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* gmb -> lunch12:00
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gary_posterbac` benji gmb mumble/kanban in 213:28
gary_poster& hi :-)13:28
gmbgary_poster: ok13:28
gary_posterbtw, I have to take kids to school this morning, so will be out briefly for that13:38
bachello.  test.  echo.13:41
gary_posterhello, test, echo, bac13:45
bacthank gary_poster13:45
bacmy long nightmare of moving servers seems to be over13:46
bacyay kvm13:46
gary_posteris there a quick description as to why you did so?13:46
bacyeah, i had an old box on LTS-1 that i've been "meaning to" set up a back up strategy.13:47
baci decided it was easier to move its jobs over to my newer box in a VM and power off the other one13:47
bacmy power bills are nuts and i'm trying to get rid of extra goo13:47
gary_posterah, I gotcha13:47
bacand now my backup strategy will be to clone the VM once a week13:47
gary_postermakes sense to me13:48
bacwouldn't work for google but is good enough for me13:48
gary_posterFWIW, re power bill, we've been switching to LEDs where we can13:48
gary_posterthey are expensive but for themselves...oh it's been a while since I did the math13:48
gary_posterquick enough13:49
gary_posterand lightbulbs add up on our power bill surprisingly quickly13:49
baci installed four cree LEDs in the kitchen.  they replace the cans that were there and completely seal against air leaks too13:49
gary_posterour kitchen has I dunno 18 r20s13:49
bacexpensive but the light is fantastic13:49
gary_postertaht adds up wattage fast13:50
gary_posterI've been pleased, though some of them seem to hum13:50
bacCFLs are the biggest joke evar13:50
gary_poster:-) how so13:50
gary_postercompared to LEDs they are13:50
gary_posterbut they seemed bettar than incandescents for some uses13:51
gary_posterheh, better13:51
bacwell, the ones they sell at lowes, etc are just junk.  slow to light, only last 18-24 months, poor light13:51
gary_posterah gotcha13:51
bacthey give the industry a bad name13:51
baci should've done more research13:51
bacand bought good ones13:52
gary_posterwe ended up not using that many of them.  where we have them, they are not awful13:52
gary_posterI sure hope the LEDs last as long as they are said to13:52
* gary_poster needs to go get ready for taking kids to school. back soon13:52
* gmb -> run16:28
bacgmb: ping me when you get back, please16:52
gmbbac: What can I do you for?17:06
bacgmb:  i was looking at test_bug_subscription_wizard and was confused until i realized this was the work you have stopped17:07
baci've since sorted that out.  :)17:07
gmbbac: Apologies; I thought I'd dumped that code.17:07
gmbWas that what I pointed you at on Friday?17:08
bacgmb: yes17:08
gmbbac: I must've just gone "bac needs some example tests; these are tests therefore they serve as examples."17:08
bacit makes reasonable sense...just isn't wired to anything17:08
gmbbac: Unless you've done it already or have any objections, I'll land my code removal branch for that today.17:10
bacsounds good17:10
benjiI /really/ need to reboot Firefox so I'm going to let my system update itself and reboot.  Hopefully I'll be back in a few minutes.20:09
gary_posterbenji, fwiw, you might have already figured this out, but the last sentence of the second bullet of my cover letter ("I wrote some new tests for the method, which also prove that the function does what we want (TestGetStructuralSubscriptionsForPerson).") was supposed to apply to the third bullet point21:52
gary_poster(that is, it is about getStructuralSubscriptionsForPerson, not about getStructuralSubscribers)21:52
gary_posterSorry for the confusion21:52
benjigary_poster: no problem, your explanation came about 45 seconds before I was going to be confused21:53
gary_poster:-) excellent21:53
benjigary_poster: review done (https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/bug723999-2d/+merge/52478)22:01
gary_posterthank you benji!  Did I singlehandedly consume half your day? I appreciate it, in any case22:04
benjimore or less :)22:05
gary_posterwell, it was good stuff at least, I think22:05
benjiI enjoyed it though.  It crossed my mind that I wouldn't mind being OCR more often.22:05
gary_poster:-) cool22:06
gary_posternight all22:10

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