mhall119caps always gets you better support00:17
aberhowanyone in here playing with 11.0400:50
knomeaberhow, #ubuntu+100:50
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lightahoi does someone know how can I do a recursive merge ?02:35
MaxDamage`I made a Live USB, using Xubuntu 10.10, but it doesn't boot. Gets stuck on "Checking battery state" and I'm not even using a laptop/netbook.07:21
MaxDamage`Also, it does say [ OK ] at the end.07:21
dirtycookiehi I have a crackling noise in my headphones when there is nothing played, I checked alsamixer where I set everything down to zero but no luck10:21
searchinghow to disable Ubuntu Software Center from menu?11:30
Sysiremove it?11:35
searchingremove from menu11:35
searchingin ubuntu edit menu11:35
searchingbut with xubuntu?11:35
Sysiavailable (again) on next release11:36
Sysiaka. no menu editor in xubuntu, but editing config files is possible11:37
searchingis in .config?11:37
searchingwhy after playing vlc system not shutdown complete?11:38
Sysishouldn't be about vlc, maybe kernel bug with your hardware11:39
searchingI have dual boot11:42
searchingxubuntu 9.04 and 10.1011:43
searchingin 9.04 I can play games like barn buddy but in 10.10 freeze the system11:43
searchingand can`t shutdown11:45
Sysishutdown and freezing are generan problems, you could ask your local community channel11:45
searchingsame flash player11:47
searchingin 10.10 youtube works11:47
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bhesorry, forgot the '/'17:01
knomeheh, no problem :)17:02
medemanhey i cant find a server release for xubuntu 10.10...17:23
medemanany idea?17:23
medemanis there one?17:23
fragolinowow I'm in! hi all!17:24
Sysimedeman: what do you mean server release17:24
fragolinoI have a litle doubt.17:24
Sysixubuntu server = ubuntu server17:24
Sysishould be available17:25
medemanbut i cant find it17:25
knomeit is ubuntu server17:25
knomethere is no such thing as "xubuntu server" since servers do not have desktop environments17:25
medemanubuntu server has17:26
knomeif you install one, yes17:26
fragolinoI installed xubuntu 9.04. then upgraded to something I thought waS xubuntu 9.10. but now update.manger asks me to "update" to ubuntu 10.04 LTS17:27
medemanhmm knome i just want to use the server as a web server with php and mysql, can i do so in xubuntu desktop?17:28
Sysifragolino: should be right, and you should update17:28
knomefragolino, if you updated, then it still is xubuntu17:28
knomemedeman, yes, if you so wish17:28
knomemedeman, just install php and mysql (and web server of you preference)17:28
medemani.e. apache?17:28
medemanare they all available from the repo?17:29
knomeshould be pretty easily guessable names17:29
Sysisame repos for all *buntu17:29
knomeeg. php5, mysql-server, apache2 (i'm not sure though)17:29
fragolinoSysi, Knome: I tried to update but I saw he was uninstaling lots of light programs like abiword installing openoffice. (for example)17:30
medemanokay thanks17:30
knomefragolino, that definitely sounds weird17:30
fragolinoknome: I escaped from ubuntu, and, honesty I was trying to install debian this morning (but I failed), then suse (which failed):I am now a happy user of Xfce 4 that I love! I do not want to come back to ubuntu, openoffice, (in)volution, and so on...17:33
medemanxfce is a desktop enviroment i think, not a distribution fragolino ?17:35
Sysifragolino: you can always remove software you don't need and replace with your favourites17:35
Sysithough it shouldn't randomly change installed software17:36
Sysido you have ubuntu-desktop installed? how about xubuntu-desktop?17:36
fragolinoupdate manager says:it is now available the new release of <<10.04.1 LTS>> for Ubuntu. So it sems to me that I updated fron Xubuntu to Ubuntu!17:36
fragolinoI know xfce is just the desktop environment but  I stil have all Xubuntu "architecture" : no evolution for now, no openofice, for now. But if i test the "update" it would like to erase abiwordf and thunderbird!!17:38
Sysiyou still can install them back (but it shouldn't remove them)17:40
Sysichevk those two packages i mentioned17:40
fragolinowait I'm checking..17:40
fragolinoI have DEFINITELY  xubuntu-desktop (but I also have ubuntu keyring, ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-standard. hope it can helps..17:43
Sysii just thought if ubuntu-desktop overrides xubuntu-desktop17:44
fragolinono, this did not happened! ...but it seems to happen with next update.17:46
Sysii mean it could occur in update17:47
