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MacSlowmorning folks08:05
RAOFHowdie MacSlow08:06
MacSlowhey RAOF08:06
* RAOF wonders how long gltext has had a per-frame memory leak without anyone noticing.08:07
RAOFHave a good weekend, MacSlow ?08:09
oSoMoNgood morning08:11
kvaloRAOF: I did notice the leak but didn't know the culprit :)08:23
RAOFWell, rejoice!  For I'm pretty sure I've just fixed it :)08:24
kvaloRAOF: nice!08:25
RAOFTurns out that if you calloc a vertex, normal, and texture array once per frame you should also be freeing it :)08:26
kvaloRAOF: hehe, no wonder my laptop with 4 GB of ram was on it nees after few hours :)08:31
RAOFA few hours?  I think it was leaking ~20MB/sec on mine :)08:32
kvalonever measured it08:33
didrockskamstrup: hey, please do not set design tasks as invalid as the workflow set all unity tasks as invalid as well: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-place-applications/+bug/72671108:37
kamstrupdidrocks: doh, sorry :-) just fixreleased then?08:37
didrockskamstrup: for the design tasks? as you wish, New/Fix committed/Fix Released :)08:37
didrockswhat makes the most sense08:37
didrocksall invalid/won't fix/opinion in the design task have an impact on the other tasks :)08:38
didrocks(also first time you fix committed/fix released a design tasks and you still have your unity bugs in incomplete -> they become triaged)08:39
kamstrupdidrocks: ah, right, always remember, never forget, always remember, never forget08:40
didrockskamstrup: :)08:40
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didrocksargh, njpatel did the same :/08:43
didrockshum… maybe we should just ignore the "invalid" state in ayatana-design08:43
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didrockskamstrup: invalid status in ayatana-design not synced anymore, have fun :)08:49
kamstrupdidrocks: thanks man09:02
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wabHi, I have been unable to compile unity with utouch. Is it safe to remove the source for them to compile?09:38
wabAs it seems they are only for multitouch09:38
oSoMoNnjpatel, didrocks: why has bug #706247 become invalid?09:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 706247 in unity-2d "[dash] Search in dash provokes a crash of the applications place daemon" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70624709:51
oSoMoN(trying to understand if it should be marked invalid in unity-2d too)09:51
didrocksoSoMoN: njpatel changed to invalid, the rest is my script doing its sync work (or not in that case :))09:53
oSoMoNdidrocks: ah ok, I was puzzled by your last comments :)09:54
didrocksoSoMoN: it's related to our bug sync process :)09:54
oSoMoNnjpatel: was the crash in the applications place daemon fixed, or does it just cope well with the crash and relaunches the daemon when requested?09:55
njpateloSoMoN, copes well with the crash10:24
oSoMoNnjpatel: ok, thanks, let’s see how well unity-2d copes with the same situation…10:25
oSoMoNuh, not so well10:26
arlecchino92can i ask here why i have some problems in compiling unity on natty?10:51
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AndreaAzzaronecan someone help me?10:59
om26erHi! this open team https://launchpad.net/~unity-bugs seems to give access to anyone to change unity bug importance, dont't its intended?11:23
didrocksit's opened?11:26
didrocksom26er: please tell that to oubiwann when he's there11:26
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jcastromorning didrocks13:11
jcastroronoc: you got a new mp from trevino over the weekend if I am guessing right?13:12
jcastroronoc: nevermind I saw you merged it, thanks!13:16
didrockshey jcastro13:19
jcastrodidrocks: there are some pending review branches, whom do I poke?13:20
didrocksjcastro: some are related to keybinding, MacSlow should be on it13:21
didrocksjcastro: I think there is one I'll take13:21
didrocksalready poked people btw :p13:21
jcastrooh awesome, thanks!13:21
jcastrodidrocks: do sometimes reviews show up as something on +activereviews for you but then when you click on them they show a different state on the mp page itself?13:22
MacSlowdidrocks, atm I'm on different bugs... what in particular?13:22
didrocksjcastro: oh never noticed that13:23
didrocksMacSlow: there is a one line for keynav13:23
didrockslike with s/final index/final index -113:23
arlecchino92someone can help me?13:46
jcastrohi arlecchino92, what do you need?13:47
arlecchino92hi jcastro13:47
arlecchino92i have builded unity from sources13:47
arlecchino92but the application places13:48
arlecchino92and the file places13:48
arlecchino92doesn't work13:48
jcastrohmm not sure13:49
jcastrohow long has it been broken?13:49
jcastronjpatel: around?13:49
arlecchino92when i compile from sources it never works13:49
jcastrohmm, maybe a step is missing13:50
jcastrowhat instructions are you following it to build it?13:50
jcastrohmm, those are up to date13:51
jcastrohang tight, maybe njpatel can help13:51
jcastroarlecchino92: thanks for submitting unity fixes so far!13:52
njpatelarlecchino92, copy /usr/share/unity/places/* to $prefix_you_installed_unity/share/unity/places/*13:53
njpateland restart unity13:53
njpateljcastro, please add that to the instructions, sorry I missed it ^13:53
arlecchino92jcastro thanks you13:54
arlecchino92njpatel, thanks13:54
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arlecchino92what about this: https://code.launchpad.net/~arlecchino92/unity/fix-715711/+merge/5234413:55
