.09:03
Dr_Willis80gb would work good,.09:03
monotuxsrsly, has anyone got their hands on the new ubuntu monospace font?09:03
shadghostjavahorn: you can always mount your windows partition for files09:04
Dr_Willismonotux:  'new' ? how new?09:04
javahornshadghost: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/gparted.html -- like that it displays around 4gb, while trying to install from flash USB.09:04
Dr_Willismonotux:  ive seen several ppa's and repos for the 'Ubuntu' Font. from differnt sites.09:04
javahornActionParsnip: video is suited after i have installed Win7 or during installation ?09:04
shadghostjavahorn: my eeepc only has a 4 gig hdd, so no swap or anything extra installed09:05
monotuxDr_Willis: it's not the same as the non-mono ubuntu font :)09:05
=== sepehr is now known as Guest57673
ActionParsnipjavahorn: yes, it will make you free space which you can throw Ubuntu into09:05
shadghostbut i would recomend 80 gigs, as your documents will just go on windows partition09:05
trickshadghost: do you think the FPU is weird?09:05
Dr_WillisI have 'Ubuntu' and 'Ubuntu-title' fonts here.  the title one is monospaced it seems09:05
Eliezerif i give me privileges for ethernet & wireless network,,do that stop keyring for  me to connect ?09:06
shadghostfloating point?09:06
trickshadghost: floating point unit09:06
monotuxDr_Willis: k09:06
ActionParsnipEliezer: if you set a blank keyring password you won't get bothered by it09:06
shadghosttrick: in x86, old or new style09:06
bittyxhiya, i'm using ubuntu 10.10 on a hp550 laptop. all's mostly well, except - when i go into standby mode (just closing the lid of the laptop), and later open it and wake it, first i get a message like "glib-warning: getpwuid_r() failed due to unknown user id (0)", but after that, gnome starts up and everything works normally. why am i seeing this message, and is there anything i can/should do about it?09:06
Eliezeri want mi desktop to connect to wireless with out asking for keyring09:07
shadghostwell for bittyx userid 0 is root normaly09:07
trickshadghost: what's the diff b/w old and new style?09:07
EliezerActionParsnip, how i do that ?09:07
shadghosttrick: old style was a stack, new style is regesters09:07
phoenixsamprasHelp! how to play a blueray disk?09:08
trickshadghost: are you talking about mmx?09:08
Dr_WillisEliezer:  run seahorse -> right click  on password:Login -> set a new password. set it to be a blank password.09:08
ActionParsnipEliezer: Applications>Accessories>Password and encryption keys.09:08
Eliezerin my laptop i wont get bothered by keyring to connect,is installed like that,i have not change anythyng09:08
Dr_WillisI still havent figured out why the binary name is 'seahorse' :) thats what password & encryption keys runs..09:09
bittyxshadghost: but on ubuntu, my main account is also the default root account, right? i mean, that's how a fresh install is set up?09:09
NotesHello I'm running windows 7 and ubuntu 10.04, how would I access my ubuntu partition from windows 7?09:09
HeavylobsterActionParsnip: updated bios as you suggested, problem still occurring09:09
Dr_Willisbittyx:  the default account has 'sudo rights' thats not the same as a 'root' account.. but its close.09:09
shadghosttrick: mmx vs sse09:09
ActionParsnipbittyx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/22839909:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 228399 in linux (Ubuntu Jaunty) "Closing lid results in kernel panic visible on VT-1" [High,Triaged]09:09
jiltdilbittyx: sudo and root are different09:09
ActionParsnipHeavylobster: gah09:09
bittyxDr_Willis: ah, okay. so is the problem that i don't actually have a root account?09:10
Dr_WillisNotes:  theres ext2/3/4 drivers out for windows but ive not tried any of them in months.. last i tried them. they dident work very well.09:10
Dr_Willisbittyx:  no idea what your problem is. there is a 'root' user. but hes basically locked down by default.09:10
shadghostbittyx: i dont use standby but the "user id (0)" screems root to me, and you dont run as root but as a unprivliged useraccount and by defult root has usermod -L enabled09:10
Dr_Willisbittyx:  you dont directly login as root normally09:10
HeavylobsterI'd bet the problem's got something to do with the fact that i have a fakeraid (raid 1) running, maybe linux isn't happy with that for some reason09:10
ActionParsnipshadghost: root allows you to run single shot commands and they will appear to be running as root, your user is only a user but is in a special group allowing you to use sudo (and gksudo for gui commands)09:10
trickshadghost: what country r u from09:11
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:11
shadghostActionParsnip: sudo is a single run, sudo su to get to root is multi command09:11
shadghosttrick: i live in Alaska, USA09:11
jiltdilbittyx: to enable root just use sudo -i and to remove root account furthet use sudo usermod -p '!' root09:11
ActionParsnipshadghost: use: sudo -i   instead09:11
Dr_Willisshadghost:  dont use 'sudo su' :) - use sudo -i09:11
bittyxActionParsnip: i've read that bug, but in the report, it seems that the system hangs on waking up. i just get the glib-warning message, and ubuntu wakes up normally after that, and everything works.09:11
NotesHello I'm running windows 7 and ubuntu 10.04, how would I access my ubuntu partition from windows 7?09:11
trickshadghost:  u seem very asian09:11
Dr_Willisbittyx:  its not suggested to reneable root either. that can cause issues/confusion  :)09:12
shadghostActionParsnip: and Dr_Willis that only works on systems people dont delet the /etc/sudoers file09:12
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/01/bluray-playback-on-ubuntu/ ;)09:12
coz_Notes,  there have been a few applicatoins / utilites to access ext4 for windows but I have not found one that really works well09:12
coz_Notes,  rather ext4 "from" windows09:12
Dr_Willisshadghost:  we assume that they are using a normal default ubuntu isntall in here. :)09:12
=== Fjodor_ is now known as Fjodor
YerushalmiHey folks - I keep ending up in tty1 prompt when booting up and I can't seem to get to the regular desktop - can anyone help?09:12
simon_ActionParsnip, did nvidia x server not suppose to update to NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.36 after the "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current" command in terminal?09:12
ActionParsnipshadghost: if you don't have a sudoers file, how will 'sudo su' work??09:12
ActionParsnipsimon_: it will install the 260 for you09:13
shadghostwell.... there was no non-root account on the computer to start with09:13
simon_it did not :\09:13
shadghostwell i should say no non-root above 1000 userlevel09:13
simon_still says 173.14.2209:13
ActionParsnipshadghost: in order to be able to use sudo there needs to be a sudoers fileto define who can use sudo, so deleting the sudoers file would remove the definition09:13
Dr_Willissimon_:  one normally reboots after installing the newer nvidia drivers.09:13
bittyxDr_Willis: well, i don't need it, so i'm not going to re-enable it. i mean, it's not that this "problem" stops my system from working, it's just that i'm kind of anal about errors that pop up for no reason (and don't seem to affect anything either. (:09:14
ActionParsnipsimon_: then that is suitable for your chip09:14
phoenixsamprasJesus i just want to watch a Blueray movie09:14
ActionParsnipphoenixsampras: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/01/bluray-playback-on-ubuntu/09:14
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  and the blueray companies want to milk you for every $$ they can. so they dont support linux. that means you got to work a little bit on it.09:14
shadghostActionParsnip: i think they did sudo usermod -U root and then loged in as root then deleted the /etc/sudoers09:15
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: omg...09:15
shadghostActionParsnip: and fucked up the system in LOTS of other ways too09:15
ActionParsnipshadghost: thats a lot of work, considering the intended audience of Ubuntu09:15
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  omgubuntu.com actually :)09:15
Dr_Willisoh wait its omgubuntu.co.uk :)09:15
=== metaxy is now known as xiambax
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: omg.. didnt know there was such websites... cool09:15
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: yes, something genuinely useful from the site09:16
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  yep. :)09:16
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: makes a change from "look at tis worthless mockup" or "ooh new icon set"09:16
shadghostActionParsnip: well i cant say much more then that but it has to do with a cyber defence compatition, i can talk freely about it tormmro09:16
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  We know you love the 'unity launch icon for firefox changes' news! :)09:16
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: frontpage, stop press!!09:17
ActionParsnipphoenixsampras: i got a copy of that, not bad09:17
Dr_WillisI like the wallpaper-of the day from nasa script :)09:18
phoenixsamprasI like to minimize things.. like my x websites...09:18
ActionParsnipphoenixsampras: "there are other ways" apparently the trie and tested method of many years isn't good enough09:19
zee313I have downloaded Qimo 4Kids . I want to try it using my Flash drive as CD? how to do???09:19
ActionParsnipzee313: Qimo isn't supported here09:19
phoenixsamprasActionParsnip: yeh, i suppose thy want to force us to use shortcuts or sth09:19
ActionParsnipzee313: this is ubuntu support only09:19
zee313How we use flash drive for installing ubuntu?09:21
