lvhAha! Excellent I did not know about that00:06
lvhAnd many other people didn't00:06
wgrant"A lot of people don't understand Blueprints or consider it a misfeature."00:08
wgrantI think that *everyone* considers it a misfeature, especially us.00:08
lvhwgrant: Yeah, I didn't say that on purpose.00:09
lvhwgrant: It sounds so overly negative.00:09
lvhThe only good thing about is it that I used it once and it gave me a virtually unbeatable contribution score almost instantly00:09
lvhlifeless: what worries me is that thing is from 200600:09
wgrantlvh: It's actually on the roadmap now, though.00:10
lvhwgrant: I think that's great00:10
lvhBut I heard "nobody actually develops lp" a few times00:11
lvhI know that's wrong but perception is hard to erase or ignore00:11
wgrantDevelopment has been glacial for a few years now.00:11
wgrantBut that is hopefully changing with the restructure and various other improvements.00:11
lvhI also ranted about your pricing model a while ago which gave me the impression Launchpad was being slated as an Ubuntu-package hosting sideshow00:12
lvhWhich is unfortunate.00:12
lvhBecause it'll be a cold day in hell before I mistake Github Issues for a bug tracker.00:12
wgrantI believe the commercial offerings are going to be rethought this year, after our complete privacy rework is done in the next couple of months.00:13
lvhIt's not that $250/yr is expensive for what Launchpad offers.00:14
lvhIt's just a pretty big gap.00:14
wgrantI believe the $250/year thing was introduced before GitHub and BitBucket had their current models... and we sort of never evolved past that.00:15
lvhPlus, it's cheaper to just dump everything for an entire company into one project even when it is conceptually many projects00:15
lifelesswe are going to redo our commercial offering00:15
wgrantBut the next feature on the list is making privacy not suck. After that we can vastly improve our commercial offerings.00:15
lifelessits currently just treading water00:15
lvhLike I've ranted on before: number of users is a metric for how big something is which is also a far better herustic for you in terms of cost.00:15
lvhlifeless: I was going to buy lp00:16
lvhlifeless: Because if I don't, I'd use github or bitbucket and one has a terrible bugtracker and the other has a terrible pull-request-code-review story00:16
lvhSo I'm going to have to buy or set up more services00:16
lvhAnd I'm really, really really lazy00:16
lvh(Also at my hourly wages it's unlikely I can get that done for $250/yr anyway)00:17
wgrantI noticed that GitHub's new pull requests are suspiciously similar to LP merge proposals.00:17
lvhThey are virtually a 1:1 clone! The problem is bug tracker integration00:17
lvh23:47 < Jerub> lvh: you know what my primary annoyance with lp has always been?00:17
lvh23:48 < Jerub> lvh: it's always so long between projects that i forget that the correct way to throw my branch under the project is to push to the non existant branch under the project name00:17
lvh23:48 < Jerub> it just doesn't make any sense to me. github and bitbucket have it right with the 'clone' button.00:17
lvh00:16 < Jerub> lvh: i want my fucking 'fork' button and then the 'bzr' invokation for pushing to my fork00:18
lvhIt's funny because I consider that a feature00:18
lvhBut apparently this is less than obvious!00:18
lvh00:18 < arkanes> lvh: I like being able to auto-vivify branches by pushing, but the fork button is good UI00:18
wgrantI think everyone except people used to Git consider it a future.00:18
wgrantBecause Git *has* to do it the other way, because they don't have stacked branches.00:18
lvhI realise this is a ridiculously small sample size00:18
wgrantBut lots of Git users have this same complaint.00:19
lvhPerhaps I should make an illustrated introduction to contributing to my thing.00:19
lvh"no you don't even need to fork yes really"00:19
lvhThat takes me a long time to explain to git uses00:19
lvhThey just go like "yeah that can't actually work" for a while00:19
lvhAnd then I give up and just give them the sequence of bzr commands00:20
wgrantI don't understand why people want to click around in the UI, then run a command to push... when they could just run a command to push :(00:20
lvhme neither but hey00:20
lvhI said this in my first post about lp00:20
lvhto be fair I've only had three people tell me this00:20
lvh"Your UI sucks -- I can't find the fork button"00:20
wgrantI've had lots of people tell me that.00:20
wgranthttps://code.launchpad.net/launchpad should really have push instructions.00:21