jcastrowe just repinged people to start reviewing branches now13:55
jcastrosomeone should get to it soon13:55
njpatelarlecchino92, did you forget to bzr add DevicesSettings?13:56
arlecchino92i have done: bzr add DevicesSettings.cpp13:56
arlecchino92and bzr add DevicesSettings.h13:57
njpatelweird, it's not in the diff, right?13:57
arlecchino92how can i resolve?13:57
njpatelarlecchino92, just run `bzr add src/DevicesSettings.*"13:58
njpateland see what bzr says13:58
njpatelalso, make sure you remembered to bzr commit and bzr push13:58
arlecchino92ok njpatel14:01
arlecchino92now it is uploading14:01
arlecchino92njpatel thanks a lot :)14:04
jcastroarlecchino92: hey so where in the instructions can I put that?14:05
arlecchino92jcastro: i don't understand the last sentence. I am not english sorry!14:06
jcastroit's ok I'll sort it14:06
ronocjcastro, yup all good, saw the post on omg, lovely!14:09
artfwoI have prepared an mp, which fixes bug 730638 (built and tested), anybody willing to take a look?14:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 730638 in Unity "No feedback when unmounting busy device in Unity" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73063814:17
arlecchino92jcastro: maybe "sudo cp /usr/share/unity/places/* /opt/unity/share/unity/places/"14:31
arlecchino92and not14:31
arlecchino92cp /usr/share/unity/places/* /opt/unity/share/unity/places/14:31
jcastroah, yep14:31
pirastis ubuntu unity a joke? i installed ubuntu netbook edition 10.10 and the performance is just poor.. how can this be published as a stable release?14:37
pirastor is there some trick to improve the performance of unity?14:37
coz_pirast,  well  in unity 11.04  compiz will take the place of mutter which is most likely on your 10.10 installation14:41
coz_pirast,  mutter is a hog last time I tried it so performance is  bad14:41
pirastcoz_ isn't there any way to make 10.10 usable for me?14:41
coz_pirast,  not sure,, I have never used the 10.10 netbook edition14:42
pirastcoz_ cause i actually dont want to use beta software on my netbook14:42
coz_pirast,  understood14:42
coz_pirast,  well...11.04 will be out near the end of April of this year14:42
coz_pirast,  if you want to talk about or just listen in on what is happening with it go to #ubuntu+1 channel14:43
arlecchino92jcastro e njpatel: now worsk fine!! :)14:46
jcastrowoo hoo!14:47
htorquehello everyone! using 'bzr pull' for nux and unity returns a "not a branch" error, but i can 'bzr branch lp:nux/lp:unity' without a problem - what's wrong?14:54
pittihello all15:20
kenvandinehey pitti!15:20
pittitedg: design team asked us to add a link to gnome-control-center to the session menu; can I do this in g-c-c itself via installing/changing .desktop files, or is that only hardcoded?15:20
tedgpitti, What do you mean?  Where does the link go?15:21
pittitedg: it should launch /usr/bin/gnome-control-center15:22
pittiand be called dgettext("gnome-control-center-2.0", "Control Center")15:22
pittitedg: I tried adding a shortcut group to /usr/share/applications/gnomecc.desktop, but that doesn't work15:23
tedgpitti, I mean, where in the menu should it go?15:23
tedgpitti, Yeah, session menu isn't very intelligent.  Most of the work that was supposed to go on in it this cycle got bumped :-(15:24
pittisee bug 72782315:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 727823 in gnome-menus (Ubuntu Natty) "Enable Gnome-Control-Center in Unity, and add "System Settings" link to the session indicator menu" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72782315:24
pittitedg: John says "to the end, after a separator"15:24
kenvandineso before the logout?15:24
pittihe says after15:24
kenvandinepitti, i can do that if you like15:24
tedgpitti, Ah, okay.  That can actually be done with a desktop file :)15:24
tedgThough, it is a bit of an odd place to put it.15:25
danyRhey ayatana, what's the status on this? https://answers.launchpad.net/unity/+question/147623 I too have this question, workspace handling in unity is a total mess right now15:25
kenvandinetedg, oh, so it isn't all hard coded like indicator-me?15:26
kenvandinecool :)15:26
pittitedg: is there an existing example for this?15:29
tedgpitti, Ubuntu Light ;)15:29
tedgpitti, Just a sec, let me find the name.15:29
tedgpitti, The desktop file: /usr/share/applications/indicator-session-extra.desktop will be tacked on the end of the session menu.15:32
tedgpitti, Probably not ideal for what you want, but it'll work.15:32
pittitedg: ah, is that somewhere in bzr or on the web?15:35
tedgpitti, In bazaar15:36
tedgpitti, I'd like to make the feature more complete instead of being a "one magic desktop file" but haven't had time.  So I didn't want to advertise too much :)15:37
kenvandinetedg, did you see my IM about bug 72560315:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 725603 in libdbusmenu (Ubuntu) "cannot change IM status from the MeMenu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72560315:38
kenvandinetedg, it wouldn't be monday morning if i didn't have something to harass you about15:38
kenvandinetedg, i would be pretty surprised if indicator-me was the only thing affected15:39
tedgkenvandine, I did, but I dont' think you replied which branch so the revision number isn't that useful.  I see the comments is in the bug so I can find that :)15:39
kenvandinetedg, fresh checkout of trunk with bzr log -n215:40
kenvandinealthough there is a branch nick in the comment i made15:40
kenvandine    branch nick: proxy-test-fix15:40