shadghostzee313: you can always just make the contecnts of the flash drive a iso with mkisofs and mount it with mount09:21
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash09:21
* ActionParsnip is tired of all these dumb buntu spinoffs09:21
zee313Flash drive means any data traveler which us also can say USB dongle09:22
YerushalmiHey folks - I keep ending up in tty1 prompt when booting up and I can't seem to get to the regular desktop - can anyone help?09:22
Dr_Williszee313:  one normally uses a tool like unetbootin, or lili, or stuff from pendrivelinux.com or the system -> admin -> usb disk creatopr tool. to put an iso properly on a flash drive09:22
ActionParsnipzee313: you can grab the 1-2-3 installer from pendrive linux, or unetbootin. Your Qimo thing has very little support, why not install Ubuntu and then add the stuff which is default on the ISO you have and then you will get full support09:22
Raj007Do any of you regulars here actually bother with an IDENT daemon? If so which one should i install (lightweight) ?09:23
Infostarhi from spain09:23
Infostarhowto auto mount --bind  /path/music  /path/userx/music on ftpserver???09:23
Lintis there a way to make xubuntu as slim as XP?09:23
ActionParsnipzee313: only canonical releases are supported here so if you do use Quimo we canot help you09:23
Dr_WillisRaj007:  i have not seen a need for the identd in years.....09:23
shadghost!fstab | Infostar09:23
ubottuInfostar: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:23
Dr_WillisRaj007:  why do you think you need one?09:23
ActionParsnipLint: slim in what way?09:23
Dr_WillisLint:  lubuntu is slimer then xubuntu.09:23
Infostarno no no its not valid09:24
Raj007Dr_Willis: i figured that. No, i was just curious, it's been a *very* long time for me since i used Linux.09:24
Lintit's very slow and constantly loads CPU 100%, XP doesn't09:24
QumfortablyNumbHi from the Great WhiteNorth. CooLukucoo Coolukocoo09:24
Infostari use virtual user09:24
=== darkhack is now known as Guest11755
ActionParsnipLint: if you install LXDE, log off and log into the LXDE session it will flyyyyy09:24
Raj007Dr_Willis: but thanks, i'll live without it too then.09:24
ActionParsnipLint: xp has different support so will run differently09:24
Dr_WillisLint:  if you have a low end system - try Lubuntu.09:24
QumfortablyNumbLucid has saved me a fortune on entertainment.  Does anyone know of a ten foot interface for lucidlynx?09:25
shadghostLint: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems09:25
Dr_WillisQumfortablyNumb:  try xbmc ?09:25
Dr_WillisQumfortablyNumb:  xbmc, moovidia, enna,  and i think theres a few others out.09:26
Raj007Dr_Willis: Don't mind noob questions. Curious question - i see my used RAM at bootup (not cached/buffered) start at 400-410MB. After few hours jumps to 500, 1 day after it's 700+ (even after log on). Is that normal?09:26
ActionParsnipQumfortablyNumb: or boxee09:26
Raj007I might add, that's with no applications running, just desktop.09:27
Dr_WillisRaj007:  its using it as cache for the disk09:27
Symmetria*hrm* can anyone recomend something good as a cpu processor test on a machine with a large number of cpu cores, I wanna get a decent processing benchmark on the machine09:27
Dr_WillisRaj007:  hit google for 'linux ate my ram' for a site that details it.09:27
Raj007Dr_Willis: ok will do, thanks.09:27
shadghostSymmetria: type yes into terminal09:27
Dr_WillisSymmetria:  i do recall some 'benchmark' tools being released last year for Linux.09:28
Symmetriashadghost dude, I asked for a benchmark utility, not stupidity :)09:28
Dr_WillisSymmetria:  and thers some in the repos also.09:28
zee313 unetbootin  from where I can get this ?09:28
Raj007Dr_Willis: i meant my free (minus cached/Buffers)09:28
SymmetriaRaj007 linux will cache as much stuff in ram as possible, it will release it when it needs it for other things09:28
SymmetriaI see the same thing on my server:09:28
SymmetriaMem:      66094724   65832944     261780          0    2267128   5513220809:28
shadghostSymmetria: slashdot had a artical on that today truthfully09:28
QumfortablyNumbXbmc or linux mce? Xbmc looks cool. but... Has anyone tried, and suceeded with li9nux mce?  It seeems to offer evil villain-like configureability.09:29
shadghostSymmetria: http://linux.slashdot.org/story/11/03/05/012204/35000-Linux-Benchmarks-In-a-Week09:29
Symmetriahttp://pastebin.com/bkfxCM7F <=== thats the new box I wanna benchmark :) lol, my new toy09:29
Dr_WillisQumfortablyNumb:  no idea what you mean by 'evil villin like.....'09:29
Raj007Dr_Willis: Ahh, i read play.html (second page), gotcha :)09:30
Dr_Willisxbmc is very custmizeable.09:30
Dr_WillisOnce you spend the time and figure out xbmc :)09:30
Symmetriashadghost will go check it out09:31
QumfortablyNumbYou can call your house and have it do stuff for you. Turn lights on and off, talk to whoever is in the house, alert your cellphone about security breaches.... it just goes on and on...09:31
shadghostSymmetria: i did not read it, but sounds like what you wnat09:31
Dr_WillisQumfortablyNumb:  and do you really need all that stuff?09:32
dirtycookieis there an archive of the help.ubuntu.com for offline use?09:32
QumfortablyNumbI have never experiences xbmc... Maybe it's time to give it a run..09:32
SymmetriaDr_Willis heh, I had systems like that installed in my old house when I was in johannesburg, and yes, I needed all of it, unfortunately it still didnt stop someone cleaning out the house :(09:32
Dr_WillisI can remote-controll xbmc from my Android Phone. :)09:32
Symmetriaexcept Im pretty sure that was an inside job :P09:32
YerushalmiHey folks - I keep ending up in tty1 prompt when booting up and I can't seem to get to the regular desktop - can anyone help?09:32
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  try 'startx' and look for error messages if it fails09:33
ActionParsnipYerushalmi: run:   less /var/log/Xorg.0.log    and see what's going on09:33
QumfortablyNumbDr. Willis: very cool; what can you do?09:33
shadghostYerushalmi: did you do a patch recentaly?09:34
Dr_WillisQumfortablyNumb:  it works as a remote controll, play/pause/so forth.. shows frames of whats playing and  show info.09:34
Dr_WillisQumfortablyNumb:  theres like 4 differnt xmbc remote programs out for android.09:34
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: I control VLC as it has a remote interface, you just browse the files on the phone and tell it to play it rather than waving the mouse pointer around09:34
YerushalmiDr_Willis: I tried startx and didn't get any error messages. ActionParsnip: Will do. Just a sec.09:34
QumfortablyNumbDr. W. Cool09:34
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  Yep. got that working yesterday also.  I did n otice i had to keep reenabling the 'web interface' for vlc. Couldent figure out how to make vlc enable the web interface by default on restart.09:35
QumfortablyNumbVery cool09:35
Yerushalmishadghost: Yes, but I was intermittently getting thrown into tty1 even before then.09:35
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  or did i miss a checkbox/setting somewhere to make it allways restart that?09:35
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: bizarre, you got transdroid all good too? :)09:35
shadghostActionParsnip: I had a box with remote controled vlc, a good remote controled audio player (could do local and remote play) and remote controled tvtuenr card09:35
Dr_WillisNot seen/heard of transdroid.09:35
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: not sure I just run it and the options stick09:35
shadghostYerushalmi: you using nvidia drivers?09:35
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  I am running vlc on a windows box as my test. so that may be why.09:36
dirtycookieis there an archive of the help.ubuntu.com for offline use?09:36
YerushalmiActionParsnip: No such file or directory.09:36
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: enable the web ui in transmission and then connect using transdroid. Click a torrent in the browser and the torrent is told to download on your PC09:36
YerushalmiActionParsnip: Specifically the "org" directory.09:36
Yerushalmishadghost: How do I find out?09:36
ActionParsnipYerushalmi: case sensitive dude.09:36
shadghostYerushalmi: you would have been asked on post-install09:37
ActionParsnipYerushalmi: less /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:37
Yerushalmi...weird... how did I read "org" instead of "log"? Apologies. I must be tired.09:37
=== Guest38710 is now known as DarkDevil
shadghostYerushalmi: tab key is AMAZING in terminal09:38
YerushalmiActionParsnip: Okay, what am I looking for?09:38
shadghosteven more so when you are tried09:38
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest99507
shadghosti think he wants tail /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:38
=== Guest53929 is now known as LjL-Temp
shadghostto get last 10 lines09:39
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest592
YerushalmiLast ten lines are various things closing.09:40
YerushalmiI obviously can't pastebin it, though.09:41
ActionParsnipYerushalmi: errors09:41
YerushalmiActionParsnip: Things with an (EE) or (WW) prefix, right?09:41
shadghostor can you09:41
shadghostwe can get him to do mail-file command =P09:41
ActionParsnipYerushalmi: exactly09:41
greppyor use pastebinit09:42
YerushalmiFirst one is "The directory "/usr/shar/fonts/X11/cyrillic" does not exist" but I doubt that's a problem :p09:42
YerushalmiFalling back to old probe method for vesa, Falling back to old method for fbdev09:42
shadghostYerushalmi: do the lines have somethihng like "error" in them09:43
