ailo_ScottL, ping01:01
ScottLailo_, pong01:07
ailo_Hi ScottL. Did you read the devel list? Seems like there's someone offering help. Got me thinking. Was going through the wiki pages, trying to find pages dedicated to development.01:14
ailo_holstein, alrite. Our favorite jazz radio station.01:15
ailo_ScottL: Some things have been worked on more than others, like discussing the -controls. But there seems to be a central place missing, where you can see what is being done, what needs to be done, and what is not being done. That sort of thing.01:17
ailo_ScottL: The new guy is asking for directions, and it would be really easy just to point him to some pages and then discuss what exactly he would like to do, and what needs to be done01:18
ScottLailo_, sorry, haven't read much mail today, been working heavily on backporting to lucid01:18
ScottLailo_, yeah, that's similar to what holstein suggested, just a nice dev page that links to things going on and where help might be needed01:19
ScottLjust so people can see:  https://launchpad.net/~slavender/+archive/backports-testing/+packages01:19
ailo_ScottL: How does ther backporting work? You can do that anytime? I saw a wiki about that. I could help out.01:20
ScottLailo_, wow, that guy's email sig is fookin' wicked cool :)01:20
ScottLailo_,  oh yeah, i'll need people to help test these packages01:21
ScottLi'm hoping you, holstein, and maybe rlameiro can do help test (i'll test it as well)01:21
ScottLbut my thinking is that the three of you should probably divide up the testing to make it go faster01:21
ailo_ScottL: How many packages do you have left? When you think you'll be done?01:22
ScottLonce we have two people with success tests who comment in the bug report then i'll post a debdiff and it should be pushed pretty quickly01:22
ScottLi spoke with ScottK about this yesterday and we knocked out the plan in short order01:22
ScottLailo_, re: packages and time - hold on, let me find the link01:22
ScottLby the way, this is an interesting video about hard real-time and soft real-time01:23
ScottLailo_, here's the backports wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Backports01:23
ScottLi've been updating it as i get something built or report a bug01:23
ScottLailo_,  you could start with the backports from natty if you are interested, that would make a nice division of labor01:24
ailo_ScottL, Alrite. Nice work. I'll have a look.01:25
ScottLthe idea is that i would _like_ to backport from natty if natty offers a later version of a package01:25
ScottLbut sometimes they depend on a later version of some other package :(01:25
ScottLand ailo_ , i really recommend test building in a pbuilder environment because it will tell you if it can't satisfy a dependecy in lucid without having to wait for a ppa to build or cluttering up a ppa with a bunch of packages that won't build01:26
ailo_ScottL, So, the list of backports to Maverick is only started?01:27
ScottLbtw, i'll respond to that email tomorrow morning while i do some other emails01:27
ailo_ScottL. From: Natty, that is01:28
ScottLailo_, these are backports to lucid...from either maverick or natty01:28
ScottLi only tried to backport qtractor for the natty ones01:28
ScottLit was because i already had qtractor source code on my machine01:29
ScottLi am hoping to be done with the maverick backports tomorrow morning, then i get back onto the -lowlatency kernel again01:30
ScottLthat's about 17 hours hence01:30
ailo_ScottL, Ok. I'll have a look at the Natty packages. It'll probably take a little more time for me to start with.01:31
ScottLailo_, the top of the page has this link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/BackportsHowToHelp01:32
ScottLit's pretty much a step-by-step guide to do this using qjackctl as an example01:33
ScottLhas lots of good packaging basics in it01:33
ailo_ScottL, Yep. Thanks. I think I've got all the wiki pages in my bookmarks now, though I may miss new ones, if they are made.01:33
ailo_I mean newly made pages, I might miss01:34
ailo_holstein is soloing away :P01:34
ailo_ScottL, Interesting video, about the -rt stuff!01:55
ScottLi haven't listened to it all yet, been focusing on the backporting01:56