kenvandinehello mainerror15:40
pittitedg: sorry for my ignorance, but searching for "ubuntu light" doesn't reveal anything in Launchpad15:40
seb128pitti, tedg: it seems like you should use that trick but let it available for whoever needed it and just add the .desktop to the session indicator source15:41
tedgpitti, Oh, I thought you did that work with OEM?  That's the respin for quick start.  Not sure if it still exists.15:41
mainerroris Jason in here?15:42
tedgDBO, ^15:42
OmegaUnity should stop stealing focus, it gets in my way a lot. :<15:42
DBOyes I am15:42
pittitedg: I was only involved for some days for boot speed improvements, but I didn't really get any special credentials for that15:42
DBOOmega, I am getting annoyed with that too15:42
OmegaEverytime I tile I have to keep clicking on the window because if I move from the left to right unity steals focus.15:43
OmegaAlso, I love the tiling <315:43
Omega(except for the minor bugs)15:43
mainerroroh hey there. Regarding this bitesize bug, the expo hide/unhide, you didn't mix that up right?15:43
DBOmainerror, no15:44
mainerrorthat means the launcher should be visible in expo mode and disregard windows which may trigger autohide?15:44
DBOmainerror, the launcher should be out when expo is active15:44
OmegaOh no, I just crashed compiz.15:44
mainerrorok cool15:44
* mainerror reboots into Natty15:45
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tedgpitti, Ah, I don't know if it exists somewhere in LP or not.  I'm just saying you'd know more about where to find it than I would ;)15:45
kenvandinetedg, maybe you have an example elsewhere?15:46
pittitedg: ah, just looking at the code now; so it's just that one .desktop file, not a dir?15:46
OmegaAlright, I've got a consistent way of crashing compiz, let me report it.15:47
pittii. e. if we own that for Ubuntu then, it's not going to work for OEM any more15:47
tedgkenvandine, Nope :)15:47
pittitedg: so perhaps I should instead patch the code to add control-center; then I can also use dgettext, etc.15:47
tedgpitti, Yes, that is true.  I'm not sure you'd want both though...15:48
tedgpitti, I'd rather we just patched it to use a directory of desktop files then, no?15:48
pittitedg: sounds good15:48
OmegaWhere is the tiling code, I'd like to take a whack at it?15:48
pittitedg: ok, I'll look into that and propose a branch then15:49
pittiseb128: I could just hardcode it in, but it doesn't seem much more difficult to add support for reading a directory?15:51
seb128pitti, right, out of the fact that we might not want to enable the indicator to turn in a stack of .desktop or allowing abuses to the items15:52
pittiwell, I'll do whatever tedg likes more15:53
seb128pitti, handling a known .desktop is also different from handling random files users might put into the dir and might break your code15:53
seb128but i've no strong opinion either way, whatever is easier15:53
tedgpitti, In general, I prefer the directory approach.  But I'm worried about placement in that I don't think you'd want all the entries tacted on the end.  For instance, system settings at the bottom of that menu doesn't make sense.  It makes more sense to be above logout.15:54
Omega'lo jono.15:54
jonohey Omega15:55
OmegaI remember, I had something I wanted to show you!15:55
OmegaLet me go find it.15:55
pittitedg: mpt just added a comment as well; I guess I'll let the design guys fight this out first15:55
tedgpitti, Okay15:57
danyR_pitti: tedg not that my opinion is of value, but I think system settings should stay in the Me Menu, right next to "About Me...". gnome-shell does this, and it makes sense: system settings is mainly about how my computer works, the way I want it to work, so it should stay on the personal scope: the me menu.15:59
pittidanyR_: that's what I originally assumed as well indeed15:59
pittibut then John said "session"; so I'm in "wait for design decision" mode now16:00
danyR_pitti: right now the design is a bit different, but how Gnome-Sheel does it: http://www.waybeta.com/uploads/img/20100607/201006071026562642-0.png16:03
pittidanyR_: hm, that's a combined me/session menu, though16:04
danyR_pitti: as I said, the visual changed a bit in the meantime: it's all in the same menu, but About Me.., User status and System Settings clearly appear stacked together16:06
kenvandinepitti, there has been another comment, appears they agree again and it should go in session menu16:08
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mterrynjpatel, hello!  alt+? doesn't activate items in the appmenu.  Is that a known issue that someone is working on, or is that bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-appmenu/+bug/663030 assigned to me?16:12
Omegapitti: danyR_: It doesn't fir the SessionMenu Rationale though https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SessionMenu16:13
Omegafit even16:13
njpatelmterry, I thought you were working on it? :/16:26
njpatelI've raised it a few times16:26
mterrynjpatel, that bug above got assigned to me, but it was a low-signal-to-noise ratio and I just now figured out what the bug was talking about.16:31
mterrynjpatel, I'm fine with working on it, just didn't want to duplicate efforts.  Sounds like I won't be16:31
mpt_MacSlow, hi, did Notify OSD length-dependent durations ever get implemented?16:31
njpatelmterry, awesome, thanks :)16:31
MacSlowmpt_, uff... ehm... I would have to look at the code... I can't recall atm16:32
MacSlowmpt_, but I'm still on unity-bugs and need to do code-reviews... so that would need to wait a bit16:33