fragolinoSysi, you think is possible?.... I always had ubuntu so I never had the problem to move to ubuntu: but now what can I do? the only hope is install a new Xubuntu 11.04? Does anybody know if there is a "receipt" to DIET XUBUNTU (LIKE the many one exist for Ubuntu)?17:51
Sysifragolino: 11.04 is still alpha, 10.04 is LTS if you want it17:52
Sysiif you want light xubuntu, do command line install from alternate disk (it's in F6 - options) and then install xfce4 and xfce4-goodies (and maybe network-manager-gnome)17:53
Sysiyou can't get as big difference as with gnome17:54
fragolinook go on...17:55
fragolinocan I ask another different question?18:02
fragolinoI can not see the new ssd hdd I bought. It is a 1.8" micro sata (and I bought an adapter fot the standard sata cable that fits on the motherboard). is there a command line to inteerogate the sata chanels lloking for something? I mean a powerful "forcing" the look 4..18:06
Sysihow do you mean "see"?18:07
fragolinonor the motherboard, nor the operating system detects it...18:25
Sysipower wire connected?18:26
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fragolinosysi: ? what ?18:35
Sysisomething wrong on low level if you can't see it from bios18:35
fragolinoyes it has a ALSO a power wire: 1 data and 1 power, 2 cables connected18:35
fragolinowhen connected to a windows laptop it worked: it is a kingspec1.8" microsata 32gb.18:36
Sysican you see it in gparted?18:37
fragolinothe bios is new, and the mobo is also new.18:37
fragolinowhen inserting the installation cd I could only see the ide hd and the usb external hd.18:39
fragolinoI fear something bad because the bios says no sata devices....18:40
gnoobcan xfburn copy a CD or create an iso file from a CD?  I can not seem to find a way.19:41
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Guest83878looking for help with video resolution on old dell d600 w/radeon 9000 won't change res ... goes blank unusable xubuntu 10.1019:57
Guest83878i'll take that as a 'no'20:00
lithprhas anyone got the weather applet working after upgrading to xfce 4.8 on xubuntu 10.10?20:39
drclithpr: nope, didn't work for me either (so your not alone :)20:41
drcer...you're, that is20:41
lithprthank you20:41
drcnp, If you fnd an answer, a note her would be nice20:42
lithprwill do20:42
lithprAll external plugins need to recompile to properly use the 4.8 framework. The weather plugin does not support rgba windows (composite), so therefore it crashes, being worked on for the next weather plugin release. For the places plugin I have no idea what is broken.20:44
lithprI managed to get all the plugins working except for the weather applet. If you're looking for a temporary solution, the xfapplet plugin still works and you can use the gnome weather applet.20:45
Sysii think places is about thunar using different backend20:45
drclithpr: So I suppose that xubuntu 11.04 will include the re-compiled plugins...for a new install at least, wonder about an upgrade?20:46
Sysithere's new plugin for sam purpose, idk name20:46
Sysii think i heard that weather-plugin is unmaintained and quite old20:46
Sysidrc: same packages in upgraded system as clean install20:47
lithprdrc- the gnome plugin works20:47
drcSysi: maybe, but without the weather-plugin, I'm gonna have to go back to GNOME :)20:47
lithpryeah, 28F and "mist"y20:48
drclithpr: really?  I like that one better anyway...lemme try it20:49
Sysidrc: unity comes and hits :P20:53
drcSysi: I wonder if people understand the close link between Unity and Unification Day ? (in Firefly:)20:54
Sysii don't20:56
drcSysi: nevermind, it's a complicated story to try and tell here20:57
Sysiwikipedia told basics20:58
bhei did minimal install, installed only what i need and now i want to save the current state of the os to a backup, what's the easy way to do this?21:12
drcIs there a difference between the xubuntu and xfce sessions on the boot menu (except the menu items, that is)?21:14
lithprbhe: i use clonezilla to back up the partition21:14
bheoh crap, i forgot, i changed my approach, i installed ubuntu min, and then xfce4, ill change channels, sorry.21:15
lithprmake sure you use the "image" based option21:15
lithprbhe- i do that sort of thing a lot21:15
bhewell, since i have someone's attention... can you help me with somehting?21:16
lithpri can try21:16
bheafter min install, i installed synaptic21:16
bheseems like my root user doesn't have access to synaptic21:16
bhedo i need to edit a config somewhere?21:16
lithprhmm, well, you can change the permissions with chmod21:17