ScottLailo_, i think after natty one of the things i would like to focus on is the documentation, but probably primarily from a user perspective01:56
ScottLmeaning getting work flows fleshed out more and documentation that will help users01:57
ScottLeh, patchage just took a big dump on me01:57
ScottLi had been avoiding installing every library and dependency under the sun until i got to patchage01:58
ScottLthat's the nice thing about using pbuilder - it creates a chroot environment that has minimal packages and then when you attempt to build something01:58
ScottLin it then it realizes what is missing and install those in the pbuilder environment01:59
ScottLand since this is all temporary, when it's done it just drops everything and your basic system is unmolested01:59
ailo_ScottL: I think both for users and developers would be a good things. User documentation shouldn't be too hard to work out. There are tons of detailed manuals for most programs, so an Ubuntustudio specific documentation doesn't need to be that extensive. The Ubuntustudio doc on work flows should include most things and explain simply, is what I think.01:59
ScottLailo_, that's true....and if we managed to simplify and make our developer documentation more effective then we could probably get more dev help02:03
ailo_ScottL, I will focus on documentation too, once other things are out of the way. Right now, I'm working a lot on my own stuff as well.02:03
ailo_ScottL, Pehaps while waiting for the release of Natty +1 alpha 1, I'll have time to work on that type of thing.02:04
ailo_ScottL, Are you getting a sense of what things are best done in what periods before a release? Perhaps a simple schedule could be made, when it makes most sense to focus on different things?02:05
ailo_+explaining when*02:06
ailo_It would be easier to ask for help once things like that are already mapped out. I think many people will have periods of time, when they have a lot of time to help.02:08
* ailo_ is getting some coffee..02:09
ScottLailo_, actually, i have been thinking about scheduling02:36
ScottLmainly because we always seem to be behind the curve LOL02:36
ScottLailo_, i don't know if you can see this or not:  https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AkE-Lxi30H8wdGNCTF9fODltNjVOT2dPbm44V3ZLZEE&hl=en&pli=1#gid=002:37
ScottLi wanted this just as a reminder to think about things before they're actually needed02:37
ScottLi also had been thinking about a 'ubuntu studio' google calendar that rlameiro had set up...that would be really nifty to set things up with a reminder02:37
ScottLand those that want can subscribe02:37
ailo_ScottL, Sounds like all good ideas to me. Maybe a release schedule, paralell to Ubuntu's would be good too. We should have some deadlines, followed by reviewing and testing for some things.02:41
ScottLailo_, that was the general idea between the google calendar and my spreadsheet...just a reminder before something is due02:44
ScottLailo_, also, i've started trying to build some of the backports from natty in pbuilder as is (right after apt-get source <package>) just to see if they build in lucid02:46
ScottLi dont' think many will :(02:46
ScottLBUT i'm recording what packages are missing for each package that fails to build02:46
ScottLand i might try to get some of the missing packages backported so we can backport more of our audio packages02:47
ailo_I think the most important thing for next release is to get the -lowlatency in. I just think that's the most fundamental part for the audio part. ScottL How about starting a duc wiki page on that?03:09
ailo_Since I have been working on the controls, and even though I have limited experience on software development, I still think I could take charge of laying out some sort of a project planning page on that.03:11
ScottLailo_,  here's what i've been working on for release planning: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/ReleasePlanning03:33
ScottLdoesn't mean that's the way it should be though03:33
ailo_ScottL, I already forgot about that page :P. 03:34
ScottLailo_, i've already gone through the natty backports, this way i can move back into the maverick stuff now that i know the natty package versions won't work03:36