lvhI was thinking an instructional in Chunky Bacon style.00:21
wgrantAnd a Fork button that tells people to go away.00:21
lvhBecause you can't explain things to people without cartoons.00:21
StevenKlvh: TBH, I don't like the idea of fork that github pushes00:22
lvhA lot of feedback doesn't actually help00:24
lvh"It should be simpler"00:24
lvhOkay, I know, but how00:24
lvhwgrant: Having it on the code page is probably a big win00:25
lvhwgrant: Perhaps a sort of tutorial mode that you can turn off if you're already familiar with launchpad?00:25
lvhwgrant: As someone who already knows how to use launchpad You can browse the source code for the development focus branch or get a copy of the branch using the command:00:26
lvhbzr branch lp:bzr00:26
* wgrant points at huwshimi.00:26
lvhThat just means I have to scroll more.00:26
lifelesswgrant: file a bug about some of these ;)00:26
lvhPerhaps the active reviews and the stats could be moved to the RHS: the important part are the barnches00:27
wgrantlifeless: They could be summarised as "Our UI sucks, go through and actually look at every page"00:27
thumperI'm sure there already is a bug about a "fork" button00:27
lifelesswgrant: thats not a discretely actionable thing though00:27
Jerubhey, i've got a really simple LP question.00:27
Jerubwhere are the docs?00:27
wgrantlifeless: It is clear that no developer has ever looked at most of our pages.00:27
JerubI'm here: https://launchpad.net/00:27
wgrantJerub: help.launchpad.net00:27
lifelessJerub: help.launchpad.net00:27
Jerubi can't find them.00:27
StevenKWhat about people who think that a fork button is a flawed concept and shouldn't be added?00:28
lifelesshave a 'how to fork' popup with instructions00:28
wgrantStevenK: We have to cater to people damaged by Git, unfortunately.00:28
lvhJerub: On the front page, it says Get started00:28
lvhWhich says: Learn more about Launchpad in the user guide or try it for yourself in our sandbox environment.00:28
lvhI followed the user guide link00:28
wgrant"Learn more about Launchpad in the _user guide_ or try it for yourself in our sandbox environment."00:28
lvhIt should probably have a main menu and say "Help" or something.00:28
wgrantThat link there.00:28
wgrantNot entirely obvious.00:28
Jerubah right. the user guide00:29
lvhIt should just be "Help"00:29
StevenKI'm of the opinion that the fork button is there since git is braindead and can't do the equivalent of 'bzr push'00:29
Jerubi was actually seaching for 'documentation'00:29
Jerubi went to 'Find answers' first tbh00:29
wgrantStevenK: That's right.00:29
Jerubbut quickly found that wasn't what i was after.00:29
lvhStevenK: That's what everyone agrees on I think00:29
wgrantStevenK: But Git people want it to work on LP too, because the brokenness is more familiar :)00:29
JerubStevenK: the reason i push the 'fork' button is because it gives me a neat way of cutting+pasting the commands for creating my working copy locally that i can push from.00:30
wgrantPeople don't like changing workflows, even if they are smoother.00:30
lvhwgrant: Did you see my suggestion about having code duplicated to github00:30
StevenKI seriously doubt people will agree 'git is braindead', but okay00:30
lvhJerub: But that's what it does right now00:30
lifelessJerub: I think we should give you those commands00:30
lvhYou can browse the source code for the development focus branch or get a copy of the branch using the command:00:30
lvhbzr branch lp:bzr00:30
wgrantlvh: And monitoring pull requests there?00:31
StevenKJerub: So if you could cut-n-paste the command directly it would be fine too?00:31
lifelessJerub: we do already but only once you're deep into the site00:31
Jerubyep, just seeing that in the lp ui, i'm having a browse around.00:31
lvhwgrant: Yup: when pull requests occur, I create a branch from trunk and apply the diff and create a merge proposal00:31
Jerublifeless: 'code' tab is hardly deep. i like it there. it's also on every branch page.00:31
thumperlvh: we should look to make the bazaar locations easier to update, and document the append_path bits clearly00:32
thumperlvh: for all my LP work, I never specify a target, just "bzr push"00:32
thumperlvh: and my locations does the rest00:32
thumperperhaps a command in the launchpad bazaar plugin would be an idea00:32
lvhwgrant: merge proposals and pull requests are sufficiently similar that nobody serious could possibly object to being told to use merge proposals instead00:33
