arrrghhhdoes anyone use firefox on kde?00:01
Mase_wkarrrghhh: yup00:06
arrrghhhMase_wk: any way to... ahem, make it not look like crap?00:06
Mase_wkarrrghhh: well i guess it depends what aspect you don't like.00:07
arrrghhhjust doesn't look like any other kde app00:07
arrrghhhfonts are all wonky00:07
Mase_wkright, that's because it's not a kde app00:08
arrrghhhand the buttons/statusbar just look awful.00:08
arrrghhhi know00:08
Mase_wkit's actually a GTK application00:08
arrrghhhhow can i make it look better tho?00:08
arrrghhhis there no qt version of ff?00:08
Mase_wkno mozilla use gtk00:08
Mase_wkideally GTK would have a theme that looks like oxygen00:08
Mase_wkhowever i don't think they do. I think there is a qt-gtk engine which is a bit of a hack, but you can enable that for gtk applications in qt00:09
Mase_wkthat should be in your settings somewhere00:09
arrrghhhi have played with the gtk+ theme settings, but they don't seem to change anything.00:14
arrrghhhi am running 4.6.1, perhaps there's an issue with it00:14
Mase_wkdunno, it's really attacking the problem from the wrong direction. qt integrates nicely with GTK, i don't think it's quite as smooth the other way around00:17
Mase_wkat least not yet00:17
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Torchthere is a port of oxygen to gtk00:34
Torchunfortunately it does not work with FF00:34
arrrghhhlol ofc00:34
arrrghhhi tried chrome, just doesn't have the integration of addons like ff does...00:35
yofelTorch: oxygen-gtk work reasonably fine here in firefox00:40
arrrghhhi remember that package.00:43
arrrghhhi'll try that, thanks.00:43
arrrghhhyofel: do i need a special repo enabled...?00:44
yofelI don't think we officially backported that, I have it in one of my ppas for maverick https://launchpad.net/~yofel/+archive/backports?field.series_filter=maverick00:49
scbTry qtcurve. Seems to work fine with everything. I have no idea what apps are GTK and which are Qt these days00:55
arrrghhhi think 4.6.1 has some issues, as no matter which i choose FF looks the same.  i close and reopen FF too.00:56
arrrghhhi guess i should roll back to 4.5.1, not sure how to do that now... i guess that ppa-purge command?00:57
yofelqtcurve was the old default - looks ok, unless you use a dark theme00:57
scbmkdir ~/gtk-bk; mv ~/.gtk* ~/gtk-bk; sudo apt-get install gtk-theme-switch; gtk-theme-switch200:57
yofelppa-purge yes, I don't know another comand00:57
scbPick your favorite theme...00:57
yofelI do wonder why it doesn't work for you though00:58
arrrghhhscb: i've tried to change them (the GTK window appearance yes?) and it doesn't have any effect.00:58
scbarrrghhh: yes, do what I just told you to.00:58
arrrghhhscb: thanks!  OT, are those your initials?01:01
scbarrrghhh: I guess they are. Did it work?01:01
arrrghhhyou guess they are?  lol.  yes it did work, thanks.01:01
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DarthFrogDoes anyone have an idea how to get around this error?  "Cannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so"01:33
DarthFrogIt's an old Loki game (SMAC) that causes that when pulseaudio is installed.01:34
harleenhi c2tarun01:51
c2tarunhi harleen01:52
harleenwhere are you from c2tarun?01:52
harleenc2tarun: where do you live now?01:52
harleenc2tarun: where in india?01:52
c2tarunharleen: I think this channel is not for chit chat ;) but for kubuntu problems01:53
harleenc2tarun: how says?01:53
harleenwho says?01:53
arrrghhhharleen: the topic01:55
harleenwhat is the topic?01:55
arrrghhhthe topic of this channel.  it's not for chat, it's for support with the kubuntu OS01:55
arrrghhh!offtopic | harleen01:55
ubottuharleen: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!01:55
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buovWhere should I go to ask questions about web development03:24
DaskreechWhat kinda question?03:25
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solifugusI did an apt-get upgrade and now my system reboots to lots of flashing, colorful, text characters.03:43
solifugusmy desktop at work, that is..... where i need to work.03:44
solifugusIs there a way to revert to boot off the old kernel?03:44
Daskreechsolifugus: when you are starting the computer it says press any key for the menu03:47
Daskreechpress your any key then choose a different kernel I'd suggest the third from the top03:48
solifugusDarkriftX: I'll try that.. thanks.03:59
Mase_wkafternoon all. I was wondering if there was anything i could do to disable akonadi_nepomuk. It is using a large amount of cpu every now and then ( according to krunners task list ) and I have nepomuk disabled from startup and from the settings.04:23
Mase_wkso i'm not really using it for anything.04:23
Daskreechwell if nepomuk isn't using it I don't think anything else will04:30
Mase_wkDaskreech: it seems to be active when kmail is running04:31
Daskreechah yes that might be true04:32