ScottLhi raony_  :)03:43
raony_hey scottl :)03:46
raony_what's up ?03:46
raony_I'm reading the release plan and the bugs at launchpad ... 03:47
raony_I'm still a bit lost about how to set up a station to actually be able to help ! 03:49
raony_it's better if i set up a virtualbox with the natty version of studio ? 03:50
ScottLdoh, he's gone already :(04:00
ailo_raony_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/ReleasePlanning04:15
raony_I'm reading04:15
ailo_raony_, As for software projects, there's the ubuntustudio-controls, which needs some attention.04:16
ailo_raony_, I've been working on a new version on the ubuntustudio-controls, but what I have done doesn't need to end up in the next release04:17
raony_what are your changes at this control ?04:17
ailo_raony_, I've made a new one almost from scratch, since some features have become outdated. Also, there have been some big plans for improving it, but I only got it to do some basic things. Add user to audio group, adjust memlock value and install restricted extras.04:19
ailo_raony_, It's not packaged yet. For the next release it would be good be more organized with the development of that app. paultag has been helping me with this project.04:23
ailo_raony_, You don't happen to know much about kernels, by any chance?04:25
raony_not really :/ 04:25
raony_but I'm here to learn :) just need that you guys point me the directions 04:26
raony_what language you guys mainly use ? for example on the studio-controls ?04:26
ailo_raony_, It's been a python gtk project, though my version also uses shell scripts :/04:27
raony_well, I know python and shell script :)04:28
raony_never worked with gtk, but it's time learn !04:28
ailo_raony_, Here's the source for my version git clone git://gitorious.org/ubuntustudio-controls/ubuntustudio-controls.git ubuntustudio-controls04:32
ailo_raony_, You'll need to use it on Natty04:33
raony_how is the natty version of studio ?04:33
ailo_raony_, And if you decide to try it out, you'll notice from the source that shell scripts should be in /usr/lib/ubuntustudio-controls/ and the audio.conf file should be in /usr/share/ubuntustudio-controls/04:34
raony_are you using it inside a virtualbox or really installed in your pc ?04:34
ailo_raony_, I've installed it. It's pretty ok now. I installed ubuntu vanilla, though and added packages onto that.04:34
ailo_Installed on my machine, that is04:35
raony_all right, tomorrow I'm installing here and checking your code04:35
ailo_raony_, See you in tomorrows meeting?04:36
raony_for sure !04:36
holsteinailo__: hello :)14:55
holsteinScottL: morning14:55
ailo__Afternoon, holstein14:56
raony__12:00 here ... :D14:56
holsteini see a lot of activity in the scroll from last nite14:57
holsteini'll have to read that14:57
holsteinraony__: o/14:57
raony__I got the studio natty alpha-3 and I'm planning to install after this meeting14:58
ScottLmorning holstein 14:58
holsteini was just checking the mail to see if that was you raony__ 14:58
ScottLhi raony__ and ailo__ 14:58
ScottLholstein, are you up to finishing the menu update today?14:59
holsteinScottL: im off this afternoon14:59
holsteinso, i should be able to try14:59
holsteinnatty is all updated14:59
holsteinand ready to rock15:00
holsteinScottL: did you see the mail from erik?15:00
holsteinabout the site?15:00
holsteinand not being able to make the meeting?15:00
raony__I read that, and I believe I can help him since I've been working more with webdevelopment nowadays :)15:01
raony__what you guys think ?15:01
holsteinraony__: cool, we'll let ScottL know15:02
holsteinand get you guys in touch with each other15:02
Narwhal_Gym_SockHello, all.15:02
holsteinNarwhal_Gym_Sock: hey :)15:02
holsteinpaultag: you around?15:02
Narwhal_Gym_SockI've been working on the web site as well on the dev list.  My name is Brian.15:02
raony__Hello Brian!15:03
Narwhal_Gym_SockI didn't catch that last conversation, what's been discussed?15:03
holsteinNarwhal_Gym_Sock: nothing yet15:03
holsteinyou're just in time :)15:03
holsteinraony__ was offering assistance with the site15:03
holsteinNarwhal_Gym_Sock: are you in the position to give a run down?15:04
holsteinon what is going on?15:04