rigvedi got the same error as Yerushalmi yesterday when trying to use Xnest. It said Fatal I/O error: something about unable to allocate resources09:44
shadghostif so you can less /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep error     (less to view it, the log next, | is the pipe command, grep looks for a pattren in a file, the pattren)09:44
YerushalmiNo other (EE) or (WW) prefixes. But the last line is ddxSigGiveUp: Closing log. Dunno if that's significant09:44
Fjodorshadghost: less is interactive, thus not suitable for piping09:45
Fjodorshadghost: Use cat instead, or simply supply the filename as the last argument to grep09:45
greppyshadghost: grep error /var/log/Xorg.0.log | less09:45
shadghostFjodor: and greppy it works, i just tried it09:45
Fjodorshadghost: If you "do" want to use less, though, you can search within it by typing '/' and the search string ;-)09:46
YerushalmiDoes grep only find the first instance or all instances?09:46
greppyYerushalmi: all09:46
YerushalmiBecause it only found the word "error" in the explanation line (WW) warning (EE) error, etc.09:46
shadghostFjodor: shadghost@weardass:~$ less /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep error (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.09:46
shadghostthat is two lines there, second line starts after error09:47
shadghostit worked09:47
shadghostYerushalmi: was there a word or chair common inbetwen the error lines you were reading?09:47
trickshadghost: your spelling makes jesus cry09:48
bajk-tragbarhey, is there an easy way of sharing a LAN connection through WiFi? So I have my notebook connected to the LAN and create an Adhoc WiFi network that spreads this onnection to other notebooks?09:48
Yerushalmishadghost: Not sure what you mean.09:48
Yerushalmishadghost: There were no EE lines or errors, and I copied into here all three warnings I received/09:49
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Have a look at arno-iptables-firewall09:49
Symmetriaheh shadghost09:49
Symmetriahttp://global.phoronix-test-suite.com/index.php?k=profile&u=anon-14046-9273-11967 <=== it worked :) thanks a million09:49
shadghostYerushalmi: it makes it easier to read a log file if you know there is a pattren to it so like all errors have "er" in it you can pass it to grep and look for all lines containing a "er"09:49
bajk-tragbarFjodor: well I found something in the Ubuntu wiki that is exactly what I am looking for, but linux typically it's fuzzing around in config files and doing this and that and not working eventually of course09:49
Yerushalmishadghost: I'm not sure what you mean - I grepped "error" and didn't get anything.09:50
rigved.msg ubottu !info arno-iptable-firewall09:50
shadghostYerushalmi: never mind09:50
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Well, on install, arno-iptables-firewall will ask a eries of questions and write a config file to match your answers09:50
Yerushalmisame for grepping EE. Nothing but the (EE) error explanation line and "(II) Loading extension MIT-SCREEN-SAVER"09:50
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: To reconfigure, issue 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure arno-iptables-firewall'09:50
bajk-tragbarokay I will have a look at it09:50
bajk-tragbarFjodor: and is there like a graphical frontend like in OS X where you could simply click your LAN connection and choose share?09:51
bajk-tragbar(but well networkmanager is the worst thing I ever met, so I doubt it will have something easy like this)09:51
shadghostFjodor: bajk-tragbar trying to configure a firewall? if so there is ufw by defult in ubuntu, and that is WAY easier then iptables09:52
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Well, you can use NM to make an ad-hoc network, to get the connection in the first place, but for the actual forwarding, ufw or arno-iptables-firewall is needed09:52
bajk-tragbarshadghost: I just want to share ONE Lan connection (theres only one plug :D) with another notebook over WiFi09:52
shadghostbajk-tragbar: ah09:53
shadghosti left all my papers in the lab today... but i have a printout on that09:53
bajk-tragbarwell, so, now my collegue plugged his Macbook in and clicked two things and now I am online here..09:53
backslash7What kernel version does the most recent version of 10.10 use?09:53
Fjodorshadghost: I find arno-iptables-firewall easy enough - haven't tried ufw. Does it come with a gui as bajk-tragbar is requesting?09:54
bajk-tragbarbackslash7: 2.6.35-25 I think09:54
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: And ok, that means problem solved, or?09:54
bajk-tragbarif there's something that is still so much broken in Linux, then it's NM^^09:54
shadghostFjodor: it wont do that, as it is a firewall09:54
bajk-tragbarFjodor: well, it damaged my linux honor :(09:54
backslash7bajk-tragbar: Thanks09:54
shadghostFjodor: but it is easy to learn firewall, you have ufw enable, ufw defualt deny|accept, ufw add (port) (ip:range), ufw remove (rule)09:55
bajk-tragbarbackslash7: don't know for sure since I use 2.6.38-4 :) but should be09:55
bajk-tragbarwell thanks Fjodor and shadghost I will have a look at it later :)09:55
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Well, OSX won't play with wpa-enabled ad-hoc networks, as it's not in the specification.09:55
bajk-tragbarhm, right, it's WEP09:55
bajk-tragbarFjodor: so this ip tables thing is "in the spec"?09:56
shadghostbajk-tragbar: good luck to you, when i tryed to foward a connection from wire to wifi with my laptop... well i had to reinstall ubuntu09:56
shadghostit is iptables (all one word)09:56
Fjodorshadghost: Well, a firewall on Linux is usually based on iptables, which is also responsible for masquerading...09:56
bajk-tragbarI tried this thing https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/ShareEthernetConnectionThroughWireless09:57
shadghostFjodor: ufw just provides a nice wraper arround iptables for ubuntu only09:57
YerushalmiSo does nobody know what to do to get me out of tty1?09:57
Fjodorshadghost, bajk-tragbar: iptables is the underlying framework. ufw and arno-iptables-firewall uses it09:57
bajk-tragbarbut the IPs I am getting here is for my notebook and after changing the network config thing my lan didnt work09:57
shadghostYerushalmi: sorry... totaly frogot about you09:57
Fjodorshadghost: Ah, didn't see that you also said that09:57
bajk-tragbarhm, maybe I will have a look at networkmanager's source and unbreak it *g* it doesnt even let me choose which network connection I need, something that every other OS is able since.. always?09:58
Fjodorshadghost, bajk-tragbar: And arno-iptables-firewall has worked well for me in the past and is easy to (re)configure via "sudo dpkg-reconfigure arno-iptables-firewall"09:58
shadghostYerushalmi: truthfully i have no ieda, i have been trying to keep fucked up linux systems running all day... and i dident even get arround to getting gui working09:58
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: How do you mean?09:58
bajk-tragbarFjodor: In Windows, if I disable a network adapter, it's DISABLED. In KDE when I disconnect a network, it instantly reconnects09:59
shadghostbajk-tragbar: try this yet? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing09:59
bajk-tragbarshadghost: nope, i'll look into it09:59
shadghostbajk-tragbar: try ifdown09:59
bajk-tragbaragain: I don't like config files and terminals09:59
shadghostbajk-tragbar: or /etc/init.d/networking down09:59
shadghostif you want _all_ networks down09:59
bajk-tragbarshadghost: another case: I have a LAN cable plugged in but want to go online using WiFi or cell network, it doesnt let me10:00
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Well, I'm using GNOME and the nm-applet does let me disable network interfaces. Try #kubuntu for that, perhaps?10:00
shadghostbajk-tragbar: you can bring down one interface with ifdown and ifup10:00
coz_Yerushalmi,  how did you get into there?10:00
bajk-tragbarFjodor: I already filed a bug report long ago but nobody cares^^10:00
shadghostlook at the man pages10:00
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Sorry to hear10:01
bajk-tragbarshadghost: but then again, I want to click on the network thing, click the little X and than I am all set10:01
bajk-tragbarFjodor: it makes me tear up little teddybears sometimes in the office^^10:01
Yerushalmicoz_: I end up in tty1 when I boot up. It started intermittently last week, but usually if I restarted a couple of times I'd eventually get out of it. As of last night, no more. I appear to be permanently stuck.10:01
shadghostbajk-tragbar: i have _NO_ ieda how to use gui for networking10:01
bajk-tragbarhmm... *think* good time to look into the materials and write one myself :)10:01
coz_Yerushalmi,   did you try   sudo  restart gdm10:02
bajk-tragbarthe situation is: The computer is connected with a LAN cable and a stupid proxy that doesnt let you out if youre not logged in (Novell stupid), so Linux doesnt get into the internet. Then I plug in my smartfone and want to tether. But then the networkmanager doesnt let me go through the mobile while the cable is still plugged in10:02
shadghostinfact if i know how to do something a gui way and a command prompt way, 95% of the time i use the comand prompt way10:02
Dr_Willissudo service gdm restart  (also)10:02
bajk-tragbarif I just plug out the cable, everythings fine10:02
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: I dunno about the KDE interface to nm, but perhaps someone in #kubuntu might...10:02
shadghostbajk-tragbar: you are in kde... well10:03
shadghostthat make a big diffrance10:03
bajk-tragbarisnt networkmanager used in both ubuntu and kubuntuß10:03