lithprbut in ubuntu, that's not what you are supposed to do21:17
bheoh, gotcha21:17
lithprsudo is better21:17
lithprbut yeah, make the permissions whatever, just make sure the "other" user's execute bit is on21:18
lithprwhen you start that clean, you also have a great opportunity to use aptitude instead of apt-get21:18
bhewell, i can change the launch command to sudo synaptic and it works21:18
bhethat an ok practice?21:19
bheok, another thing, in xfce how do i edit the application menu21:20
lithprthe advantage of aptitude is that when you "aptitude remove foo" it gets rid of all the dependencies automatically, which is nice when you are putting a system together from base/min and are experimenting21:20
lithproops, didn't like that - "aptitude remove foo" - yeay! no cruft21:20
bhesure, i was just gonna use synaptic to handle that21:21
lithprin xubuntu- settings -> main menu21:22
bhehmmm no main menu, which pakg i need for it?21:22
drclithpr: is that Main Menu in 4.8?21:22
lithproh yeah, right :)21:22
lithpri'm on 4.8, i don't know what it is in 4.6 (xubuntu's default)21:23
drcoh, you bleeding edgers :)21:23
lithpr4.8 is pretty sweet21:23
bhewell this is actully a ubuntu install21:23
bhewith xfce21:23
lithprthere is a ppa for xfce 4.821:23
bheso am in in 4.6 or 4.8?21:23
lithprworks great21:23
lithpr4.6 if you did installed xubuntu-desktop (i think that's what its called)21:24
bhei didnt install xubuntu desktoip21:25
bhei installed xfce421:25
drc4.6 is default in 10.1021:25
bheand xfce4-goodies21:25
lithpri don't know then- 99% you are 4.621:25
bheok, do you know which package gives me Main Menu in settings?21:25
lithprdo you have "about xfce" in accessories?21:25
bhek, it's 4.621:27
bhe*from synaptic21:27
lithproic- i installed alacarte21:27
lithprone of the benefits of 4.8 is that you can use alacarte :)21:28
bheoh, not in my lowly 4.6...21:28
lithpri think i read that that was new in 4.821:28
lithpri've never used xfce before21:28
lithprsmoking brb21:29
drclithpr: another refugee from Unity?21:29
bhedrc, you have any answers for me?21:30
drcbhe: which question?21:33
bhei need (would like) a menu editor for xfce421:34
drcthe 4.6 version?21:35
drcAs far as I can fugure, there is not one one for 4.6...I have used alacarte when I added 4.8, but had problems (so I re-installed)21:36
lithprdrc - yup :)21:36
lithprthat and the banshee mess21:36
lithpreasy install, fast repos, lovely human-theme, no guilt :)21:36
lithprmy only problem with xfce is the lack of docs21:37
lithprbut i would like to contribute, so maybe i can work on that21:37
nvision_any chance to get thunar 1.3.0 for xubuntu?21:37
lithprnvision_: you get it if you upgrade to 4.821:37
drcbhe: There are many How-To's for 4.6, but I never bothered...the menus were just fine for me (I just un-installed any app I didn't want)21:37
nvision_i installed the alpha3 today and it's thunar 1.221:38
lithproic- i'm using 10.10 with the 4.8 ppa21:39
bhe@drc i just need to update the command that launches synaptic, that is all21:40
drcbhe: Ah...then you might need to use your google-fu21:40
bhemy g-fu isn't prevailing thus far21:42
drcbhe: http://en.kioskea.net/faq/3499-xubuntu-modifying-the-applications-menu    ??21:44
* drc wonders why google gives me a 2006 answer when I google "xubuntu+menu" I mean really...2006?21:45
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drcIs there a difference between the xubuntu and xfce sessions on the boot menu (except the Applications menu items, that is)?21:52
Khajjaquick Q, second day linux user. i want to have a terminal command executed as soon as i log in, where can i put it?22:04
Sysisettings -> session and startup -> autostart22:05
Sysiall in ~/.bashrc is executed every time you open terminal22:05
Khajjawell that makes it easy, lol. thanks22:05
lithproops, my bad.  .profile then :)22:07
lithprstill learnin myself :)22:07
realloci can't find xorg.conf file, where does xubuntu save information about graphic card it uses for run xorg?22:11
Sysixorg.conf but it doesn't exist anymore by default22:12
Sysiyou can create it xserver stopped, Xorg -configure22:12
realloci want to know which graphic card driver is using22:13
Sysilspci -k22:14
reallocbut i need to know if xorg is using "vesa", "nvidia", ...22:16
reallocin xorg.conf this information was in Section "Device"\ Driver "vesa"\ ...\ EndSection22:17
Sysilspci -k lists used kernel modules22:17
Sysiif you haven't installed propietary driver it's propably nouveau22:17