Narwhal_Gym_SockYes, I can do that.15:04
Narwhal_Gym_SockI've been working on the Impact theme.  You can see the original discussion for that here:15:05
Narwhal_Gym_SockThe first 'alpha' (so to speak) of the theme is done.  I really just need people to test it.15:06
raony__are you using wordpress for that?15:06
Narwhal_Gym_SockIt is being done in Drupal. 15:06
Narwhal_Gym_SockI believe that is mandated by Canonical, although it's fine by me, as I like Drupla.15:07
holsteinNarwhal_Gym_Sock: feel free to link us up in here for testing15:07
holsteinyeah, drupal is nice15:07
holsteinas long as the folk working on it are cool with it15:07
holsteinNarwhal_Gym_Sock: to test, do you need a host?15:07
raony__indeed ... I prefer drupal :)15:07
Narwhal_Gym_SockI'll need to upload the files to my server, then I'll link.  I'll have that done in a few minutes here.  I don't have a dev site running, I just use a local server on my machine (using XAMPP).15:08
Narwhal_Gym_SockSo, those testing will need to be doing that, as well.15:08
holsteini can do that locally here15:08
holsteini would probably get one of the drupal turnkey linux appliance iso's15:09
holsteinand run it in virtual box15:09
holsteinsomething easy :)15:09
Narwhal_Gym_SockOkay, so I'll get those files ready. They will include just the theme directories, a database for those who care to see the set-up I've been using, and a readme file with some release notes.15:10
holsteinraboof: hey15:10
holsteinraboof: we were just looking at the site15:10
raboofhi ;) just curious ;)15:11
holsteinand talking about testing with Narwhal_Gym_Sock 15:11
holsteinNarwhal_Gym_Sock: who is the web-team?15:11
holsteinis that pretty much just you and erik right now?15:11
Narwhal_Gym_SockRight now it is very bare bones, because I still have no idea what the plan is for the back end.  The theme will work out of the box, though.15:11
Narwhal_Gym_SockYeah, me and Eric and Scott.15:11
holsteinwell, make sure you get raony__ 's info15:12
holsteinif you need extra hands in there15:12
Narwhal_Gym_SockI will do that.  And, naturally, we'll take as many helping hands as possible.15:12
holsteinNarwhal_Gym_Sock: and like i said in the email15:13
holsteini think you guys should feel free to have a seperate meeting15:13
holsteinIF needed15:13
holsteinits challenging to find a time that works for everyone15:13
raony__when this website is supposed to be online ?15:13
holsteinbut, i think keeping a regular time will help with attendance15:14
holsteinraony__: good question15:14
raboofi'd definitely go for shiny or comic rather than punk15:14
Narwhal_Gym_SockRight now, it's a 'whenever it gets done' type of thing (like a lot of Linux stuff)15:14
holsteinNarwhal_Gym_Sock: loosely for natty though right?15:14
holsteinor shortly there-after15:14
Narwhal_Gym_Sockholstein: Natty would be the preference.  At least on my part.15:14
holsteinNarwhal_Gym_Sock: is that realistic?15:15
Narwhal_Gym_Sockraboof: We'll be using the "Impact" theme for the site.  Although I'm going to try to develop some desktop artwork using the comic style.15:15
raboofi don't know it, but what i se on the wiki looks good15:15
Narwhal_Gym_Sockholstein: Not sure.  The theme could definitely be done by them.  As for the rest of it, well, I'm not sure.15:16
holsteinwell, i agree, its looking slick15:16
holsteinScottL: when you get a minute, pop over here, and talk about backporting15:16
Narwhal_Gym_SockThe whole process as to how we want to organize the content of the site, and then how we get it all uploaded to the server and set up, is still a mystery to me.15:17
holsteinmaybe we can get a little unofficial backporting team started15:17
ailo__Narwhal_Gym_Sock, I see there are some additions intended for the site, like a tutorial section, feature overview. How much of that is done?15:17
* ScottL is catching up on backscroll15:17
ScottLholstein, i just now read eric's email15:17
ailo__Narwhal_Gym_Sock, Or maybe it's just easier we try it out15:17
ScottLNarwhal_Gym_Sock, i'm going to update the list of pages needed for the website for the immediate needs via email shortly15:18
raboofi'd say put as little content on the site as possible, and litter it with links to the wiki(s)15:18
