skypcecan you helpme with a "Cannot create thread 1 Operation not permitted"03:10
skypcewith jackd203:11
ailo_skypce, Are you in audio group? Do you have things set up in /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf?03:14
skypceailo_ yes03:15
skypcei was compiling a netbook kernel based in liquorix03:15
skypcethe liquorix official kernel works fine03:16
skypcewith jackd203:16
skypcei doesnt know that is wrong with this compilled kernel03:16
skypcecan you please see the .config03:16
skypcei download the official liquorix .config03:17
skypceand .config of netbook-kernel03:17
skypceand i was removing all innecesary drivers03:17
skypceuff it takes to me about 3 hours03:18
ailo_skypce, I'm not an expert in Linux config. Did you do this on a vanilla kernel, or Ubuntu or Debian?03:19
acerimmerubuntu studio monthly meeting 03/06/2010 10:00 am EST03:30
skypcefrom here03:32
ailo_acerimmer, Are you attending the meeting later?03:38
acerimmerailo_: later tomorrow morning?  :) yes03:40
ailo_acerimmer, Let's hope a lot of people join in03:41
acerimmerailo_: i hope so.  Seems like a lot more people would/should be up for advancing the ustudio package.03:42
bc81this is probably asked often, but "FluidSynth or TiMidity++"??08:42
shadghostThe TiMidity++ project has not been actively maintained since 200408:44
shadghostvs last stable was oct of 2010 for fluid08:44
shadghosti think i would make my desision based on that08:44
bc81fluidsynth it is then!08:47
shadghostnot saying it is better, just chances of still being activly matianed (well 2010, but that is not that long ago) is a good indacation08:48
StrayfolkI'd like to install pulse-jack, but I'm unable due to dependencies10:50
StrayfolkI'd like to force another version of the libpulse0 package, but synaptic wants to uninstall a lot of packages10:53
Strayfolkthe pulseaudio packages from ricotz seem to be all broken10:57
Strayfolkand I don't know how to fix them10:57
hermanrCinelerra-CV dev meeting starting in #cinelerra in one minute.  Just FYI.13:59
mlpugI saved smallish hydrogen .h2song file. When I try to import that to Rosegarden it segfaults. What might be wrong here? When I press play in hydrogen this seems to play forever. Could the segfault be because it kind of tries to import track of infinite length or what is going on here?15:49
holsteinmlpug: i would think you would need to import MIDI data15:50
holsteinthe .h2song15:50
holsteinis going to be for hydrogen15:51
holsteinlike trying to open a .pdf in a text editor15:51
holsteini mean, its all text right?15:51
holsteinbut of course it wont work...15:51
holsteinim not a big MIDI guy though15:52
mlpugokay. of course.15:52
holsteinbut, it seems like you might be trying to 'record' it over there?15:52
holsteinin RG ?15:52
holsteinif you can just take the midi data over to RG15:52
holsteinit should work15:52
holsteinyou'll have to remap everything15:52
holsteini think the preffered workflow would be to keep H215:52
holsteinand RG seperate15:52
holsteintil mixdown15:53
holsteinthen, record everything over into ardour15:53
holsteinin one go15:53
holsteinin H215:53
holsteinyou can have seperate audio channels per instrument15:53
holsteinwhich is handy15:53
mlpugThat makes sense15:54
mlpugMy target is to have some Hydrogen and other MIDI stuff then record vocal or other instruments and combine everything15:55
holsteinmlpug: i think you'll want to aim for ardour as the final mixing place15:56
mlpugI guess thats the place to go yes15:56
mlpugat least most youtube and other tutorials seems to do it that way15:57
mlpugThat Hydrogen episode described above was part of this venture15:58
WebsterGood morning!16:23
holsteinWebster: o/16:24
WebsterCan anyone offer some installation advice?16:24
holsteinjust use the normal buntu CD16:24
holsteinthe live ISO16:24
holsteinand add what you want16:24
holsteingo to the package manager of your choice16:24
holsteinand search ubuntustudio16:24
holsteinand read about the meta packages16:24
holsteinand decide what you want/need16:25
holsteinor just install the apps you want16:25
Websterinstead of loading the ubuntu studio ISO?16:25
Websterhere is my problem....16:26
WebsterI have a mini-ITX mainboard... loaded studio onto an 80gb ata drive, everythings fine16:27
Websterbut I've now purchased a 500gb SATA drive... installed Studi TWICE, but after it kicks the cd out it refuses to boot off the SATA drive16:28
holsteinWebster: i would look in the bios for that16:28
Websterit prompts for the grub loader at the end but it still won't boot16:28
holsteinand check where GRUB is getting installed16:28
WebsterI did, put the hard drive 1st in the boot order16:28
holsteini would try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling GRUB 216:29
holsteinyou can recover GRBU16:29
holsteinusing a live CD16:29
holsteinnot sure what the deal is16:29
holsteinyou still have the other disc installed?16:29
holsteinhard disc*16:31
holsteinhard drive16:31
holsteinyou have both the 80 and the 500 ?16:31
WebsterI could...16:31
holsteinright now16:31
holsteinthe only drive connected is the 500 ?16:32
holsteinid get a live CD16:32
holsteinand lood at the drive16:32
holsteinsee if if looks right16:32
holsteinrecover grub using it16:32
holsteinand go from there16:32
WebsterI wonder if I'd be better off going with your original suggestion16:33
holsteinWebster: well, it wont hurt to try some things16:33
holsteinif you're OK with a reinstallation as being a last steop16:33
WebsteriI have all day...16:33
holsteinrecovering GRUB from a live CD aint that bad16:34
holsteinand it'll either work or not16:34
Websteror a live usb key?16:34
Websterusb flash drive16:35
Websterok well, thanks for your suggestions, I'll give them a try16:36
Websterhave a great day!16:36
holsteinWebster: you can do USB16:36
holsteinWebster: good luck :)16:36
mlpugI have plain ubuntu maverick and then ubuntustudio-audio installed on top of that. Rosegarden complaints about that missing realtime capability. In my specific configuration should I modprobe as instructed by Rosegarden or should I do something else in this specific setup in order to have proper realtime support?20:03
holsteinmlpug: can you just ignore it and work?20:03
holsteinare you getting xruns?20:03
mlpugwell. I dont know about xruns what they are. Everything works pretty fine except when kids steal my keyboard and press like twenty keys simultaneously I hear some hiccups in audio. I thought that its because somewhere there is not enough capacity to play everything properly20:05
holsteinmlpug: what are your JACK settings?20:06
mlpugbut I guess I can ignore this for now especially if the fix is not very trivial and if the fix may mess up something else in my setup20:06
mlpugdunno that either. Basicly the only thing I have done with Jack is qjackctl where I have established connections between apps20:07
holsteinmlpug: in the jack control window20:07
holsteinyou might see little red numbers20:07
holsteinthats the xrun count20:08
holsteinyou can close everything20:08
holsteinstop JACK20:08
holsteinopen 'setup'20:08
holsteinand change frames/period20:08
holsteinto something like 102420:08
holsteinand/or periods/buffer to 320:08
holsteinother than that, you can try a realtime kernel20:09
holsteini would suggest the -lowlatency kernel20:09
holsteinmlpug: if you are happy with the performance though20:09
holsteindont worry about it for now20:09
mlpugYes. I interpret the article so that this feature will ship with Natty.20:16
holsteinmlpug: probably not20:16
holsteinwell, we'll probably stick it in there on way or another20:16
holsteineventually, we wont need it anyways20:16
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DMDeanis there any way to get a reverb plugin for audacity?22:09
ver0na-sthere's anyone out thr???23:44

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