Jerubthe other thing that's confusing to me is what the deal with first pushing to my own user account's subdirectory before doing something to make it lp:projectname, i never really got that00:33
thumperbzr lp-set-project-locations ...00:33
lvhthumper: You definitely should because I would consider myself a bzr fan and I have no idea what you just said00:33
lvhthumper: bzr push just works for me because ...00:33
wgrantJerub: You don't actually have to do that any more.00:33
lvhOkay, so it just works for me but I have no idea why00:33
wgrantJerub: bzr push lp:someprojectwithoutabranch will now create it if it doesn't exist.00:33
Jerubwgrant: that's interesting. i don't understand the docs or how to do it.00:33
lvhI suppose that's actually a compliment to bzr :-)00:33
thumperlvh: ok, here is some lines from my .bazaar/locations.conf file:00:33
Jerubthe docs https://help.launchpad.net/Code/QuickStart here say bzr push lp:~your-id/project-id/branch-name00:34
thumperon second thoughts, I'll use a pastebin00:34
wgrantJerub: This changed pretty recently.00:34
Jeruboh goodie00:34
wgrantJerub: We should probably update the docs.00:34
thumperlvh: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/576720/00:35
thumperlvh: that way, inside my src directory, i create a new branch, and go "bzr push" to get it on Launchpad00:35
thumperlvh: I've just shown the wikkid section, my locations.conf file is large00:36
thumperlarger than it needs to be, but I've not gone through and trimmed it recently00:36
lvhthanks :)00:39
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achianghello, i'm experiencing a strange FTBFS in a buildd (in a P3A) that i can't reproduce locally in my pbuilder chroot; on the buildd, i386 builds fine, but amd64 breaks; my local pbuilder is am64 and builds fine03:40
achianghere's a partial log from the buildd failure -- http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/576787/03:40
wgrantachiang: It's probably because amd64 builders don't build arch-indep packages.03:41
wgrantachiang: So the indep targets of debian/rules aren't run.03:41
achiangwgrant: it FTBFS on armel too; same issue?03:42
wgrantTry 'dpkg-buildpackage -B'; it should give the same failure.03:42
wgrantachiang: Yes.03:42
wgrantI'm not sure if pbuilder lets you run binary-arch instead of binary-indep, but sbuild does.03:42
achiangwgrant: hm, i don't have enough packaging-fu to take your statement and figure out how to fix the FTBFS03:43
wgrantachiang: Do you understand what's going on?03:44
wgrantWe only build architecture-independent packages on i386.03:44
wgrantSo we run debian/rules binary-indep on i386, and debian/rules binary-arch on the others.03:44
wgrantYour package builds some indep files unconditionally, but only copies them into the package in binary-indep.03:45
wgrantThis fails if binary-indep isn't run.03:45
achiangi see03:46
achiangwgrant: so, that means i should explicity copy the files in binary-arch?03:48
wgrantachiang: Ideally you should not build them in binary-arch.03:49
achiangwgrant: hm. this is debian/rules -- http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/576792/03:49
achiangsomehow, this built for upstream maverick; i'm just trying to backport it for a project of mine, and it's failing03:52
wgrantachiang: You'll have to look for a debhelper change between Lucid and Maverick, I guess.03:53
ScottKwgrant: Who was it that was working on LP dkim integration (sorry, I've blanked)?  I think I just found a significant bug in pydkim and I'd like a second opinon.04:06
wgrantScottK: poolie, but he's away this week.04:07
ScottKAnyone else familiar with the topic?04:07
lifelesshandwavingly so04:08
ScottKI've been unable to get my messages to verify.04:12
ScottKIt looks like upstream assumes that a DKIM key record won't end with a ';'04:12
ScottKIf it does, it ends up with an empty string at the end after it's split the key record and fails the key04:13
wgrantThat sounds plausible.04:13
ScottKUpstreams dkim key is at dig txt greg._domainkey.hewgill.com04:14
ScottKMine is at dig txt 2007-00_domainkey.controlledmail.com04:14
ScottKIt's not just me either: dig txt ip-dk-1k._domainkey.ironport.com04:14
wgrantMissing . there, I presume.04:14
ScottKI've got the ; on the end, he doesn't.04:15
wgrantWhat does the spec say?04:15
wgrantMine don't have a trailing semicolon.04:15
ScottKThe spec isn't terribly clear on this.04:15
StevenKsteven@liquified:~% host -t txt 2007-00_domainkey.controlledmail.com04:15
StevenKHost 2007-00_domainkey.controlledmail.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)04:15
ScottKMissing a . sorry.04:15