shadghostbecause i found how in a gnome way10:03
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Yes, but the gui might be different10:03
Dr_Willisnetwork manager also has cli commands i recall..10:03
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shadghostbecause i have this thing that looks like two arrows up in the uppwer right of my screen with the title bar and right clicked on it10:04
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: NM is sort of a daemon that you interact with via cli or guis10:04
YerushalmiBoth those commands, coz_ and Dr_Willis , give me "restart: Unknown instance:"10:04
bajk-tragbarso and the kde interface is f***ed up?^^10:04
coz_Yerushalmi,  if that doesnt work I am going to suggest   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to see if anything needs to be updated/upgraded10:04
=== darek is now known as Guest79799
bajk-tragbarwell there's nobody home in #kubuntu or #kde^^10:04
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Apparently if you say so - wouldn't know myself, though10:05
Yerushalmicoz_: How do I get a network connection running in this prompt?10:05
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde10:05
coz_Yerushalmi,  did you install /  uninstall /  compile anything just before this started10:05
shadghost01:05 -!- Irssi: #kde: Total of 342 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 341 normal]10:05
shadghosti think _somone_ has to be there10:05
coz_Yerushalmi,  mm  good question...  so there is no network connected at t his point?10:06
Yerushalmicoz_: Yes and no. I'd been intermittently getting thrown into this prompt for the last week or so, but usually a couple of restarts and the computer would behave.10:06
coz_Yerushalmi,  and this is ubuntu 10.10 ... yes?10:06
Yerushalmicoz_: Last night I ran an update that included the new linux kernel and new version s of firefox.10:06
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  i saw similer issues during beta testing if gdm was not startingup properly/waiting for nvidia drivers to get going..10:06
flexdUh, i just installed ubuntu yesterday and the color scheme seems a bit.. off10:06
Yerushalmi10.04, I believe.10:06
flexdIt's too dark/odd? Not sure if it's just displaying wrong10:06
Yerushalmicoz_: But only firefox appeared to install; the new kernel didn't appear in the grub menu when the computer rebooted.10:07
naveendhanukahello all10:07
coz_Yerushalmi,   next time you boot   hold the left shift key down the whole time untill  you get the grub  menu... try booting into a previous kernel10:07
shadghostYerushalmi: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-common10:07
Fjodorflexd: Have a look in System -> Preferences -> Appearance10:07
Yerushalmicoz_: And running apt-get update and upgrade indicates that the kernels need to still be installed.10:07
flexdFjodor: changing between the themes doesn't really make a difference, still looks odd10:07
Fjodorflexd: Lets you select other themes. If they seem odd as well, you are more sure that there is an actual display problem10:07
coz_Yerushalmi,  ok sudo apt-get install -f10:07
Fjodorflexd: Ah, ok10:08
=== ashish is now known as Guest34678
flexdone sec, trying to remember the thingy to take a screenshot hrm10:08
Yerushalmicoz_: I tried several different kernels and none of them work. Also, I couldn't install the new kernel without a network connection.10:08
Fjodorflexd: Can you describe "odd"?10:08
shadghostYerushalmi: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-session10:08
shadghostmay work better10:08
flexdFjodor: If i can take a screenshot, yes.10:08
coz_Yerushalmi,  ok I am puzzled  you might want to try the other suggestions given10:08
flexdUnless that shows up as completely normal on your screen (and my laptops), then i'll at least know10:08
Yerushalmisudo apt-get install -f gives me "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded"10:09
Fjodorflexd: I think that it may very well look normal on other machines10:09
flexdFjodor: yeah.10:09
shadghostYerushalmi: try the dpkg-reconfigure stuff10:09
coz_Yerushalmi, so you have internet connectivity10:09
flexdit's a ATI HD4870 card, drivers installed10:09
Yerushalmishadghost: Tried both those dpkg-reconfigure commands. I didn't get any messages, it just waited for a moment and gave me a new prompt, is that normal?10:09
flexd22" ASUS monitor and 19" samsung monitor10:09
shadghostYerushalmi: that means nothing got configured10:09
shadghosti think10:10
Fjodorflexd: Which drivers? Proprietary or open source?10:10
shadghostyou can try startx10:10
bajk-tragbarwell, maybe I will try wicd instead, this worked quite fine all the time and I think in KDE you can change the backend ujsed for network configuration in Information Sources control panel10:10
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Ok, I don't know it but it may be good :-)10:11
flexdFjodor: Just tried resetting my monitor and it got even odder10:11
flexdSo it's a color/balance thing i think10:11
YerushalmiAh, startx. I saw startx on a forum and tried it . My screen goes black as if it's going to load something, and then gives me back the prompt. It loaded a whole bunch of loading-stuff text, ith the last line "Waiting for X server to shut down ddxSigGiveUp: Closing log"10:11
Fjodorflexd: have you tried the open source ones?10:11
flexdFjodor: No, i didn't know they existed.. and won't that leave me without hardware acceleration ?10:11
Guest34678Hi , What is the programming Talk channel pls ?10:12
shadghostYerushalmi: sudo xinit gdm10:12
coz_Guest34678,  I am not sure w hat you mean  "Talk" channel10:12
bajk-tragbarhm and any ideas why Policykit doesnt save my permissions anymore? I can click "Remember authorization" all the time, it doesnt remember it the next time I for example install a package10:12
Fjodorflexd: They work very well on my laptop and since ATI has opened the specs, you *do* get accell :-)10:12
coz_Guest34678,  unless you mean #ubuntu-offtopic10:12
icedteaGuest34678: depends on what programming language10:12
Yerushalmishadghost: That did basically the same thing. Same closing message too.10:12
shadghostbajk-tragbar: i think it only rembers it for 15 min10:12
coz_Guest34678,   you want the development channel? or just a channel for programming?10:13
bajk-tragbarshadghost: in 9.04 therre used to be a polkit configuration interface but it is gone now (I think because of some issues?)10:13
bajk-tragbarand I certainly dont want to dig through man pages10:13
Guest34678coz_ , actually i needed both.10:14
shadghostbajk-tragbar: can i can tail /var/log/kern.log10:14
bajk-tragbarlol. in wicd I could choose "Create ad-hoc network" and then say "Enable internet onnection sharing".. o.O does this work now?10:14
shadghostYerushalmi: can i can tail /var/log/kern.log10:14
shadghostbajk-tragbar: ignore that10:14
coz_Guest34678,  well there  is #programming  for general stuff... for ubuntu specific  there is  #ubuntu+1  #ayatana < for Unity developers10:15
Yerushalmishadghost: How much of that is the command?10:15
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Well, give it a try :-)10:15
=== jrn__ is now known as jrn_a
shadghosttail /var/log/kern.og10:15
shadghosttail /var/log/kern.log10:15
bajk-tragbarunfortunately, my collegue is now skiing and his macbook has a pw :(10:15
bajk-tragbarbut well, this evening I will try it :10:15
Yerushalmishadghost: There are a few segfaults there.10:15
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: But be aware that if you are going to share with an OSX host, you can't use wpa/wpa210:15
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: and ok, good luck :-)10:16
bajk-tragbarFjodor: wicd also only let me choose wep^^10:16
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Ah, ok10:16
shadghostYerushalmi: have you ever doen a memtest on your ram10:16
Yerushalmiconsole-kit-dae[1061]: segfault at 2b7a50c ip 00ad6ece sp bf8c8ef0 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.2400.1[ab1000+c8000]10:16
Yerushalmishadghost: I did this morning, all passed.10:16
dejan_can I download php file from a website if I know its url with wget?10:17
YerushalmiThere were four segfaults here, two on console-kit-dae, one on x-session-manag, one on gdm-binary10:17
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: GNOME nm-applet lets you use wpa/wpa2 but since it isn't in the official specs, only other Linux (or possibly only Ubuntu) hosts will be able to connect10:17
Yerushalmiall of them error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.2400.110:17
shadghostYerushalmi: that sigfalt appears normal10:18
YerushalmiThere's such a thing as a "normal" segfault?10:18
Fjodorflexd: In other words, I recommend that you try out the open source drivers, if for nothing else, to see if they have the same problem. If so, you might have a hardware problem on your hands...10:18
bajk-tragbarany ideas why 2.6.38 kernel is no longer available for maverick?10:19
bajk-tragbarnow there are only packages for natty? I installed it on my notebook using the kernel ppa but now it seems to be gone?10:19
dejan_can I wget this www.example.com/aa.php ?10:19
bajk-tragbaron the repositories10:19
shadghostYerushalmi: well it is a knowen bug the console-kit one10:19
YerushalmiWant me to copy over one or more of the others?10:20
flexdFjodor: Nonsense, it worked perfectly fine in windows (and still does) when i reboot.10:20
flexdI don't see how the open source drivers will make a difference, it's a color/lightness problem ?10:20
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Well, just download and install the natty packages. They should work10:20