lithprokay, i have a question now.  I wrote a script to change the wallpaper  when i change desktop.  it's currently in my .bashrc, and it's performance improves over time, which makes sense now, since i'm running a new copy of it every time i open a shell... should i add the script to the startup -> autostart then?22:18
realloci want that xorg uses vesa22:18
realloc(btw thanks for your support Sysi)22:18
Sysirealloc: can i ask why? it isn't very good driver22:20
Sysilithpr: you could try22:21
reallocwell, i'm running xubuntu under virtualbox and virtualbox requires vesa :(22:21
Sysido you have guest-additions?22:22
reallocis a package? (apt-get install guest-additions)?22:22
realloci think not22:22
Sysii'm not sure about name but yes22:23
Khajja@Sysi was able to get it working, thanks!22:23
SysiKhajja: np22:25
reallocwhat are this package?22:27
Sysii'm ot actually sure, but it's made to virtualbox-use22:27
lithprthank you, Sysi22:28
Sysiapt-cache show virtualbox-guest-additions22:28
Sysilithpr: np as well :P22:28
Sysiapt-cache search guest22:30
medemanoh i dont know why but xubuntu does like ubuntu it freezes at the desktop22:34
medemanshortly after x started completely22:35
medemanit takes 5-120 seconds until it hangs up then22:35
Sysiwhat graphics card22:35
medemannvidia geforce 7300gs22:35
Sysiwhat driver?22:35
medemansame thing happens with mandriva by the way, it works from live-cd but not installed22:36
medemanhmm Sysi im a linux-noob22:36
Sysiwhat xubuntu version?22:36
medemani installed using the alternate cd22:36
Sysimedeman: have you installed propietary driver22:36
medeman10.10 32-bit22:36
medemanno i couldnt cause it freezed before22:36
Sysiif you log in tty ctrl alt F1 before freeze you could install updates and maybe the driver22:37
medemanAMD 32-Bit (says 64-Bit, but doesn't work) 1,6Ghz 3000+ processor22:38
Sysisudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:38
Sysiif don't work after reboot you can try installing nvidia-current and reboot22:38
Sysijust apt-get install nvidia-current22:39
medemanproblem is i dont have internet access22:39
medemanon that machine22:39
Sysiyou could try 10.0422:39
medemanwhats the difference?22:40
Sysikernel and therefore drivers and maybe xorg version22:40
medemani tried earlier versions like 9.10, 9.04, 8.10, 8.04 etc.22:40
medemantrying every time a new (x)ubuntu arrives22:41
Sysidoesn't work?22:41
Sysidoes some other os work?22:41
medemandebian, opensuse, windows 2000-7, slitaz22:41
medemanall not using that nvidia-driver22:41
medemanif you tell me how to set up internet sharing on mac os x i could have internet access on the xubuntu machine with ethernet22:42
medemanwell, i know how to set it up22:43
Sysishould be pretty easy with osx22:43
medemanbut it doesnt work22:43
medemanyea, i think the problem is that my router has as ip22:43
medemanextends the network22:43
medemani dunno22:43
medemanit worked earlier with the other router22:43
medemani dunno how i did that22:43
medemanthey can talk to each other locally, but the xubuntu cant talk to the internet22:44
Sysihold shift when booting to get to grub menu22:44
medemannot with any os22:45
Sysithen go to edit-mode and add "nomodeset" after quiet splash22:45
medemanon the installed system?22:45
Sysiand/or acpi=off22:45
medemanwell, i have mandriva installed right now22:46
medemanim just installing xubuntu again22:46
medemanmandriva doesnt work22:46
medemansame problem there22:46
medemanoh i guess i made internetsharing work =)22:47
medemanoh no =(22:47
medemani didnt22:47
medemanif i boot with nomodeset22:49
medemanand it works22:49
medemanis there some way to connect to the internet via wifi Sysi ?22:49
medemanwith a Tenda w541u v2.0 stick=22:49
Sysifrom cli it's pretty hard22:49
Sysieasy with GUI, without it hard22:50
mark76Command Line Interface22:50
medemanand its hard to get to gui without the nvidia drivers without internet connection?22:50
Sysitry those boot options22:51
Sysi(can i go to bed now? 1am here)22:51
mark76Go ahead22:51
medemanwell, i really want to get that internet sharing on os x working22:53
medemanwould make things a lot easier22:53
medemanyea ill do once installed again22:53
medemanwell you can ;-) 12pm here22:53
medemanwill we see us tomorrow?22:53
medemanso mark76 you will continue helping me?22:53
medemangood night Sysi maybe we'll see each other tomorrow22:53
medemanor today for you ;-)22:53
medemanah ty22:53
mark76I know nuzzink22:54
medemannight bye22:54
mark76Night Sysi22:54

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