ScottKdig txt 2007-00._domainkey.controlledmail.com04:16
StevenKScottK: I was wondering what was going on :-)04:16
wgrant     tag-list  =  tag-spec 0*( ";" tag-spec ) [ ";" ]04:16
wgrantThat seems pretty clear.04:16
wgrantIt's allowed.04:16
wgrant(that's from 3.2)04:17
ScottKI hadn't gotten that far.04:18
ScottKdig txt s1024._domainkey.yahoo.com says to me this is not just a theoretical concern for LP.04:18
wgrantSounds like somebody needs to fix pydkim.04:18
wgrant :(04:18
ScottKMy not probably not very pythonic solution (but works) is:04:19
ScottK    if a[len(a) - 1] == '':04:19
ScottK        a.pop(len(a) - 1)04:19
ScottKWhere a is the list of public key hunks split at the ;04:20
wgrantIs this in verify()?04:20
* wgrant dies quietly.04:20
ScottKLine ~56104:20
ScottKIf you could suggest an elegant fix, I can take care of getting an SRU into Lucid.04:21
ScottK(I assume that's the relevant Ubuntu release for you)04:22
wgrantThat would be reat.04:22
ScottKY'all are way more pythonic than I am, so I thought I ask for suggestions.04:22
wgrantif a[-1] == '':04:22
wgrant    a.pop()04:22
lifelessI'd do a.pop(-1) just for clarity if an unfamiliar reader is reading04:23
lifelessgiven upstream seem to not know how string.split works04:24
ScottKThat works.04:24
lifelessI would assume they count as an unfamiliar reader :)04:24
wgrantlifeless: Yeah, fair point.04:24
ScottKIt's not clear that this was much more than a quick proof of concept that they published and forgot about.  poolie and I both have written them at differnt times and AFAIK never heard back.04:25
ScottKI'm --><-- that close to just forking it.04:25
wgrantI think we probably should.04:25
ScottKI'll write them with this bug and if I don't hear back, I'll do it.04:25
wgrantSounds like a good plan.04:26
wgrantThanks for handling this.04:26
achiangwgrant: thank you for the help earlier. i figured out how to fix it -- there was a utouch-geis-doc binary package that was specified as Architecture: all (as you predicted); i changed it to 'any' and now it is building correctly in the lucid buildd04:29
wgrantachiang: That's not really the right fix, but OK..04:30
achiangwgrant: better than my first attempt, which was to remove the --fail-missing arg from override_dh_install. :-/04:30
wgrantNo, that would have been better.04:31
wgrantStill not good, but better :)04:31
achiangwhy better?04:31
wgrantNow you're duplicating the -doc package across every arch.04:31
ScottKwgrant and lifeless: Looking at it, you all probably are using your own copy of pydkim since we didn't SRU poolie's canonicalization patch.  Please let me know if you actually need an SRU?04:40
ScottKFixed in Natty now.04:41
wgrantScottK: Ah, good point.04:41
wgrantWe are using an egg.04:41
wgrantI'll grab the patch from natty and get that landed.04:41
ScottKI doubt anyone else is actually using it, so unless someone complains, I'll not bother with the SRU.04:42
ScottKOK.  Patch sent upstream.  We'll see what happens.04:54
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Hanmachy it is posible to macke diffrent packages with diffrent configure with one soure?06:44
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X3lectrichi guys, im trying to uplaod to my ppa, but lately idk why the orig.tar.gz gets stuck at 93622k out of 93623k, irrrespective of file size11:39
maxbX3lectric: There is a known bug in the Launchpad FTP server, which has recently been completely rewritten to avoid it, but not deployed yet.11:40
maxbAlternatively, consider uploading over sftp rather than ftp11:40
maxbWhich avoids the issue by going through a different server11:40
X3lectricno difference11:41
X3lectricdo I have to logout or reboot to make chages to .dput.cf?11:42
lifelessX3lectric: no11:44
X3lectricmaxb: also copying packages form one ppa to other if packages are same but different distros the second distro errors out11:45
lifelessX3lectric: but its ~/.dput.cf I think, not ./.dput.cf11:45
X3lectrici know where .dput.cf should be it worked just fine, its just lately nothing seems to work ok i launchpad11:46
X3lectriccopying packages is by far the worst11:47
wgrantX3lectric: What's the error you get when copying?11:49
X3lectricanyone know why copying same packages of two dristros the second distro packages errors out saying source conflicts with existing or similar error11:49
wgrantX3lectric: Copying two packages at once?11:51
wgrantOr in separate requests?11:51
X3lectricat once or separate requests same error11:51
wgrantWhich packages? Which series?11:51
X3lectricwgrant: https://launchpad.net/~team-xbmc/+archive/unstable11:53