shadghostYerushalmi: do you know what gpu the computer has10:20
bajk-tragbarFjodor: hm, so I need to change the sourecs.list to natty at the kernel ppa?10:21
flexdIt actually seems specific to one monitor even. My 22" ASUS MW22110:21
Yerushalmishadghost: Nope, it's an inherited computer, how do I find out?10:21
bajk-tragbarFjodor: because I definitly need the 38 kernel on my notebook10:21
Fjodorflexd: Well, then set it right on that monitor?10:21
flexdThe second monitor, 19" Samsung 930bf seems to be showing colors good10:21
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Indeed10:21
flexdFjodor: trying :)10:21
bajk-tragbarFjodor: thx, I'll give it a try :)10:21
shadghosttype lspci10:22
Dr_Willisflexd:  ive seen video cards and cables get bad pins/wires and really mess up colors. is this a DVI or vga cable?10:22
shadghostand somewhere in there10:22
Lintwhy if everything is called 'lightweight' in ubuntu it means it's carp? like lxde... :fury:10:22
Fjodorflexd: My concern is, though, that since you say that it works fine in Windows, that leaves us with the drivers as the likely culprit10:22
flexdHm, hold on. I can take a really crappy photo with my phone :D10:23
dejan_can I download php files with wget?10:23
SirCaneflexd monitors can have color calibration files, you sure the asus doesn't have one in linux that its using and you're not using one in windows?10:23
Dr_WillisLint:  why do people expect 1000000+ useless features in somthing claiming to be lightweight.. do you have an actual Ubuntu support question?10:23
bajk-tragbarFjodor: Error gathering http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found10:23
flexdSirCane: That i don't know, i've googeled for color profiles10:23
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: 2 secs10:23
=== croppa is now known as croppa_
Lintsure, i want to create a shortcut and change dbl click speed in that "wonderful" de10:23
bajk-tragbaryep there is no such folder natty on the server10:24
SirCaneasus usually have pretty good support on their website for the products, you might find windows profiles to use... at least you know they exist then10:24
=== david is now known as Guest89160
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: I see that now. Then the maverick repo should be fine, no?10:24
Yerushalmishadghost: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller10:25
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: Otherwise, download the packages from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/10:25
rigveddejan_: you can download any file with wget10:25
bajk-tragbarFjodor: well i didnt insall a mainline kernel10:25
flexdSirCane: yeah10:25
dejan_rigved how to download php file whenn I download it it isn't php code there10:25
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: I'm faily sure that you did. kernel-ppa kernels are mostly mainline, aren't they?10:25
bajk-tragbarFjodor: hmm okay the kernel is there when entering 2.6.38 but not on my main machine. is it a wrong architecutre or something?10:25
SirCanedejan_ you need the phps file10:26
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: How do you mean?10:26
bajk-tragbarhow do I find out whether I am using a 32 or 64 system?10:26
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: uname -a10:26
LunaVoraxHi everyone10:27
shadghostYerushalmi: +1 deadend10:27
flexdSirCane: For my monitor Asus has 12 manuals and nothing else for download. Sweet :-P10:27
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest49757
rigveddejan_: give it the url as the input, no the path to the file10:27
hihihi100im trying to install egoboo from source, last version, but when I extrat the tar.gz, this is what happens: gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file10:27
hihihi100tar: Child returned status 110:27
hihihi100tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now10:27
phoenixsamprasblueray makemkvv works!10:27
Yerushalmishadghost: What's that mean?10:27
hihihi100whats does that mean?10:28
SirCaneflexd should be good to go then, tried connecting monitor to another video port?10:28
shadghostYerushalmi: i was trying to see if we could just install nvidia or ati drivers10:28
Dr_Willishihihi100:  sounds like that archive is bad. or you are extracting it wrong.10:28
rigveddejan_: wget http://example.com10:28
arkanabarwho's making the best/ most reliable HDs these days?10:28
hihihi100so how do I extract it?10:28
mmo|Hi, I have a problem that when transfering files from my server (an old fit-pc 1-0) the transfers are at first as fast as one would expect (about 11-12 mb/sec) but then after a while drops A LOT - down to about 1 mb/sec. I am using vsftp to transfer over a local network to another ubuntu machine connecting with gftp. Any ideas what might be wrong? soe buffer filling up or..?10:28
Dr_Willis!info unp10:28
iflemabajk-tragbar: currently or capable of?10:28
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre4 (maverick), package size 13 kB, installed size 100 kB10:28
dejan_ok thanks10:28
Dr_Willishihihi100:  i always just use 'unp'10:28
LunaVoraxI have two Backup HDDs (lets say HDD1 and HDD2) and I don't know what files are on boths HDDs wasting space. Threre fore I would like to know if there's a tool to discover it and therefore remove every file that is duplicate on HDD2. Can anyone help me with that ?10:29
dejan_rigved but that way i will download whole website ?10:29
krzys123Hi I wonder about buying laptop. It should be safe enough, quite cheap and have compatibility with linux. I'll use it for most time for programming and surf in internet. I prefer Lenovo Thinkpads and Sony. Thought about Thinkpad T510 but Im uncertain about resolution. Its not necessarily to be very portable or have the best graphic card. What do u think about it?10:29
bajk-tragbariflema: well, it should be a 64 bit system but I dont know why but it is running the 32 bit version. I was sure I did download the 64 bit version, but well, shouldnt make much of a diference?10:29
hihihi100i have compiled like 8 programs, 1st time this happens,10:29
arkanabarLunaVorax: might try grsync.10:29
rigveddejan_: wget http://exmaple.com/in/this/folder/10:29
phoenixsamprasthanks finally i can see blueray on ubuntu10:29
bajk-tragbarI think I copied the images of my virtual box (which are 32 bit) onto the usb10:29
Fjodormmo|: Have a look at http://gettys.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/introducing-the-criminal-mastermind-bufferbloat/10:29
rigveddejan_: you will get everything in that folder10:29
shadghostYerushalmi: do you have in /etc/X11/ a xorg.conf.back (or something that looks like a backup file for it?)10:29
bajk-tragbarDoes 64 bit make much of a difference on this machine than a 32 bit linux? (Core i5 2x2,53 GHz, 4 GB Ram)10:30
bajk-tragbarit's the generic-pae kernel10:30
Dr_Willisbajk-tragbar:  i tend to use 64bit whenever i can.10:30
Yerushalmishadghost: Actually, this was weird. Having gone to various forums looking for solutions I went and checked that out10:30
Fjodorbajk-tragbar: I don't think it makes much of a difference, no. I do use the 64-bit version myself, though10:30
dejan_rigved how to get everythig just in that folder10:30
LunaVoraxok arkanabar thanks10:30
Dr_Willisbajk-tragbar:  ive heard the pae kernel is  not as efficient as a real 64bit kernel also.10:30
flexdSirCane: The other monitor is connected to the other port, and yea.10:30
Yerushalmishadghost: I have an xorg.conf.failsafe. I do not have an xorg.conf in and of itself.10:30
dejan_just in folder example.com/10:30
bittyxdejan_: check your private messages10:31
bajk-tragbarFjodor and Dr_Willis: I didnt notice a difference till I wanted to install a 64 bit kernel and it said "wrong architecture" :D but I will re-install it when natty comes and use a proper 64 bit, so no need to do anything by now :)10:31
mmo|Fjodor: thanks a lot, I will :-)10:31
bajk-tragbarso, restarting :) new kernel10:31
shadghostYerushalmi: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsave /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:31
Fjodormmo|: Np :-)10:31
Yerushalmishadghost: Tried that. Still booted to tty1.10:31
rigveddejan_: i just checked. if you give http://url.com/file.ext it will download that specific file10:31
Linthihihi100, uncompress it manually and see where theerror lies10:31
flexdAnyway trying a reboot, did some sort of auto adjustment and it reset y resolution to 1280x1024 :s10:32
shadghostyou tryed to boot into safe mode10:32
rigveddejan_: what do you get when you give it the name of the php file10:32
Yerushalmishadghost: You mean recovery mode?10:32
dejan_it seems i cant dl php files :)10:32
hihihi100lint, how do I manually uncompress? I cannot use ark or archive manager to even see whats in the tar.gz10:32
dejan_just html code i guess10:32
=== icetea is now known as Guest36265
Linthihihi100, gzip -d ...tar.gz10:33
Dr_Willishihihi100:  i use the 'unp' command i mentioned earlier.10:33
Dr_Willishihihi100:  its very likely that archive is bad then..10:33
hihihi100by bad i assume you mean corrupted...10:33
rigveddejan_: i just downloaded a php file using wget. it works10:34
Linthow to create a shortcut in LXDE??10:34
Dr_Willisunp archivename10:34
Yerushalmishadghost: Yes. I tried every option under there, too.10:34
shadghostYerushalmi: ready for drastic options?10:34
rigveddejan_: what url are you trying to use?10:34
Yerushalmishadghost: I tried running in failsafe graphic mode, and got a whole screenfull of errors - but it went by too quickly for me to see.10:35
shadghostYerushalmi: apt-get purge xserver-xorg10:35
Yerushalmishadghost: Let's be sure i have an internet connection before I do that :)10:35