Mase_wki am unsure if it's actually doing anything or just chewing cpu time looking for a non-existant nepomuk daemon04:32
Daskreech#kontact might be able to tell you04:33
Mase_wkthank you.04:33
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marktaffHi all.  Does anyone know where the config directory is for kdm sessions in kubuntu 10.10?  I want to hide some of the available login session types in kdm.  /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/sessions/ will apparently be overwritten during upgrades. thanks.05:30
marktaffSee: http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdebase-workspace/kdm/different-window-managers-with-kdm.html05:31
Torchyofel: that's great to hear. hugo once said it doesn't really work very well with it and i thought that was the official statement.05:35
killerпривет всем06:23
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:55
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baxeicohi. I'm running plasma desktop 4.6.1 in maverick09:19
baxeicois it possibile to have klipper as a plasmoid in system tray?09:19
baxeicoi cannot find it under "extra items" in system tray settings09:19
marktaffbaxeico: yes09:22
marktaffbaxeico: sys tray settings --> entries --> klipper09:22
baxeicomarktaff: ok, thank you09:24
marktaffbaxeico: yw09:24
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Spezihi, i just updated to kubuntu 10.10 and played around with desktop themes a bit, now my desktop icons get sorted from the upper left corner downwards automatically, no way of moving them somewhere else. i found the settings on what way they get sorted, but can i switch that off too?09:38
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hyper_chhi there, I have a weird issue... no matter what links I click in konversation, they get opened in the browser like file:///var/tmp/kdecache-.......   same happens also when I click a link from KMail10:19
baffone85is there a software for ubuntu some wuppy for iphone?11:14
rethusi have a cardreader. but if i insert it, i can't copy data from my disk to the card. but i can read the card12:05
rethusany idea, whats wrong here12:06
zyi'm curious why konqueror doesnt support side mouse buttons... is there any reason why this is so?12:37
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Icttrackanybody has expriences in red514:55
Icttracki have started it but now want to turn it off14:55
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germynHas anyone tried Wolvix destros?15:02
germynIt come from Slackware.15:04
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PhoenixzWhere can one easily see disk usage?15:44
BluesKajPhoenixz, in the terminal df h15:45
BluesKajerr df -h15:45
PhoenixzBluesKaj: Er, I think you missed the "easily".. I know df -h, I'm asking for my dad who would just like to see some easy pie chart thingie or something :)15:46
BluesKajah , Phoenixz a gui , maybe in the kpackagekit15:47
PhoenixzMarkuz_Cifer: Hi15:48
PhoenixzBluesKaj: eh, in the kpackagekit? thats for installing software...15:48
BluesKajPhoenixz, yeah, thatwhere you might find an app that will show the hdd in pie chart or whatever15:50
BluesKajpho maybe kdf will work15:53
BluesKajerr Phoenixz ,, try kdf , it's in the repos15:55
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Thinkerer68What is the distinction between a NAS and an external HDD?16:33
kiffadid you guys build h.a.a.r.p ?16:36
genii-aroundThinkerer68: An external hard drive usually is connected to only one computer and usuable only there. NAS is storage all the systems on your LAN have access to16:45
Thinkerer68So it ain't a NAS without "Network", right?16:46
Thinkerer68What about RAID capability. Is that a requirement for NAS?16:46
genii-aroundThinkerer68: RAID isn't a requirement, but is preferred. Because why have this storage everyone can use if there's no redundancy.16:48
Thinkerer68Is there a RAID capable NAS recommendable for Linux users?16:49
Thinkerer68I see some commercial NAS boxes include lots of Windoze and Apple specific "features"16:50
genii-aroundThinkerer68: Most people generally use some old box and stuff a lot of storage in it, then use something like samba and ubuntu server. This is more the do-it-yourself way. But there are also distributions just for this purpose, like FreeNAS16:52
Thinkerer68FreeNAS == FreeBSD16:52
Thinkerer68I wonder if anyone here has a NAS and could commend about what to get?16:53
Thinkerer68genii-around: Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts  :D16:54
genii-aroundThere may be some debian-centric embedded version for NAS as well, but I don't bother much. I have just a few old P3 with RAID5 running samba for what I do here in my office16:54
PtG76_uzHi All!16:57
christopherI have a NETGEAR ReadyNAS NV+16:58
christopherI use it at work to back up VMs and other things too.16:59
christopherworks rather well16:59
christopherThinkerer68: ^16:59