OmegaHitting Super+A+A+A causes compiz to crash, I don't know if this is just compiz bug or if I should include unity too?16:33
DaekdroomOmega, no crash here16:34
DaekdroomBut I'm using only 1 workspace16:34
DaekdroomNevermind, just crashed it16:35
mpt_MacSlow, ok, no hurry16:35
didrocksOmega: try with the incoming new release, if it's still there, can you report it via apport?16:42
OmegaI just reported it via apport.16:46
jcastrohmm, I got "invisible box" over the weekend but can't seem to reproduce16:46
Omega(before you said to wait)16:46
didrocksthere is no stacktrace, it won't be useful16:48
lamalexsomeone with autohide mind confirming this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/72684616:48
Omegadidrocks: How do I get the stack trace? apport doesn't show up after the crash16:49
jcastrolamalex: done16:50
didrocksOmega: in that case you can ls -l /var/crash/*compiz*16:50
lamalexthanks jcastro16:50
lamalexyou da man16:50
didrocksOmega: check that the timestamp is correct (ie it's not an old crash)16:50
jcastrolamalex: it should just be off16:50
didrocksOmega: if it is, remove it16:50
didrocksOmega: otherwise, apport-bug -c /var/crash/*compiz*16:50
didrocksOmega: but again, wait for next release now (in a couple of hours)16:50
jcastrolamalex: feel free to poke me for any multimonitor stuff16:50
Omegadidrocks: Heh, I keep missing you telling me to wait ): I added it, I'll wait and try again later though.16:53
didrocksOmega: ok, thanks :)16:53
didrocksOmega: in any case, it won't be retraced on time so will be invalid I'm afraid16:53
OmegaAh, that's fine, I don't mind doing it again.16:54
artfwojcastro, njpatel thanks for merging that 2 branches. can I reuse them for further fixes or do I have to create a separate branch for every bugfix out there?17:08
jcastronew branch for each bug please17:08
jcastrojust go like "fix-for-123456" or whatever17:08
jcastrowoo lots of reviews today, we're really cooking17:09
njpatelartfwo, new branch would be good17:09
njpatelartfwo, thanks for the work :)17:09
artfwowell, I was thinking, if launchpad does have enough space for so many branches :)17:09
njpatelartfwo, that's sysadmin's problem :)17:10
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artfwoit's real pity bubash.org is gone, I wish I could submit njpatel's last quote there :)17:11
lamalexha bubash :P17:18
lamalexi miss the gnome do bubash plugin17:18
lamalexthat was my favorite 20 minute hack of a plugin17:18
jcastroshouldn't this be fix committed?17:18
lamalexjcastro, yes17:18
jcastroah I found 2 like that17:19
jcastrohey wait17:19
jcastrothat fix is from feb, it should be released17:20
OmegaSuper+W is currently the keyboard shortcut for two different actions, should I report it as a bug?17:20
kklimondathere is a bug reported already17:20
OmegaI searched but didn't find it.17:20
jcastrolamalex: ditto this one too right?17:21
lamalexfor what one17:21
kklimondaOmega: bug 72327317:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 723273 in unity (Ubuntu) "Super shortcuts for application place and worskspace swither conflicts with compiz keys" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72327317:21
jcastrolamalex: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/71364217:21
lamalexjcastro, it is already marked fix committed (unless you just did that)17:23
lamalexwhich you did17:23
jcastroI did17:23
jcastroI think jason is marking them fixed committed17:23
jcastroand then forgetting to mark them released17:23
jcastrosince these are from like february17:23
* jcastro just steals the karma17:24
jcastroartfwo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/72859817:24
jcastrothis one is free if you're looking for one to do!17:24
artfwojcastro, will look into that, thanks17:25
vishjcastro: hey, do you happen to know any reason why we dont have the ubot5 announcing bug info here? (when bug link is pasted)17:37
jcastrono idea17:37
vishjcastro: right now, it only gives the info for bug# and not when we paste bug links, it seems we need to turn that on17:37
vishjcastro: is there isnt any reason we dont want it to?  (tsimpson said he can turn it on if wanted..)17:38
OmegaI forget, when you open a hyperlink from another application, does the browser pop up, or does it stay in the background?17:38
Omega(not talking unity)17:38
OmegaIf I recall correctly, the browser foregrounds itself.17:39
OmegaHmm, it seems that the browser does not get focus, my bad!17:45
vishOmega: browser(FF4) gets focus here..17:52
OmegaHmm, mine doesn't.17:52
OmegaAlso fx417:52
OmegaAnd it annoys me because there is no fast way to switch to it.17:53
vishanyone have objections to turning on the bug info for bug links here?17:54
DaekdroomMy browser stays in the background, if it's already open17:54
vishdidrocks , lamalex ^ ?17:54
vish anyone have objections to turning on the bug info for bug links here?17:54
lamalexi dont know what that means17:54
lamalexso no :P17:55
vishlamalex: right now, ubot5 only gives the info for bug# and not when we paste bug links17:55
didrocksno no, that will be nice!17:55
vishcool thx! i'll ask the op-s :)17:55
OmegaDaekdroom: Ah, that may be why.18:02
Daekdroomwhy was bug #711982 tagged as a dupe?18:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 711982 in Unity "Launcher does not respect GTK theme (dup-of: 605475)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71198218:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 605475 in Unity "Launcher does not respond to changes in icon theme" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60547518:04