shadghostYerushalmi: yes, that would be a good ieda10:35
Dr_WillisLint:  i seem to have a '~/Desktop/someshortcut.desktop' here thats giveing me a shortcut to a program on my lxde desktop. Im not sure how i made that however.. I am using a gnome/kde/lxde system. so its possible it came from gnome.10:35
rigvedYerushalmi: if you have boot logging enabled, then you can have a look at those errors10:35
Yerushalmirigved: How do I know if I do, and where do I get the errors?10:36
Dr_WillisLint:  if i right click on a menu item. it has a 'add to desktop' entry also it seems10:36
Yerushalmishadghost: Maybe I'll get lucky and if I install that kernel that isn't installed yet it will work. How do I do so?10:36
shadghostrigved: we looked at Xorg.0.log and syslog10:36
rigvedYerushalmi: /var/log/boot10:37
shadghostYerushalmi: uname -a10:37
rigvedYerushalmi: also in /var/log/boot.log10:37
YerushalmiWhat command should I use to read those files?10:37
shadghostcat, less, more, nano, vi10:38
rigvedYerushalmi: cat /var/log/boot10:38
shadghostall of thoes will work10:38
rigvedYerushalmi: or vim10:38
Lint...but not any way to edit it afterwards :sad:10:38
shadghosti recomend less10:38
shadghostso less /var/log/boot.log10:38
=== Guest99507 is now known as DarkDevil
flexdSirCane, Fjodor thanks for the help10:38
flexdIt looks a bit better now after resetting the monitor a few times and reboot, no idea why.10:39
Yerushalmi"less boot" (when I'm in the right directory) gives me (Nothing has been logged yet."10:39
flexdI still feel the colors are odd but that might just be the silly blue white on black on light blue color scheme :s10:39
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest58673
Yerushalmi"less boot" is the funniest command I've ever typed, I must say.10:39
=== Guest592 is now known as LjL-Temp
rigvedYerushalmi: ya check boot.log10:39
OY1Rhow can i see what device my usb soundcard is? (dev/dsp something) i need to point programs to my usb sound card.10:39
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest28933
Yerushalmi"less boot.log" gives me the results of an fsck I ran, probably from a long time ago, followed by " * Starting AppArmor profiles"10:40
YerushalmiIt's only three lines.10:40
rigvedYerushalmi: boot logging is not enabled, that's why it says nothing logged. after you start boot logging, restart and then check10:40
shadghostYerushalmi: uname -a10:40
YerushalmiLinux Glados 2.6.32-27-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 1 23:52:12 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Lunux10:41
Yerushalmier... Linux.10:41
Fjodorflexd: Happy to help, if it was only just a little. I still don't think it would hurt to use the opens source drivers, though ;-)10:41
Yerushalmirigved: How do I start boot logging?10:41
YerushalmiI'm starting to suspect that uname -a contains the real reason I've been having so many problems with this computer since day one.10:42
YerushalmiIn retrospect, naming my computer "Glados" was just asking for problems.10:42
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  but the cake is a lie!10:42
YerushalmiDr_Willis: So, apparently, is the user-friendliness of Linux :)10:42
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  ive rarely had any issues with  it..10:43
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  user friendly ness - excuess for people to be lazy :)10:43
* Dr_Willis goes back to defragging his windows machine.. going on 4 hrs now..10:43
YerushalmiLet's see, I spent two months trying to get hibernate to work, I have that recurring initramfs boot problem, I have that thing where I can't turn my wireless back on if I've turned it off unless I reboot...10:43
flexdDr_Willis: :D10:43
rigvedYerushalmi: sudo vim /etc/default/bootlogd10:43
rigvedYerushalmi: change the No to Yes in the logging option. then restart10:44
Yerushalmirigved: vim: command not found10:44
hihihi100i need help cd'ing to a folder: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576394/10:44
shadghostYerushalmi: linux-image-2.6.35-26-generic10:44
shadghostdo you have that in apt-get10:44
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  i cant even get hibernat5e to work properly in windows... just to many programs have to many issues..10:44
rigvedYerushalmi: sudo gedit /etc/default/bootlogd10:44
erUSULhihihi100: cd "dir with spaces"10:45
Lintalso lxde crash SESSION manager on CHANGING wallpapers... definitely improvement over XP10:45
rigvedYerushalmi: change the logging to Yes. then restart10:45
YerushalmiDr_Willis: ...then I had that thing where my internet connection simply drops and I can't turn it on unless I log out, log in under another user, log out and log in again, and then I had that thing last week when my desktop disappeared.10:45
YerushalmiDr_Willis: And now this.10:45
Dr_WillisLint:  i change wallpaper here. no issues...10:45
erUSULhihihi100: another trick « cd dir\ with\ spaces » also you can use tab completion10:45
erUSUL!tab | hihihi10010:45
ubottuhihihi100: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:45
hihihi100erusul, tahnks10:46
Yerushalmirigved: The gedit command gives me a segfault.10:46
shadghostyou cant gedit with out xserv10:46
shadghostyou want nano or vi10:46
rigvedYerushalmi: use any text editor. sudo vi /etc/default/bootlogd10:46
shadghosti recomend nano, as it is easier to learn10:46
FjodorYerushalmi: Perhaps you should boot the memtest option if you keep getting segfaults...10:46
shadghostYerushalmi: sudo nano /etc/defaults/bootlogd10:46
rigvedYerushalmi: i didn't know that you did not have X started10:47
Raj007memtest won't detect any CPU faults.10:47
rigvedYerushalmi: use nano, vi any one10:47
Dr_Willisnano 'easy' once you learn that ^ = use the control key. :)10:47
shadghostYerushalmi: do you have a network connection with it10:47
rigvedYerushalmi: just change the logging option to Yes. then restart10:47
YerushalmiI've never used vi. I appear to be stuck or something.10:47
FjodorRaj007: No, but bad ram may cause bad data to get to programs, making them segfault...10:47
shadghostYerushalmi: do :q10:48
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  esc :q  to quit10:48
grozamoreiusing ubuntu for a long time. first time see something like that - can't change rights and flags with $chmod command! for $sudo chmod -R a=rwx * or sudo chmod -R 777 * changing is not working! every file still have -rw------- [600]. plz help!10:48
Raj007Fjodor: CPU overheating would cause that too right?10:48
shadghostbecause you probaly did change something10:48
YerushalmiE37: No write since last change10:48
FjodorRaj007: Not sure - haven't had that problem10:48
Dr_Williswhen using vi - youmust rember its a 'modal' editor.. You are either in command mode, or insert mode, or oter modes.. use esc key to get back tocommand mode.10:48
FjodorRaj007: But possibly10:48
YerushalmiDr_Willis: I have no idea what I'm doing here!10:49
shadghostgrozamorei: -R can KILL systems10:49
Raj007Fjodor: yeah , i know :) like i said, COULD be CPU too.10:49
YerushalmiI tried :q, :!q, Ctrl+C, Esc...10:49
YerushalmiI think I'm stuck.10:49
YerushalmiAh, q! worked.10:49
rigvedYerushalmi: in vi, press Esc key and then the letter i. then change the logging to Yes. then press Esc key and then :wq. then restart10:49
FjodorRaj007: It could, but it never hurts to test the ram ;-)10:49
shadghostya tat10:49
grozamoreishadghost, I use it in a safe directory, just a game I download and try to launch10:50
shadghostsorry i dont use vi, just remverd that it needed that !10:50
rigvedYerushalmi: you must have made some change and then tried to quit without saving10:50
Yerushalmirigved: Esc and i don't appear to actually do anything....10:50
Raj007Fjodor: agree.10:50
shadghostgrozamorei: only one files should need the +x change it on taht one10:50
shadghostYerushalmi: do you have networking on the box10:50
rigvedYerushalmi: do you have internet connection on that box10:50
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  hit escape key, then the : key, then  you are giving 'commands' use q! to quit.10:50
Yerushalmishadghost: I hope so, but I don't know if I do while in tty1.10:51
Dr_WillisIts worth learning vi someday... :)10:51
=== claudio is now known as Guest35516
YerushalmiDr_Willis: How do I get into actual text editing?10:51
shadghostYerushalmi: try sudo apt-get install Linux Glados 2.6.32-27-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 1 23:52:12 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Lunux10:51
rigvedYerushalmi: sudo apt-get install vim10:51
shadghostnot that10:51
flexdYerushalmi: press i?10:51
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  'rember vi is modal' - you hit i for insert mode...10:51
shadghostYerushalmi: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.32-29-generic10:51
YerushalmiDr_Willis: I did but I can't seem to type10:52
grozamoreishadghost: the point is, the command, any command with changing rights or setting an execution flag is not working. i write it in a console, nothing changing10:52
Dr_WillisYerushalmi:  i suggest eitehr quiting and using nano, or quiting and running the vimtutor program toleasn vi basics.10:52
YerushalmiDr_Willis: Or rather I can't seem to navigate10:52
rigvedit's better to run sudo apt-get upgrade then to install the linux kernel headers seperately10:52
shadghostgrozamorei: did you sudo it?10:52
ehidlevi is pretty evil for beginners10:52
YerushalmiOkay, I just used nano10:52
YerushalmiTo heck with it :p10:52
Fjodorgrozamorei: Which filesystem in on the partition you are in?10:52
YerushalmiI dunno why you guys didn't give me nano to begin with :p10:52