X3lectricall the karmic and lucid packages11:53
X3lectricfrom that ppa to another ppa11:53
X3lectricif request is at oonce errors out and nothing gets copied11:54
X3lectricif separate I only get a choice of either one karmic or lucid but not both11:54
wgrantX3lectric: What is the exact text of the error message?11:55
X3lectricand after error ocurss you get to copy absolutily nothing because sources the are already in destination ppa despite nothing showing up11:56
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X3lectricThe following sources cannot be copied:11:58
X3lectric    * crystalhd 1:0.0~git20101029.6df10a0-1~ in lucid (binaries conflicting with the existing ones)11:58
X3lectric    * rtmpdump 2.3-2~ in lucid (binaries conflicting with the existing ones)11:58
X3lectricoption is just to copy binaries not rebuild copied sources11:58
wgrantWhich PPA are you copying into?11:59
X3lectricwgrant: destination https://launchpad.net/~x3lectric/+archive/xbmc-git-head12:00
X3lectricin fact doenat matter what ppa source or destination this is a general error when you try to cipy same packages from differnt distros12:01
X3lectriconly can copy 1 distros packages once error occurs you just cannot copy second distro packages EVER12:02
wgrantX3lectric: I can copy them separately after the error.12:05
wgrantX3lectric: Try copying it from karmic to lucid.12:11
wgrantThey are the same package.12:11
X3lectricit wont copy12:12
wgrantX3lectric: It will.12:13
X3lectricthe karmic to lucid worked12:15
X3lectricbut shouldnt have errors like this12:15
wgrantIt is due to the lpia binaries, and occurs when you have the same sources and binaries across several series.12:15
X3lectricalso have another problem12:15
X3lectricmy dput I changed it form ftp to sftp and when I start uploading it says its using ftp12:16
X3lectricis this cached somewhere12:17
wgrantWhat is the command you are using to upload?12:17
X3lectricdput ppa:x3lectric/xbmc-git-head *source.changes12:17
wgrantAnd what is in ~/.dput.cf?12:18
* X3lectric is a networking Jedi but this ppa stuff is doing my force in12:18
X3lectric[x3lectric ppa]12:19
X3lectricfqdn = upload.launchpad.net12:19
X3lectricmethod = sftp12:19
X3lectricincoming = ~%(ppa)s/ubuntu12:19
wgrantX3lectric: There's your problem.12:19
wgrantWhat is that 'x3lectric ' doing there?12:19
X3lectricidk its what how to says12:20
wgrantIt's not. Try removing it.12:21
X3lectricnow I get No module named testtools12:21
wgrantDo you have bzr installed? dput needs it for sftp.12:22
X3lectricim sure I do lemme double check12:22
* X3lectric is waving fist at ppas and lauchpad in great fury12:23
X3lectricPackage: bzr12:24
X3lectricState: installed12:24
wgrantWhere is the testtools import that is failing?12:24
X3lectricer idk what you mean12:24
wgrantThere's no traceback for the "No module named testtools" error?12:25
X3lectrici just run the dput cmd as above12:26
X3lectricthen I get all sorts of signature checks ok12:26
X3lectricthen I get this12:26
X3lectricUploading to ppa (via sftp to upload.launchpad.net):12:26
wgrant(your package copying error is even more of a corner case than I expected: it only occurs when you are copying one package to two series, where one of them has fewer architectures than the other, *and* the packages you're copying were copied from another PPA into the PPA you are copying from)12:26
X3lectricNo module named testtools12:26
X3lectricE: Error connecting to remote host.12:26
wgrantI don't see why, but try installing python-testtools.12:26
bigjoolswgrant: some corner case :)12:27
X3lectricsounds like a big boobed up job on ppas corner case12:29
X3lectricok now its getting worst12:29
X3lectricneed at least testtools 0.9.2: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/testtools/__init__.pyc is ()12:29
wgrantThat doesn't make much sense. Did you install a non-packaged version of bzr at some point?12:30
X3lectricits staright from apt-get12:30
X3lectriclemme downgrade12:34
X3lectricsays uloading but get no progress12:37
wgrantRight, sftp has no progress info at the moment.12:38
wgrantBut it is reliable.12:38
X3lectricmmm idk12:38
bigjoolsgotta love the way people moan about a free service12:39
X3lectricits not even showing what files its at12:39
X3lectriceh Im not moaning12:39
X3lectricjust trying to get it to work past all the bugs12:39
X3lectricim not expereinced at ppa stuff12:40
X3lectricwgrant: right no dice12:41
X3lectricwgrant: ssh: connect to host upload.launchpad.net port 22: Connection timed out12:41