vish https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/72859818:06
vishtsimpson: hmm, nope.. ^18:07
OmegaSo would firefox opening in the background when already opened and the foreground when not be a design bug?18:10
tsimpson@reload Bugtracker18:11
ubot5The operation succeeded.18:11
vishOmega: as i mentioned earlier, it works fine here, it comes to foreground, and as far i can remember it worked in FF3 too.  it wouldnt be a design bug but mostly a bug in you settings or something..18:11
vishOmega: maybe a conflict or old cruft settings..18:12
Omegavish: Daekdroom reports the same problem as me.18:12
Omegavish: Did you have firefox opened already?18:12
vishOmega: try in a guest session.18:12
vishOmega: my Firefox is always open :D18:12
DaekdroomOmega, are you using never-hide launcher?18:12
DaekdroomGood lord, no developer has said a word about my bug report yet :(18:13
vishDaekdroom:  <Omega> (not talking unity)18:13
Omegavish: I asked what classic gnome did18:13
OmegaI am using unity18:13
OmegaI have dodge active window on18:13
Daekdroombug #72939218:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 729392 in unity (Ubuntu) "[unity] minimizing an application doesn't make it lose window focus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72939218:13
vishOmega: yup, and hence i mentioned it  :)18:13
vishOmega: thats how it works in classic, and last i tested Unity it worked that way, but now my natty is borked ;)18:14
OmegaI will be trying it in a guest session now.18:15
tsimpsonubot5: reload Bugreacker18:17
ubot5Error: There was no plugin Bugreacker.18:17
ubot5Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:17
tsimpsonubot5: reload Bugtracker18:18
ubot5Error: invalid syntax (plugin.py, line 415)18:18
ubot5Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:18
tsimpson@reload Bugtracker18:18
ubot5Error: There was no plugin Bugtracker.18:18
tsimpsonI simply can't type today18:18
tsimpson@reload Bugtracker18:18
ubot5Error: There was no plugin Bugtracker.18:18
tsimpson@load Bugtracker18:18
ubot5The operation succeeded.18:18
tsimpsonI don't get it, ubottu and ubot5 run the same code, yet ubottu works fine18:19
tedgkenvandine, Can you try this?  lp:~ted/dbusmenu/i-love-the-ping-of-ken-in-the-morning18:20
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OmegaOK, that wasn't very fruitful, my windows weren't decorated.18:21
jonojcastro, any idea when the scrollbar patch is going to land?18:22
jcastrojono: kenvandine just had the call today18:22
jcastrokenvandine: ^18:22
Omega2Are undecorated windows a compiz or unity bug?18:23
DaekdroomEverytime they aren't decorated in here, I can fix it by reloading compiz18:23
Omega2But in my other session the windows are all decorated.18:24
Daekdroom2 sessions = 2 different users?18:24
Omega2Daekdroom: Can you switch to a guest session for a minute and see if they are decorated?18:24
DaekdroomDoesn't that mean they run 2 different compiz processes?18:24
Omega2I'm not sure.18:24
Omega2compiz --replace did not fix the problem.18:26
DaekdroomTried to start a guest session and all I can see is the wallpaper18:26
jcastrotry unity --reset18:26
jcastrothat's the big hammer18:26
DaekdroomWell, if I only could open a terminal in there18:26
Daekdroomor can I do it from my main session?18:26
jcastroctrl-alt-t should work18:27
jcastrowell, depends if that works, heh18:27
Omega2Still no go, I'm reporting this.18:28
hytreem_jcastro, can it be changed if I want to?18:28
hytreem_my current shortcut to a terminal is Super-T18:28
jcastrowhat, ctrl-alt-t?18:28
Omega2Daekdroom: I changed sessions from the session menu18:28
Omega2No, I can open everything.18:28
Omega2Unity works.18:28
Omega2Just my windows aren't decorated.18:28
hytreem_sure @ my question?18:29
Omega2Thankfully I can get around with keyboard shortcuts.18:29
vishhytreem_: you can change the from the keyboard shortcut settings18:29
jcastrohytreem_: it's in the keyboard shortcuts somewhere18:29
hytreem_ok cool18:29
DaekdroomALT+TAB crashes compiz/unity/whatever18:30
DaekdroomOh look. A "Show Desktop" shortcut!18:32
Daekdroom(keyboard shortcut)18:32
kenvandinetedg, thx18:36
tedgkenvandine, Well, make sure it works first :)18:36
OmegaI have a question, what does your gdm logs contain?18:36
kenvandinetedg, don't worry, i always test your stuff :)18:36
Omega(He's saying you're not trustworthy!)18:37
kenvandineOmega, oh i trust tedg, and i know he never has bugs18:37
Omegadidrocks: I found another compiz bug, should I refrain from posting it until the new version?18:39
didrocksOmega: yeah, wait on the new version should be available for you now18:39
didrocksOmega: of course, look at the duplicates as well first :)18:40
OmegaI always do that :)18:40
OmegaDamn, someone posted it a few hours before me. :<18:41
and471mpt_, hehe, on your blog post [reading] you mention 'Symphony', a music player I am developing that no one has actually seen yet18:45
and471mpt_, spooky :)18:45
mpt_and471, blame ronoc, he gave me the list :-)18:45
mpt_and471, should I remove it then?18:46
and471mpt_, hehe that explains it, he helped me with an issue I was having18:46
and471mpt_, no no its no problem18:46
and471I just found it funny and had to do a double take :)18:46
jcastrodidrocks: confused, are we release unity on mondays now? did something change?18:47
didrocksjcastro: can you backlog on #ubuntu-desktop should by… 10 lines? :)18:47
