ochosihi everyone08:45
micahghi ochosi08:46
ochosimicahg: do you have an opinion on theming?08:47
micahgochosi: usually not unless it's atrocious08:48
ochosiok :)08:48
ochosiwell, i'm considering to give the menus a dark background08:48
ochosibut keep a bright menubar08:48
micahgthat sounds like it'll contrast poorly08:48
ochosidunno whether you've tested/seen greybird so far08:48
micahgochosi: upgrading to natty now08:49
ochosihow do you mean it'll contrast poorly?08:49
micahgdark vs light08:49
ochosiyeah, but the font-color will be bright08:49
micahgoh, well, actually looking at the theme in maverick, it's dark and light, so I guess it wouldn't be that bad08:49
micahgyou have a sample to lookat?08:49
ochosiwell, it would be something like this: http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TXKh77ChufI/AAAAAAAADTg/sEwh7Wpy9Go/elementary-gtk-theme-2.1.png08:50
ochosibut the menus/panels not as dark as here08:50
* micahg fires up midori ;)08:50
ochosii just realised that the dark panel-bg kind of makes you wish for dark indicator menus08:50
ochosii achieved that yesterday and made them dark, then i realised that the app-menu should probably also be dark for consistency08:51
ochosiand since i'm not sure it's possible to theme that independently of other menus i think it's either all or nothing08:51
micahghmm, looks monochrome08:51
micahgexcept for the highlight08:52
ochosiwell, the shot isn't really representative as there aren't even icons in the menus (xubuntu has those activated)08:52
ochosii mean there are two options imo, either make the menus brighter than atm or darker08:53
ochosi(both would mean better contrast/readability i think)08:53
ochosimicahg: hm, so what do you think, is it worth a try?08:57
ochosi(it's not like we can't change it back later)08:57
micahgochosi: idk, might be worth asking others, seems ok to me, but style isn't my strong point08:58
ochosiyeah, i'll maybe give it a shot so i can at least present screenshots08:58
ochosiotherwise people won't really know what it looks like08:58
ochosimicahg: you still around?09:55
micahgochosi: yep09:55
ochosiif you're still interested in a screenshot i can now provide one09:55
ochosimicahg: http://imagebin.org/14141409:57
micahgochosi: crashes midori :P, will check in firefox after reboot09:59
ochosimicahg: right :)09:59
micahgbrb, hopefully :)09:59
micahgochosi: any idea where the network manager went?10:22
ochosimicahg: what do you mean?11:19
ochosimicahg: is it not in the panel?11:19
ochosimicahg: (if xfce4-indicator is in the panel, nm-applet should be displayed as an indicator, otherwise it should be in the systray)11:20
micahgno, it's not11:20
ochosiare you using the default panel layout?11:20
* micahg has no idea, my panel settings were lost on upgrade11:21
* micahg does not like some of the new panel applets11:22
ochosiright, does it look like this: http://wiki.knome.fi/_detail/shimmer:panel_it4.png?id=xubuntu%3Anatty_panel11:22
micahgI don't have the wireless11:22
micahgor the name thingy11:23
ochosimicahg: and the rest is there? (the lower panel is on autohide by default)11:31
ochosicheck in the panel preferences whether the systray and the indicator plugin are there, if not, add them11:31
* micahg doesn't see a systray option11:36
micahgbut all the other old icons are there11:36
ochosino, i mean check in the panel preferences (there's an item-list) whether the indicator plugin is there and if not add it and restart the panel11:37
micahgindicator-plugin is there, but I don't have the network indicator, I just want nm-applet11:38
ochosinm-applet can be either displayed as indicator or as systray-icon11:39
ochosithat depends on what you have in your panel11:39
micahgugh, I have both11:39
ochosiif indicator-plugin is there, nm-applet will behave like an indicator11:39
ochosiif both are there, it's also an indicator11:39
micahgok, so indicators were messed up, removed indicator plugin and got my session menu back11:41
* micahg gives up on nm-applet until monday11:47
ochosiwell, dunno, for me it works either way11:49
* micahg will just blame cyphermox :)11:49
ochosiis that an indicator-dev?11:50
micahgno, he's the network manager dev11:50
ochosiright :)11:50
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