wgrantX3lectric: upload.launchpad.net doesn't exist... did you mean ppa.launchpad.net?12:41
X3lectricmmm that the dput stuff12:42
X3lectriclemme change dput12:42
X3lectricjust gets better12:44
X3lectricAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes12:45
X3lectricWarning: Permanently added 'ppa.launchpad.net,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.12:45
X3lectricPermission denied (publickey).12:45
X3lectricUnable to connect to SSH host ppa.launchpad.net; EOF during negotiation12:45
* X3lectric doesnt knwo what to do anymore12:46
X3lectricwgrant: any clew now12:52
X3lectricgoogling it suggest deleting know_hosts12:52
X3lectricno dice12:55
X3lectrichelp?? :(13:01
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X3lectricwgrant: thx for the help anyway Im gonna give up for now, juts getting way frustrated13:21
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hyperairX3lectric: exactly what are you trying to do?14:48
X3lectrichyperair: upload packages to be built on ppa via sftp since ftp is buggy14:52
hyperairX3lectric: i've found that dput's sftp support is buggy though14:52
X3lectricwell packages get stuck in ftp14:53
X3lectricat 1 byte14:53
hyperairmy packages get stuck in sftp after completion.14:53
hyperairoh well14:53
X3lectrice.g out of 12310 12309 get uploaded and then its stuck14:54
hyperairheh i've seen that issue before too14:54
hyperairyou could upload them manually via ftp. =p14:54
X3lectricno fix14:54
bigjoolswe're switching to a new ftp server this week14:54
hyperairmy daily builds have been going up without the one-byte issue though14:54
hyperairi wonder what's up with dput's ftp client14:54
bigjoolsX3lectric: presumably you added your ssh key to your launchpad account?14:54
hyperairand sftp requires a ^C to finish14:54
X3lectricyes ssh has been added for ages14:55
bigjoolsthen you're not connecting with the right credentials14:55
hyperairX3lectric: could you do: sftp ppa.launchpad.net14:55
hyperairsee what that says14:55
bigjoolsX3lectric: you need a username in the dput config14:55
X3lectricthere is14:55
hyperairyou could also use -vvvv14:55
bigjoolsX3lectric: the one you pasted earlier did not14:56
X3lectricfqdn = ppa.launchpad.net14:57
X3lectricmethod = sftp14:57
X3lectricincoming = ~%(ppa)s/ubuntu14:57
X3lectriclogin = x3lectric14:57
hyperairX3lectric: could you please try connecting manually via sftp14:57
hyperairor i'll just leave and you can deal with your problem on your own.14:58
hyperairsftp -vvvv ppa.launchpad.net14:58
hyperairactually sftp -vvvv x3lectric@ppa.launchapd.net14:58
hyperairer launchpad14:58
hyperairactually i need to be catching the train now14:59
hyperairgoodl uck14:59
X3lectricPermission denied (publickey)14:59
X3lectricill wait untill next week15:04
X3lectricit worked just fine with ftp until bug15:04
bigjoolsX3lectric: if you can't connect then you are using the wrong key15:05
X3lectricwell i folowed the instructions how to upload key so idk15:06
bigjoolsyou keep saying "idk" but we're trying to help - you need to help yourself a bit too15:06
X3lectrici have been gooling this all morning and trying all sorts15:07
X3lectricwith due respect I didnt come here to be spoonfed15:07
X3lectrici just dont know why its giving me this eror when evrything seems to be fine15:08
bigjoolsdo you have more than one ssh key?15:08
bigjoolsok, I will look at the server log15:09
bigjoolsX3lectric: your client is disconnecting mid-ssh-handshake15:14
bigjoolsthe reason for that is not clear15:17
X3lectricbigjools: is there a way to import the key I have uploaded to overrite the ones I have just in case theire currupted15:24
bigjoolswhat do you mean by import? Did you upload a new key?15:25
X3lectricimport the key I have on lauchpad15:25
bigjoolsno, launchpad only has the public part of the key15:26
bigjoolsok I see a definite rejection in the latest logs "Your SSH key does not match any key registered for Launchpad user x3lectric"15:26
bigjoolswhich means either your key is corrupt, you didn't upload the right file, or you're not using the same key15:27
foxbuntuhey all, just wondering if any LP admins are around to help me get my LP account unlocked?15:27
X3lectricim more inclined to currup atm15:28
X3lectricas its correct key and only uploaded form the machine I am using15:29
X3lectricand only created15:29
bigjoolsyou uploaded the public key part?15:29
X3lectricwell this was done ages ago, I followed the ho-to completely15:30
jcsackettfoxbuntu: what is your account, and what do you mean unlocked?15:31