holstein^^ i like that too15:19
raboof(but don't take me too seriously, i don't even use ubuntu atm :) )15:19
holsteinlink to the buntu stuff thats already in place15:19
holsteinailo__: you want to tell us about the controls thingy?15:19
holsteinthat you and paultag are working on?15:19
ailo__I think we need to organize the wiki, work on documentation for both users and developers. But, I wouldn't mind a feature overview on the main site, with pictures.15:20
holsteinmost teams have a wiki team15:20
holsteinmaybe we should entertain that for the future15:20
holsteinsome folks that keep the studio wiki's clean and up to date15:21
raony__holstein: I will also try to help ailo with the studio-controls 15:24
raony__he already sent me his code15:24
ailo__Well, to answer holstein, I've been working on a new version of the ubuntustudio-controls with some help from paultag. It's very simple. Makes it easier for new users to make sure they have realtime privilege. Here's a picture of it http://imagebin.org/14145915:24
holsteinraony__: cool, i just read a little of the exchange you guys had :)15:25
holsteinailo__: do you need testers yet?15:25
ScottLso, i'm working on the backports for lucid:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Backports15:26
ScottLthere's a list of what i considered and how that played out with trying to backportr15:26
ScottLsometimes new versions use updated version of other packages that aren't in luid15:26
ailo__I'm not suggesting we use the code for future releases, though. paultag had an idea of making it pluginable. Also, I guess accessing realtime will change sooner or later too. There have been a lot of ideas on what to add to the controls, so it could be reallly be expanded.15:26
ScottLso say ardour from either maverick or lucid can't be backported to lucid because it requires a later version of a build package than is in lucid15:27
ScottLbut there are still quite a few packages to backport15:27
ScottLi've build pretty much all of them and will need people to start testing them15:27
holsteinScottL: and that would be https://launchpad.net/~slavender/+archive/backports-testing/+packages15:27
ScottLthe general plan is that i committed to building them and providing a test as well15:27
ScottLaye holstein 15:27
holsteinScottL: so, in lucid, add that PPA15:28
ScottLthen we just need one additional tester to test the package and report on the associated bug report15:28
holsteinand upgrade/test15:28
ailo__I can help with testing those15:28
ScottLonce we have two testers on record in the bug report the backports team should move pretty quickly to push it into the official backports release15:28
ScottLi also hope to work on the -lowlatency kernel from instructions that abogani has given me15:29
ScottLi feel pretty confident that i should get them built today (time permitting of course)15:29
holsteinScottL: and the plan is to have that in natty?15:30
holsteinas an option?15:30
ScottLholstein, good question :/15:30
ScottLpersia had wanted to push it into the repos about a month ago (i guess) but it may be too late in the cycle, i'll have to see what his intentions are now15:30
holsteinyeah, we need that kernel 15:31
ailo__Considering how similar the -lowlatency is to the generic kernel, it would make sense to let it in even after feature freeze.15:31
Narwhal_Gym_SockSorry, everyone, my Internet just crapped out.15:31
ScottLi need to get off my arse about establishing an official Ubuntu Studio PPA so we can dump the -lowlatency kernel (if not in repo) and also an -rt kernel15:31
holsteinScottL: that would be a PPA we could add 'out of the box' ?15:32
ScottLailo__, i got the impression that persia was just going to do it...sounded almost cavalier :P15:32
holsteinship with?15:32
ailo__ScottL, It would be great if he did :P15:32
ScottLholstein, if we updated a package to add the source line to sources.list, then yes15:32
holsteinthats totally fine15:32
holsteineither way then15:32
ailo__So, Narwhal_Gym_Sock, about the site. How can we test it? We download some files from you and try the site out locally?15:34
ScottLby the way, if people want to start testing the backports they can15:34