* didrocks can't typeeeee18:47
nhainesjcastro: Unity releases on Mondays now?  Okay, blogging that now.  :)18:47
didrocksnhaines: not the case :)18:47
* nhaines kids, nhaines kids. :)18:48
jcastrogot it, ta18:48
nhainesJust had to ratchet up the temporary tension a little.  :)18:48
didrockslet's me sum up there18:48
didrocksbasically, we have releases on thursday18:48
didrocksthe week of an alpha/beta, we make a bugfix release on Monday, just before the milestone18:49
kenvandinejono, LO global menus are in the lo-menubar package18:49
didrocksthen, we let people testing and enjoy the latest alpha/beta (no release on Thursday)18:49
didrocksthen, release on next Monday (today in this case)18:49
jonothanks kenvandine18:49
didrocksand back to usual business on the following thursday (this one)18:49
didrocksno suprise on that btw -> https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0 :)18:50
nhainesOoh!  Maybe I'll have to run updates today.  :)18:50
jcastrodidrocks: ok so during alpha/beta release weeks we punt to a monday18:50
jcastrothat's what you want to say. :)18:50
didrocksjcastro: right18:50
jonokenvandine, any idea when the scrollbar change is going to land?18:51
didrocksin fact, there is one additional release in total :)18:51
didrocksjono: I just updated the ppa18:51
kenvandinejono, bug 73074018:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 730740 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu) "Provide support for dynamically loading the new overlay scrollbar feature" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73074018:51
nhainesHmm, I know that Friday I didn't get firefox-menubar until I manually installed it.  Should that be automatically installed at some point?18:51
jonocool :-)18:51
didrockskenvandine: oh ken, if you are following that, you can handle updates and the package as well? :)18:51
jononhaines, that is on by default now18:51
didrocksnhaines: recommends are sometimes not installed by default on upgrade… apt weirdness18:52
kenvandinedidrocks, lets not get crazy here :)18:52
kenvandinedidrocks, but we did discuss that in the meeting this morning18:52
didrockskenvandine: well, seems you are the one following that :)18:52
didrocksso maybe should be on your plate ;)18:53
didrockskenvandine: what was the outcome?18:53
kenvandineseb128 is going to review the gtk patch18:53
kenvandineto decide if we will try to do a ffe to get the gtk patch in18:53
kenvandinebut it doesn't look like the module itself will go into natty18:53
didrockswell, the patch is not final at all in its state18:53
didrocksI've looked at it already for the ppa :)18:54
ronocand471, good advanced promotion :)18:54
kenvandinedidrocks, perhaps you should comment on that bug18:54
kenvandineso seb knows18:54
didrockswell… I already told that, I should maybe have been on the discussion following the project and doing the packaging…18:54
didrocksbut again, I'm more than happy if you follow it and do the packaging, not like I have a life already :)18:55
kenvandinearuiz, any progress on lo-menubar?18:56
aruizkenvandine, I'm still in the middle of implementing this new way of accessing some of the info I'm afraid18:57
kenvandinejust checking18:58
aruizkenvandine, there's progress but atm I don't have anything I can release though18:58
artfwojcastro, I came up with a solution to bug 728598, but I'm not sure if I have done it right. could you take a look at mp https://code.launchpad.net/~artfwo/unity/fix-for-728598/+merge/5245919:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 728598 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dragging a file to the bottom left corner should send it to the trash" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72859819:00
vish https://launchpad.net/bugs/728598/19:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 728598 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dragging a file to the bottom left corner should send it to the trash" [Medium,In progress]19:01
jcastroartfwo: I'm not a hacker, I just make sure they look at your contributions.19:01
jcastroDBO: ^^^19:01
DBOthat one requires a special purpose hack19:01
artfwoDBO, what do you mean by "special purpose"? :)19:03
DBOwe need to special case the last element in the launcher to have a distended hit box towards the bottom19:04
vishlike a bigger box for a smaller box ;p19:05
artfwothe last element or specifically trash?19:05
DBOartfwo, the last element19:08
DBOwhich will normally be the trash19:08
DaekdroomDBO, if it's a special case to the last element, it must always be the trash19:09
DaekdroomOtherwise, you'll have people dragging into a launcher, and then the file ends up in the trash19:09
OmegaBut isn't the trash always last?19:09
artfwoDBO, any pointers for where to start fixing it then? :)19:09
DBOokay one at a time19:09
DaekdroomOmega, he said "normally" :P19:09
DBODaekdroom, what?19:09
DBOOmega, yes as far as I can tell, but the render and hit code does not enforce this, the model does19:10
DaekdroomDBO, if the patch is applied to work upon the last element of the launcher, then the last element must always be the trash19:10
DBOartfwo, search for the string "HitArea" in Launcher.cpp19:10
artfwoDBO, got it, thanks19:11
DBODaekdroom, ah I understand your mistake now, you think I have any influence in design decisions19:11
DaekdroomDBO, haha19:12
artfwoDBO, but will the merge https://code.launchpad.net/~artfwo/unity/fix-for-728598/+merge/52459 remain revelant?19:12