bigjoolsX3lectric: I suggest you generate a new key15:32
bigjoolsdelete the old one entirely15:32
foxbuntujcsackett, it was suspended when I had my gmail account compromised (nickj-fox)15:32
jcsackettah. i see.15:32
jcsackettfoxbuntu: one second. i am asking around.15:33
foxbuntujcsackett, thanks.15:33
jcsackettfoxbuntu: the gmail account is all good now, yeah?15:35
foxbuntujcsackett, yea, all locked down and no more spamming15:36
jcsackettfoxbuntu: cool. i'm talking to admins now.15:36
foxbuntujcsackett, thanks very much15:36
foxbuntujcsackett, https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/14639415:41
* Daviey adds a vouch that foxbuntu is a valid user.15:42
foxbuntuDaviey, what about a real person?15:42
Davieyfoxbuntu, That i don't know about :)15:43
* jcsackett laughs15:43
jcsackettfoxbuntu: can you try to log into lp now, please?15:43
X3lectricbigjools: I created and uploaded new key15:44
foxbuntujcsackett, Thanks! It works fine now15:44
jcsackettfoxbuntu: glad to hear it. :-)15:45
X3lectricdarn faster and better then trying to fix the old one15:45
foxbuntuDaviey, thanks...helpful as always ;)15:45
X3lectricbigjools: thx for help15:45
bigjoolsX3lectric: welcome.  does it work now?15:46
X3lectricbigjools: just hope I can uplaod the packages to ppa and they get built15:46
X3lectricbigjools: atm ist uploading, its a 93mib orig.tar.gz so it will take a while, I hope it uploads and builds ok15:47
bigjoolsah so it does work now15:47
X3lectricyea I craeted a new rsa key and imported new one to lauchpad15:48
X3lectricfaster then fixing the broken one15:48
X3lectricbigjools: lauchpad should allow to change the key comment15:49
X3lectricunless the comment is important15:51
kim0Hi, I'm trying to get my mugshot up on LP16:35
kim0The image I'm trying with is: "kim0-hg-lp192.png: PNG image data, 192 x 192, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced"16:35
kim0which I think should work (192x192) .. but is not16:35
jcsackettkim0: how large is the file? i believe there is a 100kb limit.16:58
kim0jcsackett: 38k16:59
kim0any other ideas :)16:59
jcsackettwhat message are you getting back when it fails?16:59
kim0jcsackett: no message17:00
kim0actually, when I go to edit the profile17:00
kim0the image is there17:00
kim0I just "think" it should be displayed on the main page too right ?17:01
jcsackettkim0: what is your lp user name?17:01
jcsackettkim0: you're modifying mugshot, which is used for team mugshots (e.g. https://launchpad.net/~egyptlocoteam/+mugshots, where i see your picture).17:04
kim0jcsackett: ew got it17:04
kim0Thanks a lot17:05
jcsackettif you're trying to alter the picture in the upper left corner, you need to "change branding"17:05
* kim0 nods17:05
jcsackettwhich, clearly, is not a great way to describe what you want to do. :-P17:05
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keyz182 Hi, I've got a build for my PPA that's crashed/hung on the machine terranova, anyone here know what to do? I posted on answers.launchpad but no reply yet (it's been stuck 2 days now) :S17:55
jcsackettkeyz182: hi, i'm trying to find an answer for you now.18:06
oubiwannrockstar: hey man, who's the expert on LP permissions and email propagation via LP teams?18:23
rockstaroubiwann, maybe sinzui?18:24
rockstarsinzui is the expert on most things.18:24
oubiwannrockstar: heheh18:24
oubiwannsinzui: you about?18:24
sinzuiHow did that come about. I am complete and total fruad?18:24
rockstarsinzui, yes, I know, but I'm trying to propogate the rumor.18:25
sinzuihow can I help oubiwann18:25
oubiwannsinzui: I've got a problem I'm trying to sort out for the DX team18:25
oubiwannin particular, the propagation of bug emails18:25
oubiwannI've restructured the teams (subteams, subsubteams, etc.) so that bugs only get sent to the right groups of people18:26
sinzuiOh, I already feel like I am out of my depth since the yellow squad is changing them18:26
rockstarOh crap.  I just realized that squad thing is probably going to kill the "go to guy" idea.18:26
oubiwannsinzui: that's okay... I'm good with limiting the scope of this conversation to what is currently released :-)18:26
rockstarStill, I'll point all questions to sinzui.18:27
sinzuioubiwann: is this about bug supervisor or bug subscriptions on a project18:27
oubiwannsinzui: so things were going swimingly with the new teams, etc., only the right folks getting bug reports18:27
oubiwannsinzui: both18:27
sinzuiI have filed enough bugs about both feature to almost get the answer right :)18:28