Symmetriawhats a reasonable time for a full kernel compile under ubuntu? trying to get a benchmark figure to compare my figures against10:52
shadghostYerushalmi: if you listend to me i said nano10:52
rigvedYerushalmi: sudo nano /etc/default/bootlogd10:52
ikoniaSymmetria: there isn't a reasonable time10:52
Dr_WillisI can do some complex editiong tasks in vi.. faster then the 'beginner' ubuntu users watchingme can follow.. :)10:52
ehidleSymmetria: depends totally on hardware10:53
ikoniaSymmetria: custom kernels are not supported here10:53
YerushalmiWhat format do I save to?10:53
erUSULSymmetria: depends on your cpu ram and kernel config10:53
YerushalmiOh, never mind10:53
YerushalmiIt works.10:53
shadghostSymmetria: forever10:53
rigvedYerushalmi: change the logging to Yes. save and restart10:53
=== X___ is now known as X__
YerushalmiOkay, bootlogging is enabled.10:53
Symmetriaikonia not trying to go custom kernel, trying to benchmark hardware speed :) on a complete kernel compile10:53
ikoniaSymmetria: don't be silly please.10:53
Dr_WillisTHere was some console text edfitor that was basically like the old dos editor.. but i cant recall its name. or even if its in the repos10:53
Symmetriathats not silly, thats a good speed benchmark10:53
ikoniaSymmetria: then that is not an appropriate test10:53
YerushalmiNow I restart and enter recovery mode10:53
ikoniaSymmetria: sorry, the silly comment was for shadghost10:53
ehidlemake -j on a 2600K with 16GB of RAM takes approximately 90 seconds10:53
YerushalmiTry to open the graphics failsafe10:53
AndIrcHello world10:53
YerushalmiAnd I'll finally get to see what all those errors were10:54
grozamoreiFjodor: oh, shi.. it's ntfs! i totally forgot this one. thx, me noob ^( i'm gonna try move it to ext4 now10:54
=== AndIrc is now known as Guest6071
shadghostikonia: it is true10:54
ikoniashadghost: forever is not an appropriate response for a reasonable question10:54
shadghosti run my kernal compiles overnight when i do it10:54
Symmetria*hrm* ehidle will see what this does, Im using phoronix test suite on its build-linux-kernel test, which I presume is building *EVERYTHING*10:54
ikoniashadghost: that is not "forever" and it's offtopic here10:54
grozamoreishadghost: yes i did. i'm gonna try move files from ntfs partition, could help. :\10:54
Symmetriaaverage, 111 seconds10:55
Symmetrianot bad10:55
YerushalmiThere were a lot of invalid arguments there10:55
ikoniaSymmetria: I would suggest using the benchmarking programs rather than a kernel compile which can be affected by numerous things10:55
rigvedYerushalmi: nano /var/log/boot10:55
rigvedYerushalmi: good so you got the error listing?10:55
FjodorSymmetria: It also depends on $CONCURRENCY_LEVEL I have it set to 16, meaning that make-kpkg will use 16 threads. I have set it to that because my i7 system has 4 cores and hyperthreading, giving 8 logical cores10:55
Yerushalmirigved: Odd. Neither boot nor boot.log has changed.10:55
Symmetriaikonia been trying various tests, x264 encodes, mp3 encode tests, etc are about the only tests Ive found so far10:55
shadghostgrozamorei: chmod -R 777 /dir/*10:56
ikoniaSymmetria: there are benchmarking tools available.10:56
rigvedYerushalmi: check /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog10:56
shadghostis taht what you did10:56
SymmetriaFjodor heh, I'm using a concurrency of 24 since I have 12 x Xeon cores and hyperthreading10:56
Fjodorgrozamorei: No need to label yourself a noob. At least you identified the problem as soon as I hinted at it ;-)10:56
Symmetria*hrm* my x264 benchmark hit 100.52 fps, decent10:56
shadghosti wonder10:56
FjodorSymmetria: Sweet. I just didn't know if you were aware of it :-)10:57
Yerushalmimessages has that same libglib segfault I mentioned earlier10:57
shadghostYerushalmi: sudo mail10:57
Symmetriainterestingly enough, this new system seems pretty stable, I had major problems on the old system running lucid, upgraded it to maverick and it seemed to stabilize10:57
Abdi^Ezping me10:57
Symmetriagot this system running maverick from day one and its 100% stable10:57
Abdi^Ezping me!10:57
ikoniaSymmetria: this is getting a bit out of the "support" discussion10:57
grozamoreiFjodor: true, in some way. But! too bad i don't think of it myself, being a developer it's a shame. thank you so much!10:57
ikoniaAbdi^Ez: please stop10:57
Dr_WillisAbdi^Ez:  and that will prove what exactly10:57
ikoniaSymmetria: maybe #ubuntu-offtopic would be a good place, as it sounds interesting10:57
FjodorYerushalmi: Have you considered running memtest86?10:58
ehidleSymmetria: my GTS 450 encodes H.264 at 125fps :p10:58
Yerushalmisyslog doesn't have those error messages either10:58
Symmetriaehidle heh, I was doing 100.52 without any graphics card acceleration10:58
Fjodorgrozamorei: Could happen to all of us, I guess. And np :-)10:58
YerushalmiFjodor: I ran a memtest this morning, all pass10:58
FjodorYerushalmi: Ok, didn't know - sorry10:59
ehidleSymmetria: yeah, but my GTS 450 cost 1/20 what your twin Xeon cost :p10:59
ikoniaehidle: Symmetria #ubuntu-offtopic would be a good place to continue this discussion, it looks a solid topic10:59
YerushalmiFjodor: 'sok10:59
YerushalmiFjodor: Appreciate the help :)10:59
grozamoreishadghost: i already tried that. the problem was in the file system - it was ntfs. no matter what, i can't change rights in ntfs, just in ext-fs. shame on me not thinking of it :\10:59
FjodorYerushalmi: sudo aptitude install --reinstall libglib perhaps?10:59
FjodorYerushalmi: And ok, thanks :-)10:59
shadghostgrozamorei: you dont have the usergroup for the files11:00
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:00
shadghostgrozamorei: i have had that problum on a ntfs harddrive11:00
shadghostgrozamorei: i think11:00
shadghostso try chaing group to a group you are in first11:00
thevishyanyone here on acer netbook with ubuntu ? how is the installation ?11:00
Symmetriatalking slightly more on topic, are there any SERIOUS disadvantages to running file systems on non-partitioned drives11:01
shadghost!aspierone | thevishy11:01
ikoniaSymmetria: depends which file system11:01
Symmetria(where drive size > X, it seems to be easiest to throw the file system straight onto the drive without partitioning)11:01
shadghost!aspireone | thevishy11:01
FjodorSymmetria: Not sure I get what you meen. There should be at least one partition, right? Or am I missing something basic here?11:01
Symmetriaikonia I'm running xfs on all the really big ones11:01
dejan_how can I delete log files from smuxi ?11:01
shadghostthevishy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne11:01
thevishyubotu didnt say anything11:01
SymmetriaFjodor no, as in mkfs.xfs /dev/sdb for example11:02
Symmetriano partition information whatsoever, file system on raw block device11:02
rigvedYerushalmi: update-rc.d -f bootlogd remove11:02
rigvedYerushalmi: update-rc.d bootlogd defaults 0811:02
ikoniaSymmetria: ok, but how do you have it partitioned currently ?11:02
birdhow to use11:02
rigvedYerushalmi: run these two commands in the same order11:02
YerushalmiSec, I'm trying to get ethernet to work11:02
rigvedYerushalmi: then restart11:02
FjodorSymmetria: Ok, didn't know that was an option - obviously I can't recommend anything about it then, sorry11:02
YerushalmiI apparently only have a loopback. Okay. In the meantime.11:03
SymmetriaFjodor only reason to really do it is when you have issues with partitioning because of the size11:03
Symmetriaikonia at the moment Im running no partition11:03
Symmetriastraight on the block size11:03
Symmetriablock device I mean11:03
jiltdilif i forget my grub password how should i overcome this?11:03
Symmetriajust wondering if there is a good reason to change that in the new arrays Im gonna add11:03
YerushalmiThe first command gave me "Removing any system startup links for /etc/init.d/bootlogd"11:03
ikoniaSymmetria: ok, for me, that's not great, more so as you want to run this as a mirror11:03
FjodorSymmetria: Ok, well thank you for broadening my horizon :-)11:04
Yerushalmi"Died at /usr/sbin/update-rc.d line 57."11:04
Yerushalmirigved: Is that right?11:04
Symmetria./dev/sdd               26T  9.8T   16T  39% /diskspace411:04
Symmetriathats an example11:04
ikoniaSymmetria: for me personally, for a production server, there are certain file systems that need to be seperate11:04
ikoniaSymmetria: certain ones which can be personal prefence, and certain ones which it doesn't matter11:04
Symmetriaikonia heh, we only do that on the SAN's though, not on the base operating system install11:04
Symmetriaso the base operating system install is broken down into partitions11:04
rigvedYerushalmi: the first part is right. not the second message11:04
ikoniaSymmetria: ahh, sorry, thought you where saying on your OS11:04
ikoniaSymmetria: in that case xfs will work fine on one "big" file system,11:05
Symmetriathen on the high capacity disk storage we're using base as per paste above11:05
rigvedYerushalmi: try that with sudo11:05
ikoniaSymmetria: apologies, though you where discussing the OS11:05
Yerushalmirigved: Okay, that worked11:05
YerushalmiNow the second line11:05
SymmetriaI'm about to add another file system to the machine, 90TB in a single go11:05
rigvedYerushalmi: use sudo in the second line too11:05
Linti have to hold shift typing it as caps lock stucked>>> any command to reset keyboard?11:05
rigvedYerushalmi: then restart11:06
Yerushalmiwarning: bootlogd start runlevel arguments (2 3 4 5) do not match LSB Default-Start values (S)11:06
ikoniaSymmetria: does xfs support 90TB ?11:06
Yerushalmiwarning: bootlogd stop runlevel arguments (0 1 6) do not match LSB Default-Stop values (none)11:06
claudio_server irc.hf-irc.net11:06