nhainesOh, that reminds me... the close/minimize/extend window controls in the Unity panel don't extend to the top pixel of the panel and it's driving my crazy.  :)19:12
DBOartfwo, looking19:12
DBOnhaines, file that as a bug and make sure to mentions "Fitt's law"19:12
OmegaDBO: Do you know where the tiling code resides?19:12
DBOOmega, what tiling code?19:12
nhainesDBO: Will do!19:13
DBOartfwo, im not sure about that merge, it wont result in properly following design specification for push off hiding19:14
DBOOmega, Launcher.cpp19:14
artfwoDBO, then can I revert my branch to trunk somehow to start over?19:15
DBObzr revert19:15
DBOunless you already committed19:15
DBOin which case you can check out a new branch :)19:15
nhainesThe two words that lower my stress the most when I'm hacking!  :)  "bzr revert"19:15
DBOnhaines, not nearly as nice as bzr uncommit19:15
artfwoDBO, if I check a new branch and then push to the same ~artfwo/unity/fix-XXXXXX what happens?19:16
DBOshit, someone pushed before me, bzr uncommit; bzr pull; bzr commit; bzr push19:16
DBOhells yeah!19:16
DBOartfwo, overwrites it19:16
DBOyou may have to give it a bzr push --overwrite when you push19:16
DBObut thats about it19:16
mainerrorthat expo bug gives me the headaches19:26
nhainesDBO: haha, I love bzr uncommit too.  :)19:32
kenvandinetedg, that branch seems to work well19:46
tedgkenvandine, Woot!19:47
kenvandinetedg, should i distro patch?19:48
kenvandines/should/can i please/19:48
kenvandinetedg, i'll take your silence as an ack :)19:54
tedgkenvandine, Heh, sorry.  Yeah, sure.19:54
tedgkenvandine, I'm pretty confident after the third time we've fixed that original patch this should be it ;)19:54
kenvandine3rd time is a charm19:54
kenvandinetedg, i still think the other indicator-me entry bug i have is dbusmenu19:55
kenvandineit doesn't get the signals right if the indicator is loaded before gwibber is running19:55
kenvandinebut, if i manually clear the contents once... it works perfectly19:55
kenvandinenot sure why...19:55
OmegaIs there a way to flush the notify-osd buffer?19:56
DBOOmega, killall notify-osd20:00
kklimondawow, Unity is so snappy before it leaks all this memory.. :)20:00
torosI read in Mark Shuttleworth' announcement that Unity will not require compositing in Oneiric. How will this be achieved? With the Qt based Unity, or will the Compiz based Unity run without compositing?20:00
DBOQt based unity20:01
lamalexIs Alt+(menu shortcut) working for anyone?20:01
torosDBO: thank you!20:01
toroswow, that was a quick answer :)20:01
lamalexDBO,  is fast at everything he does20:01
DBOyes, even that20:02
lamalexhe typed everything in 0.1 seconds20:02
lamalexit was latency that slowed it down20:02
Daekdroomkklimonda, indeed.20:02
DaekdroomIn natty, there are 4 or 5 memory-leaking processes.20:02
lamalexDBO, does Alt+F and so one work for you?20:02
DBOnothing works for me right now20:03
DBObut thats because my compiz is currently FUBAR20:03
lamalexjcastro, ?20:03
kklimondabtw, why is there a delay between pressing super and numbers showing up?20:03
kklimondaI tend to press super+number too fast, and end up with the dashboard, instead of switching application20:03
Daekdroomkklimonda, I think the delay is for when the launcher is hidden20:04
DaekdroomSpeaking of the launcher, it's not disappearing :(20:04
kklimondabut a) it's not and b) i know which number corresponds to which launcher so this delay is frustrating20:04
DaekdroomI thought you were talking about them specifically showing up.20:05
DaekdroomBut yeah, makes no sense. Super + number should work all the time.20:06
apinheiroMacSlow, you here?20:06
lamalexkklimonda, please file a bug on that20:09
lamalexit should recognize a fast super+# as different from a tap of super20:09
lamalexit does that so that the numbers don't show up when you tap super to get to the dash20:10
lamalexbecause it's ugly20:10
lamalexbut when you learn super+1 for empathy or whatever, it should definitely work at breakneck speed20:10
artfwoDBO, got a moment to help me more with bug 728598? :)20:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 728598 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dragging a file to the bottom left corner should send it to the trash" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72859820:11
DBOartfwo, whats up>20:11
artfwoDBO, I try to hack MouseIconIntersection method to distend hovered items, but cannot do that20:12
DBOnot what you want to do20:13
DBOvoid Launcher::UpdateIconXForm (std::list<Launcher::RenderArg> &args)20:13
DBOin that method20:13
DBOyou need to find a way to make the last icon processed have its HitArea height touch the bottom of the screen20:13
artfwolooking, thanks for the heads-up20:14
Omegadidrocks: And it doesn't happen, yay!20:43
DaekdroomTrivial question: why aren't there 3.6.1, 3.6.3 [...] unity releases?20:50
OmegaWhat project is the top panel? The one that is used as a grip when windows are maximised?20:54
OmegaIs that unity?20:55
DaekdroomOmega, unity-panel, part of unity, part of ayatana?20:55
Daekdroomunity-panel-service process.20:55
lamalexOmega, are you looking for the launchpad project?20:58
lamalexit's under unity on launchpad20:59
lamalexDBO, is folding threshhold defined in the launcher spec, or was that something you came up with in your implementation21:03
DBOits something I came up with21:04
DBOits uhm... its a naughty bunch of math isn' t it?21:04