oubiwannsinzui: we've been using the bug supervisor as the bug subscription mechanism for a team18:29
oubiwann(on a project)18:29
oubiwannthe problem there is that super-teams seem to inherit the permissions18:29
oubiwannso the general unity-bugs team which anyone can join can now change bug priorities, etc.18:29
oubiwannsince a member of that team has super-power (dx-unity-bugs)18:30
sinzuioubiwann: you want a bug team or a driver team in the bug supervisor role. They represent core contributors18:30
oubiwann(the permissions in this scheme seem inverted to me...)18:30
oubiwannwhat is the best way to subscribe a team to bug emails?18:32
sinzuioubiwann: teams are messed up by design. They were implemented as a control device, so placing a team in a role will always give control. But user, well any class of human being, knows that teams are about communication so most teams are about notification...but that conflicts :(18:32
oubiwannI've had to split things out for DX18:32
oubiwannwe now have membership teams18:32
oubiwannand bug/communications teams18:32
sinzuioubiwann: the contributor teams  may want a structural subscription to get bugs. The level will vary between lifecycle, ro everython18:33
sinzui^ that assumes that bug nogification levels/ subscriptions to search criteria will be available to everyone in 22 days18:34
sinzui2 days18:34
sinzuioubiwann: this bug supervisor non-sense will be negated in a few months when any user in a project role will have edit access to bugs. core contributors do not need to set anything up to work, they can choose to subscribe to the level of notifications they need18:36
sinzuimaybe in 5 months?18:36
oubiwannokay, good to know18:36
jcsackettkeyz182: it's been reset.18:37
jcsackettsorry about the long wait there.18:37
oubiwannsinzui: so a team that is the bug supervisor will always receive all emails for its project, yes?18:47
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qwebirc77982Greetings. I have a PPA that tries to connect to a web service using libcurl in 'make check', and this test case fail. Is that perhaps not permitted in the Launchpad build system? Can't find any documentation about this.20:05
micahgqwebirc77982: internet access is not allowed on the builders20:07
qwebirc77982micahg: thanks, I suspected that. Can I tell Launchpad to not run 'make check', or do I have to get rid of the test cases before uploading?20:08
micahgqwebirc77982: you have to disable it in the build before upload20:08
micahgyou might want to just disable that test if there's more than one20:09
qwebirc77982micahg: Ok, thanks a lot.20:09
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daeavelwyn2hi here22:20
daeavelwyn2can someone helps me with this error in bug submission :22:20
daeavelwyn2No REFERER Header22:20
daeavelwyn2i've try a couple of things, but nothing seems to work :-(22:21
Ampelbeindaeavelwyn2: are you using privoxy or any other proxy that alters the http-header?22:21
daeavelwyn2i've a direct conexion to internet22:23
daeavelwyn2findind the solution...22:24
daeavelwyn2i've first tried using firefox extension and other dark manipulations on my connexion22:24
daeavelwyn2and at last22:24
wgrantIt's something inside your browser.22:24
daeavelwyn2I just try to modify the about:config22:24
daeavelwyn2and it works.....22:24
daeavelwyn2shame on me....22:25
daeavelwyn2I thought it was the solution22:30
daeavelwyn2but still not work22:30
daeavelwyn2here is the message error :22:30
wgrantHave you checked that it's still set to what you thought it is?22:30
wgrantPlugins can reset it.22:30
daeavelwyn2how can I do that ?22:30
daeavelwyn2disabling plugins ?22:31
wgrantCheck in about:config that the value hasn't changed again.22:31
daeavelwyn2here is the line I modified :22:31
daeavelwyn2value was 0 at the begining22:32
daeavelwyn2here is the bug I've submitted :22:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 730961 in KXStudio "Flash plugin makes my system to crash" [Undecided,New]22:33
daeavelwyn2I've succed in submitting the bug22:33
daeavelwyn2but I can't add comment22:33
daeavelwyn2(funny bot :-) )22:34
daeavelwyn2any other ideas ?22:37
sinzuidaeavelwyn2: you might want to use `firefox -p` and create a default profile that send data and enabled javascript in a standard way23:15
sinzuiLp bugs does need javascript enabled, and form submissions data like referrer to complete23:16
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daeavelwyn2sinzui: ok, i will try this, but later ! Thanks for your suggestion :)23:45

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