holsteinScottL: these get backported to lucid or maverick?15:35
holsteinor whatever?15:35
holsteindo they need to be tested in both?15:35
Narwhal_Gym_Sockailo: That is correct.  I'm getting those files ready to upload to my website as we speak, and then I'll send a link to everyone.15:35
Narwhal_Gym_SockAnyone wanting to test will need to use XAMPP (or something similar).15:36
raony__why ?15:36
ailo__Narwhal_Gym_Sock, php and mysql?15:37
Narwhal_Gym_Sockailo: Yes.  You will basically need to do a Drupal install yourself on your own local server, and then drop in my theme files and, optionally, upload the database I've been using.15:38
ScottLholstein, they get backported to lucid...most are coming from maverick and one from natty15:38
ScottLso just test in lucid15:39
holsteinScottL: i see15:39
Narwhal_Gym_Sockail0: That last part is only necessary if you want to see the basic set-up I've been using.  Otherwise, the theme will work out of the box and you can set up your test site as you'd like.15:39
ailo__I have a local server running Apache and postgres. Drupal is new to me, so I'll have to see if I can get it all to work.15:43
raony__I want to ask something, I downloaded studio alpha-3 here to install here, but I tough about trying to upgrade from maverick first, how is that working right now ? I believe is better if I install from zero, am I right ?15:45
holsteinalso, http://www.turnkeylinux.org/drupal615:46
holsteinthats how i probably will do it15:46
Narwhal_Gym_Sockailo: I'm not sure, but I believe Drupal needs to use MySQL.  Otherwise, it's really easy to install.15:46
holsteinraony__: fresh install is usually faster15:46
holsteinand preffered15:46
Narwhal_Gym_SockYes, I fresh install will save you many problems.15:46
holsteinIF i were upgrading to natty, i would want to wait til at least beta too15:47
raony__ok, and what kernel it comes with ? -lowlatency or -rt ?15:47
holsteinjust incase15:47
holsteinraony__: -generic15:47
holsteintry it though15:47
holsteini have found that the -lowlatency is working quite well in natty15:47
holsteinwith my firewire device15:47
ailo__The -lowlatency kicks ass.15:48
holsteinyeah ^^15:48
holsteinmost folk dont need either though15:48
holsteinbut, we need to have -lowlatency i think15:48
holsteinwell, i think we all kinda faded out 16:04
holsteinbut, we got some things done16:04
holsteindiscussion mostly, and thats good16:04
holsteini'll try and paste our meeting in an email here in a bit16:05
holsteinthanks all, ScottL raony__ Narwhal_Gym_Sock raboof ailo__ :)16:05
ailo__On making things easier for new user: I started working on a script a couple of months ago, that runs at startup to see if the system is tuned or not. Also, I would want to put the -controls in the notification area, where the user can easily find it. Have a button for help there. Let it be pluginable as paultag suggested.16:05
holsteinand any idlers i missed16:05
raony__that's a good idea holstein.16:06
raony__the natty studio will be release together with the other releases April 28th ?16:06
Narwhal_Gym_SockThanks, everyone, I'll send a link to the site testing files to the list in a few minutes.16:06
ailo__Next meeting, a month from now?16:07
holsteinailo__: yup16:07
holsteinfirst sunday of the month :)16:07
raony__all right!16:08
ailo__Sounds almost holy :)16:08
raony__I'm moving to natty, see you guys !16:08
ScottLi've done all the building for backporting i'm going to do at the moment, although there are a few notable exceptions in the wiki:16:21
ScottLalsa-tools: i'd like to research it more to see if this will affect other packages possibly and cause breakage16:22
ScottLgcdmaster: there already was a backports bug report for this, although i don't know if it will move without us doing something16:22
ScottLpatchage: i need to research this also, nedko kinda makes things build weird and i think i may need to install a lot of packages16:22
ScottLrakarrack: saving this for holstein to build :)16:23
Narwhal_Gym_SockHey, everyone, here is a link to the website files for those who would like to do testing:16:29
Narwhal_Gym_SockI will send this to the list as well.16:29
ScottLholstein, do you need any further help with the menu update?17:32