lamalexwanted to know if https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/728949 should have an ayatana-design task or just marked confirmed21:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 728949 in unity (Ubuntu) "Bottom icon on launcher tilts when it maybe shouldn't if icons fill launcher nearly exactly" [Undecided,New]21:04
OmegaDBO: I couldn't find the tiling code in Launcher.cpp :< (I was going to look at the maths and see if that was correct)21:05
DBOOmega, what tiling code?21:05
OmegaThe ones where you can change the window position and size easily21:05
DBOI have to admit21:06
DBOI have no idea what you are talking about now21:06
OmegaTry it21:06
DBOOmega, I thought you meant the ctrl+alt+f121:06
DBOOmega, my system is all sorts of fubar right now21:06
DBOOmega, do oyu maybe mean the grid plugin?21:06
OmegaYeah, that.21:06
DBOOmega, thats not part of the unity plugin at all21:07
OmegaOh, compiz plugin?21:07
DaekdroomI didn't know that existed o.o21:07
DaekdroomLooks like a very interesting tool21:07
OmegaIt's the most useful thing ever.21:07
OmegaExcept the unity focus bug gets in the way.21:07
Omeganhaines: I was reporting this bug :<21:18
OmegaDon't steal my karma!21:18
DaekdroomOh no D:21:20
DaekdroomMenus are disappearing for no reason21:20
aruiztedg, about?21:20
tedgaruiz, Yup21:21
jan_dI became aware that unity aims towards a better touch interaction.21:21
jan_dThough being pretty new here21:21
jan_dI just want to ask if there is a good possibility to support21:21
DaekdroomSupport what?21:21
jan_dthe gestural UX21:21
jan_dof unity21:21
aruiztedg, ah, nevermind, old version of libdbusmenu21:22
aruiztedg, just updated21:22
aruiztedg, I was getting a nasty infinite loop on take_children21:22
DaekdroomEverytime I minimize liferea, its globalmenu becomes a "File" only :(21:22
tedgaruiz, Oh no!  Now you realize I can go back in time and fix your bugs!  ;)21:22
tedgDaekdroom, Yup, there's a fix in appmenu-gtk for that.21:22
Daekdroomtedg, my system is up-to-date21:23
aruiztedg, There's a fix in appmenu is the new There's an app for that21:23
tedgDaekdroom, Natty?21:23
Daekdroomtedg, yep21:23
tedgDaekdroom, apt-cache policy appmenu-gtk21:24
Daekdroom  Instalado: 0.1.95-0ubuntu1  Candidato: 0.1.95-0ubuntu121:24
tedgDaekdroom, Hmm, that's odd.  I have that very as well and Liferea definitely works for me.21:25
tedgDaekdroom, Have you restarted Liferea since upgrading?21:25
DaekdroomIt's affecting pretty much everything21:25
DaekdroomI have rebooted since upgrading.21:25
tedgYou can see if it's emitting menus by installing libdbusmenu-tools and then running /usr/lib/libdbusmenu/dbusmenu-dumper and clicking on the window.21:26
Daekdroomtedg, yep, it is.21:28
DaekdroomI can fix it by killing unity-panel-service21:28
Omeganhaines: Oh, nevermind, I misread what you said :P21:30
tedgDaekdroom, That interesting.  You should probably file a bug on that, try to get as much information as possible to recreate it in the fewest steps.21:33
Daekdroomtedg, like what, minimize an application and what it lose its menu?21:33
tedgDaekdroom, Every application?  What window manager?21:33
DaekdroomCompiz + Unity, of course, and looks like every application21:33
Daekdroombut I'll wait for the 3.6.2 update to hit the repos before reporting21:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 730933 in unity (Ubuntu) "Right click menu on window decorations don't extend to unity-panel" [Undecided,New]21:34
OmegaCan someone confirm this?21:34
DaekdroomHow badly will stuff break if I use unity 3.6.2 with libunity 3.6.0?21:40
aruizDaekdroom, you'll only know if you try21:41
DaekdroomWell, apparently 3.6.0 was never released and I been using 3.4.6 all the time.21:44
nhainesI think when no menus are available, the Unity panel shouldn't fade out the application name when the mouse moves over it.  Is it useful to file a bug on that?21:57
DaekdroomLooks a reasonable bug.21:57
DaekdroomSome applications never use menus21:57
lamalexDBO, is there an opacity setting for the panel??22:00
DBOin ccsm22:01
DBOworks over, back later :)22:01
DaekdroomThere we go, found a bug.22:10
DaekdroomIf Pidgin is maximized in another workspace, indicators won't tell me I received a new message.22:10
|OmegaDaekdroom: We're bug reporting machines.22:15
DaekdroomI gave up on reporting everything I see22:15
Amaranthnhaines: The File->Exit menu option is always available though (afaik it does the same as the Force Quit of an unresponsive application)22:27
nhainesAmaranth: I don't see File > Exit in, for example, the Ubuntu One control panel.22:33
Amaranthnhaines: weird, I get it for chromium and when the bug were it forgets the window has a menu happens22:33
nhainesAmaranth: might be some chromium voodoo.  :)22:33
Amaranthnhaines: Now I don't know if your situation is a bug or mine22:34
AmaranthOr maybe I just haven't restarted compiz in a few days22:34
nhainesOkay, I'll make a note to file a bug for that later.22:34
Amaranthoh, another unity update22:37
Amaranthonce that downloads I'll see if chromium still gets a menu22:37
RAOFWill this stop the decorator crashing all the time? :)22:37
AmaranthRAOF: That would be compiz22:37
Amaranthwhich has also been updated since I last run apt-get update22:38
DaekdroomI'ma revert libdbusmenu to see if it's what causes the problem with minimized window's menus22:41
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
DaekdroomHas anyone reported the appmenu trouble with minimized applications?23:57

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