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niekkohi, i have a problem with my ubuntu one client. there was an exception (error) on my ubuntu one client and after that several files and folders were deleted (from both local drive and the cloud). at the time of the exception i was editing and saving and odt file, but didn't touch any other files. has anyone encountered this kind of behavior?15:59
niekkoproblem solved, my own mistake after all16:02
petethepirateI'm trying to compile some drivers for my tuner card, but I get the error fatal error: linux/ti_wilink_st.h: No such file or directory.  This file appears to be in the source code, I have the headers and source package installed.  What am I missing for this?17:27
beunopetethepirate, this is probably no the channel you're looking for17:44
petethepiratebeuno: what is this channel?17:44
beunopetethepirate, ubuntu one17:48
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ElktroCould someone help me little bit? I cannot sync my purchased music.23:06
karniElktro: Sounds serious. Could you come 10h later in your timezone? The devs start the day around that time (+10h)23:07
karniElktro: you should receive some attention then23:07
ElktroOk. No problem.23:08

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