holsteinScottL: yeah :)17:33
ScottLwhich point are you at currently?17:33
ScottLholstein,  where are you at now?17:35
holsteinsame as before17:35
holsteinlet me get some things sorted17:36
holsteinand i'll PM you17:36
ailo__ScottL, I'll help testing the backports tomorrow. What's the deal then? What kind of comments? If the package is working, we just say it's working?18:44
ailo__on the bug reports18:44
ScottLailo__,  aaaahhhh, i'm not sure exactly on the wording but I think just a note saying that you tested it and it worked18:53
ailo__ScottL, And then once three of us have confirmed, the packages are fit for baclporting?18:54
ailo__Was just installing drupal. If I get it going I'll try and share it with you guys. Don't have a lot of bandwidth, though...18:55
ScottLailo__, only two confirmed are necessary (actually ScottK said only one was really necessary but normally it's two)18:56
ScottLand i'm going to test each as well18:56
ScottLi think if you follow some of the links on this page you will find examples of what worked to get previous backport bugs closed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lucid-backports/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=FIXRELEASED&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_supervisor=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=&field.tag=&field.tags_combinator=ANY&fie18:56
ailo__ScottL, but the links to the bugs are all in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Backports, right?18:58
ScottLtry this page instead:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/lucid-backports/+bugs?advanced=118:58
ScottLunder status make sure only "fixed released" is checked18:58
ScottLailo__, yes, all links are on that page18:58
ScottLailo__, i don't know if you had seen this already:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScottLavender/scratchpad19:30
ScottLthose are my notes from aboganni to build the -lowlatency kernel from his git tree19:30
ScottLi just ran through it really quick like and without any apparent problems and uploaded my changes to my ppa19:30
ScottLafter it builds (hopefully correctly) i'll feel  100% good about it then19:31
ailo__ScottL, Nice, How about creating the source tree from scratch (using the Ubuntu kernel source)?19:33
ailo__The way it seems to be set up is using a sort of -lowlatency patch on top of the -generic, thought the patch is really only changing a few configs from what I can tell. I guess that belongs to what is still a mystical area, namely debian packaging19:36
ailo__Mystical to me* :)19:37
ailo__For a short term I think it will be enough just to hang on to those configs, but in the long term, someone will have to follow up on kernel feature updates.19:39
ScottLailo__, lol, it tired to build the kernel before it had built the meta so i was missing the source19:48
ScottLi'll try to force the kernel to build again19:49
holsteinScottL: did you see my cop-out-ish PM?20:50
holsteinim heading out the door20:50
holsteintry and catch up with you later20:50
holsteinand see if i can carve out some time20:50
holsteingood meeting though i thought20:50
ScottLholstein, oh, lol, actually i didn't till now20:51
ScottLi can take of it all20:51
=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
ScottLdoh!  my kernel build needs linux-source-2.6.38-5.32 and can't find it :(23:32
ailo__ScottL, Don't you have the entire source from aboganis git repo?23:38
ScottLailo__, i don't know23:46
ScottLailo_, ^23:46
ScottLi thought it would have come with the -meta23:46
ScottLbut i'm pretty ignorant about a lot of these things23:46
ailo_The -meta should not hold the actual kernel source, right? Only the -lowlatency itself.23:47
ailo_And the -lowlatency seemed to be identical to a -ceneric source tree, except for some additions. That is the way it seemed to me23:47
ScottLbut then there was a -lowlatency package as well23:47
ScottLbut i looked at all the packages the -meta built and the source is not in there23:47
ScottLi'll email abogani later tonight about it and he'll probably answer by the time i wake up23:48
ailo_ScottL, Probably better. :P23:49

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