Dr_WillisLint:  not that ive ever seen/heard about. -  You could try switching to the console and back.11:06
ikoniaSymmetria: I thought it had a limit of 12TB (or something like that)11:06
Yerushalmifollowed by a bunch of file movement things.11:06
Symmetriaikonia under 32bit systems you have a limit of 16TB11:06
Fjodorikonia: Isn't it at 2PB?11:06
claudio_server irc.hf-irc.net11:07
thevishyis live usb creator same as usb creator ?11:07
Symmetriaon a 64bit system you can go way higher than that11:07
shadghostFjodor: i think it is bigger then that on 64 bit11:07
Yerushalmirigved: Was that an expected output?11:07
Symmetriawe're already doing 26TB in a single system11:07
ikoniaSymmetria: ahh that was it, I new there was a limit somewhere, but it's 32bit11:07
Symmetriayeah that 32bit limit made me wanna cry when we first ran into it11:07
Fjodorshadghost: Ok11:07
ikoniathe 64bit is 8 exbibyte11:07
Fjodorikonia: Ok, thanks11:08
LintDr_Willis, in console it's fine but in x not :angry:11:08
rigvedYerushalmi: no that wasn't11:08
rigvedYerushalmi: hold on11:08
shadghostThe ext4 filesystem can support volumes with sizes up to 1 exabyte and files with sizes up to 16 terabytes11:08
Symmetriaheh I was rather excited the day we got our first really huge MD1000 SAN, plugged it all in, and discovered.... machine was still running 32bit install and I couldnt use it11:08
shadghostfrom wikipedia11:08
Symmetriawas not impressed :)11:08
thevishywhat software do I use to create a USB that can install bu netbook ubuntu version ?11:08
Symmetriashadghost *hrm* any idea what the file size limit on xfs is?11:08
ikoniaSymmetria: 8eibyte11:08
ikoniaSymmetria: 8 ebibyte11:08
Symmetriathat 16 terabyte file size limit is gonna cause me problems11:08
ikoniaooh file size11:09
Symmetriaikonia is that file system size11:09
Symmetriaor file size11:09
shadghostXFS is a 64-bit file system. It supports a maximum file system size of 8 exbibytes minus one byte, though this is subject to block limits imposed by the host operating system.11:09
flexdSymmetria: you have a single file that is 16TB big?11:09
Symmetriaflexd scientific data, potentially, very easily11:09
Symmetriafiles coming outta evlbi experiments and off things like the LHC11:09
flexdSymmetria: Can't you split it up? :-/11:09
Symmetriaflexd heh, probably could find a way to do so, but its a pain in the backside :)11:10
rigvedYerushalmi: ya i think that's fine. no restart11:10
thevishyfolks any idea on how to burn an iso to a USB Flash drive so that it can install the OS for me like  DVD does11:10
rigvedYerushalmi: *now restart11:10
HF_acidthevishy: unetbootin is a popular option11:10
Fjodor!usb | thevishy11:10
ubottuthevishy: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:10
jiltdilthevishy:use unetbootin11:10
thevishythe links say usb creator software basically but what I found to download was live usb creator wonder if they are same11:11
shadghostSymmetria: i still want to see a single 16TB sicatific data file11:11
shadghostmost of the times they are broken into parts11:11
Fjodorthevishy: I should think so11:11
Symmetriahrm, another random question, has anyone attempted to bond multiple network cards under linux using something like LACP, and is it purely software dependant or is it hardware dependant as well11:11
thevishyLive word is a bit confusing as I dont want a CD based OS ...11:11
Yerushalmirigved: Restarting11:11
Fjodorthevishy: To the best of my knowledge, most, if not all, ubuntu images can be used as both live media and installer11:11
Symmetriaheh shadghost I'm already starting to see files in excess of 5TB coming outta the HG project and outta evlbi stuff, and they are growing in size by the day11:12
jiltdilthevishy: use unetbootin it is for making live usb11:12
thevishywhat is the size suggested for Linux including Swap for 1 GB netbook with 160 GB hdd11:12
coz_Symmetria,  i have never purposely bond 2 network cards but did have 2 cards connected at the same time11:12
dxyanyone here have manage to install ubuntu on PS3 phat 3.15?11:12
coz_Symmetria,   only did that once ...no problems just seemed redundant11:12
rigvedYerushalmi: after restart, check /var/log/boot11:12
Symmetriacoz, *hrm* Im wondering if I can bond 2 x 10G intel NICs11:13
erUSULSymmetria: bond driver is software11:13
FjodorSymmetria: I think there is something on bonding in the Networking-HOWTO11:13
Raj007thevishy: depends on what do you want to do. Just normal desktop use, 1GB would be enough. Otherwise i would recommend 4GB minimum. (anyone correct me if i'm wrong)11:13
Symmetriaand if the software load on the bond driver is gonna kill the machine at that kinda network rate11:13
arkanabarthevishy: I generally suggest between ram +0.5GB to 2x ram.11:13
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Yerushalmirigved: Just so we're clear, because I don't know if you were around when I discussed it or not, but the error messages I'm trying to access are those when I go to recovery mode and select the failsafe graphics mode, yes?11:14
Symmetriaarkanabar I'd agree with that on machines with low levels of ram, I'd disagree with it on machines with large amounts of ram11:14
Dr_WillisI always put a little swap partition on every hd i can. :) in case a live cd is needed. it can use swap.11:14
rigvedYerushalmi: this should log all boot messages11:14
arkanabarthevishy: I'd suggest 2gb; you have the disk space to spare.11:14
rigvedYerushalmi: are you getting those?11:14
Fjodorthevishy, Raj007: In the olden days, one would normally use swap sizes double the ram size, but I'm not sure if that still holds11:14
erUSULno it does not holds in the days of multi GiB rams11:15
Yerushalmirigved: Well, this time I'm not getting any messages at all, just a blank screen. Hang on.11:15
SymmetriaI normally run about 16gigs of swap *MAX* and thats on machines that have 64gig+ RAM, anything more than that is pointless11:15
jiltdilthevishy,Raj007: use swap according to ur application work11:15
Symmetriaso thats a quater of the ram size11:15
arkanabarI've been known to disable swap entirely with only 1.5gb of RAM, but you gotta watch your system; if RAM fills up, the system locks.11:15
FjodorerUSUL: Thanks11:15
rigvedYerushalmi: check /var/log/boot11:15
X-Sleepy-Xhi, I need help. I am stuck at initramfs when I boot ubuntu 10.04 i386. I tried to fix some error with fsck in recovery mode and I cannot even mount /dev/sda from live cd11:15
searchinghow to disable Ubuntu Software Center from Menu?11:16
erUSULif you plan to suspend to disk then you need swap == ram . if you wont s2disk then less swap11:16
rigvedsearching: you mean how to remove the menu entry for the Ubuntu Software Center?11:16
Symmetriaarkanabar heh, linux has a habit of doing nasty things when ram runs out even if you have swap :( particularly if your ram is being eaten by things like TCP windows, heh, push your tcp windows 2 high on a linux machine, run outta ram, it will kernel panic, irrespective of how much swap is available11:16
Symmetriabefore it even touches the swap11:17
FjodorerUSUL: Doing some gene prediction as late as today, however, I maxed out my 12Gb and used a healthy chunk of swap as well. And good point on the suspend thing!11:17
arkanabarerUSUL: that's why I was suggesting ram + 0.5GB.11:17
erUSULmost kernel memory is unswapable11:17
rigvedsearching: right-click on the Applications menu, edit menus. then untick Software Center11:17
Raj007Fjodor: sorry for late reply, was watching cricket. I agree, i only use 512MB swap for the heck of it and it never gets used for normal usage. (6GB RAM)11:17
bpx-devguys has anyone else been having login issues after the last round of kernel updates?  System keps jumping in to terminal login and after manually starting x i have to F7 over to my normal screen to use the desktop every time, its driving me up the wall11:17
searchingok thanks11:17
thevishydoes unetbootin take care of formatting the usb drive oo >11:17
Fjodorsearching: right-click on the menu, select Edit Menus11:17
arkanabarthevishy: don't think so, and few people are suggesting unetbootin any more.11:18
Fjodorsearching, rigved: Sorry, didn't see rigveds answer11:18
thevishyso what to use arkanabar'11:19
Raj007Fjodor: you meant hibernate?11:19
Lintwhy "setxkbmap us,ru -option grp:ctrl_shift_toggle" doesn't work??11:19
Raj007Fjodor: Suspend doesn't use any of the swap.11:19
thevishyi mean i formatted manually now11:19
arkanabarthevishy: let me go check out pendrivelinux.  what OS?11:19
thevishyso its fine now11:19
rigvedFjodor: no probs11:19
FjodorRaj007: That's one term for it, I believe, yes11:19
thevishyWindows XP11:19
thevishythis is a azer netbook11:19
FjodorRaj007: Suspend-to-ram11:19
Yerushalmirigved: boot.log hasn't changed.11:19
Dr_Willisthevishy:  that pendrive linux web site has several tools to use11:20
antivirtelhello, my Chrome sends en-US user agent, but my lang of the lucid & the chrome lang is hu-HU, how can I change that?11:20
Yerushalmirigved: boot itself is now entirely blank and I couldn't even read its contents with nano without sudo11:20
arkanabarthevishy: what OS are you planning to install on your USB drive?11:20
rigvedYerushalmi: /var/log/boot11:20
Raj007For hibernate to work, you need your swap to be atleast the same amount as your RAM plus a little more.11:20
rigvedYerushalmi: use sudo nano /var/log/boot11:20
erUSULantivirtel: in preferences>under the hood. languages and ... settings11:21
Yerushalmirigved: *nod* like I said, it gave me access denied, so I opened it with sudo, and it's entirely blank11:21
rigvedYerushalmi: it's blank even when you use sudo?11:21
rigvedYerushalmi: ok11:21
FjodorRaj007: Sorry, I confused myself1