Thinkerer68thanks, christopher :)17:00
Thinkerer68looks pretty nice <http://www.readynas.com/?cat=4>17:04
* Thinkerer68 AFK17:05
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r41hi there, how can i remove "home folder" from kicker favorites?17:56
Torchr41: right click and "remove from favorites", i guess.18:04
r41does work for all other except from home folder Torch18:22
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Torchr41: ah, i wasn't aware of that. i'm not using the new launcher anymore.18:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:25
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vanguardhow can I check in a bash script whether a command (like git) exists?18:53
vanguardand is there some way to check whether I can install software using apt-get (i. e. am I a sudoer)?18:59
PhilRod_vanguard: for the first one:18:59
PhilRod_if which git &>/dev/null; then echo got git; fi18:59
vanguardPhilRod_: thanks, "got git?" would make an awesome T-Shirt I think :D19:00
PhilRod_vanguard: for the second, see "sudo -l"19:00
PhilRod_vanguard: heh, yeah :-)19:01
vanguardPhilRod_: if I type "$ sudo -l apt-get", I get "[sudo] password for ..."19:02
kiffathe password is always nigger19:03
vanguardkiffa: sure? ...19:03
PhilRod_vanguard: hm, yes. I guess sudo won't tell you what permission you have unless you have permissions...19:04
tsimpsonkiffa: I suggest you stop that kind of behaviour19:04
vanguardIf i enter it, I get "User xx may run the following commands on this host:    (ALL) ALL"19:05
vanguardhmm, I guess I would add a command line option for that then19:05
germynHere is a question, do you know the Wolvix linux, and what do you think of it?19:07
germynSo no comment? Maybe no one knows.19:13
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germynI have been their to ask a question and know will answer.19:14
BluesKajgermyn,  probly not19:14
BluesKajnever heard of it19:14
germynIt is a Slackware linux, I installed it yesterday and had a question.19:15
BluesKajgermyn,  look for wolvix chatroom19:15
germynI had been thier and know on will answer19:16
germynI was their all night with nothing.19:16
germynThe support is , well not there.I think I will stay with Kubuntu.19:19
BluesKajask in slackware then19:19
germynI will try it.19:19
PtG76_uzby by19:43
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vanguardhow can I find out where endash and emdash are on a german keyboard?20:10
BluesKajvanguard,  ask in #kubuntu-de20:19
vanguardhow can I get a sudo ssh session? just user@host doesn't really cut it (I need to be root on both systems for using unison---file syncer--- on system files)20:28
DarthFrogThe easy way would be to use ssh with PKI authorization.20:30
vanguardI alredy use that (ssh-copy-id and stuff), but how do I enable that for sudo?20:31
DarthFrogSet up the remote systems sshd to use "PermitRootLogin without-password".20:31
DarthFrogUse "sudo -i" first.20:31
DarthFrogUbuntu 12.04 will be the "Oneiric Ocelot".20:35
gmargoThat's the name for 11.10 I believe.20:38
gmargo12.04 will be "Marvelous Margo" :-)20:38
DarthFrogPeerless Polecat? :-)20:39
DarthFrogPassionate Pangolin?20:39
gmargoOh no, that's the wrong way, isn't it?  Must be Pathetic Preener20:39
esmirlinHi! is there any way to upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04???20:39
DarthFrogPlump Penguin?20:39
Tm_Tgmargo: DarthFrog: please, move to offtopic channel20:40
Tm_Tesmirlin: 11.04 isn't released yet20:40
DarthFrogesmirlin: 11.04 isn't released yet.  There will be an upgrade path once it is.20:40
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Guest56868hay alguien a hi21:00
Guest56868alguien de mexico21:00
Guest56868que desee ayudarmee21:01
esmirlinGuest56868: yo21:02
Renegade15good evening21:24
Renegade15I'm having a slight issue here: on bootup, KDE complains that /tmp/[numbers]/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc and /tmp/[numbers]/.kde/share/config/kdedrc are not writable; I've checked, and they're owned by kdm:nogroup rather than my user/group. I usually wouldn't care much, but htop shows that the two processes (/usr/bin/knotify4 and kdeinit4: kded4) are each using 100% cpu time (this is a 4-core-system), and I suspect the issues might be relat21:28
Renegade15ed. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'd rather not waste an entire core just so knotify can idle...21:28
shadeslayeri think the kdeinit4 taking up 100 % CPU is a bug21:30
Renegade15I guess upgrading could help, but all the kde packages are "helpfully" being held back by apt21:32
TorchRenegade15: try a dist-upgrade instead of an upgrade then21:32
TorchRenegade15: also, did you delete those two files in /tmp as root? did they get recreated?21:33
Renegade15I didn't delete either of those files21:33
Renegade15oh well...dist-upgrade it is, then.21:37
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